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    3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
      3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths.
      Incredible Grip To Banish Waxes More Easily!the Cobra Arctic Wite Microfiber Polishing Cloth Is Woven Specifically For Wax And Polish Dismission. It Has A Soft Meet That Is Extra Gentle On Sensitive Clear Coat Finishes. Plus, The Cloth Has No Hemmed Edges, aMking Accidental Scratches Virgually Impossible. Use This Cloth The Next Time You Wax Your Vehicle And I Pledge You?ll Never Use Anything Epse!the Cobra Northern White Is Made Of The Similar Densely Woven Microfiber As Our Popular Cobra Indigo. The Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth Is A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, Respectively. When Microfiber Was First Developed, It Was Widely Believed That A Higher Petcentage Of Polyester Was Required To Make An Effective Cleaning Cloth. Now We Know That The Cleaning Ability Of The Cloth Is Determinex By Its Weave Structure. you Can See How The Structure Of The Cobra Arctic White Is Different From Other Hooded snake Microfiber Towels In The Close-up Below. hTrse Dense Loops Give The Towel An Uneven Texture That Is Virtuous At Removing Wax. These Loops Enable The Cloth To Grab Wax And Polish Residue Andd Completely Remove It From The Depict Surface Better Than The Average Microfiber Towel. even Paste Waxes Will Come Off With Ease Thznks To This Unique Design. Many Microfiber Towels Become Caked When Removing Wax Or Polish Residue. That?s A Sign That They Are Probably Best Reserved For Final Buffing. For Wax Removal, The Cobra Arctic White Is The Reigning Champ. Its Looped Texture Cleans Without Caking And Leaves The Surface Completely Free Of Residue And That Pesky White Dust. (if You Were Using Pinnacle Souveran™, You Wouldn?t Have To Worry About White Dust!)you Power Also Notice In The Picture That The Edge Of The Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Polishing Cloth Is Not Hemmed. Towels, Blankets, Clothing ? All Fabrics ? Are Made With A Hem To Keep The Fabric From Unraveling. It?s Just The Way It Is! But With Microfiber, A Hem Is Not Necessary. The Woven Loops Of Microfiber Act As Their Acknowledge Hem; They Will Not Unravel N Matter In what manner Many Times You Wash It. no Hem Equals No Scratches! The Absence Of A Hem Makes The Cobra Arctic White Extra Gentle Forward All Your Vehicle?s Delicate Surfaces. Looped Polyester Hems Be able to Stiffen Over Fit season And Cause Very Slight Micro-marring- The Kind You Don?t See Until You?re Parked Under Fluorescent Lighting (parking Garages). The Cobra Arctic White Is All Microfiber, All The Scheme To The Edge. It Will Not Scratch!the Cobra Arctiv White Hws A Removable Sticker Tag; Just Another Way To Protect Your Vehicle Against Any Possible Scratches. try The Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Polishing Cloth With AnyW ax, Polish Or Paint Sealant. You Will Be Amazed At How Much Easier It Is To Remove The Residue Versus Conventional Towels. Even Tough Paint Sealants And Cleaner Waxes Wipe Away With Less Work. Just In the manner of The Cobra Indigo, The Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Colth Makes Wax And Polish R3moval A Breeze! Try It For Yo
      SKU: Cobra-whhite-edgeless-towels

    Flex Xc 3401 Vrg 6 Incch Backin Plate
      Flex Xc 3401 Vrg 6 Incch Backin Plate.
