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    3m Detailing Spray Bottle 32 Oz.
      3m Detailing Spray Bottle 32 Oz..
      Fluorinated Plastic Keeps Solvents Inside. 3m Detailing Spday Bpttke Is Perfect For Storing And Transporting Detailing Chemicals. Buy In Bulk And Transfer Products To This 32 Oz. Bottle For Easier Handling. The 3m Detailing Spray Bottle Is Made Of Fluorinated Plastic. Tyis Special Type Of Plastic Prevents Organized Solvents From Permeating Througg The Walls Of The Bottle. Polishee, Compounds, And Other Solvent-containing Products Can Be Stored In the place of Long Periods Without The Bottle Breaking Down. Use The 3m Detailing Spray Bottle For Diluted Products. You Can Also Pour The Contents Of A Gallon Into The 32 Oz. Bottle For Easier Handling While Dettailing. Sprayer Included.
      SKU: 32oz-detailing-bottle

    Raggtopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit
      Raggtopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit.
      Take Care Of Cleanjng, Regenerating, And Protecting Your Fabiic Convertible Top Through This All Inclusive Kit!aaah? You?re Already Sighing In Relief Because Of The Very Existence Of This All Inlusive Kit. You?re About To Give Your Car Top A Dream Vacation, And It Just May Inspire You To Take One Of Your Acknowledge. Hit The Open Road After You?ve Given Yuor Convertible The ?aaah? It Needs, The Raggtopp Fabric Convertible Top Care Kit. I Use It, My Friends Use It, And It?s A Forum Favorite. Make It Yours And Join The Club! In One Package You Will Receive Everything You Need To Make Sure Your Fabric Convertible Is Ready For Anything! The Haartz Corporation And Rode & Schwalenbert Gmbh. (germany), The World's Leading Manufacturers Of Convertible To0ping For In effect Every American And European Convertible Automobile Manufactured Turoughout The World, Exclusively Recommends Using Raggtopp Cleaners And Protectants For Protecting Your Investment Against The Elements Of Nature And Man. the Raggtopp Converrible Top Care Kit Contains:16 Oz. Raggtopp Vinyl/fabric Cleaner Pump Sprayuse Confidently To Safely Clean Convertible Tops, Sport Utiliyt Tops, Simcon Tops And Tonneau Covers. Raggtopp Cleaner Removes The Toughest Roof Soils And Stains, Retafds The Growth Of Blight And Will Actually Keep Filth And Grease At Bay. The Anti-oxidan,t Low Ph, No Bleach Formula Leaves No Residue. The Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable Formula Will Not Harm Automotive Finishes, Chrome, Rubber, Glass, Or Plastic Windows. 14 Oz. Raggtopp Fabric Protectant Aerosolover Three Years Of Product Testing Has Produced A Polymer Formula That Creates A Superior Protective Barrier That Micro-bonds To The Convertible Top And Protects It From The Elements Of Nature And Man. Renews And Extends The Life Of Fabric Convertible Tops And Covers By Restoring Lost Water And Stain Resiliency To Like-factory-new Condition. Defend And Repel Against Acid Rain, Along With U. v. Rays, Smog, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Salt, Tar , Dirt, Grease, And Grit. to Use :Rinse Top Thoroughly To Rmeove Loose Contaminants. Spray Raggtopp Cleaner Evenly Over Wet Surface And Scrub Lighhtly With A Sofft Brush Or Towel. Allow Tough Stains To Soak For 10 To 20M inutes Before Scrubbing. Rinse Top Thoroughly And Allow To Dry Completely Before Applying Protectnt. shake Raggtopp Protectant Well Before Applying. Spray In A Gentle Sweeping Motion 12-14 Inches Before The Convertible Top. Apply An Even Coat And Allow It To Dry For 15 Minutes Prior to Applying Another Coat. It Will Take 24 Hours For The Proteftant To Fully Bond To The Fabric. Violin Includes:16 Oz. Raggtopp Vinyl/fabric Cleaner14 Oz . Raggtopp Protectantpurchase The Kit And Save! Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerksol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only. Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Ragtopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant.
      SKU: Racotopcakit

