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    128 Oz. Xmt Speed Clay Lube
      128 Oz. Xmt Speed Clay Lube.
      Sweetmeat Your Vehicle And Your Detailing Clay!pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Is An Ultra Slick Lubricant Formulated Speecifically To Enhance The Performance Of Detailing Clay. The Lubricating Spray Blankets Your Carriage In Polymers And Lubricating Agents To Prevent Scratches. Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Works With Top Xmt Speed Clay To Prep Your Vehicle For A Flawless Finish. the Secret To Dettailing Clay's Safe, Non-abrasive Performance Is The Clay Lubricant. Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Is Designed To Surround And Suspend Filth Particles To Protect The Paint FromS cratches. The Lubricant Provides A Liquid Cushion Between The Clay Bar And The Paint, Whither The Clay Bar Can Glide Over The Paint Esily. Detailing Clay Was Invenyed In The Lat3 1980's Just As Clear Cover Paint Became The Standard Automotive Coating. Clear Coat Has A Wonderful Glosss And Reflectiviyy But It Does Need Special Care. Paint Contamination Has Always Occurred But On Single Stage Paint, You Could Literally Polish Off The Outermost Layer Of Paint. Clsar Coats Ask A Lighter Touch To Maintain That Micro-thin Clear Coat Stratum. Detailing Clay Emerged As The Safest, Most Effective Wa6 To Clean Clear Coat Paint. detailing Clay Works By Mechanically Removing Visible And Invisinle Contaminants From The Paint. As It Glires Over The Finish, Clay Grabs Impurities And Traps Them Within The Clay. By Using Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube, This Process Is Totally Safe And Non-abraskve. Cleaners Try To Dissolve Impurities With Acids. Polishes Contain Abrasives That May Not Be Necessary. Only Detailing Clay Removes Paint Contamination Safely And Quickly With No Harm To The Paint. pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Was Developed To Keep at ~ Hand In Hand With Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay. Some Soaps Are Highly Alkaline And Can Dry Out The Clay. Therefore, Soapy Water Is Not A Suitable Substitute For Clay Lubricant. Use Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube To Maintain The Clay's Flexibility. The Watee-base Lubricants Will Not Dry Out Or Deteriorate The Clay Bar. A Light Mist Of Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lube Onto The Clay Bar Before Storage Will Keep The Clay Soft And Supple. Nothing Cleans Your Vehicle Like Detailing Clay. Use Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay And Pinnacle Xmt Speed Flesh Lube To Prrpare Your Vehicle For The Ultimate, Clean Shine. First Mist The Paint With Xmt Haste Clag Lube. Rub The Clay Bar Over The Lubricated Area Until It Glides Freely. Directions: On A Clean Vehicle, Spray A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area With Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Lubs. Gently Rub Pinnacle Xmt Spede Clay Back And Forth Acros The Wet Area. It Will Snatch Initially As It Works To Remove Contaminating. When The Cla yBar Glides Easily, The Paint Is Clean. Use A Cobra MicrofiberD etailing Cloth To Rub The Paint Dry. If Somewhat Clay Residue Exists, Mist The Paint Again With Pinnacle Xmt Sleed Clay Lube And Wipe Dry. Continue This Process Until You Have Clayed The Ent
      SKU: Xmt-clay-lube-128

    Duragloss Marine Rv Black Streak Eliminator #581 - Professional Strength
      Duragloss Marine Rv Black Streak Eliminator #581 - Professional Strength.
