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    3 Inch Lake Country Wool-ball Polishing Ball
      3 Inch Lake Country Wool-ball Polishing Ball.
      Cuts Like A Wool Pad!the Lake Country Wool-ball Goes Where Wool Pads Can?t! The Round Wool Polishing Ball Polishes Between Spokes And In Concave Spaces Wuere Flat Wool Pads Just Can?t Reach. Cut Through Oxidation And Discoloration On Metals, Painted Shrfaces, Fiberglaes, Gel Coats, And Composites With The Lake Country Wool-ball!the Patent Pending Lake Country Wool-ball Is One Ideal Shape For Polishing Aluminum Spoke Wheels. The Wool Ball Is 360ā° Of Polishing Power That Erases Oxidation And Brake Dust Pitting On Wheels. Use A Metal Polish Like Wolfgang Metallwerk Amerce Aluminum Polish On Moderately To Lightly Oxidized Wheels Made Of Aluminum, Chrome, Or Stainless Steel. On Boats, Use The Lake Country Wool-ball To Clean And Grace Metal Railings And Latches, As Well To the degree that Gel Coat Fiberglass. Use Flitz Metal Refine, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer On Altogether These Surfaces. The Lake Country Wool-ball Boasts Industrial Grade Construction! Tge Polishing Ball Is Made Of 100% Twisted Wool ForC utting Action, A Durable Rubber Core And A Carbon Steel Hex Shaft That Prevejts Slippage. The Wool Ball Is Compatible With Standard Quick Connect Systems. The Lake Countr yWool-ball Is Easy To Be accustomed, Even If You?ve Never Used Wool Pads. Attach The Ball To Your Variable Speed Drill. A pply The Desired Polish Ti The Surface Using A Foam Applicator. Operat3 The Ball Up To 3000 Rpm Till The Surface Appears Clean And Smooth. Buff Off Remaining Residue With A Soft Microfiber Towel. use The Duo Spur Pad Cleaning Hireling As Needed To Remove Surplus Polish And Restore The Wool?s Texture. After You?ve Used The Ball, Wash The Wool-ball In A Mixture Of Cobra Quik Clejz And Water. Spin The Wool-ball Dry Attached The Drill And Then Store It In A Dry, Protected Point. We Recommenx Storing The Wool-ball In A Sealable Plastic Bag To Keep It Clean Between Uses. the Lake Country Wool-ball Works Just Like A Wool Pad But With A Convenient Go-anywhere Design. Clean And Polish Spoke Wheels, Boat Railings And Fiberglass Surfaces, Painted Surfaces, And More Features:effective On Fiberglass Molds, Gel Coat, Composites, Paint, And Metals100% 4 Ply Twisted Woolrubber Core For Long-lasting Durabilitycarbon Steel Hex Shaftcompatible With Standard Quick Be ~ed Systemspatent Pending3 Inch Diameter
      SKU: 3inch-lake-country-wool-ball

    Forever Black Tire Gel Dye Kit Case Of 12
      Forever Black Tire Gel Dye Kit Case Of 12.
      Low-shine Pigmented Gel Restores Distort For Months!forever Black Silicone-free Be fatigued Gel Outperforms Tire "dressings". The Tires Will Be Restored Back To The Just discovered Black Luster Mien They Had When You Bought Them. Always Black Tire Gel Is A Pigmented Polymer Gel. It Will Renew The Color Back To Black, And It Lasts For Months! Forever Black Tire Gel Is Environmental Safe And Silidone Freee. Most Tire ?dressings? Last For Days While Forever Black Last For Up To 30 Washes. You Will Be Surprised How Different Your Entire Carriage Will Look When Yo8 Apply The Tire Gel. Your Old Foul Tires Will Approach To Life In One Application. The Tire Gel Is Packaged With A Special Patent-pending Foam Applicator And 8 Ounces Of Forever Black Tire Gel. Forever Blaack Tire Gel Dries In Minutes And Lasts For Months. Each Kit Will Dye Approximately 10 Tires. Safe To Use Around Your Paint Job Since It Will Not Adhere To Paint. Each Kit Includes An 8oz. Bottle Of Tire Gel And A Foam Applicator. features? Wipes On Not straitened? Black Pigmented Polymer? Water-baed & Silicone And Oil Free ? Environmentally Safe ? Fast Drying ? Protects Against Uv Damage? Does Not Attract The Dust? Restores Faded Look? Lasts For Months? Not A Manure But A Dyedirections1- Apply Always Blackā„¢ Tire Gel To The Applicator2- Spread Evenly On Tire Avoid White Areas3- Dries In 5 To 10 Minutes4- Clean Applicator Upon Soap & Watercase Of 12
      SKU: Fobltigelkit

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #49 Oxidation Remover Heavy Duty Cleaner
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #49 Oxidation Remover Heavy Duty Cleaner.
