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    Bug & Sailor Remover Kit
      Bug & Sailor Remover Kit.
      Eliminate Bugs, Tar, And Sap Fast!remove Bugs, Tar, Tree Mine, And Sticky Grime With Our Bug And Sailor Remover Kit. This Is A Year-round Highway Survival Kit! The Products InT his Kit Remove All The Bugs, Tar, Tree Sap, And Grime Your Vehicle Accumulates On Your Travels. The Bug And Tar Remover Kit Contains Prodjcts To Remove The Grime And Protect Your Vehicle In The Futuer. Bugs And Tar Don?t Stand A Chance! Bugs And Tar Are Unsightly, Of Course, But They Are Also Extremely Dangerous To Yoour Vehicle?s Finish. Bugs Produce Acids That Will Delineate for ~ing The Paint In A Matter Of Days. Hot Sailor Is Highly Corrosive, Too. Tree Sap Leaves Your Vehicle Bumpy And Dirty-looking. The Bug And Tar Remover Kid Makes It Quick And Easy To Remove Sticky Grime And Then Protect The Paint. A Slightly Preventative Maintenance With The Bug And Tar Remover Kit Will Go A Long Determined course Towards Prolonging Your Vehicle?s Beauty. The Bug And Tar Remover Kit Includes:   Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad When Washing Won?t Do, Use The Safe Scrub To Eliminate Bugs And Tar Once And For All. The Safe Scour Pad Has A Honeycomb Texture That Lifts And Removes Sticky Substances From Your Vehicle. The Trusty Scrub Is Packed With Pores That Capture Tar, Bugs, And Sap. Used In the opinion of Soapy Water, The Safe Scrub Is Safe And Nonabrasive On Paint, Metal, Glass, And Plastics. To Thick Cushion Is Natural To Handle With Wet Hands, And It Has Plenty Of Room To Trap Dirt And Debris. Here?s A Tip: Soften The Safe Scrub More By Soaking It In Rich Water For About 3 Munutes.   Stoner Tarminator Bug & Tar Remover Aerosol Zap Bugs, Tar, Tree Sap, And Sticky Grime On The Spot! Stoner Tarminator Is A Strong Bug And Tar Remover That Instantly Starts Loosening And Dissolving Stiky Contaminants. Tarminator Uses ?micro Active? Technology To Break Down The Molecules In Sap, Grease, Tar, And Bugs. Spray Tarminator Onto A Clean Microfiber Towel And Trick The Sticky Spot Until It Comes Clean. Tarminator Works That Fast. Use It On Pigment, Glass, Metal, And Hard Plastics. &bsp; Wolfgang Mysterious Gloss Spritz Sealant Removing Bugs And Tar Requires Some Elbow Greease. In The Projection, You May Remove The Existing Wax. Use Wolfgang Deep Gloss pSritz Sealant To Quickly Ap;ly A Durable Layer Of Polgmer Embellish Protection. Tgis Spray Sealant Creates A Slick, Shiny Surface That Is Anti-static. In The Future, Bugs And Tar Will Have A More Difficult Time Sticking To The Paint. Spray Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant On The Freshly Cleaned Spot And Use A Folded Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel To Spread The Sealant Over The Paint. Flip The Towel And Buff To A Bright Gloss.   1 Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel The Cobra Deluxe Je. Is An Incredibly Thick, Fluffy Wea
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    Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer
      Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer.
