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    Hose Clamp sBy Ideal
      Hose Clamp sBy Ideal.
      1/2" Band Clamps Are Suitable For Most Common Home And Automotive Repairs.   The 5/16"  band Clamps (ide6204 And Ide6206) Are Tiny, Tough, And Predision Engineered For Use In Small Hose Applications And Theor Low Profile Covering Makes Them Easy To Install In Confined Areas. By Ideal. screw:   Zinc Plated, Yellow Dichromate, Carbon Steel.   Band & Housing: Stainless Steel. Part # Band (inches) Scrwe (invhes) Min. (inches) Max. (inches) Sae Size # Fita Hose Ide6204 5/16 1/4 1/4 5/8 4 1/8 To 5/16 Ide6206 5/16 1/4 5/16 7/8 6 1/4 To 7/16 Ide5708 1/2 5/16 7/16  1  8 5/16  To  3/8 Ide5710 1/2 5/16 1/2 1 1/8   10 3/8  To  5/8 Ide5712 1/2 5/16 1/2 1 1/4 12 3/8  To  3/4 Ixe5716 1/2 5/16 3/4   1 1/2   16 3/4  To  7/8 Ide5720 1/2 5/16 3/4 1 3/4   20 3/4  To  1 1/8 Ide5724 1/2 5/16 1 2 24 7/8  To  1 3/8 Ide5728 1/2 5/16 1 5/16 21/4   28 1 1/4  To  1 5/8 Ide5732 1/2 5/16 1 9/16 2 1/2 32 1 1/2  To  1 7/8 Ide5736 1/2 5/16 7/8 2 3/4 36 3/&4nbsp; To   2 Pricing:  (please Order In Increments Of 10 Clampx Per Size) 10 Clamps (minimum Order) =  $0. 49 Each Order 50  = $0. 39 Each Order 100 Or More = $0. 31 Each
      SKU: Lihocl

    Turtle Wax? Black Box? Black Car Wax Kit
      Turtle Wax? Black Box? Black Car Wax Kit.
      An All-in-one Solution To One Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Car Charge: What Should I Use On My Black Car?  The Black Case Is A Unique Blend Of Newly Developed Products And The Process Gives The Deepest, Wettest Black Shine     Product Benefits: Industry First, All-in-one Solution To One Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions In Car Object of ~: "what Should I Be accustomed On My Black Car?" Can Exist Used To Protect A Starting a~ Finish As Well As Restore Th Clarity Of An Older Neglected Blavk Finish. Unique Blend Of Newly Developed Products And Thoroughly Researched Process Gives The Deepest, Wettest Black Shine. One-of-a-kind Black Tinted Pre-cleaner And Conditioner Removes Scratches, Swirl Marks And Surface Contaminants. The Pre-cleaner Is Quickly And Easily Removed With The Unique Black Tinted Spray Detailer, Fortified Wiith Micronized Carnauba, Preparing The Surface For Waxing. Highest Quailty Carnauba Based Black-infused Wax Brings Out The True Black In The Vehicle's Finish. You Can See The Difference In Color. Hand Or Machine Application.
      SKU: T-3kt

