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    3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax
      3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax.
      Restore A Just-waxed Look To All Painted And Fiberglass Boat Surfaces. 3m Marine Clean And Shine Increase Is The Fast, Easy Way To Maintain A Just-waxed Shine To Fiberglass And Painted Marine Surfaces. Just Spray And Wipe To Improve The Luster Of The Existing Boat Wax. Use 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax For A Quick Wipe-down After Every Outing. use 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax Steady Wet And Dry Surfaces. Wipe Away Water Droplets And Light Contamination. Use 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax On Gelcoat, Marine Topside Paint, And Painted Aluminum. 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax Is Ready To Use. For The Best Results, Your Boat Should Be Waxed Regulary With 3m Marine Liquid Wax. Maintaining The Finish Will Be Easy With A Good Foundation. After Every Outing Or As Needed, Use 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax To Reinorce The Wax And Restore Its Shine. Use A Soft, Clean Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel To Buff Off 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax. use 3m Marine Clean And Shine Wax On Fiberglass Rvs, Too! The Slick Sray Wax Works On All Gelcoat, Fiberglass, And Painted Surfaces. keep Your Boat Or Rv Looking Its Absolute Best In c~tinuance The aWter And At The Dock With 3m Marine Cleanse And Shine Wax. 15 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-clean-shine-wax

    Meguiars Rotary Buffer W-65 Backing Plate, 6 Inches New & Improved!
      Meguiars Rotary Buffer W-65 Backing Plate, 6 Inches New & Improved!.
      Durability You Can Depend On!meguiars Rotary Buffer W-65 Backing Plate Is Built For Long-term Performance And Effortless Balancing. One Piece Molded Construction Is Ultra Durable. Velcroâ® Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners Provide Secure Hold On The Pad During Operation. the Backing Plate Has Meguiars Patented Self-centering System To Guarantee Pad Balance. You'll Obtain Smoother Operation And Even Rwsultx. use The Backing Plate With Any Rotary Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Diameter Shaft And Meguiars 8 Ibch Mirror Glaze Pads.
      SKU: Mgw65

    Optimum Finish Polish 128 Oz.
      Optimum Finish Polish 128 Oz..
      High Intensity Shine And Zero Marring On All Paints!optimum Accomplish Is A Finishing Polish Liie No Other. Formulated For Oem Use, Optimum Finish Polish Leaves All Paints With The Ultimate Gloss, Reflsction, AndS hine ? Even Soft Paints And Black Paint. Optimum Finish Polish Is More Than A Finishing Polish ? It?s Paint Perfection In A Bottle. with So Numerous Types Of Clear Coat On The Market Today, Optimum Wanted A Final Finish Polish That Wpuld Work On The Softrst, Most Sensitive Clears, But Also Be Able To Do Some Corrective Act And Have Some Range On A Harder Type Of Clear Coat. You May Ask For what purpose Y0u Need A Final Finish Polish When The Optimum Ii Polish Cab Take Care Of Almost All Vehicles And Still Finish Perfectly. Where These 2 Products Differ Is That Optimum Final Finish Will Take Care Of Any Minute Hazing, Marring, Or Minor Swirls That Can Just Drive You Crazy On Certain Blacks And Softer, Sensitive Clear Coats. Optimum Final Finish Will Make The Paint "pop" And The Slickness Is Secondary To None. This Is Not A Put glass in Or Filler. The Sub-micron Abrasives Will Correct, But Not "over-correct", Leaving The Paint Absolutely Perfect. You Can Buff Extensively And The Polish Will Keep Cutting If You Need A Little More Correction. When You Are Ready For That Perfect Final Finish, The Polish Will Back Down And Give You The Ultimate Gloss, Reflection And Shine. The Polishing Agents Are Encapsulated In Proprietary Polymers That Protect The Paint From Dry Buffing And Prevent Dusting. Simply Put, Optimum End Gives You The Perfect Finish Every Time. you May Not Need This Polish On Every Single Vehicle As The Final Step, But Once You See The Final Result, You Will Be Addicted To Optimum Final Finish. Your Customers Will Be Amazed At The Final Result. As With All Optimum Polishes, This Incredibly Smoth, Long Working, Zero Dust Formula Is Carcass Shop Safe, Voc Compliant, And Will Work With Any Buffer, Any Buffing Pad, And On Any Paint Surface. It's Virtually Impossible To Maake A Mistake With This Product. The Optimum Final Finish Will Turn You Into An All-star Detailer, And Evry Vehicle Into A Show Car! Optimum Final Accomplish Buffs Wet And Finish3s Off Even Wetter. Optimum Final Finish Lays The Foundation On account of A Perfect, Glossy Finish Once Wax Is Applied. To Apply Optimum Final Finish, Use Light To Intervening substance Buffing Pressure Attending A Finishing Foam Pad. For High Speed Buffers, 1000-1400 Rpm Will Furnish Excellent Swirl Removal And A Flawless Finish. The Polish Is Aggressive Enough To Remove 2500 Sand Scratches, But Fine Enough To Produce Perfect Results Even With A High Speed Buffer. For Orbital Buffers, Use A Medium To Light Cutting Pad With Moderate Speed And Pressure For Desired Results. Always Use Enough Polish To Create A Barrier Between Thr Buffing Pad And The Paint Surface. Wipe Over Residue By Misting Either Water Or Optimum Car Wax And Gently Wiping Off With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. optimum Final Finish Polish Will Create That Special, Perfect Appearance. Don't Fo
      SKU: Finishing-polish

