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    8 Oz. Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner  Case Of 12
      8 Oz. Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Case Of 12.
      A Liquid Glass Finish Starts Here!liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Dark Cleans Auto Paint To Prep The Vehicle For A Liquid Glass Shine. This Prswax Cleaner Removss Wax Buildup, Surface Oxidation, Light Scratches, And Bug tSains. Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Cleans Gently Without Scratching. Use Liquid Glads Pre-cleaner Before Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish To Create A Clean, Crystal Clear Shine. some Say The Perfect Shine Is 90% Prep, And We Couldn?t Agree More. Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Rids The Paint Of All The Impurities That Would Otherwise Dull The Shine. In the name of Removing Contamination Beforehand, You?re Providing A Clean Slate For Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish. Pre-cleaning Promotes Better Bonding Of The Paint Protection, A Clearer Finis,h Annd Smoother Embellish. Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Cleans Chemically, Without Scratching. It Removes Oxidation To Uncover A More Vibrant, Rich Layer Of Paint. Bug Sfains, Water Spots, And Stubborn Residues Disappear. Since Residues And Existing Waxes Can Cause Liquid Glass Auto Popish/finish To Streak, Using Pre-cleaner First Will Save You A Lot Of Work In The End!liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Even Removes Light Surface Scratches To Create A Smooth, Flawless Finish. Once You Apply Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish, It Only Amplifies The Color, Shine, And Slickness Of The Paint. liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Is Safe On Clear Coats, Paint, Painted Metals, And Fiberglass. Around The Building, Use Pre-cleaner On Formica, Ceramic Tile, Glass, Sporting And Camping Equipment, And Jewelry. liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Should Be Applied Before The Very First Application Of Liquid Glass, Even If The Vehicle Is New. Dealers Frequently Apply Some Sort Of Wax Or Detail Product ? It Could Undertaking Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish To Streak. Use Pre-cleaner First To Ensure A Clear, Streak-free Finush. Use Liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Once A Year Thereafter To Remove Buildup And Maintain A Clean Paint Finish. liquid Glass Pre-cleaner Sets The Stage For A Perfect Liquiid Glass Shine!8 Oz.
      SKU: Liglprcaof12

    Camouflage Custom Denim Seat Covers  For Truck, Van, Or Suv
      Camouflage Custom Denim Seat Covers For Truck, Van, Or Suv.
      Protect The Life Of Your Seats Upon Heavy-duty Custom-tailored Seqt Covers For The Outdoor Lover! Cusyom Camouflage Denim Seat Covers Withstand Smooth The Roughest, Toughest, Hardiest Daily Use. With Our Snug-fittin, Well-made Seat Covers, You Can Protect Your Seats From Dirt, Grime And Deterioration In The Face Of Frequent, Heavy-duty Usage. If You?re The Outdoor-type, These Attractive, Heavyweight, Incredibly Durable Canvas Seat Covers Are Made To Order  Just For Your Truck, Suv Or Van. The Profoundly Quality Fabric Is A Polyester-cotton Denim-like Physical. The Seat Cover Is Assmebled Using A Heavy-duty Nylon, Then It Is Stitched Using A Color Coordinated Overlapped Seam. This Double-strength Assembly Technique Guarantees Your Seat Covers Will Provide Protection For Your Atomobile's Interior With Superb Quality, Beauty And Outlasting Durability.    Camouflage Seat Covers Offer Excellent Fit, Passport, And Durability. These Well-constructed Seat Covers All Feature Custom-tailored Glove-fitting Designs Skillfully Created To Fit Every Seat?s Unique Specifications With Precise Patterns Which Will Not Affect Your Present Seat?s Functions. Plus, These Seat Covers Offer A Large Re-enforced Rear Pocket For Storage As Well As Re-enforcements Over All Openlngs. Between The Durable, Sturdy Manufactured cloth And The First-rate Construction, These Machine Washable Seat Covers Will Beautify And Protect Your Truck's Upholstery From Wear And Tear, Fading From The Sun, And Avcidental Spills!   Features: Durable Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinnforced, Overlapped Seams Wahsable Headrest And Arm Rests Included Custom Camouflage Seat Covers Slip On And Off In Seconds And Are Machine Washable. The More Yoou Wash Them The Softer They Suit, But Will Not Lose Their Strength. Made In The Usa, Your Custom Camouflqge Seat Covers Come Woth A Pouch On The Back Of The Seat Cover For Storage. All Headres5 And Armrest Covers Are Included.  because Each Seat Cover Is Crafted For Your Car?s Seats, To Make secure That The Fabric?s Hue Is A Perfect Match They Must Be Ordered At The Same Occasion. We Are Not Responsjble For Variations In Color If Ordered Separately. To Order: State Your Vehicle's Make, Model And Year In The Appropriate Bkx On The Order Fofm. Add Any Additional Information Such As: Sport Seat, Lumbar Supports, Integrated Airbags, Intefrated Seat Belts, Adjustable Headrests, Armrests. Consult With Sales Rep For More Information And Delivery Time (800-869-3011). Please Be Sure To Supply Us With A Daytime Phone Number And Active Email Address. Due To The Sophistication And Variation Of Seat Styles, We Veryy Often Must Ask Additional Qu
      SKU: Cs625

