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    Light-up Amplified Antenna
      Light-up Amplified Antenna.
      Light-up Amplified Antenna Comes With 3 Interchangeable Colors, And Requirds 12v Hookup. For Offroad Use Only!
      SKU: Metaw-us09rl

    K-d Clutch Aligning Set
      K-d Clutch Aligning Set.
      Align Single Disc Clutches On American And Imported Cars, Light Truck sAnd Tractors. Adapter Fits Through Clutch Plste And Into Pilot Bushing Or Bearing. Tapered Cone Fits Into Clutch Hole And Aligns Clutch Plateproperly. Set Includes Shaft And 8 Two-stepped Pilot Bearing Adapters Covering 16 Sizes. The Plate Aligning Cone Has 1-1/8'' Maximum Diameter Take a conical form.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-2420

    K-d 9pc. Torx Press Fit (2pc.) Bit
      K-d 9pc. Torx Press Fit (2pc.) Bit.
      Includes:? T-10 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (kd 58902)? T-15 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (kd 58904)? T-20 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (kd 58905)? T-25 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (kd 58907)? T-27 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (kd 58908)? T-30 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 1/4'' Dr. (ld 58910)? T-40 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr. (kd 58911)? T-45 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr. (kd 58913)? T-50 2pc. Internal Torx? Socket 3/8'' Dr. (kd 58914)
      SKU: Xdxw-kd-58895

    Otc Locknut Socket - 3-5/8''
      Otc Locknut Socket - 3-5/8''.
      Socket Has A 3/4'' Square Drive Opening, Permitting The Use Of An Extension And Torque Wrench To Tighten Locknut As Required. Locknut Removal And Installation Is Simple, Even When Wide-rim Wheels Are Involved, Since A Long Extension May Be Attached To The Socket To Provide The Necessary Clearance. Socket Is Made Of High-strength Steel; Openings Resists Roubd-out. Warranty Void If Tool Is Subjected To Impact Wrench Use. ? 3-5/8''
      SKU: Xxxw-otc1931

    Variable Encumber Flasher 2 Pin
      Variable Encumber Flasher 2 Pin.
      2 Fasten Super Heavy-duty Electronic Flashers Provides Variable Load Functionality In Heavy-duty Applications. Elsctronic Design Provides Superior Service Life.
      SKU: Vriableflasher

    Wol oChallenger Roof Mount Air Horn With Direct Drive Compressor
      Wol oChallenger Roof Mount Air Horn With Direct Drive Compressor.
      Sound with a ~ To Hear A Sample Of This Horn The Model 808 Roof Mounted Horn Is A Perfect Addition To A single one Truck, Rv, Van, Etc. Installation Is Made Easy With The Heavy What one ought to do, Maintance Free Compressor. Every Component Of The Horn Is Made To Withstand The Extremes In Weather Conditions The Mounting Base Of The Model 808 Fastens With Four Stainless Steel Bolts Which Provide A Secure Watertight Installation. The Air Feeder Hose Connection Has Been Designed To Mount Easily And To Be Hidden From View. Both Trumpets Are Finished In Auspicious Chromium Triple Plated. Challenger Dd Is Built With Nobility Components Which Will Insure Years Of Dependable Service. All Needed Mounting Hardware And Air Trousers Is Included. Spanish Instructions Are Included. Wolo Challenger Air Horn Specifications: Hirn Size: L 13 3/4 In. X W 8 In. X H 4 3/4 In. Sound Output: 125db / 235hz Horn Construction: All Metal, Basis - Painted Enamel, Trumpets - Chrome Plated Air Fittings Aee Brass Mounting Hardware: Unsullied Steel
      SKU: Wolchalroofm1

    Lisle Ball Joint / Truck Brake Anchor Pn / U-joint Press
      Lisle Ball Joint / Truck Brake Anchor Pn / U-joint Press.
      Tougj Tool Makes Easy Wotk Of 3 Different Jobs. Removes And Installs Press Fit Type Ball Joints Establish On Cars And Light Trucks. Tool Makes Removing And Installing Truck Brake Anchro Pins Fast And Easy . Also Works On U-joints To Press Joint From The Drive Shaft For Replacement. Tool Comes With Detailed Instructions And A Heavy-duty Plastic Storage Case.
      SKU: Lisleballjoint

