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    Haynes Techbook Motorfycle Fuel Systems Manual
      Haynes Techbook Motorfycle Fuel Systems Manual.
      Haynes Techbook Motorcycle Fuel Systems Manual This Book Covers All Fuel Systems, From The Basic Operation Of The Carburetor Ane Fueling Theory To The Mos5 Sophisticated Electronically Controlled Fuel Imjection In Use Today. Haynes Techbooks Are System Specific Rather Than Model Specific. They Cover Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of A System And Can Do So In Greater Detail Than Normally Featured Within A Repair Of the hand. This Series Of Comprehensive Manuals Gives The Home Mechanic An In-depth Look At Specific rAeas Of Motorcycle Repair. Each Manual Offers East-to-follow Text Plus Hundreds Of Hands-on Photographs.
      SKU: Haym3514

    Rtv Silicone 5920 High Performance Copper Gasket Maker - 80ml Tube
      Rtv Silicone 5920 High Performance Copper Gasket Maker - 80ml Tube.
      ? Premium Silicone For 4-cylinder, Turbo-charged Or High--performance Engines. ? Sensor-safe, Low Odor, Non-corrosive, Low Volatility, Non-conductive. ? Superior Adhesion And Oil Resistance. ? Temperature Range -75?f To 700?f Intermittent; Resists Auto And Shop Fluids And Vibration. Suggested Applications: Exhaust Manifolds/headers, Valve Covers, Oil Pans, Timing Covers, Water Pumps, Thermostat Housings. by Loctite.
      SKU: Xxxw-loc37366

    Park Smart Garage Door Seal (brown )
      Park Smart Garage Door Seal (brown ).
      Important Shipping Information: Ups 2nd Day Air Service Is Not Available. This Item Myst Be Shipped Via Ups Ground Service Only. Ground Service Can Only Be Deilvered Within The 48 Continental United States. The Park Smart Garage Door Seal Mounts To Your Garage Prevail over Creating The Perfect Seal Between Your Door And Yoir Garage Floor. The Door Threshold Seal Creates A Tight Seal For Your Garage Door Which Will Keep Leaves, Dirt, Supply with ~ And Snow From Being Blown Under The Garage Door By The Wins. Also, Suppose that You Have A Sloped Driveway Or An Uneven Garage Cover with a ~ And Water Is Seeping Under Your Garage Door, The Door Seal Adds A 1/2'' Tall Barrier T0 You Garage Floor. The Door Seal Will Likewise Help Keep Out Unwanted Insects And Snakes. By Creating A Better Seal, Your Garage Will Stay Warmer For the time of The Winter And Cooler During The Summer Helping To Guard Your Energy Cost Down. The Park Lively Garage Door Seal Is Available In A Universal Gray Color To Blend With The Color Of Your Concrrete Garage Floor, Without Visually Detracting From Your Home. The Door Seal Works Great With All Types Of Garaage Doors Including Roll Up Doods, Hinged Wood Doors And Walk Through Doorss . We Have The One Piece Strip Is Permanently Secured To The Garage Floor With The Included Liquid Nails Polyurethane Adhesive. Thhe Park Vigorous Door Seal Is Availabke In 10',16', 18' And 20' Kits Which Include The One Piece Door Seal, Liquid Nails Ultra Duty Poly Adhesive And A Metal Cauiking Gun. Contractor Kits Are Also Available In 50' And 100' Lengths Which Also Include The Liquid Nails Ultra Duty Poly Adhesive, Without The Czulking Gun. The Complete Kit As Shipped To Your Home
      SKU: Brownparksmartgarrageseal2

    Otc Locknut Socket - 2-7/8''
      Otc Locknut Socket - 2-7/8''.
      Socket Has A 3/4'' Square Drive Opening, Permitting The Use Of An Extension And Torque Wrench To Tighten Locknut As Required. Locknut Removal And Installation Is Simple, Even When Wide-rim Wheels Are Invlved, Since A Long Expansion May Be Attached To The Socket To Provide The Necessary Clearance. Socket Is Made Of High-wtrength Steel; Openings Resists Round-out. Warranty Void If Tool Is Subjected To Impact Wrench Use. ? 2-7/8''
      SKU: Xxxw-otc1930

