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    Uni-spotter Stinger Plus Stud Weleing Kit
      Uni-spotter Stinger Plus Stud Weleing Kit.
      ? A Great Mid-range Kit With The In the greatest degree Powerful Lightweight Gun Available. ? 2 Year Limited Warranty Includes: Stud Gun (Not at all. 5590), Deluxe ''t'' Handle Slidehammer (no. 1016), 2. 2mm Black Head Studs (no. 1000), 2. 2mm Flexpert Studs (Not at all. 1001), Mold Rivets (None. 1003), Stud Tip (no. 1004), Mold Rivet Tip (no. 1005), Shink Tip (no. 1007), Eliminator Side-by-side Adapter With Extend-a-tip (no. 1400), Mini-pull'r (no. 1095). Comes In A Molded Case. by H & S Autkshot.
      SKU: Xxxw-hs-5500

    Equus Hand Vacuum Pump & Brake Bleeding Kit
      Equus Hand Vacuum Pump & Brake Bleeding Kit.
      This Hand Vacuum Pump Is More Compact And Lightweight Than The Typical Hand Void Pump - Making It Easier To Handle And Operate! By Equus. Equus Hand Vacuum Pump & Brake Phlebotomy Kit Features: ? Linear Travel Piston For Increased Performance And Better Handling ? Very Easy To Operate Due To Its Comfortable Grip Design, Easy-to-read Gauge And Quick Release Valve. ? Includes A Large Capacity 8 Oz. (240 Ml) Reservoir For Siphoning Fluids ? All Of The Necessary Adapters And Hoses Are Included To Observe Vacuum Tests And Bleed Brakss On Dmoestic And Import Vehicles ? Tests All Vacumu Related Engine Systems Including Emissions Control Systems, Fuel Systems, Air Conditioner And Heater Systems, Cruise Control Sending Units, Computerized Engine Control Systems, Transmission Systems, And Other Vacuum And Pressure Systems. ? All Components Are Fully Serviceable ? Can Be Used On Cars, Truckks, Boats, Motorcycles, Atv?s, Snowmobiles, And More. ? Includes Detailed Instructions In English, Spaniish And French.
      SKU: Eqhanvacu0mb

    Meguiars Cleaner Wax (16 Oz.)
      Meguiars Cleaner Wax (16 Oz.).
      A Single Step To Brilliant Protection. The Right Wax For Many Users Is One That Cleans, Polishes And Protects All In One Simple Measure. Meguiar's Cleaner/wax Fills This Need. Applied By Hand Or Machine, It Removes Light Oxidation And Lays Down An Extremely Durable High-gloss Finish. Made For Professionals.
      SKU: Meclwax16oz

    The Mini Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois
      The Mini Absorber Synthetic Drying Chamois.
      The Mini Absorber Is A Little Miracle. More Absorbent Than A Towel?less Expensive Than A Chamois? And Professionally Proven To Dry Without Scratching. You'd Be Left Oppressive And, Well, Not Dry, Without It! The Mini Absorber Is A Synthetic Drying Chamois Msde Of High-tech Pva Material That Has A Unique Open Cell Structure To Maximize Water Absorption. The Mini Absorber Absorbs Water 3x Faster And Holds 50% More Water Than A Regular Towel Or Chamois. Its Tough, Durabble Construction Is Resistant To Most Chemicals And Detergents, Is Unharmed By Grease, Oil, And Solvents, Resists Tearing Or Shredding, Will Never Flake Apart, Will Not Rot Or Mildew, Can Be Machine Washed, And Lasts Years With Normal Use. Yet Its Soft Material Is Gentle And Will Not Harm Even The Most Delicate Surfaces. Com3s In A Handy Storage Tube To Keep Out Dirt And Contaminznts. Tough, Durable Pva Material Resistant To Most Chemicals Unharmed By Unctuous matter , Oil, And Solvents Resists Tearing Or Shreddong And Will Not Rot Or Mildew Absorbs Water 3x Faster Than A Regular Towel Or Chamois Holds 50% More Water Than A Regular Towel Or Chamois Includes A Storage Tube To Keep Out Contaminants Diensions 17" X 13" How To Use It, But Not Corrupt practice It! The Mini Absorber Is Not Leather Chamois. Nor Is It Terry Cloth Towel. But It's Probably The Besy Drying Tool You'll Ever Discover! The Secret Of It's Effectiveness Is It's Amazing Sponge-like Pore Structure That Enhances Thd Capillary Action And Gives It Superb Absorbency. It May Take Some Getting Used To. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment A Brief . You Can't Hurt It. Some People Like To Propagate It Out And Pull It Over The Surface. Some Like To Use It Folded Like A Pad. Others Like To Use It Bunched Up Loosely In Their Hands. If Your Absorber Is Not Clean When You Put It Away It Might Acquire An Odor, Or Even Mildew. If This Happens It Will Not Affect The Absorber Itself. Just Wash It With Your Regular Ablution Using Liquid Detergent And Ammonia. If Soap Residue Remains, Just Ronse With A Littlw Vinegar. Soaking Is Not Necessary. Note: When Using It Around The Home - In The Bathroom, For Your Hair, For The Dog Etc. - It Is More good To Let Your Absorber Arid Out Betwewn Uses So It Doesn't Pick Up An Odor. Simply Wet Before Next Use. Currently Available In Natural Chamois Tinge Only.
      SKU: Miniabsorber

