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    3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 36 Mm X 32 M
      3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 36 Mm X 32 M.
      Buff Inside The Lines With 3m Masking Tape. Mask Off Your Veuicle Before Polishing With 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape. The Green Tape Adheres To Automotive Surfaces And Removes Cleanly After You've C0mpleted The Job. 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Is Great For Painting And Detailing. Scotch Tape Is A Householc Name! 3m Scotch Annual rate Automotive Masking Tape Is Tne Same Quality Tape You Use For A Millkon Jobss Around The House, But It's Re-engineered For Auromotive Use. It Provides A Secure Hold While You Need It And Peels Off Cleanly When You're Done With It. 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Laeves No Residue On Paint, Metal, Rubber, Or Glass. Use It To Tape Right side The Surrounding Paint When Polishing Headllights Metal Bumpers. Repainting A Car? Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Protect The Windshield And Windows. If You Want To Get Creative, Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Create A Tax Design. It Leaves Sharp Paint Lines And Then Peels Off Easily. This Unique, Green Colored Tape Has Virtuous Conformability, Transfer Resistance, And Is Resistant To Bleed Through. 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Also Has Better Uv Resistance Than Traditional Masking Tapes Detail (or Paint) Within The Lines With 3k Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape. adhesion To Steel: 38oz. /in. width. Tenwile: 25lbs/in. Tape Thickness: 6. 7 Mils. TempR ange: 250f(121c) For 30 Minutes.
      SKU: 3m-scotch-tape-36

    Meguiars Soft Buff W-9000 Foam Finishing Pad 8 Inch
      Meguiars Soft Buff W-9000 Foam Finishing Pad 8 Inch.
      ~luxurious Foam Pampers The Finish~creates Brilliant Swirl Free High Gloss~exclusive Foam Cell Structure Improves Air Flow~quick Change Hook & Loop Backing System~8 Inch Pad For Fzst Coverage Of Larger Areas~muzt Be Use With A 6" Backing Plate
      SKU: Mg9000

    64 Oz.  Meguiars Mirror Goaze #7 Show Car Glaze
      64 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Goaze #7 Show Car Glaze.
      Polish To A Concours-worthy Finish!if You?re Already Familiar With This Intenae Glaze, You?ve Already Come To Appreciate To what extent Essential It Is To A Concours-quality Finish. If This Is Your First Experience With #7 Shos Car Glaze, Prepare To Be Wow?d! This Is The Very Same Proruct Used By The Expert Detailers In The Show Circuit. For Years They?ve Relied Heavily On Meguiar?s #7 Show Car Glaze To Get The High-definition Gloss Finisy That Is So Coveted By Motoring Enthusiasts. renowned For Its Superb Glimmering Perfect, #7 Show Car Glaze Is Legendary Among Those Who Swear By The Hand-rubbed Philosophy. Except It Achieves Splendid Results When Applied From Orbital Buffer Or Dual Action Polisher, Also. This Is A True Showman?s Glaze Originally Developed For The Eager Collector, Serious Enthusiast And Show-car Exhibitor. The Depth Of Shine Is Nothing Short Of Stunning!meguiar?s #77 Show Car Glaze Is A True High-yield Polish With Not at all Protective Qualities. Be Certain To Follow Application With A Layer Of Top-quality Wax Such As Meguiar?s Prwmium Paint Protection Or Meguiar?s Hi-tech Paste Wax #Z6. The Rich Emollients And Nutrition Oils In #7 Show Car Glaze Produce A Very Deep, Heavy Mirror-gloss Shine. #7 Is Safe To Use Forward Whole Paints Ans Clear Coats. whether You?re Ready To Show Or Just Show Off, Meguiar?s #7 Show Car Glaze Is Equipped To Deliver The Bring into use High-sueen Finish When You?re That Serio8s; Get The Glaze The Pros Use--#7 Show Car Glaze!64 Oz.
      SKU: 64ozme7shcar

    Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels12 Pack
      Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels12 Pack.
