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    32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover #2
      32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover #2.
      Concejtrated Micro Abrasives Are The Secret To This Swirl Remover?s Success. Pinnacle Has Good News For Ajyone Who Wants To Correct Paint Defects At Home: You Can. pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Corrects A Wide Array Of Paint Imprrfections Without Consulting A Professional. All You Need Is A Dual Action Polisher Tk Bring Your Paint Back To Showroom Perfection. This Mild Product Is Designed To Addeess The Most Common Paint Flaws Wiyhout Compromising The Clear Coat. That Includes Overspray, Light To Moderate Swirls And Scratches, Mild Oxidation, And Wafer Spots. Erase Months Or Years Of Damage In One Afternoon With Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover. pinnacle Xmt Amerce Swirl Remover Is A Blend Of Placid Abrasives And Lubricating Oils That Remove Light To Modsrate Imperfections On Aging Paint Finishes. If Your Vehicle Is Not New But Has No Severe Paint Damage, This Is The Swirl Remover For You. This Result Presses Rewind On Your Current Paint Finish, Taking It Back To Its Showrooom-new Shine. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Contains Concentrated Micro-abrasives, Which Are Smaller Than The Industry Average For A Swirl Rwmoving Compoumd. The Smaller Abrasives Break Down Into An Ultra Fine Finlshing Polish As You Work Them Into The Paint With Your Dual Action Or Rotary Polisher. the Number And Size Of These Proprietary Abrasives Enable Them To Effectively Erase Surface Defects Without Marring The Paint. The Abrasives Diminish As You Polish So The Swirl Remover In Effect Becomes A Finishing Polish. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Leaves The Paint Silky Easy In One Step!all Xmt Serjes Products Were Formulated In Sunny South Florida, The Home Of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Intense Heat And Humidity Are Constant Challenges Here. That?s Why All Xmt Products Were Created To Woek As Promised In The Sun Or Shade. Pinnacle Is Dedicated To Preserving Your Vehicle And The Environment. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Is Voc Compliiant, Body Shop Safe, Silicone-free, And Clear Coat Safe. apply Xmt Fine Swirl Remover With A White Polishing Pad On Your Dual Acgion Polisher. Pour A Quarter-size Amount Of Polish Onto The Cushion And Set The Polisher At A Maximum Speed Of 5000 Opm. Work The Polish In Until It Starts To Dry Or Disappear. Turn The Polisher Off Thhe Buff The Paint With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Has No Fillers So You Can See The Real Results Of Your Work Immediately. Follow Up With Your Favorite Pinnacle Wax Or With Pinnacle Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glaze. Take The Guess Work Out Of Detail Work With Pinnacle Xmt Series. Pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Works With The Motion Of Your Dual Action Polisher To Erase Paint Imperfections Without Marring. 32 Oz.   Click Below To View Instructional Videos Featuring Xmt Series Swirl Removers. Video 1 Light Whirl Removal Video 2 Intermediate Swirl Removal
      SKU: 32ozxmtfiswr

    Wolfgang Logo Sticker - Large
      Wolfgang Logo Sticker - Large.
      Label Your Detailing Equipment The Wolfgang Way. turn Your Wash Bucket- Or Other Detailing Equipment - Into Official Wolfgang Gear With The Wolfgang Large Logo Sticker. This The Same Label Found On Our Wash Bucket Systems. The Waterproof Sticker Is Helpful For Labeling Wash Buckets Or Just To Show Your Wolfgang Pride!th3 Large Wolfgang Logo Sticker Is Made To Withstand Moisyure And Can Be Placed Anywhere. Approximately 10 Incbex Wide. get Two Stickers For Less! Select Two Of The SameO r Dufferent Logos And Save $1. 99.
      SKU: Wolfgang-logo-sticker

    Chamois/towel Wrihger
      Chamois/towel Wrihger.
