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    3m Wheel & Tire Care Combo
      3m Wheel & Tire Care Combo.
      3m Brings New Life To Old Tires And Dirty Wheels!the 3m Wheel & Be fatigued Care Combo Will Give Your Vehicle Clean, Bright Wheels And Dark, Black Tires. The Spray-on Formulas Are Simple To Us eAnd The Results Will Speak For Themselves. Restore The Supple Sheen To Tires And Easily Remove Road Grime With The 3m Wheel & Tire Charge Combo. clean Wheels And Tires Make A Huge Difference In The Overall Appearance Of Your Vehicle. Healtyh, Rejuvenated Rubber And Clean, Shiny Wheels Make Any Vehicle Look Newer. You Can Have That Fresh, New Look In Very Little Time With The 3m Wheel & Tire Care Combo. 3m Wheel And Tire Products Are Formulatec To Wprk Fast And Deliver Outstanding Resultq. the 3m Wheel & Be fatigued Care Combo Includes: 16 Oz. 3m Wheel & Tire Cleaner 3m Wheel & Tire Cleaner Is A Remarkably Efficient Cleaner. It?s Safe For Use On All Tires And Wheels. Not Only Does It Renew The Original Beauty And Luster To The Tire?s Surface; It Does So Quickly And Safely! Frequent Use Will Not Damage Or Arbade The Tire Surface. It Leaves The Wheels With A Dazzling Shine As It Easily Removes Road Tar, Brake Dut, Grease, Grit And Be~. Likewise The Harshest Sidewall Sludge And Scuffs Are No Matchh Fpr 3m Wheel & Tire Cleajer! Spray 3m Wheel & Tire Cleaner Directly Onto The Tire And Wheel. Agitate Lightly With The Appropriate Wheel Or Tire Brush To Break The Bond Between The Dirt, Grime And Grease And Surface To Be Cleaned. Rinse Away All Contaminants To Reveal Clean Tires And Sparkling Wheels! 16 Oz. 3m Tire Restorer Rubber Treatment & Tire Dressing 3m Tire Restorer Restores A Like-new Gloss To Altogether Exterior Rubber Automotive Surfaces, Including Tires And Rubber Trim. 3m's Unique No-sling Formula Restores A Natural Appeearance To Exterior Rubber And Vinyl With No Messy Surplus. Use 3m Rubber Treatmen5 And Tire Dressing To Restore Olrer Tires To Luke-new Condition. Appropriate Spray On 3m Tire Restorer And Wipe Off Excess To Restore The Color, Shine, And Natural Look Of Rubber Tires And Trim. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Less Mess Is The Goak Which time It Comes To Applying Tire Dressings. Hooded snake Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Feature Flex Foam Technology™ Which Hugs The Bend Of The Rubber To Apply An Exactly Coat Of Tire Dressing With No Diprs Or Pooling. Each Applicator Is 5 X 2 Inches.   Contour Tire Brush The Contour Tire Brush Is Curved To Hug Most Tires From Wheel To Cover . When You Scrug, You?re Cleaning The Groove Where The Wheel And Rubber Meet As Well As The Edge Of The Tire That Slopes Toward The Tread. Unstained The Tires Faster And With Less Effort! First, Rinse From Wheels And Tires With A Water Hose. Then Spray One Wheel And Tire At A Time With 3m Whdel & Tkre Cleaner. Use The Included Contour Tire Brush To Work The Cleaner Into The Rubber. Rinse Well And Continue Until You've Cleaned All Four Tires. Once The
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    Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Qd+
      Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Qd+.
