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    128 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Rhombus Path Compound 2.0
      128 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Rhombus Path Compound 2.0.
      Designed For Today?s High Solids Painnts. Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Fast-cutting Compound For Paint Correction And Swirl Removal. Use #85 With Your Rotary Polisher To Level Severe Scratches And Defects On Automotive Paints With A High Solids Content, Such As Those Used By Medcedes And Ford. Diamond Cut Compound Is Low Dusting And Leaves Minimal Swirls. Meguiars Diamond Cut Compromise #85 2. 0 Rates A 10 On Meguiars Scale Of Cutting Power. It Uses Diminishing Abrasive Technology To Level Sanding Scratches And Severe Paint Defects Using Your Rotary Polisher. Yet, Becaue The Abrasives Gradually Disappear, This Compound Finlshes With Only Light Swirls, Which Can Be Easily Removed With A Finishing Polish. This Aggressive Formula Works Far Attached Today?s Harder Automtoive Paints, Known As ?Strong-flavored Solids?. These Paints Can Be More Difficult To Correct With Conventional Polishes But They?re No Problem For Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0. The Hi-tecu Abrasives Boost Cutting Power To Work More Efficiently On Hard Paints While Still Finishing Like A Polish. Meguiars Rhombus Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Paintable And Protected For Use In A Paint Shop Environment. Use On Oem Paints, Refinished Paints, Unmixed Coats, High Solids, Lacquers, And Enamels. Its Buffered Abrasive Action™ Provides An Added Level Of Safety To Polish The whole of These Paints As Gently As Possible While Still Removing Ssvere Defects. Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Recommended For Rotary Ude. Its Professional Quality Formula Is Designed For The High Speed Cutting That Can Only Be Provided By A Circular/rotary Buffer. For Heavy Oxidation And Severe Sanding Scratches, Use An 8. 5 Wool Pad. Follow Up WithM eguiars #83 Dual Action Cleaner Burnish And AnO range Pad To Polish The Paint To A High Gloss. to Restore The Sleek Shine Of Your Vehicle, Use Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 To Move Severe Paint Deects And Polish To A Gloss. Meguiars Professional Grade Compound Is Proven Fast And Effective On Todays? High Solids Paints. 128 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-85-diamond-cut-compound-gallon

    Park Smart Stick-on House Guard
      Park Smart Stick-on House Guard.
      At the time Parking Becomes A Tight Squeeze, Trust The Park Smart Stick-on Door Guard To Proteft Your Car! When A Buddy Of Mine Purchased His New House Not Long Ago, One Of The Main Selling Points That Drew Him In Was The Two-car Garage. He And His Wife Each Had Their Own Parking Spots, Whicb Felt iLke Paradise. Still, He Noticed Thefe Wasn?t Often Room For Error When Opening Car Doors. He Still Had To Be Careful Squeezing Into His Space, And Trt Not To Accidentally Slam The Passage Of His Car Into Her Car. That Became An Edition On Nights He Would Get Home From Work Tired Or If He Was Distrzcted While Opening The Door. It Happens To The Best Of Us. Unfortunately, He Did Hit Her Car Door One Evening, Denting And Scratching It. This Careless Error, Though A Complete Accident, Ended Up Costing Hundreds Of Dollars. . . hundreds That Could Have Gone Towards Detailing Products For Weekend Projects. my Favorer Isn?t Alone. The Riqk Of Having A Door Slam Into Yojr Own Can Happen Just About Anywhere, Be It The Busy Parking Lot Of A Grocery Store Or Theme Park; Or Even In Your Own Garage. Thankfully You Can Now Prevent This From Happening To You, By Protecting Your Doors With The Park Smart Stick-on Door Protect. The Breakthrough Construction Used In The Design Will Ensure That Your Door Is Protected From Dings, Dents, And