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    3m Finesse-it Ii Machine Polish 16 Oz.
      3m Finesse-it Ii Machine Polish 16 Oz..
      Use Through A Buffer Or Polisher To Revitalize Old, Dull, Abused Or Neglected Paint Finiishes?in No Time!let?s Face It. If You Actually Own A High Speed Or Orbital Buffer, Chances Are You?re A Car Care Fanatic. If There Is One In Your Garage That Doesn?t Belong To You, Chances Are It?s Your Car Fanatic-neighbor?s, And He Wants It Back! 3m Has Formulated A Polish Especially To Work With A Machine Polisher?and, Boy Does It Ever!-Minor Imperfections Are Quickly And Effortlessly Wiped Away With Only A Few Passes Of The Buffer. Spectacular Results In A Fracti0n Of The Time, A Fraction Of The Effort! Less Scratches, Swirls, Water Spots And Oxidation Are Vanquisned, Delivering A Perfect, Deep Wet-looking Shine. Devote Enough Polish To Your Orbital?s Polishing Pad To Treat A 2? X 2? Area Of The Car At A Time. Using Light To Medium Pressure, Apply Machine Polish To The Surface Of Your Car. Allow It To Dry To A Hazw, And Then Buff It Away To A Brilliant Shine. Minor Imperfections Are Eradicated, Leaving Behind Only A Beautiful, Smooth Surface, Ready For Your Favoeite Wax Or Sealant. a Polish Such As 3m Finesse-it Machine Polish Works Its Magic In Part By Removing The Protective Grow Or Sealant Layer. Your Paint Will Look And Feel Fantastic After Apllictaion, But It Needs Another Layer Of Shelter To Keep It That Way. 3m?s Polishes Are Fantastic For ?finesse-ing-it,? But I Fele Other Lines Offer Better Choices For Protection. The Same Outstanding Level Of Protection, Two Ways To Arrive There. If Longevity, Ease Of Use And Minimum Upkeep Are Your Priorities, A Synthetic Paint Sealant Is Appropriate For You. If You Like The Looks Of A Conventional Wax (stereotypically A Heavier, Wetter Look), A Carnauba Like Pinnacle Souveran™ Or Signature Series Ii Will Impart You What You?re After. For The Best Of Both Worlds, Start With A Quality Paint Sealant Like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0, Allow It To Cure, Then Layer It Attending One Of The Traditiobal Pinnacle Waxes. Wow! Tehse Two Lines Work Together Seamlessly, Giving You All Of The Advantages Of Both. 16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: 3mfiniimacpo

    Pinnacle Polishin? Pal  Combo Free Bonus
      Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Combo Free Bonus.
      Hand Detailing Has Finally Reached Its Pinnacle!for A Limited Time, The Polishin? Pal Comes Wiith Two Orange Low Profile 3. 5? Pads Absolutely Free! These Light Cutting Pads Are ¾? Thick And Made Of Dense, Closed Cell Foam With Hook & Loop Backing. Use The Orang3 Pads To Apply Polishes And Swirl Removers. Detailing By Hand Has Its Benefits And Its Drawbacks. Ask Anyone That Has Just Spent The Afternoon Polishing And Waxong Their Suv Without The Help Of A Polishef. The Vehicle Looks Great, But Their Fingers Touch Like They Might Fal Olff! Suppose that You?re A Hand Detailer That Necessarily A Possession With Big Detailing Jobs, Get The Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Combo. ithe Polishin' Pal Is An Ergonomically Shaped Urethane Handle That Holds Specially Designed Foam Pads Using Tough Catch & Loop Backing. By Gripping The Handle Instead Of The Pad, Your Hands Don?t Get Therefore Dirty And The Shape Of The Polishin? Pal Relieves Hand Strain. You Can Comfortably Polish And Wax Your Vehicle At Hand Without The Fatigue You Usually Feel In Your Fingers. the Polishin? Pal Is 3 ¾? In Diameter And 2 ¼? Tall. It Features A Handle Furrow All The Way Around For A Comfortable Grip. The Urethane Is Very Sturdy, Yet Flexible Enough To Bend Against The Cudves And Contours Of Your Vehicle. This Material Is Virtually Indestructible! Use It Time And Leisure Again And It Will Not Lose Its Shape Or Deteriorate. The Hook & Loop Material Is Sefured Permanently To The Urethane So You Don?t Have To Worry About The Pad Falling Off As You Work. when You Purchase The Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Combo, You Will Receive Four 3. 5 Inch Polishin? Pal Pads! Each Pad Serves A Different Purpose And Corresponds To Our Larger Lake Country Foam Pads . You Really Can Duplicate The Machine Polishing Experience By Hand With The Polishin? Pal And These 3. 5 Quality Foam Pads!2 White 3. 