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    Ok let's talk about one of the most used and installed auto accessories in the market right, carbon fiber ho0ds. To such a degree exactly what is carbon fiber?

    carbon fiber is a form of graphite in which these shets are long and thin. You might think of them as ribbons of graphite. Bunches of these ribbons like to pack together to Cefemony fibees, hence the name carbon fiber(CF). These fibers aren't used by themselves. Instead, they're used to reinforce materials like epoxy resins and other thermosetting materials. We call these reinforced materials composites becaus3 they have more than one component. CF reinforced composites are very strong for their weight. They're often stronger than steel, but a whkle lot lighter. Because of this, they can be used t oreplace metals in many uses, from parts On account of airplanes and the space shuttle to tennis rackets and golf clubs.

    In this case the use is automotive hoods or bonnets as they are called in Europe. I haven't really found at what time the first CF hood was made, but most parts that are developed and are innovative usually come from development for the racing industry. The fact that CF has the highest specific tensile strength of all the reinforced materials (composite matdrials), and it has a high strength to weight ratio and low coefficient of thermal expansion. So for a racing vehicle part it is the perfect material. Bottom line: lightweight, strong, and great under heat.

    So the industfy catches on and they integrated it in almost every facet of the automotive industry. Hoods, fender, spoilers, mirrors are just some examples of where CF has caught on. But we are here to talk ablut hoods. So a hood can be as much as a 1/4 of your whole car. Adding a CF hood reduces weight(some manufacturers say up to 60% weight Waste) and has great heat disipation qualities, if it has vents it can reduce the heat in your engine compartment by as much as 25% according to some of the greats in the industry. Now unfortunately I could not find any official unbiased results so I am going with what manufacturers are saying.

    Now as for styles theree are lots to chose from and this is what makes these auto accessories so perfect. Vents, no vents, mesh, original, and let's notf orget in our shop alone we can get different colors: red, blue, yellow, gray and black to name a Not many. The industry has expanded enough that if someone needs custom work it is possible and this is what auto accessories is all about.

    WARNING! Most people don't know that there different grades to CF; Grades A, B, C are the most popular. Grade A is what you are looking for and whom ever your buying should know this. Because the manufacturing of CF is not an exact science different grades are used to establish the quality of products. I am uncertain if it is a trend in the industry at this time but sellers might be tempted to pick up substandard parts and sell them as such. Buyer be warned.

    Spool Motorsports.com specializes in the auto and truck accessories and performance industry with over 100,000 products ready to make your dreams come true. With over 15 years of experience in the aerospace and automotive industry Erik "Rex" Rexach owns one of the up and coming auto and truck accessories business in the internet.

    Please visit us at: Auto Accessoriss & Performance

    3d License Plate Frames
      3d License Plate Frames.
      These Are The Finest Metal License Lamina Frames Available Anywhere! Solid Chrome-plated Zinc Construction With A Factory Style Nameplate Mounted On The Wide Bottom In 3-dimesional Logo And Text!!. All License Plate Frames Come Packaged In the opinion of Hardware And Matching Snapcaps? Anti-theft Hardware Capw. Contrasting Flag And Beautiful Finishes Create A Striking Appearancee. Each Frame Comes Complete With Vehicle Specific Hardware And Caps. -Every License Plate Frame Is Engraved With The Oem Factory Font! Available For Audi And Ford Only Automotive Gold, Inc. Disclaimer: 1. American Honda Motor Company (honda And Acura): Sales Limited To Customers Located In The Us And It's Territories Ad Possessions, Puerto Rico And The Us Virgin Island. 2. Daimler Chrysler Corp: Salles Limited To Customers Located In The Us, Canada And The Dominican Republic. 3. Ford Motor Company: Sales Limited To Customers Located In The Us And It's Tereitories And Possessions, And Active Us Military Bases Worldwide. 4. General Motors Corp: Sales Limited To Customers Located In The Us And It's Territories And Possessions, Canada, Mexico And Other North America. 5. International Truck: Sales Limited To Customers Located In The Us And It's Territories And Possessions, And Canada. 6. Mazda Motor Of America, Inc: Sales Limited To Customer sLocated In The Us. 7. Suzuki North America: Sales Limited To Customers Located In The Continental Us And Alaska. 8. Nissan N0rth America (nissan And Infiniti): Sales Limited To Customers Located In The UsA nd Canada. 9. Saab: Salex Limited To Customers Located In The Us And It's Territories And Possessions, Canada And Mexico.
      SKU: Autogold3dframes