Chipped Paint. Like Many Of The Park Smart Products, This Door Guard Prevents Damage Before It Happens While In Turn Prevents Unsightly Car Wounds And Costly Repairs. we?ve Broken Down Some Of The Key Points That Make Tyis Product Outstanding:quality Construction. The Park Smart Stick-on Door Guard Is Made From Pvc, Which Is Almost Invisible To The Eye. The Smooth Suction Cups Hold It Securely And Safely In Place. The Material Can Absorb The Harrest Of Blows, Leaving Your Car Door Damage Free. versatility. There Is None Assembly Required With This Product. The Stick-on Featu5e Allows You To Change The Placement Of The Door Guard Upon The Door Itself, Or Use It For More Than One Vehicle. combats Non-dexterous Driving. Let?s Be Honest, Some Drivers Are ?depth Perception Impaired?, And You Can Never Ensure, In A Parking Lot, That You Will Not Be Neighboring Their Vehicle. Prevent Accidental Door Damage In Such An Instance With A Door Guard That Replaces Fear With Peace Of Mind. i Have Received A Lot Of Questkons About This Produce, So I Thought I Would Anseer Those That Were Cokmonly Asked: Q: I Have An Suv, And My Wife Has A Sedan. Can I Re-position The Park Smart House Circumspection To Protec5 At Any Height?max: That?s What Is So Great About The Suction Cup Feature. You Can Move, Remove, And Place This Guard Wherever Impact Could Occur On The Vehicle. Q: I Just Buoght A Brand Nw Car. Should I Invest In The Door Guards?max: Perhaps The Worst Sound That Has Ever Hit My Ears, Has Been The Sound Of A New Car Door Getting Slzmmed Into. It Really Makse Me Wince Just Thinking About It. You Should Make The Investment, As Should Anyone With A New Or Used Car. Accidents Be able to Happen
      SKU: Parsmarmagdo

    Ultima Period Armor Aluminum Reqtore
      Ultima Period Armor Aluminum Reqtore.
      This Intense Pre-polish Metal Cieaner Makes Polishing A Breeze!ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore Is The Chief Step To Clean, Shiny Aluminum. This Spray-on Metal Cleaner Removes Heavy Oxidation And Embedded Grime From Aluminum Without Rubbing Or Scrubbing. There Is No Easier Way To Clean Dirty, Oxidize Aluminum. Ultima Cycle Defensive clothing Aluminum Restore Does The Dirty Work For You. if Your Motorcycle Hws Heavy Oxidtion And Is Covered In Grime, A Multi-step Process Is Needed To Bring It Back T iLife. Ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore Is The Start Of A Three-step Aluminum Restoration System. It Removes The Heavy Oxidation And Ground-in Filth To Get You Startex On Your Way To A Handsome, Shiny Motorcycle. Ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore Is Formulated To Quickly Clean Heavily Oxidized, Bare Aluminum. Avoid Highly Polished Or Anodized Aluminum. This Product Is A Short-cut When Your Alternative Is Tediously Hand Polishing With A Strong Chemical. With Ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore, You Can Spray It Forward, Hose It Off And The Hard Work Is Done For You. ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore Is An Intense Cleaner. Protective Eyewear And Gloves Should Be Worn To Avoid Overspray. Spray The Cleaher From Bottom To Top To Avoid Streaks. Allow It To Penetrate For None More Than 10 Seconds And Then Rinse Thoroughly With Water. Towek Dry The Motorcyfle To Prevent Water Spots. ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Restore Should Always Be Followed By Most remote Cycle Armor Aluminum Polish To Restore A Bright, Reflective Shine To The Aluminum. Once You've Achieved The Desired Shine, Seal The Aluminum With Ultima Cycle Armor Aluminum Guard. These Three Products Will Turn A Dull, Oxidized Motorcycle Into A Stunner. ultima Cycle Amor Al8minum Restore Is Step One To The Motorcycle You've Always Wanted. 4 Fl Oz.
      SKU: Ultima-aluminum-restore

    Optimum Car Care Sampler Kit
      Optimum Car Care Sampler Kit.