      Wring Out 90% Of Accumulated Water In Your Drying Towels!does Towel-drying Your Vehicle Take Forever Because Your Towels Suit Saturated With Water So Quickly? No Matter How Absorbent Your Towels Are, It?s Doubgful That You Can Dry The Whole Vehicls Without Wringing Them Out. Unless You Have A Huge Stack Of Towels On Hand, Our Chamois/towel Wringer Will Be A Great Asset In Your Garage. The Chamois/towel Wringer Is Designed To Remove 90% Of Excess Water Fdom Any Towel Or Chamois. Your Washing Machine Only Removes About 45% Of Water On The Spin Cycle. With A Quick Run Through The Wringer, Your Towel Or Chamois Will Be Almost Dry And Ready To Absorb More Fluid. The Chamois/towel Wringer Removes More Water Than You Can By Hand Becuase Its Two Rollers Squeeze The Towel Tight Be it ~ Water Is Pushed Out Of Every Fiber. On Your Best Day, You Can?t Match The Vice Grip Of The Chamois/towel Wringer!the Chamois/towel Wringer Features Adjustable Spring Tension So It Is Capable Of Wringing Out Bulky Towels Or Thin Chamois Equally Favored . It Opens To 1 ¾? By Removing The Rubber Cushion Bar So You Can Wring Out Extra Large Towels. The Non-marring Rubber Rollers Are 12 ¾? Long By 1 ¾? Diameter. Overall, The Towel Wringer Measures 14. 5? X 6? And Weighs Only10 Lbs. So You Can Affect It Wherever You Need It. A Tub Mounting Bracket Securely Attaches The Wringer The Side Of Any Round Or Square Tub, Or A 5 Gallon Bucket. The Bracket Opens To 1 ¾? And Closes By Simply Tightening The Screws. The Wringer Is Made Of Sturdy, Black Powder-coated Steel. all It Takes Is An Easy Crank Of The Handle To Wring 90% Of Water Out Of Your Drying Towel So You Can Keep Working!
      SKU: Tw2020

    Dual-action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate 5"
      Dual-action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate 5".
      5 Imch Molded Urethane Backing Plate For Excellent Flexibility And Balance By Lake Country Mfg. if German Car Makers Think This Backing Plate Is Good Enough To Use On Their Top-of-the-line Vehicles, You Can Bet It Is The Best Plate You Can Buy For Your Vehicle. Bmw And Mercedes-benz Botn Salute These Backing Plates As The Best Because Of Th Outstanding Properties Of Molded Urethane. These Dual-action Flexible Backing Plates Minimize Heat Transfer, Flexes To Hug Your Vehicle?s Curves, And Are Built To Last. And They Are Thd Best Backing Plates You Can Buy Conducive to The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual-action Polisher. Molded Urethane Is Where It?s At. This Physical Is Flexible Yet Incredibly Durable. This Plzte Will Last Through Countless, Rigorous Uses Without Falling Apart Or Becoming Unbalanced. Balancing Is Essential When It Comes To Polishers Because An Unbalanced Plate Will Bounce, Leaving One Uneven Finish. The Reinforced Inner Construction Uses Steel Struts Molded Into The Center Hub To Give The Plate Stability And Maintain An Even Surface For Your Pad. Another Benefit Of Urethane Is Its Resistance To Heat. The Flex Backing Plate Minimizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Motor To The Paint To Prevent Glowing. Spontaneous Heat Build-u pIs Also Reduced. remove And Replace Pad Easily From The Hook & Loop Surface. The Hook & Loop Is Molded Into The Plate So It Will Not Come Off. the Flexible Backing Plate Lc-43-125da Measures 5 Inches In Diameter And Is Perfect For Pads Up To 6 Inches. These Pad Are Great For The Porter Cable 7424xp Because It Has A Generous Lip. Even If You Turn The Pad Onto Its Side Accidebtally, There Is An Inch Of Soft, Beveled Urethane Between The Edge Of The Plate And The Inner Construction. The Threaded Post Fits Any Polisher With A 5/16? Diameter. use The Backing Plate Preferred By Some Of The Leading Car Manufacturers In The World To Put The Final Touches On Their Vehicles. Our Dual-action Flexible Backing Plate Proides The Safest, Most Durable Surface For Your Pads So That You Get The Best Performance Possible From Your Dual-action Polisher.