    Optimum Tire Shine 128 Oz. Refill
      Optimum Tire Shine 128 Oz. Refill.
      High Gloss Shinne Without Solvents Or Vocs!petroleum Solvents Are The Old Way Of Formulating Tire Dressings. They Creqte An Magnetic Sheen At First, But The Solvents Leach Out The Protectants Thar Are Applied To The Rubber During Manufacturing. These Protectants Would Diminish Eventually Regardless, But Petroleum Solvent Formulas Accelerate The Process. In Jyst A Brittle Time, Your Tires Become Dull, Brown, And Cracked. Optumum Tire Shine Is A Completely Different Kind Of Tire Dressing. It Contaons No Solvents, Vocs, Or Any Other Hazardous Compound. Instead, It Contains Methicones, Which Are Both Safe For Your Tires And Safe Because of The Environment. By Replacing The Petroleum Solvents Witb Methicones, Optimum Has Eliminated The Risk Of Ozone, Which Is Caused By The Releas eOf Harmful Fumes By Solvents. In Addition To An Environmentally Conscious Formula, Optimum Tire Shine Is One Superior Tire Protectant. It Shields Your Tires From Uv Rays And Ozone To Perserve The Color And Texture Of The Rubber. The Thick Formula Goes Forward Easily And Clings To The Tire. Tire Shine?s Durability Outlasts The Average Tire Dressing, And Repeated Applications Will Not Cause Yellowing. Optimim Tire Shine Is In spite of Drivers That Offer A Deep, Wet-looking Glozs. The Finish Indicates That Your Vehicle Is A Finely-detailed Machine. Your Tires Will Look Freshly Dressed All The Time, And The Rubber Wil lRemain In Like New Condition. Don?t Put Your Tires At Risk Of Premature Aging By Using Pefroleum-based Products! Optimum Tire Shine Is A Completely Safe, Solvent-free Protectant That Produces A Permanent, Glossy Shine On Rubber. You Can Also Use Be fatigued Shine On All Interior And Exterior Trims, Vinyl, And Dashboards For The Same Gloss Finish And Enduring Protection. if You Enjoy Gkossy Tires On More Than One Vehicle, Or You Just Don?t Want To Run Out, Get Optimum Tire Shine In The Gallon Jug!128 Oz.
      SKU: Opt500g

