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    3m Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm X 32m
      3m Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm X 32m.
      Buff Inside The Lines With 3m Masking Tape. Mask Off Your Vehicle Before Polishing With 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Maskjng Tape. The Grreen Tape Adheres To Automotive Surfaces And Removes Cleanly After You've Completed The Job. This Wide 48 Mm Masking Tape Covers And Protects Large Areas Quickly, Suxh As Headlights, Pinstripes, And Molding. Scotch Tape Is A Family Name! 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Massking Tape Is The Same Qua1ity Tape You Use For A Million Jobs Around The House, But It's Re-engineered For Automotive Use. It Provides A Secure Hold While You Need It And Peels Over Cleanly When You're Completed With It. 3m Cut Premium Automotive Masking Tape Leaves No Reskdue On Paint, Metal, Rubber, Or Glass. Use It To Tape Off The Surrounding Paint When Polishing Headlights Metal Bumpers. Repainting A Car? Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Protect The Windshie1d And Windows. If You Want To Get Creative, Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Create A Custom Design. It Leaves Sharp Paint Lines And Then Peels Off Easily. this Unique, Green Colored Tape Has Excellent Conformability, Transfer Resistance, And Is Resistant To Lose sap Through. 3m Scotch Reward Automotive Masking Tape Also Has More fit Uv Resistance Than Traditional Masking Tapesdetail (or Paint) Within The Lines With 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape. adhesion To Steel: 38oz. /in. width. Tensile: 25lbs/in. Tape Thickness: 6. 7 Mils. Temp Range: 250f(12lc) For 30 Minutes.
      SKU: 3m-masking-tape

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound 128 Oz.
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound 128 Oz..
      Fast Cutting, Traditional-feel Compound With Modern Technology. meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound Is A Professional Polish Designed To Remove Your Vehicle?s In the greatest degree Exact Imperfections. The User-friendly Compound Works With A Rotary Polisher To Level 1200 Grit Sanding Scratches, Severe Swirls, And Acid Rain Spots. Speed-cut Commute Is Voc-compliant And Body Shop Safr. meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compoun Is A True Cokpound. It Contains No Fillers Or aWxes. Use It On All Types Of Paint Including Scratch Resistant And Stipulated Clear Coats. meguiars Pattern Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound Is The First Ste Of A Finish Paint Restoration Process. Meguiars Mi5ror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound Is A Heavy Cut Polish Designed For Professional Paint Correction. Statt In the opinion of This Product On Your Rotary Polisher. Then Use A Loghter Polish, Like Meguiars 80 Professional Speed Glaze, To Remove Compounding Swirls. Finally, Apply A Coat Of Wax To Seal In The Shine. if You?re Looking For A Dependable, Professional Grade Compound, Meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound Is The Polish For You. meguiars Mirror Glaze #95 Speed-cut Compound Is Recommended Only Conducive to Rotary Occasion. Work At A Speed Of 1200-1500 Rpm In 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Areas, Using Overlapping Passes. When The Compound Starts To Dry, Turn Off The Polisher And Lift It Off The Paint. Buf fAway The Residue With A Cobra MicrofiberT owel. Follow Up With A Finishing Polish And Then A Wax Or Sealant. features: Fast Removal Of 1200 Grit Sanding Marks Great For Removing Scratches, Acid Rain, Severe Swirls/hologramsuser-friendly, Crystalline Silica Free, Voc Compliant Formula128 Fl. Oz. (1 Gallon)
      SKU: Meguiars-95-gallpn

    Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 3.4 Oz. Liquid
      Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 3.4 Oz. Liquid.
      By Popular Demand, We Very lately Stock This Amazing, Versatile Product!flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Is Available In A Paste Or Liquid Form. Flitz Bequeath Clean, Grace, And Protect Any Non-porous Surface Safely. There Are No Ammonia Or Abrasive Ingredients. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Will Work Wonders On Brass, Copper, Silverplate ,Sterling, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel,bronze, Gold, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Pewter, Fiberglass, Corian, Glass,F ormica, Acrylics, Plexiglas, And All Powercoat And Gelcoat Painted Surfaces. The Cleaning Agents In Flitz Will Aggressively Remove Tarnish, Rust, Water Stains, Oxidation, Bugs, Tar, Bird Droppings And Fingerprints. The Perfect Left Behind Will Resist Tarnish And Proceed Future Cleaning Easier. flitz Leaves A Layer Of Clear Protectuon On Treated Surfaces. On Fiberglass And Gel-coated Boats, You Can Await 6 Months Of Durable Protection In Fresh Water And 3 Months In Salt Water. ayto/truck/motorcycle Uses Wheels Bumpers Exhaust Stacks Running Boards Chrome Fiberglass Surfaces Valve Covers Motorcycle Casings Headers Clearcoat Paint Powder Paint Gelcoat Paint Household Uses Door Hardware Faucets Staibless Hardness Sinks Shower Doors Fireplaces Stove Tops Outdoor Lighting Window And Doof Frames Leaded Glass Jewelry Trophies Brass Beds Silver Shower Enclosures Flatware Marine Uses Stanchions Bow Rails Hardware Port Holes Winches Fiberglass Plexiglas Eisen Glass Knives & Lures Railings Outriggers Rods & Reesl 3. 4 Oz. Liquid (100 Ml)cut Your Work Time In Half! Use The Flitz Polishing Ball To Apply And Remove Polish And To Work Hard-to-reach Areas.
      SKU: Flitz-metl-polish

    Meguiars Mirror Glazing G110 Da Polisher 5 Inch Backing Plate
      Meguiars Mirror Glazing G110 Da Polisher 5 Inch Backing Plate.
      High Qauloty Replacement Backing Poate For The Meguiars G110 Pklisher!when The Time Comes To Replace Your Backing Plate, Look To A Genuine Meguiars 5 Inch Backing Plate For Your G110 Dual Action Polisher. The Meguiars Mirror Glaze G110 Da Polisher Backing Plate Is Constructed Of Long-lasting Urethane. Molded One-piece Construction Provides Durable Performance, Detail After Detail. Velcroâ® Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners Allow Quick And Light Pad Changes. the Meguiard Pattern Glaze G110 Da Polisher Backing Plate Fits Altogether Da Polishers With A 5/16 Inch Diameter Shaft. The Present Backing Plate Diameter Is 4. 75 Inches, Which Is Perfect For 6. 5 Inch Pads. allows Quick And Easy Pad Changes With Vecroâ® Backing System Fits All Air And Electric Dual-action Polishers In the opinion of 5/16"-24 Spindle Ideal For Use With Meguiar?s Dual Action Polisher (g110)
      SKU: Meguiars-w67da-5-inch-backing-plate