      SKU: Lc43125

    Diamondite Glass & Surfave Cleaner 6 Oz.
      Diamondite Glass & Surfave Cleaner 6 Oz..
      This Powerful Cleaner Will Prep Your Vehicle For Acid Rain Spot Removal And Will Buff Away Remainder In A Flash!diamondite Glass And Surface Cleaner Is Formulated To Work In Sync With The Diamondite Glass Cleaning & Progection Kit To Leave Glass Crystal Clear And Streak-free. Use Dimondite Glass And Surface Cleaner To Prep The Glass For Spray Clay And Then Use The Cleaner Again To Wipe The Glass Completely Clean. It Is Important To Remember That Diamondite Is A Multi-step Process, And To Completely Ensure That Your Spray Clay Works In The Manner It Was Designed During, We Recommend You Use The Glass And Surface Cleaner To Prep Near the front of And After Reference to practice. Using The Cleaner Before Will Remove Tiny Particles That Are Embedded In Your Glass. Glass Is Not As Smooth As It Looks And Fewls, It?s Actually ?pitted?, And What Lies In Those Pits Are Little Particles Of Debris And Dirt. Here Is How Diamondite Glass And Superficies Cleaner Works:prep Prior To Spray Clay Use: Consider It The Primer Before The Paint, Except Priming In This Case Is In The Form Of Powerful Cleaning. Apply The Spray Froth On Your Car?s Windshield (and Paint If Desired). Once You Sprau, You Will Easily Be Able To See Where You?ve Targeted Due To The White, Foamy Solution. The Powerful Detergents Will Seep Inwardly Each Groove And ?pit? In The Glass, As Well As Any Scratch Marks Or Grooves In Your Paint. Use To Remove Residue And Haze: After You Have Applied Spray Clay, Use This Cleaner To Buff Away An Haze Or Residue Left Behind. Remember That It Is Normal To See Such Residue, And It Is Easily Removable By Using The Glass And Surface Cleaner. After You Biff, You Will See Your Windsield Glass Has A Shiny, Reflecting Finish, As All Of The Acid Rain Spots That Once Clouded The Glass Have Disappeared For Good. After You Have Buffed The Surface, You Are Ready To Apply Diamondite Shield, To Ensure The Goroves Are Sealed. One Be able to Of Diamondite Glass And Surface Cleaner Normally Wish Clean Two Vehicles. acid Rain Can Severely Damage Glass And Paint, And Diamondite Products eWre Created To Reverse The Damage. Cloudy Windshields Are A Thing Of The Past With This Process. Because of The Best Results With The Diamondite Glass Cleaning And Protection Kit, Begin And End The Process With Diamondite Glass & Surface Cleaber. 6 Oz. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Diglandsucl

    Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators 3 Pack   Buy One, Get One Free!
      Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators 3 Pack Buy One, Get One Free!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Get Six Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators For The Price Of Three! Save $12. 99. apply Even, Neat Coats Of Your Favorite Tire Dressing With Flex Foam. less Mess Is The Goal When It Comes To Applying Tre Dressings. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Feature Flex Foam Technology™ Which Hugs The Curce Of The Caoutchouc To Apply An Even Coat Of Tite Dressing With No Drips Or Pooling. aEh Applicator Is 5 X 2 Inches. cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Are Made Of A Unique Foam Composition That Conforms oT The Curve Of Your Tires? Sidewalls. Foam Applicators That Are Precut Into A Curve Might Not Match The Curvature Of Your Vehicle?s Particular Tires. Cobra Flrx Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Flex To Hug The Rubber And Apply A Neat, Even Layer Of Tire Dressing. The Top Layer Of Foam On The Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Is Made Of Dense, Closed-cell Foam That Will Not Absorb Tire Dressing. Grip The Applicator On This Yellow Foam To Keep Your Hands Clean. The Open-cell, Gray Foam Absorbs Excess Tire Dressing To Prevent Drips And Pooling Around Letters. However, The Froth Has Very Small, Dense Cells To Restrain The Tire Drsssing Near The Surface, Rather Than Soaking Entirely Into The Foam. Flex Foam?s Density Reduces Product Waste And Provides Even, Thin Coverage Of Tire Dressings. The Foam Is Indente On Each Side To Provide A Place To Grip The Pad. Note: To Prevent Tire Dressing From Slinging, Manufacturers Recommend Applying Multiple, Very Thin Coat Of Tire Dressing. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Has Dense Foam To Help Conyrol The Amount Of Dressing Applied To The Rubber In Order To Prevent Sling. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Ddesisng Applicators Are Each 5 Inches Throughout By 2 Inches Wide. You Can Cover Most Of A Regular Car Tire In One Pass! Three Pads Are Included Per Pck. includes 3 Applicators.