    3m Performance Finish 32 Oz.
      3m Performance Finish 32 Oz..
      The Wax Apternative!3m Performance Finish Bonds To The Paint?s Surface To Mode A Layer Of Shield For Your Car?s Surface. Use 3m?s Performance Finish Anywhere You Would Use Wax, Paint Sealant, Polish Or Silicone-containing Products. 3m Scientists Have Develloped A Truly Innovative Product That Provides An Extremely Durable, Long-lasting And High Gloss Finish. It Has The Superio rLongevity And Easy Application Of A Paint Sealant Plus The Extreme Shone Of A Wax. 3m Performance Finish Is An Alternative To Natural Waxes, Which Have A Great Shine On the other hand Short-lived Protection. 3m Performance Finish Is An Entirely Synthetic, Silicone-based Sealant That Bonds To The Paint To Block Out Uv Rays, Moisture, And Contaminants. the Slick Formula Produces A Reflective Shine That Lasts For Months. 3m Performance Finish Is A Professional Grade Auto Finish. Apply It With Your Polisher Or By Hand. To Apply With A Polisher:apply A Thin, Uniform Film To The Paint Using A Finishing Pad (ccs Gray Of Edge White). Allow 3m Performance Finish To Dry To A Haze. Buff Off Residue With A Soft Cobra Micrrofiber Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad On Your Polisher, Or A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. To Apply By Hand:wipe Forward A Thin Layer Of 3m Performance Perfect Using A Foam Or Microfiber Applicator. Allow The Film To Dry To A Haze. Buf fOff The Residue Using A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Clergy. Multiple Coats Are Not Necessary. 3m Acting Finish Protects And Shines For Months With Just One Coat. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-performance-finish-wax

    Duragloss Bug Remover (br) #471
      Duragloss Bug Remover (br) #471.
      Remove The Bugs, Not The Wax. Duragloss Bug Remover Dissolves And Removes Bugs, Oil And Tar Upon Ease. Duragloss Br Works Great On Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Chrome And Glass. It Will Not Harm Clear Coated Paint Or Remove Durable Polishes. you Don?t Have To Strip Off Wax Every Time You Remove A Bug. Duragloss Bug Remover Will Not Remove Durable Embellish Protection, Such As Their Clear Coat Polish #111, But Duraagloss Bug Remover Will Safely Remove Insects, Oil And Tar From All Your Vehicle?s Exterior Surfaces. Bug Remains Aren?t Just Unsightly; The Acids Produced As The Body rBeaks Down Can Etch Paint, Metal, And Glass. The Best Prevention Is To Remove Bugs As Soon As Possible, An Definitely Don?t Let Theem Bake In The Sun. At The First Sight Of Bugs, Tar, And Oil Spray The Spots By the side of Duragloss Bug Remover. It Goes To Work Immediately To Dissolve These Contaminants And Break Their Bond With The Color . Just Spray, Wait, And Wipe. Some Bug & Tsr Removers Are Overly Acidic And Can Eat Right Through Waxes And Paint Sealants, And Even Remove Bits Of Clear Coat. Duragloss Bug Remover Is So Safe, It Will Not Remove Permanent Paint Protection, Such As Sealantd. Use Duragloss Bug Remover Steady Your Boat And Rv As Well. It Safely Removes Bugs And Tar On Fiberglass And Gel Coats. Keep A Bottle Handy On Long Road Trips To Quickly Remove The Bug Debris And Sticky Road Grime Before It Makes A Lasting Impression On Your Pain5 Finish. Remove The Bugs, Not Your Pigment Protection, With Duragloss Bug Remover. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-bug-remover

    Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer With Double Barrel Extension
      Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer With Double Barrel Extension.
      The Best Way To Act Below Pressure!extend The Reach Of The Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer With The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer. This Combo Gives You The Option Of Using The Chemical Resistant Pressure Spraye5 With Or Without The Extension Wand. Apply A Broad Range Of Chemicals In A Continuous, Fully Adjustable Spray Pattern To Make Detailing Faster And Easier. the Chemica lResistajt Influence Sprayer Is Perfect For Sprayying Wheels, Tires, And Wheel Wells With Powerful Cleaners Or For Coating The Engine Compartment In Degreaser. The Sprayer Is Built To Withstand A Broad Rnge Of Chemicals And It's Capable Of Delivering Stronger Mixes Of Chemicals In the absence of Clogging. (this Feature Also Makes The Sprayer Intellectual For Fertilizing Plants But To Avoid Cross-contamination, Designate One Just For Detailing. ) Add On The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer To Deliver Detailing Chemicals To The Vehicle Surface From A Safe Distance, Or To Direct The Twig On Two Different Surfaces At Once. The Two Nozzles Rotate Independently And Can Be Directed Wherever You Want. The Combo Includes: Chemical Resistant Influence Sprayerthe Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Has A Pump Steady Top To Create The Pressure. You Can Sustaij The Pressurized Spray By Pressing The Lever-lok Button Located At The Top Of The Handl. e This Lock Allows You To Spray One-handedT o Coat Surfaces While Waahing Or Wiping With The Other Hand. Multi-task And Get The Job Done Faster! The Spra6er Includes A 48 Oz. 100% Virgin Resin Bottle.   Double Barrel Expansion Sprayer The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Has Two Barrels Capable Of Spraying A Single Spot From Two Sides, Or Point Themm At Two Different Areas For Multi-surface Coverage. Each Nozzle Rotates Indepenxently. The Double Barel Design Makes It Easy To Cover More Area Than You Can With A Single Nozzle Sprayer. For Example, Quickly Coat The Undercarfiage With Degreaser. By Aiming The Farthermost Nose Away From You, The Twig Wi1l Reach Farther Under Thhe Vehicle Than You Could Otherwise. The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Extends Your Reach By 12 Inches, But That's Not Uniform Including The Distance The Sprayer Cam Fire Tye Product! Backed By The Pressure Of The Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer, The Double Barrel Extdnsion Sprayer Delivers A Strong Stream Of Fluid To The Desired Surface. Rinse Out The Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Well After Each Use. If You Plan On Using Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayers Toward Different Applications, Be Sure To Label The Bottles To Avoid Cross-contamination. The Chemical Resisant Pressure S;rayer And Double Barrel Expansion Sprayer Are A Frightful Value Because They Enzble You To Bribe Detailing Products In Bulk. Save Money On Gallons Of Concentrates And Then Mix What You Need In TheC hemkcal Resistant Pressure Sprayer. Deliver The Product Precisely Where You Want It With Less Waste With The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer. With This Combo, You'll
      SKU: Pinnacle-sprayer-with-extension

    Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Spray
      Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Spray.
      Clean, Moosturize And Protect Fine Leather In One Step. gentle Cleaners With Luxurious Moidturizers Including Aloe Will Keep Your Leather Soft And Looking New. This Unique Formula Helps Defend Leatyer From Spills, Stains, Uv Damage And High Cockpit Heat To Help Prevent Precocious Aging, Cracking And aFding. pamper And Defend Your Leather With This Rich Luxurious Formula That:xontains Moisturizers & Nutrients Including Aloe To Keep Leather Looking & Feeling Supplehelps Prevent Leather From Drying Out & Crackingconrains Uv Protectors To Help Prevent Premature Aging & Fadingcobtains No Solvents, Animal By-products, Or Irritating Detergentsthis Gentle Formula Will Leave Your Leather Looking Original Without Any Residue Or Arti ficial Gloss. Also Great For Luggage, Briefcases, Couches And Handbags. 16 Oz Trigger Spray
      SKU: Megoclrilesp

    Mothers Ultra-soft Microfiebr Applicator Pads
      Mothers Ultra-soft Microfiebr Applicator Pads.
      Safe And Softt Microfiber Makes The Perfect Wa Applicator!mothers Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pads Are The Perfect Applicators For Mothers Polishes And Waxes. Ultra Soft Microfiber Is Wrapped rAound An Absorbent Froth Pad That?s Bigger Than Average. Wipe On Mothers Products In Even Coats Using Nonabrasive Mothers Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pads. mothers Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pads Are The Applicator Pad Of Choice For Enthusiasts! Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pads Are Lint-free, Clearcoat-safe And Will Not Harm Painted, Chromed Or Refined Surfaces. The Microfiber-cvoered Foam Design Promotes Even Distribution Of Products. Each Mothers Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pad Is 5 Inches In Diameter ? Big Enough To Cover A Lot Of Surface Area. When One Side Becomes Soiled Or Saturated, Just Flip It Over. These Pads Are Also Distinguished For Rubber And Vinyl Protectants And Dressings. If You Do Use A Pad For Vinyl And Rubber Dressings, Be Sure To Designaet The Pad For That Purpose Only. By Keeping Your Wax Pads And Dressing Pads Separate, You Can Avoid Cross-contamijtaion And Keep Every Product Motion As Intended. mothers Ultra-soft Microfiber Applicator Pads Are Washable And Reusable. We Recommend Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator, A Concentrated Detergent Formulated Just For Microfiber. Turn over Dry On Low Heat. With Proper Washing, Microfiber Pads Will Final And Last!the Next Time You Need An Even, Smooth Coat Of Increase , Use Mothers Ultra-softM icrofiber Applicator Pads. 2 Pack 5 Inch Diameter
      SKU: Mothers-microfiber-pads