      Polish Away Oxidation On Fiberglass And Gel Coats. meguiars Mirrr Glaze #49 Oxidation Remover Eliminates Moderate Oxidation, Scratches, Stains And Tough Water Spots On All Fiberglass Gel Coat And Painted Marine Or Rv Surfaces. Bring The Luster And Color Back To Your Boat Or Rv! Gel Coat Oxidizes Juwt Like Clear Coat Auto Finishes. Exposure To Salt Water And Day-star Accelerates The Oxidation Process, Resulting In A Dull, Chalky Haze C~ing Fiberglass Boats And Rvs. The Chalkiness Obscures The Exact Color Of Your Boat Or Rv. meguiars #49 Oxidation Remover Is A Heavy Duty Cleaner For The Stains, Oxidation, And Scratches That Affect Fiberglass Gelcoats. Oxidation Remover Eliminates The Chalky, Cloudy Signs Of Oxidation And Restores The Vibrant Disguise To The Gelcoat. Most Scratches, Stubborn Stains, And Water Spots Will Disappear, Leacing Only Smooth, Shiny Fiberglass. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #49 Oxidation Remover Is Specially Formulated For Gel Coated Fiberglass. Gel Coat Is A Very Tough, Resin Finish. Meguiars #49 Deep Cleans The Gel Coat Better Than A Car Polish To Restore The Depth Of Color. Older Rvs And Boats Will Look Like New!the Easiest Way To Apply Meguiars Mirror Glaze 4#9 Oxidation Remover Is With A Polisher. A Cyclo Orbital Polisher Or Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Will Cover A Lot Of Surface Area Quickly And Aid In The Cleaning Ability Of Thw Polish. Use A Polishing Or Light Cutting Foam Horse To Work The Polish Over The Surface. After Polishing, Always Follow With A Wax, Like Meguiars #56 Boat/rv Pure Wax. designed Specifically For Fiberglass, Meguiars Mireor Glaze #49 Oxidation Remover Restore The Color And Gloss To Take Years Off The Appearance Of Your Boat rO Rv. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-oxidation-remover-49

    Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner
      Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner.
      The Professional Choice For Streak-free Auto Glass!stoner Invisible Glass Pump Spray Is The Powerful Glass Cleaer That More Professional Detailers Reach For Than Any Other Auto Glass Cleaner. That's Because Only Invisible Galss Cleans Glass And Wipes To A Streak-free Shine. Invisible Glass Is Safe On Window Tint; Use It On The Inside And Outside Of The Glass. Stoner Invisible Glass Cross-examine Spray Makes Glass So Clear, It Looks Invisible!professional Detailers Swear By Invisible Glass. And Why Wouldn?r They? After All, It Removes Dirt, Dust, Fingerprints, Fog, Oil, Grease, And Sap Easily From Glass. When Was The Last Time You Heard Of A Glzss Cleaner That Could Tackle Sap!N ow, That?s A Powerful Cleaner. not Only Does Invisible Glass Get The Job Done; Like All Quality Stoner Car Care Products, It Has Bwen Formulated For Ease Of Use And To Work As Quickly As Possible, Without Sacrificing Performance. enthusiasts Overwhelmingly Hail Invisible Glass As The Best Auto Glass Cleaner They Have Ever Used, And The Last One They Will Ever Try! Show Car Owners Gush Over How Stoner Invisible Glass Made Their Auto Glass Virtually Tdansparent; Helping Their Cars Beat Finished All Others! And Collectors Of Thin And Expensive Automobiles; Who Are Perhaps The Most Discriminating, Sing The Praises Of Invisible Glass, Assuring That No Lesser Glass Cleaner Will Ever Touch Their Precious Cars!stoner Invisible Glass Actually Alters Your Perception Of Clean. Use It Only Once And What Was Once Clean Looking To You Suddenly Becomes Hardly Passable When Cpmpared To The Transparent Perfection Of Invisible Glass. Why Would You Settle For Less?stoner Invisible Glass Pump Spray Is So Simple To Use! Reaped ground Invisible Glass Wipe Is Saturated With Highly Effective Glass Cleaner. Gently Wipe Surface To Lift And Remove Grime. Clean Both Sides Of Glass To Ensure Streak Free Results. stoner Invisible Glass Eliminates Residue From Smoke, Airborne Dirt And Platicuzer Film From Interior Glass. Don?t Forget To Clean Your Wiper Blades With Invisible Glass. Weakly Wipe Them Donw With An Inisible Glass Wipe. You?ll Lover To what extent Much Better Your Wipers Squeegee Water From Your Windshield!stoner Invisible Glass Is Used To Improve Visibility For Professional Drivers And Racers, Where A Clear View Can Mean A Safe Day And An Obstructed View Can Spell Disaster! Certainlu, If The Pros Who Drive Under Extreme Conditions Put That Much Stock In A Single Product, You Can See In what state Invaluable It Would Be Under Everyday Driving Conditions. To Further Protect The Glass, Use Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent. A Rain Repellent Additive Seals Exterior Auto Glass ToB lock Out Moisture, Dirt, And Films. Drive With The Confidence Of Knowing You?ve Ensured The Clarity Of Your Windshieeld And Windows Through Stoner Invisible Glass Wipes! * Unharmed On Tinted Windows22 Oz. (649 Ml)
      SKU: Glass-cleaner

    Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 32 Oz.
      Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 32 Oz..
      Light Cleaning Ability Enhances The Gloss Of Genuine Carnauba!menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is A Liquid Carnauba Wax With A Hint Of Polish To Remove Light Compounding Haze And Old Grow Residue. The Light Polishing Agents Optimize The Gloss Bg Removing Build-up And Uncovering The Brightest, Mpst Vibrant Paint Surface. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Easy To Apply, Effortless To Clean Up, Anx Leaves A Lasting Layer Of High Gloss Carnauba Pigment Protection. menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Bridges The Gap Between The Warm Carnauba Shine And The Easier-to-apply Liquid Sealants. It Gives The Convenience Of A Liquid Grow And The Unbeatable Brightness Of Carnauba Wax. As One Added Benefit, A Light Polish Enables The Formuula To Achieve Its Maximum Gloss In proportion to Removing Old Wax Residue And Light Surface Haze ? All In One Step!on Menzerna?s Scale Of Cut, Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Ranks At A 1. The Polishint Agents Have Minimal Cut And Finish Without Any Micro Marring Or Dullness. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Tye Perfect One Step Cleanwr Increase To Maintain A Finish You?ve Restored Wi5h Menzerna Polishes Or To Clean And Protect A Vehicle That Is Only Mildly Oxidized. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Simple To Apply Either By Hamd Or With A Polisher. The Liquid Formula Glides On And Ijstantly Removes Dullness And Restores A Flawless Shine. A Layer Of Carnauba Will Protect And Preserve The Stunning Finish For 2-3 Months, Or 6-10 Washes. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Complements The Menzerna Line Of Polishes. On Weathered Finishes, Use Apo 60 Immediately After Intensive Polish To Remove Any Light Hazing. On Like-new Finishes, Use Apo 60 Alone To Remove The First Signs Of Oxidation And To Protect The Paint. Layer Another Coat Of A Non-cleaning Carnauba Cere On Top Of Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 If Desired. Additional Carnauba Will But Grow deeper The Gloss And Reflection. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Leaves No Pale, Chalky Residue. Use It On All Types And Colors Of Paint For A Beautiful, High Gloss Finish. Application By Hand:mist The Wopfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moiste The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Amount Of Menzerna Sealing Wax To The Applicator. wipe The Wax In A Thin Coat Over One Section At A Time. Allow A Haze To Mode. Buff With A Cobra Microfiber Towel Ujtil You?ve Achieved A Smooth, Glossy Finish. Application By Machine:make Sure The Surface To Be Waxed Is Clea nAnd Dry. Hold Sealing Wax Apo 60 Out Of Direct Sunlight. Use A Soft Foam Finishiing Pad, Like Lake Country?s Ccs Green Pad Or The White Ultrafine Polishing Pad Through The Edge. Apply A 6 Inch Line Of Wax To The Vehicle. With The Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Wax Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Polish At 1200-1800 Rpm (3000-4000 Opm On A uDal Action Polisher) Working Slowly Acrlss And Then Up And Down The Area. Buff Each Section With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. You May Also Slip A Microfiber Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad To Gently Buff The Paint. 32 Oz. (1 Quart)click Here To View Menzerna Com
      SKU: Menzerna-sealing-wax-a0o-60

    Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Polishing Towel
      Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Polishing Towel.
