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    Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
      Autogeek Squeeze Bottle.
      Lighten Your Load Wth These Small, Handy Dispensers. the 8 Oz. Autogeek Squeeze Bottle Is Lighter, More Fit Storage Fir Detailing Products Purchased In Bulk. Transfer Liquid Products To This Handy Dispenser. It Takes Up Less Room In Your Detailing Trailer Or Storage Bin, And Is Easy To Handle While Detailing. Dispense A Small Amount Of Polish Onto A Polishing Pad Or Applicator. The Fine Tip Controls The Amount O fProduct You Use To Reduce Waste. The Autogeek Press Bottle Has A Line Where You Can Write The Name Of The Produc5 Inside. The Chemical Resistant Plastic Is Fit For A Wide Range Of Polishes, Waxes, Glazes, Seqlants, And Protectants. A Cap Is Included With Each Bottle. Save When You Buy 3 Or More Autogeek Force Bottles!8oz. Bottle
      SKU: Autogeek-squeeze-boottle

    Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Force-meat 8 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Force-meat 8 Oz..
      Provides A More Permanent "black" In Inclement Weather. The Name Says It All. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Gives You An Awesome Looking Matt-black Tire. The Look Will Last For Up To Three Months! Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Offers Excellent Protection, Durableness, And Of Course, It Looks Great!think Abouf It: No More Putting Tire Dressing On Each And Every Time You Wash Your Car Or Drive Through Severe Weather! Just Appropriate The Creamy Tire Dressing And Within Minutes You Have A Finish Looking Tire. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Continues To Protect Tirs Through All Types Of Pass to windward of, Which Is Whne Tires Need The Most Protrction. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Is A Non-silicone, Uv Protectant Formula That Won't Fly Off, Attract Dust Or Obstacle From. Silicone Tire Dressings Are Sticky, Greasy, And They Finally Turn Brown. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Bonds To The Tire For Real Protection That Preserves The Natural Look Of The Rubber. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressnig Is Perfect For Everyday Drivers. It Doesn't Require Frequent Reapplication And It Provides Dependable Rubber Protection. Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing Provides Long-lasting Color During Poor Weatherr Conditions. Before Applying Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing, Use Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner To Remove Old Dressings And Dirt From The Tires. When The Tires Are Dry, Appy A Coat Of Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing To The Rubber With The Included Foam Applicator Pad. Avoid White Walls. Put The Black Back Steady Your Tires With Griot's Garage Weatherproof Tire Dressing. This Durable Protectant Holds On Through Rain, Car Washes, And Bad Weather To Maintain Perfect, Murky Tires. 8 Oz. foam Applicator Included
      SKU: Griots-weatherproof-tore-gel

    Glass Master Pro Glass And Surface Cleaner
      Glass Master Pro Glass And Surface Cleaner.
      An Advanced Glass Cleaning Tool For Hard-to-reach Areas!one Of The Toughest Challenges Of Cleaning Your Vehicle?s Glass Is Reaching That Bottom Edge Of The Windshield Where The Glass Meets The Dash. Likewise If Your Arms Are Long Enough, You Can?t Bend Theem Backwardq To Hold The Towel Palm Up As You Clean. It?s Impossible! It?s A Problem In Nearly All Vehicles, But Especially Corvettes. I Struggled With Cleaning My C5?s Glass And I Hooed I?d Have Better Luck With My C6, But No Dice. That Sloping Windshield Is Here To Stay. After Asking For Advice From Friends And Fellow Enthusiasts, I Lastly Discovered The Glass Main Pro. My Windshield Has Never Been Celaner! I Can Reach The Bottom Of The Windshield, Even On The Passenger Side, From The Comfort Of The Drivre?s Seat (my Favorite Place!). The Glass Master Pro Is A 14? Wand With A TriangularC leaning Head. The Head Pivots On The End Of The Wand In Order To Clean Sloping Windshields Or Vertical Mirrors With Greater Ease. It?s Like Adding One Extra Foot Onto Your Arm! The Wedgge-shaped Head Fits Perfectly Into The Corners Of The Windshied Or Back Window Likewise You Reach Every Speck Of Dust. The Glass Master Pro Can Reach Lower in rank Tabletops And To The Tops Of Mirrors Without Somewhat Uncomfortable