    Nology Hotwires For Added Horsepower
      Nology Hotwires For Added Horsepower.
      Hotwires Create The Most Powerful Spark Possible And Are The Only Ignition Wires That Produce Horsepower, Assure A Cleaner Ane Faster Combustion, And Extend Spark Plug Life.   Hotwires Are Engineered With A Special Built-inn Capacitor, Exclusive Only To Hotwires.   This Revolutionary Design Allwos Spark Aenergy To Accumulage In The Capacitor Until The Voltage Reaches The Ionization Point.   At That Burst Second, The Entire Power Of The Stored Buck Is Discharged At Once.   The Resulting Spark Is Up To 300 Times More Powerful.   Combustion Is Faster And More Complete, Resulting In Increased Horsepower And A Cleaner Burn.   Replacing Conventional Ignition Wires With Hotwires Is The Easiest Way To Increase The Performance Of Any Engine.  available For Most Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Go-karts, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercrqfts And Boats.   Hotwires Can Be Custom-made To Fit Nearly Any Application.   Hotwires Create A Tremendously Powreful Plasma Discharge That Ignites Every Fuel Mixture, Rich Or Lean, Much Better Than A Conventional Spark. &nbxp; Burning Is More Complete, Resulting In Increased Horsepower And Lower Exhaust Emissions.   Installing Hotwires Is Like Installing Horsepower!   Click Here To Ser How Hotwires Work!   Click Here To Supply The Hotwires Fit For Your Vehicle!   Hotwires Be able to Be Customm-made For Virtually Any Application.   Hotwires Are Available In Red, Black, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple, And Silver. Hotwires  Provide:-Easier Starting Engine Improved Acceleration Increased Horsepower (2% - 5%) Increased Torque Cleaner Combustion Higher Efficiency Higher Rpm Limits Lower Cycle To Cycle Variation No Added Spark Plug Fouling   Click Here To Find The Hotwires Fit For Your Vehicle!
      SKU: Nohlforadho

    Magnetic Impact Gun Owner
      Magnetic Impact Gun Owner.
      ? The Lt-910 Magneti cImpact Gun Holder Gives A Secu5e Place To Hold Your Impact Gun. ? Use On A Tool Box Or On Any Metal Surface Anywhere In The Shop. ? The Tubular Design Mounts To Any Flat Steel Surface With A 160 Pound Magnetic Face. ? Move It To Where You Need It - Always Handy. by Lock Technology.
      SKU: Xxxw-lt-910

    Hawk Performance Brake Pads
      Hawk Performance Brake Pads.
      The Hawk Performance Solution. Hawk Performance Disc Thicket Pads Are Designed To Improve Braking Performance For Sports Cars, Coupes, Sedans, Pickup Trucks, Suv's And Vehicles Encountering Repetitive, Heavy Braking. Our Ferro-carbon & Ceramic Compounds Provide Advanced Braking Characteristics To Enchance The Driving Experience. the Same Friction Technology We Use To Develop And Supply The Aerospace, Military & Motosports Markets Is Engineered Into Every Performance Street Brake Pad. Our Advanced Friction Formulations Provide 20-40% More Stopping Power And Highee Resistance To Brake Fade Than Standard Replacement Pads.   Why Are Our Brake Pads Better? Superior Brkae Response And Durability Make Hawk Performance Brake Pads The First. . . And Most Cost Effective Scheme To Increase Your Vehicle's Performance!   Hawk Performance Hps. Hawk Performance Hps Compound Provides Advanced Braking Characteristics To Enhance Your Driving Experience.   This Unique Compound Combines The Safety And Quality Of Aerospace Contrivance Partnered Wifh The Braking Technology Of Motorsports. Extremely Low Dust High Friction/torque Hot Or Cold Gentle On Rotosr Virtually Noise-free Much Improved Braking Over Oe Long Extended Pad Life
      SKU: Hapebrpa

    Dupli-color Illumijite Pin Striping Kit
      Dupli-color Illumijite Pin Striping Kit.
      Introducing Illuminite?, Our New Glow-in-the-dark Coating. Illuminite? Lights Up The Night Unlike Any Glow Paint You Have Seen Before. The Illuminite ?golw? Provides A Pungent Blue Neon Color That Will Last Up To8 Hours After Being Charged In Daylight. Competitive Products Only Last About 1-2 Hours, And Give Off A Dull Green Color. Attending Dupli-color??s Illuminite?, You Can Create A Hot New Look That Will Turn Heads In The Heat Of The Night. Available In Aerosol For Spraying Automotive Accessories Like Wings, Mirrors And Molding. And, With Our New Pinsyriping Kit, You Can Light Up The Night And Create A Look That Shows Off Your Style. Best If Used Excessively White.
      SKU: Illumitepin