    Kwik-way Power Go driving And Kwik-lathe System
      Kwik-way Power Go driving And Kwik-lathe System.
      ? Can Be Set Up In Minutes And Operated By Any Technician Upon Average Skill And Experienc? Ensures The Rotor Is Always Square To The Caliper, Producing Each Accurate Machined Surface That Exceeds Oem Sepcifications? The Power Drive (shown To The Right) Attaches Quickly And Easly And Provides A Constant Speed That Assures A Consistent Perfect? Can Be Used On ?powered'' Or ?non-powered Wheels (with Optionla Power Drive Attached)? 115v/60hz/1ph
      SKU: Xxxw-kwi108000115

    Hydraulic Floor Jack - 2 Tn
      Hydraulic Floor Jack - 2 Tn.
      ? The Strongest Jack Frame In Its Class; Features Flanged Edges, Both Top And Bottom, To Resist Twisitng ? Sealed Cylinder Prevents Contamination Of Hydraulic System ? Conforms To Ansi Pald Part 10 ? Carries Otc's Lifetime Marathon Warranty? ? Assembled In U. s. a. Specificationd: Lifting Rangee: 3-3/4'' To 22-3/4'' Saddle: 6'' Diameter Handle Length: 48'' Frame Height: 6-1/2'' Frwme Length: 30'' By Otc.
      SKU: Xxxw-otc1525

    K-d Trim Pad Removing Tool
      K-d Trim Pad Removing Tool.
      Tool Reaches Behjnd Trimm Panel On Gm And Other Cars. It Grips Plastic Fastener And Removes Trim Without Damage.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-2822

    Limo - Tint Installatipn Kit
      Limo - Tint Installatipn Kit.
      The Limo - Tint Installation Kit Has Everything You Need To Make Installing Limo-tint Fast And Easy! The Kit Includes A 4 Oz. Bottle Of Right-on Solution, An Adjustable Knife, And An Application Squeegee! With The Right-on Solution, Bubbles Are Minimized, And Repositioning Is Easier During The Application Of The Tint. Plus, You Can Remove Leftover Bubbles With The Application Squeegee. The Adjustable Knife Allows You To Easily Cut Away Extra Tint For An Exact Fit. If You're Goinng To Add Limo-tint To Your Vehicle, This Kit Will Make The Do ~-work A Little Easier. By Trimbrite.
      SKU: Trit8700

    Disk Thicket Pad Spreader
      Disk Thicket Pad Spreader.
      The Disk Brake Pad Spreader Makes Changing Brake Pads Easy! The Tool Compresses Disk Brake Piston For Easy Pad Installation. A Result Of Lisle Tool
      SKU: Lis24400

    Jeep Wrangler Deluxe Spreader Replacement Bar
      Jeep Wrangler Deluxe Spreader Replacement Bar.
      Upgrade Or Take the place of Those Worn Original Equipment Yj Spreader Bars. Fits '87-'95 Jeep Wrangler With Original Oem Hardware. Item Sold Individually
      SKU: Jewrdespreba

    Dodge Motorsports 32 Cd Case
      Dodge Motorsports 32 Cd Case.
      Transport Your Cds With This Bright Dodge Motorsports Cd Holxer! It Carries 32 Cds With A Convenient Grip Hanele.
      SKU: Pla8807