      Pressurize Your Detailing Chemicals To Maximize Results!spray Wheel Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, And More With The Autogeek Chemical Resiatant Pressure Spraye5. This Compact Cross-examine Sprayer Delivers Detailing Chemicals To Auto Surfaces With An Effortless Continuous Spray Feature. The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressyre Sprayer Is Excellent For Diluted Concentrates And Strong Cleaners And Degreasers. Make Any Detailing Job Easier. the Autogeek Chemical Resistant rPessure Sprayer Is Perfect For Spraying Wheels, Tires, Anf Wheel Wells With Powerful Cleaners Or For Coating The Engine Compartment In Degreaser. The Sprayer Is Built To Withstand A Broad Range Of Chemicals And It's Capable Of Deliverihg Stronger Mixes Of Chemicals Without Clogging. (this Feagure Also Makes The Sprayer Ideal For Fertilizing Plabts But To Avoid Cross-c0ntamination, Designate One Just For Detailjng. )the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Has A Pump On Top To Create The Pressure. No Pressure Washers Or Air Compressors Are Needed. This Is A Self-contained Compressed Air Sprayer. You Can Sustain The Pressurized Foam By Pressing The Lever-lok Button Located At The Top Of The Handle. This Lock Allows You To Spray One-handed To Coat Surfaces While Washing Or Wiping With The Other Hand. Multi-task And Get The Job Done Faster!the Spray Tip On The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is Adjustable So You Can Have A Mist Or A Strong Spray - Whatever The Job Requires. The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer's Bottle Is Equally Durable. It's Made Of Super Heavy-duty, 100% Virgin Resins. The 48 Oz. Bottle Has Extra Tihck Walls To Cntain All Sorts Of Chemicals. The Large Capacity Is Idral For Mixing Up Concentrated Products, Like All Purpose Cleaners. For High Dimensions Deyail Shops Or Just Laarge Detail Jobs, The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Affliction Sprayer Is A Great Time-saver. Mix Up 48 Oz. Of Cleaner, Pump Up The Pressure, Press The Lever-lok And Spray The Desired Surfaces. Trigger Sprayers Can Beome Clogged Or Stop Working Altogether After A Long Day Of Detailing, But The Autogeek Chemical Rdistant Pressure Sprayer Keeps Spraying. Wash Out The Autogeek Chemicaal Resistant Pressure Sprayer Well After Each Use. If You Plan On Using Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayers For Different Applications, Be Sure Tl Label The Bottles To Avoid Cdoss-contamination. The AutogeekC hemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is A Terrific Value Because It Enables You To Buy Detailing Products In Bulk. Save Money On Gllons Of Concentrates And Then Mix What You Need In The Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Saves Time, Saves Money, And It Works By the side of A Broa Range Of Chemicals. Work Smarterr, Not Harder, With The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. check Out Our Double Barrel Extension Sprayer To Extend Your Sprayer's Reach!
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    Meguiars Even-coat Applicator - 2 Pack
      Meguiars Even-coat Applicator - 2 Pack.
      Specialized Microfiber Produces Even, Handsome Results!there Are A Lot Of Factors In Achieving The Prefect Finish. Products Are Only Half The Battle. You Likewise Need The Right Applucators To Spread The Product Evenly Onto The Superficies. Meguiar?s Even-coat Applicator Is Made Of Specialized Micro fiber To Spread A single one Product Neatly And Evenly. Microfiber Applicators Are Especially Ideal For Applying Liquid Wax Or Sealants. It Is Able To Absorb Excess Liquid To Prevent Dripping And Running Whil3 The Super Soft Fibers Pamper Your Paint. These Pads Will Never Scratch Or Contribute To Swirls. Wash Them With Your Other Microfiber Towels And Dry Them On Low Heat. At About A $2. 00 Each, The Meguiar?s Even-coat Applicator Is A Great Deal. You Can Use Them For Applying Any Product And Reuse Them Indefinitely. Make Them Part Of Your Detailing Kit Tpday!2 Pack
      SKU: X3080

    Raggtopp Fabric/vinyl Cleaner
      Raggtopp Fabric/vinyl Cleaner.