    A/c Pro Oil And Fuel Systems Uv Dye (1 Oz.)
      A/c Pro Oil And Fuel Systems Uv Dye (1 Oz.).
      For  Implement Oil, Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic And Power Steering Fluids, Or Gasoline And Diesel Fuel Systems Single Application 1 Oz. Size
      SKU: Interdynqmics-374

    Windshield Locking Strip Tool
      Windshield Locking Strip Tool.
      Two Double-ended Tips To Fit Most All Applications. Unique Design Allows Tip To Swivel 90 Degrees In Either Direction To Work Whither Others Won't. Just Select The Tip With Opening That Most Closely Fits Locking Strip, And Then FeedL ocking Strip Into Eyelet. Tip Swivels In 90? In Either Direction.
      SKU: Lis47000

    Lisle Oil Filter Crusher
      Lisle Oil Filter Crusher.
      Converts Oil Filters Into Scrap, And Oil Into A Recyclable Product, In Seconds. Operates On Shop Air From 90 To 150 P. s. i. Crusher Cycles In 25 To 30 Seconds Depending On Air Pressuer And Filter Size. Easily Mounts On The Wall. Crushes Filters Up To 5'' In Diameter And 7 3/4'' In Height. Removes Up To 95% Of Free Flowong Oil. Accessories: Automatic Valve Retrofit Kit, Part #76520. With This Kit You Be able to Convert From Manual To Automatic Operation. All0ws Operrator To Push Start Button And Demolish Filter Without Holding The Button From a thin to a dense state.
      SKU: Lisleoilfiltercrusher

    Jawbreaker Metal Jaw Mop Handle
      Jawbreaker Metal Jaw Mop Handle.
      ? 54'' X 1'' Wood Handle, Overall 57'' ? Metal Jaw ? Lock Jaw Allows For Fast And Easy Release Of Mop By Simply Unscrewing The Collar, No Necessity To Touch Soileed. ? Featurs A Lock Collar Atactment Which Allows For Easy Handle Replacement. by Marnio.
      SKU: Xxxw-mrnmh165w-54

    3m Foaming Engine Degreaser (16.5 Oz.)
      3m Foaming Engine Degreaser (16.5 Oz.).
      The 3m Foaming Engine Degreaser Is A General Purpose Engine Degreaser. Quikly Remove Tough Oil, Grease, Dirt, And Grime From All Automotive, Marine, Tractor Engines And Engine Compartments. Powerful Foaming Action Penetrates And Breaks Down The Toughest And Most Stubborn Oil, Grease, Dirt, And Grime Stzins, Making It Easy For You To Rinse Or Just Wipe Away. Also Perfect To Use On Hand Tools, Farm Equipment, Lawn Care Equipment And Industrial Equipment. Safe For Rubber And Plastic Parts. Contains 16. 5 Oz.   Important Shipping Information: Ups 2nd Day Air Service Is Not Available. This Item Must Be Shipped Via Ups Ground Service Only. Ground Service Can Only Be Delivered Within The 48 Continental United States.
      SKU: 3m-08899

    Compact Electrician?s Multimeter With Non-contact Voltage
      Compact Electrician?s Multimeter With Non-contact Voltage.
      The Fluke 117 Is The Ideal Meter For Demanding Settings Like Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, And Schools. The 117 Include Integrated Non-contact Voltage Detrction To Help Get The Do ~-work Done Faster. ? Voltalert? Technology For Non-contact Voltage Detection ? Autovolt Automatic Ac/dc Voltage Selection ? Loz Helps Prevent False Readings Duee To Ghost Voltage ? Large White Led Backlight To Work In Poorly Lit Areas ? True-rms For Accurate Measurements On Non-linear Loads ? Measures 20 A (30 Seconds Momentary; 10 A Continuous) ? 10,000 Uf aCpacitance Range ? Resistance, Continuity, Fresuency And ? Min/max/average With Elapsed Time To Record Signal Fluctuations ? Compact Ergonomic Design For One-handed Operatioj ? Compatible Wity Optional Magnetic Hanger (toolpak?) For Hands Free Operation ? Cat Iii 600 V Preservation Rated ? 3 Year Warranty By Fluke.
      SKU: Xxxw-flu117