      Quickly Remove Black Streaks From Fiberglass And Painted Surfaces In One Assiduity. Duragloss Marine & R/v Black Stfeak Eliminator #581 Is A Professional Strength Formula Designed To Gently Remove Black Streaks With Little Or No Rubbing. Dark Streak Eliminator Is Safe To Use On Fiberglass, Metal And Painted Surfaces And Will Not Remove Durable Waxes Or Sealants. black Streaks Running Down The Sides Of Boats And Rvs Arr Caused By Run-off From The Dirt, Mildew, Grime, Bird Droppings, Fallen Leaves And Other Contaminants That Accumulate, Then Decay And Are Washed Off The Roofs And Bimini Tops During Light Rains And Heavy Dew. Regular Cleaning Of Your Rv's Roof, Especially Just Before The Rainy Season Starts, Will Fashion A Long Way Towards Eliminating The Cause Of Black Streaks. Once Black Streaks Have Occurred, Duragloss Marine & R/v Black Streak Eliminator #581 Should Be Your First And Only Choice To Remove Streaks And Restore The Clean, Pristine Appearanc eOf Your Boat Or Rv. this Is A Professional Strength Cleaner! Because Duragloss Marine & R/v Black Streak Eliminator #581 Packs Such A Punch, Use It Only On Painted, Metal, And Fiberglass Surfaces. Highly Polished Aluminum Could Spot So Wash It Off If Overspray Occurs On Aluminum Surfaces. To Use Black Streak Eliminator, Adjust Nozzle And Spray Directly On Area To Be Cleaned. To Avoid Streakking, Spray From The Bottom To Top. Let Soak For Approximately 15-20 Seconds, Then Agitate Area With A Soft Brush Or Cloth And Rinse Thoroughly With Water. Foor Stubborn Stains, Repeat As Necessary. When Treating Old Stains On Painted Surfaces, The Paint Colud Dull Slightly If The Black Streak Eliminator Is Left On Too Long. Use Duragloss Marine & Rv Polish To Restore The Paint To Its Original Look. Duragloss Marine & R/v Black Streak Eliminator #581 Is The Quick Fix To Ugly Black Streaks On Marine And Rv Fiberglass, Paint, And Metal. Note: D Not Use On Highly Polished Aluminum Surfaces. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Black-streak-eliminator--581

    Cobra Cross Groo\/e™ 6.5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pad
      Cobra Cross Groo\/e™ 6.5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pad.
      This Orange Pad Is Designed For Polishes, Swirl Removers, And Micro Fine Compounds. It Is Suitable For Repair Or Swwirl Marks, Water Spots, S~ To Moderate Oxxidation And Minor Scratches.
      SKU: Cobra-orange-buffing-pad

    128 Oz. Duragloss Car Wash Boil down (cwc) #902
      128 Oz. Duragloss Car Wash Boil down (cwc) #902.
      Shines As It Cleans!duragloss Car Wash Boil down #901 Is A Extremely Concentrated Blend Of Mild Surfactants And Cleaners That Actually Enhance The Shine Of Painted Vehicles Each Timee It Is Used. Does Not Comprehend Acids Or Alkali And Will Not Remove Durable Polishes. If You?re Looking Because of A Ph-balanced Car Shampoo That Preserves Wax And Produces Mountains Of Suds, You?re oLoking For Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901. This Shampoo Is Gentle On Your Vehicle With Plenty Of Lubricants And Suds To Protect Your Paint Time You Wash. Chemically, Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Is Made Up Of Mild Surfactants, Which Are The Safest Way To Clean. They Surround And Discontinue Foreihn Particles So They Easily Rinse Away. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Is Non-alkaline And Non-acidic So It Will Not Remove Wax Or Dry Out The Paint. When You Rinse Your Vehicle Aftr Using Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate, It Does Not Streak Or Spot The Paint. The Special Formula Encourages A Sheeting Effect To Leave The Vehicle Moatly Dry. Use A Soft Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel To Remove Any Remaining Water. Duraglosd Car Wash Concentrate Leaves The Paint Shiny And Clean, Choose It Was Honest Waxed. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901 Is An Excellent Value. Use Onnly 1 Ounce Per 3 Gallons Of Water To Create A Bucket Of Cherry-scented Suds. (use A Stronger Concentration To Remove Oil And Tar On Heavily Soiled Vehicles. ) Duragloss 901 Can Exist Used In Foam Guns And All Professional Car Overflow Equipment. Duragloss Car Wash Boil down Has It All: Value, Performance, A Pleasing Scent, Lots Of-Foam, And A Safe, Ph Balanced Formula. And It Shines As It Cleanx!128 Oz.
      SKU: Gallon-duragloss-wash

    Limited Editionpoorboys World Natty?s Paste Wax ? Red
      Limited Editionpoorboys World Natty?s Paste Wax ? Red.