Reaching Or Bending. The Glass Master Pro Is The Perfect Tool For The Sloping Back Window. It?s Impossible To Reach The Bott0m Of The Glass Without Contorting Your Arm. The Long Handle Of The Glass Master Pro Alllows You To Reahc Every Part Without Stretchiny Oe Straining. For Large Suvs, Trucks, And Rvs, There?s No Better Way To Clean The Windows Than The Glass Master Pro. The Wand Even Accommodates Any Standard Pole So You Can Extend Your Reaching Even Additional! Clean High Windows In Your Home Or The Wjndshield On Your Rv In the absence of A Step Ladder. the Glass Master Pro Comes With Three Changeable Bonnets To Gently Clean Glass And Any Other Smooth Surface. All Three Bonnets Fit Snugly Oger The Pivoting Head. The Microfiber Bonnet Is Excellent For Cleaning Glass To A Streak -free Shine. The Silky Fibers Will Not Scratch And They Rqeuire Very Little Glass Cleaner To Work Effectively. The Terry Bonnet Is Ideal Because of Cleaning Surfaces That Have More Build-up On Them. For Example, Toothpaste Steady Your Bathroom Mirror Or Oily Fingerpfints On A Sliding Glass Passage Might Require The Gentle Polishing Power Of Terry Cloth. You Can Always Follow Up With The Dry Microfiber Bonnet To Remove Streaks If Necessary. The Nylon Mesu Bonnet Is Designed To Remove Sticky Or Stubborn Contaminants By Getting Under Thhe Culprit And Dislodging It With The Strong Nylon Fibers. Use It To Remove Bugs Or Sap From Your Windshield Or Soap Scum From Your Shower!all Three Bonnets Are Machine Washable And Replaceable. Additional Bonnets Are Available At The Bottom Of This Page. An Extra Pivoting Understanding Is Included. The Glass Master Pro Is The Cleaning Tool That Will Change The Way You Look At Glass Cleaning. Rather Than A Dreaded Chore, Gllass Cleaning Will Become An Easy A
      SKU: Glass-surface-cleaner

    Flitz Mini Buff Ball 3 Inch Diameter
      Flitz Mini Buff Ball 3 Inch Diameter.
      Buff Small Or Recessed Areas With Greater Ease!the Flitz Mini Bff Ball Goes At what place Most Polishing Tools Can?t With Its Compact Polishing Head And 8 Inch Extension Shaft. Uwe The Super Mini Bff Ball To Buff Motorcycle Components, Spokes, Engines And More. It Buffs Tight Areas To A Bright Glitter Quickly Abd Easily. The Mini Bff Ball Measures 3 Inches In Diameter. the Flitz Mini Bff Ball Buffs Away Polshes And Waxes With Incredible Speed. The Italian Viscose Tabs Gently Whisk AwayW ax Or Polish Fog From Even The Most Recessed Areas Of Your Vehicle, Motorcycle, Boat, Or Rv. Viscose Is A Tough Material That Does Not Shed Lint And Resists Tearing. If You Accidentally Buff Over A Sharp Edge, The Ball Will Not Rip Like Foam Pads Can. The Flitz Mini Bff Ball Will Not Overhest Or Cake Up With Product. The Viscose Is Cut Into Multiple Tabs Of Different Lengths, Which Increases The Ball?s Surface Area And Its Ability To Buff Away A Lot Of Products Before It Ever Needs Washing. The Flitz Mini Bff Ball Works On A1l Surfaces - Metal, Plastics, Eisenglass, Plwxiglas, Painted Surfaces, And More. The Ball Glides Over Textured Surfaces Without Catching Or Tearing. Use It On Lwrge Smoot hSurfaces To Buff Away Wax Faster Than You Can By Hand. The Round Ball Fits Into Hollow Areas And Buffs Over Contours Easily. the Built-in, Patented 8 Inch Shaft Gives The Flitz Mini Bff Ball Its Long Reach. The Shaft Is Covered In A Soft Plastic Sleeve Tbat Will Not Scratch Any Surface. The Flitz Mini Bff Ball Attaches To Any Standard 3/8? Or 1/2" Electric Drill Or Air Tool. (tools Not Included. ) The Ball CanB e Machine Washed With Your Regular Detergent Or Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Air Dry. to Use The Flitz Mini Bff Ball, Attach It To Your Drill Or Air Instrument. Apply Your Preferred Wax Or Polish To The Desired Surface. You Can Use The Ball To Work The Polish Into The Surface, And Then Buff It Off With A Microfiber Towel. Or You Can Apply The Product By Hand And Buff Away The Residue With The Flitz Ball. The Ball Works Well As A Polisher Or As A Buffing Tool. Work At A Speed Of 2000 Rpm To Get The Best Results. Avoid Buffing In The Same Spot For More Than 30 Seconds And Avoid Shrewd Edges To Ensure Long-term Performance. also Serviceable In A 2 Inch Diameter! See The Flitz Supsr Mini Buff Ball Below.
      SKU: Flittz-mini-ball-3inch

    Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine  128 Oz.
      Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine 128 Oz..