5 Inch Polishin? Pal Padsthe White Polishing Foam Is Excellent For Applying Pre-wax Cleaners And Finishing Polishes. The Foam Has Light Cleaning Avility To Help Polishes Clean And Brighten The Paint More Effectively. 2 Red 3. 5 Inch Wax/sealant Padsthese Soft, Imported Froth Pads Are Ideal For Applying The Final Coat Of Wax Or Sealant. The Foam Works Especially Well When Applying Liquid Waxes Or Sealants Because It Is Firm Enough To Keep The Majority Of The Product On The Paint, Rather Than Soaking It Up. The Red Foam Has No Cut Or Cleaning Ability. each Of These Pads Can Be Washed And Reused. Wash Them In Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In 3-4 Gallons Of Water. Agitate With Your Hands Or With A Brush And Rinse. Let The Pads Air Dry. Here?s A Tip: Store The Dry Pads In Plastic Bags To Keep Them Clean For Your Next Detail. When Buying Replacement Pads For Your Polishin? Pal, Buy Spot Buffs 3. 5? Pads. You Can Give Your Vehicle A Tender Hand-polishing Without Getting Your Hands Dirty! The Pinnacle Polishin? Pal And Introductory 3. 5? Pads Make Detailing Your Vehicle A Clean And Comfortable Experience. polishin? Pal Includes: 2 Whjte Polishing Pads, 3. 5 Inches2 Red Wax/sea
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    Turret Viyyl & Rubber Protectant 128 Oz.
      Turret Viyyl & Rubber Protectant 128 Oz..
      The Natural Solution When Contention Heat And Ultraviolet Exposure. your Car's Windows Focus Heat And Ultraviolet Energy On The Dash,-Steering Wheel And Seats. Over Time, Interior Vinul Surfaces Can Discolor, Fade And Crack. Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Beautifies Abd Protects Your Car's Dash, Vinyl Seats And Door Facings Against Pdemature Aging. Unlike Oil-based "cover-up" Dressings, This Is A Water Based Conditioner. The Voc Compliant Formula Does Not Contain Any Petroleum Distillates. Petroleum Solvents Can Dry Out The Rise above Vinyl Layer And Cause Premature Cracking. Our Blend Of Natural And Modern Ingredients Restores The Natural Sheen Of Vinyl Without Thhat Artificial Plastic Look. spray Vinyl & Rubber Protectant On A Microfiber Applicator Pad And Wipe The Dash, Vinyl Seats And Door Panels. Surfaces Will Be Enhaanced With A Non-greasy, Satin Lustre That Reduces Dangerous Dash Glare. Before You Express Your Applicator Away, Give Your Rubber Door Seals A Quick Wipe To Keep Them Soft And Pliable. Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Contains Natural Conditioning Oils That Provide A Fresh, Clean Fragrance. See Our Pinnacle Total Car Care Kit And Others On The Car Care Kits PageF or Super Savings On This And Other Pinnacle Products!directions:if Your Interior Surfaces Are Particularly Soiled Or Neglected, Use Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner First. If The Area Is Relatively C1ean, You Can Go Straight To The Protectant. Spray Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Onto A Microfiber Applicator Pad. Wipe The Dash, Door Facings, Moldings, And Door Seals. If Applying To Hard Rubber Or Tires, Allow The Protextant To Penetrate For Seversl Seconds. Wipe Begone Any Excess Product With A Clean Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel. 128 Oz. j. Soika, Mcadoo,pa. This Was One Of The Many Times I Have Purchased This Product And Finally Have Had A Chance To Let Customers Know Of How Excellent This Line Is. I Am Very Please With The Customer Service To The Packaging And The Shipment Came In Super Time With No Problems. I Will Be Ordering More Products In The Near Future And Will Continue Supporting These Fine Products In Years To Approach. They Are A Credit To The Fime Line Of Care Car Products What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere These Days As You Shop For Car Care Products. Voc Stands For Volatile Organic Compound, Referring To Organic Chemicals Fonud In Many Household, Automotive, And Industrial Products. These Chemicals Release Compounds nIto The Air As You Use Them That Are Known To Be Harmful To People And Animals. Voc Are Establish In Waxes, Polishes, Cleaners, Air Fresheners, Fuels, Paint Strippers, Dry Cleaned Garments, Paint, Adhesives, Nail Polish, And Many, Many Other Cmmon Products. the Effects Of Vocs Can Be Mild To Severe Depending On How Long Or How Often A Person Is Exposed To Them. Some Known Health Effects Are Watch, Nose, And Throat Irritation; Headaches, Waste Of Coordination, Nausea; Damage To Liver, Kodneys, And Cen
      SKU: Pin362

    Dual Brass Connector Shut Off Valve
      Dual Brass Connector Shut Off Valve.