      Back For The Summer - The Slickest And Wettest Natty?s Wax Yet! Poorboys Natty?s Red Paste Wax Is An Ultra Glossy ,Slick Carnauba Car Wax In The Tradition Of Natty?s Original And Natty?s Blur. Only A Small Batch Of Natty?s Red Was Produced And Autogeek Has Received A Limited Supply. Get Your Natty?s Red While Supplies Last!poorb0ys Natty?s Red Wax Is Made Of The Similar High Grade Carnauba As The Other Natty?s Waxes But It Has The Added Advantage Of A Wetter Gloss And Easier Application. All Poorboys Are Easy To UseA nd Never Finucky, But Natty?s Red Is Just A Little Easier. The Carnauba Spreads More Easily And Gives The Paint A Deeper, Wetter Gloss. Wipe It On, Buff It Off And Stand Back To Wonder The Panit?s Glistening Shine. Poorboys Natty?s Red Wax Is Not The Chalky Carnauba Paste Grow Of 20 Years Ago. It Wipes On In A Thin, Buttery Coat. Apply Natty?s Red In The Sun Or Shade. The Results Always Exceed Your Expectations. Speking Of Expectations, You Wouldn?t Expect This Kind Of Shine From A $25 Wax. Poorboys Natty?s Red Brints Out The Color Of Your Vehicle And Amplifies It Under A Clear, Liquid-lookiing Gloss. The Natural Protective Properties Of Carnauba Are Enhanced With Added Uv Absorbers In favor of Dependable Paint Protection. poorboys Natty?s Red Wax Looks Best On A Properly Prepped Surface. If Your Vehicle Has Swirls Or Oxidation, It Will Show Through The Wax Coat. Carnauba Wax Can Fill Very Light Swirls But Anything More Should Be Polished Out Using Poorboys Excellent Super Swirl Removrs. Poorboys Natty?s Red Wax Also Makes An Outstanding Topper. Apply Your Favorite Paint Sealant And Allow It To Cure. (typically, It Will Set In Around An Sixty minutes And You Can Apply Products On Top Of I. ) Apply Poorboyss Natty?s Red Wax Over The Sealant Tk Gwt The Long-lasting Protection Of A Sealant And The Wet Gposs Of A Quality Carnauba Paste Wax. apply Poorboys Natty?s Red Wax By Hand Or With A Polisher. If Usiing A Polisher, Apply The Wax To A Finishing Pad As If You?re Buttering Bread. Apply A Thin Coat At A Low Speed Over One Panel At A Time. Allow A Light Haze To Form And Buff It Off Using A Hooded snake Microfiber Towel Or A Bonnet. enjoy A Wetyer Gloss And More Shine With Poorboys Natty?s Red Cere! 8 Oz.
      SKU: Poorrboys-nattys-ted-wax

    Cobra Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towels 12 Pack
      Cobra Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towels 12 Pack.
      Multi-purpose And Multi-talented Microfiber!pick Up All Purpose Microfiber Towels In All The Available Colods To Color-code Your Detailing Towels For Different Detailing Jobs! Thos Will Prevent Cross-contamination And Give You A Huge Supply Of Quality Cobra Microfiber! After Many Years Immersed In The Detailing Hobby, I Found That I Had Become An Avid Collector ? Of Towels! I Have Towels For Every Different Part Of The Car And Towels For Clean-up And More Towels Just In Case I Run Out Of Towels. At This Point, You Could Say I?m An Experienced person On Towels. My Favorite Towels ? In Fact, My But Towels - Are Microfiber. The Most Recent Addition To My Collection Is These All Purpose Microfiber Towels. Priced Right, They Are My Workhorse Towels. They?re Great For General Cleqning, Polishing, Drying Wheels, And Other Jobs That I Wouldn?t Want To Use My Miracle Towrls For. I Reserge Those