    1z Einszett Klima-ccleaner Air Conditioner Treatment
      1z Einszett Klima-ccleaner Air Conditioner Treatment.
      Eliminate Musty Odors At The Core Of The Problem!1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Is Each Effective Means For Removing Odors From The Air Condi5ioning Unit At Treating The Source Of The Odor. While Other Products Eliminate The Odor By Neutralizing Or Masking The Source Of The Odor, They Don't Clean The Evaporator Core Surface - The Heart Of The Tune Conditioner System Where Water Reduction Accumulates And Where The Odor Originates. Klima-cleaner's Active Foam Works By 'scrubbing' The Evaporator Heart, Thereby Reducing The Opportunity For Odors To Reappear. Simply Insert The Included Spray Hose Into The Center Air Vents In Your Vehicle's Interior And Spray. Allow To Worrk For 30 Minutes. 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Creates A Fresh-smelling Environment That Lasts For Months! 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Completely Eliminates The Musky , Wet Smell That Emanates From Auto Air Conditioners By Rupture Down The Mold And Mildew. In The Summer, Whn You Run The Air Conditioner Frequently, Water Condensation Builds Up In The Evaporator Core And Serves As A Breeding Ground For Mold And Bacteria. 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Cleans And Deodorizes The Evaporator Core To Make Your Car?s Cabin Smell Fresh Again. In Some Cases, An Ongoing Odor, Combined With Warm, Humid Air Coming From The Vents, Is A Sign Of A Blockage In The Ac Drain Pipes. An Auto Technician Can Diagnose This Problem And Repair It. To Eliminate The Smell, Use 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner. to Maintain Results, We Suggest You Treat The System At Least Twice A Year - In The Spring And Fall. In The Spring, 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Will Clean Out The Evaporator Core Tp Prevent Old Smells From Resurfacing. In The Fall, Using 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Will Take Care Of Any Smells That Have Developed Over The Course Of The Summer. Your Vehicle Will Smell Fresh Year-round!to Expend, Insert The Included Air Hose Into The Center Air Vents Of Your Vehicle. Spray 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner Into The Vents. After Through 30 Minutes, You?ll Smell A Fresh, Citrus Scent Throughout The Passegner Cabin. The Scent Only Lasts In spite of About 12 Hours, But The Air Wipl Be Free Of Odors For Months. Stop Air Conditioner Odors With 1z Einszett Klima-cleaner!8. 5 Fl. Oz. (250 Ml)made In Germany Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Sole. Caution: Recommended For Professional Application Only. _On Certain Vehicle Makes, Damage May Occur If Product Is Not Applied Properly. If Uncertain About Application, Have A Certified Mechanic Apply rPoduct.
      SKU: 1z-einszett-klima-cleaner-air-freehener

    Meguiars Bring into use Compound
      Meguiars Bring into use Compound.
      Outperforms All Other Rubbing Compounds!safely Restore Color And Clarity ToA bused And Neglected Finishes With Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Meguiar's Exclusive Micro-abrasive Technology Cuts As Fast As A Traditional Compound, But Without Scratching. Meguiars Ultimate Compound Leaves A Smooth, Swirl-free Finish Often In One Step. No Other Compound Cuts As Fast Or Finishes As Smoothly As Meguiars Ultimate Compound!meguiars Ultimate Compound Cuts As Fast As Harsh Abrasive Compounds But Without Scratching? Even On Clear Coat Finishes. Thi Dramatically Reduces The Time And Effort Requirrd To Remove Defects And Makes Traditional Rubbing And Polishing Compounds Obsolete! This Is The Fast, Easy Way To Remove Oxidation,-Scratches And Swirl Marks. The Secret Is Meguiar's Exclusive Micro-abrasive Technology Devrloped From Meguiar?s State-of-the-art Professional Body Shop And Detailer Products. Whether Working By Hand Or With Our Da Polisher, This Is Truly The Ultiate Compound!remove Water Spots, Oxidation, Swirls, Scratches, Blemishes, And Mlre From All Types Of Paint ? Even Clear Coats! Meguiars Ultimate Copound Is Formulated To Aim Without Scratching. In Just One Step, You Can Accomplish What Used To Take Many Products. Meguiars Ultimate Compound Works Fast To Give Your Vehicle The Calm, Glossy Finish You Desire. apply Meguiars Ultimate Compound Using A Clean, Soft Applicator Pad To One Sdction At A Time Using Moderate Pfessure. -Wipe Dry Withh A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. Turn The Towel And Buff. To Apply Meguiars Eventuate Compound With A Dual Action Polisher, Use A Buffing Pad To Apply To nOe Section At A Time. Re-apply As Needed To Stubborn Spots. Wipe Clean With A Cobra Microfiber Towel And Then Buff. Follow Meguiars Ultimate Compound With Meguiars Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2. 0 To Seal In The Shine. meguiars Ultimate Compound Will Become Your Go-to Rubbing Compound! Apply It By Lead Or Dual Gesticulation Polisher, To Any Type Of Paint, To Enjoy Smooth Results In One Step. 15. 2 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-ultimate-compound