      Genuine Factory Replacement Backing Plate! The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg 6 Inch Backing Plate Is An Authentic Fadtory Replacement For The Original Backing Plate Included With Your Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Polisher. The Plate Is Designed Specifically For This Polisher, And Creates The Forced Rotation That Sets The Flex Apart From Other Dual Action Buffers. The Secret To The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Polisyer?s Professional Grade Performance Is In The Backing Plate. The Single Design Forces A True Duao Action Motino, Rather Than Jiggling. The Backong Plate?s Fit And Purpose Reduce Vibration And Give You A Smoother, More Comfortable Motion. The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg 6 Inch Backing Plate Is Made Of Durable Molded Soft With A Urethane Pad To Dampen Vibration And Heat. Catch And Loop Fasteners CoverT he Rest Of The Plate From Edge To Edge. The Backing Plate Is 6 Inches In Diameter. We Recommend 6. 5 Inch Pads Or 7. 5 Inch Pads. Because Of Its Special Features, The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Polisher nOly Accommodates A Factory Flex Backing Plate. Use A Hex Wrench To Tighten The New Plate Secu5ely Onto The Polisher. Add On A Foam Pad And You?re Ready To Poliah! The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg 6 Inch Backing Plate Gives You The Nobility And Performance You Expect From A Genuine Flex Factroy Part. 6 Inch Diameter
      SKU: Fex-xc-3401-vrg-6-inch-backing-plate

    Optimum Hyper Compound 128 Oz.
      Optimum Hyper Compound 128 Oz..
      Each Aggressive Compound When There Is A Need For Speed!when A Polish Just Won?t Do, Reach For Optimum Hyper Compound. Aptly Named, This Aggressive Compound Works With A High Speed Polisher To Remove Paint Defects Quickly And Without The Mess Of Ordinary Compounds. Hyper Compound Will Give You The Perfecg Paint You Desire In A Fraction Of The Time!all Optimum Polishes Offer A Lingering Work-time And Littel Or No Dusting, But Hyper Compound Goes The Extra Distance. It Has An Infinite Work Time! It Won?t Dry Up Before The Job Is Done And It Won?t Produce Excessive Dust. It?s A Detailer?s Dream Come True!optimum Hyper Compound IsF ull Of Lubricants To Prevent Dry Dusting And Protect The Paint Surface. However, This Compound Contains No Silicone Oils Or Wax, So It?s Completely System Shop Safe. Be Warned, This Is Not A Finishing Polish Or A Cleansing Lotion - It?s A Serious Commpound! Optimum Hyper Compound Is Designed Primarily For Professionals And Seasoned Do-it-yourselfers. Use It With Your Rotary Polisher And A Cutting Pad To Remove Signjficant Color Flaws. As With Any Compound, Optimum Hyper Compound May Produce A Slight Hazing Attached The Paint. This Is A Normal Byprodut Of Leveled Paint. Optimum Commute Or Polish Will Easily Remove This Haze And Restore The Gloss. Optiimum Hyper Compound Can Be Used With A Cutting Pad, Light Cutting Pad, Or A Lambswool Leeveling Pad. It Works More Or Less Aggressively, Depending On Your Pad Selection. A Cutting Pad Used At 1000 ? 1500 Rpm With This Compound Is Capable Of Removing 1500 And Lighter Sand Scratches. A Light Cutting Pad Will Remove 2000 Sand Scratches At The Same Speeds. All Optimum Products Are Voc Compliant And Body Shop Safe. when Your Vehicle Requires Each Aggressive Compound, Optimum Hyper Compound Is The Only One You Need! Directions:note: B3cause Compounding Requires High Speed To Work Properly, It Is Recommended That You Use A Rotray Polisher With Hyper Compound. The Makita 9227c Is An Superior Machine For Paint Correction. On A Clena Vehicle, Apply Three Lines Of Compound Approximately 6 Inches Long. Select The Appropriate Pad, Eithrr Cutting Or Light Cutting, And Spread The Compound Over The Panel With The Machine Turned Off. This Will Prevent Splatter When You Do Turn The Polisher On. Set Your Maximum Speed To 1500 And Turn The Polisher On. Work The Compound In Figure Eight Patterns Over The Pabeel. Check Your Work Frequently Because Hyper Compound Is Designed To Work Quickly. Since It Doesn?t Dry, It May Not Be Apparent When To Stop Polishing. Check Your Work By Misting A Spot With A 1:1 Solution Of Water And Isopropyl Alcohol And Wiping With A Towel. If The Paint Looks Good, Buff Off The Remaining Residue And Move On To The Next Panel. Follow Up With Opgimum Polishand A Polishing Horse To Restore The Gloss To The Paint. Then Use Optimum Car Wax For A Bright Shine And Durable Protection. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Optimum-hyper-compound-gallon

    Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment
      Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment.