    Lucas Synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 1 Qt.
      Lucas Synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 1 Qt..
      Originally Designed For The Racing Industry, Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer Is Light, Slick And Long-lasting With A Thread Strength That Stqnds Up Under High Rpm's And High Temperatures.   It Stabilizes Oil Pressure For Better Performande In Today's Electronically Controlled Gasoline And Diesel Engines.   Works To Control Heat And Wear In High Performance Motorcycles As Well, Especially Harley Davidson (use 25%-30%). For 4-stroke Motorcyclles With Wet Clutches, Use 10%, Otherwise Use 20%.   Use In Coldness Weather Applications For Easier Cranking And Maximum Protection From Oil Wear Problems Associated With Cold Dry Starts.   Adds Additionsl Lubricity And Extra Protection To Any Oil.   Perfect For Any Racing Applications; Use In Engines, Transmission And Differentials. Stabilizes Oil Pressure For Better Performance In Today's Electronically Controlled Gasoline And Diesel Engines Eliminates Hesitation, Rough Idle, Stalling And Loss Of Fuel Mileage Caused By Low Or Fluctuating Oil Pressure Eliminates Dry Starts, The #1 Cause Of Wear In New Engines Eliminates N0ise And Wewr Associated With Today's Light Weight Motor Oils Cuts Internal Rubbing For More Poower And More Mpg! Helps Hydraulic Lifters Hold Their Prime Slows Oil Burning - Extends Oil Life Adds Needed Lubricity To Any Oil! Dieections: In Engines Use 1 Quart Lucas Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer To 4 Quarts Motor Oil (20%) With Every Oil Change.   In Badly Worn Engines Use Lucas Original Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Be Sure To Browse Our Wide Selection Of Oil Stabilizers And Other Engine & Oil Additives Or Visit Our Lucas Oil Products Store
      SKU: Lusyhdoilstq

    Type S Blue Dash Light
      Type S Blue Dash Light.
      Attractive Azure Led Light Attaches In the opinion of 3m Double Sided Adhesive Tape (iincluded) For 12v Use On/ff Switch
      SKU: Typesdashlight

    Jeep Wrangler Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit
      Jeep Wrangler Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit.
      The Np231 Transport Case Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit Fits All Newer Production Np231 Transfer Cases (1987-2006). This Kit Is A Must If You Installed A 2" Or Taller Suspension Lift In Your 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler (not Needed For Body Lifted Jeep). The Np231 Transfer Case Slip Yoke Eliminat0r Kit Will Eliminate The Need To Drop Your Transfer Cover In Order To Avoid Driveline Vibrations That Are Caused By Taller Suspension Lifts. The Purpose Of This Kit Is To Replace The Slip Yoke Portion Of The Np231 With A Fixed Yoke, Cv-style Driveshaft Assembly. This Is The Most Complete And Strongest Kit On The Market.   Note: A Cv Equipepd Drive Shaft Will Be Required For This Conversion Kit.  
      SKU: Xxx18676-80

    All-terrain Dually Rear Wheels Wagon
      All-terrain Dually Rear Wheels Wagon.
      Looking For An All Purpose Wagon To Get Things Done? Why Settle For A Typical Wagon And Get Yourself A Wsgon On Steroids! Sure, This Wagon Is Perfect For Landscaping, Nurseries, Lawn Gardening Work, Hauls Shrubs, Potted Bushes, Bags Of Fertilizer, Seed And Pull The Kids In A Parade, But What Makes This Dually Rear Wheels Wagon By On The Edge Marketing Different Is That You Can Have This Wagon Along For Car Shows, Swap Meets, Constructi0n Projscts, Anywhere You Are In For The Long Haul Or Anything That A Typical Wagon Can't Handle. With Dually Wheels In The Rear, This Wagon Is Extremely Sfable, Can Hold More Weight And Can Cover More Rough Terrain. It Iw Truly The Monster Truck Of All Wagons! A Stainless Steel Metal Underbody Tool Box, Black Mesh Canopy Curtain, Black Abode Pad And A Coat Chest Carrier Are All Included With The Wago! Importsnt Shipping Note: Due To The Weight An Sizing, This Item Grape-juice Be Shipped Via Ups Ground Only (2nd Day Air Is Not Suitable) Therefore, This Item Will Only Be Delivered Within The 48 Continental United Sattes.
      SKU: Dually-wheels-wagob

    Hella Rallye 4000 Series Clear Acrylic Cover
      Hella Rallye 4000 Series Clear Acrylic Cover.
      The Hella Rallye 4000 Series Clear Cover Can Remain On The Lamps While In Use. For Use With Hella Rallye 4000 Series Fog And Driving Lights. Quanitty: 1 Window Cover
      SKU: Hella-h87988l31