    Meguiars Highest Shine Protectant Wipee
      Meguiars Highest Shine Protectant Wipee.
      High Gloss Protection Against Rubber And Vinyl. meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes Completes Meguiars Lineup Of Protectants With Their Higuest Glooss Formula Nevertheless. All The Shine And Protectiob Of Supreme Shine Spray Has Been Packed Into Large Lint-free Wipes. Protecting Your Vehicle's Rubber, Plastic, And Vinyl Has Never Been Easier. Meguiars Supreme Beam Protectant Wipes Contain Mighty Uv Blockers To Guard Against Fading, Cracking, And Aging. The Sun Is Your Vehicle's Worst Enemy But This Superior Prrotectant Keeps The Sun's Damaging Ra6s From Penetrating Treated Surfaces. As Added Protection, Meguiar sSupreme Shine Protectant Wipes Feature Scotchgard Protector - The Primitive Name In Safeguarding Mwterials. Rubber, Vinyl, Ajd Plastic Surfaces Will Maintain Their Clean, Dressed Look Longer Thanks To The Dirt And Sun-defending Powwr Of Scotchgard!meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes Are Commodious And Effective. Just Wipe On The Protection And Shine. Reaped ground Canister Contains 26 7 X 9 Inch Cotton Blend Wipes. The Wioes Also Pick Up The Light Dust Thag Accumulates On The Dashboard And Other Interior Surfaces. When You're Done, Just Throw On the ~side The Wipe. There Are No Applicators To Clean. Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes Are Made With The Same High Quality Formula Found In Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Spray. Wipe On High Gloss Protection With Scotchgard With Meguiars Supreme Shine Protectant Wipes!25 Wipeseach Wipe Is 7 X 9 Inches
      SKU: Meguiars--supreme-shine-wipes