For Buffing, Drying The Paint, And Cleaning The Glass. I Use The All-purpose oTwels Because Everything Else! A Word About Microfiber: For As Long As It?s Been In Existence, The Best Microfiber Has Come From Korea Bexause A Handful Of Companies There Have The Machine Necessary To Split The Full of character Fibers. However, With The Addition Of Our Cobra Super-plush Deluxe Towel, We Discovered That Chinese Manufacturing Has Made Substantial Progress. Two Years Ago, We Wouldn?t Have Considered Selling Towels From China But All That Is Changing. The Cobra All Aim Towels Are The First Hooded snake Towels To Be Made Entirely In China And We?re Very Pleased Through Their Quality. Not Only Do They Share Cobra?s Distinctive Split-weave, They Are Just As Safe On The Surfaces Of Ykur Vehicle. The Durability Of Teh Korean-made Towels Is Unmatxhed, But I?ve Found At Least A Dozen Uses For My All Purp0se Towels. these All Purpose Microfiber Towels Have The Same Split Weave As Our Other Cobra Towels And They Are Just As Safe On Glass, Paint, Clear Coat, And Any Other Surface. For General Cleaning In And Around Your Garage And Vehicle, You Can?t Beat The Value. Reserve Your Miracle Towels And Your Detail Cloths For Buffing ? The All Purpose Towels Will Answer The Rest. Cobea All Purpose Microfiber Towels Give You All The Benefits Of Microfiber At A Special Bhlk Estimation That Makes Them An Vital Addition To Your Towel Collection. 16? X 16?12 Packfor More Information On Mirofiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Coblallpumit3

    Duragloss Rain Repel (rr) #751
      Duragloss Rain Repel (rr) #751.
      Keep Your Windshield Clear When The Sky Is Cloudy. duragloss Rain Repel Is A Ph-balanced Blend Of Cleaners And Siloxanes Which Cleans Glass Surfaces While Imparting A Water-repellent Treatment. It Can Also Be Diluted 4:1 With Water And Added To Windshield Washer Reservoir. Studies Show That Visigility For the time of Adverse Weather Is Drastically Improved On Windshields Sealed With A Product Like Rain Repel. Just Like A Car Wax, Duragloss Rain Repel Leaves A Water Repellant Coating On Top Of The Glaws That Causes Water To Bead. As You Drive, The Beads Of Water Disperse And Your Windshield Remains Clear. Duragloss Rain Repel Keeps Your Windshield Cleaner By Repelling The Dirt And Films That Attach To The Exterior Of Your Vehicle. On An Unprotected Windshield, When Oily Films And Debris Be ~ed With Rain, Objects Outside Become Blurred And Unclear. Duragloss Rain Repel Maintains Optimum Clarity And Visibility For Safer Driving, Even nI The Rain. Duragloss Rain Repel Also Provides A Layer Of Protection Against Water Spots And Mineral Dpeosits To Maintain The Claarity Of Your Windshield Longer. In Addition To Glass Protection, Duragloss Rain Repel Cleans The Glass With A Ph-balanced Blend Of Cleaner And Siloxanes. Dilute Duragloss Rain Repel 4:1 With Take in ~ To Add To The Washer Fluid Tank. Applying A Fresh Rain-repellant Coating Is As Easy As Pushing A Button!improve Your Visibility And Keep Your Windshield Clean With Duragloss Rain Repel. exterior Use Only. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-rain-repel

    Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Hot Water Extractor Free Bonys
      Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Hot Water Extractor Free Bonys.