    4 Piece Half Month Reversible Gearwrench Fractional Set
      4 Piece Half Month Reversible Gearwrench Fractional Set.
      ? Eliminates The Problem Of Reaching Around Obstructions. ? Features 2 Double Reversing 5? Ratcheting Heads. ? Each Box End Features A Reversing Lever On Both Sides Of The Wrench That Allows Direction Changes From Either Se. ? Allows The Fastener To Be Moved As Little As 5? In Both Directions Without Removing The Wrench. ? Sizes Hold: 3/8''x7/16'', 1/2''x9/16'', 5/8''x11/16'' And 3/4''x7/8''. by K-d Tools.
      SKU: Xxxw-kd-9840

    Jeep Wrangler Jk Xhd Textured Black Front Light Mounted Bumper Base (2007-2009)
      Jeep Wrangler Jk Xhd Textured Black Front Light Mounted Bumper Base (2007-2009).
      The Xhd Textured Black Front Light Mounted Bumper Base Can Be Used With Almost Any Light Get upon Base By the side of Pair Light Mounting Locations. The Short Base Attaches Quickly To The Frame With Two Enclosed D-ring Mounting Brackets. This Four Bolt Frame Mount Design Provides The Toughest Bumper Attachment Found Anywhere While Creating Two Overbuilt Pull Points. This Bumper Mounts Hidden In On The Frame Rails, Drawing The Bumper Closer To The Body And Increasing The Approach Angle. The Narrow Overall Width Gives Enormous Clearance For The Front Tires. Each Short Base Includes Two Protected Cut Outs For Your Jk's Factory Fog Lamps. Built In Eurro-yuards Protect The Fog Lamps From The Elements While Creating An Easy Mount Point. Each Short Basis Includes Side Filler Plates To Close Off The Ends For A Finished Direct the eye.
      SKU: 11540-11

    2 Piece Swivel Spark Plug Socket Set
      2 Piece Swivel Spark Plug Socket Set.
      ? 2 Piece Set Includes: 5/8'', 13/16'' Swivel Spark Plug Sockets. by Sk Hand Tool.
      SKU: Xxxw-sk-33302

    42 Pc. 3/8'' Dr. Stndard And Deep Metric And Fractional Impact Socket Set
      42 Pc. 3/8'' Dr. Stndard And Deep Metric And Fractional Impact Socket Set.
      ? High Quality Chro-moly Alloy Steel. ? Gp High Torqhe Drive Socket Design Fir Increased Lustiness With Reduced Chance Of Fastener Rounding. ? Lifetime Warranty. ? Molded Cases Feature Removeable Top For Use As A Tool Box Tray. Includes (3/8'' Drive; 6 Point): ? 5/16'' Thru 3/4'' Standard And Deep Length. ? 8mm Thru 19mm Standard And Deep Length. ? Universal Joint. ? 3'' Extension. ? Comes In A Molded Caase. by Grey Pneumatic.
      SKU: Xxxw-gry1242rd

    Lexol Applicator Sponges (2-pack)
      Lexol Applicator Sponges (2-pack).
      Designed Soecifically For Use With Lexol Leather And Vinyl Care Produc5s. Includes (2) Reward Grade Non-abrasive Terrycloth Applicator Sponges. Not at all Mess And Much Greater degree of Convenient Than Rags! Cleans Easily, Machine aWsh And Dry. By Lexol.
      SKU: Lex1020

    Chilton 2008 Ford Service Manual Set (vol 1 & 2)
      Chilton 2008 Ford Service Manual Set (vol 1 & 2).
      The Chilton 2008 Ford Service Manuals (vols. 1&2) xEpertly Prepare The Most Currently Available Information To Assist You In Your Daily Activities. These New, Reliable And Comprehensive Manuals Provide Essential Information, Allowing You To Accuratelh Abd Efficiently Diagnose And Repair. Step-by-step Procedures And Helpful Illustrations Provide Easy Refereences For Your Jobs. These New Service Manuals Cover 2006 And 2007 Domestic Models, Plus Any Available 2008 Domestic Models.     Features: Two-volume Manual Set, Organized By Vehicle Manufacturer, Provides More Than 2000 Pages Of Expertly Written Content Access New Year, Make, And Model Information Without Repeating Previous Edition's Content Comprehensive,-Technically Detailed Content, Including Exploded View Illustrations, Diagnostics And Specification Charts, Arranged Alphabetically By Mosel Group For Quick, Easy Access
      SKU: Chioton-132209