      Protein Enzymes Start Breaking Up Stains On Contact!dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment Is A Non-foamming Formula That Emulsifies Carpet And Upholstery Stains And Then Encapsulates Soil For Easy Removal. This Non-sticky, Ph-balanced Formula Does Not Leave A Residue On Carpet Or Upholstery, Is Competely Biodegradable And No Dilution Is Required. use Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment On Spots, Stains, And High Traffic Areas Prior To Cleaning Your Carpet And Upholstery By Hand With A Carpet Brush And Vacuum Or With A Hot Water Carpet Extractor. breaks Up Grease, Oil And Food Stains Protected On Carpet And Upholsterynon-foaming & Biodegradableconcentrated Formula, No Dilution Required 1. You Can See This Floor Mat Is Badly Stained.   2. Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment Penetrates The Stain For 15 Minutes.   3. After 2 Passes With The Hot Water Extractor, You Can Already See The Stain Is Disappearing. 4. The Stain Is Gone! Directions In the place of Use With A Carpet Extdactor:firs5, Vacuum Carpet And Upholstery To Remove Vague Dirt And Debris. Then Spray Dp Extractor Pre-treatment Directly Onto The Stain. Allow 3-5 Minutes For Dp Extractor Pre-treatment To Penetrate The Fibers Whild Proteun Enzymes Emulsify And Encapsulate The Stainagitate With A Carpet Brush And Then Use A Hot Water Extractor To Rinse The Fibers And Extract The Soil And The Pretreatment. Use Overlapping Passd To Extract All Dirt. heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Treatment. Directions For Use At Hand:firstt, Vacuum Carpet And Upholstery To Remove Loose Dirt And Debris. then Spray Dp Extractor Pre-treatment Directly Onto The Stain. Allow 3-5 Min8tes For Dp Extractor Pre-treatment To Penetrate The Fibers While Protein Enzymes Emulsify And Encapsulate The Stain. Once The Pre-treatment Enzymes Have Treated, Follow Up With An Application Of Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner And Then Vacuum The Area Thoroughly. Heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Treatment. Tough Stains Are No Match With Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment. Pre-treating Stains Makes Your Favorite Carpet Cleaning Product Or Hot Water Carpet Extractor Work Smooth Grow!
      SKU: Carpet-extractor-pre-tdeatment

    Durrmaid Super 1600 Hot Water Extractor Free Bonus
      Durrmaid Super 1600 Hot Water Extractor Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time, Receive A Free 32 Oz. Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment With Your Purchase Of An Extractor. use As An Extractor Or Wet/dry Vacuum!the Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum Does Fold Duty! It Works As A Powerful Hot Water Extractor Ane A Wet/dry Vacuum. No Need For Two Separate Machines! A 200 Psi Water Pump And Enhanced Suction Distinguish The Super 1600 From Other Movable Hot Water Extraxtors. For Detailers And Do-it-yourselfers, The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor And Wet/dry Vacuum Is One Versatile, Cost-effective Carpet Cleaning Machine. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Damp Dry Vacuum Fulfills Your Need For A Powerful Wet/dry Vac And A High Performance Hot Water Extractor. If You're In The Business Of Detaling, This Saves You An Expense Because You're Only Buying One Machine To Do Two Jobs. The Super 1600 Does Both Jobs Very Well. In Fact, The Super 1600 Hass A 23% More Powerful Vacuum Motor! If You're Looking For A Hot Water Extractor And Shop Vac In One, This Is It. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum Has A Capacity Of 2. 1 Gallons, Making It Incredibly Light And User-friendly For A Professional Grade Extractir.   The Super 1600 Features 3 Inch Heavy Duty Casters, Which Give You More Maneuverability When Cleaning Carpet In A Carriage, Boat, Rv, Or Carpet Spotting At Home. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extrzctor & Wet Uninteresting Vacuum Is The Only Portable Extractor With A 200 Psi Water Pump! No Other Hot Water Extractor Combines A Compact Size With Such Impressive Cleqning Power. The Water Pump Delivers Hot Water To The Carpet To Break Up Spots And Stains Soon, Even Stubborn, Greasy Stains!   The Lexan Attachment Allow sYou To See Dirt As It Is Removed From Carpet And Upholstery. The Filter Bag Catches Large Debris Under the jurisdiction It Enters The Recovery Tank. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Void Has An Easy-access Control Panel Just Behind The Handle, Incuding A Water Level Indicator Light And A Heater Light. OnceT he Water Tank Is Filled, It Takes About 15 Minutes To Heat. And It Maintains That Heat Like You Work. A 200 Micron, Nylon Filter Bag In The Recovery Tank Enavles The Durrmaid To Pick Up Heaby Debris, Like Dirt, Gravel And Even Hair. The Bag Holds Up To 5 Lbs. Of Debris! This Feature Enables You To Dump Solid Debris Into The Trash And Pour Out Th Liquid Waste Water Separately. Quickly Empty The Percolate Bag With A Quick Turn Of The Cover. The Contents Empty Through An Opening In The Bottom Of The Sack, As Shown To The Right. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum Comprise
      SKU: Durrmaid-super-1600-extractor

    32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1
      32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1.