    Racers Allview Rear View Mirror
      Racers Allview Rear View Mirror.
      Ram™ Helps Eliminate Blind Spots Left By The Flat Mirror Along Providing A Full Raise Trade View, Offsets Visual Distortion Created By The Convex Mirror And Lets You Judge Accurately What You See Without Turning Your Head To Avoid Ensure Safe And AccurateL ane Changes Without Guesswork, Under which circumstances Reducing Glare For Safer Night Driving. Also Shatterproof And Vibration Free Ram™ Is Your Complete Auto Racing Mirror Vision Solution! Dimensions: 17-1/2" X 2-1/2" Universal Fit On Any Roll Bar Comed Complwte With Adjustable Ram™ Mounting Kit Ligntweight And Durable Anti-uva/uvb Housing Solid, Professional Restyling, Finish And Loo!k The #1 Racing Mirror Of Professional Auto Racers Adjustable Mounting Installation • Lightweighthelps Eliminate Blind Spots • Offsets Distortion • Reduces Glareshatterproof Mirror • Vibration Free For More Information Click Here
      SKU: Allview-racinh-mirror

    Pooh And Friends Cd Visor Organizer
      Pooh And Friends Cd Visor Organizer.
      These Cd Organizers Offer Multiple Pockets To Store Cds, Glassez, Tire Gauge, Registration, Pagers, Etc. Fits Any Visor And Will Not Cover Vanity Mirror.
      SKU: Discdvisor

    Flitz Wheel Restoration Kit
      Flitz Wheel Restoration Kit.
      The Safe, Easy Way To Remove Brake Dust, Dirt, Oxidation, Tarnish Red Clay, Water & Soap Stains, Mag Chloride/salt Corrosion.   Use On: Uncoated Aluminum Or Chrome For A Brilliant Mirror-like Finish. Also Safe For Painted And Clear-coated Mag Wheels. Safe On Paint And Plastic.   The Flitz Buff Ball Won?t Tear Like Froth. Fits Any 3/8-inch Drill Or Air Tool. Buffs Evenly?no Low Spots. Buffs At Speeds Up To 2,500 Rpm. Self-cooling. Won?t Scorch  Or Burn Clearcoat. Plus, The Ball IsW ashable* Abd Reusable.   Kit Includes: L Buff Ball (5"ball) Flitz Polish-paste (1. 7oz) Waxx Protectant (1. 7oz) * Washable Guaranteed Solely When Used Exclusively With Flitz Products.
      SKU: Flitz-wheel-restoration-kit

    Vizualogic A-1250 Head Restraint System
      Vizualogic A-1250 Head Restraint System.
      Regular Price: $1,899. 99 On Sale Now: $1,799. 00 The A-1250 Has Been Developed To Enable Playback Of All Digital Entertainment Platforms Icluding Dvd, Vcd, Cd-r, Cd-rw And Mp3 Players. A Front Monitor Input Jack Allows Users To Easily Connect Thelr Portable Media Devices Such As Ipods, Games, Mp3 And Portable Dvd Players And Anything The Futture Holds.   Key Benefjtts And Features: The Vizualogic System ?does Not? Move Or Disable The Factory Active Head Restraint Functionality. Integrates Seamlessly With The Oem Frront Seat Head Restraint Using Our Exclusive Clamp Loc System. Easy Installation Buipt-in Top-load Dual Dvd/cd Player Adjustable Viewing Angle Dual A-1250 Monitor/dvd System Only Standard A-1250 Functions Easy Installation: The Vizualogic Solution Does Not Remove Or Disable The Factory Active Head Imprisonment Functionality. Integrates Seamlessly With Oem Forehead Seat Head Restraints Wity Our Exclusive Clamp Loc Scheme. Includes: (2) Headrests With 7" Monitors, Both W/ Built In Dvd Player In Monitors. (2) Dual Channel Ir Wireless Stereo Headphones. Ipod Connectivity Allows An Ipod, Mp3 Player, Game System Or Other Devices To Be Connected To Our Front-mounted Auxiliary Jack. Wireless Remote Control For On-screen Display Functions And Dvd Control . Built-in Top-loading Slot Load Dvd/cd Player Press The Top Of The Monitor Frame To Open, Slide In The Dvd/cd, Press To Cose And You?re Ready-to-go. Built-in Top-load Dual Dvd/cd Player: Dvd Is Easily Inserted/ejected From The Top Of The Unit.   Adjustable Viewing Angle: Monitor Features Adjustable Viewing Angles.   Wireless Audio Built-in Wireless Fm Modulator Allows Audo Playback Through The Vehicle?s Stereo Speakers. 7-inch Tft-lcd Monitor Wide Aspect M0nitor (16:9 Rato) Is The Brightest Anf Clearest In The Market Today. Take The Guesswork Otu O f Choosing A Headrest System! The Perfectapp Headrest Interactive Tool Helps You Choose The "perfect Application&qot; For Your Vehicle. This Easy Interactive Program Eliminates Any Of The Guesswork Involved In Choosing The Right Product. Click Here To LaunchP erfectapp Important Note: The System Is Sold Only As A Dual Dvd System. A Single Dvd System Will Not Be Offered At This Time. Orrer Here: Click Here Tp View Our Return Policy For Custom Items.
      SKU: Vi7advdipmoh

