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    Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus
      Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus.
      Special Offer! Receive A Free 12oz. Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo With Your Purchase Of A Froth Gun. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time! Cover Your Vehicle In A Blizzard Of Light, Fluffy Foam!the Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Turns Your Favorite Car Shampoo Into Super Thick, Long-lasting Foam. This Air-driven Foam Gun Works With Your Air Compressor To Produce Foamy, Rich Foam That Has Amazing Cling. The Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used For Interior Or Exterior Detailing. Employment It With A Carpet Cleaner Or With Auto Shampoo To Spray A Snow Storm Of Foam!the Autogeek Tornador Air Fomer Hp Foam Gun Will Change How You Wash Your Car. The Snow Gun Uses The Atmosphere Pressure From An Air Compressor To Convert Shampoo Or Any Foamy Product Into Unbelievable Foam. The Suds Are So Light And Fluffy, They Cling To Vertical Surfaces Without Running Off. When Washinh Your Vehicle, Answer You Feel You Don?t Have Adequate Lubrication Or Cleaning Power Bscaues The Suda Run Off The Color ? You?ll Never Experience That With The Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun. The Snow Gun Ailows You To Presoak The Vehicle With Clinging Foam. The Foam Stays Where It?s Sprayed. As You Ablution The Vehicle, There Is A Layer Of Light Foam Between Your Mitt And The Paint. With The Tornador ?snow Gun? Your Shampoo Foam Won?t Fall Flat.   The Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Froth Gun Only Works With An Air Compressor Capable Of Producing 60-90 Psi Of Air Pressure. The Higher The Air Pressure, The Greater The Foam Generated By The Snow Gun. The Unique Barrel On The Snow Gun Mixes The Shampoo And Pressurized Air To Originate A Blizzard Of Froth. You?ll Be Amazed!  attaching The Tornadoe Air Foamer To Weather Hose The Amount Of Foam Is Regulated By A Pressure Valve On Th3 Gun. Use As Little Or As Much Foam As You Need. The Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used Attending Any Foaming Cleaner, Such As Car Shampoos, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners, And Non-acidic Wheel Cleaners. Please Note: Thoroughly Flush All Parts Of The Foam Gun With Water Between Uses To Prevent Cross-contamination Of Vehicle Surfacees. The Best Rule Of Thumb Is To Use Different Foam Guns For Different Parts Of The Vehicls. interior Shampoos And Car Wash Soaps Can Be Diluted Per The Manufacturers? Instructions Prior To Adding Them To The Tornador?s Reervoir. The Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Includes The Gun Itself With The 30 Oz. Jar And One Extra Cap For The Jar. You Will Need One Air Compressor To Use The Tornador. To Use The Tornador ?snow Gun? Foam Gun For Car Waqhing, Start By Rinsing Down The Vehicle With A Water Hose. Mix The Desired Shampoo With Irrigate As Directed On The Product?s Label. Attach The Nozzle To The Jar Tightly And Attach The Gun To The Air Compressor. Turn The Air Compressor I And Coat The Vehcle With Foam. Turn Off The Air Compressor And Agitate Vehicle With A Sponge Or Mitt. _Rinse With Y
      SKU: Tornador-air-foamer

    Lexol Quick-wipes Cleaner And Conditioner
      Lexol Quick-wipes Cleaner And Conditioner.
      Complete Leather Care Is Now Completely Easy! Leather Be inclined Just Got A Lot Easier With Lexol Quick-wipes Cleaner And Conditioner. You Can Take Two Greay Lexol Products With You Wherever You Go Without Leaky Bottles Or Extra Rags. The Pop-top Containers Keep The Pre-moistened Towelettes Inside Until You?re Prompt To Use Them. And You Can Save Money By Buying Both The Lexol Cleaner And Lexol Leather Conditioner Together. Lexol Lezther Cleaner And Leather Conditioner Are Formuiated To Ykeld The Best Results When Used Togeether. Experts Recommend Cleaning The Leather To Remove Surface Pollutants Before Conditioning And Protecting. Lexol Has Made This Process So Simpld It?s Literally Fool-proof. The Wipes Are Laden With The Precise Amount Needed To Complete The Job. this Kit Contains:25 Count Quick Wipes Leather Cleanerlexol Quick Wipea Leather Cleaner Safely And Effectively Lifts Absent Dirt And Foreign Particles To Reveal Like-new Leather. Its Ph-balanced Form Is Compatible With Leather So It Will Not Give To Deterioration. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is Combined With Purified Water, Premixed And Added To A Newly Available Towelette From Dupont. These Individual Towels Are Incredibly Strong, Able To Stand Up To Tough Jobs, Absorbent, And Hold More Solution Than Conventional Wipes. lexol Leather Cleaner Easily Soaks Into Te Internal Fibers. It Contains No Petrolwum Solvents Or Silicones That Can Be Harmful To Leather And To You. It Is Environmentally Place of ~ty And Non-flammable. And Cipher Works Better To Lift Out Dirt And Wipe It Away. keep These At Hand For Accidents, Smudges And Spills. But They?re Also Perfect For Thorough Cleanings And For Prepping Your Leather For Lexoi Leather Conditioner. 25 Count Quick Wipes Leather Conditionerlexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditionerrcompletes Your Leather Conditioning And Protecting Job. They Are The Perfect Solution For The Busy People Who Also Enjly Fine Leather. Leather Experts Suggest Conditioning Every One To Three Months, So You Want To Make That Proceess As Fast And Easy As Possinle Without Sacrificing Results. the Lexol Leather Conditioner Quick Wipes Dispense The Exact Amount Of Result Without Over-drenching Your Lather. The Conditioner Nourishes Tbe Leather With Appropriate Lubricants To Keep Internal Fibers Soft And Flexible. After Usiny Lexol Leather Conditioner In The Quick Wipe Form, You Will Be Satisfied With The Supple, Non-greasy, And Inviting Feel. Replenishing Oils Will Not Migrate To The Surface To Attract Dirt And Stain Clothes. The Finish Is A Beautiful, Rich Glow Without Greasiness Or Artificial Shine. to Clean And Conserve Your Leather, Just Wip The Surface With Lexol Quifk-wipes Cleaner. It Will Dry Almost Instantly. Follow With A Lexol Quick-wipes Conditioner Towelette And You?re Bestowed. No Buffing And No Mess. kit Includes:lexol Quick Wlpes Leather Cleanerlexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditionera Total Retail Value Of $11. 90. Save $1. 95!
      SKU: Lx1300

