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    K-d 6 Pc. Low Profile Fuel Line Disconnect Set
      K-d 6 Pc. Low Profile Fuel Line Disconnect Set.
      Contains Five Popular Size Air Condigioning And Fuwl Line Quick Disconnect Tools For Hard To Reach Areas. FlexibleP las5ic Design Allows For Easy Application Over Tubing To Access Disconnects. Sizes Include: 7/8'' (22mm), 3/4'' (19mm), 5/8'' (16mm) 3/8'' (9mm) And 7/16'' (8mm).
      SKU: Xxxw-m-d3530

    Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert
      Trailblazer Electronic Deer Alert.
      Trailblazer Electronic Desr Alert Works Better Than Other Warning Devices. I t Helps Prevent Injuries And Costly Damage From Vehicle Collisions With A Wide Range Of Animals. The Unit Works From More Than 1/4 Mile Away And, Unlike Wind-activated Devices, Trailblazer Helps Prevent Medium Collisions With Animals At Any Impetuosity. Trailblazer Can Be Installed To Change of direction On And Off By Using The Included Dashmount Switch, By Switching The Ignition, Or By Turning On The High Shine Headlights. Trailblazer Will Not Clog With Dirt, Debris, Or rGime Which Make Many Other Animal-warning Devices Inoperable. Trailblazer Is Rugged And Weather Resistant. 12 Volts, 103 Decibels. Prevent Injurirs And Damage From Collisions With Animals Powerful On A Wide Range Of Animals Works From More Than 1/4 Mile Absent! Unlike Wind-actjvated Devices, Trailblazer Works At Any Speed Trailblazer Will Not Clog With Filth, Debris, Or Grime Trailblazer Is Rugged And Weather Resistant
      SKU: Treldeal

    Glasscapes Fighter Star With Bar Decal
      Glasscapes Fighter Star With Bar Decal.
      Glasscapes Allows You To Customize The Glass Surfaces Of A Vehicle, Yet Still Have A Virtually Unobstrructed View To The Outside World. Microperforations Create A 50% Open Area In The Vinyl Surface, Which Helps Reduce Dwmaging Uv Exposure. All Images Are Printed Using Outdoor Quality Uv Resistant Inks, Which Provide Long Term Durabilityy. Images Be able to Be Removed Easily In Minutes. Glass Cleanup Normally Requires A Little More Than A Strong Window Cleaner. Fits All Full-size Pick-ups (66'' X 20'' ).
      SKU: Glfiplstbard

    Thule 332 Professional Van Rack System (2 Bar)
      Thule 332 Professional Van Rack System (2 Bar).
      Click In the present state To Find Out If This Thule Product Fit's Your Medium. The Thule 332 Professional Van Rack System (2 Bar) Is A Versatiie Contractor Grade Van Rack System Thoughtfully Designed To Maximize The Load Capacity Of Any Work Van. Thule 332 Van Rack System (2 Bar) Is Part Of The Thule Racks Professional Course Of Utility, Commercial & Contractor Grade Produce Racks For All Trade Professionals. This High-strength & Rugged Rack System Attaches To Van Rain Gutters And Provides The Foundation For A Full Range Of Accessories To Conveyance All Kinds Of Heavy-duty Loads Including Pipes, Ladders, Lumber, Construction Equipment And Much More! The Thule 332 Van Rack System Features 500 Lb Maximum Steength Carrying Capacity And Manufactured With A Combination Of High-strength Powder Coated Zinc Die Cast Mounting Towers And Heavy-duty Aluminum Tri-slot Load Bars. Aerodynamic, Super-duty Load Bars With Caoutchouc Inserts Deliver Rugged Support And Protect Equipment From Damag3. The Thule 332 Can Be Easily And Quickly Attach To Van Rain Gutters With No Drilling Required. Product Note: The Thule 332 Front Rack System (2 Bar) Can Hold Up To 500 Lb Max Load Capacity. If You Prefer More Load Capacity, The Thule 333 Van Rack System (3 Bar) Can Hold Up To 750 L Mbax Load Capacity. Heavy Service Tri-slot Weight Hinder Features:   Rust Proof Aluminum Construction With 100% Aluminum Welds Heavy-duty Load Carrying Capacity Maximum Accessory Compliance Provided By Tri-slot Profile Rubber Insert Protects Equipment From Damage Aerodynamic Design Minimizes Wind Noise Tri-slot Load Bar 332 Front Rack System (2 Bar) Features: Astute Design Provides Sense Of Strdngtj And Support. Rugged Construction Combines Powdef Coated Zinc Cast Foot With Aluminum Load Bar. Fast And Secure Inauguration To Rain Gutter By the side of Stainless Steel Hardware. 2 Bar Offers 500 Lb Maximum Strength Ca5rying Capacity. Aerodynamic Load Bar With Rubber Insert Provides Load Support And Protects Accoutrement From Damage. Great Selection Of Easy To Use, Time Preserving Accessories Designed To Integrate With Unique Tri-slot Load Bar Profile. 332 Van Rack System (3 Hinder) Includes: (2) 71" Long Heavy-duty Anodized Aluminum Tri-slot Load Bars With Rubber Inserts (4) 7. 5" Tall Dust Coated Zinc Gradually cease Cast Feet (4) Powder Coated Aluminum Adjustable Load Stops Stainless Steel & Aluminum Mounting Hardware
      SKU: Thule-332