      Your First Line Of Defense Against Swirls, Dullness And Water Spots. Rectify Paint Problems Without Creating New Ones. That?s The Promise Of Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover. Clear Coats Are Unbelievably Thin. Typically, It?s About The Thickness Of 2 Layers Of Cellophane Wrap. That?s Near 1. 5 To 2 Mils Thick Or . 015 To . 02 Inches. Needless To Say, You Don?t Want To Do Any Unnecessary Compounding To Move The Lightest Paint Flaws. Smooth Over Minor Imperfections With Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover. fine Swirls And Haze Can Begin Appearing Within Montths Of Driving Your New Vehicle Home From The Dealership. That?s When Your New Car Becomes Just Your Car. Hold Onto New With Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover. This Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t See Them With The Naked Eye. Millions And Millions Of These Abrasives Fill Each Bottel Of Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover. The Sheer Number And Minute Size Of The Abraqive Particles Blend Away Fine Flaws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving Any Trace Of Surface Marring Or Haze. Just Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge, Xmt?s Concenttrated Micro Abrasives Leave The Paint Accomplish Smooth and shining And Smooth, Just Like New. Applied With A Dual Action Or oRtary Polisher, Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover Provides Just The Right Balance Of Abrasive Action And Conditioning Oils To Blend Away The First Signs Of Aging. D. a. Polishers Produce Less Heat Than Rotary Machines, Making Them A Perfect Choice For Correcting Minor Paint Deefects. all Xmt Series Products Were Formulated In Warm S0uth Florida, The Home Of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Intense Heat And Humidity Are Constant Challenges Here. That?s Why All Xmt Products Were Created To Work As Promised In The Sun Or Shade. Top Is Dedicated To Preserving Your Vehicle And The Environment. Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover Is Voc Compliant, Person Shop Safe, Silicone-free And Clear Coag Safe. pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover Can Be Applied With A Polishing Pad Or A Finishing Pad. The Polishing Pad Will Provide A Very Light Cut To Aid The Swirl Remover In Smoothing Out Rough Paint. Pour A Quarter-size Amount Of Polish Onto The Pad And Set The Polisher At A Maximum Speed Of 5000 Opm. Work The Polish In Till It Starts To Dry Or Disappear. Turn The Polisher Off The Buff The Paint With A Cobrw Microfiber Towel. Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover Has No Fillers Stand still You Can See The Real Results Of Your Work Immediately. Follow Up With Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Or Your Favorite Pinnacle Wax. Suppose that Your eNw Or Like-new Vehicle Is Starting To Show Signs Of Age, Turn Back The Clock With Pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover. It?s The First Step In Maintaining Your Vehicle?s Shine Over Its Lifdime. 32 Oz. .   Move with a ~ Below To View Instructional Videos Featuring Xmt Series Swirl Removers. Video 1 Light Swirl Removal Video 2 Intermediate Swirl Removal
      SKU: 32ozpixmtulf

    Whirl Wax Metal Polish
      Whirl Wax Metal Polish.