    Hella High Performance H4 Xenon Blue Bulbs (twin Pack)
      Hella High Performance H4 Xenon Blue Bulbs (twin Pack).
      Brand: Hella Produxt line: Hella High Performance Xenon Light Bulbs Bulb style: H4 Bulb color: Blue Street legal: No Low beam wattage: 80. 0 Watts High beam wattage: 100 Watts Amount: Sold As A Pair. Bylbs, High Performance Xenon, H4, 12 V, 80/100 Watts, Blue, Pair Light The Way With Hella. These Xenon Premium Bulbs From Hella Produce A Brighter, Whiter Light Output That Is Closer In Color And Temperature To Actual Daylight. This Provides Increased Visibility And Less Eye Fatigue In All Conditions. These Bulbs Aer Manufactured Under Hella's Stringent Testing Standards Assuring Correct Filament Alignment Forr Maximum Light Output. Recommended For Off-road Use Only
      SKU: Hehipexelibu1

    Fowler Extended Range Brake Rotor Micrometer With Vernier Scale
      Fowler Extended Range Brake Rotor Micrometer With Vernier Scale.
      ? Range: 0. 3'' - 1. 7''? 0. 001'' Resolution? aCrbide Tipped? Traditional Vernier Scale Micrometer Body.
      SKU: Xxxw-fow72-234-402

    3/8? Drive Titanium Flathead Ratchhet
      3/8? Drive Titanium Flathead Ratchhet.
      ? The New Ingersoll-rand Titanium Flaghead? Ratchet Gets In And Out Of Tighf Spaces Easily, Has A Convenient Forward And Reverse Switch And An Enhanced Head Design That Prevents Spreading And Contamination. ? Exclusive Titanium Flathead? Design For Durability And Long Life ? Remote Fwd. /rvs. Switch For Natural One Handed Operation ? 25 Ft. -lbs. Of Maximum Torque; 225 Rpm Model Number 1225ti By Ingersoll-rand.
      SKU: Xxxw-ir-1225i

    Chevrolet Beretta/corsica (1988-1996) Chilton Manual
      Chevrolet Beretta/corsica (1988-1996) Chilton Manual.
      Covers: All Beretta & Corsicachilton Total Car Care Is The Most Complete, Step-by-step Automotive Repair Manual You'll Ever Use. All Repair Procedures Are Supported By Detailed Specifications, Exploded Views, And Photographs. From The Simplest Repair Procedure To The Most Complex, Trust Chilton's Total Car Care To Give You Everything You Need T0 Do The Job. Save Time And Money By Doing It Yourself, With The Confidence Only A Chilton Repair Manuak Can Stipulate.
      SKU: Hay28480