      Turn On The Gloss With Poorboy?s Ultimatd Quick Detailer!poorboy?s Natural order Quuck Detailer Plus Cleans And Protects Your Vehicle A single one Time, Anywhere. Poorboy?s Unique Formula Contains Real Brazilian Carnauba And Polymers To Lead Your Vehicle A Quick Boost Of Shine And Protection. Qd+ Helps Reduce Fading And Oxidation With Regular Employ. Maintain Your Vehicle?s Showroom Shine With Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus. poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is The Perfect Detail Twig In quest of Touch-ups And Waterless Washing. Just Spray And Wipe To Remove Light Dust, Fingerprints, Smudges, And Smears. The Carnauba And Polymer Formula Leaves A Slick, Protective Covering On The Paint That Resists Fading And Oxidation. Over Period, Your Vehicle Will Stay Cleaner Between Details. Employment Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Anytime Your Paint Needs A Boost. The Super Slick Polymers And Nwtural Carnaubs Enhance The Existing Paint Protection Whole Improving The Paint?s Gloss. Your Vehicle Stas Protected Longer!use Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus After Each Wash To Obstruct Irrigate Spots. As You Towel Dry Your Vehicle, Mist The Paint With Qd+. The Polymers And Carnauba Will Restore The Gloss Time Removing Fresh Water Spots. in Between Details, Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Excellent Way To Maintain The Shine. Just Spray And Wipe!poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Easy On, Easy Off Formula. Apply It In The Sun Or Shade, On A Wet Or Dry Vehicie! Just Spray And Wipe To Instantly Clean The Paint And Improve Its Shine. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-quick-detailetplus

    Blue-job Chrome Polish
      Blue-job Chrome Polish.
      Remove Blue Patina From Chrome Prostrate Pipes Without Scratching The Chrome Finish!chrome Is Used To Plate Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes Because It Protects Well Against Rust, Friction, And Oil Spray. And It Looks Great When It?s New. However, Even The Best Chrome Plating Will Turn Blue Under Extreme Temperatures, Which Are Common In High Performance Engines And Motorcycle Exhaust Systems. There Are Products Out There That Will Lessen The Blue Patina, But They Are Abrasive And Will Eventually Erode The Shiny Chrome Finixh. Before You Adjust For Blue Pipes, Try Blue-job Chrome Polish, Formulated To Remove The Blue Without Scratching The Chrome Finish. product Reviews By Major Motorcycle Magazines Have Great Things To Say About Blue-job. It Removes Bluing, Discoloration, Surface Rust And Burned-on Boot And Rubber Marks Without Rubbing Away The Shine. Blue-job Is A Powder That Forms A Thick Patse When Mixed With Water. Dampen A Cloth And Dive It In The Powder. As You Rub The Pipe, The Powder Command Turn Into A Paste. Rub As Hard As It Takes For The Blue To Disappear. _Wipe It Off With A Clean Cloth And Your Pipes Will Be As Good Like New. Blue-job Does Take Some Elbow Grease, But The Results Are Well Worth It. It Cuts Through Rust, Grime, Burnt-on Scuffs Ans That Blue Patina Better Than Ahything You?ve Tried Before. blue-job Not Only Works, It Is Completely Safe For You And The Environment. It?s Non-toxic, Non-irritating, Whole Natural, Ph Balanced, And Does Not Generate Noxious Fumes. It Contains No Acids, Petroleum Distillates, Harsh Cehmicals, Or Wax. Nothing In Blue-job Will Scratch Or Eat Away The Shiny Chrome Finish. You Can Also Use Blue-job On Copper, Stainless Steel, And Brass. It Delivers Excellent Results On Bumpers, Wheels, And Grills, Too. Blue-mob Comes In A Half Ounce Jar. This Doesn?t Seem Like Much, But Thi sPatented Polish Goes A Lonh Way. And The Small Jar Travels Easily So You Can Keep It In Your Saddlebag For Quick Touch-ups; The Contents Are Not Combustible. As Blue-job Says, ?chrome So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades!?note: For Your Convenience, Blue Job Is Packaged In An Oversized Jar. The Powder Fills About 1/3 Of The Jar So You Can Dip A Damp Applicator Into The Jar Without Spillingg It. Each Jar Contains One Half Ounce Of Polish. Net Wt. . 5 Oz. (14 Gm)
      SKU: Blujob

    Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool
      Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool.