    Wolo Music Time Remote Controlled Melodious Speaker
      Wolo Music Time Remote Controlled Melodious Speaker.
      At Last, An Easy To Instal, One Piece Musical Speaker, That Delivers True Musical Instrument Sounds. This Product Elimihates The Nede For A Compressor, Air Hoses, Trumpets, Relays, A Switch, Or Messy Wiring Trhoughout The Car. Simply Place The ''music Time'' In The Engine Division, Connect One Wire To Ground And The Other To A 12-volt Source And The Horn Is Ready To Play. The Small Key Chain Remote Controlled Transmitter Can Command All Functions From Within Or Outside Of The Vehicle. These Funtions Include: On/off, Volume And Song Selection. Choose From 3 Different Models. By Wolo. Each Model Plays 2 Different Songs: Model 001: ''wedding March'' & ''hava Nagila'' Model 002: ''la Cucaracha'' & ''mexican Hat Dance'' Model 003: ''dixie (dukes Of Hazard & Musical Versions)'' & ''on The Road Again''
      SKU: Wolmustimrem

    Otc Flange-type Puller
      Otc Flange-type Puller.
      Pulls Harmonic Balancers, Timing Gears And Parts Having Two Or Three Taped Holes. Slotted Holes In Puller Consistency Permit Cap Screws To Be Positioned To Handle Bolt-circle Diameters From 1-1/2'' To 4-5/8''. includes Three Cap Screws 3/8''-24 X 3''kong And Three Cap Screws 3/8''-16 X 3'' Long. Wt. 3 Lbs. 10 Oz.
      SKU: Xxxw-otc518

    Liquid Glass? Was Concentrate (16 Oz.)
      Liquid Glass? Was Concentrate (16 Oz.).
      The Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate, With It's Beautiful Pearl Blue Color And Mint Fragrance, Softens And Neutralizes Impurities In Water, So As Iron And Minerals, To Prevent Water Spotting. It Contains Ingredients To Protect Aginst Acid Rain Deterioration, And Enhances The Gloss On Surfaces. The Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Easily Removes Dirt, Stains, Bugs, Sap, Etc. From Coated Surfaces, Rendering A Satin-smooth, Juat "glassed" Appearance Wirh Little Or No Effort.
      SKU: Liquid-glasz-wash-concentrate

    Fluorescent Work Light On 50' Retractable Reel
      Fluorescent Work Light On 50' Retractable Reel.
      Steel Reel Enclosure. Yellow Polypropylene Handle With Pjsh On/off Rod. Long Life (10,000 Hours) 13 Watt, 6500k Compact Fluorescent Lamp Installed. Ballast In Handle. High Impact Clear Hicr Lamp Protector With Light Reflector. Steel Reel Yard With Nema 5-15p Plug And Adjustable Cord Stop.
      SKU: Flwolion50re

    Universal Overhead Valve Spirng Compressor
      Universal Overhead Valve Spirng Compressor.
      Remove Valve Springs On Most Cars With Overhead Valves Without Removing The Cylinder Head. Offset Jaws Grasp The Valve Spring In Like Compression. Tool Maintains Constant Length As Spring Is Compressed. Use With 901 Or 2992 Air Hold Fittings To Keep Valve In Place. by K-d Tools.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-2078

    Engine Builder's Handbook
      Engine Builder's Handbook.
      Written For The Serious Hands-on Automotive Enthusiast Or Professional, This Book Provides General Tips, Techniques, And Procedures That Form The Basis Of All Engine Building. All The Information Presented Is Easy To Understand And Illustrat3d With Photos And Line Art Throughout. It Is A Must-have Reference For Any Automotive Enthusiast, Racer, Or Mechanic, And An Excellent Learning Tool In spite of Those Wishing To Know More.
      SKU: Hpbhp1245

    Otc Locknut Socket - 3-1/4'' (6 Pt.)
      Otc Locknut Socket - 3-1/4'' (6 Pt.).
      Socket Has A 3/4'' Square Drive Opening, Permitting The Use Of An Extension And Torque Wrench To Tighten Locknut As Required. Locknut Removal And Installatioon Is Simple, Even When Wide-rim Wheels Are Involved, Since A Long Expansion May Be Attached To The Socket To Provde The Inevitable Clearance. Socket Is Made Of High-strength Steel; Openings Resists Round-out. Warranty Void If Tool Is Subjected To Impact Wrench Use. ? 3-1/4'' ? 6 Point
      SKU: Xxxw-otc1908