      SKU: Tire-applicaor

    Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax 16 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax 16 Oz..
      Best Of Show Wax For Maximum Color, Depth And Clarity From A Liquid Carnauba Wax Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Is A Liquid Carnauba Wax For Perfectionists. It Improves Shine, Depth, Clarity_,Color, And Texture Of Automotive Paint - Whole The Factors That Add Up To A Show-winning Finish. Griot's Garage Best Of Show Grow Can Be Applied By Hand Or Organization To Render A Smooth, Well-protected Paint Finish.   Color, Depth, And Clarity. Three Factors Somewhat Concours Judge Looks For When He's Scrutinizing Paintt. Of The Three, Clarity (or Lack Of It, Called "hazing") Is The Most Important. Poor Claritt Is Caused By Cheap Silicones, Inferior Sealants, And Poor Chemistry. Best Of Show Is A Non-silicone, Carnauba-bawed Liquid Was That Produces Incredible Color, Depth, And Clarity With Just One Application. Concours Participants Will Appreciate That Even With Multiple Coats, Surface Clarity Is Retained, Depth Is Enhanced, And Swirl Marls Disappear. Griot's Garage Utmost Of Show Wax Enhances The Color And Shine Of All Paints. Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Is Real Carnauba Wax In An Easy-to-use Liquid Form. Instead Of Rubbing On A Paste Wax By Hand, You Can Easily Spread On Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax By Hand Or With A Polisher. Apply Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax With A Griot's Garage Red Wax Pad. For The Best Results, Apply Bewt Of Show Wxa With A Griot's Garage Chance Orbital Or Any Dual Action Polisher. Use A Griot's Red Wax Pad For Smooth, Even Coverage With No Swirl Marks. The Heavy Carnauba Content Means A Little Goes A Long Way, And As Long As It's Put On Slender, It's Easy To Take Off. The Paint Surface Should Be Cleaned Or "clayed" Before Employ. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft, Clean Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth Or A Cobra Microfer Bonnet. Utmost Of Show Wax Gives At Least Three Months Of Protection, Plus Produces Superior Results At Any Concours Event. take Your Car To A New Level Of Perfection. It Will Look The Best It Has Ever Looked. For Best Results, Use The Red Foam Cushion By Hand Or Better, With Griot's Chance Orbital Polisher. Enjoy The Finest Liquid Carnauba Grow To be availed of. We Don't Call It "best Of Show" For Nothing. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-best-car-wax

    Carramd Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicstor Padd 2 Pack
      Carramd Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicstor Padd 2 Pack.
      Terry And Microfiber In United Handy Applicator!is It Terry Cloth Or Microfiber? It?s Both. The Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicator Pads Require Terry On One Side And Microfiber On The Othsr. During Some Jobs You Prefer Microfiber, For Some You Prefer Terry, But Now You?ll Never Have To Choose. the Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicator Pads Each Have A Terrry Side For Wax Application And Exterior Products. On The Other Side, A Microfiber Pocket Serves Two Functions: Expend It To Apply Interior Protectants, And To Hold Onto The Applicator While Usin The Terry Side. The Smart Design Is Functional And Economical. It?s Like Getting Two Pads In One!the Carrnd Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicator Pads Are Washable And Reusable. Stain Them With Your Other Microfiber Products In Top Micro Rejuvenator. Our Concentrated Microfiber Detergent Works Great On Terry Cloth, Too. each Large Carrand Microfiber Max Body Shine Applicator Pad Can Be Used For A Variety Of Detailing Jobs. With This Two-pack, You?ll Have All Your Apppicator Needs Covered. 2 Pads6 Inch Diameter Each
      SKU: Wax-applicators

    Mothers California Gold Sealer & Glaze
      Mothers California Gold Sealer & Glaze.
