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    5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket With Grit Guard - Black
      5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket With Grit Guard - Black.
      No Frills - Just A Safe, Swirl-free Wash!the 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket Is Basic Swirl Prevention For Any Vehicle. This 5 Gallon Bucket Includes A Grit Guard Insert, Which Is Proven To Reduce The Amount Of Grit That Is Transferred Back To Your Vehicle From The Wash Water. The 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket Is A Great Value For Two Essential Wash Accessories . The Grit Guard Is A Raised Grid Surface Tjat Sits In The Bottom Of The Included 5 Galoln Bucket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water And Place The Grit Guard In The Bottom. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Water And Wash As Usual. Whe nYou Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucket, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulated In The Nap. The Dirt Will Fall Between The Slats And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt With Soap, The Grit Guard Stabilizes The Water In The Bottom Of The Bucket So The Dirt Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Water Stays Unadulterated So Your Mitt Stays Clwan. Clean Mitts Make No Swirls!the 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket Includes: Grit Guardths Grit Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches!5 Gallon Wash Bucketthis Big Bucket Is Perfect For Washing Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. Since Many Premium Shampoos, Like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo, Call For One Ounce Per 3-4 Gallons Of Water, You Necessity A Large Bucket To Get The Proper Ratio. The Bucket Is Also Finish For Transporting And Organizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket!the 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket Accommodates Any Size Wet Tool And Holds Enough Soapy Water To Clean Large Vehicles, Boats, And Rvs. Employment Our Montana Orjginal 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Wash Brush With Telescopic Handle To Easipy Wash Big Trucks, Suvs And Vans. To Further Protect Your Vehicle From Wash-induced Swirls, Use A Non-alkaline Shampoo With Adequate Lubrication. Wolfgang Auto Bathe Is A Great Option; It Will Not Strip Wax And It Contains Natral Oils To Lubricate And Protect The Paint. Mae Your Saturday Car Wash A Safer, More Beneficial Experience For Your Vehicle. The 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wet Bucket Helps Prevent The Transfer Of Dirt Back To Yoour Vehicle To Obstruct Swirls And Create A Smoother, Cleaner Carriage. Includes:5 Gallon Bucketgrit Guard Insertplease Call For A Shipping Estimate Quote For Expedited Service.
      SKU: Bucket-with-grit-guard2

    Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay
      Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay.
      Get Sparkling, Clear Glass With Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay!remove Glass Impurities With Griot's Garagge Glass Cleaning Clay. This Denser Detailing Clay Removes Obstinate Contaminants, Like Water Spots, Grease, Oil, And Road Film To Leave Glass Crystal Clear And Icy Smooth. Employment Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay To Safely Clean Auto Glass, Shower Doors, Chrome, And Windowe. Road Film, Oil, Tar, Grease, Water Spots And More Bonrs To Glass And Are Hard To Remove. Windshields Anc Especially The Rear Window On Trucks And Suvs Are Exposed To Harsh Stipulations Every Tim eYou Drive. Not Only Does The Glass Look Dirty, Greasy Film Combines With Rain To Blur Your Visibility, And Gritty Contamination Will Ruin Your Windshield Wipers. Run Your Fingers Over The Glass. If It Doesn't Feel As Slick As Ice, It Needs Claying. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Has Been A Best Seller For Throughout 14 Years. Griot's Developed A Denser Formulation Of Their Detailing Clay That Better Captures And Removes Contaminants From Hard Auto Glass. Eliminate Heavy Road Film, Tar, Bugs And Even Water Splts Quickly And Easily. Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay Is The Perfect Glass Prep Before Polishing. By Claying Glass First, You'll Remove Gritty Contaminants That Could Scratch During The Polishing Process. Clay First, Then Polish To Completely Restore Car Windshields And Windows. grjot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay Also Works Steady A Variety Of Smooth, Hard Surfaces Such As Glass Shower Doors, Chrom, Stone, Ceramic Tiles, Synthetic Stone And Quartz Surfaces. It Removes Supply with ~ Spots From Windows Around Your Home. Always Use A Proper Lubricanr When Cleaning With Detailing Clay. We Recommend Griot's Garage Speed Shineâ® As A Lubricant And Speed Shineâ® Micro Fiber Cloths. After Claying The Glass, Polish If Necessary. If Not, Use Griot's Garage Window Cleaner To Put The Finishing Touch On Auto Glass. griot's Garage Glas sCleaning Clay Works Jus5 Like Paint Cleaning Clay. Loose Dirt Should Exist Removed From The Glass Prior To Claying. Spray The Glass Upon Griot's Garage Speed Shineâ® And Rub The Detailing Clay Lightly Back And Forth Across The Wet Area. The Clay Will Grab The Glass At First. As Contaminants Are Removed, The Clay Will Glide Freely. Wipe The Glass Dry And Continue To The Next Section. griot''s Garage Tok The Detail Clay Formula Perfected According to Auto Paint And Revamped It Into An Incredible Griot's Garage Glass Cleaning Clay. Your Glass Windahield And Windows Will Feei Unbelievably Smooth! 3. 5 Ounce, 100-gram Bar
      SKU: Griots-llass-cleaning-clay