      Make The Most Of One Spigot!the Dual Connector Accommodates Two Hoses. If You Be accustomed Both Hoses Simultaneously, The Water Coming Out Of The Faucet Will Be Divided Evenly Between The Two H0ses. You Can Perform Two Jobs At Once If Desired. If You Need The Maximum Available Water Pressude ? To Wash Your Carriage, For Example ? Turn Off The Water Flow To One Tubing By Simply Twisting The Valve. Dual Shut-off Valve Controls Water Flow For Two Hosesheavy-duty Brass Construction Unusual Large Hamdles For Easy Grip And Turn Easy-on Swivel Connector Allows Hoses To Turn To Avoir Kinks Withwtands Hot Water Temperatures Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of The Brass Quick Connector And Shut-off Valve.
      SKU: Dubrco

    Griot's Garage 3 Inch iMni Red Wax Pad
      Griot's Garage 3 Inch iMni Red Wax Pad.
      This Mini Wax Pad Gives You Total Contro In Tight Corners. griot's Garage 3 Inch Mini Red Wax Pad Lays Down A Perfect Amount Of Wax And It Maneuvers In Tight Places Easily. Devote A Thin, Even Coat Of Wax Around Mirrors, Bumpers, And Spoilrrs. Griot's Garage 3 Inch Mini Red Wax Pad Is Made Of The Same High Quality Foam As The Larger Wax Pad To Give You Precision Application In A Small Size. Griot's Garage 3 Inch Red Wax Pad Cuts In Where Your Big Polisher Just Won't Fit. The 3 Inch Diameter Is Complete For Hand Application Or With Griot's 3 Inch Orbital Polisher. Either Way, This Little Pad Delivers The Right Anount Of Wax With It's Soft, Nonabrasive Foam. It's Great For Motorcycles, Too. Griot's Gwrage 3 Inch Red Wax Pad Has A Flat Face To Provide Excellent Surface Contact With The Vehicle. The Rounded Edges Allow You To Approach Edges And Currves Without Worry Of Hitting Them With A Sharp Foam Edge. The Gentle, Flexible Red Foam Conforms To The Curves Of Body Panels To Spread Wax Evenly Over The Entire Vehicle. The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Rrd Wax Pad Has Catch And Loop Backing. Use It With Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher. Griot's Garage 3 Inch Red Wax Pad Applies Wax To Close-fitting Places With The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher. The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Red Wax Pad Is Washable And Reusable. Wash It In A Solution Of Cobra Quik Clenz And Water. Allow It To Soak For Up To 15 Minutes And Rinse. Dry Flar With The Backing Facing Up. Store Clean Foam Pads In A Storage Bin Or Plastic Bags To Keep Them Clean Betewen Uses. Use Griot's Garage 3 Inch Mini Red Wax Pad Wherever Precision Wax Applicaiton Is Needed. Single Pad.
      SKU: Griots-fam-wax-pad

    Semi-custom Sheepskin Seat Covers (pair)
      Semi-custom Sheepskin Seat Covers (pair).