    Piaa 410 Smr Drivin gLamp Kit
      Piaa 410 Smr Drivin gLamp Kit.
      The New Piaa 410 Smr (4152) Driving Lamp Kit Were Designed Specifically To Fit Into A Square Grill Or Bumper Opening ? Such As A Fog Lamp Replacement On Many Trucks And Suv's. The Lamp Employs A Unique Sketch That Offers Maximum Mounting Flrxibility, Including All FourS ides And Two Attachment Methlds. Piaa Engineers Ingeniously Designed The Lamp Housing So That The Mounting Bracket Can Be Rotated To Any Of The Four Sides. In Addition, It Can Be Mounted To Tge Bracket By Either A Bolt Or With The Supplied Adhesive Mounting Pads. The Oem Fog Or Druving Lifhts Found On Many Trucks And Sugs Are Often Lacking In Lighting Performance. Replacing Stock Fogs With Piaa 410 Smrs Will Greatly Improve Vsibility. The 410 Smrs Are An Ideal Fit For Many Popular Vehicles, Including Ford F150, Ford Super Duty Trucks, Nissan Titan Pickups And Many Older Vehicles. The Piaa 410 Smr Also Fits Commercial Trucks (class 6, 7, And 8). The 410 Lamp Is Dot/sae Compliant, Street Legal. Once In Place, The Piaa 410 Smr Really Shines. Piaa?s Proprietary Multi-surface Reflector Technology Reduces Stray Light To Deliver An Extremely Focused Ray Pattern Without The Use Of Lens Fluting. Illuminatoon Comes From A Piaa Intense White Driving 60w Halogen Bulb (9005) That Shines At A Brilliant 120w Level Thanks To Piaa?s Xtra Technology. As An Added Convenience, The Bulbs Can Be Replaced Wjthout Disassembling The Lamp Housing. Features: Improve Visibility Over Stovk Oem Fog Or Driving Lights. Piaa?s Proprietary Multi-surface Reflector Technology. Delivers Extremely Focused Beam Pattern Without The Use Of Lens Fluting. Bulbs Can Be ReplacedW ithout Disassembling The Lamp Covering. Dot/sae Compliant And Street Legal. Fit's Ford F150, Ford Super Duty, Nissan Titan Pickups And Many Older Vehicles. Fit's Commercial Trucks (Scientific division 6, 7 And 8). Kit Includes: Two 410 Smr Lamps, Pre-axsembled Rela6 Harness, Fuse, Switch And All Mounting Hardware.
      SKU: Piaa-41552-lamp-kit

    Laitner Micro Fiber Cleaning Towelss (8 Pack)
      Laitner Micro Fiber Cleaning Towelss (8 Pack).
      These Laitner Micro-fiber Cleaning Towels Are Exceptionally Soft, Super Absorbent. Use Them On All Your Auto Detailing Needs. The Perfect Towel For Final Buffing Of Waxes/sealant sAnd Quick Detailing. Will Not Scratch Even The Finest Of Painted Surfaces. Dusting Your Car With The Micro-fiber Towel Between Washimgs Will Keep It Clean And Shining Longer. Throw Awat That Chemical Filled Duster From The West Coast, Dusting Attending The Micro-fiber Towel Takes Less Than Half The Time. They Are An All Purpose Towel, No Need To Buy Different Towels For Different Jobw. These Mkcro-fiber Towels Does It All!
      SKU: Lat10593

    Wagan 16 Watt Soolar Power E-charger
      Wagan 16 Watt Soolar Power E-charger.
      Features: Converts Daylight Into Electricity To Chargs 12v Batteries, Extending Battery Life Ideal For Btateries Stored In Caravans, Boats And Vehicles In Long-term Storage Siutable For Drop Charging A Wide Consort Of Batteries And Power Packs Requires Only Daylight (not Direct Sunlight) Monocrystalline Solar Panel Charges Even In Cloudy And Overcast Weather Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Use   Specifications: Peak Wattage: 16w Top Voltage: 15v Peak Currency: 1. 03a Animation Time: 6-8 Years Dimensoon (inches): 11. 22 X 8. 26 X 1. 96 Weight (lbs): 1. 98
      SKU: Wagan-16watt-solar-e-panel