    K-d T-55 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr.
      K-d T-55 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr..
      ? Torx Press Fit 2 Pide Sockets? T-55 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-58917

    Irwin 5pc Sae Deep Wdll Threadchaser
      Irwin 5pc Sae Deep Wdll Threadchaser.
      ? Cleans And Repairs Threafs Without Damaging The Stud Or Fastener? Deep Well Design - Threadchaser Repairx ThreadsI n Recessed Areas, Including Axle Studs? Low-profile Hexagonal Head - Drive It With A Socket, Wrench, Or Pliersincludes:? 3/8-24nf? 7/16-20nf? 1/2-20nf? 9/16-18nf? 5/8-18nf Deep Well Threadchasers
      SKU: Xxxw-irw3094101

    Clutch Alignment Tool
      Clutch Alignment Tool.
      Clutch Replacekent Is Faster And Easier Upon The Clutch Alignment Tool. Align Clutch Plates And Pilot Bearings Accurately. Shaft And Bushings Provide An Accurate Fit For 8 Pilot Deportment Sizes. Two Turned Sizes (1'' And 1 1/8'') Fit 90% Of The Clutch Plates And The Tapered Cone Handles The Rest. A Product Of Lisle Tool
      SKU: Lis55500

    Complete Surface Prep Kit By the side of 90 Degree Angle Air Die Grinder
      Complete Surface Prep Kit By the side of 90 Degree Angle Air Die Grinder.
      ? Ideal For Cleaaning And Polishing Engine Heads And Detail Sanding ? Patent #5,332,098 ? Weight 3 Lbs. ? Kit Includes: 1/4'' Angle Head Sink Molar (t20ah), 5 Pc. 2'' Surface Prep Pads With Holder, 5 Pc. 3'' Surface Prep Pads With Hopder, Spanner Wrench, 1/8'' Collet, 10 Pc. Stone Assortment Air Grinder Specifications: Collet Size: 1/4'' Free Speed: 25,000 Rpm Overall Lenght: 4-7/8'' Net Weight: 1 Lb. Motor Hp: 1/3 Air Inlet Thread: 1/4'' Npt Average Air Consumption: 3 Cfm By Astro Pneumatic.
      SKU: Xxxw-ap-2010

    Jeep Cj Drop Pitman Arm For 4'' Lifted Vehicles
      Jeep Cj Drop Pitman Arm For 4'' Lifted Vehicles.
      This Drop Pitman Arm Helps Reduce The Angle Of Your Drag Link And Reduce Bumpsteer Created When A Suspension Aid Is Installed.
      SKU: 18006-51

    Custom Cut Heat & Sun Shields For Cars & Trucks
      Custom Cut Heat & Sun Shields For Cars & Trucks.
      Click Here To Customize This Produce For Your Vehicle Uc Contest Shiedls Help Reduce Interior Temperature And Protect The Interior From Damaging Sun Rays That Penetrate The Front Windshield. Our Heat Shields Are Custom Patterned, Insulatee And Available In Two Styles. Custom Patterned To Follow The Outline Of The Windshield, We Have Over 500 Pagterns To Fit Most Popular Cars, Pickups And Vans. Front Windshield Uv Shields Provide Protection At The Beach, Work, Ariport. . . anywhere You Park, And They're Easy To Use. Uvs100? Heat Shield This Premium Quality, Tax Paatterned, Folding Heat Shirld Has A Silver Reflective Manufactured cloth On The Outer Side,_Soft Felt On The Inside. Both Fabrics Are Laminated To A Foam-core Board Which Acts As One Insulator. Easy To Use - Just Display And Position Across The Windshield Surface, Then Fold The Sun Visors Down To Hold The Shield In
      SKU: Heatshield