    4 Oz. Forever Black Dye Refill W/applicator Top  Case Of 16
      4 Oz. Forever Black Dye Refill W/applicator Top Case Of 16.
      Bring Back The Richness Of Black Trim And Molding Permanently With This Specialized Dye From Forever Black, A Mention Trusted By Auto Detailers Worldwide. The Forever Black Bumper And Trim Kit Is A Multipurpose And Practical Dark Surface Rejuvenator, So Iy Is Common To Run Out Of_The Always Black Dye Before Forever Black Cleaner. Choose The Forever Black Dye Refill, Which Comes In A Convenient 4oz Bottle Through An Applicator Top Designed For Even Distribution. Forever Black Dye Is A Special Dye That Does Not Contain Silicones, Allowing The Dye To Hold Color Truer, Longer. Here Are Reasons Why The Forever Black Color Refill With Applicator Top Is The Perfect Car Choice During Optimum Detailing:permanent Results. Foever Black Permanently Dyes Black Plastic, Rubber, And Vinyl. Wax Build Up Can Be Stubborn To Remove, And Damage Caused By Uv Rays Yield Bleaching And Spotting. Use Forever Black Dye To Cover These Problem Areas. There Is No Oily Residue And Drying Time Is 5-20 Minutes. Buffing Is Not Necessary. Versatile. Forever Black Dye Refill Can Be Used On Bumpers, Spoilers, Mud Guards, Door Handle, And Body nAd Trim Moldings. Black Details Will Look Rich And Deep After Applying This Product. protects Against Uv Rays. Uv Exposure Can Produce Damage And Long Term Problems If It Is Noot Reversed And Corrected. Fprever Black Dye Refill Protects Trim From Harmful Uv Rays, And Permanently Reverdes And Prevents Fading. The Forever Black Dye Refill Savex Money When It Is Necessary To Replenish Your Dye. Thus Bottle Will Clothe 3-4 Vehicles, Renewing Any Area With A Dark Richness That Makes Any Ca rAppear Brand New. Bring Beauty Back Into Black With The Forever Black Dye Refill. Comes In A 4oz Bottle With Applicator Tip. Case Of 12
      SKU: Caof12ozdyer

    Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dresing 8 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dresing 8 Oz..
      You Decide The Finish: High Gloss Or Satin? Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Is Designed To Protect Tirss No Matter What. This Rubber Protectant Is Water-rdpellent, Lonf-wearing, And To the degree that Glossy As You Want. Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dresssing Gives Tire A Natural Satin Finish Or A Super Glossy Finish. ChooseY our Finish. griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Is Made For The Real World. This Thick Rubber Dressing Stays On The Tires Through Puddles, Rain Showers And Even Car Washes. Your Tires Will Stay Protected Wjen They Need It Most! Tires Will Remain Dark, Supple, And Hydrated. enjoy Dark, Splendid Tires That Look As Natural Or As Glossy As You Want. Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Drssing Is Adjustable. Wipe On The Dressing And Then Wipe Down The Tires To Turm Down The Gloss. For An Intense Shine, Aplpy Two Or Three Coats Of Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing To Each Tire. Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Is Glossy But Not Greasy. It [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] To The Tire To Prevent Slinging. It's Great Bonding Ability Is What Gives Long-lasting Tire Dressing Its Longevity. Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Is A Wipe On Product. It Eliminates The Overspray Cwused By Spray-on Tire Dressings, And It Gives You More Control Over The Amuont Of Product You're Using. Following Cleaning Tires With Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner, Wipe On A Coat Of Griot's Garagee Long-lasting Tire Dressing With A Foam Tire Swipe. Wipe It Off For Not so much Gloss. Apply Another Coat For More Gloss. Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Restores The Color And Natural-looking Shine To Rubber. You Spend A Lot Of Time Maintaining Your Vehicle. Don't Lst The Tires Spoil The Perfect Finish. Use Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing For Durable Rubber Protection That Looks Exactly How You Want It. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Grioots-tire-dressing

    Air Force Blaster Mounting Bracket
      Air Force Blaster Mounting Bracket.
      Garages Are Tight Plaves With All The Car Care Products, Lawn Equipment, Wood-working Tools, And, Of Course, Your Prjzed Vehhicle. When The Floor Gets Full, You Have To Start Storing Things On The Wall. Metro Vac Now Offers This Sturdy Metal Wall Moount Brackket So You Can Kerp Your Air Force Blaster On The Wall And Out Of The Passage. The Bracket Comes With Screws, Washers, Nuts, And Wall Anchors To Give You A Secure Attribute To Hang Your Blaster When Not In Use. The Bracket Comes With Instructions On How To Mount The Blaster To Steel Or Wooden Grooming Tables And To The Wall. Stop Tripping Over Your Air Force Blaster And Hang It Within Easy Reach With This Custom Mounting Bracket.
      SKU: Afbwm