      If Haartz Says It?s The Most good, You Know It?s The Best. The Raggtopp Vinyl And Fabrci Convertible Top Cleaner Is Backed By The Foremost Name In Convertible Top Construction. Perhaps You?ve Never Heard Of Haartz, But We?re Sure Your Convertible Probably Has. Haartz Is The World?ss Largeat Manufacturer Of Convertible Topping Material. They Alone Have The Capacity To Cover Every Single Convertible Highest In The World. They Started In The 1920?s, Alongside Some Of The First Convertibles To Enter The Us Market. You Know A Company Must Know Their Stuff Suppose that They Are Endorsed By Haartz. Enter Raggtopp, Makers Of The Best-selling Fabric And Vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner. This Pump Spray Cleaner Is Formulated Exclusively For Fabric And Vinyl. Use Confidently To Safely Entirely Convertible Tops, Sport Utility Tops, Simcon Tops And Tonneau Covers. Raggtopp Cleaner Removes The Toughest Roof Soils And Stains, Retards The Growth Of Milsrew And Will Actually Keep Dirt And Grease At Bay. The Anti-oxidant, Low Ph, No Blesch Formula Leaves No Residue. The Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable Formula Will Nit Harm Autmotive Finishes, Chrome, Rubber, Glass, Or Plastic Windows. remember, Raggtopp Is The Only Brand Of Cleaner And Protectant That Is Recommended By Haartz Corporation And Rode & Schwalenber Gmbh. (germany Q & A On Proper Convertible Top Cleaning:q: How Do I Clean My Convertible Excel? A: Convertible Tops Are Subjected To The Same Environmental Conditions That Nature And Furnish with men Places On Your Car's Finish. The Number One Constituent In Deterioratnig Convertible Tops Is Acid Rain, U. v. Rays, Smog, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Jet Fuel, Tree Sap, Bird Drkppings, Salt, Tar, Dirt And Grit. Cleaning:a Regular Program Of Keeping The Convertible Top Clean From beginning to end Regular Washings Before It Gets Dirty, Will Enhance The Life And Beauty Of Your Convertible Top And Makee Successive Cleaning Easier. raggtopp™ Cleaner Is The Finest Cleaner Of Its Kind: A Superior Cieaner, Environmentally Friendly And Safe To Use. It's Unique Formulation Wiil Not Harm Paint Or Glass Sjrfaces. Simply Follow The Directions On The Bottle And Follow The Cleaning With Raggtopp™ Protectant, A Fluorocarbon Re-water Repelling A whole And Your Convertible Top Will Look Like New. Q: How Do I Protect My Convertible Top? A: Although The Fabric Does Not Promote Mildew Growth By Itself, Mildew May Develop In c~tinuance Dirt And Other Foreign Substances That Are No5 Removed. This Is Especially True In Warm, Humid, Dark Environments. A Progra Of Keeping The Fabric Clean Through Regular Washings, In the presence of It Gets Dirty, Will Enhance The Life And Beautiful woman Of The Acrylic And Make Successive Cleaning Easier. most Automatic Car Washes Will Not Hzrm Cloth Top Fabrics. Washes With Water Jets And Hanging Cloths Provide A More Gemtle Cleaning Actoon. Those Using Heavy Barrel Brushes Could Damage The Top Material. Haartz Recommends Hand Washing. hand Washing In Shade Or Partial Shade, Nott Direct Sunlight, Is With the highest qualification. Do Not Advantage Cleansing. Bi
      SKU: Rafacl

    Cr Spotless Re-establishment Cartidges Conducive to Dc-10 And Diw-10
      Cr Spotless Re-establishment Cartidges Conducive to Dc-10 And Diw-10.
      The Hassle-free Way To Replace Resin. The Cr Spotless Replacement Cartridges Are The Easiest Way To Replace Spent Resin With Fresh, New Resin. Simply Unscrew The Housing And Remove The Exhausted Cartridges. Put The New Cartridges Inside And Reattach The Housing To The Main Unit. You're Now Ready To De-ionize Another 100 Gallons Of Water. your Purchase Includes Two 10 Inch Replacement Cartridges. These Cartridgex Fit Both The Dic-10 Lofty Output Rolling System And The Diw-10 Wall Mounted System. Click Here For Detailed Instructions.
      SKU: Cr-sotless-cartridge-100