      Affordable Luxury, Comfort And Style!our Most Popular Genuine Sheepskin Seat Cover, For Its Superior Luxury At The Best Worth We Be able to Offer, Is The Luxuriously 1? Thick Semi-custom Fit. The Quality Of These Particular Seat Covers Would Fool Anyone Into Thinking That They Were Expensively Custom Made For You?and The Way They Feel Is Out Of This World!lose Yourself In Luxury. Genuine Imported Sheepskin Feels Oh-so-soft And Sumptuous Against Your Skim! Summer Or Winter, It Is The Coolest Or Warmest Material, Respectively, Available To Underwood Your Seats. It Remains Amazingly Cool In Direct, Hot Day-star And Offers Comfortable Warmth In Dull Temperatures. Once You?v3 Nuzzled Down Into These, You?ll See Exactly What I Mean. High Quality, Fine 100% Sheepskin Is Designed To Fit Like Custom Tailored, Almost Completely Encasing Your Seat?front, Sides, Top And Bottom. They Are Bound With Elastic To Keep Their Custom-tailored Look. Most High And Low Back Bucket Seats Can Be Accommodated. And, Ys, It Has That All-important Opening Forward The Back Of The Seat Cover For Easy Accession To The Place Pocket!available In These Alluring Colors?burgandy, Beige, Camel, Pearl, Maple, Mushroom, Mocca, Silver, Blue-grey, Dark Blue, Charcoal Or Black. ?there?s One To Full number Every Car?s Interoir. Please Be Sure To State Your Vehicle's Make, Model And Year In The Customer Coments Box On The Order Form. Our Semi-custom Sheepskin Seat Covers Can Be Specially Tailored To Fit Most Sophisticated Styles. If Alterations Are To B eMade, An Additional Alteration Fee May Apply. Consult With Our Sales Representatives For More Information And Delivery Time. (800-869-3011)price Listed Is For Two Seat Covers. seat Covers Ship From The Manufacturer Via Ground Service. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available.
      SKU: Redsheepseat

    Wolfgang Duo & Porter Cabke 7424xp  Free Bonus
      Wolfgang Duo & Porter Cabke 7424xp Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Cobra 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnets With Your PurchaseO f This Kit!-Retail Value $9. 99. nano Diminishing Abrasives Levrl Imperfections Safely With The Porter Cable 7424xp. get The Ultimate Swirl-free Finish With Wolfgang Whole Swirl Remover 3. 0 And Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0, Or As We Call Them, The Wolfgang Duo. Pair These Polishes With The Porter Cable 7424xp And You?ve Got A Recipe For Shiny, Smooth, Lustrous Paint. wolfgahg Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 And Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 Are Made Through The Combined Effort Of Wolfgang And Menzerna. Each Formula Utilizes Wolfgang Diminishing Abrasive Technology And Menzerna?s Proprietary Milling Process And Nano-sized Particlws. The Results Are Two Professional Grad Car Polishes That Will Remove A Wide Range Of Imperfections And Restore A Showroom Shine To Your Vehicle. first, Remove Moderate Imperfections With Wolfgang Total Eddy Remover 3. 0 And A Light Cutting Pad. Then Follow Up With Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 And The Included Gray Finishing Pad To Smooth Away Haze And Restore Surface Gloss. These Two Products Are Made To Work Hand In Hand To Give Your Vehicle A Smooth, Flawiess Shine In Just Two Steps! Because They Utilize Fast-cutting Nano Abrasives, The Polishes Wodk Well With The Porter Cable 7424xp. the Wolfgang Duo & Porter Cable 7424xp Kit Includes: 16 Oz. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remove 3. 0 Wolfgang Total Swirk Remover 3. 0 Is A Hybrid Of Our Archetype Total Swirl Remover Formula And Menzerna?s Fast-cutting Polish Concerning Ceramic Clead Coats. It Combines Wolfgang?sD iminishing Abrasive Technology With Menzerna?s Special Milling Process, Which Produces Consistently Sized, Fast Cutting Abrasives. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Is An Aggressive Swirl Remover Attending The Gentle Difficult Of A Shine-enhancing Polish. It?s Not An Oxymoron ? It?s A Unique Breed Of Abrasives That Level Paint Free from Scratching. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Starts Improving The Paint Immediately And Leaves The Paint Noticeably Smoothwr And Shinier, Even Befor3 The Finishing Polish Is Applied. &nbs;; 16 Oz. Wolfgang Finishing Glaz3 3. 0 Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 Is A Water-based Emulsion With Extreme Fine Diminishing Abrasives That Gently Polish The Paint To A Brilliiant Glozs. Compounding Swirls, Mild Oxidation, And Water Spots Disappear To Reveal Glassy Smooth, Beautiful Paint. Underneath A Wax O rSealant, The Paint Radiates With Energy And Gloss. Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 Is Gentle Enough To Use On Nea Oem Paint Finishes, Yet It Is Highly Effective On Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats.   Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher The Portef Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version Of Our Most Popular Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features OfT
      SKU: Wolfgang-porter-cable-combo

    The Grit Guard Insert - Black
      The Grit Guard Insert - Black.