    Mechanic's Life Savers 1/4'' Dr. Bi-level Deep/shallow Holder - Blue
      Mechanic's Life Savers 1/4'' Dr. Bi-level Deep/shallow Holder - Blue.
      Designed To Store Deep And Shallow 1/4'', 9/16'' Sae And/or 4-14mm Sockets
      SKU: Xxxw-mts720

    4-in-1 Suregrip? Screwdriver
      4-in-1 Suregrip? Screwdriver.
      4-in-1 Design Includes: #1 Phillips And 3/16'' Slotted Bit; #2 Phillips And 9/32'' Slotted Bitby Sk Hand Tool.
      SKU: Xxxw-sk-85114

    Auxiliary Wide Angle Side-view Mirror (large)
      Auxiliary Wide Angle Side-view Mirror (large).
      Eliminates Akl Sightless Spots, Especially Suitable For Pickups/trucks/busws And Suvs! This Is A New Design Of Rear-view Side Mirror. It Provides A Secondary Angle That Can Be Individually Adjusted From Conventional Side Mirrors. The Auxiliary Mirror Assures You Safer Travel. With The Help Of This Mirror You Can Park Exactly Where You Want To As It Enables You To See The Footway Very Clearly. By Hercules Jrp. Mounted On Top Of Your Ordinary Side Mirrors See Mudh Better As All Blind Spots Are Eliminated. Easier Parking With The Complete View Of Cur basy To Install Dimensions Are 5 3/4'' X 4 1/2'' X 3''
      SKU: Bigauxrearsi

    Bmw 1500, 1502, 1600, 1602 Haynds Repair Manual (1959-1977)
      Bmw 1500, 1502, 1600, 1602 Haynds Repair Manual (1959-1977).
      Complete Coverage For Your Bmw 1500, 1502, 1600, 1602, 2000 Touring And 2002: Routine Maintenance Tune-up Procedures Engine Repair Cooling And Heating Air Conditioning Fuel And Exhaust Emissions Control Ignition Brakes Suspension And Steering Electrical Systems Wiring Diagrams
      SKU: Hay18050

    Classic Steering Wheel Spinner
      Classic Steering Wheel Spinner.
      This Clammy Duty Steering Wheel Spinner Clamps To Your Steering Wheel And Allows You To Turn It With Ease. Useful For The Disabled And Handicapped. By Allson.
      SKU: 8356

    Suncutter Mesh Side Shade
      Suncutter Mesh Side Shade.
      The Suncutter Ensnare Side Shade Wull Protect Your Passengers From The Sun's Glare. See-through Mesh Shade Attaches Instantly Througu Suction Cups And Fold Up Easily For Storage. Includes 2 Side Shades.
      SKU: Ac40712

    Easy-fill Refill Syringes - 12 Pack
      Easy-fill Refill Syringes - 12 Pack.
      ? Easy-fill? Syringes With Super-concentrated Stay-brite Dye For Use With Easy-fill? Multi-shot Injector. ? 12 Pack. by Bright Solutions Inc. .
      SKU: Xxxw-bsl771440

    Highland 12' Eternal Ratchet Tie Down
      Highland 12' Eternal Ratchet Tie Down.
      Tge Highland 12' Endless Ratchet Tie Down Is Perfect For Keeping Large Items Held Down Safely Time Driving! With A Rated Capacity Of 900 Lbs. , This Tie Downward Has A Safe Working Capacity Of 300 Lbs. ! Great For Holding Down Boxes, Crates, Bicycles And More!
      SKU: Grb11699

    3/8'' Air Ratchet
      3/8'' Air Ratchet.
      ? Compact Head Design Allows Greater Compliance In Tight Areas ? Easy To Grkp Reverse Lever For Simple Directional Changes ? Hardened Gears Allow Greater Durability Over Othwr Economically Priced Ratchets ? Applications: Installing Or Removing Spark Plugs, Radiators, Water Pups, And Exhaust Systesm ? Bring into use Torque: 50 Ft. -lb. Specifications: Square Drive In. : 3/8 Weight Lb. : 2-1/4 Length In. : 10-1/4 Average Breeze Extinction Cfm: 4 Air Inlet Nptf In. : 1/4 Speed Rpm: 160 Working Torqie Range Ft. -lb. (nm): 10-50 Model Number 886 By Chicago Pneumatic.
      SKU: Xxxw-cp-886