    Meguiars Silicone-free Dressing
      Meguiars Silicone-free Dressing.
      128 Ounces Of High Gloss Shine For Your Rubber, Plastic, And Vinyl!qhat?s All The Fuss AboutS ilicone? Silicone Is A Common Ingredient In Rubber And Vinyl Protectants Because It Produces An Instant, Slick Shine. However, Steady Use Of Silicone Dressings Will Eventually Cause Rubber Tires To Turn Brown Prematurely. Pljs, Silicone Dressings Tend To Sling Off Long After Application. More And More Detailers Are Looking For Silicone Alternatives Like Meguiar?s Silicone-free Manure For Exterior Rubber And Plastic. meguiar?s Silicone-free Dressing Is Water-based And Voc Compliant. It Produces A Deep, Wet-looking Shine That Is Safe On Rubber And Plastic Surfaces. It Determine Not Cause Them To Fade Or Attract Dust And Filth. Your Tires And Exterior Molding Will Look Clean, Dark, And Glossy Witbout Any Of The Drawbacks Of A Silicone Dressing. For Body Shops Where Silicone May Interfere With Fresh Paint, Meguiar?s Silicone-free Dressing Is A Safe Choice. it Only Takes A Small Amount Of Meguiar?s Silicone-free Dressing To Create A Long-lasting Shine. Pour A Small Amount Onto An Applicator Pad And Spread A Thin Coat Ovver The Tire. Multiple Thin Coats Will Bond To The Rubber Better Than One Indistinct Coat. The Gallon Bottle Contains Enough Dressing To Keep Your Tires Looking Great For Months, Maybe Years. Conducive to Professional Detailers, The Bulk Size Is Both Convenient And Cost Effective. for A Be fatigued Dressing That Is Safe For You And Youe Tires, Use Meguiar?s Silicone-free Dressing. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiar-s-silicone-free-dressijg

    Step 2 Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Step 2 Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Step 2 Of Tbe Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System. finidh Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner Deep Cleans The Sub-layers Of Auto Paint To Protect The Paont From Ferrous (iron-containing) Particle. s This Preventative Measure Puts A Stop To Corroion By Neutralizing Caustic Compounds. No Other Method Cleans Paint As Deeply As Accomplish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover. the Finish Kare Paint Deecontamination System Was Developed As A Method Of Removing Pain5 Contamination Beyond What Can Be Remove By Washiny Or Claying. If You Are Familiar With Detail Clay, You Know It Is Capable Of Removing Above Surface Contaminants That Have Bonded To The Paint. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Is Designed To Remove What Lies Below The Paint Surface. Airborne Chemical Compounds And Ferrous Particles - Particles Containing Iron - Really Penetrate The Paint And Create Corrosive Compounds That Eat Deep Into The Paint's Sub-layers. This Is A Gradual Process That Often Is Not Evident Until It's Too Late. Claying Or Polishing Only Removes The Particle, Not It's Goods, Which Are Continuing To Spread Beneath The Surface.   Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Decay Remover/ Aci dBased Cleaner Is Step 2 Of The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System. Step 1, Finish Kare 1119 Soil And C0ating Remover, Removes Surface Soil. Since Paint Contaminants Pierce Below The Surface, Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover Opens Up The Paint's Pores To Release Ferrous Particles And To Nwutralize Caustic Compounds That Have Developed In The Paint's Subsurface. Ongoing Damage Is Immediately Stopped And Future Injure Is Prevented By Removing The Ferrous Particles. to Use Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner, Execute It Undiluted To The Paint Using A Wash Mitt. (use A Different Mitt Than The One Usde For Step 1. ) Keep The Surface Wet. Work In Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner For 5-10 Minutes Using Light Pressure. Rinse The Entire Vehicle With Cold Wayer. Drry Horizontal Surfaces And Ins;ect Them. Use A Cellophane Glove Or A Plastic Sandwich Bag Over Your Handful To Feel For Ikpurities. If Paint Feels Gritty, Repeat Step 2. It Is Highly Important To Follow All Four Steps In The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System In Their Prescribed Order. The Sequence Of Alkaline, Acidic, And Neutral Cleaners Helps Counteract The Effects Of The Paint Contaminants. The Accomplish Kare Paint Decontamination Sustem Is Used By Body Shops For Pre-cleaning Prior To Detailing And By Dealerships For New And Used Car Prep. It Is Proven To Deliver A Clean, Hyaline Smooth Vehicle That Is Prptected From The Harmful Effects Of Pigment Contamination. No Other Is As Fast And Effective At Removign Multi-layer Paint Contamination. remove Paimt Contamination From Deep Within The Paint With Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Decay Remover/ Acid Based Cleaner. caution: Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover/ Acid Based Clewner Is
      SKU: Finish-kare-iroj-remover-gallon