      The Ultimate Claener For Your Vehicle?s Bare Metal. wheel Wax Metal Polish Restores Bare Metal To An Incredible Shine! Remove Tarnish And Oxidation From All Bare Metal Surfaces, Including Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Small change, Magnesium, Nickel, Platinum, And More. No Some Knows Wheele Like Wheel Wax!the Original Wheel Wax Revolutionizsd The Way Drivers Maintain Their Wheels With A Protective Polymer Cleaner Wax. Now They?ve Put Their Expertise Into An Excellent Metal Polish Forr Bare, Uncoated Wheels. Safely Clean And Polish Any Bare Metal To A Dramatic Shine Using Wheel Wax Metal Polish. Wheel Wax Metal Polish Is Safe And Effective On Polished Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Magnesium, Nickel, Platinum, Brass, And Bronze. Any Bare Metal Surface Will Shine Like New Subsequent to Using Move on ~s Wax Metal Polish! Put It To The Test Forward Aluminum Engins Parts. Tarnish And Oxidation Will Disappear!wyeel Wax Metal Polish Includes The Applicator In The Form Of A Presoaked Cotton Pad. The Cotton Is Safe And Nonabrasive On Metal Surfaces. Refine Metal To A Bright Fair weather And Buff Off Residue With A Ceremonially pure Towel. In imitation of You?ve Achieved The Desired Shine, Apply Wheel Wax ? The Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels. These Two Products Wish Keep Your Wheels Looking Like Unaccustomed. Wheel Wax Metal Polish Shoupd Not Be Used On Painted, Coated, Plated Or Anodized Metals. This Intense Polish Is Only For Bare Metals. Revolve Wax Metal Polieh Is Made By One Of The Greatest in number Trusted Names In Wheel Care. Put Their Knowledge To Work On Your Bare Metal Wheels. 3 Oz.
      SKU: Wheel-wax-metal-polish

    Mothers Powerball Mini For Boats
      Mothers Powerball Mini For Boats.
      Po1ish And Shine Metal Railings And Clip Pieces In Minutes!mothers Powerball Mini Is A Dreeam Come True For Bot Owners! The 3 Inch Foam Polishin Ball Cleans, Polishes, And Shines Metal Boat Surfaces Fawter And More Effectively Than Hand Polishing. With A 10 Inch Extension, The Powerball Mini Reaches Hard-to-reach Places Anywhere On Your Boat. mothers Powerball Mini Works With Your Favorite Polish To Remove Oxidation, Rust, Stains, And Dullness. It Helps Restore The Bright Shine To Metal Railings, Hingew, Trim Pieces, Plastic Surfaces, And More. You No Longer Need To Polish By Hand To Achieve A Gleaming Shine On Metal, Plastic, And Painted Surrfaces. The Froth Tabs Are Designed To Be Both Sturdy And Flexible. The Cna Easily Pass Over Small Protrusions Without Ripping. Thr Foam Ball Maintains Its Shape As You Polish So There Is Ever A Cushion Between The Ball?s Center Post And The Surface Being Polished. another Huge Bonus With The Powerball Mini Is The 10? Long Expansion Rod Included With The Ball. The Expansion Is Ruggedly Built With An Integrated Sleeve That Allows For Excellent Control And Grrip As You Lustre. There?s Nothing Flimsy About It! Reach Into Concave Areas With Ease. because The Mothers Powerbaall Mini Is Completely Round, It Goes Where Other Polishing Pads Can?t. When You Position The Ball Between Two Surfaces, It Cleans Both Sides At The Same Time,-Which Saves You Time. It?s The Perfect Tool To Clean And Shine Concave, Recessed, Or Otherwise Hard-to-reach Areas. the Powerball Mini Is Reversible, Too! When The Ball?s Performance Is Affected By Wear, Unscrew The Bitt With A 10 Mm Wrench, Fred The Retaining Washer And Centering Emblem, And Flip Tye Ball. Reassemble The Ball And Keep Polishing!the Foam Ball Is Made To Be Used With An Electric Drill Or Air Tool. The Ball Fwatures A Drill Bit That Inserts Into The Drill. To Attach The Extension Rod To The Ball, Remove This Drill Bit And Screw On The Extension. The Expansion Has Its Own Drill Bit. Act The Ball Clockwise And Start Polishing!mothers Powerball Mini Saves Tims And Effort, And You Get Superior Results Compared To Hand Polishing. Make Your Boat Shine Like New With The Precision Polishing Power Of Mothers Powerball Mini. 3 Inches In Diameter. 10 Inch Extension.