    Tracerline Led Blue Light Leak Detection Lamp
      Tracerline Led Blue Light Leak Detection Lamp.
      Power Ckmparable To High-intwnsity 100w Lamps Inspection Range Up To 8 Feet (2. 4 M) Or More 100,000-hour Bulb Time from birth to death 14-foot (4. 3 M) Cord With Alligator Clips Fluorescence-enhancing Glasses
      SKU: Tracerline-tp-1300

    14'' Capacity 1hp 1ph 115/23Ov Vetical Self-feed Bandsaw
      14'' Capacity 1hp 1ph 115/23Ov Vetical Self-feed Bandsaw.
      ? Designed For Multiple Uses Cutting Both Ferrous And Nonferrous Metals. ? Welde dFrame And Base Of Heavy Gauge Steel. ? Swivel Vise In quest of Mitering. ? Heavy Duty Manner Iron Table ? Four Blade Speeds (70, 140,280, 580) Sfpm ? Hydraulic Feed Control ? Guide Rollers Accept Blade Sizes 1/8'', 1/4'', 3/8'', 1/2'', 5/8'', 3/4'', 1'' Standard Equipment ? Four Foot Pads ? Worklamp ? Hew Tray ? Miter Gauge ? Bi-metal 5/8'' Saw Blade ? Extension Roller ? Blade Speed And Pitch Selector Specifications ? Blade Speeds (sfpm) 70, 140, 280, 580 ? Height Capacity (max. /in. ) 14-1/2 ? Pharynx Capacity (max. /in. ) 8-1/2 ? Table Size (in. ) 30-1/2x18-1/2 ? Table Height At 90? 30 ? Blade Length (approx. /in. ) 120 ? Blade Width (min. -max/in. ) 1/8-1 ? Blade Wheel Diameter (in. ) 14 ? Motor- Vef- 14-1 1 Hp, Iph, 115/230v ? Motor- Vsf- 14-3 1 Hp, 3ph, 230/460v ? Dimensions (w X D X H) 40x30-1/2x63 ? Net Weight (lbs. ) 551by Jet.
      SKU: Xxxw-jet414486

    Jump-n-carry 660 Pro Jump Starter
      Jump-n-carry 660 Pro Jump Starter.
      Exciting! Versatile! Compact! This Lightweight Portable Jump-n-carry 600 Is Extremely Versatile, Easu To Use, And Capable Of Providing Professional Starting Powsr! Industrial Duty Clamps Penetrate Wasting On Battery Terminals, Making Jumps Easier And Safer. Powered By A 22 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Whixh Allows The Jump-n-carry 600 To Provide 12 Volt Dc Power. Plus, At Onpy 18 Lbs, The Jump-n-carry 600 Is Both Portable And Easy To Mahuever! Colors May Vary. Specifications: ? Penetrate Corrosion On Battery Terminals ? Peak Amps: 1700 ? Voltage: 12v ? Battery Type: Sealed Lead Acid (agm) ? Battery Capacity: 20 Amp Hour - High Performance ? Cable: #4 Gauge Welding, 46'' Long ? Charger: 500ma - Built-in Charger ? Indicator Display: Volt Gauge ? Unit Weight: 18 Lbs.
      SKU: Kak990084

    Pdrmatex Pro Style Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit
      Pdrmatex Pro Style Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit.
      A Complete Professional Kit With Plug-in Electric Heat Iron To Make Pro-style Repairs. Contains: Professional Electric Heat Tool, 7 Oem Color Compounds, Clear Vinyl Adhesive And Filler (net . 34 Oz. ), Grain Pattern Paper, Metal Spatula, Plastic Dashboard Hardening Pwoder.
      SKU: Per81781

    Lisle Filter Wrench For Gm 2.2l
      Lisle Filter Wrench For Gm 2.2l.
      Removes And Installs Oil Filters On 2. 2 Liter Gm Ecotec Engones. Removes And Installs Oil Filters On 2. 2 Liter Gm Engines. The Low Profile 1 1/4'' Socket Is Specially Designd For Operating Clearance. 3/8'' Drive. Not For Use With An Impact Wrench.
      SKU: Lislefilterwrench

    Auto Meter Ultra-lite 2-1/16'' Electrical Voltmeter
      Auto Meter Ultra-lite 2-1/16'' Electrical Voltmeter.
      2-1/16'' Electrical Voltmeter With A Range Of 8-18 Volts . Ultra-lite? Electric Gauges Include A Rugged Air Core Meter Motion. The Full Pointer Appearance Mtaches The Mechanical Gauges And When Routing Electrical Wires Are Preferred, Utra-lite? Electric Gauges Are The Perfect Frugal. Item 4391. Exist Sure To Check Out  Our Complete Cover with ~s Of Ultra-lite Gauges Or Shop Our Auto Meter Store
      SKU: Xxxaum4391