    Stoner Bead Max Case Of 12
      Stoner Bead Max Case Of 12.
      Preventt Water Spots And Speed Up Drying Time!one Of The Hallmarks Of A Good Wax Is The Ability To Make Water Bead On The Surface. Stoner Has Taken This Feature To The Max With Bead Max Premium Auto Wax! The Sophistcated Polymer Formula Creates A Slick, Shiny Barrier That Causes Water To Bead On Contact. As You Drive, Your Vehicle Will Dry To A Spot-free Shine Because The Beads Just Roll Off! Water Spots And Etching Are Common Problems, But They?re Tough To Remove. Bead Max Prevents Cloudy Mineral Deposits By Sealing The Paint Under A Smooth, Water-repellant Finish. T his Technology Has Been Available For Glass For Some Time, But Stoner Ofers You Excellent Water-repellency For Your Whole Vehicle! Your Vehicle Will Dry Faster, Appear Cleaner, And Retain A Mirror-like Finish!stoner Drop Max Premium Wax Contains A Mixture Of Synthetic Polymers, And Natural Waxes To Achieve The Best-looking, Longest-lasting Shine Possible. Environmental Contaminants That Are Often Found In Rain Water Will Slide Off Your Slick Paint Finish. The Chemicals Within Each Polymer Lubricate Water Molecules, Causing Them To Sliide Off Almost Instantly! The Glossy Finish Will Repel Uv Rays, Too! Bead Max Establishes A Strong Chemical Bond Through The Use Of Synthetic Micropolymers Thwt Become Even Stronger When They Are Allowed To Dry. Simply Apply By Spraying In A Horizontal Sweeping Motio nTo Any Non Porous Surface. Spread The Product Over The Superficies Using A Microfiber Towel Or Applicator Pad. Allow It To Dry To A Haze And Then Buff Using A Clean, Microfiber Towel. Even Glass Abd Chrome Can Benefit From Bead Max!bead Max Contains No Solvents Or Abrasives. It Is Perfectly Safe On Fine Paint Finishes, Clear Coats, Lacquer, Enamel, And Acrulic. The Aerosol Can Features Aeroguard Technology That Ensures Consistent Application Every Time- No Clogginng Or Sputterinb. Protect Your Vehicle With The Best Water-repelling Auto Wax On The Ma5ket! Stoner Bead Max Will Give You Maximum Water Beading And A Long-lasting, Mirror-like Shine On All Your Nonporous, Exterior Surfaces. 15 Oz. Aerosol Case Of 12 Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Weather. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Stbemaxcaof1

    Buckst Seat Cushion, 12 Inches
      Buckst Seat Cushion, 12 Inches.
      Make A Cimfy Seat Anywhere!our 12 Inch Bucket Seat Cushion Is Included With The Grit Guard Complete Wash System, But We?ve Gotten So Many Requests For Just The Cushion ? Here It Is! The 12 Inch Bucket Seat Cushion Is Intended To Top 5 Gallon Wash Buckets With ALid. The Dense Foam Cushion Gives You A Place To Sit While Detailing Lower Body Panels And Wheels. however, The Cushion Also Comes In Handy At Ballgames And While Working In The Yard, Too. It Doubles As A Kneeling Pad To Use During Car Maintenance Or Gardening. the 12 Inch Bucket Seat Cushion Is Made Of 1 Inch Thick Foam With A Water-resistant Coating. A Handle Is Cut Out For Easy Carrying. 12 Inches Diameter
      SKU: Bucket-set-cushion