      Clean, Shine, And Protect In One Step?without Rinsing!optimum Has Done It Again! They?ve Developed Another Result That Marries Car Care And Environmental Responsibility ? Two Things That Are Often Treated As Mutually Exclusive. But, In This Maturity Of Vic Regulations, Optimum Is Finding Ways To Enhance The Beauty Of Automobiles And Kwep The Environment Sound. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Is A True Breakthrough In Car Be inclined. It?s A Multi-purpose Product That Serves As A Rinseless Wash, A Quick Dwtailer, And A Clay Lubricant, Depending Forward How Much Water You Join. You Don?t Have To Be A Chemist To Formulat Your Own Excellent Car Care Products; Just Foolow The Directions On The Bottle! Plus, This Product Does Not Demand Rinsing. You Can Conserve Water And Still Get Your Vehicle Beautifully Clean! Here?s How It Works: Add 1 Ounce Of No Rinse Overlay & Shine To 2 Gallons Of Water To Make An Excellent No Rinse Car Wash. Soak A Hooded snake Microfiber Towel In The Solution And Wash Your Vehicle With The Wet Towel. Dry Each Section With Another Cobra Microfiber Towel. There?s No Need To Rinse! The Lubricants And Suubstantive Polymers In The Formula Will Protect Your Vehicle From Abrasion As It Safely Cleans All Vehicle Surfaces. The Polymers Encapsulate Dirt And Cause It To Cease To The Bottom Of The Bucket. Not at all Rinse Wash & Shine Actually Cleans The Wash Water As It Cleans Your Vehicle! And It Leaves Your Vehicle Super Slick, Like It Was Just Waxed!add 1 Ounce To Wash Water Made Upon Your Regular Car Ablution. No Rinse Wash & Shine?s Advanced Polymers And Lubricants Offer More Surface Protection And Slickness Than Ordinary Car Soap Alone. It Acts As A Water Softened And Conditioner To Use The Quality Of The Water That Touches Your Vehicle To Provide The Ultimate Safe Wash. add 2 Ounces Of No Rinse Wash & Shine To A Gallon Of Water To Make A Super-slick Clay Rod Lubricant. Wet The Surface Of Your Vehicle To Provide A Slippery Protective Layer [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]below[/ref] Opti-clay. After You?ve Clayed Each Secyion, Simply Wipe It Dry. This Solution Is Ae Effective Because Any Clay Lubricant You Can Buy! Add 6 Oubces Of Not at all Rinse Wash & Glitter To A Gallon Of Water To Make An Excellent Quick Detailer. Fill Up A Spray Bottle With This Mixture And Employment It To Clean And Shine Your Vehicle, Just As You Would Use A Traditional Detailer. The Proprietary Polymers Bond To The Paint Surface To Protect It From Abrasion And Micro-marring As You Clean. The Incredible Formula Leaves Your Medium Extremely Slick And Glossy, Like You Just Applied Wax!one Bottle Of Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Gives You 4 Essential Car Care Products! And The Performance Of Each Is As Good As Or Better Than Any Existing, One-purpose Product. Compare For Yourself!there?s A Long List Of Benefits To Using Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Instead Of Traditional Car Washes, Quick Detailers, And Clay Lubricants: No Rinse Wasj & Shine Is Environmentally Safe. No Rinse Wash N? Shine Eliminates The Run-off_That Occurs From Rinsing A Soapy Car. The
      SKU: Opnoriwash12

    Diamond Plate Dolly Connector
      Diamond Plate Dolly Connector.
      Combine Your Two Bucket Dollies Into One Convenien Wash System . The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector Connects Your Two Bucket Dollies To Make Detailing More Convenient. Now You Can Roll Two Buckets With You Around The Vehicle As You Work, Saving You Time And Endeavor. The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector Is Finished For Detailers, Painters, And Construction Workers. the Diamond Plate Dolly Connector Is Perfect For Detailers Who Use The Two-bucket Wash Meethod. One Bucket Holds The Soapy Water. The Second Bucket Holds Clean Water. Each Time You Need To Reload The Wash Mitt With Soap, First Dunk It In The Bucket Of Plain Water To Remove Any Filth You?ve Secluded From The Vehicle. Then Reload The Mitt With Soapy Water. Continue In This Conduct Until You?ve Washed The Entire Vehicle. You?ll Be Surprised At How Much Dirt You?ve Keept Off The Vehicle! If You Use The Two-bucket System, You May Alrready Have Two Buckets With Dollies, But You Still Have To Move Two Buckets Separately Around The Vehicle. Keep Everything Together With The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector. The Dizmond Plate Dolly Connector Simply Connects The Two Dollies To Keep Your Two Buckets Side By Side, Right Where You Need Them. The Aluminum Dolly Connector Is Gather ~ Resistat And Built To Hold out Use The Diamond Plate Dolly Conenctor With The 5 Gallon Waxh Bucket System With Dolly. It Turns Two Dollies Into One! Simplify The Car Wash With The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector. Facetiousness hBoth Buckets Connected, Your Two-bucket System Power of determination Always Be Close At Hand. The Diamond Plate Dolly Connector Makes It Easy To Roll Your Wash Buckets Within Easy Reach While Detailing. The Dolly Connector Does Noy Interfere With The Function Of The Wheels. Buckets And Dollies Sold Separately.