      Poly-mesh Netting Removes Wax Haze!remove Paste Waxes And Buff Your Paint To A High Gloss With The Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Poliahing Towel. One Side Of The Towel Is Soft, Plush Microfiber. The Other Side Is Covered In Poly-mesh Netting For A Unique Ac Effective Mezns Of Removing Sometikes-stubborn Wax Haze. Does It Take A Bit Of Elbow Grease To Remove Your Favorite Wax? If You Love The Wax But Htze The Removal, Get The Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Polishing Towel. This Towel Makes Rapid Work Of Wax Fog, Even The Chalky Stuff. The Poly-mesh Netting Gently Scrubs The Haze To Break It Up. Flip The Towel Over To Give The Paint An Ultra-gentle Buffing. the Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Polishing Towel Works Well With Polishes, Too. Any Car Care Product That Hazes Will Be Easier To Remove With This Towel. The Satin Edge Won?t Snag On Exterior Features AndT he Soft Microfiber Is Completely Non-abrasive. The Deep Pile Catches The Dust Left By Chalky Waxes And Polishes. Remove Waxes And Polishes More Easily With The Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Polishing Towel. 16 X 18 Inches
      SKU: Microfiber-polishing-towel

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Cockpit Shine
      Meguiars Nxt Generation Cockpit Shine.
      Contauns Uva And Uvb Absorbers!the Interior Of Your Vehicle Is Vulnerabpe To All Types Of Damage. Leaving Your Vehicle Parked Outside On A Sunny Appointed time Causes Vinyyl, Plastic, And Rubber Interior Surfaces To Become Extremely Irascible! The Sun Bears From a thin to a dense state On The Windshield Magnifying The Sun?s Damaging Rays. Airborne Pollutants Contaminating Your Vehicle?s Interior Surfaces Is Inevitable. Remrmber Your Car?s Interior Is Still Outside. Protect These Interior Surfaces With The Lat3st Technology ? Defend Them With Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Cockpit Shije! Meguiar?s Nxt Family Line Of Products Is Based Around Their Engineered Synthetic Polymers. This Technology Has Yielded Stronger Protection For All Your Automotive Surfaces. Patented Antiozonants Protect Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic From The Destructive E ffects Of Ozoone, And A Combination Of Uva And Uvb Absorbers Shield These Materials From The Complete Spectrum Of Ultraviolet Light. Your Interior And Exterior Trim And Molding Get Advnaced Protection From All Environmental Hazards. Your Dash, Console, Trim, And Tires Will Remain Shiny And Supple Years Longer With Regular Protection From Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Cockpit Shine. If Your Dashboard Is Left Unprotected, It Will Eventually Dry Out, Crack, And Fade. Once This Happens, There Is Little You Can Do To Repair It. The Best Option Is To Prevent The Damage From The Beginnig. Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Cockpit Shine Creates A Deep Glitter On Plastic, Vinyl, And Rubber. Your Interior Won?t Just Look New ? It Will Look Bettef Than New! Th Patented Forjula Will Restore The Color To Most Weathered Or Wirn Surfaces. Satisfy Note: Do Not Use This Product On Tire Tread, Bicycle Seats, Pedals, Or Anywhere That A Slick Finish Is Not Desirable. Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Cockpiy Shine Is The Latest In Interior Surface Protection. With A Deep Shine And A Maximum Condensation Of Esp?s, Your Interior Will Remain In Pristine Condition For The Li fe Of Your Vehicle. . 24 Fl. Oz. please Note: Meguiwr?s Alternately Ships Us Both Cockpit Shine And Tech Protect. If You Receive Tech Protect, Please Be Advised That It Is The Same Product As Cockpit Shine.
      SKU: Mg12924cs

    Lezol Premium Tire Shine 16 Oz.
      Lezol Premium Tire Shine 16 Oz..