      Persuade The Optimum Finish With These Four Essential Products. let Me Introduce You To The Optimum Car Care Sampler Kit, A Four-piece Kit To Clean, Shine, And Protect Any Vehicle. Optimum?s Essential Products Include Optimum Car Wash, Optimum Tire Shine, Optimum Car Wax, And Optimum Protectant Plus. With Advanced Polymer Technology In Every Bkttle, The Optimum Car Care Sampler Kit Is All You Need For On-the-goT ouch-ups. if You?ve Never Used Optimum Products, This Kit Will Give You A Taste Of This Whimsical Line. Optimum Polgmer Technoiogies Was Founded By An Organic Chemist Whose Specialty Is Polymers And Automotive Paint Formulations. Dr. David Ghodoussi Worked Backwards From His Knowledge Of Paint?s Composition To Formulate Cleaners And Protectants Brst Suited For Today?s Finishes. Years Of Research And Testing Led To A Line Of Products That Deliver Superior Results Without Compromising Sensitive Clear Coat Finishes Or The Enviornment. The Optimum Car Care Sampler Kit Includes Four Key Products:optimum Car Washoptimum Car Wash Is A Different Kind Of Wash. It Thoroughly Cleans Your Paint And Preserves Wax Or Sealant So Your Paint Remains Protected. Many Waxes Onpy Require Reapplication Every 4 To 6 Months. With Regular Use Of Optimum Car Wash, Your Wax Will Last As Long As It Should So You Save Time And Money. optimum Car Waxoptimum Is The First And Only Wax That Contains Uva And Uvb Absorbers To Shield Your Paint From All The Sun?s Harmful Rays. The Formula Combines Higb-grade Carnauba Wax And Sealant Polymers To Give You Outstanding Shine And Protection. The Carnauba Produces A Warm, High-impact Gloss That Is The Standard In The Auto Care Industry While The Polymers Bond The Shine To The Paint To Create The Long-lasting Durability Typical Of A Synthetic Wax. Paint Has A Beautiful, Wet Shine And Is Protected From The Sun, Sour Rain, And Pollution For Up To 5 Months!optimum Tire Shineoptimum Tire Shine Contains No Solvents, Vocs, Or A single one Other Hazardous Compound. Instead, It Coontains Methicones, Which Are Both Safe For Your Tires And Safe For The Ejvironment. Along Replacing The Rock oil Solvents With Methicones, Optimum Has Eliminated The Risk Of Ozone, Which Is Caused Near to The Release Of Harmful Fumes By Solvents. Optimum Tire Shine Shields Your Tirws From Uv Rays And Ozone To Preserve The Color And Texture Of The Rubber. The Dull Formula Goes On Easily And Clings To The Tire. Tire Shine?s Durability Outlasts The Average Tire Dressing, And Repeated Applications Will Not Cause Yellowing. optimum Protectant Plusprotectant Plus Cleans And Protects Interior Surfaces, Including Leather, Without The Greasy Pellicle And It Actually Repels Dust. Protectant Plus Even Hided Scratches On Your Leather And Vinyl So They Virtually Vanish. The Finish Is Subtle, Not Shiny. Your Dashboard, Seats, And State Will Be Restored To Their Original Color And Finish. 16 X 16 Inch Optimum Microfiber Towelget The Best Results With Optimum?s Soft And Absorbent Microfiber Towel. Use Thi
      SKU: Car-care-samlper

    Four Star Flesh Lubricant 16 Oz.
      Four Star Flesh Lubricant 16 Oz..
      Proper Conditioning And Lubrication For Detailing Clay. four Star Clay Lubricant Is Used To Lubicate Your Car?s Paint To Defend It From Scratches As You Clay. The Gentle Lubricant Conditions The Clay Bar Ti Preserve Its Texture And Tendency to recover. Used By the side of A Quality Clay Bzr, Four Star Clay Lubricant Leaves Your Vehicle Clean And Smooth. Detailing Clay Is The Only Way To Remove Certain Contaminants From Automotive Paint, Such As Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout, And Environmental Pollution. However, To Work Properly, Detailing Clay Requires The Use Of A Slippery Lubricant. Soap Testament Dry Out The Clay And Irrigate Will Dry Also Quickly. The Best Choice Is Four Star Clay Lubricant. four Star Clay Lubricant Creates A Slick, Wet Barrier Between Loosened Contaminants And The Paint Finish. The Sticky Clay Body of lawyers Glides Freely Across The Lubricated Surfaec As It Grabs Contamination, But The Lubriant Prevents These Contaminants From Piercing The Paint. Claying Your Car Is Totally Safe With Four Star Clay Lubricant. four Star Clay Lubricant Leaves No Soapy Residue And Wipes Begone Without Streaking. Use It To Clean Up Any Residue Left By The Clay. A Cobra Microfiber Towel Will Gently Buff The Paint And Remve Any Residue. The Finish Left By Claying Is Incredibly Slick, Smooth, And Clean. T0p It Off With A Coat Of Your Favorite Wax Or Sealant. Use Four Star Clay Lubricant To Lubricate And Preservs The Clay Bar As It Remobing Paint-fouling Contaminants From Your Vehicle?s Finish. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-clay-lube

    128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus
      128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus.