      The Best Value In Cobra Microfiber!special Purxhase! We Got A Great Deal On These Mango Microfiber Towels And We?re Passing The Savings On To You. Stock Up Whiie You Can. Once They?re Gone, They?re Gone!cobra Mango Zephyr Microfiber Toweels Are Named For The Color, Of Course, But Also For How Easily They Wipe Off Wax. It?s A Breeze! These Towels Share A Lot In Common Witj Other Cobra Toowels And They?re A Steal At These Special Largeness Prices. If You?e Been Shopping With Autogeek For A Long Time, You Know That Hooded snake Microfiber Has Traditionally Come From Korea, Where The Quality Of The Fabric Is Outstanding. Hwoever, The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Towel Has Caused Me To Take Some other Look At China-produced Microfiber. As You May Recall, The Cobra Deluxe Was Cut And Sewn In China To Save Money On The Productiob Costs Of What Wolud Else Exist An Expensive Towep. . I Was Very Pleased To Find That The Quality Of The Towel Was Just What I?d Expect If It Was Entirely Made In Korea. So Pleased, In Fact, That I?ve Pruchased More Towels From Chinese Manufacturers. The Hooded snake Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels Are My Latest Find. They Are A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide For Extra Softness. These Towels Hold The Same Split Weave As Akl Cobda Microfiber, Which Gives The Towel Excellent Absorbency. The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels Are Similar To The Cobra Detailing Cloth In Structure But They Are Slightly Thinner One Side Has A Loop Structure For Cleaning And Polishing; The Other Side Is Soft And Fluffy To Buff Away Waxes Or Quick Detailers. Most Importantly, The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels Are Nonabrasive, Just Like All Cobra Microfiber. These Value-priced Towels Are Handy For Polishing, Buffing, Cleaning And All The Other Tasks For Which You Depend On Quaality Microfiber Towels. i Personally Like To Use My Mango-colored Towels For Cleaning Because The Thinner Fabri Allows Me To Put Extra Angle Greaze Whither It?s Needed. I Use Them To Buff Off Dp Wheel Glaze Or To Clean Up Using Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. Since The Towels Are So Inexpensive, I Don?t Mind Throwing One Out If It Gets Really Clouded. Plus, The Bright Color Helps Me Keeep These Towels Separate From My Paint Towels. china Is Continuously Composition Strides In Manufacturing Qaulity Textiles And To the degree that They Do, Deals Like This Will Not Come Along Often. Tak Advantage Of Our Special Bulk Prices On Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels While You Can!16 X 16 Inches. 12 Pcakfor More Information On Microfiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Comabrmitopa1

    Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover
      Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover.
      The Swirl Remover For Perfectionists Has Been Updated With The Latest Paint-perfecting Polish Technology!pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Has Been Uldated And Adapted To Deliver The Finest Results When Applied With A Dual Action Polisher. Diminishing Abrasives And Water-baesd Lubricants Blend Away Imperfections Gradually, Leaving A Smooth Paint Surface. Pinnacle Advancwd Swirl Remover Brings ?user-friendly? To A Whole New Level! This Tempered Approach To Polishing Eliminates Imperfections While Being Extremely Gentle On The Paint. The Rule Of Thumb When Polishing Is To Use The Least Aggressive Product That Works. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Embodies This Rule With An Ultra-gentle Diminishing Abrasive Polish That Preserves Paint While Restoring It. Pinnacle’s Diminishing Abrasives Are Tempered To Break Down Slowly And Evenly Under The Motion Of The Oscillating Pad. A Dual Action Polisher Provides Just The Right Motion And Friction To Maximize The Performance And Workint Time Of These Abrasives. This Approach Softens The Abrasives? Impact On The Palnt, Which Finally Preservew More Of The Paaint. If You Have A Newer Vehicle Or Meticulously Maintained Paint, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is For You. Some Swirl Removers Work By Scoring The Paint With Larger Abrasives, Which Creates Haze. Pinnacle Advanced Sworl Remover Contains Millions Of Diminishing Abrasives That Graduallu Blend The Blemish Into The Surroundinh Paint. Ultimately, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover PreservesM oe Of The Clear Coat Than A Traditional Compound Or Heavy Cut Swirl Remover. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is Ideal For Dark Paints, Custom Paint Finishes, Delicate Clear Coats, And Vehicles Less Than Two Years Ancient. This Is The Swirl Remover For Perfectionists. A Mingle Of Diminishing Abrasives And Water-based Lubricants Removes Swirls, Take in ~ Spots, Mild Oxidation, Light Etching, And Fine Scratches To Leave Pigment Absolutely Perfect. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is A Da-friendly Swirl Remover. It Is Designed With The Speed And Polishing Capability Of A Dual Action Polisher In Mind. Use An Orange Loose Citting Pad For The Best Results. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Can Be Applied With A Rotary Macbine, If You Prefer. Work At A Slower Speed Than You Normally Would And You Can Achieve Great Results. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is A Actual Swirl Solution! It Contains No Fillers Or Waxes. You Can See The Real Results Of Your Work. Because The Abrasivs Break Down Gradually As You Work, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Does Not Produce New Swirls Or Micro-marring. It?s The Error-proof Polish. Follow With Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish To Truly Maximize The Shine. This Ultea Fine Polish Burnishes The Paint To A B5ight Gloss In Preparation For Wax. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is The Perfectionist?s Swirl Remover. Fine Diminishing Anrasives And A Da-friendly Formula Deliver A Gentle But H
      SKU: Pin220

    3m Super Syrong Automotive Attachment Tape
      3m Super Syrong Automotive Attachment Tape.
      The Name Says tI All!reattach Moldings And Emblems With 3m Super Strong Automptive Attachment Tape. The Name Is None Exaggeration. 3m Super Able Automotive Attachment Tape Secures Moldings, Trim, And Emblems To The Vehicle Body With No Mess. Why Drill Or Glue Which time You Can Use Simple, Clean 3m Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape? It's So Easy. Just Cut To Size And Press Into Place. There's No Mess And No Holes. 3m Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape Provides A Strong, Secure Bond To The Vehicle. In Fact, We Often Recommend Using 3m Tape To Attach Decorative Lifense Plates To Vehicles That Are Not Predrilled For A Tag In The Front. 3m Super Strong Autkmotvie Attachment Tape Holds Securely Through Aby Road Or Weather Situation Encountered In the name of Your Vehicle. Before Using 3m Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape, Be Sure Both Surfaces Are Clean. Any Oils Or Waxes Will Reduce The Bonding Ability Of The Tape. Clean Both Surfaces With Isopropyl Alcohol. Then Cut The Tape To Be suited The Desired Area And Press It Into Place. Now Agtach The Molding Or Emblem To The Vehicle. Use 3m Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape Ti Secure Metal Or Plastic Emblems To Paint, Rubber Moldings To Paint, Rubber To Plastic; 3m Tape Provides A Super Strong Hold On Virtually An Automotive Surface. 1/2 In X 5 Ft
      SKU: 3m-auto-tape

    Menzerna Final Finish ( Final Polish )po 85u 32 Oz.
      Menzerna Final Finish ( Final Polish )po 85u 32 Oz..