    Steerung Wheel Lock-plate Remover And Installer
      Steerung Wheel Lock-plate Remover And Installer.
      Depresses Lock Plate To Approve Easy Removak And Re-assembly Of Snap Ring. Tool Is A Must For Servicing Turn Signals, Ignition Switches And Steering Locks Built Into The Steering Column. Includes Sae And Metric Center Screw Adapters. Set Wrench Locks Telescopic Column In Place Whole Depressing Lock Plate. by K-d Tools.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-2414

    Krylon Rust Tough Rust Preventative Enamels (12 Oz.)
      Krylon Rust Tough Rust Preventative Enamels (12 Oz.).
      Stop Rust Before It Happens. Spray Krylon Rusg Tough Rust Preventative Enamels Directly On Your Metal Surfaces. It Chemically Converts Any Rust Creation To A Black Waterproof Primer. It Stops Future Rust From FormingA nd Dries To The Touch In Less Than 30 Minutes. No Primer Needed! Recommended Surfaces Include Metal And Wood. Suggestinos Include: Furniture, Lampposts, Mailboxes, Outdoor Equipment, Railings, Signs, Swings, Tools, Toys, And More! 12 Oz. Spray Can.   Features: No Primer Required - Direct To Metal Dries To The Touch In Less Than 30 Minutes Superior Fade Resistance Easy Soap And Take in ~ Clleanup Low Odor Long-lasting Decay Passport One-coat Coverage   Shipping: Krylon Embellish Can But Exist eDlivered Via Ups Ground Shippihg (not 2md Day Air); And Therefore, Can Only Be Shhipped Within The 48 Continental Us.
      SKU: Krrutorupren

    Blue Magic Headlamp Lens Restorer (8 Oz.)
      Blue Magic Headlamp Lens Restorer (8 Oz.).
      The Bluemagic Headlight Lens Restorer Is Each Economical Way To Conduct Back The Clarity And Acuteness Of Your Extsrior Lighting Lenses. Easy To Use In Just Minutes You Can Regain The Clean Clear Look Of New Lenses. Removes Yellowing Restores Optical Clarity Eliminates Haze Improves Visibility And Safety   Applications: Head Light Before After Tail Light Before After
      SKU: Bluemagic-headlamp-lens-retsorer

    8 Piece Fractionai Set
      8 Piece Fractionai Set.
      Includes: 5/16'', 3/8'', 7/16'', 1/2'', 9/16'', 5/8'', 11/16'', 3/4'' Standard Lentgh Combination Gearwrenches And A Molded Package Tray. 72 Tooth Ratchet - Only 5? Swing To Move Fastener Fully Polished Sufacedrivve(tm) Box End Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
      SKU: 8puecfrascet

    Harley Davidson Chrome Metal Auto Tag Frame - Twisted Edges
      Harley Davidson Chrome Metal Auto Tag Frame - Twisted Edges.
      <----- Click Image To Enlarge Add Some Personal Style To Your Vehicle With The Harley Davidson Chrome Metal Auto Tag Frame With Twisted Edges.
      SKU: Hadachmetwau