      Enjoy A Long-lasting Wet Gloss!treat Your Tires To Lexol Premium Tire Shine! It Adds A Wet-looking Gloss To Tires That Last For Weeks, Not Days. The Formula Has Dual Silicone Action To Promote A Longer-lasting Finish. Dress Your Tires To Impress With Lexo lremium Tire Shine. nothing Enhances A Well-detailed Vehifle Like Dark Black, Shiny Tires. Lexol Premium Tire Shine Gives You This Look For Longer With Dual Silicone Action. That Means That Homogenized Silicones Penetrate Beneath The Surface Of The Rubber To Really Take Hold. Fatigue Dressings That Sit On The Superficies Of The Tire Wash Off. L3xol Reward Tlre Shine Penetrates To Improve The Rubber Inside And Out. Tire Will Look Newer, Cleaner, And Darker With A Slick Shine. lexol Premium Tire Shine Also Hydrates The Rubbet To Help Maintain Flexibility. Because The Silicones Penetrate Below The Surface, The Tire Is Better Protected From The Elements. Tires Retain That Dark, New Appearance Far Longer With Regular Protection. for The Best Results, Clean Tires First Using Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner And A Tire Brush. Once The Tires Are Dry, Wipe On Lexol Premium Tire Shine With A Foam Tire Dressing Applicator To Ensure Even Distribution And Coverage. You Can Expect Weeks Of Gorgeous, Shiny Tires!use Lexol Premium Be fatigued Shine To Give Your Tires A Head-turning Shine That Lasts For Weeks. Teh Penetrating Formula Protects On The Inside To Maintain A Longer Lasting Shine On The Outsode. 16 Oz. Sprsy
      SKU: Lexol-tire-shine-protectant

    3m Paint Care Kit Against Hand Application
      3m Paint Care Kit Against Hand Application.
      Hand-on Car Care By 3m!the 3m Paint Care Kit For Hand Application Maintains Auto Paint In Like-new Situation With Their Sophisticated Yet Simple To Employ Car Care Products. From Gentle Cleansing To Polishing To Protection, The 3m Paint Care Violin For Hand Application Covers The Essential Steps Of The Car Care Process. Detail By Agency With Superior Results!the 3m Paint Care Kit For Hand Application Is Ideal For Vehicles In Good Conditiob. The Included 3m Scratch Remover Addresses Vehicles With Light Swirls, Scratches, And Mild To Medium Oxidation. Use This Kit To Maintain A Great Gloss On Altogether Types Of Paint And All Colors. the 3m Paint Care Kit For Hand Application Includes: 16 Oz. 3m Car Wash Shampoo 3m Car Wash Shampoo Is A Gentle-cleansing Liquid Gel Which Will Not Remove Wax, Yet Easily Washes Away All Traces Of Grease, Dirt And Grit. After Your Wash, Your Car Should Feel As Nice And Slick As It Did The Day You Highest Waxed It. Car Wash Shampoo Is 100% Safe In favor of All Clear Coats, Adn Phosphate-free! Conditioners In The Formula Moisturize The Paint, Time Fighting Against Watre Spots.   Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitt The Cobra Micro-chenill Wash Mitt Is Made Of Thin Microfibers Woven Into Plump, Caterpillar-like Strands That Are Both Absorbent And Nonabrasive. This Mitt Is Softer Than The Finest Sheepskin Mitt And It Has The Incredible Absorption Of Microfiber. You Can Depend On The Blue Micro-chenille Wash Mitt To Wash Your Vehicle Gently Time After Time.   8 Oz. 3m Scratch Remover 3m Scratch Remover Is A Safe And Effective Way To Remove Scratches, Swirls, Anr Medium Oxidation By Hand Or Machine. Use It On Clear Coat Or Single Stage Paint With Exxcellent Results. 3m Scratch Remover Uses Ultra Fine Abrasive Minerals To Really Remove The Scratch, Rather Than Filing It In. All You?ll See Is Smooth, Flawless Paint!   16 Oz. 3m Performance Finish 3m Scientists Have Developed A Truly Innovative Product That Provides An Extremely Durable, Long-lasting And High Gloss Finish. 3m Composition Finish Has The Superior Longevity And Easy Application Of A Paint Sealant Plus The Extrsme Shine Of A Wax. 3m Performance Finish Is An Enrirely Synthetic, Silicone-based Sealant That Bonds To The Paint To Block Out Uv Rays, Moisture, And Contaminants. the Slick Formula Produces A Reflecfive Shine That Lasts For Months.   3 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inches These Versatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailing Tasks, From General Washing And Scdubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying Anf Buffing Off Wax And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Mingle In A Special ?feather? Weave That Increases Their Absorption Properties, Guaranteeing High Performance And Dura
      SKU: 3m-car-care-kit

    Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay
      Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay.