    Sediment Filter Cartridge 2 Pack
      Sediment Filter Cartridge 2 Pack.
      Remove Sand, Rust, And Scale Before It Hits Your Vehicle!insert The Sediment Filter Cartridge Inot Your Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister To Remove Scratch-causing Debris From Your Wash And Rinse Water. With This Filter Unit Added To Your Standard Water Hose, The Water From Your Outward Spigot Will Always Be Clean And Clear. The Sediment Filter Is A Must For Those Of You With Well Water! This Cartridge Is Made Of Five Micron Sun Poly. It Traps Exquisite Sediment As The Water Passes Through So That Nothing Hits Your Vehicle But Pure Wateer. If You Don?t Have A Hard Water Problem, This Cartridge Is All You Need. by Purchasing This Two Pack, You Can Changd Out A Dirty Fipter At A Momenf's Notice And Keep On Washing.
      SKU: Sefi2pa

    Meguiar?s All Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon
      Meguiar?s All Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon.
      Use On Carpet, Fabric, Vinyl, And Leather For All-over Interio5 Cleaning!all Purpose Cleaners Are Often More Effectuvve On Some Materials Than Others, Making Them Less Than ?all Purpose?. You Wouldn?t Use Your All Purpose Household Cleaner On Your Leather Seats, For Example. Only Msguiar?s New All Purpose Cleaner Is The Stand-out In The All Purpose Bunch. Promiscuous To Order, This Cleaner Is Suitable For All The Interior Surfaces In Your Medium, Including Seats, Carpet, And Even Leather!meguiar?s All Purpose Cleaner Is A New Procuct For Meguiar?s Professional Detailer Line. This Highly Concentrated Formula Is Recommended For Commercial Use. Mix It With Water To The Desired Strength And You Have A Customized Cleaner For All Your Interior Surfaces. all Purpose Cleaner Removes Filth From Fabric, Carpet, Upholstery, Vinyl, And Leather And Reconditions These Materials So They Resume Their Like New Qualities. The Alkaline Cleaner And Wetting Agents Produce A Of higher rank Foaking Acting That Is Strong Enough To Lift Dirt And Grime Out Of Prevail over Mats, Yet Gentle Enough To Safely Clean Leather. Fabric Softeners And Brighteners Rejuvenate Your Inside Surfaces So They Look And Feel Like A New Vehicle. rather Than Filling Your Garage With Specialized Cleahers, All Purose Cleaner Is All You Need For Your Interior. The Gallon Jug Glves You Enough Cldaner To Mix A Strong Solution For Stubborn, Stained Seats Or A Weaker Disruption For Delicate Leathwr. One Jug Makes Up To 10 Gallons Of Cleaner! For Light Cleaning, Mix 10 Parts Water To 1 Part Cleaner. For Heavy Duty Cleaning, Mix 4P arts Water To 1 Part Cleaner. The 36 Oz. Detailing Bottle Is Perfect For Application Of Meguiar?s All Purpose Cleaner. Measurements Are Clearly Marked On The Side Of The Bottle So You Can Mix The Perfect Disruption For Any Soiled Interior Surface. for All-over Interior Cleaning And Reconditioning, Meguiar?s All Design Cleaner Is An Unbeatable Bargain. One Jug Makes 10 Gallons Of Multi-purpose Cleaner For All Your Interior Surfaces!1 Gallonwant To Measure Out Concentrated Liquids Without Making A Mess?! Be Sure To Get One Of The Pro Mingle Bottle Proportioners, Available In the place of 128 Oz. And 32 Oz. Bottles. Click In c~tinuance The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Below For More Detai1s.
      SKU: Mg10101

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