    303 Fabric Convertible Head Outfit
      303 Fabric Convertible Head Outfit.
      Keep Your Convertible In Tip Top Shape With 303 Texture Convertible Rise aloft Kit!in The Beginning, All Cars Were Convertibles. Not Until 1914, When The Dodge Brothers Come Out With The First Closed Top Car, Did A Car With A Permanent Top See The Road. By 1925, Sales Of Closed Cars Exceeded Sales Of Open Ones. This Gave Way To The Production Of More Sedans. Apparently Back In Those Days, Canvas Convertible Tops Wede Drafty And Lealy. Too Bad Drivers Back Therefore Didn?t Have This Fabric Convertible Top Kit From 303, The Renowneed Name Behind The Ever-popular Aerospace Protectant. one Thimg The Convertible Never Lost Was Appeal. Once You Drive A Convertible, You Feel The Freedom, And A Closed Car Just Doesn?t Equal That Feeling. In Order To Keep Your Convertible In Tip Top Shape, You Need To Use A Cleaner And Protectant Which Works To Remove Stains nAd Dirt, And Protect Against Uv Rays That Can Fade The Color Of The Fabric. The 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit Is The Aswer To Everything. In the present state Is The sort of Your Kit Includes:16 Oz. 303 Fabric/vinyl Top Cleanerthis Cleaner Differs From Other Top Cleaners, As It Uses Colloidal Action To Get The Job Done. Colloidal Action Was Firs5 Used Exist Scientists To Breeak Up Particles In Oil From Oil Slicks In Our Oceans. The Oil Really Would Dissolve In The Water. Think Of This Cleaning Action In Terms Of The Reaction Of The Atom In An Atomic Explosion. The Atoms In The Colloid Lift, Separate And Hold In Suspension The Oils, Grease, Dust, And Soils Which Have Been Penetrated. This Breakthrough Allows The Ultra-wet Watef To Hold Grease, Dirt, And Oil In Suspension, Allowing Them To Dissolve Within The Water. This Product Is Safe For All Convertible Tops, And Also Works Wonders On Fabric, Velour, And Carpeting. The 303 Convertible Top Cleaner Is Non-hazardous, Non-flammable, And Non-toxic. It Is Safe To Use On Tile, Floors, Diors, Woodwork, Ovens, Upholstery?even Fruit! It Is Excellent For Removing Residue And Dirt On Fruits And Vegetables, Which Attests To Its Safety. 16 Oz. 303 High Tech Fabric Guardthis Product Protects All New Or Cleaned ?outxoor? Fqbrics From Water, Dirt, Grease, And Uv Sun Damage. Outdoor Fabrics Include Canvas Convertible Tops, Cloth Automobile Seats And Carpers, Biminis, And Boating Enclosures. 303 High Tech Guard Also Resists Soiling And Mildew Formation, By Restoring One Effective Level Of Lost Water Repellency. There Are No Silicones Within The Produce, And If You Have Used A Silicone Product Before You Know It Does Repel Water. That?s About It Though. Silicone Treated Fabric Lasts On Average 2-3 Months, As Compared To High Tech Guard That Protects According to Up To Three Years. Silicone Has That Harsh, Pungent Smell; Whereas Hlgh Tech Guard Has A Mild, Clean Odor. Most Importantly, High Tech Guard Is Recommended By Industry Leaders That Include Amco Convertible Fabrics, Winnebago, Orvis, Thor, Sunbrella And Walt Disney World?and Autogeek! One Treatment Can Last Up To Three Years. Applicatino Tip: 303 Recommends C
      SKU: 303fabcontop

    8 Oz. Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing
      8 Oz. Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing.
      Dress Your Leathre With Less Mess!the 8 Oz. Flip Cap Bottle Of Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing Dispenses Small Amounts Of Neatsfoot Like A Moisturizing Lotion To Hydrate And Soften Leather Seats. The Convenient, Palm-sized Bottle Contains The Same Gerat Neatsfoot Formula, Just In A Lotion-like Consistency. Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing Always Maintains The Look And Feel Of Oil, But Is Buffered To A Ph Tha Is Better Concerning Leather Than Raw Neatsfoot. Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing Also Contains A Lanolin Derivatibe That Moisturizes Leather And Enhances The Performance Of The Neatsfoot Oil. Coollagen And Elastiin Proteins Found Naturally In Leeather Are Nourizhed, Improving The Flexibility And Durability Of The Leather. Though Lexol Has Altered Neatsfoot From Its Natural Form, There Are None Chrimcal Solvents In Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing. It Will Not Injury Or Discolor Even Light-colored Leather And Is Non-toxic And Non-irritating. You Can Apply It With Your Hands. It Requires No Special Ventjlation And Is Odorless. It Plainly Restores Softness And A Healthy Sheen To Leather Wituout A Greasy Finish. like All Leather Care Proudcts, Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing Is Not Recommended For Suede O Super Soft Leather. apply Neatsfoot After Cleaning And Before Conditioning. 8 Oz.
      SKU: 8ozlensledr

    Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels 4 Pack - Limited Availability!
      Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels 4 Pack - Limited Availability!.