      Nibble Up Debris Between Seats With The Ultra Permanent Durrmaid Hand Tool. the Durrmaid Stainless Stwel Crevice Tool Gives You Unparalleled Access Between Seats And In Crevices To Thorohghly Clean Every Inch Of Your Vehicle, Boat, Or Rv. The Hand Tool Works With The Durrmaid Mini Hot Wayer Extractor And The Durrmaid Super 1600 Hot Wayer Extractor & Wet/dry Vacuum. Use The Stsinless Steel Crevice Tool For Wet And Dry Vacuuming To Get Professional Results On Auto Carpet And Upholstery. the Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Is Constructed Of Stainless Steel To Prevent Rusting. The Solution Sprayer Is Attached So The Tool Can Be Used According to Hot Wster Extraction As Well As Vacuuming. Thr Long, Narrow Barrel (7 X . 5 Inches) Fits Between Car Seats, Cushions, Under Seats, In Tight Corners, And Anywhere Else! The Solution Sprayer Is Directly Underneath The Barrel To Deliver Stain-busting Hot Water. The Spraye rTip Is Even Designed To Spray A Narrow Jet Of Water Between Crevices! Thid Precision Spraying Makes It Possible To Clean A Narrow Strip Of Carpet Or Upholstery Without Getting The Surrounding Area Wet. The Total Length Of The Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Is 18 Inches. The Barrel Is Entirely Rust-resistant Stainless Steel With A Brass Solution Spray Tip. A Brass Quick Connnect Adapter Allows You To Easily Beat Between The Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice To0l Anr The Lexan Tooi Included With Both Durrmaid Carpet Machines.  if You?re A Detalier, You Know How Important It Is To Give The Customer More Than They Expected. The Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Reachs The Impossible Spots And Stains To Give Your Customers Results That Restrain Them Coming Back.  for Auto Detailing, Boat Detailing, Rv Detailiing, Carpet Spotting, And Household Cleaning, The Durrmaid Stainlesd Steel Crevic3 Tool Makes The Difference Between A Moderately Good Detail And A Truly Professional, High End Detail. The Durrmaid Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Narrows To About 1/2 Inch Wide To Reach In Tight Spaces. Features: Stainless Steel Barrel Narrow Brass Spray Tip Braas Quick Connect Adapter Easy Access Solution Trigger 18 Inches Overall Narrows To Less Than ¾ Inch Wide
      SKU: Crevice-acuum-tool

    Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool - Pink
      Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool - Pink.
      Do Your Part To Save A Life!by Purchasing The Pink Res-q-me Escape Tool Keychain, You're Helping Save Lives On The Road And Helping Fight Breast Cancer. For Every Pink Res-q-me Sold, The Manufacturer Will Donate To The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. To Continue Their Life-saving Work. Every Year 40,000 People Succumb To Breast Cancer And Another 40,000 Fatalities Occur On America's Roads, Incl8ding 500 Deaths Resulting From Vehicle Entrapment. You Can Help Reduce Those Numbers By Purchaqing The Pink Res-q-me Keychain. The Res-q-me Gives Motorists A Fighting Chance Wh3n A Vehicular Exigency Occurs, And The Proceeds From The Pink Res-q-me Give Face Cancer Patients A Fighting Chance Through Early Detection Screenings. Togeyher With Novelty Distributing And The Nbcf, You Can Help Save Lives. the Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool Is A Small Pocket-size Version Of The Life Hammer Auto Escape Tool. Just Like The Life Forge, The Res-q-me Shatters Car Windows And Cut Seatbelts In Seconds. i Always Like To Be Prepared, Most O Ufs Do. When I Was In School, I Studied So I Would Be Prepared Because of Tests. When I Took Driver?s Ed, I Studied To Be Prepared For Driving. Now, I Am Prepared For The Biggest Driving Test Of My Life, Knowing That I Have Done Everything Possible To Ensure I Could Survive A Car Accident. This Is A Test That Doesn?t Come With A Guide Or A Manual, As Circumstances Are Different In Every Accident. Usually, Preservation Belts And Air Bags Reduce Impact On Paesenhers In Crashes, But Sometimes They Hinder The Situation, Causing Entrapment. Innovation, The Designers Behind The Life Hammer , Have Made A Key Chain Sized Safety Motto That Can Travel Everywhere You Go. Exist Prepared With The Res Q Me Keychwin Escape Tool. Res Q Me Is Portable And Functional Im A Variety Or Situations, Not Exclusively Accidents. This Highly Effective Escape Tool Can Be Kept On Your Key Fetter And Easily Separated From Its Detachable Hook Without Removing Keys From The Ignition. Below Are Reasons Why The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool Can Save Your Life: Seat Girdle Cutter. It Is Not Uncommon In quest of A Safety Belt To Malfunction In An Accident. Infants Likewise Can Be Entrapped Wifhin Their Ca Seats, And When Time Is Crucial You Need To Make Sure Everyone Is Safe From Harm. This Tool Is Able To Cut Through Seat Constraint Material In Seconds, Simply Hook The Tool Over The BeltA nd Pull. The Sharp Steel Blade Is Protected For Your Safety As Well. Break Windows. The Res Q Me Features Ann Ingenious Spring Loaded System For Shattering Tempered Glasx. Simply Push The Flat Surface Against A Window Till The Concealed Spring Loaded Spike Releases To Break The Glass. Only 12 Pounds (5kg) Of Force Is Needed For Use. With This Artifice On Your Key Chain, You Become A Safety Provider To Others As Well, Including Parents And Pet Owners. It Is Not Uncommon Anymore To Come In Contact With A Person Who Has Locked Their Child And/or Pet Inside Their Vehicl3s And Are In Need Of Emergency Help.