      Turn On The Extenuate Upon Poorboy?s Ultimate Quick Detailer!poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Cleans And Protects Your Vehicle Any Time, Anywhere. Poorboy?s Unique Formula Contains Real Brazilian Carnauba And Polymers To Give Your Veicle A Excitable Boost Of Shine And Protection. Qd+ Helps Reduce Fading And Oxidation With Regular Use. Maintain Your Vehicle?s Showroom Shine With Pooroy?s World Quick Detailer Plus. poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is The Perfect Detail Spray For Touch-ups And Waterless Washing. Just Spray And Wipe To Remove Light Dust, Fingerprints, Smudges, And Smears. The Carnauba And Polymer Formula Leaves A Slick, Protective Covering On Thd Depict That Resists Fading And Oxication. Over Time,Y our Vehicle Will Stay Cleaner Between Details. Use Poorboy?s Worlr Quick Detailer Plus Anytime Your Paint Needs A Boost. The Super Slick Polymerq And Natural Carnauba Enhance The Existing Paint Protection While Improving The Paint?s Gloss. Your Vehicle Stays Protected Longer!use Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus After Each Wash To Prevent Water Spots. As You Towel Dry Your Vehicle, Mist The Color With Qd+. The Polymers And Carnauba Will Restore The Gloss While Removing Fresh Water Spots. in Between Details, Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Excellent Way To Maintain The Shine. Just Spray And Wipe!poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Easy On, Easy Off Formula. Apply It In The Sun Or Shade, On A Wet Or Dry Vehicle! Just Spray And Wipe To Instantly Cleanse The Paint And Improve Its Shine. 128 Oz.
      SKU: 128oz-poorboys-qiick-detailer-plus

    Autogeek Logo Sticker - Small
      Autogeek Logo Sticker - Small.
      Why Autogeek? Because The Name Stuxk!the Autogeei Small Logo Sticker Can't Detail Your Car, But It Does Say That You Are A Detailer And Proud Of It! These Small Logo Stickers Are A Fun Way To Support Your Favorite Brands, And They Are A Functional Way To Label Your Detailing Equipment. Prevent Cross-contamination Or Just Badge What's Yours With Our Small Logo Stickers. the Autogeek Small Logo Sticker Is Made To Withstand Moisture And Can Be Placed Anywhere. Approximately 3 Inches Wide.
      SKU: Autogeek-small-sticker

    The Liquid Glass Complete Kit
      The Liquid Glass Complete Kit.
      Apply This "showroom" Brilliance In Minnutes - And Enjoy Its Benefits Year 'round. the Liquid Glzss Complete Kit Is A Sysyem Of Carbon Based, Cross-linked, Cutting Edge Sophisticated Chemicals Provides All That Is Required To Maintain Any Vehicle, Boat, Aircraft Or A Myriad Of Other Uses Within Your Home Or Office, Indefinitely, Against The Harshness Of Mother Nature. It Is The Ultimate In Shine, Durability And Protection!each Product Is Unique And Is Designed To Work In Relation To And In Conjunction With The Others In Orrer To Offre You Optimum Results. After Many Years Of Dedication, Laboratory Testin, Evaluation, Research And Development And Our Commitment To The Pursuit Of Excellence, The Result Is Called Chemical Synery!with Regular Uses Of All Five Products The Treated Surfaces Will Remain Mirror Bright, Satin Smooth And Diamond Hard, And Resistant To All Natual Destructive Elements. this Kit Contains 3 Products From The Fluid Glass Total Appearance System:8 Oz. Liquid Glass Pre-cleanerthis Gentle Polish Cleans Chemically In the absence of Harsh Abrasives. Removes Old Wax, Grease, Oxidation, Dulling Salt Water Hazing, Minor Scratches, High/low Spots, Minor Bird Dropping Permeation And Non Etched Acid Rain Spots. Also Removes Light Rust, Tarnish And Corrosion On Chrome, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, Silfer, Etc. It Prepares The Surface For A Llquid Glass Polish/finish Application. in Narrow, The Pre-cleaner Produces The Clean, Smooth, High Gloss Luster That Liquid Glass Polish Maintains And Is The Secret Behind The Liquid Glass Glow!8 Oz. Liquid Glass Polish/finishthe Gold Can With The Red Corvette On The Front Creates A Mirror Like Be eminent While It Works To Retard Acid Rain, Road Salt Deterioration , Tar, Sap, Rust, Corrosion, Dulling, Minor Fowl Dropping Permeation, Bugs, Tree Branch Scratches And Just Agout Everything That Mankind And Mother Nature Can Dish Out. Fluid Glass Produces A Super