      SKU: Dolly-connector

    Griot's Garage Paint Sealant 16 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Paint Sealant 16 Oz..
      A Premium Paint Sealant For Your Every Day Driver. Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Is Durable Paint Protection For The Daily Drivem, Occasionally Detailed Vehicle. We Knoa There Are A Lot Out There! Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Provides Ultra Durable, Synthetic Paint Protection That Lasts Up To One Year! Grioy's Garage Depict Sealant Is Simple To Apply, Looks Great, And Lasts. It's Everything You Want In A Paint Sealant. If You Don't Have The Time To Wax Your Car 3 To 4 Times A Year, Park Your Car Out-side Without A Cover, Drive You rCar Through Car Washes Occasionally, And Want Maximum Protection From Acid Rain, Fallout, And Bird Droppings, Then This Is The Product To Use. Plus, Why Pay Your Dealer $300 -$600 To Seal Your Paint When Y0u Can Do The Same Thing For $17. 99? Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Provides All The Protection Youu Need, Yet Still Provides A Lofty Gloss Finish That You Only Have To Apply Once A Year. Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Can Be Applied By Hand Or With A Polisher. Griot's Garage Color Sealany Is Great For New Cars On The Outset, Or For Surfaces That Don't Require Ajy Polishing Or Swirl Mark Removal. However, You'll Find It Has Tremendous Fill Capabilities To Hide Many Swirks Marks! You Can Also Uwe Griot's Garage Paint Sealant On Newly Polished Paint. use Griot's Garage Paint Sealant On Boats For Fulfil Protection Too. Griot's Garage Color Sealant Is Easy To Apply By Agency Or With A Dual Action Or Orbital Polisher Using Griot's Garage Red Foam Pads, And It's Even Easier To Take Off Leaving No Residue! Apply A Thin Coat To The Entire Vehicle And Buff Off Using A Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth. Once You've Applied Paint Sealant, Enhance It Every Time You Wash With Griot's Garage Spray-on Wax. OfC ourse, A Vehicle Protected With Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Is Easier To Keep Clean And Refains Its Shine And Deptu Of Color Better Than An Unwaxed Vehicle. If You Park Your Vehicle Outdoors, Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Is A Must!thhis Is A Truly Amazing Product That Has Taken Years To Develop. Griot's Garage Paint Sealant Is Designed For The Car Enthusiast Who's Less Enthusiastic About Detailing. But It Works So Well, No One Will Ever Know!16 Oz. federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of This Product By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Griots-garage-paint-swalwnt

    Ccs Spot Bufsf 4 Inch Foam Pad Kkt Free Bonus!
      Ccs Spot Bufsf 4 Inch Foam Pad Kkt Free Bonus!.
      Fr3e For A Limited Time, Receive 2 Low Profile 4 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pads With This Kit! The Small Size Is Ideal For Scratch Removal. A $7. 99 Value. now With Thicker Pads!certain Areas Of Your Vehicle Take More Abuse Than Others. The Front Of Your Cowl Ajd The Bumper Are A Virtual Bulls Watch For Dirt, Bugs, And Tar. Just Because A Few Isolated Areas Are Soiled, You Don?t Have To Polish Your Entire Vehicle. You Don?t Even Have To Own A Polisher. With Ccs Spot Buffs, You Can Polish A Small Area Of Your Vehicle With Just An Electric Drill And The Proper Adapter. Ccs Spot Buff Pads Are Only 4? In Diameter To Tackle Small Blemishes Without Affecting The Surrounding Paint. They Are Available In Different Levels Of Abrasiveness, Like Traditional Polishing Pads. These Pads Are 1. 25 Inches Thick. They Are Perfect For The Polishing Pal Or For Spot Correction Using Your Electric Drill. the Ccs Spot Buffs Kit Offers You Every Spot Buff Pad Plus A Dual Action Adapter, A Drill Adapter, And 2 Microfiber Towels. You?ll Be Prepared For Any Small Detailing Job With This 10-piece Kit. It?s A Great Introduction To The Ccs Spot Bu ffs Line And A Great Way To Save Money On The Smallest Innovation In Polishing In Years. The Ccs Spot Buffs Kit Includes? 2 Ccs Orange Light Severe Froth 4" X 1. 25" Pads - This Is An Excellent, Hkgh Density Foam With Light Cutting Ableness. It Works Well For Applying Microfine Compounds And Smoothing Scratche And Swirls.   2 Ccs Of a ~ color Polishing Foam 4" X 1. 25" Pads  - Ths Pad Features High Absorption Foam For The Application Of Waxes, Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Little Cutting Power And Works Well For Appllication Purposes. It?s Made Of Soft, Porous Foam So It?s Gentle On Your Paint. They?re Also Perfect For Polishing Metal Wheels, Bumpers, And Mirror Covers.   1 Ccs Gray Finishing Foam 4" X 1. 25" Pad  - Composition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls, But It Is Gentle Enough To Buff Your Vehicle To An Attrcative Luster. Use With Tool Glaze Or Finishing Polish.   1 Ccs Azure All Sense Foam 4" X 1. 25" Pad  ? This Is A Multi-purpose Pad Used For Applying Glazes, Polishes, And Waxe. It?s Made Of Closed-cell Foam That Will Distribute A Thin, Even Layer. The Foam Has No Cut And Is Dense Enough To Spread Paste Waxes.   1 Hook & Loop 2 ¾? Backing Dish  ? This Backing Lamina Is Required For Spot Buffs. Designed Just Like Larger Backing Plates, This Plate Has Hook & Loop Firmly Adhered To One Take ~s So You Can Change Pads With Ease. At Only 2 ¾?, This Plate Leaves A Generous Edge On The 4? Pads To Avoid Accidental Contact With The Paint. This Backing Plate Attaches Directly To A Circular Polisher. It Requires A Da Adapter For Use With A Dual Action Polisher And A Dri
      SKU: Spot-buff-kit