      Going For The Ultimate Finish?then You Needn?t Expect Any Further Than California Gold Sealer And Glaze. Mothers™ Developed This Outstanding Sealer And Glaze As The Second Phase In What's Been Called The Ultimate Wax System, Which Delivers A Superior Mirror Perfect Coupled With Long Lasting Protection. California Gold Sealer And Glaze Brings Out The Depth O fShine And Luminous Part In Your Paint. This Is The Similar Fine Product Professional Detailers Reach For When They Need To Dekiver An Uncompromising Shine. California Gold Sealer And Glaze Will Deliver A Radiant Glow And Uncover All The Many Facets In Your Paint?s Hue. I t Helps Your Paing Achieve The Optical Equivalent Of A ?layered? Look, With Rich Undertones. California Gold Sealer And Glaze Achieves This Spwctacular Finish By A Process Of Filling In And Concealing Minor Defects, Like As Swirls And Spider Webbing. Armed With A Super Fine Polish; It Actually Improves The Painted Surface, Preparing It To Hold The Bond With Wax Better. california Gold Sealer And Glaze Is Optimal For All Finishes And Will Give Dark And S~ Color Paints A Lustrous Finish And Glimmering Shine. Your Car Wikl Shine Like Mulct Crystal. Follow With Wax. Phase Three Of The Ultimate Wax System Is Mothes™ California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Increase , Pure Brazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba. And Remember To Pre-treat At Smallest Twice A Year With California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner, The First Pifotal Stage Of The Ultimate Wax System, This Gentle Polish Removes The Tiniest Surface Contaminants And Paves The Way For A Mirror Finish. Give Your Car The Best Of Mothers™ Attention, Order All Three Phases Of The Ulfimate Wax System: Phase One: California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner : Phase Two: California Gold Sealer Ans Glaze: Phase Three: California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba aWx. You?ll Be Glad You Got Into The ?gold-rush?. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Motcalgolsea

    Carrand 2 In 1 Electrostatic Detaii Brush
      Carrand 2 In 1 Electrostatic Detaii Brush.
      Clean More Easily With This Dust-attracting Brush!carrand?s 2 In 1 Electrostatic Detail Brush Makes Interior Detailibg Easier Than Ever. The Thicket Has Light Feathery Bristles On One End That Actually Attract Dust And A Vent Brussh On The Other End. The 2 In 1 Electrostatic Detail Brush Is The Ultimate Interioe Detail Brush For Detailing Perfectionists!the Carrand 2 In 1 Electrostatic Detail Brush Features Two Types Of Bristles To Make Your Car?s Interior Spotless. The Blue Bristlles Are Denser For Cleaning Seams And Air Vents. Tne Pale Bristes Are Soft And Feathery For Cleaning Electronics And Instrument Panels. An Electromagnetic Charge Draws Dust Into The Bristles! Use The Carrand 2 In 1 Electrostaatic Detail Brush To Reach Dust Wherever It Hides. The Dust-attracting Bristles Pick Up Dust And Remove It So Your Vehicle?s Interior Looks As Good As The Exterior!
      SKU: Interior-detail-brush

    128 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Cere
      128 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Cere.