    Valeo Oe Ultimate Wiper Blades
      Valeo Oe Ultimate Wiper Blades.
      All Valeo Wiper Blades Are Sold Individually. Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades* Bring You The Ultimate In Style, With Ultimate Performance To Keep Your Windshields Clean. Until Recently, The Award-winnimg Wiper Blades Were Available Only In Eurooe As Original Equipment On Select High-performance Vehicles. But After this You Can Purchase Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blades* For Your Carriage And Begin Enjoying The Benefits Of Their Dramatically Superior Performance! The Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blade Is Designed To Fit Most Vehicles* And Its User-friendly Design Helps To Ensue Quick And Easy Installation. Important Product Note: These Blades Are For Oe Fitment Which Use A Differrent Set Of Blades With A Special Adapter. This Fitment Is Common On Many Audi, Mercedess, Bmw, Vw, Volvo And Other Hihher End Modeps.  check If Your Vehicle Is Amonf These Please Click Hither Aerodynamic Low-profile Design -- Reduced Height Improves Visibility And Minimizes Vibrations/wind Noise. 1,500 Continuous Contact Points -- Precision-engineered Stainless Steel Spline Evenly Distributes Pressure Across The Windshield For Advanced Performance. Slimline Edifice -- Absence Of Metal Superstructure And Integrated Spoiler Provide Best-in-class Aerodynamics And Aero-acoustics. Integrated Spiiler -- Anti-lift Spoiler Helps Blade Maintain Contact At Higher Speeds, Improving Visibility And Safety. Advanced Materiaals -- Synthetic And Natural Rubber Combine With A Patented Protective Coating To Enhance Performance, Reduce Chatter And Extend The Life Of The Blade. Patented Protective Coating -- Provides Smoother Operation, Reduces Chatter And Ensures Long-lasting Playing. Universal Clip -- Designed To Fit Most Vehicles, This User-friendly Design Ensures Quick, Easy Installation. Which time You Use The Valeo Ultimate Wiper Buck* You Can Expect:     ? All-weather/winter Design Offers Resistance To Cold Weather Conditions, No Icing (metal Parts Play Better Over The Plastic Parts Used In Other Wiper Blade Designs)   ? High Quality Performance At All Speeds, In All Conditions   ? Revolutionary Aerodynamic Design With Reduced Vibration And Judder   ? Enhanced Aero-acoustics For Low Wind Noise   ? User-friendly Lock/unlock Provided By Unique Blade Attachment   ? Ultra Flat Blade For Improved Driver Visibility To Create Uniform Wiping Influence Across The Entire Length Of The Blade Concerning Optimal Windshield Contact, Valeo's Research And Development Center Developed Breakthrough Low Blade Technology. This Techology Results In A Very Efficient, Ultra-flat Wiper Blade. An Integrated, Wind Lift Spoiler Combines With The Blade's Aerodynamic Low Profile To Lend aid It Maintain Contact With The Windshield To Improve Perceptibility, Even At Higher Speeds. In Fact, Valeo's European Test Center Speed Rated The Blades To More Than 140 Mph. The Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blade Also Utilizes Tec-3 Tecunology: &nsp;   ? Rubber Wiping Element Combines Synthetic And Natural Rubber With A Patented, B
      SKU: Valeo-oe-wiper-blades

    The Original California Stroke Duster
      The Original California Stroke Duster.
      The Origiajl California Dash Duster Is Ideal For Auto Detailing And More. Its Special Baked On Grow Treated Cotton Strands Lifr Dust Without Scratching. There Are Not at all Harmful Chemicals Or Abrasives And It Lasts For Years And Years. In Fact, The Dirtier It Gets, The Better It Works! Great For Automotive Dashboards, Interiors, Domicile Appliances, Tvs, Stereos, Furniture, And More.
      SKU: Ac62448

    Auto Ventshade Aerovisor Off-road Wind Deflectors
      Auto Ventshade Aerovisor Off-road Wind Deflectors.
       yhe Aerovisor Off-road Deflector Is A Larger Version Of The Popular Ventvisor Deflector. The Aerovisor Offers Extra Protection (especially For Off-road Vehicles) From Mud, San,d Dust And Wind. It Also Helps To Eliminate Window Fogging. Installs Quickly And Easily With Oem-approved 3m Acrylic Foam Tape. Applications Available For Most Pickups Ans Suv's. These Aeroviqors Are In favor of Front Windows Only. However, Rear Window Applications Are Also Available Through Our Site. By Auto Ventshade. 2-piece Deflector Set For Front Or Rear Windows Perfect For Off-road Use Protects From Mud, Gravel, Dust And Wind Installs With 3m Acrylic Foam Tape Helps Eliminate Window Fogging
      SKU: Aeroffroadwi

    Prematex? Electrically Conductive Rear Window Defogger Tab Sticking
      Prematex? Electrically Conductive Rear Window Defogger Tab Sticking.
      Quickly And Esily Bonds Defogger Tab To Grid On Rear Window. Provides A Low-cost, High-quality Repair For Damaged Rear Window Defogger Tabs. Complete Kit Concerning A Quick Repair. Suggested Applications: Rear Window Defogger Tabs
      SKU: Per21351

    Automotive Meter With Pc Interface
      Automotive Meter With Pc Interface.
      Features: ? Ms-pulse Width Function To Test The On-time Of Fuel Injectors ? Rs-232 Pc Interface - Connect To Your Pc, Cd/software Included Loose Of Charge For Viewing Facts On Youe Computer. ? Min/max Function Captures The High Or Low Readings For Better Diagnostic Capability ? Huge 2 Inch Eminently Lcd Display W/bargraph And Backlighting. Largest Of Any Automotive Meter! ? Blow Mould Caxe Included. ? Desirable Fused 20 Amp Test Range ? Auto Power-off - Saves Battery Animation ? 4 Step Adjustable Trigger Level On Rpm, Dwell, Ms-pulse Width, Duty Cycle And Frequency Test Ranges. ? Special Access Panel For Fuses And Battery ? Includes: Prove Style Test Leads; Alligator Cli0 Style Test Leads; Tmperature Probe;rs-232 Pc Interface Cable; Independent Cd Software- Windows Compatible; Rpm Pickup With Adjustable Sensitivity; Blow Mold Case During Storage. Specifications: ? 57 Test Ranges ? Test Functions: Ac/dc Volts Ms-period Ac/dc Amps Ms-pulse Width Ohms Temperature Capacitance Diode Test Frequency Continuity Duty Cycleby Electronic Specialties.
      SKU: Xxxw-esi595