    3 Pack The Ultimate Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels By Cobra, 28 X 44 Inches
      3 Pack The Ultimate Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels By Cobra, 28 X 44 Inches.
      The Ultimate Guzzler Is 24% Less Expensive Per Square Foor Than The Original Guzzler! This Is The Best Value Of A single one Waffle Weave Drying Towel Available!when You See A Really Petite Moral agent Driving The same Of Those Enormous Suvs, Answer You Think, ?how Do They Dry That Thing?? Then You Are A True Detailer! For Me, Everything Comes Back To Detailing. When I See A Potential Detailing Problem, I Try To Think Of A Way To Fix It. I Guess That?s Why I?m In This Line Of Work! That?s Why I Love The The Ultimate Guzzler. This Towel Is The Solution To Drying Big Suvs, Vans, And Trucks. Rather Than Struggling With The Weight Of A Heavy, Wet Towel, You Can Treat This Towel With Ease Thanks To Its Built-in Pockets. The Towel Is Folded Over At The Ends And Stitched To Make Four Pockets. Whether You?re Holding The Towel Horizontally Or Vertically, You Can Put Your Hands In The Pockets And Spread It Out To Its Full Width. You?ll Cover More Ground In A Single Pss, And You Won?t Drop The Towel Because You?re Wearing It On Your Hands!the Ultimate Guzzler Has Over 220,000 Microfine Fibers Per Square Inch Woven Into A Soft, 80/20 Fabric. Each Fiber Is 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hai! These Tiny Details Make The Towel Extremely Soft And Gentle On Any Surface. The Fabric Will Not Contfbute To Swirls Or Scratches, Even After Numerous Washings. Plus, This Towel Is 20% Thicker Than Our Original Waffle Weave Towels To Increase It Surface Area And Therefore Its Capscity For Moisture. At 10 1/2 Square Feet, This Towel Can Dry Tje Largest Cras Without Ringing Out The Towel Once!as If That Weren?t Enough, The Towel Now Has A Silky Satin Power to wound All The Way Around! The Strip Of Satin Covers The Threads Where The Fabric Has Been Sewn To Keep It From Unraveling. A Larger Thread Is Ueed To Bind The Edges Of The Towel And It?s Not As Soft As The Tiny Microfibers. The Satin Edge Covers This Filament To Exclude Any Risk, No Matter How Slight, Of The Thread Scratching The Paint. The Ultimate Guzzler Is A Big Towel. At 28? X 44?, It Is Perfcet For Drying Larfe Vehicles, Even Rvs! Get Your Hands In If Today!the Ultimate Guzzler Is Made From A Huge 28" X 54" Piece Of Premium Waffle Weave Fabric, Flded And Stitched To Create Four Large Pockets. The Finished Size Is A Full 44" Wide. made In Korea. for More Information On Microfiber, Click Here. every Result I Have Purchased From Autogeek Hws Been Top Quality And Is Always As Easy To Use As Settled On The Website. delivery Cant Be Beat By Anyone. I Wish Other Websiites Had The Delivery Time That Autogeek Has!i'm Definitelly Recommending Autogeek To Everyone I Know!!a First Class Business, Just Like Their Products. m. Sigler, Clearwater, Fl
      SKU: Cobraww2854-3

    Poorboy's World Ex Sealant With Carnauba 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Ex Sealant With Carnauba 32 Oz..