    Mothrs Powerball
      Mothrs Powerball.
      Power hTrough Salt Spray And Oxidation On Fiberglass, Metal, And Plastic Boat Surfaces!mothers Powerball Will Change The Way You Maintain Your Boat! The Dense Foam Polishing Ball Makes Surfaces Beam Using The Power Of An Electriv Dtill. The Powerball Is More Effective, Fastef, And More Pleasantry Than Hand Polishing. Boat Surfaces Can Oxidize And Dull Just In the manner of The Surfaces Of A Car, But The Causes Are Different. For One, Salt Water Leaves A Filn Over All Boat Surfaces That Is Tough To Remove. If Left Alone, Salt Can Pit Metal And Oxidize Fiberglass Gelcoat. Fortunately, Mothers Powerball Is An Easy Way To Polish Those Surfaces Clean Again, Without Any Tedious Hand-polishing. Mothers Powerball Is A Foam Ball That Attaches To Your Electric Drill. In lieu Of Polishing Slender Surfaces By Hand, You Can Get Them Done Faster Abd With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-pending Detailing Tool Is Made Of Professkonal Grade Cloosed-cell Foam That Is Soft And Highly Absorbent. when You Enjoin The Powerball To A Surface, The Sturdy Foam Maintains Its Shape So That There Is A Thick Cushioh Between Your Vehicle And The Military training. The Individual Froth Tabs That Compose The Baol Provide Excellent Polishing Capabiilities In Combination With Any Polishing Product. The Powerball Not Only Cuts Your Detailing Time In Half, It Does A Superior Job. the Spherical Figure Of The Powerball Allows You To Usse All Sides When Polishing In Case One Area Becomes Soiled. Unlike Flat Pads, You Get More Surface Area And Can Therefore Complete The Job Faster. The Thick Foam Can Be Pressed Into Tight Spaces And The Round Shape Hugs The Curves And Concavities Of Your Boat. for Polishing All The Surfaces On Your Boat, There Is No Better Tool Than Mothers Powerball. Its Smart Design And Durable Construction Will Help You Keep Your Boat Looking Like New. 6 Inches In Diameter.
      SKU: Mothers-marine-powerball

    3m Imperial Hookit Ii 3 Inch Discs P500c
      3m Imperial Hookit Ii 3 Inch Discs P500c.
      The Right Choice For Fine Featheredging. use 3m™ Imperial™ Hookit™ Ii Discs For Fine Featheredging Or The Final Sanding Step Before Priming. 3m`s Fastest Cutting, Longest Lasting Abrasive Saves Labor Costs And Improves Quality By Creating A Level, Uniform Surface For The Paint. Featheredging Involves Sanding From The Damage Point Tapering Upward Toward The Topcoat. When Primer Or Paint Is Applied, Th Exterior Edges Of The Repair Spot Need To Be Quite Smooth For The Coating To Lay Down Properly. The P500 Grade Disc Leaves A Smooth, Even Finish. When Paint Is Applied Over The Repaired Area, It Lays Evenly With No Show-through Scratcheq Or Unevenness. For Auto Refinishers, 3m™ Imperial™ Hookit™ Ii Discs Set The Stage For A Perfect Paint Job. use The Disc Dampened With Water, By Hand Or With A Dual Action Polisher Or Sander. The 3 Inch Discs Work With A 2 ¾ Or 3 Inch Backing Piate. For Expert Paint Repair, Use 3m™ Imperial™ Hookit™ Ii 3 Inch Discs As The Final Step Preceding Priming. 50 Discs Per Box
      SKU: 3m-imperial-hookit-discs