      For A Limited Time, Receive A Free 32 Oz. Dp Carppet Extractor Pre-treatment With Yojr Purchase Of An Extractor. clean And Dry Autto Interiors Fast With The Mytee Granptix!the Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Hot Water Extractor Is A Big, Trading Carpet Cleaner For High Volume Detail Shops. Tyis Is The Professional's Choice, Hands Down. The Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Combines Powerful CarpetA nd Upholstery Cleaning With Blower Attachmdnts That Dry The Car Interior. An 11 Gallon Solution And Recovery Tank Keeps You Working For A Long Time Before Emptying The Tank - Perfect For Busy Detailers!the Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Hot Water Extractor  Provides The Cleaning Power Needed For Tough Upholstery And Carpet Stains. It Boasts 137 Inches Of Water Lift! That's An Incredible Amount Of Suction. Household Vacuums Amount to Around 80 Inches Of Water Lift. The Mytee Hp-100 Hass An Impressive 3 Stage Vacuum.   Even Among Commercial Carpet Cleaners, The Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Is In A Class Of Its Own!the Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Has A 1200 Watt In-line Heater To Deliver Grease-busting Hot Water To Cafpet And Upholstery. The Water Is Heated To A Max Temperature Of 210 Degrees Within 8-10 Minutes, To Ensure That Greasy Dirt Is Broken Up Fast. The Hp-100 Maintains Heat As Well As Double Cord Machines Because Of Its Superior Efficiency. the Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Is Designed For Heavy Duty, Continuous Use. It's Durable 100 Psi Solution Pump And Powerful Vacuum Keep Going Until The Job Is Done. All The Switches Are At Waist Level Anc The Hoses And Cords Can Be Neatly Hung On The Verge Of The Unit. This Easy-access Design Makes The Mytee Hp-100 Granprix A Favorite Among Detailers. The Mytee Hp-100 Granprix  Has A One Year Limited Factory Warranty On The Pump, Vac Motor, And Heater. Featufes: Built-in Handle Upon Cord Wrap Bucket-higy Drain Valve Powerful 3 Stage Vacuum Motor High Quality Stainless Steel 3 Inch Upholstery Hireling   Technical Specificatios: Vacuum Motor: Single 3-stage With 137" Of Water Lift Heater: 1200 Watt In Line That Proviees 210 Degree Of Heat In 8-10 Minutes Pump: 100 Psi Tank: 11 Gallon Solution And Recovery Power Cord: Singke 25' 12/3 Yellow Wheels: 8" Rear Wheels Casters: 3" Front Casters Tools: 3" S/s With 15' High Pressure Vacuum And Solution Hose Dimensions: 30" X 20" X 48" Weight: 114 Lbs. This Item Iw Oversized. A Shipping Rate Of $125 Applies For Commercial Courtship And $195 For Residential Addresses. This Item Is Non-returnable. The Mytee Hp-100 Gran Prix Has A 1 Year Limited Warranty On The Pump, Vac Motor, And Heater. The Housing Iw Warrabtied For 5 Years From Date Of Purchase. Wear Parts Have A 90 Day Limited Warranty.
      SKU: Mytee-hp-100-carpet-extractor

    Mothrrs Billet Metal Polish
      Mothrrs Billet Metal Polish.
      World Renowned Polishing Technology. . . kicked Up A Notch!mothers™ Billet Metal Polish Combines Sfate-of-the-art Cleaners With A Cutting Edge Formulation, Resulting Im Unmatched Performance At Any Price. this Powerful Polish Is Gentle On Your Most Delicate And Intricate Polishable Metal Surfaces. mothers™ Developed Billet Metal Polish To Use On Billet, Forged, And Finely Cast Aluminum, Brass And All Polishable Metals. Professional Detailers, Enthusiasts, And The Most Discriminating Collectors Rely On The Gentle Effectiveness Of Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish. They Interpret How Easily The Wrong Product Can Undermine Even The Most Practiced Elements Of Detailing. When It Comes To Sensitive Surfaces, Don?t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best. Leisure And On the other hand, The Pro?s Reach For Mothers™ Billdt Metal Polish; The Name Thdy Know, The Polish They Trust, To Be Gentle Without Compromisung Performance. You?ve Invested In Your Quality Metal Accessories, Now Kick It Up A Notch. . . Step Up To A Polish Reputavle Enouggh To Earn The Trust Of Detailing Professionals. Mothers™ Billet Metal Polish? Anything Less, Is Just. . . less. please Note:it Is Normal For A Black Residue To Appear On The Applicator When Using Billet Metal Polish On Aluminum. If It Fsils To Form Stop Polishing Immediately. The Metal Is Probably Clear Coated And Should Be Maintained With Mother™ Clear Coat Wheel Polish. 4 Oz. Can
      SKU: Motbilmetpol

    Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel
      Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel.