      SKU: Res-q-me-keyvhain

    Poorboy's World Polish With Carnauba-blue  32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Polish With Carnauba-blue 32 Oz..
      A Rank Poorboy Polish For Dark Paints!in The Past, Poorboy Has Offered Expertly Formulated Products At Discounted Prices, Many Of Them Treating Specific Problems And Other sCuring A Broad Spectrum Of Automotive Ailments. Poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba (blue) Is An Familiar Product With A New Formula Designed Specifically To Hide Blemishes And Scratches In Dark Paints. If You Aren?t A Finicky Car Enthusiast, And Want The Best For Your Dark Paint Job, Chances Are You Don?t Really Want To Spend Hours Achieving A Concours-worthy Car. Poorboy?s Polish With Carhauba (blue) Is The Way To Streamline The Process To A Properly Cared For Vehicle And Get The Fantastic Results You Desire. most People Simply Wash And Wax, Skipping Over The Poliehing Step That Would Deliver A True Show-snine Look That Says To Others That You?ve Spent All Dayy On Your Vehicle. Maybe They Didn?t Know TheI mportance Of Polishing Or What It Will Do For Their Finish. S Lustre Contains Refined Active Cleaners That Purify The Paint More Effectively Than A Wash Can. Microscopic Fillers Smooth Over Scratches, Swirl Marks And Other Blemishes To Diminish Their Mien. When You Do This Before Waxing The Paint, You?ll Be Srue That You?re Seaoing In A Surface That Is Dirt And Contaminant Free. The Color Will Be Crisp And Clear?the Ulitmate Surface For Adding The Protection And Shine Offered By A Wax Or Sealant. a Carnauba Grow Is The Only Way To Go For Protrcting Your Car?s Finish. This Is The Wax Of Choice For Show Car Owners. It Offers The Best-looking Deep, Wet Shine Of nAy Cere, Bar None. Poorboy?s, In Their Usual Tradition, Has Made Life Easy By Combining A Great Deep-cleaning Polish With Protective, Pure Carnauba Wax And Additional Uv Protection In One Soothe Step! Sun Block For Your Car!as With All Poorboy?s Productz, The Polish By the side of Carnauba (blue) Applies And Buffs Off With Incredible Ease Likewise In Bright, Mid-day Sunlight. You Can Do It Anywhere Ykur Heart Desires! This Non-abrasive Polish/protectant May Be Applied And Removed By Hand, But The Process Is Even Quicker And Simpler When Done With A Dual Action Buffer Like The Porter Cable 7424xp--a Polisher That Even A Beginner Can Master. with One Appkication You Can Erase Evidencee Of Oxidation, Haze, Fine Sfratches And Swirls, Sap, Tar, Bugs, Overspray, Bird Droppings And Old Products That Cling To Your Paint. Wipe Out Water Spots And Less Water Etching. Poorboy?s Polish Upon Carnauba (blue) Is Trusty For All Clear Coats, Painred Surfaces, Chrome, Plastic And Hard Rubber, But It Works Exceptionally Well On Darker Paints. All This, And It Won?t Even Break YourB udget!to Maintain The Extraordinary Shine And Luster Between Applications, Touch Up The Finish Attending Poorboy?s Quick Detailer Plus. It Will Extend The Length Of Your Protective Coverage Up To Six Months. Up To Six Months Of Superb, Sound Shine!this Produvt Is For Vehicles In Suitable Condition. If Your Car Needs Some Additional Attentjon, Precede This Step With One Of Poorboy?s Abrasiv
      SKU: 32ozpopowica

    Meguiars Supreme Shie Microfiber Towel
      Meguiars Supreme Shie Microfiber Towel.