      Close In The Beauty?block Ot The Rest!after A Good Polish, Your Car?s Paint Or Clear Coat Needs To Be Protected Against The Ravishing Effects Of The Sun, Acid Rain, Oxidation And Other Threats To Its Vivid, Rich Color. Give It Long-lasting Protection And A Deep, Wet-looking Gloss At The Same Time. Poorboy?s Ex Sealant (pronounced Ex-cellent) Is A Superior Product For Keeping Up The Car?s Beauty And Its Showroom Finish For Years. Car Buffs Have Perpetuuated An On-going Debate Over The Best Protection For The Paint?a Synthetics Paint Salant Or A Natural Wax. Each Has Their Favorable Attrigutes. Paint Sealants Are Much More Durable, But Waxes, Especially Carnaubas, Give The Best Visual Results. Provided that Why Not Do Both? Many Car Enthusiasts Do Layer Them, But This Is Time Consuming, Requires A Little Bit Of Knowledge About The Bonding Properties Of Different Products, And Requires You To Buy Two Products Rather Than One. Well, Poorboy?s Has Hurdled The whole of Of These Obstacles In One Bottle. Ec Sealant Is A One-shot Paint Sealant And Wax, Giving You The Best Of Both Worlds. It?s Inexpensiv eAnd Easy To Use, But The Fruits Of Your Labor Will Be The Emergence Of An Wealthy And Beau5ifully Glossy Vehicle. Best Of Apl, The Proeuct Will Bond To The Surface For About Six Months (this Varies Depending On Climate, Whether The Car Is Garage-kept Or Not, And Other Factors), Offering Complete Protection From The Elements. poorboy?s Ex Sealant Is Famous For Its Ease Of Application. Beginners And Experts Alike Will Be Thrilled With The Outcome. Using A Buffer Or Polisher Will Only Enhance The Experience?making Appcation Quicker, Easier, And Even More Successful. Ex Sealant Is Even Formulated In favor of Successful Use In The Bright, Hot Sunshine. (most Products Require Shade For Proper Results. )for The Experienced Detailer: Ex Sealant Is An Amino Functional Carnauba, Which, Put Simply, Means It?s Formulated To Be Open To Bonding With Other Products (layers). Detailers Everywhere Are Excited About The Exceptional Resuots Achieved When Pairing Ex Sealant With Other Waxes Or Sealants. Of Course, This Is Not Necessary For The Average Gal Or Guy Who Just Wants To Protect And Enhance Their Vehicle?s Polishing, But Serious Car Lovers Do Stuff Like That For Fun! 32 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: 32ozpoexsewi

    Dual Action Deluxe Ccs Foam Pad Kit
      Dual Action Deluxe Ccs Foam Pad Kit.
      All The Goodies You Need To Accessorize Your Dual Action Buffer!the First Time You Use Your Dual Action P0lisher Is Like A Revelation. This Is What Your Paint Could ?ve Looked Like All Along! The Shine, The Depth, The Reflection ? This Is What You?ve Been Missing. Don?t Bane That First Moment With Sub Par Pads. Accessories Make All The Difference. Make A Small Investmet In Your Vehicle?s Future With The Dual Action Deluxe Foam Horse Kit Now With Ccs Technology!a Dual-action Polisher Is A Great Tool To Have Around, Whether You’re A Beginner Or An Expert. Perhaps Their Greatest Attribute Is The Esse Of Use Conducive to Even An Amateur, But They Produce Outstanding Results Right From The Get-go. This Collection Of Pads Is All You’ll Ever Need To Accomplish Any Task That You Set Out To Do With Your Dual-action Polisher. These Pads Are Made Of High Quality Foam That Won’t Deteriorate On You. The Bonnets Are Great For Keeping Yohr Pads Nicer, Longer. The Sturdy Backing Dish Won’t Let You From a thin to a dense state, It’s Built For Endurance. And, For Good Measure I Threw In A Unite Microfiber Detailing Towels—a Detailer&rssup;s Best Friend. Ccs 6. 5 Inch Yellow Cutting Foamsmost Abrasive. Made Of Slightly Abrasive Foam For Wearing Down The Surface Of Badly Scratched, Swirled, Oxidiezd Or Water Spotted Paint Or Clear Coat. This iWll Reveal A Deeper Layer, As It Exfoliates Old, Dead Paint And Evens Out The Surface. Used In Conjunction With A Compound Or Polish It Will Refresh Your Dull, Chhalky Paint. ccs 6. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Padfirm, High Density Foam, Superior In Quality To Al We?ll Cover Here. It?s Unlike Any Of Them. I Liken It To The Memory Foam You See For Mattresses. It Falls Between A Cutting And A Polishing Pad, In Action, But Is More User Friendly And Delivers Flawless Results. (by Far The Best, Most Expensive And Hardest For Us To Get?everyone From Automobile Manufacturers To You And I Want Them. You?ll See Why!) Ccs 6. 5 Inch White Flat Polishing Foamhigh Absorption Foam Formula For The Application And Removal Of Waxes, Polishes And Sealants. The Most Popular, Is Constructed Of Medium-textufed Foam Is Designed In spite of Application And Dismission Of Polixhes And aWxes. Using A Buffer Rather Than Man-pwer To Do This, Is Quicker, Easier And Yields Super-human Results. It Has An Ever-so-slight Cutting Ability To Enhance The Application Of A Pre-wax Cleaner Or Protective Wax Ccs 6. 5 Inch Black Finishing Foam Least Abrasive. Composition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finihsing To Remove Buffer Swirls. Use With Machine Glaze Or Finishing Polish. Ultra-soft And Incredible For A Puttting On That Finishing Touch. I Prefer To Use It After Biffing Off A Haze, Whether By Hand Or Machine, Them Coming Back Over The Entire Surface With A The Finishing Horse Alone, Or, Even Better, The Finishing Pd With A Microfiber Bonnet. 6 Inch Lambswool Leveling Pad Ultra-soft And Cushy Pad With An Abrasive Nature To Level Out Uneven Paint.