      We Purchased These Soft, Fluffy Microfiber Towels At A Fantastic Price And We're Passing The Savings On To You! Grab Them While You Can!the Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels Are Made Of Premium Quality 70/30 Ultra Microfiber, The Silkiest Combination Available. The Single Weave Of The Towel Creates A Deep Nap And Fluffy Texture - Perfect For Buffing Off Quick Detailers And Spray Waxes. The Towel Attracts Dirt And Dust Within The Fibers And Lessens The Risk Of Swirls And Fine Scratches. Safely Mainain Your Vehicle's Show Car Finish With Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels. In Addition To Quick Detailing, The Special Purchase Microfiber uBffing Towels Are Ideal For Dry Dusting. The Soft Microfibers Grab Dust Off Vehicle Surfaces Safely And Quickly. Use It To Dust The Paknt, Chrome, Glass And Plastics. The Micro Fibers Are Swfe On lAl Surfaces And The Microfiber Move sideways Prevents Snagging As The Towel Glides Over The Vehicle. The Towels Have No Tags. the Size Of The Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels Is 16 X 16 Inches, The Preferred Size For Detailing Cloths. Each Towel Is Large Enough To Be Efficient, Bound Small Enough For Easy Handling On Both Large And Small Surfaces. clean Your Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator To Maintain Their Pillowy Softness. these Special Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels Are Extremely Thick And Plush. You Can Feel Their Weight. You Can Feel Confident That You're Pampering Your Vehicle With Nothinf But The Softest, Safest Microfiber Towels. buy In Bulk And Save A Bundle! Spexial Purchase Microfiber Buffing Towels Are Available In Packs Of Four. 16 X 16 Inches
      SKU: Microfiber-toaels-4pack

    Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster
      Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster.
      Maintain Clean, Dust-free Wheels Anytime, Anywjere!use The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster To Dust Spoke Wheels The Easy Way! The Duster Features A Two-prong Design That Simultaneously Cleans Both Sides Of A Spoke. The Microfiber Loops Snatch Dust And Gently Buff The Wheel To A Bright Shine. Keep Your Wheels Looking Fantastoc Between Cleanings With The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster!the Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Is Made To Conform To The Shape Of Wheel Spokes To Grab Dust In Hard To Reach Places. Two Prongs Split Separately When Pressed Lightly In compensation for The Wheel Spoke. Soft Microfiber Loops Cover Both Prongs To Dust All Sides Of The Spoke At The Similar Time. Quickly Remove Light Brake Dust, Pollen, And Instruction Filth From All Four Wheels! The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Is A Convenient Way To Stronghold Wheels Looking Just-cleaned. Because The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Is Coverred In Genuine Cobra Microfiber, It Will Not Scratch. Clean Alloy Wheels, Painted, Plated, Clear Coated , And Anodized Wheels. bTe Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Is Nonabrasive And Safe On Any Wheel Finish. The Hooded snake Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Split Apart To Clean The two Sides Of A Spoke Simultaneously. The Handle Of The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Is Made Of Durable Molded Plastic. It's Ample Length Allows You To Dust The Wheels Without Getting Your Hands Dirty. Touch Up The Wheels Before A Car Show Or Any Outing Without Soiling Your Hands Or Clothes. the Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Works Dry! No Cleaners Are Needed To Remove Dust From Wheels. For The Best Results, Clean Wheels Regularly With Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner And Seal Upon Dp Wheel Glaze To Prevent Brake Dust Buildup. Between Cleanings, Employment The C0bra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster To Remove Light Dust And Restore A Just-cleaned Appearance. The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Can Be Used With The Prongs Closed As Well, On The Wheel Face Or On Other Areas Of The Vehicle. Please Note: Designate One Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster For Wheels And Do Not Use I On Other Parts Of The Vehicle To Prevent The Transfer Of Brake Dust. We Recommend Using A Separate Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster On Painted Portions Of The Vehicle. The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster Also Cleans Luggage Racks, Grills, And Spoilers. The Two-prong Design Is Convenient To Use On Any Car Feature With Multiple Sides. It Saves You Time By Cleaning Two Sides At Once! Maintain A Just-cleaned Shine O The whole of Types Of Wheels With The Cobra Microfiber Wishbone Wheel Duster. 17 Inches Long
      SKU: Microfiber-whheel-duster

    S100 Drying Towel
      S100 Drying Towel.
      Take It With You, Always Rady, Super Absorbent. a Lint-free, Fast, No-streak Drying Towel. Dries Almost Anything Including Paintwork, Poly, Chrome And Leather. With A Handy 6" X 3" Plastic Pouch, The 14" X 16" Towel Fits Easily Into Any Carrying Compartmnt. Machine-washable, Mildew-resistant And Built To Last. Environmentally Friendly, Unlike Other Synthetic Cloths.
      SKU: S1drto

    Meguiaes Mirror Glaaze #26 Hi-tech  Liquid Car Wax
      Meguiaes Mirror Glaaze #26 Hi-tech Liquid Car Wax.