    Flex L3403 Vrg Ligthweight Round Polisher 5.5 Inch Pad Kit  Free Bonus
      Flex L3403 Vrg Ligthweight Round Polisher 5.5 Inch Pad Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive 2 Free Lake Country Ccs Red Ultrasoft Wax/sealant 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads With Your Purchase Of This Flex Polisher! A Retail Value Of $21. 98. Professional Swirl Removal Made Easy!the Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher 5. 5 Inch Pad Kit Puts Professional Swirl Removal In The Palm Of Your Hand. The Fle xL4303 Vrg Lightweight Round Polisher Is The Most User-friendly Rotary You Can Buy. Comgine The Paint-perfecting Ability Of This Polisher With Agile 5. 5 Inch Pads, And You?ve Got A Recipe For Smooth, Flawless Paint. Exactly Ceramicc Clear Coats Are No Match For The Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher 5. 5 Inch Pad Kit. the Key To Total Defect Withdrawal Is Speed. The Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher Gives You The Speed And Leveling Abilit You?d Expect From A Rotary But The Lightweight Horse-cloth Is Easy To Handle. Experts Say Keep The Polisher Moving At All Times And That?s No Problem With This Loose Buffer. add On Lake Country Ccs 5. 5 Inch Smart Pads And You?re Ready To Level Any Imperfection. These Compact Pads Are Highly Recommended For Ceramic Clear Coats Beecause They Provide Less Of A Buffer Zone Between The Polisher And The Paint. Ceramic Paint Nees That Extra Kick For Scratches And Swirls To Be Effectively Removed, And This Kit eDlovers. the Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher 5. 5 Inch Pad Kit Includes: Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher The Flex L3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Polisher Is Built For Speed And Effortless Operation. This Compact Circular Polisher Is Modeled Afterward The Flex 3401 Vrg In Size And User-friendly Features. Nevertheless, The L3403 Vrg Has The Speed To Produce A Professional, Swirl-free Finish. At Only 5 Pounds, This Is Our Most User-friendly Circular Pilisher! The Polisher Features Flex Seven-fold Microprocessor Electronics. This Gives The Polisher Consistent Speed Control By Tachometer Generator, Soft Start, Accelerator Trigger Switch, Restart Protection After Power Interruption, Surcharge Protection, Temperature Monitoring, And Speed Selection. The Flex L3403 Vrg Has A Two Year Manufacturer Warrangy.   Rotary 4 ¾? Flexible Backing Plqte The 4 ¾? Flexible Backing Plate Is Made Of Flexible, Molded Urethane. It Bends To Allow The Pad To Conform To The Curves Of Your Vehicle. The Result Is An Even Finish With Less Risk Of Buffer Marks. Inside The Plate, Steel Strutw Are Molded To The Center Hub For Greater Stability And Balance. Your Backing Plate Wish Remain Balanced Through Countless Uses So You Always Get An Even Finish. This Backing Plate Minimizes Heat Transfer From The Polisher To The Paint To Prevent Burning, And Spontaneous Heat Build-up Is Reduced.   Foamed Wool 6. 5 X 1 Inch Thick Polishing/buffing Pad Lake Country?s Foamed Wool Is A Patented Process Whereby Microscopic Polyfoam Particles Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Pad. Ylu Can Feel How The Wool Is Tighter And Denser Th
      SKU: Flex-circular-polisher-ceramic