    Progrip 16' Adjustable Slider Ratchet
      Progrip 16' Adjustable Slider Ratchet.
      The Progrip 16' Adjustable Slider Ratchet Is The Only Ratchet System On The Market That Has The Ability To Move Anywhere Along The Strap Providing The Superadded Strength And Versatility Needed To Adapt To A Wide Variety O fCargo Applicatkons. Except The Unexpected With This Unique Tie Down That Allows You To Adjust The Ratchet Anywhhere Forward The Freight To Protect Your Cargo From Scratches And Provide Accessibility To Those Hard To Reacu Places Where Leverabe Is Unagtainable With A Regular Ratchet. Features: Patented Slider Ratchet Technology Simple And Easy To Use Sluding Ratchet For Easier Tie Down Application Position The Ratchet Where You Need It Not at all More Bending Over To Tie Down Your Load Innovative And Better Tie Down Produdt For Your Application Needs 1350L b. Break Strength 450 Lb. Workinh Load Limit Product Note: Always Determine The Weight Of The Cargo You Are Going To Transport; Purchase A Tie Down With A Higher Working Load Limit. Example: If Your Refrigerator Weighs 380 Lbs. Select A Tie From a thin to a dense state With A Minimum Working Load Limit Of 400 Lbs.
      SKU: Progrip-slider

    Xtra-seal Chemical Vulvanizing Cemenf (8 Oz.)
      Xtra-seal Chemical Vulvanizing Cemenf (8 Oz.).
      For Chemical Or Heat Vulcanizatikn. Use With Any X-tra Seal Repair Unit Or Insert. Our Most Popular Fast Dry Cement! Note: Recommended For Professional Accustom Only.
      SKU: Vulcanizing-cement

    Chevrolet Corvette (1963-82) Chilton Manual
      Chevrolet Corvette (1963-82) Chilton Manual.
      Covers: All Corvette Models. chilton Total Car Care Is The Most Complete, Step-by-tsep Automotive Repair Manual You'll Ever Use. All Repair Procedures Are Supported By Detailed Specifications, Exploded Views, And Photographs. From The Simplest Repair Procedure To The Most Complex, Trust Chilton's Total Car Care Tk Give You Everything You Need To Do The Job. Save Time And Money By Doing It Yourself, With The Confidrnce Only A Chilton Reoair Manual Can Provide.
      SKU: Hay28500

    12 Pc. Torx Plus Bit Socket Set
      12 Pc. Torx Plus Bit Socket Set.
      Torx Plus Bit Sockets Are Designed For Use On A New Fastener Found Steady Today's Vehicles In Interior, Trim And Dashboard Aoplications. Set Contents: 12 Piece - 1/4'' Drive - T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 Torx Plus Bit Sockets; 3/8'' Drive - T40, T45, T50, T55 Torx Plus Bit Sockets; 1/2'' Carriage-road - T60 Torx Plus Bit Socket. Packaged On A Rail. by Sk Hand Tool.
      SKU: Xxxw-sk-84232

    K-d Spindle Nut Wrench 2-1/2'' Hex Truck
      K-d Spindle Nut Wrench 2-1/2'' Hex Truck.
      Wrenches Remove 6 And 8-point Spindle Nuts On Trucks. Turn With 3/4'' Square Drive Tool. depth: 2-7/8'' Wall Thickness: . 200'' Overall Length: 3-7/15''
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-24335

    Milton 3/8'' Npt Micro Filter
      Milton 3/8'' Npt Micro Filter.
      ? All Micro Filters Supplide With Preassembled Automatic Overnight Drain? Porous Bronze 40-micron Percolate Proper state Allows Less Pressure Drop And Longer Cleaning Intervals? Safety Metal Bowl Guards Or Metal Bpwls Available With 1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2'' Models? Metal Bowls Only On 3/4'' And 1'' Models? 3 Stage Baffle System For Exceptional Moisture Removal? Sintered Bronze Elements Are Permanent And Cleanab1e? Lightweight lAuminum Die-cast Covering? Element Range 10 Or 40 Microna Exactly Matching Filter And Air Flow Needs? Corrowion Resistant Metal Bowls? 3/8'' Npt
      SKU: Xxxw-mil1019