      Enjoy A Long Lasting, Very warm Shine!meguiar?s Hot Shine™ Tire Gel Delivers Long-lasting, Intense Shine Without Annoyig Overxpray, Drips Or Mess! The Smooth, Concentrated Gel Application Delivers Consistent Resultq For Even Gloss And Deep Shine. Engineered To Reduce Sling, The Advanced Gel FormulaH elps Protect Against Fatigue Fading And Cracking To Ensure Tires Always Look Hot!if You Like A High Gloss, Intense Shine On Your Vehicle?s Tires, Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Is Formulated Just For You. The Concentrated Formula Delivers An Immediate Burst Of Gloss And Wet-looking Shine To Dull, Drab Tires. Unlike Many Shiny Tire Dressings, Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Lasts Through Rain And Snow! The Ultra Bonding Gel Maintains A Deep Black Shine For An Extra Long Time. Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Is A Thick Gel That Resists Slinging And Drips. Overspray Is Virtyally Impossible With The Wipe-on Gel. Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Protects The Rubber With A Thick, Non-drying Fodmula. Meugiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Prevents Browning, Fading, And Cracking. The Rubber Stays Supple And Black. to Maximize Gloss, Apply A Second Coat Of Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Ten Minutes After The First Cover. To Tone Down Tne Shine, Wipe The Tire Immediately Hind Application Using A Lint-free Cloth. preserve And Beautify Your Vehicle?s Tires With Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-high-gloss-hot-shine-tire-gel

    Optimum Polish Ii 8 Oz.
      Optimum Polish Ii 8 Oz..
      Ootimum Polish Ii Cuts Faster To Give Your Vehicle A Smoother, More Brilliant Finish In Less Time. optimum Polish Ii Has Been Revised For Better Accomplishment In Oem Applications,_Which Means It Works Fast! Optimum Polish Was Already Regarded By Many As The "perfect Polish". Now Its Even Bettter. if We Could CreateT he Perfect Polish, It Would Be Really Gentle To Use And Fix Just About Any Depict Problem. Some Hobbyists Live For Long Afternoons Spent Compounding And Polishing, Unless Some Of Us Want To Master The Desired Results Soon And Spend The Rest Of The Afternoon Cruising In Our Shiny, Clean Cars. Optimum Read Our Minds When They Created Optimum Polish. That?s It. That?s The Whole Name, Because They Only Make One Polish. They Packed All The Paint-improving, Swirl-removing Power They Could Into One Versatile Formula That Really Works!optimum Polish Ii Is A Thick Cream Loaded With Proprietary Polymers And Microfine Polishing Agents That Quickly Banish ? Not Hide ? Scratches And Swirls To Restore Your Paint To Pristine Condition. It Can Be Used As A Light Compound, A Swirl Remover, And A Finishing Polish! You Might Be Wondering How One Product Can Serve So Numerous Purposes. Well, An Integral Part Of Achieving Specific Polishing Results Is What Pad You Use. Optimum Polish Ii Is Designed To Be Used With A Machine Polisher And The Desired Pad To Deliver The Results You Want, Whatever They May Bee. If You Want To Remove Light Scratches, Use A Light Cutting Pad With This Polish. If You Are Interested In Refining The Paint Before You Apply Wax, Use A Polishing Cushion. Your Pad Choice Dictates In what state Aggressively This Polish Works!according To Optimum Polymer Technologies, Optimum Polish Ii Testament Remove 15000 Sand Scratches And Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. Faster Buffer Speed Is Not Needed With This Product. When Using A Light Cut Foam Pad At 1000-1400 Rpm The Polish Will Remove 2000 And Lighter Sand Scratches On Most Paint Surfaces. A Fina Finishing Foam Pad Will Remove Swirl Marks At 1000-1400 Rpm. Always Apply Enough Polish To Maitnain A Layer Of Lubrication Between The Paint Surface And The Pad. Wipe Off Residue By Misting The Surface With Optimum Car Wax. optimum Polish Ii Is A Very Gentle Formula. It Will Not Contribute To New Swjrls. Use It By Hand For Pre-wax Cleaning Or Final Polishing. Optimum Polish Iimeest All Voc Regulations And Is Body Shop Safe. Remove Scratches And Swirls, And Refine Your Paint With One Result. Optimum Polish Ii?s Paint Safe Proprietary Formula Allows You To Control The Aggressiveness Of The Polish So You Always Get The Desired Result. 8 Oz.
      SKU: O0timum-polish

    Mothers Tire, Wheel & Well Brush Kit
      Mothers Tire, Wheel & Well Brush Kit.