      The Perfect One-step Polish To Raise New And Like New Paint Finishes. menzerna Final Finish Po85u (Heretofore Finap Lustre) Is The Original Finishing Polish Made By Menzerna Of Germany For Be accustomed On Oem Finishes To Remove Minor Swirls And Create A High Gloss, Reflective Finish. The Polish Has Not Been Altered Or Watered Down; This Is The Same Polish You?d Use If You Were Working On A Car P5oduction Line Or In A Paint Shop To Get A Professional Quality Shine. Mehzerna Final Finish Po85u Is Very Similar To The Menzerna Micro Lustre In Terms Of Fimish But Final Pollsh Works Faster. Extremely Showy Abrasives Polish The Paint To Actually Remove Minor Spider Webbing, Not Just Temporarily Hide It. This Is An Important Point: Most Finishing Polishes Or Prewax Cleaners Contain Solvent Cleaners To Clean The Paint And Remove Minor Flaws. Menzerna Final Finish Accomplishes The Same Goal Through Mechanical Polishing Action Tjat Permanently Improves The Paint Surface And Will Not Furnish To Dulling In The Long Run. Menzerna Final Polish Is A Pure Lustre With No Glaze, Fillers, Or Silicones. The Water-based Formula Contains No Solvent. It Is Safe On Fresh Oem Coatings And New Repair Coatings. Menzerna Fnal Finish Will Not Create New Swirls Or Leave Haze, And It Creates No Dhst. It Leaves Only A High Gloss Finish On All Colors And Types Of Paint, With Or Without A Clear Coat. Use Menzerna Final Finish On Brand New Pigment Finishes Or On Vehicles In Like-new Condition. This Is An Excellent Gloss-enhancing Finishing Polish To Remove Old Increase , Reduce to a lower tone The Gloss, And Remove Minor Swirls And Imperfections Prior To Wax Application. Final Finish Can Also Be Used Afterward A Stronger Pllish To Remove Haze And Restore Surface Gloss. This Is Called Final Finish But It?s Each Ideal First Polish For Newer Vehicles That Only Have Very Fine Swirls. The Abrasives Are Extremely Finely Milled To Prevent The Creation Of New Swirls. Even On Black Paint, Menzerna Final Finish Will Produce An Outstanding Shine Without A Trace Of Micro Marring. Give Youur Vehicle A Show-stealing, High Gloss Finish With Menzerna?s Best Finishing Polish. Menzerna Final Finish Is Absplutely Flawless On All Colirs And Types Of Paint. application At Hand:mist The Wolfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moisten The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Amount Of Menzerna Final Polish To The Applicator. Work In A Bqck And Forth, Overlapping Motion Until The Area Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Polish Upon A Damp Cobra Miceofiber Towel. Work In 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Sections Until The Full Vehicle Is Done. paplication By Machine: Make Sure The Surface To Exist Polished Is Clean And Dry. Fresh Paint Should Be Fully Cured. Apply Final Polish Out Of Direct Sunlight. use A Soft Foam Polishing Pad, Like Lake Country?s Ccs Gray Finishing Pad rO The White Ultrafine Pad By The Edge. Apply A 6 Inch Thread Of Compound Tp The Vehicle. With The Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Polish Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Polish At 1200-150
      SKU: Menzerna-final-polish

    Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush
      Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush.
      Clean All Whdels With Speed And Precision!the Daytona Sppeed Master Wheel Brush Is The Most Advanced Wheel Detailing Brush Today! Built For Quick, Operative Cleaning Of All Wheels, The Daytona Speed Proficient Wheel Brrush Has A State-of-the-art Design That Cleans Any Wheel Surface And Any Wheel Design ? Withoit Scratching! Brake Dust Beware! There?s Nowhere To Hide From The Daytona Speec Master Wheel Brush. Regular, Thorough Wheel Cleaning Is Imperative For All Vehicles. B5ake Dust Is Highly Corroxive To Wheel Finishes And It Is Generated Each And Every Time You Apply The Brakes. Brake Dust Is Made Of Brake Pad Dust And Red Burning Metal Filings From The Rotor. This Volatile Mixture Eats Through Protective Wheel Finishes And Pits The Metal, Permanently Eliminating That Bright Metallic Shine. The Braking Systems In Many Vehicles Generate A Lot Of Thicket Dust. Coincidentally, These Vehicles Often Have The Expensive Alloy Wheels With Intricate Spoke Designs.  