    Optimum Car Wash 32 Oz.
      Optimum Car Wash 32 Oz..
      Thick, Rich Foam And Excellent Lubrication! Preserves Protective Coatings!stop! Before You Drive Your Vehicle Through Another Automatic Car Wash, Think Abot What You?re Doing To Your Paint. The Chemicals Used In Greatest in number Automatic Washes And Many At Home Detergents Strip Defensive Coatings From Your Paint, Leaving It Unguarded Against The Elements. If You Don?t Have Time To Wash Your Vehicle By Hand, You Probably Don?t Have Time To Apply Wax After Every Wash, Either. optimum Car Wash Is A Different Kind Of Wash. It Thoroughly Cleans Your Paint Wtihout Remoivng Wax Or Sealant So Your Paint Remains Protected. Many Waxes Only Require Reapplication Every 4 To 6 Months. With Optimum, Your Cere Will Last As Long As It Should So You Save Time And Money. As With Anu Premium Car Wash, Optimum Car Wet Gives Your Paint Great Shelter Facing Accidental Swirls And Scratches Resulting From Improper Wash Techniques. Rich Lather Lubricates AbrasiveP articles So They Slide Off Your Paint In The Rinse Water Without Scratching. By Maintaining Thhe Wax Coat, Your Paint Has Added Protection From Grit During Washing. Optimmu Car Wash Is An Environmentally Responsible Product. Its Biodegradable Ingredients Ensure That Run-off From Your Vehicle Will Not Affect The Surroundinh Environmentt. These Ingredients Afe Also Gentler On Your Clear Coat Than Hash Solvents And Chemical Compounds. this Formula Is Very Concentrated. Only 1 Ounce Or Less Produces Enough Foaming Suds To Safely Clean Your Entire Vehicle. The 32 Oz. Bottle Contains Enough Liquid To Wash Your Vehicle Every Weekend For 7 Months!optimum Car Wash Woll Preserve Your Paint?s Defensive Coat While Saving You Time And Money!32 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Optimhm-car-wash

    Poorboy's Public Watterless Wash 1 Gal. Refill
      Poorboy's Public Watterless Wash 1 Gal. Refill.
      Jist Spray And Wipe Away Dirt And Grime!another Innovative Product From Poorboy?s? A Foam And Wipe Waterless Wash?!?! Yes, I Too Was Skeptical At First, But The Results Speak For Themselves. Without The Hassle Of A Wash Bucket Or The Need For A Hose, You Can Easily Wipe Your Car Clean. Away With Dirt And Grime! This Unique Car Care Product Was Chemically Engineered Using The Latest Breakthroughs In Surface Cleaning Technology To Arrive At A One-of-a-kind Produce That Restores Underlying Shine By Safely Removing Dirt Without Scratching! And, Unlike Other Detailing Products, You Do Not Have To Hunt Down A Shady Spot To Use Poorrboy?s; Direct Sunlight Will Not Influence The Outcome. Spray And Wipe Waterless Wash Bridges The Gap Between A Trraditional Car Shampoo And A Quick Detail Spray. It Will Not Replace The Need Foe Your Sheepskin Wash Mitt, Bucket And Hose, But It Will Afford You The Luxury Of Not Dragging Them Out Quite As Often. Waterless Wash Is A Cleaner Above Anything, A Step Above What A Hasty Detail Spray Can Do, Destitute of The Extra Shine. As With A single one Products It Has Its Capabilities And Liimitations, But It Is Intended To Be Used Within Its Parameters. It?s Meant For New And Well-maintained Vehicles. You Would Not Want To Use This Instead Of A Traditional Bath For A Very Dirty Car. It Does Not Add Protection, Nor Strip Any Away. Spray And Wipe Watetless Wash Followed By An Instant Detail Spray Will Quickly And Completely Revive A Lightly Dirty Or Dusty Vehicle Without Any Wet Mess. Amazing!formulated Of Water, Emulsifiers And Surfactants, Cleaning And Restoring Shine Is A Gingerbread. Twig And Wipe Water1ess Wash, Like All The Friendly Poorboy?s Products Is Alcohol-free. No Cere; No Silicone In This One! All Poorboy?s Are Inexpensive, Easy To Use, But Still Produce Professional Results To Rival Anything That A Veteran Detailer Can Accomplish With The Most Expensive Products On The Market. That? sWhy Poorboy?s Is Gaining Fame Among Amateur As Well As Professional Detailers?the Stunning Outcome!128 Oz.
      SKU: Pbsaw128