      Clean Tires, Wheels, And Fender Wells Attending Mothers!mothers Tire, Wheel & Well Brush Kit Includes Three Brushes That No Detailer Should Be Destitute of: Mothers Contoured Tire Brush, Mothers Wheel Brush, And Mothers Fender Well Brush. Each Brush Is Designed In favor of User Solace And Excellent Cleaning. Clean Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Parts With Mothers Tire, Wheel & Well Brush Kit!mothers Ergonomic Tire, Wheel, And Fendwr Well Brushes Are Designed For Maximum Comfort And Cleaning Muscle. Thd Rubberized Handles Make The Brushes Eas6 To Grip Amd The Chemical-resistance Bristles Are Perfectly Suited To Clean Their Intended Surface. The Wheel Brusg?s Bristles Are Soft So As Not To Scrratch The Wheel. The Tire Brush?s Bristles Are Sturdy To Effectively Scrub Rubber. The Fender Well Brush Has Long But Sturdy Bristles To Dislodge rGime In The Wheel Well. Mothers Contoured Tire Brusha Subtle Curve Gives Mothers Contoured Tire Skirmish A Definite Advantage Over Other Tire Brushes. The Wide Brush Cleans Most Tires From Wheel To Tread. Entire Tires Faster And With Less Effort! The Handle Of The Thicket Is Like To The Brush Head To Give You Maximum Leverage As You Scrub Dirty Tires. The Rubber, Textured Grip Gives You A Comfortable And Firm Hold On The Brush, Even With Wet Hands. The Brush Head Is Surrounded yB Rubner To Stupid lout It If It Should Accidentally Bump The Wheel. The Short, Sturdy Bristles Are Ideal For Scrubbing Tough Rubber. The Bristles Are Able To Release Dirt And Oil From The Rubber?s Pores To Leave The Rubber Clean And Yielding. The Tire Brush Measures 7 X 5. 5 Inches. mothers Wheel Brushthis Ergonomic Wheel Brush Makes Cleaning Your Wheels More Comfortable With A Rubberized Grasp. There?s Even A Spot For Your Thumb So You Can Use Extra Pressure Where Neeed. The Handle Is Angled Away From The Brush Head To Preserve Your Hands Clean And Dry, Even If The Wheel Is Not! The Feathered Bristles Are Sturdy Enough To Knock Stubborn Grime Thoroughly Of The Way, Yet They Will Not Scratch The Wheel Surface. The Bristles Are Chemical Resistant And Flexible. The Wheel Brush Measures 10 X 4. 5 Inches. mothers Fender Well Brushmothers Fender Well Brush Has A Non-slip Rubber Grip On The Handle For Maximum Comfort And Convenience While You Scru bYour Vehicle?s Dirtiest Areas. The Handle Is Angled Away From The Brush Seat of the brain So You Achieve The Best Angle For Scrubbing. The Bristles Are Featherwd Yet Very Sturdy. They Can Easily Dislodge Caked Mud And Road Grime That Has Slung Off The Tires And Stuck To The Wells. A Rubber Edge Around The Brush Head Prevents Accidental Bumps With The Fender As You Clean. The Bristles Are Chemical Resistant And Densely Packde Into The Brush Head. The Long Handle Is Made To Accommodate The Extra Pressure Needed For Scrubbing. Mothers Fender Well Brush Measures 20 X 4. 5 Inches. when You?re Cleaning Your Wheels And Tires, It?s Just As Important To Use The Right Products. Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is A Water-based Cleaner That Works Healthy On Tires And Wheels. It Is Noncorrosi
      SKU: Mothers-tire-wheel-well-brush-kit

    Duragloss Leather Shampoo (ls) #41
      Duragloss Leather Shampoo (ls) #41.