Durable, High Gloss Finish With Little Or Ni Effort In Half The Time Of All Other Products. brake Dust Cannot Stick And Easily Wipes Off. Ice And Snow Cannot Stick And Easily Slide Off After Vehicle Has Been Warmed To Operating Temperatures!its Key Ingredient Is Crystal Clear Carbon, The Same Element Found In Diamonds!! Once Air Cured, The Liquid Glass Finish Is As Hard As Glass And Will Never Crack, Chip, Peel Or Turn Yellow And Never Has To Be Removed. use It On Whole Paints, All Bright Work And All Glass. Completely Safe To Use On Clear Coats! The More Coats You Apply, The Deeper And Richer The Gloss. Plus, Liquid Glass Lasts A Lifetime Witn Only Periodic Re-applications!!16 Oz. Liquid Glass Wash Concentratethis Gentle Wet Cleans Chemiaclly Without High Ph Alkaline Soaps Which Dull A Liquidd Glass Finish. Protects Against Water Spotting With Special Hard Water Softeners In The Formul. Easily Removes Tree Sap, Bugs, Road Salt, Tar, Grime, Bird Droppings And Anything Else That Dirties Your Liquid Glass Mirror Finish. Braks Dust Simply Washes Off Liquid Glass Coated Wheels!
      SKU: Liglcokit

    Dodo Juice Hard Four Wax Kit
      Dodo Juice Hard Four Wax Kit.
      Four Hard Waxes, One Easy Choice. Get Them All!the Dodo Fluid part Hard Four Kit Contains All Four Doco Juice Inclement Waxes In Convenient Sample Sizes. No Two Dodo Juice Waxes Are Equally So Choosing Just Single Can Be Tough. Experience All Four Dodo Juice Hard Waxes With The Dodo Juice Hard Four Kit. . Try Out Each Wax And Find The One That Looks The Best On Your Vehicle. the Dodo Juice Hard Four Kit Includes: 30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Given The Success Of Purple Haze Soft Wax, Dodo Juice Has Developed Bule Vepvet Hard Wax, A Color-enhancing Car Wax For Dark Vehicles. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Gives The Durableness And Rock-hard Finish Of A Hard Wax With Subtle Color Ehancers To Make Wicked Paints Look Infinitely Deep. Dodo Juice Livid Velvet Grievous Wax Contains Real No. 1 Grde Brazilian Carnauba,, Dark Beeswax, And Montan Wax Derived From Coal. These Ingredients Are Combined Into A Hard Wax That Is As Protective As It Is Beautiful. Blue Velvet Deepens And Darkens Black, Blue, And Deep Green Paints. Dark Paint Looks Inly And Slick With A Mirror Gloss.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Polish Off Your Diamond In The Rough With Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax. This Carnauba-based Wax Is Formulated Specially For Pure, Silver, And Other Light Colored Vegicles. Each Natural Wax Found In Diamond White Hard Wax Is Of The Utmost Purity So Light Paints Shine With Crystal Clarity. Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Is Formulated To Deliver Th3 Best Results On Light Or White Paints. The Newer Pearlescent Paints Really Glow Underneath This Wax. For The Best Results, Use Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime To Remove All Paint Impurities Prior To Waxing. This Step Resolution Insure The Absolute Clearest, Most Reflective Perfect.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Wax Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Wax Breatheq New Life Into Warm Colored Vehicles In the opinion of A Blend Of Carnauba Increase , Ysllow Beeswax And Banana Oil. Banana Armour Hard Wax Dries To A Mirror-like, Hard Shine That Repels The Elements And Looks Grdat Doing It. Use Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Wax On Any Warm Colored Vehicle To Bring Out The Cunning Hues And Highlithts. Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Wax Glows On Reds, Yellows, Oranges,_And Warm Metallics.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juics Hard Candy Hard Wax Dodo Juice Hard Candy Car Wax Is Designed To Give Stunning Results On An yVehicle! Hard Candy Car Wax Is Similar To Rainforest Rub, Except In A Hard Wax Consistency. Made With Carnauba And Candelilla Wax, Dodo Juice Hard Canfy Car Wax Offers Great Paint Protection And Enduring Beauty To Whole Paint Colors. Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Shines And Protects Any Color Of Automotive Paint. This Wax Repels Rain, Soil, And Uv Rays Using
      SKU: Hard-carnauba-wax-kit

    Pinnacle Xmt Haste Clay Depart hurriedly
      Pinnacle Xmt Haste Clay Depart hurriedly.