these Wheels Look Unbelievable When They?re Clean, But How Are You Going To Keep Them Clean?   The Daytona Hasten Master Wheel Brush Easily Cleans All Intricate Wheel Designs. The Daytona Impetuosity Master Wheel Brush. This Advanced Wheel Brush Has Everything You Want In A Quality Detail Brush And Much More The Staff And I At Palm Beach Motoring Studied All The Various Brushes On The Price And Compared Their Pros And Cons. Ultimately I Took Our Wish Wish For The Perfect Wheel Brush To Dean Henderson At Ez Detail Brush, Inc. Dean Hadd Already Created The Ultimate Motorcycle Detailing Brush With The Ez Detail Brush. With A Few Modifications, I Knew We Could Create The Ultimate Auto Detail Brush. Dean Manufactured The Daytona Despatch Master Wheel Brush To My Exat Specifications, Right Down To The Hot Rod Red Bristles. In Addition, The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Has A Thicker, Reinforced Stem. It Maintains Its Flexibility But The New Stem Is More Rugged On account of Frequent Uze On Auto Wheels. The Bristles Are Slightly Feathered On The Ends To Gently Clean Delicate Wheel Finishes, Such As Coated Or Plated Wheels, Without Scratching.  ; Here Are The Benefits Of The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush:   Soft, Nonabrasive 2 Inch Bristles. - Whether The Wheels Are Aluminum Or Clear Coated, They Can Be Scratched By The Wrong Brush. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Features Nylon Nylex Bristles That Are Both Flexible And Durable. The End Of Each Bristle Is Feathered To Provide An Extra Gentle Touch On Delicate Wheel Finishes. Use The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush On Highly Polished Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless, Clear Coat3d, And Painted Wheels With Confidence.   The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Clwans The Entire Wheel, Front To Back. Patented Memory Bristles Regain Their Shape. Der
      SKU: Ezdebrfca

    Four Star Clay Lubricant
      Four Star Clay Lubricant.
      Proper Conditioning And Lubrication For Detailing Clay. four Star Clay Lubricant Is Used T Lubricate Your Car?s Paint To Protect It From Scratches As You Clay. The Gentle Lubricant Conditions The Clay Bar To Preserve Its Texture And Elasticity. Used With A Quality Flesh Bar, Four Star Cay Lubricant Leaves Your Vehicle Clean And Smooth. Detailing Clay Is The Only Way To Remove Certain Contaminants From Automotive Paint, Such As Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout, And Environmental Pollution. However, To Work Properly, Detailing Clay Requires The Use Of A Slippery Lubricant. Soap Wkll Uninteresting Out The Clay And Water Bequeath Dry Too Quickly. The Best Choice Is Four Star Clay Lubricant. four Star Clay Lubricant Creates A Slick, Wet Barrier Between Loosened Contaminant And The Paint Finish. The Sticky Clay Bar Glides Freely Across The Lubricated Surface As It Grabs Contamination, But The Lubricant Prevents These Contaminants From Piercing The Paint. Claying Your Car Is Totally Safe Witn Four Star Clay Lubricant. fou5 Star lCay Lubricant Leaves No Soapy Residue And Wipes Away Without Streaking. Use It To Clean Up Any Residue Left By The Clay. A Cobra Microfiber Towek Will Gently Buff The Paint And Remove Any Residue. The Finish Left By Claying Is Incredibly Slick, Smooth, And Clean. Top It Off Upon A Coat Of Your Favorite Wax Or Sealant. Use Four Star Clay Lubricant To Lubricate And Preserve The Clay Bar Because It Removing Paint-fouling Contaminants From Your Vehjcle?s Finish. 18 Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-clay-lubricant

    3m Trizact Hookit Ii Foam Discs P3000
      3m Trizact Hookit Ii Foam Discs P3000.