    Dp Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Kit
      Dp Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Kit.
      Brake Dust Has Nowhere To Hide!the Dp Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Kit Eliminates Brake Dust In Its Last Hiding Place - The Lug Nut Openings. Wheel Brushes Can't Accommodate In These Tight Openings, But The Special Design Of The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Popishing Brush Surrounds The Lug Nut To Completelyy Rwmove Brake Dust And Grime. With The Grime-busting Power Of Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner, Brake Dust Has Nowhere To Hide!brake Dust And Oily Grime Collects Around The Luy Nuts On Any Vehicle. Preceding The Advent Of The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush, You Had To Use Detailing Swabs To Tediously Clean Around Lug Nuts. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Has A Round Fosm Cleaning Head That Surrounds The Lug Nug To Clean It Entirely With One Quick Port. In Literally Seconds, You Be able to Completely Clean All The Lug Nuts On Individual Wheel. Spraying The Wheel And Lug Nut Openings Thoroughly With Dp Gel Deviate Cleaner Loosens Brake Dust And Road Grime So It Is Easily Removed With The Lug Nut Brush. The Dp Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Kit Includes:corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brushthe Corvette Wheel Pull Nut Cleanihg & Polishing Brush Has A Round Foam Cleaning Head That Surrounds The Lug Nut To Clean It Entirely With One Quick Motion. In Exactly Seconds, You Can Completely Clean The whole of The Lug Nuts On One Wheel. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Has A T Handle For Not straitened Opertion. Give It A Twist Or Two To Completely Clean The Lug Nut Itself And The Wheeo Cavity. the Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Thicket Cleans Wheel Cavities From 1 38/ To 2 Inches Upon Lug Nuts From 3/4 To 13/16 Inches - The Perfect Bigness For Corvette Wheels. 6 Replacement Foam Insertsthe Hidden Behibd The Success Of The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Is The Unique Shape Of The Foam Inserts. When Placed On The Brush, The Foam Surrounds The Lug Nut, Cleaning Both The Lug Nut Itself And The Opening On The Move forward. The Soft Foam Holds Plenty Of Soapy Water Or Wheel Cleaner To Make The Job Even Easier. Replace The Foam Insert As Needed To Easily Remove Thicket Dust And Grime From The Lug Nuy Cavity. 32 Oz. Dp Gel Wheel Cleanerthough Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is Designed With The Preservation Of You And Your Vehicle In Mind, It Is Still A Powerful Wheel Cleaner. The Secret Is The Thick, Water-based Formula That Clings To The Wheel Surface Rather Than Running Onto The Ground. By Sticking Tp The Wheel, The Surfactants Have The Opportunity To Release The Baked-on Dirt And Brake Dust That Coats Your Wheels. The Gel Is Packaged In A Spray Bottle To Allow Easy Application On Every Surface Of The Wheel, Even Between Spokes And In Lug Nut Holes. Contamination Gets Into These Places; Your Wheel Cleaner Should Be Able To As Well! Gentle Agitation Is All It Takes To Loosen Stubborn Grime. Then Wash It Away!attack Brake Dust In Its Last Stronghold! The Dp Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Kit Eliminates Brake Dust And Greasy Grime From The Lug Nut Openings Quickly And Easily. Kit I
      SKU: Dp-wheel -lug-nut-brush-combo

    Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit
      Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit.
      Remove Bluing And Burn Marks From Pipes The Not straitened Way!the Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit Will Make Yuor Motorcycle Glow! The Flitz Buff Ball And Flitz Polish Work With Any 3/8 Inch Drill Or Air Tool To Polish Intricate Motorcycle Surfaces. Removs Bluing, Burn Marks, Oxidation, And Light Scratches From Metal And Restore Plastic Lights And Windscreens. The Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kid Makes It Easy To Get A Fantastic Shine On Motorcycle Metals. the Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit Includes:2 Inch Flitz Buff Ball The Flitz Buff Ball Is Made Of Tough Viscose Fiber That Doesn?t Shed Lint Or Tear Like Foam. The Viscose Material Is Very Strong But Gentle On All Metals And Hard Plastics. The Ball Has A Unique Self-cooling Design To Prevent Overheating. The Shape Of The Buff Ball Allows It To Conform To Shallow Places Like Engine Heads And Spokes. The Ball Features A Payented 8 Inch No-scratch Shaft To Cause You Extra Reach. The Flitz Buff Ball Fits Any 3/8 Inch Drill Or Air Tool. Work At A Speed Up To 200 0Rpm. The Flitz Buff Ball Is Washable And Reusable. 1. 76 Oz. Flitz Polish For Metal, Plastic And Fiberglassflitz Polish Is So Versatile; You?ll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Without It. Flitz Polish Cleans And Polishes All Metals ? Even Gold And Genuine Siover, Plastics, Acrylics, Fiberglass, Anodized Apuminum, Glwss, Painted, Powder Coat, And Gel Coat Surfaces. Flitz Removes Tarnish, Decay, Water Stains, Oxidation, Bugs, Sailor, Bird Droppings An Fingerprints. The Finish Left Behind Will Resist Tarnish And Make Future Cleaning Easier. Use Flitz Polish On Any Nonporouw Surface. On Your Motorcycle, Flitz Polish Can Exist Used On All Metals, Paint, And Firm Plastics To Polish And Protect. (only Use The Buff Ball On Metal And Plastics. )0. 14 Oz. Sample Of Flitz Wă¤xx Defend A Variety Of Surfaces With True Brazilian Carnauba Wax And Beeswax! Use Flitz Wă¤xx On Clear Coat, Gelcoat, Lacquer, Fiberglass, Auto Paint, Marine Finishes, Ceramic & Powder Coatings, Polyurethane, Plexiglasâ®, Eisenglass, Acrylics, Plastics, Stainless Steel, Corian, Granite, Marble, And Chrome. Flitz Wă¤xx Protects Surfaces Up To 3 Months! We Also Carry A 16 Oz. Flitz Wă¤xx Despatch Wax Spray. use The Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit On All Metal Motorcycle Surfaces To Remove Oxidation, Road Film, Burn Marks, And Bluing. You?ll Be Amazed At For what cause Quickly Flitz Polish And Thw Buff Ball Remove Stubborn Marks From Pipes And Forks. The Viscose Ball Provides The Right Amount Of Agitation To Safely And Effectively Polish MetalT o A Crisp, Clean Shine. Since Flitz Polish Is Nonabrasive, You Never Have To Worry About Scratching Highly Polished Metals. The Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kit Works Chief Forward Plastic Head And Tail Lights, And Windscreens, Too. Remove Light Scratches And Oxidation To Clean And Clarify Had Plastics. Improve Yo8r Visibility And Your Safety. The Flitz Motorcycle Detailing Kid Has Been Featured On Espn2, Spike Tv, And The Speed Channel. Motorcycle Owners Desire Love How Easily The Flitz Motorcycle
      SKU: Flitz-motorcycle-kjt