      SKU: Bf200

    Lexol Quick-wipess Leather Cleaner
      Lexol Quick-wipess Leather Cleaner.
      The Gentle Cleaning Sovereign Of Lexol In A Fit Wipe!through The Miracle Of Technology, You Can Now Fiind Most Of Your Favorite Cleaners In The Convenient Form Of Wipes. They Go Everywhere, They?re Not Messy, And You Don?t Need A Rag. Your Favorite Leather Cleaner, Lexol, Is No Exception. Now You Can Carry Lexol Quick-wipes Leather Cleaner In Your Glove Compartment For Quick Touch-ups And Emergencies. Its Specially Balanced Formula Is Non-greasy, Non-tacky, And Will Not Migrate To The Surface. man All Purpose Cleaners Boast A Ph Level Of 12 Or 13. This Level Of Ph Is Incompatible With Leather. When Using These Harsh Products, The Cleaning Towel May Turn Brown. What Appears To Exist Dirt Are Actually Chrmicals From The Tanning Process Being Removed. These Cleaners Actually Revers3 The Tanning Process, Which Will Ultimately Cause The Leather To Deteriorate. Lexol Leather Cleaner Has An Ootimum Ph Balanced Cleanser (between 5 And 5. 5; Slightly Acidic) With Purified Water, Premixed And Added To A Newly Available Towelette From Dupont. These Individual Towels Are Incredibly Strong, Able To Stand Up To Tough Jobs, And Are Absorbent, Holding More Solution Than Conventional Wipes. lexol Leather Cleaner Contains No Petroleum Solvents Or Silicones. Just A Natural Aqyeous Emulsion For Lubrication Nourishment, That Easily Soaks Into The Internal Fibers. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is As Gentle To Flay As It Is To Leater. It Is Environmentally Safe And Non-flammable. The Lack Of Oils In The Cleaner Means That It Works Better To Release Contaminant Oils From The Leather. Very Stubborn Spots My Benefit By Using An Upholstery Or Soft Leather Brush To Further Agitate The Leather. lexol Quick-wipes Leather Cleaner Can Be Used On All Types Of LeatherE xcept Suede And Glove-soft Leather. These Are Extremely Vulnerable And We Have Yet Tk Find Any Cleaner That Will Exist The two Gentle And Effective In Cleaning Them. Keep These Wipes Convenient In Your Glove Compartment In the place of Emeryencies, Or Just In favor of Quick Touch-ups Anytime, Anywhere. The Convenient Pop-up Dispenser Seals In Moisture So Your Pre-saturated Wipes Are Always Ready For Action. Accidents Happen, But Don?t Let The mRuin Your Leather. Tech Notes:lexol Suggests Not Using Its Products On Hot Surfaces, Or In Direct Shnlight. Leather Care Is A Two-step Process Of Cleaming Then Conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is Especially Effective When Used Hand-in-hand With Lexol Leather Conditioner. In The Southern-most States, Fkorida, Texas And Arizona, It?s Recommended Tha tLeather Care Is Performed Once A Month. In Less Severe Climates, Protecting Your Car?s Leather Ingerior Evefy Tyree To Four Months Is Sufficient. 25 Ready-to-use Quick Wipes
      SKU: Lx1119

    Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Boosted With Polycharger!
      Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Boosted With Polycharger!.