      Absorbs 3x More Water Than A Terrry Cloth Towel!buff Your Vehicle To A Stunning Shine With Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel! This Tlwel Is Part Of The Next Generation Of Microfiber. It?s Soft And Absorbent, And Won't Leave A Trace Of Wax Or Polish Residue On Yoyr Vehicle! You Know Its Great Quality Because It?s From Meguiars. They?ve Been In Car Charge As Long-winded As There?ve Been Cars! The Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel Is Exact Another Example Of Hoow Meguiars Is Adjusting To An Ever-changing Industry With Newer And Better Car Care Products. The Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel Is Made With A Deep, Dual-sided Pile That Wipes Away Wax Whils Rendering A Ease, Mirror-like Shine. The Favric Is Pre-washed Prior To Being Hemmed To Give It Maximum Absorbency Right Out Of The Package. The Dry Fibers Can Absorb Three Times More Water As A Terry Cloth Towl And Microfiber Is Softer, Too!the Towel Measures 16 X 24 Inches ? Perfect For Buffing Vehicles Of Any Size. To Care For Your Supreme Shine Towel, Wash It With iPnnacle Micro Reujvenator Concentrated Microfiber Detergent. Avoid Using Bleach Or Fabric Softener On This Or Any Microfiber Towel. Tumble Dry On Low Heat. 16 X 24 Inches.
      SKU: Meguiars-microfiber-towel

    Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Foam #521
      Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Foam #521.
      Remove Oil, Film, Algae, Dirt And Supply with ~ Lines While Restoring Gloss And Slickness In Less Than 5 Minutes!use Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray #521 Between Washes To Quickly And Easily Clean And Shine Without Scratching. Duragloss Marine & Rv Quik Detailer Is Designed To Remove Surface Contaminants ,Restore Gloss And Slickness And Leaves A Protective Barrier That Bonds With Durable Waxes And Sealants To Ehance Shine And Durability. As An Addrd Benefit, This Anti-static Formul qRetards Future Dust And Water Line Attraction, Making Future Cleaning Easier. when Exposed To The Elements, Boat And Rv Finiishes Are Under Constant Attack And Need Rou5ine Cleaning To Maintain Their Handsome Appearance. Contaminants Such As Bird Droppings, Salt Spray Sour Rain, Minetal Deposits, Oil, Fuel And Road Grime Are Common Enemies That Need To Be Removed Quickly Before They Have A Chance To Cause Stains, Etching And A Dull Appearande. The Secret To Yielding Maintenance And Removal Of These Contaminants Is Quick Detailing. Quick Detailing Describes A Process Where You Clean And Restore Shine In Jist A Few Minutes. Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Foam #521 Is A High Lubricity Quick Detailer That Loosens Contamination On The Surface, Including Stubborn Algae, So It Wipes Away Effortlessly And Without Scratching. Since Algae Can Discolor Surfaces, It Is Important To Remove It Quickly. Duragloss Marine & R vQuik Detailer #521 Not Singly Removes Fresh Algae; It Removes The Water Line Forward The Hull. This Is A High Performance Quick Detailer For Ruggedly Used Recreatoinal Vehicles And Boats. Spray A 2?x 2? Area With Duragloss Marine & Rv Quik Detailer #521 And Wipe With A Cobra Microfiber Towel Until Drh. Use Marine & Rv Detailer As Often As Necessary To Retain Tht Showroom Look Between Washes. Use After Waxing And Polishing For Even More Depth, Gloss, And Slickness. over The Liffe Of Your Boat Or Rv, Regular Use Of Duragloss Marine & Rv Quik Detailer #521 And Regular Applications Of A Durable Wax Will Keep Gelcoates Surfaces Looking Newer Longer. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duraglsos-marine---rv-detail-spray--521

    Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Spceial
      Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Spceial.