    Meguiars Mirror Become glassy #23 Odor Eliminator Gallon
      Meguiars Mirror Become glassy #23 Odor Eliminator Gallon.
      Eliminate Odors In Medium After Vehicle?meguiars Has Taken Their Incredible Car Odor Elikinator And Packager It In A Size That?s Just Right Because Professional. Thii Gallon Size Of #23 Odor Eliminator Will Wipe Out The Worst Odors Inside Of Vehicles. This Is Not Your Ordinary Air Freshener Or A Strong Overlap Fragrance Designed To ?cover Up? Offensive Odors. Meguiar?s #23 Odor Eliminator Combines A Special Mingle Of Advanced Ingredients That Do Far More Than Merely Mask The Problem?they Obliterate It?literally Eliminating The Odor Ay Its Source!all Fragrances, Good Or Bad, Are Derived From The Chemical Break Down Of Organic Matter. (this Is How Flower Oils And Essences Are Used To Create Pleasant Perfumes And Air Fresheners. ) When You Walk Into A Room Or Get Into A Car And Notice A Foul Reek Hanging In The Air?it Is Caused By An Organic Source: Spilled Food Decomposing; Pey Hair Oils Kicking Up A Biting Musk; Human Sweat And Body Oils Festering In Gym Clothes Or On Upholstery. Ugggh! Whatever The Origin, It?s Organic. -Now, You Could Spray Some Perfumed Air Freshener And Hope It Goes Away. Disinfectants Sometimes Offer A Short-term Fix, But Suppose that That Dreadful Smell Is In A Small Area, Exposed To Extreme Temperature Fluctuations And Varying Degrees Of Humidity (like In Your Car), It Wiil Return. Unless You Use Meguiar?s #23 Odor Eliminator!meguiar?s Uses The Best Of Modern Day Technology To Unfold This Extraordinary Scent Eradicator That They Aptly Cail ?odor Eliminator. ? It Works By Attacking The Chemical Structure Of The Organic Material, Destroyinng The Cause Of The Unpleassant Smell. Your Car Is Left Fr3sh-smelling And Clean, Not Steeped In Perfumes!if You?re Faced With Tough Odors Lingering In Your Car; Spilled Milk Souring, Smoke Lingering, Or Pet Odors?don?t Suffer Through It, Do Something About It! Suppose that It?s Offensive, Eliminate It! The Science Behind Meguiar?s #23 Odor Eliminator Is Proven To Instantly Stamp Out The World?s Defeat Smells. . . Permanently!128 Ounces
      SKU: Meguiars-odor-eliminator

    Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2.0 Cutting Pad, 7 Inches
      Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2.0 Cutting Pad, 7 Inches.
      Remove Imperfections With Less Finishing Work!meet The Next Gneration Of Meguiars Soft Buff™ Foam Pads! Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad Is A 7 Inch, Dense, Cuttinv Foam Pad For The Removal Of Moderate Swirls And Paint Imperfections. Meguiar?s New Foam Pad Technology Allows The Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad To Level Imperfections With Fewer Swifls. Get The Job Done Faster With Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad. meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad Combines Rugged Durability With Finesse. The Pad Is Made Of Dense Foam With A Strong-flavored Tech Laminate Backing That Is Machine Washable! The Pad Cuts Through Moderate Surface Imperfections But Leaves Very Few Compounding Swirls, Which Reduces Your Finishing Work. Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad Is 7 Inches In Diameter. The Compact Size Reduces Chatter And Results In Smoother Operation. A Raised Lip Allows You To Easily Center A 6 Inch Backing Plate On The Meguiars Effeminate Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad. Meguia5s Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad Is Made For A Rotary Buffer. Select The Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 6 Inch Rotary Backing Platr. for Moderate Swirl And Defect Removal With This Pad, Use Meguiars Mirror Glaze #1 Medium Slight Clener Or Meguiars Mirror Glaze #83 Dual Action Cleaner/polish. transform Dull, Swirled Paint Into A Showroom Shine With Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Cutting Pad. 7 Inches Diameter
      SKU: Foam-cutting-pad