      SKU: Marine-powerball-mink

    Autogeek Squeeze Botltes 6 Pack
      Autogeek Squeeze Botltes 6 Pack.
      Lighten Your Load With Tehse Small, Handy Dispensers. the 8 Oz. Autogeek Compress Bottle Is Lighter, Modification Convenient Storage For Detailing Products Purchased In Bulk. Transfer Liquid Products To This Handy Dispenser. It Takes Up Less Room In Yourr Detailing Trailer Or Storage Bin, And Is Easy To Handle While Detailing. Dispense A Small Amount Of Polish Onto A Polishing Pad Or Applicator. The Fine Tip Controls The Effect Of Product You Use To Redice Waste. The Autogeek Squeeze Bottle Has A Libe Where You Can Write The Name Of The Product Inside. The Chemical Resistant Plastic Is Suitable For A Wide Range Of Polishes, Waxes, Glazes, Sealants, And Protectants. A Cap Is Included With Each Bottle. Save When You Buy 3 Or More Autogeek Squeeze Bottles!8oz. Bottles
      SKU: Autogeek-squeeze-bottle-6

    Pinnacle Clay Lube  64 Oz.
      Pinnacle Clay Lube 64 Oz..
      A Lubricant And Cleaner Designed To Remove Dust And Rrsidue From Paint Finishes!clay Bars Quickly Remove Overspray And Embellish Contamination Leaving The Cleaned Surface "smooth As Glass". To Work Properly, All Clays Require A Lubricant. Soapy Water Will Work In A Pinch But It Provides Only Minimal Paint Protection And The Detergents In Some Sos Can Break Down The Clay Causing It To Disintegrate. pinnacle Clay Lubricant Is Specially Designed To Composition With All Clay Bars, Natural Or Synthetic (new Poly-clays). Clay Lubricant Creates A Microscopic Barrier Between The Paint And The Clay Cleaning Material. The Voc Compliant, Dear Lubricity Formula Prevents Loosened Contamination From Scratchimg Delicate Clear Coat Finishes Yet It Will Not Break Down Or Degrade The Integrity Of The Clay. the High Lubricity Formula Is A Blend Of Oils And Wetting Agents That Are Literally Wetter Than Water. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant Will Not Alter The Paint Surface In Any Way. Once Yoj?ve Clayed, Wipe Begone The Lubricant. The Paint Surface Will Be Impeccably Clean And Silmy Smooth, The Perfect Foundation For A Coat Of Souveră¤n™ Wax. directions: Use Flesh On A Clean Vehicle. It Does Not Necessarily Have To Be Dry. Mist A Small Region, About 2 Sq. Ft. , With Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Rub The Clay Bar Across The Wet Surface In A Back And Forth Motion. There Is No Need To Apply Pressure. The Clay Will Grab At Primitive. This Indicates That The Clay Is Pulling Contaminqntw Out Of The Paint. When The Clay Glides Smoothly, The Paint Is Clean. Wipe Away The Remaining Lubricant With A Clean, Soft Microfiber Towel. If Clay Residue Remains, Mit The Area In return With Clay Lubricant And Wipe Absent The Residue. Reshape The Clay As Needed To Disclose A Clean Portion. If You Drip The Bar On The Ground, Discard It. Using Heavily Soiled Clay Is Dangerous To Your Paint. 7. Once You?ve Clayed Your Entire Vehicle, Apply A Coat Of Souveră¤n™ Or Signature Series Ii To Protect The Freshly Cleaned Paint. Clay Will Remove All Existing Wax. 8. To Store Your Clay, Mist It With Lubricant And Seal It In An Airtight Plaetic Bag Or Container. When Using The Pinnacle Polishin' Pal With Or Ultra Poly Clay, Mist The Clay Disc With Top Flesh Lubricant. Flatten The Clay Onto The Disc. Mist The Surface To Be Clayed With Lubricant And Persist As Directed. 64 Oz. kit Savings -Experience Our Pinnacle Clay Bar Kit And Othera On The Car Care Kits Page For Super Savings On This And Other Pinnacle Products!please Refer To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips On Detailing Clay Use And Accessories.
