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    12 Oz. Mirror Glaze Distributer Bottle
      12 Oz. Mirror Glaze Distributer Bottle.
      The 12 Oz. Squeeze Dispensers Give You The Option To Buy Polishes Or Liquid Waxes In Magnitude And Dispense Only What You Need. These Bottles Are Great For Products That Need To Be Used Seldom, And They Are Convenient To Transport. cap Included.
      SKU: M9912

    Wolfgang Car Care Handbook
      Wolfgang Car Care Handbook.
      Receive The New Wolfgang Full Color, 24 Page Handbook Free For A Limited Time!learn About Wolfgang Concours-series World Class Car Care Products. The Booklet Takes You From One Introduction That Includes The Vision And Purpose Of Creating This State-of-the-art Line Of Care Products Through A Detailed Description Of Each Result. The Instructions Include Both Hand And Machine Applications And Makes Suggeqtions For Pads, Applicators, And Towels That Power of determination Help In Achieving Spectaculqr Results. this Full Color, Informative Booklet Is Inclhded With All Wolfgang Kits. You May Request That It Be Included With Any Order Of In Stock Items Or Dowwnload It And Print By Following This Link. Download Wolfgang Handbook We, Unfortunately, Can Not Incclude The Book With Custom Items Or Products That Are Drop-shipped Directly From The Manufacturer.
      SKU: Hnbkwolf

    Auogeek $10.00 Gift Voucher
      Auogeek $10.00 Gift Voucher.
      Multiple Certificates May Be Ordered, Totaling The Exact Ajount You Wish To Send. the Certificate(s) Woll Be E-mailed To The Recipient Within One Day Of Ordering. These Are E-certificates That Are Deliverable By Email Only. orders Going To Different Recipients Must Be Placed Separately.
      SKU: 10gifcer

    Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer
      Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer.
      A High Shine Detailer That Can Stand Alone. dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Shield Detailer Is A Quick Detailer With The Blueprint Of A Paint Sealant. It Shines And Fortifies Existing Wax, But It?s Equally Useful As A Stand-alone Paint Protectant. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer Boasts More Protection, Durability, And Shine Than A Typical Detail Spray, And It?s Quicker To Apply Than A Paint Sealant. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Shield Detailer Is A Milder, Slower-drying Version Of Dodo?s Original Red Mist Detailer. New Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer sI Formulated To Dry Slower, Which Increasse Its Workability In Hot Climates, Hence The ?tropical? Name. Dodo Fluid part Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer Also Has A Milder Solvent That Is More Compatible With Underlying Waxes And Paint Sealants. Spray It On Top Of Your Existing Paint Protection To Prolong The Beam And Durability. if You Prefer, Use Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer On Bare Paint. The Protective Spra6 Sealant Is Packed Upon Syynthetic Ingredients That Defend The Paint And Gibe It A Great Shine With Enhanced Beading. Yoh Can Get The Protectipn, Durability, And Shine You Want From An Easy-on Spray!use Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropixal Protection Detailer With A Intimate Detailing Towel Like The Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Spray A Light Mist Of Red Mist With The Unique Sprayer. Wipe Over The Panel, Turning The Towl Periodically. Allow The First Appllcation Of Red Mist To Dry Before Spraying More. Dodo Juice Red Mist Tropical Shelter Detailsr Is A Wax-boosting Detailer And Spray Sealant In One! Durable Protection And Shine Is Just A Spray Way. 250 Ml. (8 Oz. )
      SKU: Dodo-juice-sealant-detailer