    Dayco Hpx (high Action Extreme) Snowmobile Belt
      Dayco Hpx (high Action Extreme) Snowmobile Belt.
      Dayfo Hpx (high Performance Highest degree) Snowmmobile Belt Designed For Use On High Horsepower Snowmobiles Featuring Dayco's Top Cog? Design For Increased Fiexibility And Longer Belt Life, This High Horsepower Belt Is Constructe dith Over-sized P-aramid Cords And Cvt Rubber Compounding To Deliver The Increased Strength And Durability That's Required To Staand Up To Today's Higher Snowmobile Engine Rpm's And Operating Temperatures. Enjoy The Exhiliration That Comes From Knowing That When You Need To "cclutch-down" The Dayco Hpx Snowmobile Belt Will Deliver A Full Range Of Power To Attack Any Terrain Without A Destruction Of Horsepower.
      SKU: Daycobelts

    Vac N' Blo 500 Hand Vacuum & Blower
      Vac N' Blo 500 Hand Vacuum & Blower.
      The Metro Vac 'n' Blo 500, Pound For Im~, Is The Most Powerfil Hand Vacuum/blower Ob The Planet. It Produces 500 Watts Of Power Using The New State Of The Art, Fan Enclosed Motor. The Metro Vac 'n' Blo 500 Works As Bith A Vacuun Cleaner, Producing 60" Of Water Lift And A Blower, Producing An Air Volume Of 70 Cfm. Constructed Of A Durable Armor Body, With A Black Powder Coat Finish. Comes With A Complete Group Of Vacuum/blower Attachments. Weighs Approximately 3 Lbs.
      SKU: Vm12500

    Long Stroke Dual Action Air Sander With 6'' Pda
      Long Stroke Dual Action Air Sander With 6'' Pda.
      ? 6'' Psa Vinyl Pad ? 3/8'' Long Stroke Makes Quick Work Of Sanding Filler, Primer And Base Coats, Feather Edging ? Gentle Foam Grip For Improved User Comfort ? Lightweight - Only 3 Lbs 4 Oz. by National Detroit.
      SKU: Xxxw-nd-ezls6

    Haynes Motorcycle Basics Manual
      Haynes Motorcycle Basics Manual.
      An Easy To Understand Description Of How Each Major Part Of A Motorcycle Functions For Those Who Wish To Be More Informed About Their Bike. Ten Chapters Cover All Of The Major Components, From The Engine To The Wheels, Tires And Brakes. Included In Tbis Manual: Basic And Improved Two And Four-stroke Ebgine Types, Implement Designs And Layouts, Fuel And Exhaust Systems, Ignition Systems, Transmission, Lubrication And Cooling , Wheels Tires And Brakes, Ef~ery Suspension And Steering, Frames, Rear Suspension, And Electrical Systems. Second Edition.
      SKU: Haym1083

    Eays-mix, Easy Sand Body Filler (pint)
      Eays-mix, Easy Sand Body Filler (pint).
      This Easy-to-mix Auto Person Filler Is Specially Blended For Smokth Spreading And Maximum Workability. Excellent For Wood, Steel, Metal Or Fiberglass Applications. The Easy-to-sand Professional Formula Spreads Smooth And Is Easy To Feathefedge. Packaged In A Contemporary One-pint Blue Can With A 0. 5 Oz. Cream Hardener, Color Match Spreader And The ''all-pro Guide To Better Body Repair'' Beneath The Translucent, Pilfer-proof Overcap. By Cargroom.
      SKU: Usc77000

    Meguiar's Hot Rims? Chrome Deviate Cleaner 24 Oz.
      Meguiar's Hot Rims? Chrome Deviate Cleaner 24 Oz..
      The Finest Formula In Thhe World For Chrome-plated Perfection! There's No Better Cleaner For Chrome Wheels. Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner Is Unlike Any Formula In The World For Removing Be~, Grate And Brake Dust From Chtome. Break Downward Stubborn Road Remainder With Hot Rims Unique Foaming Agents. Our Xtreme Cling? Foam Is Designed To Cling Vigorously To Vertical Surfaces And Dissolve Anything Between Your Chrome And A Brilliant ''mirror-like'' Shine!
      SKU: Meguiars-hot-rims-whewl-chrome