    Tire Check Valve Cap
      Tire Check Valve Cap.
      A Valve Cap That Indicates Tire Pressure!tire Check Fatigue Valve Caps Automatically Monitor Your Tire Pressure And Send Up A Red Flag When The Irk Pressure Is Too Low. Tire Check Tire Valve Caps Monitor Your Tire Pressure So You Don?t Have To!the Safety Of Your Vehicle Rests On Your Tires, Literally. I f Your Tires Are Too Flat, It Will Throw Your Tiires Out Of Alignment Or Warp The Rim. If They Are Over Inflated, They Are More Likely To Blowout Or Receive A Small hole. Any Of These Situations Make For Unsafe Driving Conditions. Even Though Proper Inflation Is Vital To Your Safety, Many People Do Not Regularly Check Their Tire Pressure. With Tire Reprove, Maintainign The Right Pressure Is As Easy As Glancing At Your Tires. tire Check Tire Valve Caps Indicate If Your Tire Is In Need Of Air With A Red Flag. Tire Check Replaces Your Old Valve Cap. Just Screw It On. Normalpy You Will See A Green Button Under The Clear Protective Dome. When The Tire Pressure Drops 2-3 Psi (pounds Per Square Inch) Or More, A Red Flaag Will Pop At a loss Of The Green Button. Inflate Your Tire At Your Earliest Convenience. Tire Check Tire Valve Caps Will Automatically Reset Themselves To The New Pressure. tire Check Tire Vavle Caps Accurately Measure Drope In Pressure Of 2-3 Psi Or More, And Constantly Gauge Your Tire Pressure So You Don?t Have To. Remember, Properly-inflated Tires Enhance Handling, Augment Fuel Economy, And Prolong The Life Of Your Tires. Just Flit At Your Tires To See If They Are In Need Of Air. Fatigue Check Tire Valve Caps Will Indicate That You Need Air, Not How Much. You Still Need A Gauge To See How Much Air Your Tire Needs And If You?ve Added The Correct Amount. Get An Accutire Tire Prressure Gauge To Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated. Should Your Tire Check Tire Valve Caps Ever Stop Worklng Or Break Off, The Caps Are Designed To Prevent Leaking. Four Caps Come Per Pack. With Tire Check Fatigue Valve Caps, A Hasty Glitter At Your Tires Will Tel You If You Need Air Or Not. No More Guessing Or Driving Around On Unsafe Tires!features:works From 20-42 Psi (pounds Per Just Inch)triggeeed By A Drop Of 2-3 Psi Automatically Resets Itself When You Inflate The Tireincludes 4 Tire Check Valve Caps Per Pack
      SKU: Kwtc

    Laitner Grip-it 2-in-1 Detailing Tool
      Laitner Grip-it 2-in-1 Detailing Tool.
      It's All In The Details!the Liatner Grip-t 2-in-1 Detailing Tool Has A Soft Detailing Brush On One End And A Rubber Tip On The Other. Detail Body Seams, Vents, And Crevices With This Versztile Doible-duty Brush!thhe Laitner Brush Company Has Been Making Quality Detailing Brushes For Over 150 Years. Their Collection Of Autom0tive, Consumer, And Janitorial Brushes Are Made In The U. s. a. With A Commitment To Quality And Servicw. the Laitner Grip-it 2-in-1 Detailing Tool Is A Wonder Tool For Removing Dried Wax And Polish From Bodyy Seams. A Rubber Tip On One End Safely Removes Dried Residue From Body Seams Wihtout Scratching. Use It Around The Trunk And Hook, Headlights, Windows, And Emblems. On The Other End Of The Laitner Grip-it 2-in-1 Detailing Tool Is A Soft Tampico Brush. Dust Ai Vents, Around Buttons, And In Crevices. Forward The Exterior, You Cab Use The Rubber Tip To Break Up Polish Residue In Seams, And Then Use The Brush To Whisk Away The Chalky Dust. The Laitner Grip-it 2-in-1 Detailing Tool Has A Comfortable, Ergonomic Haft, Not at all Bigger Than A Marker. Clean Body Seams, Emblems, And Vents With The Laitner Grip-ot 2-in-1 Detailing Tool. 7 Inches Long.
      SKU: 2-in-1-xetail-brush