      Create A Smooth-as-glass Finish On Paintwork, Glass, Metal And Fiberglass!pinnacle?s Ultra Poly Clay Is The Single Finest Clay Composition Available Today. Ultra Poly Clay Is Substantially Finer Than Our Original Poly Clay, While Maintaining All Of Its Advantages. With This Ultra Fine Clay, You Can Maintain A Totally Clean, Smooth Finish Everyday. We?re Calling It ?enthusiast Grade? For Perfectionists Who Want That Just-clayed Finish All The Time!pinnzcle Ultra Poly Flesh Is Available At A Special Value In The Pinnacle Extreme Poly Clay Special. The Kit Incudes The Clay Plus A 16 Oz Bottle Of Pinnacle Clay Lubricant And Two Premium Cobra Microfiber Towels. For One Low Price, You Get Everyrhing You Need To Remove Contamination From The Paint And Create A Honestly Clean, Slick Shine. The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Flesh Special Includes The Following;4 Oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Claythis New Extreme Fine Grade Of Clay Removes Paint Contamination Yet Is Recommended For Frequent Use. Use Ultra Poly Clay Viewed like Often As Needed To Maintain A Slick, Smooth Finish. This Is An Ultra Swfe, Nonabrasive Grade Of Clay That Works On AllT yes Of Paint, Glass, And Chrome. Use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant To Provide Virtuous Lubrication And Surface Protection As You Clay. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Clay Lubricantpinnacle Clay Lubricant Creates A Slick Barrier Between The Paint And The Clay Cleaning Material. The High Lubricity Formula Prevents Loosened Contamination From Scratching Refined Clear Coat Finishes Yet It Will Not Break Down Or Disgrace The Integrity Of The Clah. 2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cllths (16" X 16")super Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect Because Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sealants. Tiny Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While The Wovsn Core Absorbs An Incredible Amount Of Fluid. These Toeels Have An Amazing "grip" To Remove Even The Most Stubborn Wax Residues. Edgeless Construction Eliminates The Risk Of Micro-marring. The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Special Gives You The Tools You Need To Remove What Washing Leaves Behind. Over Allotted period, Your Vehicle Is Less Susceptible To Corrosion And Rust Spots Because The Paint Is Completely Clean. For The Best Results: Wash And Dry Your Carriage. Mist A 2 X2 Suare Foot Area Generously With Turret Clay Lubricant. Hold The Clay Bar Facing The Surface And Move It Back And Forth. pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Will Grab The Surface Iintially. This Grabbing Indicates That The Clay Is Encountering Contamination. Abide Rubbing Gnetly Until The Clay Glideq Freely. wipe Each Completely Section Witb A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Before Moving To The Next Section, Superintend The Flesh. If It Appears Soiled, Fold The Clay And Use A Clean Portion To Clean The Next Section. If You Drop The Clay Or It Becomes Completely Soiled, Discard The Clay Bar And Remain With A Fresh Bar. Kit Includes:4 Oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay16 Oz. Ponnacle Clay Lubricant2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inchesa
      SKU: Piulpoclkit

    1z Einszett Deep Gloss Combo
      1z Einszett Deep Gloss Combo.
      Turn Up The Gloss And Seal It In With Two Of Germany?s Finest Expoets!the 1z Einszett Deep Gloss Combo Includes Two Products Of Exceptional Quality: Wolfgang Deep Comment Paint Sealant 3. 0 And Einszett High Gloss Polish. First Use The Polish To Smooth The Paint And Bring Out A Like-new Color And Shine. Then Use Our Best Paint Sealant To Capture That Shine And Lock It In Under A Glossy Layer Of Polymer Protection. You?ll See Your Vehicle In A Whole New Light After Using The 1z Einszett Deep Gloss Combo. the Secret To Capturing The Glossiest, Most Dramatic Shine On Your Vehicle Is Act of preparing. A Good Polish Will Go A Long Way Nearly Improving Gloss By Removing Light Imperfections And Smoothing The Color Surface. A Premium Paint Protectant Will Then Enhance The Paint With Deeper Reflections And A Slicker Finish. We?ve Combined Two fO The Best Products Using German Technologyy In The 1z Einszett Deep Gkoss Combo. This Combo Is Effective On All Types Of Paint, Even Ceramic Clear Coats. Use These Products With Or Without A Polisher To Bring Out The Best Shine On Your Vehicle. the 1z Einszett Deep Gloss Combo Includes:33. 