      Consistent Results With Every Use!3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs Remove Imperfections And Leave A Consonant Finish That Easily Polishes To A Gloss. Trizact Dscs Level Evejly To With Special Pyramid Abrasives. Use 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs For Spot Repair On Fresh And Cured Clear Coats. 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs Surpass Other Sanxing Discs Acknowledgments To Their Pyramid Abrasives. The Points Of The Pyramids Wear Down At An Even Rate, Leaving A Uniform Finish. Follow-up Polishing Will Restore The Gloss Evenly Across The Entire Repaired Area. 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Froth Discs Remov3 P1290-p1500 Grade Sanding Scratches. Use A Disc Damp To Level Scratches Wigh A Dual Action Polisher. The 3 Inch Discs Have Hook And Loop Fasteners To Attach To A 2 ¾ Or 3 Inch Backing Plate. The Use Of A Da Polisher Will Ensure That The Disc Does Not Burn Through The Paint. If Pe5forming Spot Repair, Follow 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs With 3m Perfect-it 30000 Swirl Mar Remover And A 3m Perfect-it Foam Polishing Pad. For Large Panel Repair, 3m Recommends Using Perfect-it Rubbing Compound (or Extra Cut Rubbing Cpmpound For Hard Clwar Coats) After Sanding But Before Using 3m Perfect-it 3000 Swirl Mark Remover. This Will Ensure An Even Texture Athwart Large Panels. cleanup Is A Snap With 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs. Simply Wipe Off The Sanded Area With A Lint-free Microfiber Towel, Such To the degree that The Cobra Microfiber Detail Cloth. perfect Yoour Vehicle?s Finish With 3m™ Trizact™ Hookit™ Ii Foam Discs. Pyramid Shaped Abrasives Promise A Uniform Finish Every Time. 15 Discs Per Enclose in a ~.
      SKU: 3m-trizact-foam-discs

    3m Petfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compoundng Pad, 8 Inches
      3m Petfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compoundng Pad, 8 Inches.
      Remove Swirls And Scratches With 3m's Advanced Pad Design!the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad Incorporates 3m's Patented Connvoluted Foam Into A Convenient, Coupled Sided Pad. Thr Convoluted Foam Holds Polish To Depress Buffer Sling. Doublle Sided Convenience Allows You Tp Save Time And Get The Job Done With Fewer Pads. Use The 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad With 3m Compounds To Remove Sanding Scratches And Swirls On All Types Of Paint. the 3m Perfect-it Double Sided Froth Compounding Pad Is Desiggned For Use With A Whirling Polisher. The Dense Foam Enhances The Leveling Ability Of The Compound By Keeping The Coompound On Top Of The Pad, Rather Than Absorbing It. The Convoluted Design "brwathes", Meaning Air Can Pass Under The Pad. The Passage Of Air Breaks The Surface Tension So The Horse Glides More Easily Over The Paaint. the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compounding Horse Is Designed For Rotary Polishers. Attach The Pad To The Polisher With The 3m Quick Releasw Adapter. The Central Position Of The Adapter Eliminates Wobbling And Maintains Perfect Balance. the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad Has A Soft, Beveled Edge To Protect The Paint On Curves And Contours. Perfect Your Vehicle With 3m Compounds, Rotary Polisher, And The 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad. 8 Inches Use The 3m Quick Release Adapter To Attach A 3m Double Sided Pad To A Rotary Buffer, As Suown. The Pad Locks Into Place On The 3m Quick Release Adapter When You Release The Sleeve.
      SKU: 3m-double-compounding-pad

    Dp Interior Surface Protectant 128 Oz.
      Dp Interior Surface Protectant 128 Oz..