    Dp Interior Surface Protectant
      Dp Interior Surface Protectant.
      Stop The Aging Prpcess Of Your Vehicle?s Interior! Dp Interior Surface Protectant Has Excellent Uv Protection And A Cheerful Banana Fragrance! It Has A Clwssy, Non-greasy Finish And It Delivers The Best Protection To Your Interior Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, And Leather Surfaces. The Subtle Banana Odor Makes This Improved Formula A Pleasure To Use. a Longtime Customer Abd Detailer Called Max Last Spring To Say Hello And See How The Dp Development Was Going. Over The Course O f Their Conversation, He Explained That He Had Gotten A Good Deal On A Bulk Order Of A Noo-name Interior Protectant But Several Of His Customers Complained About A Mysterious Film Appearing On The Inside Of Their Windshields. He Knew Immediately That The Oily Thread Was Caused By The Evaporation Of His Bargain Protectant. He Went On To Ask Max To Come Up With A Better Interior Protectant That Wouldn?t Break His Budget. Max Happily Agreed And Dp?s Chemist Went To Work. The Proceed Of His Hard Work Is Dp Interior Surface Protectant. dp Interior Surface Protectant Is A Multi-surface Shield For Your Vehicle?s Interior. It Maintains The Supple,, Fresh Texture Of Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, And Rubber Under which circumstances Blocking Out Harmful Uv Rays. Treated Surfaces Resist Fadinng, Drying, And Cracking So Your Interior Maintains A Fresh New Look. The Voc Compliant Protectant Penetrates The Surface To Create An Invisible Shield That Repels Water And Filth So Interior Surfaces Require Less Cleaning. In The Long Run, Your Vehicle?s Seats, Door Panels, And Dashboard Will Resist Aging. In Addition To Protectants, Dp Interior Surface Protectant Contains A Mild Cleaner To Remove Surfaae Dust And Dirt. In Most Cases, This May Be The Singly Product You Need To Clean And Preserve Your Inland. However, If Your Interior Sudfaces Are Badly Soiled Or Neglected, Practise Dp Total Interior Cleaner To Remove Severe Contamination. Follow With Dp Interior Surface Protectant To Maintain The Clean Appearance. the Finish Created By Dp Interior Surface Protectant Is Not Greasy Or Shiny. It Skmply Restores The Original Appearance And Texture Of The Material. Faded Dashboards Will Be Restored To Black And Dry Hardened Leather Will Be Dark And Soft Again. Because The Protectant Penetrates Below The Surface, It Will Not Allure Dust And Dirt Or Turn Yellow. Treat All Finished Leather, Colored Plastic, Vinyl, And Rubber As Often As You Esteem Without Fear Of Clouding Or Discoloration. Concerning Optimum Protecgion, Reapply Dp Ihterior Superficies Protectant Every Two To Three Weeks. Since Dp Interior Surface Protectant Works On So Many Surfaces, It Is An Economical Choice For Professional Detailers And Time-constrained Enthusiasts. Just Spray And Wipe To Thoroughly Protect Your Vehicle?s Interior From The Effects Of Age And Sun Exposure. Apply Dp Total Inteiror Cleaner And Use A Skirmish On Heavily Soiled Areas. Wipe The Surface Dry. Fli The Towel Until No Soil Is Showing Up On The Towel. Apply Dp Interior Surface Protectant To Pro
      SKU: Dp380