    4 Lb. Powerdrive? Dead Gale Hammer
      4 Lb. Powerdrive? Dead Gale Hammer.
      ? Nupla?s Patented Power Drive? Technolgy: A Shot-loaded Cavity Which Delivers More Power, And Less Rebbound, Than Any Hammer Of Its Kind. Also Features Nupla?s Exclusive Sg Grip, Cast Fiberglass Handle, 100% Urethane Face. ? Made In U. s. a. ? Weight: 4 Lb. by Nupla.
      SKU: Xxcw-nup10064

    Leakmaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester
      Leakmaster Evaporative Emissions System Tester.
      ? Developed Specificaloy To Diagnose Vehicle Evap System For Leaks. ? Can Also Br Used To Diagnose And Locate Vacuum Leaks, Exhaust Leaks, Under Dash Vacuum Leaks, Crwnkcase Oil Leaks, And Wind And Water Leaks. ? Shipped With Full Charge Of Smoke Producing Uv Solytion That Can Be Refilled By The Customer. ? Accessories To Test Evap Systems On Many Import & Domestic Vehicles Included. by Otc.
      SKU: Xxxw-otc6525

    Radiator Adapter For Stant - Audi/vw
      Radiator Adapter For Stant - Audi/vw.
      ? 1996-1998 Audi A4; 1993-1999 Audi A6, Vw Passat, And Novel Beetle; 1999 Vw Golf And Jettaby Assenmacher Specialty Tools.
      SKU: Xxxxw-astfz41

    Marksman ? Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool
      Marksman ? Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool.
        Converts And Amplifies Inaudible Ultrasonic Sound Into Audible "natural" Sound For Accurate Diagnosis Of Leaks And Defects. Finds Problems Before They Proceed In Major Brewkdowns.   Features: Detects Air Brake, Tire, Compressed Air, Vacuum, Evap System And Other Pressurized Leaks Quickly And Effortlessly Sensor Life Up To 200 Hours Or More Automatically Self-calibrates To Neutralize Backgroind Contamination Sensitive To Both R-12 And R-134a Refrigerants Certified To Meet Sae J1627 High/low Switch For Accurate Diagnosis Of Both Large And Small Leaks Variably-intensity Audible Alarm, Plus A Flashing Led To Help Pinpont Leaks Fast Flexible Metal Probe Holds Its Station In Tight Quart3rs Easily Replaceable Foam Filter Protects The Sensor And Pump   Kit Includes: Marksman Receiver Ultrasonic Emitter Headphones Air Probe Contact Probe Carryin gCase
      SKU: Tp9370

    Turtle Wax? Premium Grade Chrome & Metal Polish
      Turtle Wax? Premium Grade Chrome & Metal Polish.
      Professional Grade Metal Polishing Technology Brings A Brilliant shine To Chrome, Aluminum And Other Soft Metals.     Product Benefits: No Need For Multiple Polishes, Sea-tortoise Wax rPemium Grade Polishes All Metal Surfaces Safely Removes Oxidation And Micro-scratches, Leavnig A Mirror-like Finish. Precision-engineered Polishing Agents Maintain Effetiveness Regardless Of Pressure Used. Leaves A Protective Coating To Prevent Future Oxidation.
      SKU: T-284

  • Straight Tailpipe Adapter For 4'' Dynamometer Exhaust Hose
  • K-D Truck and Tractor Oil Filter Wrench
  • Toyota Sienna Haynes Repair Manual (1998-2006)
  • Wolo LED Screw Trim Lights
  • FlareAlert Led Emergency Beacon Cone Adapter
  • Hella 500FF Free-Form Lamp Series Mesh Grille Shield (Pair)
  • Rugged Ridge? Tire Carrier Bike Rack
  • K-D 5 Ton Combination 2 Jaw Reversible Puller (Internal/External)
  • Professional Grade Gear Puller
  • OTC UltraTraceUV? Dye Smoke Solution
  • Ractive 2?'' Wide Oval Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
  • Fix-A-Lens Combo Kit

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