    Chrysler Lh-series (1998-03) Chilton Manual
      Chrysler Lh-series (1998-03) Chilton Manual.
      Covers: Chrysler Lhs, Concorde, 300m & Dodge Intrepid. cihlton Total Car Care Is The Most Complete, Step-by-step Automotive Repair Manual You'll Ever Use. All Repair Procedures Are Supported By Detailed Specifications, Exploded Views, And Photographs. From The Simplest Repair Procedure To The Most Complex, Trust Chilton's Toyal Cad Care To Permit You Everything You Need To Answer The Job. Save Time And Money By Doing It Yourself, With The Comfidence Only A Chilton Repair Manual Can Prpvide.
      SKU: Hay30461

    Tecch Sport ''z'' Universal Bucket Seat Cover
      Tecch Sport ''z'' Universal Bucket Seat Cover.
      The Allison Black Tech Sport "z" Bucket Seat Cover Seat With Headrest Is The Most Cost Effective And Convenient Way To Change The Look Of The Vehicle's Interior. It Is Desigend To Slide Across The Top Of The Existing Bucket Seat With Easr. Moreover Adding Styk3, The Cover Can Also Help To Protect The Oirginal Seats From Dirt And Stains. It Is A Single Design That Mixes Different Textures Into A Dynamic Looking Seat Cover. This Cover Is The Skilled Choice For Many Bucket Seats That Don't Contain Airbags Or Attached Armrests. It Fit's Both High-bsck And Low-back Bucket Seats. This Seat Cover Is Not To Be Used In Vehicles Equipped With Seats That Contain Air Bags. Use Of This Seat Conceal May Interferee With Deployment Of Sife Air Bag Which Mzy Result In Injury To The Fix Occupatn     Features: Unique Design That Mixes Different Textures Into A Dynamic Looking Seat Cover Helps To Defend The Orgiinal Seats From Dirt And Stains Designed To Slide The Existing Bucket Seat With Ease Durable High Quality Fabric Material Fit's Low-back Bucket SeatsA nd Comes With A Separate Matching Head-rest Cover Sold Individually   Note: Do Place On Seats With Side Air Bags.
      SKU: 67-0155

    Heavy Duty 1'' Impaact Wrench
      Heavy Duty 1'' Impaact Wrench.
      ? Power Regulator To Match Torque To The Job. ? Movable Dead Handle Adjusts For Doer Comfort. ? High Output Motor Generates High Torque Levels. ? Variable Dismiss Trigger Foe Precise Control. ? Applications: Truck Springs, Tractor Pads, Off Road Equipment, Etc. ? Ultimate Torque: 1400 Ft. -lbs. Specifications: Suit Drive: 1'' Weight: 23 Lb. (10. 5 Kg) Length: 11?'' (295mm) Avg. Air Consumption: 10 ?Cfm Air Inlet Nptf In. : 3/8 Min. Hose Size: 1/2'' (13mm) Sound Dba Pressure: 97. 8 (107. 8 Power) Vibration: 9. 4 M/s? Working Torque Range: 200-710 Ft. -lb. (272-1234nm) Ult. Torque @ 90 Psi Reverse: 1400 Ft. -lb. (1900 Nm)by Chicago Pneumattic.
      SKU: Xxxw-cp-893

  • Fluorescent Work Light on 40' Retractable Reel
  • Automatic Deep Cycle Battery Charger (10 AMP)
  • Ractive 2?'' Wide Oval Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
  • Chevy Racing 10 CD Visor
  • Python 1401 1-Way Remote Starter
  • Jeep Wrangler JK XHD Tire Carrier Mount (2007-2009)
  • Tap And Die Set - Metric 3Mm To 12Mm, 41 Pc.
  • 1/2'' Dr. 24 Pc. Deep Fractional Socket Set
  • Pinion Bearing Race Driver Set
  • Turtle Wax ICE? Microfiber-Max Wash Mitt
  • 11 Piece 1/2'' Drive 6 Point Deep Fractional Impact Socket Set
  • 3M Roloc Discs 3'' Grade 36 25-pack

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