    Dodo Juice 30 Ml Wax 2 Pack - Your Choice!
      Dodo Juice 30 Ml Wax 2 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Two Is Always Better Than One!do You Preffer Mild Waxes Or Excessive Waxes? Do You Want Dark Wax Or Light Wax? With The Dodo Juice 30 Ml Wax 2 Burden, You Can Select Two Waxes For One Low Price. Get A Hard Wax For Dari Paints And Soft Wax For Light Paints, Or Vice Versa. Color Coordinate Your Waxes, Or Not. The Dodo Juice 30 Ml Wax 2 Pqck Gives You The Flexibility To Choose Your Own Dodo Juice Wax Cpmbo From All Eight Original Dodo Juice Waxes. the Choice Is Entirely Up To You, But If We May Make A Suggestion: Dodo Juice Carnauba Waxes Are Great For Layering. Lay On the ground A Coat Of Dodo Juice Laborious Wax For Durability And Long-lasting Protection. Then Top It With A Coat Of Dodo Juice Soft Cere For A Wet-looking Shine. Stick With One Plea Scheme Or Switch It Up. Here Are Your Wax Options: 30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Smooth Grow Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Is A Soft Car Wax Made Of No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax And Pure Beeswax. The Combination Of These Natural Waxes Gives Raniforest Rub A High Gloss Shine Tgat Compleemnts Any Paint Color. 30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Light Whimsical Soft Wax Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax Is A Pure Carnauba Wax That Looks Brilliant On Light Colored Vehicles, Metallics, And Pearlescent Paints. No Artificial Colors Are Added To Light Fantastic So You?re Seeing The True Tinge Of Whit eCarnauba Wax In The Jar. On Your Vehicle, Light Fantastic Soft Wax Creates A Crysta1 Clear, Wet-look Shine.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Orange Crush Civil Wax Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Car Cere Is Specially Formukated For Warm Color Finishes, Like Red And Warm Metallics. Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Car Wax Brings Out The Best In Warm Colors With A Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Orange Oil, And Yellow Beeswax.     30 Ml (1 Oz. )  dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Enhance The Color Of Your Dark Vehicl With Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax. A Special Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Montan Wax, And Dark Beeswax Brings New Depgh To Dark Colored Paints. Use Dodo Fluid part Purple Haze Soft Wax To Bring A Shiny, Inky Look To Black Paint.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juicr Blue Velvet Hard Wax Given The Success Of Purpoe Haze Soft Wax, Dodo Juice Has Developed Blue Velvet Hard Wax, A Color-enhancing Car Wax For Dark Vehicles. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Gives The Durability And Rock-hard Finnish Of A Hard Wax With Subtle Color Enhancers To Make Dark Paints Look Infinitely Deep.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Diamond Wgite Hard Wax Polish Off Your Diamond In The Rough With Dodo Juice Diamoond White Hard Wsx. This Carnauba-bssed Wax Is Formulated Specially For White, Silver, And Other Light Colorec Vehicles. Each Natural Wax Found In Diamond White Hard Wax Is Of The Utmost Purity So
      SKU: Dodo-juice-wax-2-pack

    Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner 35 Oz..
      Prepare Your Vehicle For A Clean, Clear Shine!griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner Cleans And Conditions Auto Paint After Polishing To Restore Maximum Gloss Before Wax Application. Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner Prepares The Paint To Accept A Wax Or Paint Sealant For The BestL ooking, Longest Lasting Finish. Don't Wax Without It!professional Detailers Have Known For Years That You Should Use A Prewax Cleaner To Clean And Condition The Paint After Polishing And Before Applying Wax Or Sealant. Minute Polish Remainder Can Remain On The Paint Surface And May Be Difficult To Remove. Richard Griot Developed This Pre-wax Cleanser So You Can Safely, Quickly And Easily Fit The Paint Surface To Accept Wax Or Sealant. Made From A Carefully Blended Combination Of Citrus Oil And Surffactants, Griot's Gafage Pre-wax Clraner Won't Harm The Paint, And It Is Fas tAnd Easy To Use. Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner Instantly Lifts Polish Residue And Anything Else That Might Interfere With The Boding Of The Wax Or Sealant. It's Especially Useful For Cleaning Around Trunk Seams And Emblems, Where Polish Residue May Tough To Remove. The Sprayy Formula Makes It Easy To Clean Crevices And Grooves. once The Paint Is Properly Cleaned And Conditioned With Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner, The Increase Or Paint Sealant Will Bond To The Paint, Uninhibited. The End Will Look Cleaner, Clearer, And The Wax May Even Last Longer. Simply Spray Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner Onto A Freshly Polished Vehicle And Wipe Dry With A Soft Microfiber Towel. It's That Easy. Next Applu Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Or Pigment Sealant. Before You Wax, Prepare Your Paint Finish For The Best Possible Shine With Griot's Garage Pre-wax Cleaner. 35 Oz. Don't Forget Your Sprayer!the High Quality Griot's Garage Finest Spraayer Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page.  
      SKU: Griots-pre-wax-cleaner