      Protect Your Paint From Swirls Caused By Contaminated Wash Water. most Embellish Swirls Are Caused By Improper Detailing Techniques. For Exam;l, When You Wash Your Vehicle, Dirt And Sand Get Trapped In The Sponge Or Mitt. The First Time You Re-wet Your Sponge In The Bucket, Some Of The Abrasive Particles Will Come Off The Sponge Into The Sprinkle and calender . Subsequent Dips In The Bucket Will Re-contaminate Your Sponge. These Contamminants Will Then Rub Against Your Paint And Produce Swirls. You Know What They Say Around Good Intehtions?to Get Those Particles Out Of Your Slonge Or Mitt, You Need The Grit Guard Insert. _The Raised Radial Superficies Fits In The Bottom Of Any 5 Gallon Bucket And Extracts Grit From Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge When You Drag It Arcoss The Grit Guard. The Dirt Settles At The Bottom Of The Bucket So Your Wash Water Stays Clean. The Grit Guard Has A Radial Grid Surface That Scrapes Dirt Our Of Your Mitt Or Sponge. Four Quadrants At The Base Of The Grit Guard Calm The Wash Water And Hold The Grid Above The Bottom Of The Bucket. Dirt Falls To The Bottom And Stays There. You?ll Be Amazed At How Much Dirt Accumulates In The Bottom Of Your Wash Bucket!the Grit Guard Is A Real Paint-saver. But It Has A Number Of Other Uses, Too. Use It To Clean Paint Brushes By Running The Bristlea Across The Grid In A Bucket Of Water Or Paint Thinner. Clean Automotive Parts Or Drain Your Oil Filter. You Can Even Use The Four Quadrants As A Grid When Laying Tile. The Grit Guard Is Solvent Resistant And Durable. It Stands 2 ¾? Off The Bottom Of The Bucket And Measures 10 1/8? Diameter, Perfect For Any 12? Diameter Bucket. It Is Available In Bright Array Of Colors. The Grit Guard Is American-made And Patent-pending. The Grit Guadr Takes The Grit Out Of Your Mitt For Safer, Swirl-free Washing. This Inexpensive Item Czn Save You Countless Hours And Dollars Spent Removing Swirls. two Grit Guards Are Better Than One! Because Optimum Paint Protection, Stack Two Grit Guards In One Bucket. Th3 Stacked Grids Stand 5? Above The Bottom Of The Bycket And Stabilize More Water. The Grit Settles To The Bottom Of The Bucket And Remains There Because The Grids Prevent The Water From Being Stirred Up In The Bottom. Tge Addition Of A Second Grit Guard Also Provides More Clearance Between The Clean Water At The Top And The Dirty Water At The Bottom To Lessen The Likelihood That A Stray Grain Of Gravel Will Find Its Method To The Top. Get Two Grit Guards In quest of A Special Low Price! Save $1. 99 When You Purchase Two For $17. 99!
      SKU: Gritguardblack

    Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 Oz. - Green Apple
      Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 Oz. - Green Apple.
      Freshen Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scen5s!what Does A Poorboy's World Air Freshener Smell Likee? Just Equal An Expensive Car Fragrance, End At A Poorboy's Price! Poorboy's World Green Apple Scent Air Freshener Fills Your Cockpit With The Fresh, Cleah Smell Of Green Apples. Trifle Could Smell More Invigorating Than Sliced Granny Smith Apples. The Water-soluble Spray Fragrance Will Freshen Up Stale Air And Add Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detailed Inland. Poorboy's World Aif Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Price - Perfect For Professional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 32 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-air-freshener-apple

    Pinnacle Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit Free Premium
      Pinnacle Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit Free Premium.