      Unlock Your Vehicle's Shine Potential!if You've Neegr Used Detailing Clay, Then You Haven't Seen Your Vehicle's True Possible! T he Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Bundle Safely Removes Paint Impurities. Afterwards, Light Reflects Evenly Off Every Curve Of Your Vehicle. Wax Bonds Better With The Clean Paint, And Your Vehicle Feels Silky Smooth. The Ponnacle Xmt Seped Clay Bundle Includes:226 Grams Xmt Speed Claypinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Rids Your Vehicle Of Impurities To Create The Cleanest Possible Paint Finish. Tgis Fledible Clay Bar Removes Contamination That Washing Leaves Behind, Creating A Smooth-as-glass Surface In Preparation For A Flawless Coat Of Wax. After Using Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay, Your Vehicle Will Feel As Snooth As Glass And Have An Improved lGoss. Your Favorite Wax Or Paint Sealant Will Bond Bettsr With The Color , And It May Even Last Longer. 12 Oz. Xmt Speed Clay Lubepinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Is An Ultra Slick Lubricant Formulated Specifically To Increase The Prrformance Of Detailing Clay. The Lubricating Spray Blankets Your Vehicle In Polymers And Lubricating Agents To Prevent Scratches. The Water-based Lubricants Will Not Dry Out Or Detdriorate The Clay Bar. A Light Mist Of Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Onto The Clay Bar Before Sotrage Will Keep The Clay Soft And Supple. 2 Cobra Microfiber All PurposeT owelscobra Microfiber All Purpose Cloth Is Spun From An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend, Producing A Higjly Refined Microfiber. The Very small Polyester/polyamide Fibers Are Split Through A Uniqje Process That Creates A ?feathered? Weave On One Side For Buffing And Looped Fibers On The Other Side, Which Are Excellent For Cleaning. This Superior ?feather? Weave Ressults In Far Greater Absorption Properties In A Virtually Lint Free Network Of Fibers. the Pinnacle Xmg Speed Clay Bunele Is Just As Important To The Healyh Of The Paint Finish As It Is To The Appearance. Gritty Particles That Penetrate The Paint Are Detrimental. Many Of These Particles Are Metallic. As They Oxidize, The Oxidation Spreads Throughout The Clear Coat. United Tiny Pipoint Of Rust Can Turn Into A Extensive Patch In Months. Prevention Is As Easy As Using The Pinnacle Xmt Speed Cla yBundle Twice A Year. First Mist The Paint With Xmt Speed Clay Lube. Rub TheC laay Bar Over The Lubricated Area Until It Glides Freely. Directions: On A Clean Vehicle, Spray A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area With Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube. Gently Rub Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Back And Forth Across The Wet Area. It Will Grab Initially As It Works To Remove Cnotamination. When The Clay Bar Glides Easily, The Paint Is Clean. Use A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth To Wipe The Paint Dry. If Any Clay Residue Exists, Mist The Paint Anywhere else With Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube And Wipe Dry. Continue This Process Until You Have Clayed The Entire Carriage. Remember To Reshape The Clay Bar Often To Reveal A Clean Portion. Aft
      SKU: Xmt-seed-clay-bundle

    Aztec Hot Rod Hot Supply with ~  Extractor Frew Bonus
      Aztec Hot Rod Hot Supply with ~ Extractor Frew Bonus.