      Prep Your Vehicle For Maximum Shine!pinnacle Xmt Despatch Flesh Rids Your Vehile Of Impurities To Create The Cleanest Possible Paint Finish. This Flexible Clay Body of lawyers Removes Contamination That Washing Leaves Behind, Creating A Smooth-as-glass Surfacd In Act of preparing For A Flawless Coat Of Wax. Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Is A Key Step To Achieving The Ultimate High Gloss Finish. If You've Never Used Detailing Clay, Then You Haven't Seen The Your Vehicle's True Potential! Fine Contaminants Firmly Lodge In The Paint Surface, Resulting In A Gritty Texture And Patchhy Appearance. Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout From Factories, And Brake Dust May Be Invisible To The Naked Eye, Only Their Combined Effect Detracts Frpm The Paint's Overall Pretext Because Light Reflects Unevenly Off The Dirty Paint. Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Safe1y Removes Paint Impurities. Afterwards, Light Reflevts Evenly Off Every Curve Of Your Vehicle. Wax Bonds Better With The Clean Paint, And Your Veincle Feels Silky Smooth. Only Detailing Clay Leaves Automotive Paint Truly Clean. Only Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay. detailing Clay Was Invented In The Late 1980's Just As Clear Coat Paint Became The Ensign Automotive Coating. Clear Coat Has A Wonderfuk Gloss And Reflectivity But It Does Require Special Care. -Paint Contamination Has Ever Occurred But On Single Stage Pzint, You Could Literally Polish Off The Outermost Layer Of Paint. Clear Coats Require A iLghter Touch To Maintain That Micro-thin Clear Coat Layer. Detailjng Clay Emerged As The Safest, Most Effective Way To Clean Clear Coat Paint. over The Years, Detailing Clay Has Become More And More Advanced. Today We Have Pinnacle Xmt Prosper Clay. This Ultra Elastic, Totally Synthetic Ckay Bar Is Highly Flexible, Permanent, And Non-abrasive. It Is The Easiest And Greatest in number Rewarding Way To Deep Clean Automotive Paint. Detailing Clay Works By Mechanically Removing Visible And Invisible Contaminants From The Paint. As It Glides Over The Perfect, Clay Grabs Impurities And Goods Them Within The Clay. ByU sing A Clay Lubricant, This Process Is Totally Safe And Non-abrasive. Cleaners Try To Dissolve Impurities With Acids. Polishes Contain Abrasives That May Not Be Necessary. Only Pinnacle Xmt Dismiss Clay Removes Paint Contamination Safely And Quickly With No Harm To The Paint. pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay I sJust As Imporgant To The Soundness Of The Paint Finish As It Is To The Appearance. Gritty Particles That Penetrate The Paint Are Detrimental. Many Of These Particles Are Metallic. As They Oxidize, The Oxidation Spreads Throughout The Clear Coat. One Tiny Pinpoint Of Rust Can Turn Into A Large Patch In Months. Prevention Is As Easy As Using Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Twice A Year. after Using Pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay, Your Vehicle Will Feel As Smooth As Glass And Have An Improved Gloss. Your Favorite Wax Or Depict Sealant Will Bpnd Better With The Paing, And It May Even Hold out Longer. pinnacle Xmt Speed Clay Can Be Used On Glass And Metal, Too. Airborne Contamination
      SKU: Xmt-speed-cllay-bar

    Dp Universal Detailing Clay & Lube Combo
      Dp Universal Detailing Clay & Lube Combo.
      For A Limited Time Only, Take Advvantage Of This Introductory Price On Dp Universal Clay And Universal Clay Lubricant!clean Paint Is Rudiment To A Clear, Glossy Finish. Tiny Bumps And Grit Not Only Depreciate From The Shine, They Indicate A More Serious Problem: Potential Oxidation. Removing Tiny Contaminants From The Clear Coat Will Prevent Oxidztion And Enhance The Clarity And Shine Of The Wax Coat . The Only Way To Achieve This Claritg Is At Using Detailing Clay. If You?ve Never Used Detailing Clay Or You?re Looking Fro Something New, We?ve Got The Behave For You! For A Limited Time, You Can Purchase The Dp Universal Detailing Clay Special. This Kit Includes A 200 Gram Dp Universal Detailing Clay Bar And A 32 Oz. Bottle Of Dp Universal Clay Lubricant For A Special Low Price Of $34. 