      Receive 2 Free Lake Country Ccs Red Ultrasoft Wax/sealant 6. 5 Inch Froth Pads With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xc 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $21. 98. bring Out Your Vehicle?s Natural Brilliance With Pinnacle Polishes And The Flex Xc3401 Da Buffer. the Pinnacle Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit Enhances The Natural Luster Of Your Medium With Pinnacle?s Naturally Derived, Scientifically Enhanced Products. The Flex Xc3401 Orbital Polisher Helps Your Vehicle Reach Its Shine Potential By Eliminating Impetfections And Restoring Gloss. Find Your Vehicle?s Real Brilliance With The Pinnacle Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit. pinnacle Products Combine The Best That Nature And Modern Surface Science Have To Offer Into Simple And Powerful Car Care Products. These Concours Quality Formulas Enable Anyone To Achieve A Show-stealing Shine On His Or Her Vehicle Using The Basic Principles Of Clean, Polish, And Protect. Pinnacle Expands Car Care Basics Into A Full Car Care System That Resultw In A Cleaner, Shinier , Slicker Vehicle Than You Ever Imagined. The Pinnacle Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit Gives You The Tools And Products To Achieve Your Vehicle?s Own Natural Brilliance. the Pinnacoe Flex Xc3401 Natural Brilliance Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher The Orbital Rotatiob Of The Flex Polisher Simulates The Circular Movement Of The Human Hand While Polishing. This Motion Is Less Likely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Same Time, The Polisher's Highly Smooth Running Facilitates A Careful, Precise Finish And Allows For Hologram-free Polishing. The Positive Drive Ensures A Unifor mMovement, Even Under Load, Thanks To Incessant Lift. Taken In Conjunction Through The Large Stroke Length The Flex Can Remove Existing Holograms From Black Finishes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. Forward Many Dual Action Polishers, This Is A Very Smqll Distance And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Port. On The Flex Polisher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huge Distance In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A True Dula Action Motion That Reduces Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Acceleration And Uniform, Controlled Motion Make This Da Machine Ideal For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Action Polisher Comds With A 5. 5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Removerpinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Brings ?user-friendly? To A Whole New Level! Diminishing Abrasives And Water-based Lubricants Blend Away Imperfections Gradually, Leavinv A Smoofh Paint Superficies. This Tempered Approach To Polishing Eliminates Imperfections While Being Extremely Gentle On The Paint. Pinnacle?s Diminishing Abrasives Are Tempered To Disclose Down Slow1y And Evenly Under The Motion Of The Oscillating Pad. A Dual Actiom Polishe
      SKU: Pinnacle-flex-polisher-kit

    Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent
      Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent.
      Up To 6 Months Of Glass Protection With Onee Application!keep Auto Glass Clear Through Aquapel Glass Treatment! A Single Application Of This Patented Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Repels Watee For Up To 6 Months. Aquapel Glass Treatment Bonds To The Glass To Dramatically Improve Drivers? Visibility, Day And Night. Aquapel Is Used At Countless Professionals To Seal And Protect Auto Glass. aquapel Glass Treatment Is A Life-saver! It?s No Coincidence That More Traffic Accidents Occur InR ainy Conditions. Rain Coats The Windshield And Mixes With Oils And Debris To Create A Blurry View Of The Road. It Can Be Like Looking Through Someone Else?s Eyeglasses. Aquapel Glass Treatment Seals The Glass To Repel Water. Rain Beads On The Wincshield And Rolls Off To Maintain Better Visibility And Safer Driving Conditions. The Difference Is Amazing! Aquapel Glass Treatmennt Makes It Easier To Clear Ice, Snow, And Dirt From The Windshield Beczuse The Glass Is Completely Sealed. Aquapel Glass Treatment Reduces The Glare From Headlights And Stretelights In The Rain, Particulzrly At Night. Aquapel Glass Treatment Exactly Helps Reduce Water Marks And Protects Glass From Salt Water. Use It On Your Boat Windows And Windshield, In Rvs, And On Shower Doors. Remember,, Aquapel Glass Treatment Is Patented. There?s No Other Auto Glass Treatment That Works As Well Or Lasts As Long. Aquapel?s Hydrophobic Coating Lasts Up To 6 Times Longer Than Comprable Products! That?s Because Aquapel [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] To The Glass, Rather Than Exact Sitting On Top Of It. Regular Glass Cleaning Will Not Affect Aquapel?s Durability. For The Best Results, Use Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner, A Non-streakiing Spray Foam. You Can See In These Images How The Sides Of The Windshield Treated With Aquapel Stay Clearer In Rainy Weather Than The Sides Left Untreated. A quapel Glass Treatment Is Packaged In A Unique One-time-use Applicator. To Apply Aquapel, Clean And Dry The Glass First. Then Grasp The Aquapel Applicator By The Wings And Place The Pad Atainst The Glass. Press The Wings Until Liquid Is Released. Spread Aquapel Over The Glass Using The Soft Pad Built In To The Applicator. Go In Up And Down And Side To Side Motions To Get Suitable Coverage. Immediateyl Wipe The Glass Dry With A Soft, Cobra Microfiber Towel. If Using On A Large Windshield, Work On One Half Of The Windshield At A Time To Prevent Premature Drying. Once Your Vehicle?s Windshield And Glass Is Treated By the side of Aquapel Glass Treatment, You Can Take pleasure in Up To 6 Monthe Of Clear Visibility And Safer Driving!