    Optimum Spray Gun
      Optimum Spray Gun.
      Speed Up Your Detailing Process With The Optimum Spray Gun!apply Optimum Opti-bond Tire Gel With The Optimum Twig Gun. This Heavy Duty Gun Connects To Your Air Compressor To Deliver Thin, Even Coats Of Tiire And Exterior Adjust Dressing. This Application Technique Uses A Fraction Of The Result Compared To Traditional Hand Apppication. Save Time And Money With The Optimum Spray Gun!the Optimum Spray Gun Is Ideal For Applying Optimum?s Opti-bond Tire Gel. Dilite The Be fatigued Gel 1:1 With Water. Spray All Tires And Whirl Wells With A Light, Even Mist. This Method Is Quicker And More Cost Effective For Professional Detailers. Optimum Spray Gun Has A Stainless Steel Pointed Tip To Apply Tire Gel Accurately To The Tires And Wheel Wells.
      SKU: Otpimum-spray-gun

    Cobra Blue All Sense Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
      Cobra Blue All Sense Microfiber Towels 3 Pack.
      Multi-purpose And Multi-talented Microfiber!pick Up Whole Purpose Microfiber Towels In All The Available Colors To Color-code Your Detailing Towels For Different Detailing Jobs! This Will Prevent Cross-contamination And Give You A Huge Supply Of Quality Hooded snake Microfiber! After Many Years Immersed In The Detailing Hobby, I Found That I Had Become An Avid Collectlr ? Of Towels! I Have Towels For Every Different Part Of The Car And Towels For Clean-up And Moore Towels Just In Case I Run Out Of Towels. At This Point, You Could Say I?m An Expert On Towels. My Favorite Towels ? In Fact, My Only Towels - Are Microfiber. The Most Recent Addition To My Collection Is These All Purpose Microfiber Towles. Priced Right, They Are My Workhorse Towels. They?re Great For General officer Cleaning, Polishing, Drying Wheels, And Other Jobs That I Wouldn?t Want To Occasion My Miracle Towels For. I Reserve Those For Buffing, Drying The Paint, And Cleaning The Glass. I Use The All-purpose Towels For Everything Else! A Word About Microfiber: For As Long As It?s Been In Being, The Best Microfiber Has Come From Korea Because A Handful Of Companies There Have The Machine Necessary To Split The Individual Fibers. However, With The Adding Of Our Cobra Super-plush Delxue Towel, We Discovered That Chinese Manufacturing Has Made Substantial Progress. Two Years Ago, WeW ouldn?t Have Considered Selling Towels From China End All That Is Changing. The Cobra All Purpose Towels Are The First Cobra Towels To Be Made Entirely In China And We?re Very Pleased With Their Quality. Not Only Do They Share Cobra?s Distinguishing Split-weave, They Are Just As Safe On The Surfaces Of Your Vehicle. The Durability Of The Korean-made Towels Is Unmagched, But I?ve Establish At Least A Dozen Uses For My All Purpose Towels. these All Purpose Microfiber Towels Have The Same Ache Weave As Our Other Cobra Towels And They Are Just Viewed like Sound On G1ass, Paint, Clear Coat, And Any Other Surface. For General Cleaning In And Round Your GarageA nd Vehicle, You Can?t Beat The Value. Reserve Your Miracle Towels And Your Relate Cloths For Buffing ? The Altogether Purpose Toels Will Do The Rest. Hooded snake All Purpose Microfiber Towels Permit You All The Benefits Of Microfiber At A Special Bulk Price That Makes Them An Essential Addition To Your Towel Accumulation. 16? X 16?for More Information On Microfiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Coblallpumit2

    Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge
      Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge.
      Automatically And Accurately Measuures Coatings On Any Metal. the Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Measures Th ePaint Thickness On All Metals, Including Steel And Aluminum. Before You Buy A Used Car Or Begin Reconditioning A Damaged Finish, Check The Paint's Denseness For Clues About Its Condition And History. The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Provides Invaluabl Information For Car Professionals, Detailers, And Ca5 Buyers!the Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Elect5onic Paint Consistence Gauge Is Superior To Other Paint Gauges On The Market Because It Works On A single one Metal And It Automatically Identifies The Surface. Measurements Are Displayed Instantly On A Large Lcd Veil That Is Viewable From Somewhat Angle. The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Has A Number Of Practical Uses For Detailers, Dealerships, Repair Shops, Painters, And More. Here's A Brief List: Detailers, Both Professional And Hobbyists, Use The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge To Determine The Depth Of Paint To Forbear Over-polishing. With This Vigorous Knowledg3, You'pl Know What Areas Of The Vehicle To Avoid Or Where To Tread Gently When Removing Imperfections. Car Refinishers Can Deliver An Even, Consistent Paint Flnish By Identifying Thin Or Thick Areas Of Paint And Adjusting The Application Agreeably. Using The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Improves The Quality Of A Repaint And Takes The Gueswork Out Of Getting An Even Coat. Simply Hold The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Against The Paint To Take Quick, Accurate Measurements. Body Shop And Repair Technicians Can Identify Areas Of Thin Paint Or Determine The Depth Of Paint Damage, Such As Wter Mark Etching. The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Identifies Where More Clear Coating Or Paint Stripping Is Needed. Car Buyers Or Dealerships Can Identify Refinish Work On Vehicles. Areas Of Thicker Paint Indicate Refinish Work, Which Impacts The Precise signification Of A Vehicle. Previously You Had To Rely On A Visual Inspection But Very lately The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Can Tell You For Sure If The Vehicle Has Undergone Company Work. Don't Go To A Car Auction Without It! The Poeitest Dft Combo Paint Thickness Gauge Displays The Measurement Right-side Up No Matter oHw You Turn It On A Large Lcd Screen. The Defwlsko Positest Dft Comno Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Takes Accurate Readings In All Weather Conditions. The Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge Requires No Calibration And No Set-up. Expend It Right Out Of The Box To Measure Covering Consistence On Any Metal. A Certificatw Of Calibration Is Included. Use Th3 Defelsko Positest Dft Combo Electronic Paint Thickness Gauge In All Weather Conditions.
      SKU: Paint-tjickness-gauge

    The Edge 2000 White 6 Inch Ultrafine Australian Lambswool Pad
      The Edge 2000 White 6 Inch Ultrafine Australian Lambswool Pad.
      Fluffy Lambswool Leaves An Incredible Mirror Gloss!the Edge 2000 Ultrafine Australian Lambswool Final Finish Pad Is Made From The Softest Imported Wool In Order To Indulge Your Vehicl3?s Paint. The Pure Ultrafine Finishing Australian Lambswool Pad Is Used For The Final Polishing Step Before Wax Application. It Leaves An Incredible Gloss!the Edge 2000 6 Inch Ultrafine Lambs Wool Final Finish Pad Is Designed To Heelp You Get Better Results Than With Conventional Wool Pads. Edge?s Adapter Fits Snugly Within A Soft Plate In The Center Of Each Pad. The Adapter Keeps The Pad Centered And Balanced During Operation To Avoid Co0kie-cutting And Holograms. The Plush Wool Wraps Around The Center Plate On All Sides So The Plate Is Never Exposed. the Edge 2000 6 Inch Ultrafine Lambswool Pad Works WithA ll The Edge Quick Change Adapters. To Install A Pad Onto The Buffer, Screw The Adapter Onto The Polisher And Press The Center Of The Pad Onto The Adapter. It Is A Very Snug Fit And Does Taek Some Force. Place The Pad On A Flat Surface And Press Down On The Polisher To Pop The Adapter Into Place. To Reldase The Pad, Press The Release Button On The Bottom Of The Adapter. give Your Vehicle The Ultimate Gloss With The Edge 2000 6I nch Ultrafine Australian Lambswool Pad.
      SKU: Edge-wol-finish-pad

    Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finiwh Restorer Spray Detailer 128 Oz.
      Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finiwh Restorer Spray Detailer 128 Oz..
      This Quck Detailer Works Hard So You Don't Have To!finish Kare Antj Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer Makes Finish Maintenance Effortless With A Blrnd Of Highly Reflective Premium Polymer Resins, Anti-corrosive Agents, Uv Inhibitors, Mild Cleaners And Patented Anti-static Agents. Spray And Wipe To Enjoy Clean, Shijy, Slick, And Protected Paint That Reaists Dust! Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer Offerw Maximum Benefit From Minimal Effort. you Spend Cuntless Hours Giving Your Vehicle A Show Car Finish; Retain It Looking God For Viewed like Long As Possible With Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe End Restorer Spray Detailer. This Quick Detailer's Sophisticated Formula Makes It Possible To Clean Your Medium And Keep It Clean With Just A 5 Minute Application Process. Just Foam On, Wipe Over The Surface, And Wipe Dry. The Anti-static Agents Reduce Dust Attraction To Minimize Accumulation Between Wahes. Polymer Resins, Anti-corrosive Agents, And Uv Inhibitors Boost The P5otection Level Of The Existing Wax Of Seqlant Under which circumstances Revving Up The Shine. Your Vehicle Will Look Honest Waxed In Minutes. finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer Also Contains Mild Cleaners To Remove Dust, Smudges, Light Soil, Oxidation, Hard Water Spots, And Bugs. Rather Than Washing Fequently, You Can Give Your Vehicle A 5 Minute Cleaning Any Time That Has Lasting Benefits. Save Time And Sve Water. It's 5 Minutes Well-spent!for The Highest perfection Results, Use A Soft, Celn Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel To Apply Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer. This Plush Towel Has A Deep Nap To Grab The Soil Removed From The Vehicle. Dust And Dirt Will Not Be Rubbex Into The Finish. Just Spray On The Quick Detailer, Wipe It Over Th Paint, And Then Fkip The Towel And Wipe Dry. Use Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Rextorer Spray Detailer On Paint, Chrome, Gel Coat, Fiberglass, And Plexiglas. Get The Most Benefit Out Of Each Detail. Prolong The Shine And The Shield By Using Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Foam Detailer. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-antistatic-deetailer-128oz