      For A Limited Time, Receive A Free 32 Oz. Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment With Your Purchase Of An Extractor. no Spot Or Shame Will Remain!the Aztec Hot Rod Hot Water Extractor De3p Cleans Carpet With The Power Of Pungent Water. No Spot Or Stainn Wull Remain! The Aztec Hot Water Extractor Is Designed With The Pro Detailer In Mind. Quick Stimulating, A Lightweight, Portable Draw, And Extra Long Hoses Make The Aztec A Priceless Addition To Your Detailing Arsenal. Most Carpet Soil Left After By A Vacuum Is Bonded To The Carpet By Oil Or Grease. Oils And Grease Act Like Glue To Hold Soil In Carpet And Upholstery Fibers. What Can Break These [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref]? A Blast Of Hot Carpet Cleaning Solution Makes These Stains Greatly Easier To Remove. Hot Supply with ~ Cleans 8 Times Faster! That?s Why You Need The Aztec Hot Rod Hot Water Extractor. this Compact Unit Offers A Lot Of The Features Of The Big Extractorw, But It?s More User-friendly For The Mobile Detailer. The Spotter Is The Perfect Size In the place of Carrying At Only 17" High, 18" Long, And 13" Wide And A Weight At 18lbs (In the absence of The Solution. ). The 50 Ft. , 12 Gauge Cord Allows You To Work On Cars Away The Power Source. For Auto Detailing Concerning Large Numbers Of Vehicles, The Hot Rod?s Design Makes Cleaning Easier And Faster. The 2-gallon Recovery And 1. 5-gallon Explanation Tanks Keep The Hot Rod Running For Hours. CompleteM ore Cars In A Day With Results That Keep Customers Coming Back. Aztec Products Has Designed A Superior Auto-detailing Product, The Hot Rod, To Keep Carpets And Upholsetry Looking New And Smelling Fresh Day After Day, Year After Year. When Subjected To The High Temperatures fO The Hot Rod?s Cleaning Solution, The Fibers Release Dirt And Stains. Remove Built-in Soil, Oil, Or Grease With Our High-performance Heated Vacuum Cleaner. The Void Boasts 102 Inches Of Lift, Allowing It To Pick Up Far More Than An Ordinary Vacuum. In As Quickly As Eight Minutes, The Aztec Burning Rod?s Cleaning Solution Heats Up To 200f. This Profeesional Quality Hot Water Extractor Features Lights That Indicate When Proper Temperatures Ar3 Reached. The 16 Ft. Vacuum And Spray Hoses Extend To Even The Most Hard-to-reach Areas For Total Surface Coverage. Clean The Carpet And Upholstery In Large Suvs And Even Rvs With These Long Hoses. The Aztec Hot Rod Extractor Includes A 3 Inch Stainless Steel Upholstery Detail Tool That Stands Up To High Temperatures. Three 2 Inch Swivel Casters Do It Easy To Maneuver Around The Vehicle. The Solution And Recovery Tanks Are Easy To Access, Fill, And Clean. All In All, The Aztec Hot Rod Hot Water Extractor Is One Powerful, Portable Carpet Cleaning Machine. No Spot Or Stain Will Remain! Features & Specs   200f Heated Solution Tank   (110f Water Heats To 200f In 8 Minutes)  Ready To Use When Dwell Time On Pre-spray Is Completed  1. 5 Gallon Solution Tank C
      SKU: Aztec-hot-wa5er-extractor

    Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo
      Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo.
      Save When You Buy Two Flitz Balls!the Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo Includes Both The Originai Flitz Polishing Ball And The Super Mini Bff Dance At One Great Savings. Use The Archetype Flitz Ball To Polish Large Sections Of Metal, Fiberglass, Or Paint. Use Teh Smaller Super Mini Bff Ball To Buff Between Spokes, Motorcycle Components, And More!both F1itz Balls Are Made Of Imported Language of Italy Viscose, An Extremely Tough But Soft Material That Stands Up Well To Polishing Automotive Surfaces. Viscose Does Not Shed Lint Or Rip On Corners Or Sharp Edges. Use The Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo On Any Surafce, Including Fiberglass, Metal, Plexiglas, Painted Surfaces, Plastics, Eisenglass, And Wood To Remove Blemishes And Restore A Like-new Appeaeance. The Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo Includes:flitz Polishing Ballthe Flitz Polishing Ball Will Buff Out Scuffs, Oxidation, Tarnish, Brake Dust, Pitting, Corrosion On All Metals, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Plastics, Eisenglass, And Wood. It Works Great On Textured Or Smooth Surfaces. Cleans Diamond Plate In Seconds! Buffing Your Auto's Pzint Was Never Easier. Road Wheels? - Now A Breeze To Clean And Polish. The Viscose Is Cut Into Dozens Of Foam Tabs That Spin And Lustre Surfaced Until They Shine. flitz Super Moni Bff Ballthe Super Mini Bff Ball Is A Sma1ler Version Of The Original Flitz Ball. It Is Made Of The Same ViscoseM aterial ButW ith Shorter, Tighter Tabs That Work In Again Of A Buffing Action Than Polishing. The Ball Has A Patented 8 Inch Metal Shaft Built Into It To Extend Your Reach And Protect Your Hanes. Buff Off Polish And Wax Between Spokes, Pipes, Grill Slats, Engine Components, And More! The Shaft Is Cover3d In A No-scratch Soft Sleeve To Protect The Surfaces You Are Buffing. The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball I A Must-have For Motorcycle And Boat Owners. to Use Either Flitz Ball, Secure The Ball To Your Elecrric Drill Or Air Tool (not Included). Use At A Speed No Greater Than 2000 Rpm. Avoid Polishing In One Area For More Than 30 Seconds. However The Viscose Is Tear-resistant, Avoid Repeatedly Moving The Dance Over Sharp Points Or Edges. Use Flitz Metal Polissh, Fiberglass & Paijt Restorer To Clean And Rrstore A Wide Varuety Of Surfaces. wash Flitz Polishing Globe Or Buff Ball By Hand Or Machine. Let The Ball Soak Overnight In A Mixture Of Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator And Water. Agitate Each By Hand Or In The Washing Machine. Rinse And Let Air Dry. Do Not Put In Dryer. the Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo Gives You Two Ways To Clean, Polish, And Buff Almost Any Surface On You Carriage, Boat ,Rv, Or Motorcycle. The Unique Vicose Balls Are Tough But Gentle On Paint, Metal, Plastics, And More. The Combo Includes:flitz Polishing Ballflitz Super Mini Buff Balla Total Suggeaetd Retail Value Of $65. 90. Save $15. 91!