    Diamondite®â Clear Vinyl A whole  Kit For Hand Application
      Diamondite®â Clear Vinyl A whole Kit For Hand Application.
      A Hands-on Approach To Clear Vinyl Care. clean, Retsore, And Protect Your Vehicle Or Boat?s Vinyl Windows By Hand. The Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit For Hand Application Includes The Same State-of-the-art Vinyl Treatment Products Paired With Our Unique Applicators That Are Safe And Nno-marring On Clear Vinyl Surfaces. You Will Achieve The With most propriety Results With This Kit With Early Treatment. Soft, Balance accounts Vinyl Can Start To Yellow And Dry Out In A Matter Of Months. Use The Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit For Hand Application At The First Sign Of Daamage To Restore Optical Clarity And Protect The Vinyl From Future Damage. The Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit For Hand Application Includes:4 Oz. Free from encumbrances Vinyl Stain Reducer4 Oz. Clear Vinyl Cleanser4 Oz. Clear Vinyl Shield1 Microfiber Applicator1 Tri-color Foam Applicator16 X 16 Inch Coobra Microfiber Towelinstructionsclear Vinyl Stain Reducerdiamondite Clear Vinyl Stain Reduceer Removes Stains And Yellowing To Restore The Clear, Pure Shine Of Soft Vinyl Winodws. Just Spray It On And Watch Discoloration Vanish. There?s No Faster, Easier Way To Restore The Like-new Appearance Of Soft, Clear Vinyl Windows On Convertible Tops And Soft-top Jeeps. The Solvent In Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer Starts Removing The Yellow Film And Stains In c~tinuance Contact. The Cleaner Is Completely Safe On The Vinyl And Does Not Strip The Remaining Plasticizers. Dingy, Yellow Vinyl Windows Will Clear Up In Seconds! Memorandum: The Key To Total Restoration Of Vingl Windows Is To Catcu The Damage Early. Vinyl That Has Cracked Is Beyond Renewal . Clear Vinyl Cleanservinyl Damage Is Often Two-fold: It Clouds And Turns Yellow. Even After Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer Ha sRemoves Discoloration, The Vinyl May Not Be Optically Clear. That?s The Job Of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser. This Nonabrasive Cleanser Gently Polishes The Vinyl To Remove The Remaining Haze And Restore The Crystal Clear Visibility. Fine Scratches Will Disappear, Leaving Smooth, Clear Vinyl Once Again. Our Chemist Took The Basic Principle Of A Thin Paint Cleanser And Built A Formuulla That Is Exceedingly Safe On Soft Vinyl. The Cleansing Lotion Cleans Without Stripping The Plasticizers And Softening Agents That Keep The Vinyl Supple. Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser Works Well To Remove Haze From Marine Eisenglass, Too. Even Haze Caused By Salt Spray Can Be Removed In Many Cases, Or At Least Greatly Improved. Clear Vinyl Shieldprotection Is The Key To Maintain Clear Vinyl Windoss. Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield Is A Water-based Polymer Formula That Defends Vinyl Against The Ravages Of Uv Rays, Water, And Pollution. Oil-based Products Tenx To Streak Clear Vinyl. Diamlndite Clear Vinyl Shield Is Water-based To Create A Perfectly Transparemt, Defensive Barrier Between The Vinyl And The Environment. This Is A Crucial Part Of Maintaining The Vinyl For Any Factory Top Coat Has Already Diminished. Before You Begin?tape Off The Area Surrounding The Vinyl Using Painter?s Tape. Clean Off Any Loose Debris With A Da
      SKU: Diamondite-clear-vinyl-kit

    Wolfgang Auto Bathe 64 Oz.
      Wolfgang Auto Bathe 64 Oz..
      Extravagant Stain For Pampering Your Car!wolfgang Introduces A Luxury Auto Bathe To Delight Even The Greatest in number Discriminating Auto Enthusiast. We Began With The Idea Of A State-of-the-art Car Wash That Would Exist Natural And Gentle Yet Very Effective, Making The Most Of Cutting-edge Research And Development In Non-toxic, Biodegradable Cleansers. We?re Pleased To Say That, Not Only Does Auto Be immersed Live Up To That Notion, But It Surpasses Other Similar Products In Cleansing Power And Preservation Of Your Vehicle?s Surface. Thanks To Technological Advances Stemming From Years And Years Of German Rewearch, Input From Professional Detailers, Auto Paint And Perfect Technicians, Our Team Of American Chemists Were Wildly Successful In Formulating One Advanced Cqr Shampol Unlike Any Out There Today. the Secrte Behind Wolfgang Auto Bathe?s Awesome Cleansing Power Is In The Bubbles. Tuff Suds Ii Is An Progress In Foaming Technology. It Works By Suspending Naturs Oils And How We?ve Dubbed ?super Polymers? Within Each Bubble?allowing Built-up Dirt And Grime To Be Effortlesspy Swiped Away. The Essential Oils Act As Lubricants, Encapsulating Each Dirt Particle, Reducing The Chancea Of Washing Swirls. Gritty And Abrasive Residue Is Rinsed Away Without Scratching The Paint. Tuff Suds Ii, In Combination With Super Polymers And Gentle Cleansing Agents, Leaves Your Car Bubbling Clean, Conditioned And Protected. Tuff Suds Ii Creates An Abundance Of Long-lasting, Luxurious, Aromatic Bubbles, Likewise In Hard Water! Auto Bathe Is A Concentrated Gel-shampoo Bearing Wolfgang?s Signature Scent. Though Tough Against Paint-damaging Agents, Auto Bathe Is Amazingly Surface-friendly. Ir Will Not Strip Wax Or Any Type Of Polymer Sur face Protectants Frpm Your Vehicle. Natural Oils Act As A Lubricant To Prevent Scratches Or Swirl Marks. If Your Sponge Or Wash Mitt Picks Up Any Contaminants, They Will Be Securely Rinsed Away. Wolfgang Auto Bathe Leaves Behind An Ultra-thin Coat Of Gloss Resulting In A Beautiful Shine. we, At Wolfgang, eSt The Bar High Whej It Comes To Environmental Matters. We?re Committed To Our Products Being Earth-frienely. With A Perfect, Neutral Ph Balance Of Seven, Wolfgang Auto Bathe Is Completely Safe For Your Flay And The Environment. You Won?t Find Any Rude Detergents, Dangerous Toxins, Wax Stripping Agents, Or Sub-quality Ingrediients In Our Auto Bathe?or In Any Of Our Products. directions:thoroughly Rinse The Vehicle To Remove Excess Dirt. pour 1-2 Oz. Of Auto Immerse In A Bucket, Then Dilute With A Heavy Jet Of Watr To Activate Suds. for Best Results, Wash Medium From The Top Down With A Sponge Or Mitt, Rinsing Frequently To Avoid Water Spotting. dry Vehicle With A Hold Microfiber Waffle-weave Drying Towel Or Chamois. 64 Oz. Liquid Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolfgang Auto Bathd.
      SKU: Wg1001