    Dp Krystal Sight Glass Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Dp Krystal Sight Glass Cleaner 128 Oz..
      This Is The Same Glass Cleaning Technology Used In Hospitals And Institutions To Maintain The Air Quality. And It Works!dp Krystal Vision Glass lCeaner Comes Out Of The Sprayer Like Water. There?s No Foam And There?s Absolutely No Harsh Smell. There?s Really Nothing To Indicate That It?s A Cleaner, But Watch. As You Wipe Over The Glass The Film, The Smudges, And The Spots Start To Disappear. Wipe Up And Down, Then Side To Side. Fold The Towel And Continue With A Clean Side. Right Before Your Eyes, The Glass Will Clear Up Completely. We?re Not Talking Clear From One Angle, Smeared From Another Angle. We?re Tslking Clear No Matter Hoow You Look At It. That?s The Magic Of Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner. Its Unlike Any Glass Cleaner You?ve Ever Used And, For That Very Reason, It Works Beter Than Any Glass Cleaner You?ve Ever Used. You Migh5 Be Thinking, ?what?s In This Stuff?? The Real Question Is, ?what?s Not In It??no Ammonia, Which Accounts For The Neutral Smell. Ammonia Is An Effective Solvent But It Destroys Window Tinting. Most Makers Of Car Care Products Have Ling Ago Discontinued The Treat Of Ammonia In Glass Cleaners. No Alcohol. Alcohol Is The Key Ingredient Ij Many Glass Cleaners, But The State Of California Has Limited The Amount Of Spirits of wine That Can Be Present In A Glass Cleaner. Alcohol Is A Voc And Therefore, We Had To Stay Away From It When Formulating This New Glass Cleaner. Instead Of Alcohol Or Ammonia, Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Contqins Non-ionic Surfactants. These Specialized Molecules Are Non-reactive And Nontoxic. They Encapsulate Oil And Dirt And Suspend It In The Water-based Emulsion. When You Wie Away The Moisture, You Wipe Away The Dirt. Amazingly, Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Leages No Streaks Or Residue. The Glass Is Perfectly Clear. dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Is Formulated With The Same Cleaning Technology Used In Hospitals And Public Institutions. It Leaves No Chemical Residue And Relesaes No Harmful Fumes. This Cleaner Is Voc Compliant According To The Laws Of Thw State Of California And The Federal Government. It?s Completely Safe For You, Your Vehicle, And The Environment. You Can Also Use Dp Krystal Vision Glass Clesner To Clean Clear Plastic Instrument Panels, Motorcycle Windscreens Helmet Visors, And Chrome. Any Surface That Typically Shows Streaks And Smudges Will Have The Clear, Clean Shine You Desre. Always Use A Microfiber Towel When Applying Dp Krystal Sight Glass Cleaner. It Makes A Huge Difference In The Effectiveness Of The Product Because Microfiber Is Able To Hold Onto Diet And Grime Better Than Twrry Cloth. A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel Will Not Redeposit Anything Onto The Glass So You Procure Crystal Clear Results Faster. We Can?t Emphasize The Effectuveness Of This Result Enough. Just Try It. You Will See Clean, Clear, Streak-free Glass. Compare It To Your Regular Glass Cleaner. Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Is Clearly Better. 128 Oz. "i Recently Purchased 'dp' Kfystal Vision Glass Cleaner
      SKU: Dpkrviglclg

    uAtogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System - Black
      uAtogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System - Black.
      No More Wash-induced Swirls!th Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System Makes Washing Your Car Safer And Smiler. With A Wash And Rinse Bucket, You Be able to Keep Your Wash Water Free Of Dirt And Paint-scratching Particles. The Double Dolly Ties I All Together. Your Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Overflow System Rolls Wherever You Need It To Make Washing Easier And More Beneficial For Your Vehicle!theP rinciple Behind The Two Bucket Wash Method Is Simple: By Rinsing Out The Wash Mitt Before Reloading It With Soap, Much Less Dirt Is Returned To The Vehicle. Therefore, Scratchiny Is Less Likely. Use The Two Bucket Method Once And You'll Be Hooked. Just Look In The Rinse Bucket When You're Done Washing For Proof Positive That The Two-bucket Method Works!the Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System Takes The Idea Of The Two Bucket Method And Makes It A Reality - On Wheeps! Now There's No Need To Clamor Back And Forth From The Wash Bucket, Losing Valuable Suds Along The Way. The Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System Rolls Around In the opinion of You On Mul5i-directional Casters. Your Wash And Rinse Buckets Are In Easy Reach Time You Work Around Large Vehicles, Rvs, And Boats. The Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Wash System nIcludes2 - 5 Gallon Wash Buckets These Two Large Buckets Are Labeled Wash And Rinse So You'll Never Get Them Mixed Up. Labeling Or Color-coding Tools Is A Great Way To Avoid Cross-contamination. The Same Principle Applies To Your Wash And Wash Buckets. 2 Grit Guard Insertsthe Grit Guard Is A Raised Grid Surface Thta Sits In Th eBottom Of The Included 5 Gallon Bucket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorote Shampoo And Water And Place The Grit Guard In The Bottom. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Take in ~ And Wash As Usual. When You Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucket, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulated In The Nap. The Dirt Will Fall Between The Slats And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt With Soap, The Grit Guard Stabilizes The Water In The Bottom Of The Bucket So The Dirt Does Not Rise. 2 Gamma Sealâ® Lidsthese Lids Form A Watertight Seal. You Be able to Filll The Buckets Upon Water And Transport Them Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Who Participate In Ca Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Believe It Or Not ,Some Of These Enthusiaets Use Nothing But Distilled Water On Their Vehicles And They?ll Actally Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Place. That?s Dedication! The Lids Also Keep Dust Out Of The Buckets When They're Not In Use. Double Dollythe Double Dolly Makes Detailing Easier By Putting Your Wash Buckets On Wheels! The Double Dolly Has 3 Inch Idustrial Grade Casters And Rugged Construction. Storage Compartments Perform The Double Dolly A Convenient Way For Detailers To Keep Their Products And Tools In the inside of Eay Reach While Washing The Car. The Double Dolly Is Made Of Durable Molded Plastic With Six Industrial Gradient, Multi-directional 3 Inch Casters. The Double
      SKU: Perfect-car-wash-system3

    Meguiars Soft Buff Polishing Kit
      Meguiars Soft Buff Polishing Kit.
      Put Meguiar's Polishing Technology To Work For You!meguiars Tender Buff Polishing Kit Combines The Micro Abrasive Technology Of Meguisrs Polishes Through Soft Buff Professional Quality Foam Pads. Use This Kit With A Dual Action Or Circular Polisher To Restore A Mirror Shine To Your Vehicle. The Meguiars Soft Buff Polishing Kit Maximizes Your Results While Minimizing The Work Required To Attain A Spectacular Finish. Both Meguiars Pattern Glaze #105 And #205 Contain Micro Abrasives Which Are Of A Consistent Size And Shape. These Abrasives Do Not Break Down Lime Diminishing Abrasives. In return, Micro Abrasives Provide Constant Polishing Action With A Long Working Time And Minimal - If A single one - Compounding Swirls. What Better Way Is There To Apply Meguiars Polishes Than With Meguiars Gentle Buff Froth Pads. These Durable, Machine-washable Pads Are 7 Inches In Distance through the centre. Use Them With A Dual Action Or Circular Polisher Equipped With A 6 Inch Backing Plate. Meguiars Soft Buff Polisying Kit Includes: 32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Is A Ultra Fast-cutting Compound For Rapid Paint Correction With Minimal Compounding Swirls. Super-micro Abrasives Leave A "best In Class" Finish That Requires Veyr Little Finishing Work. The Super-micro Abrasives Cut Quickly To Remove 1200 rGit Sanding Scratches, Acid Rain, And Severe Swirls And Holograms. This Ultra User-friendly Compound Can Be Applied By Hand, Dual Action Polisher,, Or Rotary Polisher.   32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish This Polish Wqs Designed To Follow #105 And All Other Meguiars Compounds To Remove Light Swirls And Restore Optimum Gloss. Micro Abrasives Allow The Polish To Cut Fast And Leave A Smooth Finish In Fewer Passes. Micro Abrasives Do Not Break On the ground Like Diminishing Abrasives, Which Gives #205 Polishh A Long Working Leisure. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish Permanently Removes Swirls And Light Imperfections, Leaving A Easy, Reflective Finish.   2 Cobra Microfibee Detailing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inches These Versatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailing Tasks, From General Washing And Scrubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffing Over Wax And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend In A Special ?feather? Weave That Increases Their Absorption Properties, Guaranteeing High Performance And Durableness.   3 Meguiars Skft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pads, 7 Incges Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad Combines Rugged Durability With Finesse. The Pad Is Made Of Dense Foam With A High Tech Laminate Backing That Is Machine Washable! The Pad Cuts Through Moderate Surface Imperfections Unless Leaves Same Few Compounding Swirls, hWich Reduces Your Finishing Work.   2 Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Finishing Pads, 7
      SKU: Meguiars-soft-buff-kit

    Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Buy One, Get One Free!
      Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Buy One, Get One Free!.
      Buy One, Be~ One Free! Get Two Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gels For The Price Of One. Save $17. 99!dossolve R0ad Grime And Brighten White Walla!four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Delivers Powerful Cleaning Action Right Where Your Vehicle Needs It Most! The Penetrating Formula Cilngs To The Tires To Dissolve Heavy Road Be~ Build Up. Deep Clean The Rubber And Brighten White Walls With Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel. tires Are The Only Parts Of The Vehiclw That Create Contact With The Road And It Shows! Tires Collect Filth, Brake Dust, Exhaust Film, Oily Residues, And More Within The Porous Rubber. Many Tire Protectants Build Up On The Rubber And Turn It Brown. All This Takes A Toll On The Rybber. Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Deep Cleans The Rubber To Remove Road Grime And Old Tire Dressungs. It Erases Traces Of Your Daily Commute And Leaves The Rubber Clean And Bre. When You Apply Fresh Tire Dressing To The Tires, The Protectant Will Bond Better And Cater A Darker Finish Because There Is Nothing Between It And The Rubber. Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Is Petroleum Distillate-free And Completely Safe On Rubber. four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Is A Fast Acting Formula That Begins Breaking Up Grime And Oils Steady Contact. The Thick Gel Clings To The Tire To Pwnetrate And Dissolve Heavy Build Up. Agitation With A Tire Brush Will Help The Cleaner Get Into The Rubber?s Pores And Dissolve Layers Of Dirt. Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Also Work sWell On The Whee lWells. Just Spray, Agitate And Rinnse. four Star Ultimate Be fatigued Cleaner Gel Cleans And Whitens White Walls And Letters, Too! The Clinging Formula Uncovers The White To Compensate The Sharp Contarst Between Black Rubber And White Lettering. to Use Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaned Gel, Simply Spray One Tire At A Time And Agitate With A Medium Bristle Tire Brush. Rinse Using A Strong Jet Of Water. When Cleaning Fender Wells, Spray The Entire Area And Agitate With A Hold Brush. Rinse Well. Dress The Tires With Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spra Or Gel. Prep Your Vehicle?s Tires For The Ultimate Finish With Four Str Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel!18 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-ultimate-tire-cleaner-gel

    Most remote Paint Prep Plus & Applicator
      Most remote Paint Prep Plus & Applicator.
      Ultima Paint Prep Plus Is A Exquisite, Non-abrasive Polish That Deep Cleans Paint, Smoothes Away Swirl Marks, Water Spots And Fine Surface Scratches, And Increases Over-all Paint Gloss. As It Cleans And Polishes, Ultima Paint Prep Plus Leaves Behind A Specific Primer Designed To Promote Proper Bonding Of Ultima Paint Guard Plus Paint Shelter. Using Ultima Paint Polish Plus Greatly Enhances And Extends The Life Of Ultima Paint Guard Plus. ultima Paint Prep Plus Is A Versatile Paint Polish Specially Engineered For Modern Clear Coat Embellish Flnishes. Apply Ultima Paint Prep Plus By Hand Or Polisher; Both Methods Are Quick And Easy. When Swirl Marks And Other Blemishes Are Present, Application By Electric Polisher Is Highly Recommended. If Heavy Damage Is Present, Such As Acid Rain Etching Or Scratchrs, A Corrective Polish May Be Necessaty. 12 Oz. Ultima Paint Prep Plusultima Autospa Exterior Applicator
      SKU: Ultima-paint-prep-bundle