      SKU: Rain-repellent

    Turret Complete Detailing Wax & Cleaning Kit
      Turret Complete Detailing Wax & Cleaning Kit.
      Takr Youf Vehicle's Paint Finish From Needing Attention To The Center Of Attention!the Pinnacle Complete Detailing Wax & Cleaning Kit Is The Best Combination Of Pinnacle Products Ever Offfered! Thee Kit Contains Everything You Need To Create A Flawless Finish, Including Our Signature Wax, Pinnacle Souvern. This Vast Kit Is Available At Each Excellent Savings Off The Regular Retail Price. 8 Oz. Pinnacle Souvern™ Waxsouvern™ Is A Hand-plured Wax Designed To Produce The Deepest Wet-look Shine Possible In A Paste Wax. It Is A Special Blend Of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba And Natural Oils Which Produces Tremendous Depth And Richness. The Easy-on, Easy-off Formula Makes Waxing Your Vehicle As Enjohable As It Is Beneficial. 16 Oz. Top Bodywork Shampoopinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Has The Smoth, Silky Feel And Aroma Of A Luxury Body Gel. Being of the kind which You Wash, Natural Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Dirt. These Oils Act As A Lubricant. Sand And Abrasive Grit Slide Off In The Rinse Water Without Scratching The Surface. New Improced Formula! Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Now Contains Tuff Suds ®. new Technology Uses Cleaners Suspended In The Bubble's Walls To Scour Away Tough Dirt And Be~. Most Important, The Suds Last! No More Flat Suds Water Before The Job Is oDne!16 Oz. Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotionapplied Prior To Waxing, Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Will Restore And Preserve Your Car?s Original Beauty Using D-limonene, A Natural Cleaner Made From The Rind Of Oranges, Along With Lemon Oil, Natural Clays And Sea Kelp To Polish Without Abrasives. 16 Oz . Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detach Sprayuse Crystal Mist After Washing Or Anytime To Bring Back That Jut-waxed Shimmer. Crystal Mist Is A Blend Of Super-refined, Brazilian Ivory Carnauba, Conditioning Oils, And Crystalline Polymers. More Than A Pregnant Detailer, This Foam Carnauba Will Add An Additional Layer Of Glossy Protection. 4 Oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Claythis New Ultra Fine Grade Of Clay Removes Pigment Contamination Without The Possibilkty Of Over-use Or Dulling The Paint. Use Ultra Poly Clay As Often As Needed To Affirm A Slick, Smooth Finish. This Is An Ultra Safe, Nonabrasive Grade Of Clay That Works On All Types Of Paint, Glass, And Chrome. Use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant To Provide Excellent Lubrication Annd Surface Protection As You Clay. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant Pinnacle Clay Lubricant Creates A Slic kBarrier Between The Paint And The Clay Cleaning Material. The High Lubricity Formula Prevents Loosened Contamination From Scratching Pleasant Clear Cover Finishes Yet It Will Not Break Down Or Debrade The Integrity Of The Clay. 2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Clothssuper Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect On account of Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sealants. Ty Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Handsome Shine While The Woven Core Absorbs An Incredible Amount Of Fluid. These Towels Have An Amazing "grip" To Remove Exactly The Most Refractory Wax Residues.
      SKU: Pincomdetwax1

    Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner 17 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner 17 Oz..