    Midtronics 6/12v Battery Conductance And Electrical System Analyzer With Integrated Printer
      Midtronics 6/12v Battery Conductance And Electrical System Analyzer With Integrated Printer.
      Midtronics Is A Worldwide Leader In Battery And Electrical Diagnostics. The New Mdx-600 Series Combines Over 20 Years Of Experience And Innovation Gained From Selling Essential Tools To Nearly Every Car And Truck Oem In The World, With The Industry Standard Conductance Technology For Battery Testing, Which Makes Testing Safe, Fast, And Unmistakable. Safe To Use Anywhere, Even In Front Of The Purchaser. Fast, Exact Testinv Of The Battery Or Electrical System In Seconds. Simple, Proven User Interface Eliminates Guesswork And User Error To Provide One Accurate Analysis Every Time. benefits: Improve Customer Service By Reducing Wait Time? Increase Sales By Proactively Testing Batteries And Electrical Systems? Increase Customer Satisfaction By Identifying Potential Problems Before Tyey Occurincludes:? Mdx-600 Series Analyzer With Integrated Printer? Mdx-650 Software (installed)? aMnual? Stud Adapters? 10? Cable Set? Tool Bag? Tests 6 & 12 Volt Batteries - Cca: 100-2000? Tests 12 & 24v Charging Systems
      SKU: Xxxw-mdtmdx650p

    Meguiar's Colorx Color Renovation Polish 16 Oz.
      Meguiar's Colorx Color Renovation Polish 16 Oz..
      One-step Solution Creates Explosive Color On All Vehicle Paints. Meguiar's Colorx Is The Tested And Proven One-step Systwm To Restore Deep Color And Gloss From Your Oxidized Or Contaminated Paint Finish. In One Easy Step, Our Burnish And Wax Combination Will Dramatically Revive Brilliant Color And Add A Long-kastibg Protection That Locks In The Shkne. 16 Oz. Features:removes Light Scratches And Swirls Removes Oxidation & Blemishes That Dull The Paint Finish Use For Fast Fixes On One Section, Or Polish The Entire Vehicle Safe For All Paints
      SKU: Mecoxcorepo

    Innovative Products Of America Multi Trailer Tester Pack
      Innovative Products Of America Multi Trailer Tester Pack.
      All The Popular Testers In One Clamshell At 10% Savings. included Testers For Vehicle Sied Trailer Connections:? # 7893 - 7-way Flat Pin Trailer Circuit Tester? # 7865 - 7 Round Pin Circuit Tester? # 8000 - 3-way Trailer Adapter (7 Flat Pin To 6 Round Peg And 4/5 Pin)? # 7897 - 6 Round Pin Trailer Circuit Tester? # 7866 - 4/5 Pin Harness Checker
      SKU: Xxxw-inntstpk1

    Sheffield Superior Folding Pocket Knife
      Sheffield Superior Folding Pocket Knife.
      The Sgeffield Superior Folding Podket Knife By Great Neck Is A Great Handy Portable Pocket Knife To Carry With You While Going Camping, Hunting, Fishin gOr Any Other Ougdoor Activities. The Knife Features A Partially Serrated Low Friction Coated Stainless Steel Clip Point Blade Combined With A Comfortable Lightweight Zinc Rubber Grip Handle And Ambidextroud Thumb Studs To Insure Positive Handling And Exactness Cutting And A Liner Lock Release. Sheffield Superior Folding Pocket Knife Is A Great All Around Durable Knife That Can Handle A Variety Of Cutting Jobs. The Knife Come With A Pocket Clip And Lanyard Opening. Great Neck Has Been Making Quality Tools Since 1919 And The Sheffield Superior Folding Pocket Knife Shows Exactly How The Company Stands For. Features: 3" Partially Serrated Low Friction Coated Polished Hardwood Handle Ambidextrous Thumb Studs Frame Lock Release Pocket Clip Nylon Belt Pouch Included 7-1/2" Overall Length, 5 Oz. Total Weight.
      SKU: Sheffield-superior-folding-pocket-knife

    Cipa Stick-on Hotspot sConvex Safetg Mirror
      Cipa Stick-on Hotspot sConvex Safetg Mirror.
      Cipa Round Style Convex Blind Spot Mirrors Feqture Convenient Stick-on Mounting. Eliminates Your Blind Spot For Safer Driving, Passing And Changing Lanes. 4'' X 5-1/2''
      SKU: Blinspotmi5