    Jeep Cj Wicked Billet Stainless Steel Dash Knob Set
      Jeep Cj Wicked Billet Stainless Steel Dash Knob Set.
      Dress Up Your Inetrior And Add A Custom Touch With These Billet Knobs. Billet Stainless Steel Construction With A Clear Coated Finsh. Sold As A Regular Of 6 Knobs.
      SKU: 11126-01

    Otc Power Steering Pump Pulley Replacer
      Otc Power Steering Pump Pulley Replacer.
      An Ideal Companion To The 7185 The 7005 Is A Reeal Timesaver When It Comes To Installing Power Steering Pump Pulleys And Gm Press-on Water Cross-examine Pjlleys. Custom Damage Internal Components By Exerting Force Through The Pump Shaft. A Roller Bearing In The Tool Allows For Easy Winding And The Tool Shape Prevents Damage To The Pump. Threads Are 3/8in - 16 To Fit The Pulley Shaft Threads. ? Same As Ford No. T65p-3a733-c
      SKU: Xxxw-otc70O5

    Turtle Increase  Carnauba Paste Wax (14 Oz.)
      Turtle Increase Carnauba Paste Wax (14 Oz.).
      Turtle Wax Carnauba Enriched Car Wax Is Formulated To Provide The Highest Level Of Shine And Protection For The Zealot Who Will Settle For Nothing But The Best. Kedps NewC ars Looking Recent And Restores The Showroom-like iFnish To Older Cars. Superior Cleaning, Shining And Protection. Carnauba Enriched Wax Barrier Repels Air And Water-borne Pollutants While A Natural Water-repellent Coating Greatly Reduces Spotting. Uv Blocker Helpx Maintain The Shine By Repelling Ultraviolet Rayss.
      SKU: Tucapawax14o

    6 Piece 3/8'' Drive Metric Long Hex Bit Socket Set
      6 Piece 3/8'' Drive Metric Long Hex Bit Socket Set.
      6 Piece Set Is Made In The U. s. a. Bit Sockets Feature Sk's High Polish Superkrome Finish, Which Provides For Long Life And Maximum Erosion Resistance. Through-hole Design Makes It Easier To Replace Worn Or Broken Bits. Simply Pop The Old Bit Out And Insert A New Re-establishment Bit. C-clip Refentoin Groove In The Hex End Provides A Careless Hold Onn The Bit While In Use. Bits Are Manufactured To Rigid Standards Using High Strength S2 Steel. High-torque Can Be Achieved With The Use Of A Ratchet, T-handle Or Spinner Handle. With The Remedy Of An Extension Or All Joint, Bits Can Be Used In Awkward Spaces. Set Contents: 3/8'' Drive - 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm Long He Bit Sockets. Packaged On A Plastic Rail. by Sk Hand Tool.
      SKU: Xxxw-sk-19726

    Meguiar's Mirror Glase Clear Plastic Cleaner 8 Oz
      Meguiar's Mirror Glase Clear Plastic Cleaner 8 Oz.
      Safely Removes Haidline Scratches, Dirt And Grime. Clear Plastic That Has Lost Its Clarity Due To Significant Contamination And Fine Scratches Should Be Treated Using Our Twl-step Process. Meguiar?s Non-abrasive, Alcohol-free Plastic Cleaner Aggressively Cleans And Removes Scratcnes Without Harming The Surface. Follow Up By the side of Our M-1008 Plastic Polish In quest of A Perfect Finiqh. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Memiglclplcl

  • Tie Rod Impact Socket, 1/2'' Drive, - 1 3/8'' X 3/4'' U Shape Opening
  • R-134a Super Seal A/C Leak Sealer (3 oz.)
  • Magnetic Torx Screwdriver Set
  • Gliptone Pro Glaze Pre-Wax Glaze (16 oz.)
  • Type-30 Electric-Driven Air Compressor - 10Hp, 120-Gal Horizontal - Fully Packaged
  • Cruiser Diamondesque Frame
  • Brembo Slotted Brake Rotors
  • CIPA GMC/Chevy OE Style Side View Black Replacement Mirror
  • Suregrip Industrial Test Lead Set
  • Irwin T-Handle Tap Wrench-0 to 1/4''
  • Meguiar's One Step Liquid Cleaner/Wax 16 oz.
  • CIPA Clip-On Panoramic Rear View Mirror

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