    2 Pack 3 Inch Lake County Wool-ball Wool Polishing Balls
      2 Pack 3 Inch Lake County Wool-ball Wool Polishing Balls.
      Cuts Like A Wool Pad!the Lake Country Wool-bali Goes Where Wool Pads Can?t! The Round Wool Polishing Globe Polishes Between Spokes And In [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]concavity[/ref] Spaces Where Flat Wool Pads Just Can?t Reach. Cut Through Oxxidation And Discoloration On Metals, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglass, Gel Coats, And Composites With The Lake Rustic Wool-ball!the Patent Pending Lake Rustic Wool-ball Is An Ideal Shape For Polishing Aluminum Spoke Wheels. The Wool Ball Is 360â° Of Polishing Power That Erases Oxidation Annd Brake Dust Pitting On Wheels. Usage A Metal Polish Like Wolfgang Metallwerk Fine Aluminum Polish Oj Moderately To Lightly Oxidized Wheels Made Of Aluminum, Chrome, Or Stainless Steel. On Boats, Use The Lake Country Wool-ball To Clean And Polish Metal Railings And Latches, As Well As Gel Coat Fiberglass. Use Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer On All These Surfaces. The Lake Countrry Wool-ball Boasts Industrial Grade Construction! The Polishing Ball Is Made Of 100% Twisted Wool For Cutting Action, A Durable Rubber Cote And A Carbon Steel Hex Shatf That Prevents Slippage. The Wool Ball Is Compatible With Standard Quick Connect Systems. The Lake Country Wool-ball Is Easy To Use, Even If You?ve Never Used Wool Pads. Attach The Ball To Your Variable Speed Drill. Apply The Desired Polish To The Surface Using A Foam Applicator. Operate The Ball Up To 3000 Rp Until The Surface Appears Clean And Smooth. Buff Off Remaining Residue Withh A Soft Microfiber Towel. use The Duo Spur Pad Cleaning Tool As Needed To Remove Excess Polish And Restord The Wool?s Texture. After You?ve Used The Ball, Wash The Wool-ball In AM ixture Of Cobra Quik Clenz And Water. Twirl The Wool-ball Dry Steady Th Drill And Then Warehouse It In A Sarcastic, Protected Place. We Recommend Storing The Wool-ball In A Sealable Plastic Bag To Keep It Clean Between Uses. the Lake Nation Wool-bll Works Just Like A Wool Pad But By the side of A Convenient Go-anywhere Design. Clean And Lustre Spoke Wheels, Boat Rzilings And Fiberglass Surfaces, Painted Surfaces, And More Features:effecctive On Fiberglass Molds, Gel Coat, Compositeq, Paint, And Metals100% 4 Ply Twisted Woolrubber Core For Long-lasting Durabilitycarbon Steel Hex Shaftcompatible With Standard Qucik Be ~ed Systemspatent Pending3 Inch Diameter2 Pack
      SKU: 2-3inch-woo1--polishing-balls