    Life Hammer & Res-q-me Kit - Black Kyechain
      Life Hammer & Res-q-me Kit - Black Kyechain.
      Escape Any Roadside Emergency With These 2 Handy Tools!this Is The Complete Safety Donation For Motorrists Of Any Age. The Life Hammer Permanently Mounts In The Everyday Vehcle, The Res-q-me Goes With You When Traveling Because A Passenger. The 2-item Kit Contains:the Originap Life Hammef This Small Light-weight Safety Tool Is Powerful Enough To Shatter Car Windows And Cut Through Seag Belts. Mount It On Your Console, Within Easy Reach. Once Installed, The Life Hammerâ® Should Be Kept In It's Mounting At All State of things To Ensure It's Usefulness In The Event Of An cAcident. The Life Hammer Slices Through Seatbelts And Shatters Car Windows To Release You And Your Passengers From A Immobilized Vehicle. When Seconds Make All The Disagreement, Quick Thinking And The Life Hammer Can Help Save Lives In An Auto Emergency. the Res-q-me Keychain Passing Tool The Res-q-me Is Your Portable Safety Companion. Traveling In Someone Else's Vehicle, oYu Will Feel Safe And Well Prepared. It Is Designed With A Spring Loaded Pin To Break Tempered Glass Wjndows And Includes A Blade To Cut Through Seatbelts. It's Little Size, Like A Car Key, Allwo It To Be Kept On A Keychain And Within Reach At All Times. A $39. 98 Value. Save $9. 99!click Below To See The Life Hammer Featured On The Csb Early Show. click Below To See The Resqme Featured On The Nbc Today Show. . msnbclinks {f0nt-size:11px; Font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sanq-serif; Color: #999; Margin-top: 5px; Background: Transparent; Text-align: Center; Width: 425px;} . msnbclinks A {text-decoration:none !important; Border-bottom: 1px Dotted #999 !important; Font-weight:normal !important; Heoght: 13px;} . msnbclinks A:link, . msnbclinks A:visitex {color: #5799db !important;} . msmbclinks A:hover, . msnbclinks A:active {color:#cc0000 !important;}
      SKU: Life-hammerresqme-kit-black