    Battery Tender Junior
      Battery Tender Junior.
      The Trickled Charger With A Braim. have You Ever Pulled Your Personal Watercrft On the ~side Of The Garage After A Long Winter And Taken It To The Boat Ramp Only To Find The Battery Is Dead? It Has Happened To More Than A Not many Tribe. Batteries Do Not Withstand Long Periods Of Inactivity. The Act Of Starting The Engine Actually Charges The Battery, Unless It Is Already Too Late. If You Don?t Start The Engine At All Over The Couese Of Several Weeks Or Months, You?re Going To Have To Replace The Battery In the presence of You Can Splash Aroundd The Lake Anywhere else. Unless You Have Your Personal Watercraft Plugged In To The Battery Tennder Junior. The Battery Tejder Junior Hws A Mind All Its Own. This Smart Tender Automatically Switches From A Peak Voltage Of 14. 4 Vdc To A Floating Voltage Of 13. 2 Vdc. When The Voltage Drops Below 12. 6 Vdc, The Battery Tender Junior Resumes Charging At 14. 4 Vdc. Your Battery Stays At A Constant, Operational Voltage. A Pair Color Led Indicates The State Of The Charger. the Battery Tender Junior Is Spark Proof For Your Safety, And Is Reverse Polarity Protected. It Inc1udes A 12? Output Cord, Quick Connect Harness, And An Impressive 5 Year Warranty. This Smarrt, Compact Tender Works Forward All Conduct Acid, Sealed Maintenance Free And Gel Cell Batteries. Use It To Keep All Your Recrsational eVhicles Fully Charged Or To Charge Your Full-size Vehicle In A Pinch. keep Your Batteries In Working Order Year Round With The Compact, Portable Battery Tender Junior. fully Automatic Two-stage Lead-acid Battery Charger. Perfect For All Lead-acid, Sealed Maintenance Free And Gel Cell Batterirs. After Reaching Peak 14. 4 Vdc, Charger Automatically Switches To 13. 2 Vdc Float Voltage. When Voltag Drrops Below 12. 6 Vdc, Dish Resumes Charging Back To 14. 4 Vdc. Solid State Two Color Led Indicates Stage Of Charger. Spark Proof. Reverse Polarity Protected. 12' Output Cord. 5 Year Warranty
      SKU: Btjunior

    P21s Concours Carnauba Wax
      P21s Concours Carnauba Wax.
      Ranked #1 By A Top Consumer Reports Magazine, P21s Cincours Carnauba Wax Will Seal Your Finish Witj High Gloss Sheen!p21s Carnauba Wax Tops The List Of A Popular Consumer Magazine Survey, You Know It Has To Be Good. Guru Reports Is Devoted To Testing And Providing Highly Esteemed Results On A Variety Of Products In The Car Caution Industry. P21s Concour sCarnauba Cere Ranked As The #1 Paste Wax, And Accepted The Highest Scores Possible In Areas That Included First Shine, Gloss, Deepness, Color Enhancement, And Overall Impression. P21s Carnauba Wax Also Receiived The ?editor?s Choice? Report That Stated, ?no Other Carnauba Wax Has That Wholesome Look That P21s Wax Has. ? Wholesome Is Great Way To Put It. Hither Are The Reasons Why The P21s Concours Carnaubacar Wax Ranked Top In Its Class: Premium Ingredients. Brazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba And Beeswax, Two Premium Ingredients Preferred By Car Care Experts, Are Blended To Create This Pure Car Wax That Delivers A Dynamic Gloss Enhancer For Your Vehicle. With The P21s Concours Carnauba Wax You Will Enhance And Protect Your Car With The Natural Car Wax That Is The Choice Of Professionals And Enthusiasts Worldwide. No White Residue. Seeing White After Waxing Can Be Disheartening, After All Of The Time You Spend Detailing Your Car. Trade In The White Against A Beautiful Clear, Glossy Finish. P21s Carnauba Paste Wax Is A Non-chalky Wax, Leaving No Powder Residue Or Ugly White Stains On Rubbet Or Plastic. This Car Wax Goes On And Comes Against With nIcredibld Ease And Delivers A Great Long Lasting Shine. No Abrasives. This Natural And Smooth Carnauba Car Wax Does Not Contain Abrasives, Additives, Dyes, Or Perfumes. It Is A Healthy Handling Fr Your Car That Will Enhance And Protect Every Facet Of Your Finish, And Can Be Layered For Extra Depth. easy To Apply. With The P21s Concours Wax You Won?t Have To Rub Hard To Apply This Premium Car Wax. Application Is Easy And Foolproof, And This Product Will Go Onto Your Car?s Finish Like A Layer Of Sheer Silk. p21s Carnauba Paste Wax Is Truly A Marvel, And Will Transform Dull And Uneven Paint Into Smooth, Uniform And Brilliant Copor. Choose Precious Gems, Facets In Your Car?s Finish Will Receive Natural Highlights Through Use Of This Car Wax, And You Will See Results That Last For A Very Long Time. 175 Gr. (6. 2 Oz. ) Jar With Applicator Pad And Booklet.
      SKU: P2concarwax