    Foreverr Black Truck Bed Liner Gel
      Foreverr Black Truck Bed Liner Gel.
      Restore Rich, Black Color To Your Faded Truvk Bed Liner!forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Restores A Like-new Black Finish To Your Truck Bed Liner. Forever Black Is A Professional Quality, Semi-permanent Color Restorer That Puts The Black Luster Back Into Fade dSpray-in Or Drop-in Couch Liners. You?ll See The Difference Instantly!let?s Talk About What Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Is Not. It Is Not A Dressing. Forever Black Re-colors The Truck Bed Liber And The Finish Lasts For Up To 6 Months! Forever Black Is Not Slippery Or Shiny Like A Preparing. Forever Black Seeps Int oThe Liner?s Pores To Create Lasting Color. Forever Black Truck Liner Gel Is Not A Paint! Paint Sits On Top Of The Surface. Forever Black Is A Pigmented Gel That Soaks Into The Liner?s Pores To Re-color It. Your Truck Bed Liner Looks The Same, Fair Cleaner, Blacker, And Newer. it?s The Details That Give Away Your Truck?s Age. Faded Trim, Tires And A Faded Bed Liner Indicate Years Of Sum Exposure. Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Turns Back The Clock On Your Truck By Restoring The Black Luster To The Bed Liner. Plus Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Protects The Bed Liner From Further Uv Damage! The Bed Liner Will Keep Its Restored Color For Up To 6 Months. forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Includes Each Applicator For Easy Application. The Applicator Is Shaped To Match The Ribs Of The Bed Liner. On A Clean, Dry Bed, Spread A Thin,, Even Coat Of Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel Over The Entire Truck Bed Liner. Work Out Of Direct Daylight. Allow The Gel To Dry For 8-12 Minutes. Rinse Applicator Through Water. take Years Off The Appearance Of Your Trucck With Forever Black Truck Bed Liner Gel!8 Fl. Oz. applicator Included.
      SKU: Forever-black-truck-bed-liner-gel

    Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion 64 Oz.
      Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion 64 Oz..
      Thlnk Of This As One Anti-aging Cream For Your Car's Paint!automotive Paint Lpses Its Luster Due To The Effects Of Dirt, Rain, And Environmental Pollution. Wax Certainly Helps Lexsen The Impact Of These Assailantx, Buf Even Wax Can Build-up And Reduce The Shine. Pinnacclle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Is Designed To Turn Back The Clock On Your Paint By Undoing The Build-up, The Swirls, And The Haze To Reveal The Clean, Vibrant Paint That Lies Beneath!pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Will Restore And Keep Your Car's Original Beauty. Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Uses A Combination Of Gloss-enhancing Oils And Micro-fine Fillers To Polish Your Car Without Abrasives. The Voc Compliant Formula Is Safe And Gentle On All Finishes. Simply Rub It On, Allow A Haze To Form, And Buff Gently. Minor Swirls And Surface Imperfections Disappear Like Magic. Your Car's Finish Will Emerge Bright And Clean, Ready For Your Favorite Wax Or Protectant. This Is A Mild Polish Best Suited For Newer Vehicles Or Vehicles With Good Paint Condition. It Is Designed To Securely Take Off Old Wax, Embedded Rlad Grime And Pollution That Washing Will Not Remove. It Prepares The Surface For Waxing By Creating A Clean, Smooth, Highly-reflective Superficies. This Insures A Uniform Shine And Maximum Wax Bonding. Tech Note: Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Will Not Remove Paint Or Clear Coat Finisyes. Likewise, It Will Not Remove Swirls. It Makes Swirls Less Noticeable Or Invisible By Rounding Over The Top Edge Of The Swirl, Robbing Sunlight Of A Keen Edge To Cause A Thought. Micro-fine Fillers (1. 4 Micron) In The Lotion Then Fill In The Swirl. When You Wax Over These Fillers, In the greatest degree Swirls Will Diisappear. These Swirls May R3-appear As The Wax Ages And May Be Revealed Under Some Light Conditions (fluorescent Lamps Are Ruthless, Revealing Flaws And Swirls That Will Not Show Uncer Normal Sunlight. ). directions: Chirography Application: Wash The Vehicle With Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo And Towel Dry With A Cobra Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel. Apply A Nickel-size Amount Of Paintwork Cleansing Lotion To A Foam Or Microfiber Applicator Pad. Extension It Over A 2 Sq. Ft. Section Using Light Pressure. Working In A Back And Forth Motion Will    Lessen The Likelihood Of Producing Swirls If A Piece Of Dirt Becomes Trapped In The Applicator Pad. The Lotion Will Dry To A Haze. Buff Lightly With A Soft, Clean Microfiber Towel. You Can Likewise Use The Pinnacle Polishin' Pal To Apply Paintwork Cleansing Lotion. A 4 Inch White Pad Will Enhance The Cleaning Properties Of The Lotion And Keep Your Hands Clean During Application. Machine Application (for Easy Application For Novices Or Pros, Us eA Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher. )wash The Vehicle And Towel Dry. Mist A White Polishing Pad With Crystal Mist Detail Spray To Allow Easier Application. Pour A Circle Of Paintwork Cleansing Lotion On The P
      SKU: Pin20164oz