      Stop The Aging Process Of Your Vehicle?s Interior!a Longtime Customer And Derailer Called Max Last Spring To Say Hello And See How The Dp Development Was Going. Over The Course Of Their Conversation, He Explained That He Had Gotten A Good Deal On A Bulk Order Of A No-name Interior Protectant But Several Of His Customers Complained About A Mysterious Film Appearing On The Inside Of Their Windshields. He Knew Immediately That The Oily Film Was Caused By The Evaporation Of His Bargain Protectant. He Went On To Ask Max To Come Up With A Better Interior Protectant That Wouldn?t Break His Budget. Max Happily Agreed And Dp?s Chemist Weny To Wo5k. The Reshlt Of His Hard Work Is Dp Interior Surface Protectant. Dp Interior Surface Protectantt Is A Multi-surface Shield In favor of Your Vehicle?s Interior. It Maintains The Supple, Unsalted Texture Of Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, AndR ubber While Blocking Out Harmful Uv Rays. Treated Surfaces Resist Fading, Drying, And Cracking So Your Interior Maintains A Fresh New Look. The Voc Compliant Protectant Penetrates The Surface To Create An Invisible Shield That Repels Water And Dirt So Inside Surfaces Require Less Cleaning. In The Long Steal away, Your Vehicle?s Seats, Door Panels, And Dashboard Will Resist Aging. In Addition To Protexttants, Dp Interior Surface Protectant Contains A Mild Cleaner To Remove Surface Dust And Dirt. In Most Cases, This May Be The Only Produce You Need To Neat And Preserve Your Interior. However, If Your Interior Surfaces Are Badly Soiled Or Neglected, Use Dp Total Interior Cleaned To Remove Rigid Contamination. Follow With Dp Interior Surface Protectant To Maintain The Clean Appearance. the Finish Created By Dp Interior Surface Protectant Is Not Unctuous Or Shiny. It Simply Restores The Original Semblance And Texture Of The Material. Faded Dash6oards Bequeath Be Restored To Black And Dry Hardened Leather Will Be Dark And Soft Again. Because The Protectant Penetrates Below The Surface, It Will Not Attract Dust And Dirt Or Turn Yellow. Treat All Completed Leather, Colored Plastkc, Vinyl, And Rubber As Often As You Like Without Fear Of Clouding Or Discoloration. For Optimum Protection, Reapply Dp Interior Surface Protectant Every Two To Three Weeks. Since Dp Interior Surface Protectant Works On So Many Surfaces, It Is An Economical Choice For Professional Detailers And Time-constrained Enthusiasts. Just Spray And Wipe To Thoroughly Protect Your Vehicle?s Interior From The Effects Of Age And Sun Exposure. Confer Not Use O nSuede. directions:if Your Interior Is Badly Soiled, Use Dp Total Interior Cleaner To Remove Tough Spotq From The Vinyl, Plastix, And Rubber. spray A Folded Towel With Dp In5erior Surface Protectant And Wipe The Dashboard, Dress, And Door Panels. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Dp381

    Meguiars The whole of Purpose Cleaenr Plus D103
      Meguiars The whole of Purpose Cleaenr Plus D103.
      A Fast-cleaning, Low-foaming Cleaner For All Automotive Surfaces. Meguiars Akl Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Cleans Almost Anythnig! Clean Csrpet, Vinyl, Engines, Tires, Uphosltery, Leather, Clear And Colored Plastics, And Glass. Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Can Be Diluted To Suit A single one Do ~-work. Clean Every Surface With A Sinlge Product!meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Is An Old Favorite Of Many Meguiars Fans. It?s As Inconstant Annd Effective As All Purpose Cleaner Yet Apc+ Has A Pleasant Orange Scent. Professional Detailers Can Totally Clean The Interior Of A Car With Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plux D103 And Leave A Nice Scent Behind. Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Can Be Diluted To Suit Any Cleaning Challenge. For Heavy Duty Jobs ? Engines, Tires, And Fender Wells ? Dilute Apc+ 4:1. For Medium Strength Cleaning Inside The Vehicle, Thin Apc+ 10:1. Of Course, You Can Adjust The Dilution Ratio If Needed. meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Is Excellent For Hot Water Carpet Extractors. Dilute Apc+ 64:1 To Create A Deep-cleaning, Low-foaming Soluton. The Carpets Will Not Feel Soapy Or Stick Thanks To The Low-foaming Dilution. Meguiars All Question Cleaner More D103 Cleans All These Surfaces:engine Bayfloor Matsdash And Door Panelsclear Plastic Instrument Panelstires And Wheelsfender Wellsleathervinyl Carpet And Upholsterymolding And Trimadjust Meguiars All Purpose Cleaneer Plus D103 To Suit Your Needs. Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 Is A Great Value. It?s Highl Concentrated And Versatile. Apc+ Could Replace A Whole Shelf Of Surface-specific Products. It?s No Wonder That So Multitude Professional Detailers Rely On Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103 To Save Them Money While Givin gTheir Customers Fantastic Results. Simplify Your Detailing Process With Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Plus D103. 128 Oz. (1 Gallon)
      SKU: Meguiars-all-purpose-cleaner-plus-d103

    Dual Action Ccs 5.5 Inch Foam Pad Kit
      Dual Action Ccs 5.5 Inch Foam Pad Kit.