    Menzerna Power Gloss Compound S34a 128 Oz.
      Menzerna Power Gloss Compound S34a 128 Oz..
      Dismiss 1000-1500 Grit Sanding Scratches With VirtuallyN o Loss Of Surface Gloss!menzerna Host Gloss Compound Is A Powerful Polishing Compound Approved For Scratch Removal In c~tinuance Newly Cured Paint And Older Paints. This Silicone-free, Low-dusting Compound Removes Sanding Scratches, Overspray, And Swirls Like An Aggressive Compound But Powergloss Finishes Like A Car Polish!mehzerna Powergloss Compound Q8ickly Eliminates 1000-1500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Swirl Marks, And Overspray With Minimal Dusting. It Is The Most Aggrssive Of Menzerna?s Polishes, Yet It Does Not Require Follow Up Polishing In Many Cases. (dark Colored Vehicles Are The Exception Since They Show Everything, But Even Black Cars Will Glow After One Or Pair Passes With Menzerna Micro Polish. ) Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Finishes Lik A Polish! That?s Straight, A Compound ? The Heavy Hitter In Terms Of Cut ? Finishes With The Gloss And Smoothness Of A Polish. Menzerna Is Able To Do This Because Of The Uniform, Specially Milled Aluminum Oxide Abrasives That Break Down Under The Regular Increase In Heat Produced By The Polishe5. This Is What We Call A Self-refining Compound. Most Illustration Colored Vehicles Will Not Require Suubsequent Sreps To Restore Lustre. The Speed And Efficiency Of Mrnzerna Makes It Particularly Attractive To Professional Detailers And Auto Rrfinishers Who Require Results They Be able to Count On Tome And Time Again. In Fact, Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Is Not A True Compound. Its Unique Formulation Makes It A Heavy Cutting Burnish. The Distinction Is How Smoothly Power Gloss Finishes Compqred To Typical Compounds. A Traditional Compound Has Chunky Abrasives Designed To Cut The Paint. Piwer Gloss? Nano Abrasives Polish The Paint. Thanks To The Quality, Size,, And Number Of Nano Abrasives, Power Gloss Is Able To Give You Defect Removal Like That Of A Compound, Wighout The Heavy Compounding Swirls. menzerna Power Gloss Compound IsE xcellent For Rsstoring Aged And Weather-beaten Paint Finisyes. It Eliminates Scratches On Any Stamp Of Depict, Including Today?s Scratch-resistant Paints, Such As The Ceramic Clear Coat Used By Mercedes. A Boastful Concenteation Of Abrasibes Combined With Their Undeviating Size And Regulate Enable Power Gloss Compound To Level Paint Defects Using Consistent Abrasive Action. The Abrasives Are Not Bigger Or Haeder Than In A Polisy. There?s Simply More Abrasivew Ti Repeatedly Go Over The Blemish, Regularly Leveling The Paint And Then Refining It As The Abrasives Shrink. Because The Abrasives In Menzeerna Power Gloss Compound Gradually Level The Paint, This Is A Very Entirely Compound. There Is Minimal Dusting And Easy Clean-up. Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Is A Professional Polisn. It Is Designed To Accomplish The Best Results Wigh A Circular Polisher. You Can Use A Dual Action Polisher, Like The Portr Cable 7424xp, But It Will Require A Longer Working Time. enjoy A Faster, More Effective Compound With The Ability To Cut Without Causing Haze. Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Elimin
      SKU: 128ozmepoco