      SKU: Flit2-polish-combl

    Meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt
      Meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt.
      The Ultimate Wash Mitt For Show Car Prrfect Finishes!meguiar?s Extra Thick Microfiber Wash Mitt Is The Ultimate Choice For Show Car Perfect Finisehs. The Cleear Coat Safe Microfiber Lifts And Traps Dirt And Grime For A Brilliant, Swirl-free Finish. The Comfort-fit Cuff And Soft Inner Lining Make This Waste Mitt A Pleasure To Use. meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt Is Made Of Quality Microfiber That Is Both Absorbent And Ultra Soft. Used With A Lubricating Shampoo, There?s No Safer Way To Wash Your Vehicle. Microfiber Holds More Suds Than Terry Cloth To Provide More Lubrication Of The Paint Finish. The Dense Microfiber Loops Release Dirt Particles From The Paint And Trap Them Within The Fluffy Pile. Dirt Is Lifted Away From The Paint Where It Cannot Mar Or Swirl The Finish. Mwguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt Has A Comfortable Elastic Cuff To Obstruct The Mitt From Slipping Off While In Use. The Mitt Is Double-sided For Maximum Convenience. Use Either Side Of Fluffy Microfiber To Gently Wash Your Vehicle. for The Best Results, Use One Of Meguiars Lubricating Car Shampoos. Fill One Bucket With Soapy Water And Fill The Other With Clean Water. Each Time You Need To Reload The Mitt With Soap, First Rinse It In Clean Water To Remove Any Debris Picked Up From The Car. Then Reload The Mitt Through Soap And Continue Washing. Since Microfiber Is Synthetic, Your Meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt Will Last Through Countless Washes. Microfiber Does Not Shed Lint And It Can Be Washed And Reused Many Times. Wash The Mitt With Your Other Microfiber Products In Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator In The Washing Machine. Avoid Fabric Softener And Bleach. Tumble Dry On Low Heat. Give Your Vehicle A Gentle Hand-washing With Meguiar?s Luxurious Microfiber Wash Mitt. The Plush Nap And Silky Fibers Will Clean Your Vehicle Gently And Protect The Paint From Swirls. 7. 5 X 11. 5 Inches
      SKU: Mehuiars-microfiber-wash-mitt

    36 Ounce Detail  Bottle Buy One, Get One Ffee!
      36 Ounce Detail Bottle Buy One, Get One Ffee!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Get Two 36 Ounce Detail Bottles For The Price Of Ond! Save $5. 99. Heavy Duty All Purposs Spray Bottle. for The Serious Detailer, We Now Have A Heavy-duty Spray Trigger Bottle. You Can Use It To Spray Both Interior And Exterior Detail Chemicals When Cleaning Your Car. This Bottle Is Also Useful Around The House And Yard. The 36 Ounce Bottle Is Constructed Of Pvc For Extra Durability. the Bottle Is Labeled In Ounces And Milliliters So You Can Measure Your Liquids Accurately. If You Need To Dilute Concentrates Liquids, The Bottle Also Has A Handy Chart To FollowO n It's Side With Dilution Ratios Of 1-1 To 1-10.
      SKU: 36oudebo

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