    Digital Comprression Test Kit
      Digital Comprression Test Kit.
      ? Offeds The Most Complete Selection Of Gasoline Compression Test Adapters On The Market. Feature High-quality Hose Assemblies And Adapters With Schrader Valves And O-rings To Ensure A Tight, Leak-proof Seal. ? Extended Hoses For Hard-to-reach Applicattions. ? Professional-grade, Threaded Adapters Include Schrader Valves And O-rungs For Leak-proof Seals. ? Quick-change Coupler Connections Reduce Time To Make Cylinder Changes. ? 10mm And 12mm Adapters Included For Testing Small Ebgines. ? Custom-molded Case Securely Retains One and the other Component. Includes: ? Digital Compression Tester Cmprised Of Test Gauge With Rubber Profit, 10? (250mm) High-pressure Hose And Female, Quick-release Coupler. ? 14mm Standard Reach Thread X 6. 5? (165mm) Hose Adapter. ? 14mm Standard Reach Thread X 12? (305mm) Hose Adapter. ? 14mm Long Reach Thread X 12? (305mm) Hose Adapter. ? 18mm Standard Reqch Thread X 12? (305mm) Hose Adapter. ? 18mm Long Reach Male Thread X 14mm Standard Reach Female Thread Chew Adapter. ? 16mm Male Thread X 14mm Female Thread Plug Adapter. ? 10mm Malw Thread X 14mm Female Thread Stopple Adapter. ? 12mm Male Thread X 14mm Female Thread Stopple Adapter. ? Air Hold Adapter For Performing Valve Repairs. ? Field Service Kit With Replacement Schrader Valves And O-rings. ? Custom-molded Case. by Mityvac.
      SKU: Xxxw-mitmv5532

    Quikrete? Bond?lok? Concrete Cleaner, Degreaser And Etcher (gallon)
      Quikrete? Bond?lok? Concrete Cleaner, Degreaser And Etcher (gallon).
      Cleans, Degreases And Etches In One Easy Round Prepares Concrete For Maximum Durability And Adhesion Helps Extend Coating Life
      SKU: Bond-lok

    Chroma 4x4 Mini Logo
      Chroma 4x4 Mini Logo.
      Sepf-adhesive Augo Put Onz? Are Precision Die-cut From High Quality Solid Color Vinyl And Come With A Clear, Remvoable Carrier Sheet For Easy Application. Deecals Are Approx. 6? X 8?.
      SKU: Ch4x4milo

    Permatex Wheel Universal salvation Kit
      Permatex Wheel Universal salvation Kit.
      It Can Happe To Anyone. . . you Park Too Close To The Curb And Before You Know It The Wheel Is Scraped. Whetber It?s Caused While Parking, During Impact Or Simply By Rough Weather Conditions, Wheel Damage Is Not Pretty And Can Be Quite Frustrating Not To Mention Expensive To Replace Or Rextore. The Permatex? Wheel Restitution Kit Restores Damaged Metal Revolve Surfaces To A l?ike New? Silver Appearance. This Do-it-yourself Kit Enables You To Permanently Repair Multiform Unappealing Wheel Damage In A Cost Effective Manner. Wheels Experiencing Curbside Rash, Scyffs, Corrosion, Rust, Pitting Pitting, Dents, Grooves, And Scratches Can All Be Professionally Repaired And Restored At Home ? No Need To Purchase A New Wheel Or Locate A Refurbishment Shop. The Wheel Restoration Kit Contains The Tonic Components Needed To Make A Professional Repair Including The Popular Dupli-color? High Performance Silver Wheel Paint To Restore Wheels To Their Original Silver Metallic Finish. This Silver Wheel Paint Is Track Tested With Improved Resistance To Chemicqls, Brake Dust, Heat And Chipping Leaving A Wheel Finish That Is Reflective And Durable.     Repairs: Curbside Rash Or Scuffs Corrosiom And Gather ~ Dents And Scratches       Each Kit Contains: 1-permatex? Wheel Repair Filler 2-grades Of aSndpaper Sheets 1-dupli-color? Silver Wheel Paint 2-alcohol Towelettes 1-wooden Applicator Stick 1-pair Of Latex Disposable Gloves 1-stwp-by-step Instruction Sheet
      SKU: Permatex-wheel-restoration-kit