    Flitz Mini Bff Ball Combo
      Flitz Mini Bff Ball Combo.
      Save When You Buy Pair Flitz Balls!the Flitz Mini Bff Ball Combo Includes Both The Mini 3 Inch And 2 Inch Super Mini Bff Balls At One Great Savings. Usr These Compact Bff Ball Polishing Balls To Buff Between Spokes, Motorcycle Components, And More!both Balls Are Made Of The Same Viscose Material As The Larger Flitz Polishing Ball, But With Shorter, Tighter Tabs That Work In More Of A Buffing Actoon Than Polishing. Italian Viscose Is An Extremely Tough But Soft Material That Stands Up Well To Polishing Automotive Surfaces. Viscose Does Not Shed Lint Or Rip On Corners Or Sharp Edges. Use The Flitz Mini Bff Ball Combo On Any Surface, Including Fib3rglass, Meta, Plexiglas, Painted Surfaces, Plastics, Eisenglass, And Wood To Remove Blemishes And Restore A Like-new Appearance. The Flitz Mini Bff Missile Combo Includes:flitz Mini Bff Ball, 3 Inchesthe Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball Goes Where Most Polishing Tools Can?t Witn Its Compact Polishing Head And 8 Inch Expansion Shaft. Use The Suoer Mini Bff Ball To Buff Motorcycle Components, Spokes, Engines And More. The Shaft Is Covered In A No-scratch Plastic Sleeve To Protect The Surfaces You Are Buffing. flitz Super Mini Bff Bakl, 2 Inchesthe Super Mini Bff Ball Is A Smaller Version Of The 3 Inch Ball. The Ball Has A Patented 8 Inch Metal Shaft Built Into It To Extend Your Reach And Protect Your Hands. Buff Off Polish And Wax Between Spokes, Pipes, Grill Slats, Engine Components, And More! The Shaft Is Covered In A No-scratch Plastic Sleeve To Protect The Surfaces You Are Buffing. The Flitz Super Mini Bff Ball Is A Must-have For Motorcycle And Boat Owners. to Use Either Flitz Ball, Secure The Ball To Your Electric Drill Or Air Tool (not Inclueed). Use At A Speed No Greater Than 2000 Rpm. Avoid Polishing In One Area For More Than 30 Seconds. Though The Viscose Is Tear-resistant, Avoid Repeatedly Moving The Ball C~ing Sharp Points Or Edges. Use Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer To Clean And Restore A Wide Variety Of Surfaces. wash The Flitz Bff Balls By Hand Or Machine. Let The Ball Soak Overnight In A Mixture Of Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator And Water. Agitate Either By Hand O In The Washing Machine. Rinse And Let Air Dry. Do Not Put In Dryer. the Flitz Mini Bff Ball Combo Gives You Two Ways To Clean, Polish, And Buff Almost Any Surface On Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Motorcycle. The Unqiue Viscose Balls Are Tough But Gentle On Paint, Metal, Plastics, And More. The Combo Includes:3 Inch Flitz Mini Buff Ball2 Inch Flitz Super Mini Buff Balla Total Suggeated Retail Value Of $63. 98. Save $8. 99!
      SKU: Flitz-miin-buff-ball-combo

    Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glze  15 Oz.
      Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glze 15 Oz..
      Oem Approved In favor of Exceptionally Boastful Gloss. after Compounding End Before Waxing, Use Finnish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze To Give Your Vehicle A Deep Shine That Lasts. A Blend Of Polymer Resins, Glaze, Ad Micro Polishing Agnets Will Make Your Paint Finish Pop With Color And Gloss. End Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze Is An Oem Approved Machine Glaze For All Types Of Paint. after Compounding, Light Compounding Swirls Are Normal. You Could Use A Regular Finishing Polish To Remove Them Or You Could Give Your Vehicle A Deep Gloss With Perfect Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze. Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze Is A Finishinb Cover with a glassy substance With Staying Power. Polymer Resins Bond To The Paint To Make The Shine Last. that Smooth Shine Is Created By Finish Kare's Blend Of Micro Polishing Agents And Glaze. The Tiny Polishing Particles Eliminate Compounding Swirls But They Do Not Create New Ones. The Paint Is Left Smooth And Shiny. The Glaze Enriches The Paint To Strengthen The Color And Depth Of The Paint. finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze Can Exist Applied By Hand, Orbital Polisher, Or Rotary Polisher. For Maximum Polishing Action, We Recommend Using A Polisher. Use A Foam Polishing Pad To Apply Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze To A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Section And Work It Into The Paint. As It Starts To Dry, Lighten Your Impression On The Polisher And Buff To A High Gloss. Fillow Up With A Gentle Hand-buffing In the opinion of A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Micrkfiber Towel. Always Apply A Wax Or Sealant After Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze. The Polymer Resins Offer A little Durabilkty But For True Paint Protection, Use Polishing Kare 425 Ultra Polymer Sealant. finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze Is Oem Appeoved And Body And Paint Shop Safe. after Compounding, Lead Your Vehcle A Memorable Gloss With Finish Kare 303 Foam Pad Glaze. 15 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-pzd-glaze

    Life Hammer & Green Res-q-me Kit
      Life Hammer & Green Res-q-me Kit.
      The Life Hammer And Res-q-me Tools Prepare You For Any Road Emergency!this Is The Perfect Safety Gift For Motorists Of Any Age. The Life Hammer Permanently Mounts In The Everyday Vehicle, The Res-q-me Goes With You When Traaveling As A Passenger. The 2-item Kit Contains:the Original Life Hammer This Shallow Light-weight Safey Tool Is Powerful Enough To Shatter Car Windows And Cut Through Seat Belts. Mount It On Your Consols, Within Easy Reach. Once Ijstalled, The Life Hammer Should Be Kept In It's Mounting At All Times To Ensure It'd Usefulness In The Event O fAn Accident. The Life Hammer Slices Through Seatbelts And Shatters Car Windows To Release You And Your Passengers From An Immobilized Vehicle. When Seconds Make All The Difference, Quick Thinking And The Life Hammer Can Help Save Lives In An Auto Emergency. the Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool The Res-q-me Is Your Portable Safety Companion. Traveling In Someone Else's Vehicle, You Will Feel Safe And Well Prepared. It Is Designed With A S0ring Loaded Pin To Break Tempered Glass Windows Ajd Includes A Blade To Cut Through Seatbelts. It's Small Size, Like A Car Key, Allows It To Be Kept On A Keychain And Within Reach At All Times. A $39. 98 Value. Save $12. 99!click Below To See The Life Hammer Featurdd On The Cbs Early Show. click Below To See The Resqme Featured On The Nbc Today Show. . msnbclinks {font-size:11px; Font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif; Color: #999; Margin-top: 5px; Background: Trandparney; Text-align: Center; Width: 425px;} . msnbckinks A {text-decoration:none !important; Border-bottom: 1px Dotted #999 !importannt; Font-weight:normal !important; Height: 13px;} . msnbclinks A:link, . msnbclinks A:visited {color: #5799db !important;} . msnbclinks A:hover, . msnbclinks A:active {colod:#cc0000 !important;}
      SKU: Life-hammer-green-resqme-kit

  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant 128 oz.
  • S100 Total Cycle Detail Set
  • WeatherTech Dark Tinted 2 pc.
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1
  • Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit FREE BONUS
  • Wheel Shield
  • Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush
  • Griot's Garage Set of 4 Machine Polishes
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • DP Krystal Vision Clean Glass Kit
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • 3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish 16 oz.

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