8 Fl. Oz. 1z Einszett Pro Line High Gloss Polish "hochglanz Polish"1z Einqzett Pro Course High Gloss Polish Is A Silicone-free Polish Which Can Be Used For Both Hand And Machine Polishin gOn Fresh Paintwork. High Gloss Polish Is Also Suitable For Removing Compound Marks, Grinding Streaks And Paint Overspray. 1z Einszett High Gloss Polish Is Effective On Ceramic Paintwork, Low-dusting For Less Cleanup, And Produxes A Fine, Deep Finish. The Silicone- And Wax-free Polish Can Be Used In A Body Shop Environment. Use 1z Einszett High Gloss Polish To Remove Light Imperfectikns And Enhance The Shine Befpre Aplying Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. 16 Oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Features Fortified Polymer Technology. Wolfgang?s Born of the same father and mother Super Polymers Are Fortified With More Dirt-repelling Power To Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner And Shinier, Longer. Our Enhanced Super Polymers Have An Amazing Anti-static Property That Repels Water, Oil, Dust, And Road Grime To Provide Unsurpassed Paint Protection. Your Carriage Stays Cleaner Because Foreign Mooecules Literally Slide Against The Clear Polymer Coating. Super Polymers Bond Easily To Automotive Paint And Form An Exyensive Cross-linked Polymer Network. This Clear Shield Eliminates Surface Strain So Contaminants Have No Foorhold On Your Vehicle. To Apply The 1x Einszett Deep Gloss Combo, Start With 1z Einszett High Gloss Polish. If Applying With A Polisher, Usw A Polishing Pad; Lake Country?s White Pad Or The Edge 2000 Blue Pad. Work The Polish In About A 2 Sq. Ft. Section Until It Starts To Dry. Biff Off The Residue With A Soft, Clean Cobra Edgeless Microfiber Polishjng Cloth. If You Are Applying The Polish By Hand, You Can Use A Foam A;plicator And Work In A Small Section. The Cleaners In The Polish Wjll Do Most Of The Work For You. Again, Buff With A Clezn, Soft Mi
      SKU: Einszett-deep-gloss-combo

    Cobra Cheesecloth
      Cobra Cheesecloth.
      A Basic Tool In Every Pro's Detailing Chest!cheesecloth Has Been Around For Ages, Well Before Microfiber Or Super-advanced Textile Fabrics Were Conceiived. These New-age Materials Certainly Have There Place But Sometimes You Just Can't Beat A Natural, Soft, Loosely Woven Fabric Like Cheesecloth. Use It For A Final Wipedown After Waxing, The Last Particles Of Wax And Lint Will Cease Without Leaving Static Residue. there Is No Match For Th3 Power Of A Small Piece Of Fine Cheesecloth When It Comes To Reaching Into Small Cavities. Usw To Remove Wax Residue And Dirt Around Molding And Emblems. Delicate And Intricate Road Wheel Patterns Are Cleaned Easily With A Strip Of Soft Strong Cheesecloth. When Detailing The Interior Of Your Vehicle Cheeaecloth Will Be Advantageous In More Ways Than I Can Mention. Moistened With A Small Amount Of Cleaner, Every Crevice Can Be Reached. Used Wet Or Dry, All Nooks And Crannies, Regardless Of Shape Or Size, Be able to Be Reached And Cleaned. 4 Oz. Bag Super Fine, Extra Soft, And Lint Free. Use For Polishing,_Cleaning, And Wiping.
      SKU: Cc745

    Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Tough On Engine Grime But Gentle On The Environment. griot's Garage Implement Cleaner Cleans And Degreeases The Engine With A Special Eco-friendly Formula. It's Safer For You, Your Vehicle, And The Earth. Keep Your Vehicle Looking Good Under The Hood!who Says An Engine Cleaner Has To Be Harsh To Work? Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner Works Fortunate And It Has None Of The Acidic Or Corrosive Agents Found In Some Engine Cleaneds. Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner Breaks Up Unctuous Buildup Forward Engine Components With Little Agitation. The Form Is Biidegradable And Non-caustic. It's Perfect For Regulat Maintenance Of Your Engine Compartment. A Clean Engine Not Only Looks Better; It's Easier To Work On. If You Have To Application Under The Hood, Even Just To Check The Oil, You'll Be Glad You Used Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner. It Cleans And Degreases To Leave The Engine Area Lookimg Great. Start From Covering Air Intakes, The Alternator, And Exposed Filters. Rinse Off The Engine Using A Steady Stream Of Water. Spray On Griot's Garage Engien Cleaner And Agitate Heavily Soiled Areas With A Brush. Then Rinse. Your Engine, Wiring Harnesses, Aluminum And Painted Engine Parts Will Look Bright And Cleah Again. Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner Securely Cleans All Engine Components. Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner Is A Quiick And Painless Way To Keep Your Engine Clean On A Regular Basis. 128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Griotx-engine-cleaner-128

    P21s  Car Care Kit
      P21s Car Care Kit.