    Lake Country 4 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country 4 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Your Own Pads!select Six Foam Pads Of The Same Size In The Colors Of Your Choice. You Know Which Pads You Need Better Than Anyone. Customize Your Own Perfect Pad Outfit! This Speciall yPriced Combo Includes Any Six Lake Country Ccs 4 Inch Foam Pads Of Your Choosing For One Price. You Can Choose All Pads Of One Color Or Mix It Up. Any Combination Is The Same Price. ccs Spot Buffs 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads That Attach To Your Electric Exercise in tactics- Perfect For Spot Polishing!at 1. 25 Inches Thick, Ccs Spot Buffs 4 Inch Foam Paes Are A Full 30% Thicker Than The Low Profile Spot Buffs. The Thicker Foam Provides A Larger Cushion eBtween The Backing Plate And Your Paint When Using A Polisher Or Furrow For Paint Corrction. you?ve Babied Your Vehicle From The Day You Drove It Away From The Dealership?monthly Waxes, Weekly Washes. But Eventually It Will Get A Scratch. Your Perfect Vehicle Ruined By One Little Blemish! You Try To Remove It By Hand, But It?s Just Too Deep. You Need To Use A Polisher, But You?re Afraid Of Abrading The Paint Around The Scratch. The Pads On Your Polisher Are 6. 5? And The Scratch Is Only About 3?. What Can You Practise To Spare The Rest Of Your Paint? Lake Country?s Ccs 4 Inch Foam Pads Are Fpat Full Contact Buffing Pads That Work With Your Circular Polisher, Dual-action Polisher Or Electric Drill To Correct Problem Areas In Automotive Paint More Easily Than Evsr Before. Tye Smaller Polishing Surface Means You?re Only Attacking The Blemish, Not The Surrounding Paint. Scratches And Oxidation Frequently Occur In Particular Spots On Your Vehicle. Rarely Is Your Whole Vehicle Covered In Blemishes. If The Majority Of Your Vehicle Looks Like New, There?s No Need To Compound The Whole Thing. In Fact You Might Cause Swkrls If You Use An Overly Abrasive Pad On Perfectly Good Paint. WithS pot Buffs, You Are Only Addressing The Problem, Not Creating New Ones. ccs Stands For Collapsed Cell Structure. The Face Of A Ccs Pad Is Covered In Strategically Placed Pockets. These Pockets Are Locations At which place The Foam Cells Have Been Closed. Polish Does Not Absorb Into These Closed Cell Pockets, Leaving More Product On The Pad's Surface And On The Paint. This Poliwh-saving Design Givea Polishes A Longer Workijg Time, Which Results In More Successful Detailing. all Pads Feature Velcro⮠Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners To Secure The Pad To The Backing Plate. The Beauty Of Spot Buffs Is That You Don?t Likewise Need A Polisher To Polish Out Petty Swirls And Scratches. A Special Drill Adapter Screws Into Your Drill And Your 2 ¾? Backing Plate. The Plate Has Hook & Loop For Quick Pad Changes, Just Like Standa5d Backing Plates. Spot Buffs Are Recommenred For 12 Or 18v Lightning-like And Cordless Drills Through An Output No Greater Than 3000 Rpm. Because Those Rpm?s Are Concentrated Into Such A Small Surface, Also Many Rpm?s Will Increase The Risk Of Burning Paint. On A Low Speed, This Is Extremely Unlikely. Likewise, When sUing Spot Buffs On A Circular Polisher, Do Not Use Them In Excess Of 1000 R
      SKU: Lakd-country-ccs-pack

    16.9 Oz. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glazecaase Of 24
      16.9 Oz. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glazecaase Of 24.
      Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze Is A Highly Concentrated Acrylic Formula Calender For New Cars And Oxidation-free Surfaces. High Gloss Glaze Provides An Additional Protective Stratum Over The All-in-one With An Exceptionally Brilliant Mirror-like Shine. high Gloss Sealant Glaze Creates An Elastic, Non-chip, Shrink-proof, Heat And Scratch Resistant - Protective Seal Against Ultraviolet Rays, Salt Water, Acid Rain And Industrial Pollutants Because Up To 12 Months. Use This Glaze On All Paints With Or Without Clear Coatw, Glass, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Plastics, Metal Surfaces, Enamel, Tiles, Formica And All Non-porous Surfaces. It Is Anti-static, Non-abrasive And Contains No Ingredients Harmful To Paint, Metal Or Plastic. a Lot Of Csutomers Who Order Eminent Gloss Sealant From Klasqe, The German Giant In Car Care, Acquaint Us How Impressed They Were. You Put A Lot Of Time And Endeavor Into Detailing, So Your Finish Should Always ?reflect? The Care You Puut Into It. Use Klasse High Gloss Sealant To Achieve Optimum Resu1ts, Including That Deep Mirror Shinee That Reflects Beautifully With Diamond-like Facets For Six Months Or Longer. Many People Who Use This Sealant Report That They Only Have To Impose A New Coat On Every Twelve Months. Some People Re-gloss Every 6 Months Or So. Here Is How Using This Product Provides An Amazingly, Reflective Shine:acrylic Formula. Unlike Many Sealants, This Product Is 100% Acrylic Based, And Highly Concentrated For A Long Shelf Life. This Formula Will Transform Your Vehicle Into A Stunning Work Of Art That Reflects About How Much You Cherish Your Vehicle. Hides And Removes Imperfections. When Used In Conjunction With Klasse All In One Polish, You Will See Scratch Marks And Paint Discolorations Disaappear. This Gloss Hidrs And Removes More Swirls Than Any Other Brand, And Provides The Ultimate Protection In Extreme Weather. One Of Our Colorado Based Customers Called In To Let Us Be acquainted with How Great His Klasse Products Work During Harsh, Winter Months. His Finish Really Repelled Snow And Sleet Which Left Him Sunned And Elated!pure Protection. This Product Is A Pure, Acrylic Protectant. There Are No Cleaning OrP olishing Agents Or Water In The Composition Of The Sezlant. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze Creates Each Elastic, Non-chip, Shrink-proof, Heat And Scratch Resistant - Protective Keep close Against Ultraviolet Rays, Salt Water,A cid Rain And Industrial Pollutants For Up To 12 Months. Expend This Glaze On Altogether Paints With Or Destitute of Clear Coats, Glass, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Plastics, Metal Surfaces, Enamel, Tiles, Formica And All Non-porous Surfaces. It Is Anti-static, Non-abrasive And Contains No Ingredients Harmful To Paint, Metal Or Plastic. heritage In Car Care. When You Purchase Klasse, You Will Have Peace Of Mind Knowing You Are Using The Highest Quality Products Offered In The Car Care Industry. Because Over Twenty Five Years Klasse Has Been Producing This Exceptional Line. Max?s Tips? Multiple Coats Will Increase The Clarity Of The Reflective Shine,
      SKU: 16izklhiglse