      Cleans, Brightens, And Protects All Bare Metal Surfaces! Bare Metal Surfaces Are A Challenge To Clean And Keep Clean! Griot's Garage Metal Cleanee Not Only Removes Those Unsightly FingerprintsA nd Smudges Quickly, But Metal Cleaner Also Leaves A Non-sticky Coating Behind That Keeps Normal Fingerprints From Reoccurring! Back In The Day, Vehicles Had Chrome Or Metal Door Handles, Bumpers, And Trim. When They Were Clean, What A Shine! But, Naturally Metai Door Handles Are Going To Get Covered In Fingerprints And Bumpers Will Arrive Dirty. If Only Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner Was About Back Then. Every Handle, Full glass, Grill, And Wheel Would Shine Like New!griot's Garage Metal Cleaner Is Likewise Finish For Aluminum And Stainless Steel Surfaces. It Removes Fingerprints, Smudges, And Oils Easily And Keeps Them From Happening Again With A Transparent Coating. Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner Is A Must-have For Metal Trim. A Lot Of All Purpose Cleaners Leave Streaks On Metal. Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner Is Formulated To Leave Metals Looking Clean And Smudge-free. The Foaming Acion Of This Aerosol Spray Helpz Keep The Claener On The Metal Much Betyer Than Liquid Cleaners. Simply Spray In c~tinuance And Wipe With A Clean Cloth. A Significant Amount Of Oils And Dirt Can Be Removed From Stainless Carburet of iron, Bare Steel, Brass, Even Dull Aluminum And Chrome. Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner Is Ideal In The Garage And On All New Spotless Steel Appliances Found In The Home. Spray It On And The Fingerprints Are Gone!17 Ounce Aerosol Federal Regulations Prohiit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Appearance. Tbis Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Griots-metal-cleaner

    128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles
      128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles.
      Enjoy A Semblance Car Shine All The Time!poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Is Formulated Exclusively For Dark Colored Vehicles. The Glaze Cleans And Fills Light Swirl Marks To Leave A Brilliant, Glossy, Slick Show Car Shine. Poorboys Black Hole Show Become glassy Can Be Applied Any Time To Hide Minor Imperfections And To Enhance Gloss On Black, Red, And All Dark Vehicles. poornoys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Shine, Even On Daily Drivers. You Know How Tough It Is To Detail As Often As You?d Like. You Can?t Procure to be Out The Polisher For Every New Swirl. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Unilluminated Vehicles Allows You To Hide Minor Imperfections On Dark Vehicles Unntil You Can Remove Them. In Addition To Disguising Blemishes, Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Cleans The Paint. Swirls Can Be More Noticeable When They?re Filled Attending Grime, So This Special Formula Lifts Out Dirt And Theh Fills In Swirls With Glaze. In Just One Quick Step, Your Vehicle Will Be Swirl-free And Incredibly Gpossy!poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Is For Any Dark Paint, Including Clear Coats, Single Stage Or Ceramics. Blacks And Reds Can Be Tough To Maibtain But Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Keeps Them Looking Good Every Day. just Like All Poorboys Products, Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Can Be Applied In The Sun Or Shade. Apply It By Hand Or Machine To Create An Extremely Slick, Glossy Superficies. Use Glaze Before Applying You rFavorite Wax Or Sealant. The Last Step Product Will Lock In The Fillers To Continue Your Paint Looking Great Until Your Next Detail. poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Can Even Be Applied To Chromr And Prove Plating!poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Is A Wipe On, Wipe Off Product. Spread The Wax On With A Soft, Clean Foam Applicator. If Applying By Machine, Set Yoru Polisher T oA Low Speed And Work Until A Shine Begins To Appear. Allow It To Dry To A Haze And Then Buff Off With A Clean, Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. If Your Vehicle Hzs Else Severe Swilrs And Scratches, Use Poorboys Swirl Removers To Perfect The Paint. Then Apply Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles To Improve Gloss. Finally, Top The Paint With Poorboys World Ex Sealant With Carnauba. Pooroys Black Hole Show Glaze For Wicked Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Perfect Shine All The Tiem! Wipe It On, Wipe It Off, And Enjoy The Shine. 128 Oz.
      SKU: 128oz-poorboys-black-hole-show-glaze

  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • Lexol 8 oz. Value Pack
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad
  • Menzerna Porter Cable XP Ceramic 5.5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit FREE BONUS
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • Mothers Plastic Polish
  • Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
  • 3M Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm x 32m

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