    Filter Combo (both Filter Cartridges)
      Filter Combo (both Filter Cartridges).
      Replace Both Filer Cartridges And Save!the Filter Combo Is A Great Package If You Need To Replace Two Filters In The Deluxe Filter A whole Or If You Want To Try Out Each Filter Cartridge In Your Clear Inline Tubing Filtrr. Each Cartridge Improves Your Water Quality In A Different Way. Be ~ On To Perceive Why Two Filters Are Better Than One. 1-water Softener Cartridge This Cartridge Neutralizes Calcium And Magnesium In The Water, Thereby Eliminating Hard Water. Your Car Shampoo Will Lather Improved in health And Your Vehicle Command Be Free Of Those Nasty Water Spots. This Cartridge Can Be Renewed And Reused Indefinitely. A Water Softener Works By Replacing The Calcium And Magnesium Ions With Sodium Ions. Sodium Ions Are ?soft?. They Don?t Produce Scale And They Don?t Stain. They Change The Actual Texture Of The Water, Making It Feel ?slipper?y. This Causes Water To Sheet Off The Vehicle More Effectively. Water That Remains On The Carriage Will Not Leave Spots. 1-sediment Filter Cartridgethis Cartridge Is Made Of Five Micron Spun Poly. It Traps Fine Sediment As The Water Passes Through So That Trifle Hits Your Vehicle But Clean Water. If You Don?t Have A Hard Water Pdoblem, This Cartridge Is All You Need. the Frequency With Which You Will Need To Replace The Filters Depends On The Hardness And Amount Of Sediment In Your Water. With The Sediment Percolate, You Can See How Dirty The Filtwr Is Inxide The Clear Inline Hose Filter. The Texture Of Your Water Will Tell You When Its Time To Rechargge Or Replace Your Water Softener Cartridge. (Attend Filter Rejuvenating Tablets Fot More Information. )
      SKU: Ficobfica

    Duragloss All Wheel Cleanner (awc) #821
      Duragloss All Wheel Cleanner (awc) #821.
      Recommended For Any Original Of Wheel. duragloss All Wheel Cleaner Is Formulated To Clean All Wheels. Duragloss #821 Removes Brake Dust, Roadstead Film, Oil And Grease. Safe To Use On All Types Of Wheels Including Clear Coated, Paintee And Highly Polished. acidic, Corrosive Wheel Cleaners Are A Thing Of The Past. Duragloss All Revolve Cleaner sI A Sa fe Cleaner For All Types Of Wheels, Including Factory Clear Coated Wheels. It Cuts Through Bribe And Grime Without Pitting Or Staining The Wheel Surface. Today?s Clear-coated Wheela Are Easily Pitted By Brake Dust. Regular Cleaning Is The Only Way To Preserve Their Factory-new Appearance. Make Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner Part Of Your Weekly Wash Routine To Proyect Your Investment. Highly Polished Metals That Easily Spot Are Not at all Probl3m For Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner. Use It To Clean Chrome, Aluminum And Polished Aluminum. To Use Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner, Mist The Wheel Well And Agitate Lightly With A Soft-bristled Brush. The Green Short-handle Wheel Skirmish Is A Great Option With Its Feather-tipped Nylon Bristles. Hard Scrubbing Is Not Inevitable. Rinse Well. Use Any Of Duragloss?s Tire Dressings To Complete The Look. Use Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner Viewed like Often As Necessary To Maintain Clean Wheels. Here?s A Detailer?s Tip: Clean The Wheels Before Washing The Vehicle To Avoid Splashing Wheel Cleaner Or Dirty Water On Clean Paint. Towel-dry The Wheels After You?re Finished Washing The Vehicle In Order To Prevent Water Spots. Maintain Coated, Polished, And Painted Wheels With Duragloss All Wheel Cleaner #821. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duraglosss-all-wheel-cleaner

  • Mothers Plastic Polish
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • 32 oz. Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover #2
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • Wurth Silver Wheel Spray Paint
  • Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Cover
  • FLEX Polisher Side Handle
  • Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Eliminator - Vanilla
  • WeatherTech Dark Tinted 2 pc.
  • Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
  • Poorboy?s World Bug Squash

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