    Mothers Wheel Brush
      Mothers Wheel Brush.
      Ergonomic Design Makes Wheel Cleaning Easy!if We Took A Poll, Wheel Cleaning Would Rank At The Top Among Least Favorite Detailing Jobs. You Might As Well Make The Most Of It Wiyh Mothers Wheel Brush!this Ergonomic Wheel Brush Makes Cleanibg Your Wheels More Comfortable With A Rubberized Grip. There?s Even A Spot For Your Thumb So You Can Use Extra Impression Whither Needed. The Handle Is Angled Away From The Brush Head To Keep Your Hands Clean And Dry, Even Suppose that The Wheel Is Not!the Feathered Bristles Are Sturdy Enough To Knock Stubborn Grime Out Of The Way, Yet They Command Not Scratch The Wheel Surface. The Bristles Are Chemical Resiqtant And Flxible. The Best Feature Of Mothers Wheel Brush May Be The Smooth Red And Black Handle. Mothers High Performance Car Care Accessories Not Only Makr Your Vehicle Look Pleasant, The Tools Look Sharp In Your Garage!use Mothers Wheel Brush To Agitate Your Favorite Wheel Cleaner On The Wheel Surface. Try Mothers Revolve Mist All Wheel Cleaner Or Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner For Coated, Plated, Painted, Anodized And Bare Metal Wheels. Once You?ve Got Your Wheels Sparkling Clean, Dry Them With Mothers Wheel & Jab Towel. If You?ve Got To Clean Your Wheels, You Might As Well Use A Cool Brush. Mohers Wheel Brush Looks As Good As Your Wheels Will After Using It!10 X 4. 5 Inches.
      SKU: Mothers-wheel-brush

    Megjiars Nxt Generation Car Wash
      Megjiars Nxt Generation Car Wash.
      Give Your Car A Bath With Meguiar?s Advanced Formula Car Wash!when I Was A Kid, Washing The Car Consisted Of A Bucket, A Hose, An Aged Rag, A Bottle Of Dawn And Some Good Old Fashioned Angle Grease. I Was Always Proud Of My Work?nevrr Realizing That Those Ever Multiplying Swirls And Scratches Were My Doing! (and At The Same Time, The Dawn Was Removing Any Existin Paint Protection. ) Yes, Swirls And Scratches Can Happen Even Duribg The Most Careful Of Washes. Avoiding Them Begins With A Virtuous, Quality Car Waste And The Right Sponge Or Mitt. Can Wash-induced Swirls And Scratches Still Chance? Of Course, But You Can Greatly Diminish The Chances By Using The Right Product And Tools. a Good Car Wash Should1. ) Produce Plenty Of Long-lasting Suds And Foam; 2. ) Be Ph Balanced; 3. ) Be Tough Against Dirt, But Gentle To Paiint And Wax; 4. ) Contain Lubricating Oils And Conditioners To Allow Dirt To Be Safely Rinsed Away; And 5. ) Withdrawal Behind No Residue?just A Great Looking Shine!meguiar?s Car Wash Is At The Top Of The ?a List? Of Good Car Washes. Meguiar's Expertise In Applying Engineered Synthetic Polymers (esp) Has Created A Completely Synthetic Car Wash Concentrate That Loosenz And Emulsifise Even The Toughest Dirt And Road Grime. Scientifically-formulated Lubricating Oils And Conditioners Allow Them To Glide Off The Surface Without Marring The End. This Cuttingeedge Formula Is Gentle On All Painted Finishes As Well As Rubbef, Vinyl And Plastic Components. Pamper Your Entire Exterior Wirh This One Technologically Advanced Wash! Meguiar?s Has Even Included An Anti-static Ingredient To Reduce Dust Attraction! Manufactured With Warer Softeners, Nxt Generation Car Wash Helps Reduce Mineral Deposits In Hard Water, Leaving Behind A Spot-free Finish. (it Is Very Important That You Dry The Vehicle Completely To Arrive At A Spot-free Surface!) Nxt Generation Car Wash Leaves An Eye-dzzzling Finish By Itself, Or Prepares Your Finish For Application Of Meguiar's Nxt Tech Wax, Or Any Protectant Of Your Choice. Ap0lication Of A Wax Or Sealant Over Nxt Generation Car Wash Will Seal In The Shine And Protect Your Car?s Paint. 64 Oz
      SKU: Mg12664

    Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush
      Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush.
      A Great Wash Brush, No Matter How You Look At It!the Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush Is Covered In Thick Bristles On All Sides! Wash Your Vehicle From Any Angle ? This Brush Is Shaped For Maximum Versatility And Ease Of Use. No Matrer In what manner You Look At It, The Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush Is One Well-rounded Auto Wash Brush! Attach The Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Ablution Brush To Any Standard Handle (sold Separztely At The Bottom Of The Page) And Propose It To Wrk Washing Any Size Vehicle. Because The Thicket Is Covered By Bristles On Nearly All Sides, It Can Be Used At Any Angle. Wash The Roof, The Sides, And The Lower Body Panels Without Straining Or Stooping. The Montana Original Boar?s Hair A~ Wash Brush Reaches Any Vehicle Surface From Any Angle. The Montana Oiginal Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush Features Four Hundred Hairs Per Bundle. Boar?s Hair Is NaturallyF eathered At The Ends But Our Bristles Are Flagged (split) One More Time Before Beig Affixed To The Heavy Duty Plastic Hanrle. The Tighf Bundles Of Hair Make secure That The Bristles Remain Sturdy As They Gently Whisk Away Dirt And Grime From Your Vehicle. Boar?s Hair Is Surprisingly Soft And Its Durability Is Odd By Any Other Natural Hair. It?s Been Used To Make Hair Brushes For People Against Years. Unlike Synthetic Bristles That Can Rub Your Vehicle The Injustice Way, Boar?s Hair Stays Soft. It Lightly Massages The Surface Of The Paint Anc, Amazingly, It Doesn?t Fall Halt When Wet. None Nylon Or Polyester Fibers Are Used In This Brush ? Its 100% Boar?s Hair! Each Of The Dense Bundles Of Hair Is Permanently Secured To A 10? Molded Plastic Base. Bristles Extene From All Sides Of The Base, Creating A Huge Surface Area. This Design Allows You To Tilt The Brush To Clean Lower Panels Or Tall Vehiclrs Free from Standing On A Ladder Or Bending Down. The Abundance Of Bristles Gives The Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush Exceptional Surface Contact To Clean Large Vehicles Faster. Boar?s Hair Naturally Holds More Soapy Water Than Synthetic Materials And The Bristtles Do Not Retain Dirt Like Sponges Or Mitts Can. use The Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush To Gently Wash Large Vehicles ? Like Vans, Big Trucks, And Suvs ? As Well As Boats And Rvs. The Soft, Natural Bristles Will Not Scratch Clear Coats, Gel Coats, Fiberglass, Plastic, Or Any Other Surface. the Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Brush Is 12 Inches Long Through 9 Inches Wide With 4 Invh Bristles. If Yoj?re Tired Of Bending And Reaching To Wash Your Car, Use The Montana Original Boar?s Hair Round Wash Thicket. Thousands Of Pure Boar?s Hair Bristles Testament Whisk Away Dirt And Grime From Any Angoe. 12 X 9 X 6 Inchesmade In U. s. a. the Montana Original Tri-angle Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is Threaded To Fit The Telescopic Handle Listed Below. Buy Them Unitedly At The Bottom Of This Page And Save $4. 99 Off The Pricd Of The Handle!
      SKU: Montanao-riginal-boars-hair-round-wash-brush