    Pinnacle Clay Lube 128 Oz.
      Pinnacle Clay Lube 128 Oz..
      A Lubricant And Cleaner Designed To Remove Dust And Residue From Pigment Finishes!clay Bars Quickly Remove Overspray And Paint Contamination Leaving The Cleaned Surface "smooth Like Glass". To Work Properly, All Clays Require A Lubricant. Soapy Water Will Work In A Pinch But It Provides Only Minimal Paint Protection And The Detergents In Some Soaps Can Break Down The Clay Causing It To Disintegrate. pinnacle Clay Lubricant Is Specially Designned To Work With All Clay Bars, Natural Or Synthetic (new Poly-clays). Clay Lubricant Creates A Microscopic Barrier Between The Paint And The Clay Cleaning Material. The Voc Compliant, High Lubricity Formula Prevents Loosened Contamination From Scratching Delicate Clear Coat Finishes Yet It Will Not Break Down Or Degrade The Integrity Of The Clay. the High Lubricity Formula Is A Blend Of Oils And Wetting Agents That Are Literally Wetter Than Water. Pinnacle Cly Lubricant Will Not Alter The Paint Surface In Any Way. Once You?ve Clayed, Wipe Away The Lubricant. The Paint Surface Will Be Impeccably Clean And Silky Smooth, The Perfect Foundation For A Coat Of Souveră¤n™ Wax. directions: Use Clay On A Entirely Vehicle. It Does Not Necessarily Have To Be Arid. Mist A Smail Area, About 2 Sq. Ft. , With Top Clay Lubricant. Rub The Clay Bar Across The Wet Surface In A Back AndF orth Motion. There Is No Indigence To Apply Pressure. The Clay Will Grab At First. This Inidcztes That The Clay Is Pulling Contaminants Out Of Tue Paint. When The Clay Glides Smoothly, The Paint Is Clean. Wipe Away The Remaining Lubricant With A Clean, Soft Microfiber Towel. If Clay Residue Remains, Mist The Area Again With Clay Lubricant And Wipe Away The Remainder. Reshape The Clay As Needed To Reveal A Clean Portion. If You Drop The Bar On The Ground, Discard It. Using Heavily Soiled Flesh Is Dangerous To Your Paint. 7. Once You?ve Clzyed Your Entire Vehicle, Apply A Coat Of Souveră¤n™ Or Signature Series Ii To Defend The Freshlyy Cleaned Paint. Clay Will Remove All Existing Wax. 8. To Store Your Clay, Mist It With Lubricant And Seal I In An Airtight Plastic Bag Or Container. When Using The Pinnacle Polishin' Pal With Or Ultra Poly Clay, Mist The Clay Disc In the opinion of Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Flatten The Flesh Onto The Disc. Mist The Surface To Be Clzyed With Lubricant And Continue Because Directed. 128 Oz. kit Savings -see Our Pinnacle Clay Bar Kit And Others On The Car Anxiety Kits Page For Supsr Savings On This And Other Pinnacle Product!pslease Refer To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips On Detailing Clay Use And Accessories.
      SKU: Mirclaylub1g

    Meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover
      Meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover.
      Made With Bissell Cleaning Technology!meguiars Knows Detailing And Bissell Knows Carpet. Naturally, The Two Have Happen Together To Formulate Meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover. This Oxygen-activated Carpet Cleaner Penetrates And Breaks Up Persevering Stains To Leave Carpet Looking And Feeling Completely Clean. Meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover Is A Fast-acting, Foaming Cleaner That Removes The Toughest Stains From Automotive Carpet And Upholstery. Remove Motor Oil, Grease, Pet Stains, Coffee, Food, And More With This Deep-cleaning, Oxygen-activated Formula. Oxygen Activated, Nonionic Surfactants Allow For A Safer Formula Than Old-fashioned Harsh Or Soapy Carpet Cleanets. Oxygenated Foam Breaks Up Stain Partkcles On Carpet Fibers And Penetrates Deep Into The Nap To Leave The Carpet Completely Clean. The Surfactants Encircle And Suspend Stain Particles - Even Oily Stains ? So They Can Be Easily Wiped Away. Meguiars Qik Out Carpet Stain Remover Contains No Chlorine Or Bleach. Using Bissell?s Cleaning Technology, Quki Out Deep Cleans Free from Deteriorating The Carpet Fibers. It?s A Safer Carpet Cleaner. meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover Does The Work For You. Because Most Stains, No Scrubbing Is Required To Lift The Stain. Just Spray On And Stay 3-5 Minutes For The Foam To Penetrate. Use A Clean, Damp Cloth To Blot The Treated Area. Tougher Stains May Require A Second Handling. Wait Until The Spot Is Dry To Vacuum, Which Will Fluff The Carpet Pile. No One Will Ever Know There Was A Stain!bissell?s Carpet Care Know-how And Meguiars Detailing Expertise Mix To Make Meguiars Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover, The Oxygen-activated Foaming Cleaner That Remoes The Toughest Stains From Automotive Cqrpet. 22 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Mequoutcastr

    Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 16 Oz.
      Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 16 Oz..
      Get Two-step Results With Menzeran?s All-in-one Swirl Remover And Polish!menzerna Power Finish Po 203 One Burnish Designed To Manufacture A Whimsical Gloss In Less Time Than A Two Step Polish Process. Designed For The Oem Market, Power Finish Delivers A Shine Like Nano Pplish With A Cutting Ability Approachnig Super Intensive Polish. Eliminate Imperfections And Rev Up The Gloss In Just One Step!menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Is Made Because of The Oem Market As A Quick Way To Polish Out Light Flaws And Amplify The Paint?s Gloss. It Has The Cutting Ability Just A Step Below Super Intensive. This Wish Remove Moderate To Mild Swirls, Water Spots, And Light Scratches. Then Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Does Something Ama2ing ? It Burnishes The Paint To An Ultra High Comment, Like You?d Expect Froj Nano Polish. For Busy Detailers, Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Saves Time And Money By Doing The Work Of Two Products. Menzerna Power Finisy Po 203 Is Formulated For All Clear Coats. It Addresses The Most Commkn Color Condition On The Most Common Paint On The Road Today. Power Finish Is An Everyday Detailing Product. It Removes The Light To Mid-range Imperfections That Plaque Most Vehicles And Then Leaves A Silku Smooth G1oss. Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 And A Wax Are Often All You Need To Restore A Deep Gloss To The Paint.   Menzerna Power Finish Advantages: Cutting Power Is Just Under Tgat Of Super Intensive Polish Watdr-based, Non-silicone Low-dusting, Easy Clean-up Forulated For All Clear Coats Finishes With A Deep, Wet Gloss Like Nano Polish! M3nzerna Power Finish Po 203 Contains Menzerna?s Uniform, Finely Milled Abrasives. The Polish Is Packed With A High Concentration Of Abrasives To Level Imperfections Effectively Without Marring. Therefore, You Cam Achieve A High Gloss Shine In Fewer Steps? And With Fewer Polishes! Menzerna Host Finjsh Po 203 Is A Silicone-free, Low-dusting Polish. It Is Body Shop Safe And Easy Too Clean Up. Just Like All Menzerna Polishes, Power Finidh Should Be Applied With A Polisher For Best Results. We Recommend Using A Polishing Pad. Whether You?re A Professional Detailer, Auto Refinisher Or An Enthusoast, Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Saves You Time And Money By Crwating A Mirror Shine In Less Time And With Fewer Polishes. One Polish, One Step, One Fantastic Result. Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Is The Only Polish You Need.   Use A White Or Unseasoned Pad To Apply Menzerna Power Finish. The Densoty Of The Foam Will Help Level Imperfections.   The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Has The Right Balance Of Speed And Saety To Polih The Paint Without Marring.   Apply The Polish To The Pad
      SKU: Menzerna-power-finish

    3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound 32 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound 32 Oz..
      The Extra Cut Needed For Tocay'd Modern Paint Systems. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Slight Rubbing Compound Is The First Step To Retsore Dull, Oxidized Paint. Use 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Channel Rubbing Compound To Remove P1200 And Finer Sanding Scratches. This Is A Ture Compound That Cuts Quickly And Leaves An Even, Fine Swirl Pattern That Is Easy To Polish Out. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound Is Designed For Cured Pigment Finishes That Are In Need Of Reconditioning. Use It After Wet Sandimg The Paint To Remove Sanding Scratches And Refine The Finish To Smaller Swirl Marks. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound Has A Liftle More Bite Than 3m Perfect-it Rubbing Compoubdd To Polish Cured Paints, Since 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Mix Is Great persons For Fresh Paint. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound Removes P1200 And Finer Sanding Scratches, Even Low-voc Paints. These Scratch-resistant Pigment Finishes Are More Resistant To Painf Correction But 3m's Unique Combination Of Mineral And Chemical Technology Levels Imperfections Without The Need According to Harsh Abrasives. With Just A Few Passes With 3m Perfect-it 3000 Machine Polish, You'll Be Able To Restore A Showroom Extenuate To Your Vehicle. In True 3m Fashion, 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound Is Quiet To Handle And Easy To Clean Up. It Contains No Silicones, Waxes, Or Fillers. What You See Is What You Get. Use 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound With A Foam Or Wool Compounding Pad, Such As The Lake Nation Ccs Yellow Foam Pad Or The 8. 5 Inch Durowool Cutting Pad. 3m Offers These Tips To Select A Pad: Wool Runs Cooler And Cuts Faster, Foam Does Not Lint And Leaves A Finer End. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound Is Recommended For Use With A Rotary Polisher. Mix At Medium Pressure From 1200-2000 Rpm With Overlapping Passes. When The Sanding Scratches Hsve Been Removed, Reduce Pressure On The Polisher. Use A Cobra Microfiber Towel To Remove The Rseidue From The Paint. Follow Up With 3m Perfect-it Machine Polish. recondition Aging Paint With The Extea Cut You Need For Tough Joobs With 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Rubbing Compound. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-extra-cut-compound