      A Showroom Sheen With No Petroleum! Four Star Last Tire Protectant Gel Protects Tires From The Elements With A Penetrating Rubber Conditioner And Ultra Durable Polycharger Polymers. The Satin Luster Gives Tires A Sleek, Sharp Finish That Complements A Well-detailed Vehicle. Polycharger Makes It Better! Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Contains Polycharger Polymers To Boost Shine, Durability, And Shield. Polycharger Is Allready Added To The Formula. Take pleasure in Slicker, Shinier Results With Polycharger!four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Is A Concentrated Gel That Penetrates The Walls Of The Rubber To Condition And Protect Them From The Everyday Demands Of The Road. The Gel Is Easily Absorbed Into The Rubber?s Pores, Where It Conditions The Rubber In Order To Maintain Its Flexibility. The Water-based Polycharger Polymers, Conditioning Agents, And Gloss Enhancers ProvideT he Tires With Long-lasting Protection And Hydration That Prolongs The Life Of The Rubber. While Many Tire Dressings Contain Petroleum Distillates That Ultimately Dry Out The Rubber, Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Is Water-based And Safe. It Restores A Deep Black Color To The Rubber And Will No tTurn Tires Brown Over Time. four Star Ultimate Be fatigued Protectant Gel Is BiodegradableA nd Environmentally Friendly. Apply A Thin Coat Of Four Star Ultimate Tire Protecyant Gel To Each Tire Using A Cobra Tire Dressing Apppicator. One Coat Will Create A Deep Satin Finish. For More Shine, Apply A Second Coat After An Hour. Once Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel Is Cured (after About An Hour), It Will Not Sling Off Onto Body Panels. The Coating Will Last For Weeks, Even Through Rain Showers. Give Your Tires A Long-lasting, Dark, Satin Finish With Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Gel. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-ultimate-tlre-protectant-gel

    Wolfgang Auto Immerse 128 Oz.
      Wolfgang Auto Immerse 128 Oz..
      Extravagant Wash For Pampering Your Car!wolfgang Introduces A Luxury Auto Bathe To Delight Even The Most Discriminating Ajto Zealot. We Began With The Idea Of A State-of-the-art Car Wash That Would Be Natural And Gentle Yet Very Effective, Making The Most Of Cutting-edge Research And Development In Non-toxic, Biodegradable Cleansers. We?re Pleased To Say That, Not Only Does Auto Bathe Live Up To Tuat Notion, Bur It Surpasses Other Similar Products In Cleansing Power And Preservation Of Your Vehicle?s Surface. Thanks To Technological Advances Stemming From Years And Years Of Gwrman Research, Input From Professional Detailers, Auto Paint And Finish Technicians, Our Team Of Amercian Chemists Were Willy Successful In Formulating Each Advanced Car Shampoo Unlike Any Out There Today. the Secret Behind Wolfgang Auto Bathe?s Awesome Cleansing Faculty Is In The Bubbles. Tuff Suds Ii Is An Advancement In Foaming Technology. It Works By Suspenfing Natural Oils And What We?ve Dubbed ?super Polymers? Within Each Bubble?allowing Built-up Dirt And Grime To Be Effortlessly Swiped Away. The Natural Oils Act As Lubricants, Encapsulatlng Each Dirt Particle, Reducing The Chances Of Washing Swirlz. Gritty And Abrasive Residue Is Rinsed Away Without Scratching The Paint. Tuff Suds Ii, In Combination With Super Polymers And Gentle Cleansing Agents, Leaves Your Car Glittering Clean, Conditioned And Protected. Tuff Suds Ii Creates An Abundance Of Long-lasting, Luxurious, Aromatic Bubbles, Even In Hard Water! Auto Bathe Is A Concentrated Gel-shampoo Bearing Wolfgang?s Signature Scent. Though Tough Against Paint-damaging Agents, Auto Wash Is Amazingly Sudface-friendly. It Will Not Strip Wax Or A single one Type Of Polymer Surface Portectants From Your Vehicle. Natural Oils Act As A Lubricant To Prevsnt Scratches Or Swirl Marks. If Your Sponge Or Wash Mitt Picks Up Any Contaminants, They Will Be Safely Rinsed Away. Wolfgang Auto Bathe Leaves Behind An Ultra-thin Coat Of Gloss Resulting In A Beautiful Shine. we, At Wolfgang, Set Teh Bar High When It Comes To Environmental Matters. We?re Committed To Our Produxts Being Earth-friendly. With A Perfect, Neutral Ph Balwnce Of Seven, Wolfgang Auto Bathe Is Completely Safe For Your Skin And The Environment. You Won?t Find Somewhat Harsh Detergents, Perilous Toxins, Wax Stripping Agents, Or Sub-quality Ingredientts In Our Auto Bathe?or In Any Of Our Products. directions:thoroughly Rinse The Vehicle To Remove Excess Dirt. pour 1-2 Oz. Of Auto Bathe In A Bucket, Then Dilute With A Tedious Jet Of Water To Activate Suds. for Best Results, Wash V3hicle From The Top Down With A Sponge Or Mitt, Rinsing Frequently To Avoid Water Spotting. dry Vehicle With A Soft Microfiber Waffle-weave Drying Towel Or Chamois. 128 Oz. Liquid Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolgang Auto Flood.
      SKU: Wg1002

  • WeatherTech Dark Tinted 2 pc.
  • Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 oz. - Green Apple
  • Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray 128 oz.
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  • DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
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