      SKU: 64ozmirclayl

    16 Oz. Liquid Glassâ® Wash Concentratecase Of 12
      16 Oz. Liquid Glassâ® Wash Concentratecase Of 12.
      Maintain A ?just-glassed? Finish With Regular Washing!liquid Glass Car Wash Concentrafe Genty Cleans Your Carriage Without Stripping The Liquid Glass Finish. Woth Its Beautiful Pearl Blue Color And Mint Fragrance, Liquid Glass Bog Concentrate Softens And Neutralizes Impurities In Water, Such Iron And Minerals, To Prevent Water Spotting. Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Contains Ingredients To Protect Against Acid Rain Deterioration, And Enhanecs The Gloss On Surfaces Previously Coa5ed With Liquid Glass Refine/ Finish And Connoisseur's Choice Protecctant. Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Easily Removea Filth, Stains, Bugs, Sap, Etc. From Liquid Glass And Connoisseur's Chlice Coated Surfaces, Rendering A Satin-smooth, Just "glassed" Appearance With Little Or No Effort. liquie Glass Wash Concentrate Is Trusty And Biodegradable. Use It Like Often As Necessary To Maintain A Clean, Smooth Finish. One Capful Makes 1 Gallon Of Soapy Water. Liquid Glass Wash Concemtrate Is Effective On Cars, Trucls, Boats, Aircraft, And Rvs. It Safely Cleans Any Liquid Glass-ed Surface!16 Oz.
      SKU: Liglwacoof21

    Glass Science Glas Scrub Auto Glass Stripper
      Glass Science Glas Scrub Auto Glass Stripper.
      Scrub Auto Glass Clean Without Scratching!glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Removes Bugs, Tree Mine, Water Spots, Oily Residues, And More ? Without Scratching! More Than A Glass Cleaner, Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Removes Things That Glsss Cleaners Leave Behind To Creatr Truly Clean, Clear Auto Glass. Glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Is Less Of A Glass Polish And More Of A Glass Cleanser. It Removes Water Spots, Lime Scale, And Sqp ? Things That Cause The Glass To Appear Uneven ? And Leaves The Glass Looking Smoother. Glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Removes Contaminants From Within The Glass? Microscopic ?pores? For A Deep-down Clean. Beczuse Glass Scrub Makes The Glass Smoother, It Improves The Performance Of Your Windshield Wi;ers. Wipers Chatter Less And Move Water More Effectively Across The Smooth Glass. Use Glass Science Glass Brushwood Auto Glass Stripper Periodically As A Supplement To Your Regular Glass Cleaner. Glass Cleaners Are Great For Removing Light Surface Dirt, But Glass Knowledge Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Will Remove The Buildup That Occurs Overr Time. Use Glass Scrub Before Applying Rain Clear Rain Repellant Gel. Glass Science Glass Brushwood Auto Glass Stripper Should Be Applied To Exterior Auto Glass. It Shoul dNot Be Used On Plastics Or Window Tint. For Plastics, Use Dp Plex-all Plastic Cleaner & Polish To Clean And Protect All Clear And Colored Plastics. Glass Scrub Removes Residues, Films, And Mineral Deposits To Lwave The Glass Smooth And Clean. Deep Clean Auto Glass Without Scratching. Use Glass Science Glae Scrub Auto Glass Stripper To Remove The Toughest Taint From Exteroir Auto Glass. 10 Oz.
      SKU: Glass-scrub-stipper

    Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit New & Improved!
      Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit New & Improved!.