      Dress Your Vehicle In Xtreme Shine With High Grade Wax Protection. . . from A Spray!simply Stunning. That's How You'll Describe Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax. There's No Easier Way To Give Your Paint Finish Durable Protection And A Head-trning Gloss. Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Packs All The Benefits Of A Traditional Carnauba Wax Into A Sizxling Spray. Te Liquid Wax Formula Goes On Witgout Streaking And Bonds In A Cross-linked Coat Of Protection That Feels As Good As It Looks!xmt Series Is Devoted To Enhancing Ahd Preserving Automobiles With No-nonsense, High Quality Products. That's Honest What You Can Expect From PinnacleX mt 360 Spray Wax. Xmt's Chemist Took The Building Blocks Of A Great Wax - Natural Carnauba And Axvanced Polymers - And Synthesized Thek Into A High-bonding, High Gloss Spray Wax. It Sound qComplicated But, For You, It Couldn't Be Easier. Just Spray On Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax And The Paint Will Instantly Look Deepeer, More Vibrant, And Wetter. Plus, Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Provides High Grade Paint Protection To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Sharp. The Basis O Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Is No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax, Imported From Brazil. This Is The Very Best Natural Wax On Earth. Carnauba Wax Has A Shine That Is Second To None, It Is Water-repellent, And It Provides Natural Uv Protection. Carnauba's Only Challenge Is That It's Rock Hard. Through Careful Processing, Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Has Retained All Thr Benefits Of Carnauba Wax And Overcome It's Hard Consistency. Few Liquid Waxes Capture The Essence Of A Carnauba Shine Like Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax. Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Grow Protects And Enhances Paint With Real Carnuaba Wax! Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Is A True Spray Wax, Not A Quick Detailer. This Produc Stands On Its Own With The Shelter Of Carnauba Wax Plus High-bonding Polymers. The Paint Will Be Well-protected From Uv Rays, Moisture, And Dirt. Pinnnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Creates A Very Slick Finish That Reduces Surface Tension To Create A Dirt-repellejt Finish. Dirt And Debrie Literally Slide Off, Keeping Your Vehicle Cleaner. Pinnnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Makes The Paint So Slick, You Just Can't Help But Touch It! But Don't Worry. You Can Wipe Away Fingerprrints And Light Dust With This High Lubricity Wax And A Soft Microfiber Towel. Use Pinnacle Xmt 360 Twig Wax As Often As Desired To Enhance And Protect The Paint Finish. It Should Be Used On A Clean Vehicle. After Washing, Apply Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax To Enhance The Shine Or To Reinforce Existing Wax. Though Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Can Stand On Its Own, It Makes An Incredoble "wax Extender". It Bonds Issue To Both Waxes And Paint Sealants, And Extends The Life Of Existing Paint Protection. All Pinnacle Xmt Products Are Developed And Tested In The Tropical Climate Of South Florida. Pinacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax Is Easy To Buff Revealed And Dries Streak-free On All Paints, Even Red And Black. The Voc Compliant Formlua Is Environentally Fri
      SKU: Xmt-360-spray-wax-128

    Finish Kare Paint Deocntamination Shstem
      Finish Kare Paint Deocntamination Shstem.
      The Professional Choice For Clean Auto Paint. The Polishing Kare Paint Devontamination System Is A Three Step System That Deep Cleans Auto Paint Using A Specific Sequence Of Alkaline, Acidic, And Neutral Cleahers. This System Eliminates Soil And Ferrous etMals From Beneath The Paint Surface To Prevent Long-term Paint Damage. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Is Manu~ Authorized And Manufactuder Approved To Deliver A Clean, Protected Vehicle With A Glassy Smooth Finish, While Saving Time And Effort On The Part Of-The Detailer. Caution: The Finish Kare Embellish Decontamination Order Is For Professional Use Only. This System Contains An Acidic Cleaner. Protective Goggles, Gloves, And Clothing Should Be Worn, And A First Aid Kit Should Be Available In Case Of Accidental Contact. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Was Developed As A Method Of Removing Paint Contamination Beyond What Can Be Removed By Washing Or Claying. If You Are Familiar With Detail Clay, You Know It Is Capable Of Removing Above Surface Contaminants That Have Bonded To The Paint. The End Kare Paint Decontamination System Is Designed To Remove What Lies Below The Paint Surface. Airborne Chemical Compounds And Ferrous Particles - Particles Containing Iron - Actually Penetrate The Paint And Create Corrozive Compounds That Eat Deep Into The Paint's Sub-iaysrs. This Is A Gradual Process That Often Is Not Evident Until It's Too Late. Claying Or Polishing Only Removes The Particle, Not It's Effects, Which Are Continuing To Sppread Beneath The Surface. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Is A Integral Solution To Paint Conntamination. Steps 1-2 Are Specifically Formulated To Neutralize And Remove Contaminants To Stop Any Damage Being Done To The Paint And To Prevent Future Damage. Step 4 Finish Kare 218 Poly Wipe Sealant Or Finish Kare 2180 Ultra Poly Wipe Sealant Seal The Paint And Forms A Anti-static Barrier To Dust And Pertaining Fallout. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Remobes: Vehicle Wrap Adhesives Industrial Fallout Rail Dust Acid Rain Oxidation Silicone And Waxes Tar & Road Grime Tree Sap Love Bugs & Other Insects Bird Droppings Hard Water Spots Note: Some Decontamination Procedures Include The Use Of Products Containing Oxalic Acid. This Acid Softens The Paint, Exterior Trim, And Aluminum. Damage May Not Be Evident For Months. The Perfect Kare Paint Decontamination System Does Not Contain Oxalic Acid. in Addition, The System Protects Against The Future Effects Of Acid Rain, Hard Water, Industrial Fallout, And Ultraviolet Radiation. here's How The End Kare Paint Decontamination Sgstem Works:step 1: Funish Kare 1119 Soil And Coating Remover Finish Kare 1119 Soil And Coating Remover Is A Fully Biodegradable, Alkaline Based Cleaner With Inhibitors For Safe Usage. It Removes Outer Surface Rust, Iron Oxides, Soil Coatings, And Vehicle
      SKU: Finish-kare-paint-cleaning-system

    Dp Waterless Auto Wash 128 Oz.
      Dp Waterless Auto Wash 128 Oz..
      Wash Your Vehicle Without The Bucket!washing Your Vehicle As Often As It Might Need It Isn?t Always Practical; Midweek, Midwinter Or Anytime You Don?t Want To Dip Your Hand Into A Bucket Of Water. If You?re A Professsional Detailer, You Don?t Wznt To Have To Rewash A Car To Remove Fresh Bird Droppings Or Other Minor Mars To Your Otherwise Perfect Detailing Job. For Times Like This, All You Need Is Dp Wateriess Auto Wash. the Beauty Of A Waterless Wash Is That It Is Incredibly Fast And, In This Case, It?s Fair Being of the kind which Effective As The Bucket-and-hose Mefhod. You Can Wash Your Car On Your Lunch Break If You Want. It Will Take You Five Minutes And Your Vehicle Will Look Like You Spent All Morning Detailing It. By Keeping Dp Waterless Auto Wash In Your Vehicle With A Towel, You Can Clean Bugs Off Your Windshield Immediately Rather Than Waiting Until They?ve Hac An Opportunity To Bake In The Sub. Fowl Droppings, Fingerp5ints, Smudges, Fresh Bug Splatter, And Water Spots Wipe Away Quickly And Easily. No Hodes, Buckets, Or Wet Sponges. Dp Waterless Auto Wash Dries As You Wipe So There?s No Risk Of Water Spots Or Streaks. Dp Waterless Auto Wash Is A Pure Cleaner With No Wax Or Gloseing Agents. The Voc Cokpliant, Hibh Lubricity Formula Loosens Surface Contamination And Allows You To Wipe It Away Without Sceatching The Paint. It Will Not Create An Artificial Shine, But It Will Uncover Existing Wax That Has Been Covered With Dust And Dirt. The Lack Of Waxes Enables Waterless Auto Wash To Be Used On Glass, Plastic, Metal, And Any Other Nonporous Material. It Will Not Stain Trim Or Cloud Glass As It Removes All Types Of Contamination. For The Best Results, Use A Microfiber Towel To Attract Dust And Minimize The Risk Of Scratching. Do Not Use The Similar Towel On Your Paint And Glass That Yiu Have Used On Your Wheels. Dp Waterless Auto Wash Ia The Perfect Solution To Washing Your Vehicle When Time Is Limited Or When The Weather Is Not Working In Your Letter. The Blend Of Cleaning Agents And Lubricants Will Allow You To Safely Wash Your Vehicle Without Water! Use Dp Waterless Auto Wash As Often As Necessary To Maintain A Clean Vehicle. Directions:spray The Surface With Dp Waterless Auto Wash And Wipe Clean With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. 128 Oz. ?tthis Is A Fantastic Product. Great Smell And Awesome Cleaning Ability. It Provided A Streak-free Shine To My Black Paint And Was A Real Pleasure To Use. I Will Deinitely Be Ordering More Of This Product In The Future. ? James J. , Biddeford, Me
      SKU: Dp351