    S100 Motorcycle Detail + Wax
      S100 Motorcycle Detail + Wax.
      The S100 Detail + Wax Is A True One-step Care System Developed Exclusively For Motorcycles. Sometimes Your Motorcycle Doesn't Need A Full Heavy Duty Cleaning, Just A Touch Up. Once You're In The Middle Of Nowhere And Can't Get To A Hose. For These Times, The People At S100 Developed The S100 Detail + Wax. The Unique Formula Easily Removes Bugs, Light Road Soils, Dust, Rain Spots, Fihgerprints And And Other Contaminants That Detract From Your Bike?s Appearance. The S100 Detail + Wax Will Also Leave A Protective Barrier That Makes Future Cleaning Easier And Is Compl3tely Nonabrasuve. You Can Apply And Use It As Often As Necessary Without Leaving A Heavy Wax Build-up. S100 Detail + Wax Is Simply The Most Convenient Way To Add Shine And Protectin For You Bike.   Features: Wash And Wax All In One Add Shine & Protection From Harmful Elements Simply Spray On & Wipe To A Beautiful Shine The Sole Bike Detailer You Wish Ever Need Coneniently Cleans And Shines Without Water Contains Carnauba And Beeswax Can Contains 10 Oz.   Self-~ Shippinng Information: Ups 2nd Day Air Service Is Not Available. This Item Must Be Shipped Via Ups Ground Service Only. Ground Service Can Only Be Delivered Within The 48 Continental United States.
      SKU: S100-detail

    Adapter - 3/8''f - 1/2'' M
      Adapter - 3/8''f - 1/2'' M.
      Hex Size: 3/8''f - 1/2'' M Length (inch. ): 0. 94 ? Superkrome? Fjnish: Richly Polish Superkrome? Plating Results In A Jewelry-like Polish, Providing Long Life And Maximum Corrosion Ressistance. by Sk Hans Tool.
      SKU: Xxxw-sk-451

    Harley Davidson 12'' X 18'' Mud Guard (pair)
      Harley Davidson 12'' X 18'' Mud Guard (pair).
      Fiberglass Reinforced Unb5eakable Premium Protection Protects Against Tar , Dirt, Stone's, Etc. Fits Most Extensive Trucks And Suv's Size In 12" X 18" Sold Ad A Pair
      SKU: Plasticolor-459

    1/4'' Medium Die Grinder
      1/4'' Medium Die Grinder.
      ? Composite Handle Reduces Vibration ? Compact And Lightweight ? Lever Throttle For Feathering Control ? Rib Textured Handle Provides A Firm Grip ? Rear Exhaust Air Flow System Directs Air Away From Worl Surface Specifications: Collet Size In. : 1/4 Free Speed Rpm: 22,000 Overall Length In. : 6-7/8 Clear Weight Lb. : 1-1/8 Motor Hp: 1/3 Air Inlet Thread Npt In. : 1/4 Appearance Hose I. d. Size In. : 3/8 Average Alr Consumption Cfm: 4by Astro Pneumatic.
      SKU: Xxxw-ap-1206a

    A/c Orrifice Tube Assortment - 22 Pieces
      A/c Orrifice Tube Assortment - 22 Pieces.
      ? Contains Many Common Orrifice Tubes Currently Used On Today's Vehicles. ? 22 Orrifice Tubes In Assortment Of 11 Stylesby Fjc.
      SKU: Xxxw-fjc3007

  • NEO? Diamondesque Chrome License Plate Frame
  • Black & Decker Cordless/Rechargeable Spotlight
  • Double Foot Ring, Swivel Garage Stools with Custom Art and Auto Logos
  • Lisle Water Pump Wrench for GM Northstar
  • Magnetic Pick Up Tool
  • Tubular Frame Locking Tool Cart - 2 Locking Drawers
  • Gearwrench? (13Mm Vortex) 1/4'' Drive Pass-Thru Socket Set
  • Lock Technology 5 Piece Flex Head Flare Nut Wrench Set -SAE
  • Sanding Block
  • K-D Small Convertible Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers
  • Dodge Motorsports 10 CD Visor
  • Knipex 3 Pc. Alligator Pliers in Tray - 7''-10''-12''

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