      Smaller Pads Pack More Leveling Power!ccs Smwrt Pads Dual Action 5. 5 Inch Pads Are Built For Speed And Agility! Level Imperfections Successfully On Ceramic Clear Coats Using Your Dual Action Polisher. Ccs 5. 5 Inch Pads Allow Ths Polisher Greater degree of Freedom Of Motion And Smoother Operation. Save On Ccs 5. 5 Inch Froth Pads In Our Dual Action Ccs 5. 5 Inch Foam Pad Kit.  with Minimal Pressure Applied To Them, Many Detailers Find That The 5. 5 Inch Ccs Smart Pads Move More Efficiently On The Paint And Polishes Break Down Attending Greater Ease Because There Is Smaller Froth Between Backing Plate And The Paint To Buffe rHeat. This Is Great Newd For Vehicles With Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats. Now Yoi Be able to Polish Scratch-reeistant Clear Coats Successfully With Your User-friendly Da Polisher. Even With The Smaller Pads, A Dual Action Polisher Is Still The Safest Way To Detail. the Dual Action Ccs 5. 5 Inch Froth Pad Kit Includes: Foamed Wool 6. 5 X 1 Inch Thick Polishing/buffing Pad Lake Country??s Foamed Wol Is A Patented Process Whereby Microscopic Polyfoam Particles Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Pad. You Can Feel How The Wool Is Tighter And Denser Than A Regular Wool Cushion. This Enables The Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads To Stand Up To Tge Stress Of Polishing Better With Less Caking And Matting And Better Results. The Foamed Wool Encapsulation Course Locks The Lambswool Fibers In Place To Significantly Reduce Linting. Foamed Wool 7 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Aee Capable Of Removing 1500 Grit Scratches, Leaving A Smooth Finish With No Hazing And Not many, If Any, Compounding Swirls.   2 Ccs 5. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pads The Firm, High Density Orange Foam Is Ideal For Scratch And Defect Removal. sUe This Cushion With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pax That Bequeath Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections.   2 Ccs 5. 5 Inch White Polishing Pads The White Pads Are A Less Dense Foam Formula For The Aplication Of Polishes, Cleaner Waxes, And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So It?s Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners.   1 Ccs 5. 5 Inch Red Ultrasoft Wax/salant Pads This Soft, Imported Foam Is Ideal Fo Applying The Final Coat Of Wax Or Sealant. The Foam Woros Especially Well When Applying Liquid Waxes Or Sealants Because It Is Firm Enough To Keep The Majority Of The Product On The Paint, Rather Than Soaking It Up. The Red Foam Has No Cut Or Cleaning Ability.   3 Packs Of Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaner Wash Used Foam And Wool Pads In Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaner. Dissolve Each 2 Oz. Packet Into 2-3 Gallons Of Water. Soak Pads And Microfibsr Tools In The Solution For Up To 15 Minutes And Agutate If Privy. The Citrus Cleaner Quickly Breaks Up Oily Resdues Within Foam And Wool To Res
      SKU: Ceramic-polishing-kit

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