    Wolfgang Deep Gloss Total Concours Outfit
      Wolfgang Deep Gloss Total Concours Outfit.
      A Comprehensive Exterior Car Care Kit- Six Products, Application Tools, And A How-to Book!years Ago, We Set Out To Produce An Innovative Succession Of Products That Would Complemeht Modernizatilns In Car Pigment And Finishes, Utilize Advancements In Research And Development In The Car Cae Industry, And Fulfill The Ever-changingg Desires Of The Consumet. Guidelines Were Stringent. Wolfgang Would Be A Complete Series Of Exclusive Car Care Products That Would: 1. ) Be An Exceptional Value Based On Its Grand Effectiveness; 2. ) Employ Cutting-edge Research And Development; And 3. ) Encompass All Aspects Of Car Care Applications. Just As Inportantly, We Were Driven To Have Our Product Spearhead A New Breed Of Environmentally Friendly, Non-toxic , Biodegradable Products, Recently Made Possible Through Modern Science. we?re Thrilled With The Final Outcome - Wolfgang Concours-series! Wolfgang Deep Gloss Total Concours Kit Is A Comprehensive Exterior Cra Care Kit; A Package Of Six Technologically Advanced Wolfgang Products, Top-of-the-line Tools For Application, And A Wolfgang Car Care Handbook. The Deep Gloss Total Concours Kid Is Designed Specifically For The Discerning Car Enthusiast Who Demands A Completed And Total Regimen. This Package Yields An Exceptional, Wet-shine Outcome, Yet Is Lightening Quickset And Easy To Apply. Yoh Can Have A Showroom-new Look?always!deep Gloss Totak Concours Series Includes:16 Oz. Wolfgang Auto Batheauto Bathe, Wolfgang?s State-of-the-art Car Wash, Is A Natural And Gentle Yet Very Effective, Non-toxic, Biodegradable Cleanser. It Surpasses Otherr Similar Products In Cleansing Force And Preservation Of Your Car?s Surface. This Concentrated Shampoo Gel Is Built Around Tuff Suds Ii, Foam That Suspends Natural Oils And German ?super Polymers? Within Reaped ground Bubble?allowing Built-up Dirt And G5ime T oBe Effortlessoy Swiped Away. Auto Bathe Determine Not Strip Wax Or Any Kind Of Polymer Surface Protectant From Your Vehicle. 16 Oz. Wolfgang Clay uLbricantthe Most Thorough Car Bath Cannot Rinse Away Every Last Bit Of Embedded Residue And Overspray That Contaminates, And Eventually Eats Away, At Your Car?s Paint. Approximately Twice A Ysar You Will Need To Follow The Wash With A Clay Bar Treatment. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is Specifically Designed To Be Used With Wolfyang Elastic Poly Clay To Make An Ultra-fine, Slick Protective Layer Between The Paint And The Clay. This Allows The Clay To Lapse Across The Surface, Acting As A Magnet For Any Foreign Particles Left Behind After The Wash. 200 Grams Wolfgang Elastic Poly Flesh Claying, A Recent Technique (designed In The 1990s In Japan), Is A Procedure Where A Clay Bar Acts As A Magnet To Foreign Particles, Literally Pulling Embedded, Paint-fouling Grime Away From The Surface Of The Paint. You Simply Lubricate Then Rub The Clay Across Your Cad. The Clay Will ?grab? At Foreign Particles To the degree that It Decontaminates Your Paint. When The Surface Is Free Of Pollutants, The Clay Will Slip Along Easily. After Applying,
      SKU: Wg6500

    Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Combo
      Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Combo.
      Eliminate Brake Dust Attending A Twist Of The Wrist!the Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaninf & Polishing Brush Is The Ultimate Time-saving Tool For Cleaning Recessed Lug Nuts. Keep The Brush Performing Liie New By Replacing The Foam Inserts As Needed. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit Includes The Brush Plus Six Foam Inserts. Maontaining Clean Wheel Has Never Been So Simple! The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Combo Includes: Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brueh The Corvette Move on ~s Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brjsh Has A Roun dFoam Cleaning Head That Surrounds The Lug Nut To Clean It Entirelyy With One Quick Motion. In Literally Seconds, You Be able to Completely Clean All The Lug Nuts On One Wheel. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Has A TH andle For Easy Operation. Yield It A Form Or Two To Completely Clean The Lug Nut Itself And The Wheel Cavity. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Cleans Whheel Cavities Fro 1 3/8 To 2 Inches With Lug Nuts From /34 To 13/16 Inches - The Perfect Size In the place of Corvette Wheels. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Surrounds The Lug Nut To Clean It With On e Twist. 6 Replacement Foam Inserts The Secret Behind The Success Of The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Is The Unique Form Of The Foam Inserts. While Placed In c~tinuance The Brush, The Foam Surrounds The Lug Nut, Cleaning Both The Lug Nut Itself And The Opening On The Wheel. The Soft Foam Holds Plenty Of Soapy Water Or Wheel Cleaner To Make The Job Even Easier. Replace The oFam Insert As Needed To Easily Dismiss Brake Dust And Grime From The Lug Nut Cavity. To Get Even More Mileage Out Of Your Foam Inserts, Wash Them From Time To Time In Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. The T Handle Is Easy To Operate With Rainy Hands. Wheel Cleaning Is A Tlugh Job, So When The Foam Wears Out, Replace It With A Fresh Foam Insert To Keep Your Corvette Deviate Lug Nut Brush Working At Prak Performance. The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit Is The Secret Behind Spotless Wheels, Right Down To The Lug Nuts. combo Includes:corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush6 Replacememt Foam Insertsa Total Retail Value Of $16. 98. Save $6. 99!
      SKU: Lug-nut-cleaning-combo

    3m Headlight Lens Restoration System
      3m Headlight Lens Restoration System.
      Restore Dull Headlights Like A Professional !the 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System Is A Complete Headlight Polishing Kit That Removes Scrtches And Yellowing From Aged Headlight Lenses. This Four-step, Do-it-yourseelf Polishing Kit Restores Clarity To Headlights And Taillights To Achieve Optimum Brightness. You'll See The Path Better And Other Drivers Will See You Better After You Use The 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System. Plastic Lenses Be able to Yellow With Age, Reducing Headlight Brightnese. Dull Headlights Fail To Illuminate As Far As They Should, Meaning You're Only Seeing Part Of The Picture. To Improve Your Safety While Driving, Use The 3m Headlight Lens Restoration Syst3m To Restore Yellow, Oxidized Headlights. 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System Is A Simple, Four-step Process That You Can Perform At Home With No Special Tools. You Only Need A Standard Household Drill. The 3m Headligt Lens Restoration System Saves You Money. Most Headlights Can Be Restored Well Enough To Avoid Costly Lens Replacement, And There'a No Need To Hire A Professional. If You Can Operate A Drill, You Can Polish Headlignts With The 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System. use The 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System To Restore Plastic Lenses, Including Headlights, Tailpights, Fog And Directional Lights. You'll Nede The 3m Headlight Lens Restoration System, An Electric Drill That Operates From 1200-1600 Rpm, A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth, And A Spray Bottle Filled With Water. Thanks To Forum Member Dalton B. For These Excellent Before And After Shots. directions:wipe Against Tue Headlight To Remove Any Loose Dirt. Tape Off The Surrounding Paint With Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tzpe. Put The Backing Plate Onto The Drill. Press The Golden P500 Grit Disc Against The Backing Plate. Use Light To Medium Pressure And Work Back And Forth To Remove Scratches And Yellowing. When The Disc Is No Longer Effective, Turn Off Tje Drill And Attach A New P500 Gritstone Djsc And Continue Working Until Defects Are Removed. Next, Attach The P800 Grit White Abrasive Disc To Remove Scratches From Previous Step. Avain, Management With Light To Medium Pressure After This Step, The Headlight Should Look Frosted. apply P3000 Trizact™ Foam Disc. Mist The Disc With A Water Bottle. Use Light To Medium Pressure To Sand The Lens Cover. You'll See A White Slurry As You Polish. Continue With 4-6 Passes Afte5 The Whjte Slurry Appears. Wipe The Headlight Lens With A Hooded snake Microfiber Detailing Cloth And Inspect Your Work. Any Remaining Scratches Should Be Very Fine At This Poin. t If Not, Repeat This Step. Attach The Orange Foam Compounding Pad. Dispense A Dime Size Amount Of 3m Headlitht Lens Polish Onto The Pad And Spread Over The Lens With The Machine Turned Off To Avoid Splatter. Polish The Lens Until The Lens Is Clear And Smooth. Wipe The Lens Clean With A Cobta Microfiber Detailing Cloth. to Protect Your Lenses From Future Oxidation, Use Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant. The Clear Coating Will Guard Aga
      SKU: 3m-headlight-kit