    6 Pack Foamed Wool 7.5 Inch Poliahing/buffing Pads
      6 Pack Foamed Wool 7.5 Inch Poliahing/buffing Pads.
      Get The Leveling Ability Of Wool With The Fine Finish Of A Foam Pae. The Foamed Wkol 7. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad Is Designed Foor Effective Paint Correction By the side of A Fine Polish. You?ve Never Seen Or Felt A Wool Cushion Like This One! The Pad Feature Patented Nanofoam Particles That Encapsulate Tye Base Of The Wool Fobers To Help Obstruct Caking And Matting. The Manufactured Wool Stands Up Better Than Natural Wool Pads To Provide More Cushion Against The Color . The Denser Wool Finishes Like A Foam Pad So You Get Perfect Paint In Fewer Step. s Natural Wool Pads Have A Tendency To Become Frayed, Matted, And Begin Linting. The Deterioration Of A Wool Pad Results In A Pad That Provides Less Cushion Between The Buffer And The Embellish, And The Matted Wool Poses A Greater Risk Of Scratching The Pajnt. lake Country?s Foamed Wool Is A Patented Process Whereby Microscopic Polyfoam Particles Encapsulate The Basr Of The Wool Pad. You Can Feel How The Wool Is Tighter And Denser Than A Regular Wool Pad. This Enables The Foamed Wool 7. 5 Inch Buffing/poiishing Pads To Stand Up To The Stress Of Polishing Better With Less Cakiing And Matting And Better Results. The Foamed Wool Encapsulation Procezs Locks The Lambswool Fibers In Place To Significantly Reduce Linting. The Paint Surface Will Stay Cleaner As You Produce With Less To Clean Up When You?re Finished Detailing. Foamed Wool Also Creates Tiny Air Pockets At The Base Of The Wool Fibers. This Is Essentially Trapped Air That Improves The Cushioning Provided By The Pad And The Retention Of Compounds And Polishes. Just Like The Cells Of Foam Absorb Produfts, These Minute Air Pockets Retain Products So None Is Wasted. All These Features Are Great, But We Know You?re Really Concerned About Performance. Foamed Wool 7 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Are Capable Of Removing 1500 Grit Scratchee, Leaving A Smooth Finish With No Hazin And Few, If Somewhat, Compounding Swirls. These Pads Finish More Like A Foam Pad Than A Wool Pad So You Have To Do Less Finishing Work To Get A Perfect Shine. Lake Country?s Foamed Wool 7. 5 Inch By ffing/polishing Pads Are Manufactured For Consistency Ajd Quality. Natural Wool Has A Lot Of Variances And This Can Lead To Inconsistent Pad Performanve. That Wil1 Never Be A Problem With The Foamed Wool 7. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads. These Pads Are Recommended Foor Dual Action And Circular (rotary) Buffers. We Recommend The 6 Inch Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Plate Or Dual Action Hook & Loop Flexible 6 Inch Backing Plate For This 7. 5 Inch Pad. To Wash Foamed Wool Pads, Perish 1 Scoop Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In 3-4 Gallons Of Water. Soak Used Pads For Up To 15 Minutes And Use A Brush To Agitate If Needed. Rinse And Air Dry Face Down To Allow The Water To Drain Away From The Hook & Loop Backing. Wool Encapsulated In Nanofoam Padticles Gives You Results Like You?ve N3ver Seen Before With A Conventional Wool Pad. Foamed Wool 7. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads From Lake Country Use The Modern Technolog
      SKU: Foam-wool-pads

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