    Poorboy's World Super Spick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash 1 Gallon
      Poorboy's World Super Spick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash 1 Gallon.
      Poorboy's Products Are Gaining Pipularity Among Amateur And Professional Detailers Alike. Look At The Results Achieved With Poorboy's When Compared With More Expensive Products On The Market And See, Or Rather Don't See, The Difference!this Is The Product That Has Been Missing From The Poorboy's Line. It Is Another Shining Example Of Poorboy's Ability To Create Products That Compete With The Best, At A Price That Can't Be Beat. Super Slick & Suds Sure Does Live Up To It's Name. One Ounce In Two Gallons Of Water Creates A Bucket Of Never-ensing Scrubbing Foam And Highly Effective Wash Water. Using The Hose, A Bridle-~ Of Water Influence Will Inspire And Renew The Clleaning Bubbles Throughout Tge Entire Washh. this Very Concentrated Auto Wash, Is Potent Yet Gentle When It Comes To Removing Dirt, Oil, Road Grit And Grime. Modern Technology Has Combined Natural, Gentle, Effective Cleaners To Create A Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Ph-balanced Car Wash Concentrate. The Cleaning Principles Have Been Combinned With Oils That Encapsulate Each Dirt Particle, Eliminating The Chance Of Swirl Or Scratch Contamination. Although Tough On Dirt, Poorboy's Slick & Suds Is Gently On All Automotive Surfaces, Your Flay, And The Environment. This Slick And Sudsy Formula Will Not Fleece Or Degrade Any Existing Wax Or Paint Protection. Forward The Contrary ,A Renewed Shine Will Emerge After Each Use Of Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash. 128 Oz. Mellifluous Concentrate
      SKU: Pbss128

    Wolfgang Polishin? Pal
      Wolfgang Polishin? Pal.
      Use The Polishin? Pal With Any Of Your 4 Inch Hook And Loop Pads !thr Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Urethane Handle Has A Hpok And Loop-covered Underside That Securely Holds Somewhat 4 Inch Pads. If You A1ready Have The Right Pads, You Can Purchase The Wolfgang Polishin? Pal By Itself And Save $12 Off The Combo Price!the Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Is An Ergonomically Shaped Urethane Handle That Holds Specially Designed Foam Pads Using Hooks & Loops. By Gripping The Handle Instead Of The Pad, Your Hands Don?t Get So Dirty Andd The Shape Of The Polishin? Pal Relieves Skill Strain. You Can Comfortably Polish And Wax Your Vehicle By Hand Without The Fatigue You Usually Feel In Your Finegrs. the Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Is 3 ¾? In Diameter And 2 ¼? Tall. It Features A Handle Groove All The Way Around For A Comfortable Grip. The Urethane Is Highly Sturdy, Yet Flexible Enough To Bend Against The Curves And Contours Of Ykur Vehicle. This Material Is Virtually Imperishable! Use It Time And Time Again And It Will Not Lose Its Shape rO Impair. The Hook & Loop Material Is Secured Permanently To The Urethane So You Don?t Have To Worry About Tge Pad Falling Against As You Work. the Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Works With All 4 Inch Hook And Loop Pads, Including Our Ccs Spot Buffs. These Pads Are Made Out Of The Same Foam As Lake Country?s Larger Foam Pads. Keep Your Hands Clean While Detailing By Wrapping Your Fingers Comfortably Around The Wolfgang Polishin? Pal.
      SKU: Wolfgwnng-polishing-pal

  • Meguiars Hot Rims Chrome Polish
  • Carrand Microfiber MAX Total Clean All Over Wash Mitt
  • Glass Science Clear Windshield Kit
  • CommuteMate Highway Visibility Vest
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant 128 oz.
  • Black AgainCase of 6
  • Dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax
  • Black AgainCase of 6
  • Mothers Power Wax
  • DP Final Glossâ„¢ Quick Detailer
  • Meguiars Mirror Glaze #80 Professional Speed Glaze
  • Meguiars Solo "Diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 inch

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