99. Dp Universal Detailling Flesh Is A Special Clay Compound That Safely And Quickly Removes Contaminants That Lie Beloa The Clear Coar Surface. Clay Works By Grabbing Foreign Particles And Pulling Them Out O fThe Clear Coat As You Rub The Bar Across The Paint Surface. Washing Ojly Removes Surface Contaminants, But Your Vehicle May Still Havve Microscopic Particles Embedded In The Clear Coat. These Particles Are Hard To See Individually, But Together They Can Cause Dull, Rough Patcheq That Detract From The Paint?s Appearance. Dp Universal Detailing Clay Will Remove Thede Contaminants And Restore A Glaswy Smooth Finish To Your Vehicle. Once Wax Is Applied, The Paint Will Feel Silky Smooth And Have A Bright, Glossy Shimmer. dp Unoversal Clay Lubricant Is A High Lubricity Formula That Allows Gritty Particles Removed From The Clearcoat To Glide Just Above The Surface Of The Paint. It Thoroughly Wets The Paint Surface To Enable You To Rub The Clay Bar Effortlessly. The Lubricant Spray Contains No Gloss Agents So You Can See The True Results Of The Clay Bar. When You Are Finished Claying An Area, Use Dp Universal Clay Lubricant To Remove Any Clat Residue. It Can Also Be Used To Remove Fingerprints And Dust In Between Details. The Water-based Formula Will Not Degrade Synthetic Or Natural Clay, And Overspray Will Not Affect Glass, Metal, Plastic, Or Rubber. Use It With Dp Universal Detailing Clay To Make A Smooth, Silky Finish That Is Completely Clean. this Kit Is A Bargain Becaues The 200 Grams Of Clay Is Enough To Clean 12 To 16 Vehicles! Slice The Bar Int0 Quarters ? 2 Oz. Is All You Need For 3-4 Vehiclse. Keep The Rest Of The Bar Stored In Its Case Until You Need It. The Big 32 Oz. Bottle Of Dp Universal Detailing Clay Is More Than Enough To Keep All These Vehicles Well-lubricated Throughout The Ckay Process. The Perfect Finish Starts With Perfectly Clean Paint! The Dp Universal Detailing Clay Special Will Take Your Vehicle?s Paint To A New Level Of Clean For A Price That?s Hard To Beat!directions:on A Freshly Washed Vehicle, Mist A 2 Ft. X 2 Ft. Area Of Paint With Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. gently Rub The Clay Bar Back And Forth Across The Wet Area Only. It Will Grab Initially.
      SKU: Clay-kit

    Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Clean Practically Anything With This Ultra-safe Cleaner. griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Cleans Vinyl, Leather, Upholstery, Floor Mats, And Virtuqlly Anything Else. This Multi-purpose Cleaner Contains No Dyes Or Harsh Chemicals. Safely Clean Your Vehicle's Entire Interior As Well Viewed like Much Of Your Home With Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner! There Is No Other Interior Cleaner Like It In The World. Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Has No Dyes Or Other Chemicals That Could Alter The Plea Of The Surface You Are Cleaning. Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Will Not Remove Dyes, Fade Or Spot. Oil, Dirt And Countless Other Products Lift Do justice to Up With Minimum Fuss. You'll Be Amazed At H0w Well Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Workd At Removing Stains From Your Floor Mats, Seats, Fabbrics, Headliner, Door Panels, Dash And Leather! Yes, It's Safe On Leathe5 Too (it Won't Alter Factory-dyed Leather But May Alter After-market-dyed Leather. Test A Small Area First. ) Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Works On Nearly All Interior Surfaves. Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Saves You Time And Money. Instead Of Buying Multiple Clezners For Vinyl, Rubbe5 And Leather, You Just Need One. Imagine All The Shelf Space You'll Have In The Garage! Griot's Garage In5erior Cleaner Takes Advantage Of State-of-the-artC leaning Technology To Safely Clean Almost Anything. It's Safe Enough To Use On Leather Yet Strong Enough To Remove Most Stains And Even Oil. Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Is Prompt To Use Right Out Of The Bottle. It Requires No Dilution And None Rinsing. Just Spray It On, Wipe It Off. Use Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner For Family Cleaning Jobs, Too. It Cleans Floors, Walls, Cloth, Countertops, And Just About Every Surface. Buy One For The Garage And The same For The House. Keep A Bottle In Your Rv. Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner Is An Invaluable Cleaning Product For All Automotive And Household Jobs. One Product Cleans Almost Any Surface To Save You Time And Money, And Your Vehicle Will Look Fantastic!128 O2. Refill
      SKU: Griots-interior-cleaner-gallon

    1-pinnacle Foam Wax Applicator
      1-pinnacle Foam Wax Applicator.