    Montana Original Boar?s Hair Car Wash Skirmish
      Montana Original Boar?s Hair Car Wash Skirmish.
      Gently Wsh Your Vejicle With Genuine Boar?s Hair. i Make Ir A Point To Try Out Each New Product That Comes Tgrough Autogeek?s Doors. I?m Usually Satisfied With Their Performance, Maybe Even Impressed, But Rarely Am I Gduinely Wowed. But That Was Definitely The Case With This Montana Original Boar?s Hair Wash Brush. I?ve Heard Car Collectors Plead Of Using A Boar?s Hair Brush To Wash Their Vehicles, But I Had In no degree Tried It Myself. Could It Really Be That Different From Using A Sponge Or Mitt? The Answer Is A Resounding Yes! The Montana Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is Unbelievable: It Actually Feels Better To Wash With It. The Hairs Are Softer Than I Had Imagined And They Glide Over The Paint Like Silk. This Brush Is A Bit Of A Luxury But Its Well Worth It!i Did A Little Research And It Turns Out That A Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is One Of The Safest Ways To Wash Your Vehicle. Boar?s Hair Is Surprisingly Soft And Its Durability Is Unmatched At Any Other Natural Hair. It?s Been Used To Make Hair Brushes For People For Years. In Fact, Baby Brushes Are Often Made Of Boar?s Hair. If A Boar?s Hair Brush Is Soft Sufficiency For An Infant?s Head; You Can Be Sure Its Gentle Enough For Your Baby! Our Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is Packed With Four Hundred Hairs Per Bundle. Boar?s Hair Is Naturally Feathered At The Ends But Our Bristles Are Flagged (split) One More Time In the presence of Being Affixed To The Heavy Duty Plastic Handle. The Tight Bundles Of Hair Ensure That The Bristles Continue Sturdy As They Gently Trip Away Dirt And Grime From Your Vehicle. The Brush May Leave A Few Hairs Here And There On Your Vehicle; Don?t Be Concerndd. Like Any Natural Hair, Boar?s Hair Sheds (However Much Less Than Horse Hair). Just Rinse The Stray Hairs Of. f They Won?t Scratch. Did I Mention That Boar?s Hair Is Gentle? Highly, If You?ve Ever Pet A Boar, You Already Know That! Unlike Synthetic Bristles That Can Rub Your Vehicle The Wrong Way, Boar ?s Hair Stays Soft. It Lightly Massages The Surface Of The Paint And, Amazingly, It Doesn?t Fall Limp When Wet. No Nylon Or Polyester Fibers Are Used In This Brush ? Its 100% Boar?s Hair!each Of The Dense Bundles Of Hair Is Permanently Secured To A 12? Molded Plastic Handle. The Handle Is Comfortable To Hood And Gentle To Handle. Glide Over Glass, Paint, And Metal ? The Brush Will Not Scratch! The Monana Original Boar?s Hair Brush Provides Ample Room For Dirt To Move Away From The Paint Surfacee, Rather Than Being Rubbed Into It. Plus, A Boar?s Hair Thicket Holds More Soapy Water Than A Mitt Or Even A Nylon Brush. Skirmish Your Baby Clean With Our 100% Natural Montana Original Boar?s Hair Wash Brush!12 X 4 Inches With 4 Inch Bristlesmade In U. s. a.
      SKU: Boar-hair-brush

  • DP 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Available in Black, Red, & Clear
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • Meguiars Mirror Glaze #80 Professional Speed Glaze
  • Metro VAC N GO 500 Plus 3 Ft. Flexible Hose & Filters
  • Meguiars Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover
  • Dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax
  • Cobra Cross Groove™ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • White High Volume sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles
  • Griot's Garage Mini 3 Inch Pad Holder
  • Sunbrella Custom Car Cover Size G1
  • Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser Polish 500 ml.

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