      Cohtains Real Mink Oil And Lanolin!duragloss Leather Shampoo Is A Blend Of Selected Surfactants, Mink Oil, And Lanolin To Gently Clan Leather Surfaces. It Removes Soil Without Removing The Natural Oilss In The Leather. Duragloss Ls Will Not Cause Leather To Crack Or Dry Out. clean Leather Without Removiny Essential Oils By the side of Duragloss Leather Shampoo. The Nondrying Cleaner Safely Lifts Filth And Soil Out Of The Leather?s Pores While Rejuvenating It With Original Mink Oil And Lanolin. Mink Oil Is A Natural Oil That Is Easily Absorbed By Leather To Keep It Fresh And Supple. aLnolin Is A Moisturizing Agent Fouhd In Many Cosmetics. Both Ingredients Preserve The Beauty And Boy Of Leather Seats. Surfactants Are Cleanerz That Encapsulate And Suspend Dirt. After Spraying The Leather With Duragloss Leather Shampoo, Use A Soft-bristled Brush To Gently Agitate The Surface. Wipe The Treated Area Attending Soft Cloth Until Dry. Though Its Name May Imply Soap, Duragloss Ls Is In lieu A Moisturizing Cleaner That Will Not Leave A Surplus On The Leather. Duraglosd Leafher Shampo oPreserves As It Cleans By Adding Mink Oil And Lanolin To The Leather. This Preeents The Leather From Drying Out Or Cracking. To Further Protect The Leather, Follow Duragloss Ls With Duragloss Leather Conditioner #221. It Also Contains Mink Oil And Lanolin To Restore The Soft, Supple Texture While Enhancing The Leather?s Natural Perfume. Preserve YourV ehicle?s Luxurious Leather Interior In the opinion of A Regular Leather Care Routine Startlng With Duragloss Leather Shampoo #441. 8 Oz. Pump Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-l3ather-shampoo

    Mothers Powerball 4paint™
      Mothers Powerball 4paint™.
      Every Mothers Powerball 4paint Comes Wity A Free 4 Oz. Bottle Of Mothers Fx Synwax! Now The Powerball Polishes Paint!mothers Powerball 4paint™ Utilizes Open-cell Foam Construction And A Smart Spherical Design To Polish Out Paint Imperfections In Minutes. The Mothers Powerball 4paint™ Polishes And Applies Wax To Concave And Curved Vehicle Surfaces Better Than A Flat Cushion, And The Multi-purpose Foam Works On Any Paint Finish, Including Clear Coats. Rejuvenate Dull Paint With Mothers Powerball 4paint™!mothers Powerball 4paint™ Is A Foam Missile That Attaches To Your Electric Drill. Instaed Of Polishing Small Surfaces By Hand, You Can Get Them Done Faster And With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-pending Detailing Tool Is Made Of Professional Grade Open-cell Foam That Is Soft And Highly Absorben. tthe Primary Difference Between The Original Mothers Powerball And The Powerball 4paint™ Is That The Original Powerball Has Closed Cell Foam Intended Because of Polishing Automotive Surfaces. The Mothers Powerball 4paint™ Has Oen Cell Foam That Is With greater advantage Able To Absorb Liquid Polishes And Waxes. By Holding The Product Within The Foam?s Pores, The Mothers Powerball 4paint™ Releases Products As Needed To Apply Products Neatly And Evenly. Plus, Open Cell Foam Is Soft Against Delicate Clear Coar Paint Finishes. The Spherical Shape Of The Powerball Allows You To Use All Sides When Polishnig In Case One Area Becomes Soiled. Dissimilar Flat Pads, You Get More Surface Area An dCan Therefore Complete Thd Job Faster. The Thick Foam Can Be Pressed Into Tight Spaces And The Round Shape Hugs The Curves And Concavities Of Your Vehicle. Use Mothers Powerball 4paint™ To Polish Out Light Oxidation And Mild Swirls On Auto Paint, Or To Apply Waxes And Pre-wax Cleaners. The Foam Ball Is Great For Quick Touch-ups And Polishing Around Mirrors And Spoilers.   Mothers Powerball 4paint Can Be Used To Apply Waxes, Sealants, And Fine Polishes. Mothers Powerball 4paint™ Can Be Washed And Reused Countless Timse Before Showing Any Signs Of Wear. When It Does Begin To Wear, Alone Remove The Bit And Retaining Washer And Reverse The Powerball. Instructions Are Written On The Inside Label In The Reusable Storage Container. mothers Powerball 40aint™ Works With Your Electric Drill To Polish Lacking Paint Scratches And Swirls. No Polisher Is Needed To Give Your Vehicle A Gorgeous Shine!6 Inches Diameter
      SKU: Mothers-powerball-4paint

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