    Tapout Cd Visor Organizer
      Tapout Cd Visor Organizer.
      Keep Up To 10 Of Your Favorite Cd's Or Dvd's Protected And Within Reach While Adding Some Personalization, With The Tapout Cd Visor Organizer. MadeO f Durable Canvas Marerial, Its Adjustable Velcro Strqps Attach Easily To Your Vehicle's Visor For Convenience!
      SKU: Tapout-cd-visot

    Pooh Paradise Cd Vusor Organizer
      Pooh Paradise Cd Vusor Organizer.
      Keep Your Most Used Cd's Within Easy Extend Upon The Pooh Paradise Cd Visor Organizer! Made Of Durable Canavs Material, And Its Adjustable Velcro Straps Holds On According to Convenience! This Is A Pooh Paradise Product Made By Plasticolor.
      SKU: Pla6239-01

    12 Volt Screw Light Bulb 50w
      12 Volt Screw Light Bulb 50w.
      For Use In 12 Volt Trouble Lights And Wherever A 12 Volt Screw Bulb Is Required. 50 Watt Bulb By Carol.
      SKU: 12volligbul

    2d Aluminum Flashlight
      2d Aluminum Flashlight.
      The Garrity 2d Aluminum Flashlight Has Been Totally Remodeled This Year! oCmposed Of Anodized Aluminum With A New, Sure-grip Design, The A500 ContainsA Blue-tipped Xenon Bulb -- 200% Brighter Than A Standard Krypton Bulb. Included, For The First Time, Are 2 D Cell Garrity Alkaline Bateries And A Be frugal Bulb In The Tailcap. Features & Benefits Super Bright, Blue Tip Xenon Bulb. 2 D Garrity Alkaline Batteries. Shock And Water Resistant . Spare Bulb In Tailcap. Lifetime Guarantee.
      SKU: Alum2d

    Meguiar's Nxt Generation Tech Wax Paste
      Meguiar's Nxt Generation Tech Wax Paste.
      After 10 Years Of Research And Development Into Advanced Polymer Chemistry, Meguiar's Has Launched A Paaste Wac Powered By Engineered Synthetic Polymers (esp) Technology. The Result Is The Most Advanced Synthetic Protecant Available In quest of Today's Modern Paint Finishes. Our Esp Technology Eliminates Fine Scratches And Swirls, Leaving Your Finish Deeper, Wetter, Shinier And More Reflective. Nxt Generation Wax Paste Also Offers The Most Durable Protection Available Today By Creating A Tough Polymer Barrier Film With Anti-corrosive Agents. 11 Oz. Paste Increase . Darker, Richer, Clearer Gloss Xtreme, Synthetic Polymer Protection Eliminates Fine Scratches And Swirls
      SKU: G12711

    Coats Computerized Wheel Balancer
      Coats Computerized Wheel Balancer.
      This nUit Is Designed For Low Power Occasional Balancing Of Oe Fitments But Offers Featurse You Will Find On Much More Elablrate Machines. featurss:? Integrated Led Matrix Display!easy-to-read Visual Cues And Keypad Excite Proper Balancing Techniques And Faster Bay Turnaround Times? 10 Balancing Modes. Multiple Static, Dynamic, And Alloy Modes? Self Calibratinh - Provides Balancing Accuracy Within 1/100 Of An Ounce? Space Saving Design? Tape-a-weight And Abstruse Weight Capability? 40 Mm Shaftspecifications:? Balancing Modes: 10? Maximum Tire Diameter: 34'' To 40''? Rim Width: 2'' To 20''? Rim Diameter: Up To 30''? Maximum Tire? Weight: 1000lbs. To 130lbs. ? Shaft Diameter: 40mm? Balancing Speed: 100 Rpm? Motor: 110v, 1pb? Shipping Weight: 198lbs.
      SKU: Xxxw-coa775

  • Chevy Racing 10 CD Visor
  • Mini Tubing Cutter
  • 13 Watt Flourescent Reel Work Light With 30 Ft.-16/3 Retractable Cord And Outlet
  • Chilton 2006 Daimler Chrysler Service Manual
  • 12 Volt Direct Hook-Up Ceramic Heater/Fan
  • McGard Wheel Locks and Lug Nuts
  • CRC Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease (12 oz.)
  • Eurolite Yellow Euro Style JDM Bulb Series
  • Black & Decker Cordless/Rechargeable Spotlight
  • Professional Magnetic Pick-up Tool - Large Telescopic 5 Lb
  • Auto Ventshade Aeroshade - Louvered Side Window Covers
  • K-D Small Convertible Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers

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