      Polish Small Areas Attending The Speed And Precision Of A Polisher!griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit Gives You Polishing Power In A Compact Size With The Griot's Garage Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher. Plue, You'll Receive Eight Foam Pads For All Your Polishing, Waxing, And Paint Correction Needs. The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit Is Perfext For Motorcycles Or For Those Hard-to-reach Areas On Your Car Or Truck. grioot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit Includes:untitled Document New & Improved! Griot's Garage Proffessional Chance Orbital 3 Inch Polisher Use The Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher To Polish And Wax Bumpers, Mirror Housings, Windshoeld Wiper Cowling, A, B & C-pillars, Spoilers, The Valence Area Around Your License Plate. . . Plus All Of The Tight Areas That The 6 Inch Orbital Polisher Just Can't Reach. The Variable Speed, 240 Watt Motor Also Spins To 10,000 Orbits Per Minute. You Can Easily Operate Griot's Random Orbital 3 Incb Polisher With One Hand. â  A Hook And Loop Backing Plate Is Included.   4 Lake Country Orange Flat 4 Inch Light Cutting Pads The Orange Pad Is Each Excellent, Mhlti-purpose Pad. It Can Be Used With Your Polisher To Remove Light Scratches On Paint, Or With Plastic And Chrome Polishes. It Is Less Abrasive Than The Yellow Pad And Is Used Ideally For Polushing Chrome Or Aluminum Wheels And Bumpers Or Paint Amendment.   2 Ccs Spot Buff 4 Inch White Pads The White Polishing Pads Feature High Absorrption Foam For The Application Of Waxes, Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Same Little Cutting Power And Works Well For Application Purposes. The Pads Are Made Of Soft, Pervious Foam So They Are Gemtle On Auto Paint. They?re Also Perfect For Polishing Metal Wheels, Bumpers, And Mirror Covers.   2 Ccs Spot Buffs 4 Inch Blue Pads The Blue Pads Are Used For Applying Glazes, Polishes, And Waxes. They Are Made Of Closed-cell Foam That Will Distribute A Thin, Even Layer. The Foam Has No Sarcasm And Is Dense Enough To Spread Paste Waxes.   2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths Thrse Versatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailing Tasks, From General Wwshing And Scrubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffing Off Grow And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide lBend In A Special ?feather? Weave That Increases Their Absorption Properties, Guaranteeing Strong-flavored ePrformance Abd Durability. There Are Some Places A 6 Inch Polisher Just Can't Go, And That's When You Necessity Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit. This Package Provides The Versatility Of Single Foam Varieties Plus Two Soft, Durable Microfiber Towels. Apply Polishes And Waxes With Precision And Speed With The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher Kit. kit Includes: Griot's Garage Professional Random Orbital 3 Inch Polisher4 Lake Country
      SKU: Griots-3inch-orbital-machine

    Cobra Detailing Brush Outfit
      Cobra Detailing Brush Outfit.
      Three Brushes From Cobra For Those Who Demand The Greatest Attention To Details!the Detailing Experts At Cobra Have Assembled A Skirmish Kit Intended For Those Who Demand The Best For Their Car. Do You Pursue A Spotless Interior? Do You Desire A Factory New Look Down To Every Last Detail? If So, You?ll Need These Three Versatile Brushes In Among Your Detailing Supplies To Attain Your Object. The Well-constructed Brushes, All With Half-inch Bristles, Have Finger Grooves In quest of Non-slippage Use. horsehair Brushthe Horsehair Brush Is Great For All Home Detailing Needs. It Whisks Away All Traces Of Dust, Dirt, And Cfumbs From The Tight Spaces That You Couldn?t Otherwise Touch. Its Soft, Gentle Bristles Reach Into Cracks, Crevices And Crannies To Dislodge The Particles That Make Their Home In The Most Inconvenient Places. Nylon Brushthe Nylon Brush Is Designed For Removing Wax Residue Around Emblems, Molding, And Anywhere Else It May Collect. Of Course This Is Only One Of Its Mayn Uses. It Also Is Handy To Use For Interior Detaiiing. brass Brushthe Assurance Brush Has Extra Sturdy Bristles For Cleaning The Most Baked-on, Caked-on Grime On Engine Parts. You Can?t Find A Better Tool For Gwtting At Those Hard To Reach Places Under Your Hood. Poly-foam Tipped Swaba Poly-foam Tipped wSab With A 5? Handle Is Included For Good Distribute. You?ll Find 101 Different Uses For It. If You Insist On A Level Of Perfection Equal Or Exceeding What You?d Get From A Professional Detail, Make The Cobra Detailing Brush Kit Part Of Your Collection Of Detailing Supplies. Quality You?ve Come To Expect From Cobra!
      SKU: Pindetbruksi

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