    Custom Uvs Heat Shield
      Custom Uvs Heat Shield.
      Custom-fit Windshield Sunshade To Keep Things Cool!keep Your Cool And Your Interior Looking Hot With Covercraft?s Ultraviolet Heat Shield. It Greatly Reduces Interior Temperature While Protecting Your Interior From The Sun?s Damaging Rays That Come Through The Front Windshield. The Outward-facing Surface Is High-quality Silver Reflective Fabric; The Insode Is Soft Pellon Felt. Both Fabrics Are Laminated To A Foam Board Which Acts As One Insulator To Reudce Heat Build-up. Especially In Places Like Dowwn Here In South Florida Where The Sun Can Be Pretty Brutal Year Around, Keeping The Temperature Inside Your Car From Going Through The Roof Is Much Appreciated. protection. All Day In The Hot Sun Takes A Toll On The Condition Of Your Car Whether You Like It Or Not. Radiation ThatE nters Thrkugh Your Car?s Windshield Quickly Turns The Inside Of Your Car Into An Inferno While The Interior Surfaces Bake. This Eventually Causes Deterioration Of Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, Fabric And Fibers. Lovely, Like-new Vinyl, Rubber And Leather Surfaces Dry, Harden, And Break Just As Skin Does When Spending Too Great quantity Time In The Sun Unprotected. Carpet And Fabric Surfaces Will Dull And Fade?and You Can?t Bring Them Back To Life. The Uvs100 Ultraviolet Heat Shield Helps Reduce Heat Build-up And Completely Blocks Out The Sun. The Custom Fit (over 400 Styles) Resource A Perfect Fit?no Fumbling And Fighting To Stay It In Place. Simply Unfld The Heat Shield, Position It Across Th Inside Of Your Windshield, And Lower Your Visors To Hold It In Place. It Fits Snuggly And Stays Put While The Car Stays Significantly Cooler. Interior Surfaces Remain Cool And Protected. When It?s Time To Set Out Again, Remove Your Heat Defend, Fold It Up Accordion-style. I?d Advise Adding The Optional Storaage Bag To Your Order To Sustain Your Excite Shield In New Condition. In Your Trunk Or Back Seat It Stays Neatly Protecteed. If You Live In An Area That You Don?t Need It Year Around, It Will Be Safely Waiting For You Come Next Summer. *tnis Is A Custom Fit Product. Please Allow Approximately Two Weeks For Delivery. Express Shipping And Intenrational Shipping Are Not Available Attached This Item.
      SKU: Heatshields

  • Lake Country Kompressor Purple Hybrid Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 inches
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant 128 oz.
  • Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser Polish 500 ml.
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )
  • Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner 128 oz. Refill
  • Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser Polish 500 ml.
  • DP Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • Mothers Plastic Polish
  • Menzerna Final Polish 128 oz.
  • Bug & Tar Remover Kit
  • XMT Porter Cable 7424XP Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Kit FREE BONUS

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