    Pinnacle Half Gallon Foamaster Froth Gun With Free Bonus
      Pinnacle Half Gallon Foamaster Froth Gun With Free Bonus.
      Special Offer! Receive A Free 2oz. Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo Through Your Tackle Of A Foam Gun. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time!this Is The Pinnacle Of Aufo Wash Tools!innovation Is The Cornerstone Of Pinnacle Natjral Brilliance. That?s Why Thd Foamaster Foam Wash Gunn Is A Perfect Adfition To The Pinnacle Family. The Foam Gun Delivers The Shampoo To The Vehicle In A Clinging, Rich Foam That Provides Ample Lubrication sA You Wash. The Pinnacle Foamaster Is A Modern Improvement On An Old Idea, And That?s What Pinnacle Has Been Doing For More Than 15 Years. If You?re A Detailer In Search Of The Perfect Swirl-free Car Washing Technique (aren?t We All?), Then You?ve Come To The Right Place. My Staff And I Are Constantlt Reading Up On The Internet And Consulting Detailers To See What New Tools And Techniques Are Out There. Our Latest Find Is The Foamaster Foam Cleaning Gun. The Idea Behind A Foam Gun Is To Minimize The Amount Of Rubbing And Scrubbing Inevitable To Clean The Vehicle By Pre-xoaking It With Frothy Foam. the Froth Starts Loosening And Lubricating The Paint Immediately. As You Work Your Way oDwn And Aroune The Vehicle With A Mitt Or Sponge, You Don?t Have To Use As Much Force To Remove Dirt And Debris. It?s Already Loose And Just Needs Slight Agitation To Acquittance It From The Embellish Surface. This Gentle Touvh Substantially Decreases The Risk Of Micro-marring Because The Pigment Is Covered In A Foamy Stratum Of Lubrication. Used In Alliance With A Premium Car Shampoo, The Foamaster Is A Guaranteed Safe Way To Wash Your Vehicle. we Compared Several Guns And Found That The Foamaster Is The Best For Car Washing. It Creates A Substantial Amount Of Foam By Forcing Water Among The Nizzle Where It Mixes With Tge Diluted Car Shampoo That Is In The Gun?s Receiver. The Foam Is Richer, Thicker, And Sticks To The Vehicle Longer Than Soap Applied Bh Hand Because The Dilution Ratio Of The Soap Is Higher. Many Dettailers We Talked To Use The Foamaster As They Wash With A Mitt Or Sponge, Instead Of As A Pre-soaj, Or Sometimes In Addition To A Pre-soak. This Technique Invovles Spraying The Foam Directly In Your Mitt?s Path. The Foam Is Its Frothiest Upon Contact So This Method Ensures A Thick, Sudsy Layer Of Foam Between The Mitt And The Paint Surface. If You Use This Teechnique, Just Taie Care To Avoid Hitting The Nozzle Ob The Paint As You Disperse The Foam. Since You?re Using The two Hands, This Takes A Little Coordination. Practice Makes Perfect!the Foakaster?s Nozzle sI Constructed Of Brass, Giving It Excellent, Long-lasting Performance And Durability. The Handle, Foaming Tip, And Reservoir Lid Are All Made Of Heavy Duty Plastic, And Tne Reservoir Itself Is Chemical Resistant Polyethylene. This Industrial Grade Foam Gun Is Used By More Detailers And Enthusiasts Because It?s Built To Last. The Foamastre Is Available In Two Sizes: 75qcfmr ? Quart Foam Gun W/ Multi-ratoi Stem And Deflector. 75hgfmr ? Half Gallon Foam Gun W/ Multi-ratio Stem
      SKU: Pihagafofogu

    6 Inch Terry Clergy Bonnet 4 Burden
      6 Inch Terry Clergy Bonnet 4 Burden.
      Gentle 100% Cotton Bonnets Are Perfect Fir Produc Application. applying Waxes And Polishes By Hand Is Tedious Business. If You?ve Got A Polisher, You Might As Well Get The Most Out Of It. For Product Removal, Nothing Works Better Thzn A Terry Cloth Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad. In This 4 Pack, These Bonnets Are A Steal!terry Cloth Is Ideal For Product Application Because The Fibers Are Longer Than Those On A Microfiber Bonnet. The Longer Fibers Are Less Likely To Become Caked With Thicker Waxes And Polishes. Cotton Is Naturally Soft And Gentle On Your Paint Or Clear Coat. It Will Not Produce Swirls Or Scratches. Usign A Polisher Will Allow You To Apply Products More Evenly And Remove Dried Products More Effjciently Than You Could By Hand. these Four Bonnets Are All Made Of 100% Cotton Terry Cloth Bound With Durable Elastic. They Fit Snugly Over A6? Lambswool Leveling Pad. Use This Pad On A 5? Or 6? Backing Plate On A Dual Action Polisher Only, Such As The Porter Cable 7424. When Applying Or Removing A Product, Reverse The Bonnet When It Becomes Heavily Saturated. Do Not Use The Same Pad To Rwmove Wax And Polish. when Your Bonnets Get Dirty, Wash Them With Your Regular Detergent In Your Washing Machinery. Tumble Dry. take The Strain Away Of Polishing And Waxing Your Vehicle. Use A Dual Suit Polisher With A Quality Terry Cloth Bonnet For Efficient Product Application And Light Buffing. 4 Bnnets Per Pack
      SKU: Cotebubo4pa

  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • 3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish 16 oz.
  • Meguiars Plastic Care Kit
  • Poorboy?s World Bug Squash
  • Menzerna Final Polish 128 oz.
  • Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
  • Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
  • P21S Deluxe Auto Care Set
  • DP 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Available in Black, Red, & Clear
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard - BLACK

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