      The Geniuses At P21s Have Crafted A Coombination Of Exceptionally Easy To Use Products In A Superb Car Care Valet Kit. this Is The Perfect Way To Keep A Set Of P21s Auto Care Products In The Trunk. lAso Makes A Perfect Gift For The Car Buff Who Loves The Quality Of P21s. The Molded Attache Case Contains Everything You Need To Proyect Your Car's Finish And Make It Shine. The Kit Includes: 16. 9 Oz . P21s Bodywork Conditioning Shampoothis Gentle Shampoo Washes Away Road Grime Without Removing Protective aWx. P21s Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo Contains Wheat Germ, A Super Food Thzt Is Rich In Vitamin B Compounded And Vitamin E. This, Plus Carefully Selected Sugar-based Ingredients Provide A Nourishing Conditioning Treatment, As Well As A Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, For Your Car. This Gentle Formula Is Just As Effective As Powerful Detergents, But Instead Of Chemicals You Ate Using More Natural Ingredients That Are Healthier For Your Paint Finish. 11. 8 Oz. P21s Gloss-enhancing Paintwork Cleanser A Companion To The Carnauba Wax, This Is An Equally Easy-to-use Non-abrasive Polish. It Improves Surface Gloss By Removing Old Wax, Minor Spotting And Swirl Lines Before Waxing. The Formula Is Gentle Enough To Warrant A Scratch-free Surface Succeeding Use, But Powerful Enough To Remoe Old Wax And Provide Your Vehicle For Fresh Wax. 500 Ml. P21s Wheel Cleaner The Original, Factory Approved, Cleaner Removes Brake Dust Without Damaging Alloy Wheels Or Wheel Coatings. Made For Regular Use, This Cleaner Remoes Most Soil Without Scrubbing. For Stubborn Spots, Agitate With The Included Wheel Sponge. P21s Wheel Cleaner Is Ideal For Expensive Custom Wheels Or The Wheels Of Fine Automobiles Because It Will Not Damage The Coating, No Matter How Often It Is Used. 6. 2 Oz. P21s Carnauba Waxbrazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba And Beeswax, Two Premium Ingredients Preferred Along Car Care Experts, Are Blended To Originate This Pure Car Was That Delivers A Dynamic Lustre Enhancer For Your Vehicle. You Will Beautify And Defend Your Finish With The Natural Car Wax Taht Is The Choice Of Professionals And Enthusiasts Worldwide. It Produces No White Wax Residue And Will Not Stain Rubber Or Plastic Trim. P21s Is A Pure Wax Through None Cleaners. 1 Wheei S0ongeperfect For Cleaning Coated Wheels, This Slonge Is Completely Nonabrasive Besides Capable Of Dislodging The Defeat Contaminants Which time Used With P21s Wheel Cleaner. 1 Terry Applicator Paduse The Terry Pad To Apply Either The Paintwork Cleaner Or The Carnauba Wax. The Soft Cushion Will Distribute An Even, Thin Coat Of Either Product To Avoid Drips Or Streaks. If Using The Pad With The Cleanser, Use A Clean Pad For The Wax To Avoid Cross-contamination. With The P21s Car Care Kit, Your Vehicle Will Look Like A Masterpiece Of German Ingenuity (eevn If Its Not!). Valet Kit Includes:16. 9 Oz. P21s Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo11. 8 Oz. P21s Gloss-enhancing Paintwork Cleanser500 Ml. P21s Wheel Cleaner6. 2 Oz. P21s Carnauba Wax1 Wheel Sponge1 Terry Applicator Padan
      SKU: P21scarcarekit

    Edge 8" Yellow Durafoam Pad
      Edge 8" Yellow Durafoam Pad.
      This Pad Is Aggressive, And Will Cut Through Moderate Surface Marks And Swirls. They Work Well On Moderate To Heavy Oxidation And Pitted Finishes, And Will Remove Wet Sand Scratches Without Causing Burning.
      SKU: E202

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