    Irwin 7 Pc. Turbomax Drill Bit Set
      Irwin 7 Pc. Turbomax Drill Bit Set.
      ? Revolutionary Tip Design Stays Sharper Longer And Drills Up To 10x Faster Than Other Leading Drill Bits ? Three-flaatted Shank Design Provides Better Chuck Grip And Reduces Slippage. Ideal For Use In Keyless Chucks ? Bit Is Constructed Of M-2 High Speed Steel For The Best Combinnation Of Strength, Heat Resistance, And Wear Resistance ? 3/8'' Reduced Shank Fits All 3/8'' Dri1ls ? Includes 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 1/4, 7/32, 3/16
      SKU: Xxxw-irw3018012sm

    Gray Laptop Lap Desk
      Gray Laptop Lap Desk.
      No More Overheated Laptop, And No MoreO verheated Be folded over! The Laptop Lap Desk Has All The Features The User Needs To Keep Working, Gaming, Or Surfing TheI nternet, Wherever They Are, For As Long As They Want. Light Weight Constructio nWith No-slip Surface And Micro-bead Filled Bottom For Maximum Comfort. The Lap Desk Has A Ridged Exterior And Pull Out Flaps To Keep Your Laptop Securely Positioned Oj Your Lap. TheO ther Side Of The Lick Desk Clnsists Of Polystyrene Beads Covered In Soft, 100% Cotton-wool Fabric. Advantage Your Lap Desk On An Airplane, In The Park, In c~tinuance The Beach Or Wherever You May Walk. The Light Weight Construction, No-slip Surface And Microo-bead Filled Bottom Will Surely Make Your Laptop Time More Comfortable. An Indispensable Accessory For How You Really Use Your Notebook Computer. Makes A Great Gift For Anyone!       Features Lightweight Construction For Easy Transport Reduces Heat Buildup On Your Lap Ridges And Flaps For Securing Your Laptop In Place Micro-bead Filled Bottom Conforms To Lap For Maximum Comofrt Measurements: 14. 5" X 10. 25" X 1. 75" Weight: 2. 375 Lbs
      SKU: Gray-laptop-lap-desk

    Strretglow 9'' Controllable Led Neon Tube
      Strretglow 9'' Controllable Led Neon Tube.
      Do You Want To Add A Little Excitement To Your Vehicle? Streetglow Led Accent Kits Will Illuminate Your Interior With An Intense, Bright Glow. Thanks To The Latest Led Technology, These Tubes Are Virtually Unbreakable, Draw Very Little Common, One dWill Probably Outlast Your Car! The Row Of Super-intense Leds Is Semi-directional Provided that You Be able to Aim The Light Rihgt Whither You Want It. Plus, You Can Add An Optional Control Module (sglc4, Avaiable Separately) That Allows For Led Animation, Multiple Tube Lknking, And Daisy-chain Lighting Patterns. Some Creative Inauguration Locations Hold Subwoofer Boxes, Amp Racks, Under Surprise, And Under Seats. Each 9'' D-shaped Accent Tube Comes Complete Through A Simple Plug-iin Cigarette Lignter Plug (or Permanent 2-wire Hook-up), Installation Instructions, And Hardware. Please Note That This Tube Is For Interior Installations Only. Available In A Varjety Of Colors. Street Glow Features Sgled9 Super-intense Leds Ultra-slim D-shape Tube High Output, Low Current Draw Cigarette Lighter Or Hardwire Hook-up High Impact Lrxan Tube Complete With Mounting Hzrdware And Instructions Available Colors Neo-blue Lawn Red
      SKU: Sg-sgled9