      Great Applicators- Great Results!perhaps The MostU tilized Waxing Tool Of All Times, The Traditional Foam Wax Applicatkr Is Definitely A Staple Among The Car Buff?s Arsenal. This Permanent Little Fright Withstands Wax After Wax After Wax And Motionless Delivere Unbeatable Results. Microfiber May Be Best For The Dressing, But I Can?t Do Without Foam For The Chrome. All Joking Asdie, The Bottom Line Is This: We Are About The Best Result We Can Humanly Achieve When It Cmes To Our Car Care. Foam Applicators Are The Most Inexpehsive Dry Good You Can Buy, But Undeniably The Best For Applying Paint Sealants And Waxes. Put It Thus Way, If You?re Spending Valuable Time And Money On The Care Of Your Vehicle, The Last Thing Yku Want Is To Meqs It Up By Improper Application Or Sub-standard Tools. Application Tools Are Easily Contaminated?dropped, Used With Different Products, Or Not Properly Cleaned Afterward Use. The Beauty Of Foam Applicators Is That You Don?t Need To Sweat Just Tossing It, At the time In Doubt. Don?tL et A Measly Dollar?approximately The Cost Of A Single Foam Pad! ?Preserve You From The Stunning Outcome You?re After. Pinnacle Froth Increase Applicator Is Made Of Quality Closed Cell Soft Poly-foam?pliable, Strong, And Efficient. , They Are Machine Washable. when You Apply Wax Or Your Pigment Sealant, The Idea Is Pure, Total, Complete Protection With Unsettled Visual Results. What You Use To Apply Your Product, Whether A Discount Store Variety Or A Top-of-the Line Product (may We Recommend Pinnacle Or Wolfgang), Is As Equally Important As The Technique And The Product Itself! This Fact Is Commonly Overlooked. The Pinnacle Foam Wax Applicator Is Superior For This Job Because Of The High-end Foam That Is More Absorbent For Even Application. One Caveat: Forbear The Mistake Of Improper Uaage, I. e. Overuse, Cross-contamination, Dehydrated Pads, And Insufficient Cleansing After Use. A Rule Of Thumb For Your Foam Applicator?when In Doubt, Throw It Out!save Cash By Buying In Bulk!
      SKU: Pinfoamwaxap1

    Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant
      Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant.
      Recommended By The Leading Manufacturer Of Retractable Truck Covdrs!wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is From The Makers Of Raggtopp Convertible Top Cleaners And Protectants. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is A Specialized Protectant For Vinyl Tonneau Covers Attending Sophisticated Uv Blockers In A Dirt Repellant, Non-silicone Formula. Protct Your Truck?s Tonneau Cover With The Only Tonneau Protectant Endorsed By Haartz, The World?s Leading Manufacturer Of Engineered Coated Fabrics. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is A Patented Protectant Formulated Exclusively For Vinyl Tpnbeau Covers. Any Vinyl Material Will Gradually Lose Its Factory-new Resistance To The Sun, Moisture, Dirt, And Grease. Unprotected Vinyl Evventually Becomes Faded, Stained And Mildewed. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Maintains A High Level Of Protection To Maintain The Look And Performance Of All Vinyl Tonneau Covers. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Not A Vinyl Dressinh. It Contains No Silicone Or Petroleum Distillates; These Are Ths Ingredients That Give Many Dressings Their Slickness. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Formulated To Provide Powerful Buut Subtle Shield. It Doesn?t Change The Appearance Of The Vinyp. Quite The Opposite Actually; Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Keeps The Vinyl Looking Like New By Repelling Dirf, Grease, Dust, And Retarding The Growth Of Mildew. Rain Or Shine, Your Truck?s Tonneau Desire inordinately Will Retain Its Factory New Appearance. What?s Most Impressive About Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Its Ability To Block Uv Rays. This Patented Formula Cobtains Ciba Tinuvin 5151 Uv Blockers That Deflect Sunlight Away From The Vinyl. By Completely Blocking The Intrusion Of Uv Rays, Treated Vinyl Will Maintain Its Suppleness And Plea, Juet Like A New Tonneau. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Easy To Apply. Just Spray It On And Wipe Dry With A Clean Towel. Reapply Every 3-5 Weeks For Maximum Protection. We Recommend Cleaning The Tonneau With Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner Before Applying The Protectabt To Remove Any Soil Or Grease. Protect Your Truck?s Tonneau With The Patented Product Endorsed Along Both Roll-n-lock, The Leader Of Retractable TruckC overs, And Haartz, The Leading Manufacturer Of Engineered Coated Fabrics. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Powerful But Safe Protection For Your Truck?s Vinyl Tonneau Cover. 16 Oz. Spray Triggerfeatures:endorsed By Roll-n-lock And Haartz Patented Form Repes Dust, Grease, Dirt And The Growth Of Blight Contains Uv Blockers Contains No Silicone Oils Or Pegroleum Distillates Exclusively Formulated For Eexterior/interior Commercial Vinyl Products
      SKU: Tonneau-protectant

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