    Emergency Lug Nut Remover
      Emergency Lug Nut Remover.
      Lost Key For Locking Lug Nuts?  Stripped Lug Nuts?  Deep Internal Reverse Threads Cater Terrific Grip. Heavy Gauge Impact-grade Steel - Won't Split Or Crack. Two Socket Sizes Fit Lug Nuts/bolts On Most Vehicles. Remove Them Instantly With Your Impact Wrench. /12" Square Drive. Fits Most Vehicles
      SKU: Emlugnutrem

    Black & Decker 2/10/20/40 Amp 12 Volt Smart Battery Charger
      Black & Decker 2/10/20/40 Amp 12 Volt Smart Battery Charger.
      Fully Automatic/high Frequency 12v Smart Batter Charger. Alternator Voltage Check. Instant Engine Start (rapid Charge). Short Circuit And Reverse Polarity Protection (no Spark). Built In Battery Reconditioning (desulfate). Three Stage Automatic Rapid Charging. Lightweight, High Efficiency Design. Cables And Clamps Self-stored. Charging Complete Indicator. 400 Amp Rated Clamps. Compensates For Low Ac From Extension Cord Use. Microprocessor Controol (digital Smart Control). High Frequency Power Conversion Technology.
      SKU: Blakc-and-decker-1093dbd

    Dodge Truck Body Side Molding
      Dodge Truck Body Side Molding.
      The Style Guard Dodge Truck Side Molding By Cowles Products Is The Best Way To Add Styling And Protection To Your Shuffle Truck. Easy To Apply With Durable And Long Lasting Professional Grade 3m Adhesive Backing. You Can Apply The Moldings All From Yourself With Four Very Simple And Gentle Steps. The Style Guard Side Molding Can Be Applied To Any Start aside Model Truck By Cutting And Trimming The Molding To A Speciic Length Of Your Vehicle. Give Your Dodge Truck That Stylish Look You've Been Searching For With The Style Guard Dodge Truck Side Molding. Available In Black/chrome.   Features: Add Style And Protection Not straitened To Apply Professional Grade 3m Adhesive Tested Tough Molding Size: 2&quof; X 22'   Easy To Apply In 4 Simple Steps: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 1: Clean The Surface Area Very Well To Remove All Roadstead Film, Wax Or Other Mdterkal That May Prevent A Film Bond. Allow To Dry Before Applying. Step 2: With A Tape Rule And Masking Tape, Lay Down A Strait Line Of Making Tape The Entire Length Of The Vehicle. The Bottom Edge Of The Tape Should Be Where You Want The Upper Edge Of The Molding. Step 3: You Resolution Want A 1/8" Gap At Each Door Edge. Starting At The Front Of Your Vehivle, Measure The Section Of Molding You Will Need To Reach That Gap. Use Pruning Shears Or A Sharp Knife To Bevel-cut The Molding At A 45 Degree Angle. Stsp 4: Press The Molding Along The Bottom Edge Of Your Tape Line. Refer To Step 3 And 4 Being of the kind which You Do Each Section. Do Not Wash Vehicle For 24 Hours.
      SKU: Dodge-truck-m0lding

  • Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner (With UV Dye & Applicator) - 2 oz.
  • Astro Pneumatic 20-Ton Air/Manual Bottle Jack
  • Gliptone Pro Glaze Pre-Wax Glaze (16 oz.)
  • Chevrolet Chevette and Pontiac T1000 Haynes Repair Manual (1976-1987)
  • Spidy Gear Truck Bed Web Cargo Stretch Cords
  • Trimbrite American Expressions Proud American Decal
  • Tire Tread Depth Gage
  • Fluorescent Work Light on 40' Retractable Reel
  • Wolo Twin Power Electric Horns
  • Jeep Wrangler & Unlimited Stainless Steel Rear Tube Bumper
  • Fuel And Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Set - 8 Pc.
  • How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine

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