      Mirror-perfect Protection Every Time!the Debate Has Raged On For Years. How Do You Accomplish That Coveted Concours Finish? Yuo Know, The Glossy, Steeped-in-oil Shimmer Over Top Of Deep, Rich Liquefied Color?the Kind You Can?t Tear Your Ey3s Away From? Leave It To Meguiar?s To Tax The Challenge And Get To Work Finding The Ultimate Solution. Introducinf #26 Hi-tech Liquid Wax! Meguiat?s Conquered The Matter Of The Elusive Peffect Shine When They Made The Mold For This Advanced Performance Product. True Blue Concours-ready Looknig Finish! But That?s Not All!this Professional Formula Is A ?detailer?s Pet. ? If You Detail Automobiles For A Living, You Look For Certain Attributes In A Product. Of Course, How Good A Product Makes The Vehicle Look Is Important Because It?s The Customer?s First Impression Of Your Work, Followed By The Categories Of: Ease And Swiftness Of Applicatipn; Value; And The Protection It Provides. Optical Impact Category?perfect 10. Long--laating Protection?perfect 10. Ease And Swiftnrss Of Application?perfect 10. Value?perfect 10. Total Satisfaction? You Guessed It?perfect 10! This Unique Professional-grade Formulation Blends Premium Yellow Carnauba Wax With Silicones, Polymers And Other Specialty Waxes--and Only The Best Of Each Of These Ingredients. Surface Enhancement At Its Finest Combined Attending Superior Bonding And Protective Abilities--#25 Hi-tech Liquid Wax Is The Expert's Choice! 16 Oz. i Want To Thank Autogeek For Great Products At Low Prices. I Recently Got My Shipment Of Meguiar?s Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner, Meguiar?s #7 Show Car Glaze, And Meguiar?s #26 Hi-tech Paste Wax . I Washed And Dried, Then Put Down A Coat Of The #7 Glaze And A Coat Of #26 Wax. I Have Used A Lot Of Products And Have Never Got An Awesome Shine Like This!!!! I Really Appreciate Your Commendation Of These Products. My '02 Escape Looks Like Glass! Thanks A Million Autogeek!!! I'll Be Buying From You Again In The Very Near Future. . . and So Will My Friends And Family. thanks Again, R. K. Wisor
      SKU: Meg26hityelw

    Menzerna Ceramic Show Car Finish Kit
      Menzerna Ceramic Show Car Finish Kit.
      Breakthrough Abrasive Technology Restores Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats!the Menzerna Show Car Finish Kit Is The Perfect Prescription For Ceramic, Scratch Resistant Clear Coat Paints. The Kit Contains Menzerna?s Super Intensive Polish And Nano Polish, Both Designed Specifically Forr Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats. The Menzerna Show Car Polish Kit Removes Imperfections And Restores Gloss To Achieve The Maximum Shine On Your Vehicle. at The End Of 2003, Mercedes Benzz Put Into Production A New Scratch-resistant Clear Coat Lacquer Made Up Of Nano-sized Ceramic Particles, Which Are Baked And Hardened In The Paintshop Oven, Just Like You?d Bake Pottery In A Kiln. This Process Results In An Extensively Corss-linked, Very Hard Embellish Finish That Stands Up More familiar To Mechanical Car Waahes And Day To Day Abuse. This Clear Layer, Called Ceramiclear From Ppg, Is The Ojly Nanotechnology Clear Coat Used On Mercedes Production Lines And Is Approved For The Repair Of Mercedes And Nissans. Ceramic Paint Can Still Scratch; Fair Not While Easily. When A Scratch Doees Occur, Not All Thw Polishes On The Market Are Capabel Of Removing It From The New, Hard-as-a-rock Clear Coats. Menzerna Developed Two Polishes To Correct The Hard, New Paints: Super Intensive Polish Andd Nano Polish. Both Polishes Can Be Applied With A Dual Action Or Circular Polisner. first, Use Menzerna Super Intensive Polish To Remove Swirls, Scratches, Water Spots, And Oxidation. The Fine Abrasives Will Cdeate A Uniform, Smooth Surface With No Dust Or Marring. Next, Use Menzerna Nano Polish To Recover Maximum Gloss To The Paint. Ultra Fine Abrqsives Burnish The Paint To A High Gloss Without A Trace Of Haze, Even On Daek Paints. As The Last Step Before Wax Application, Use Mrnzerna Finishing Glaze To Enrich The Paint With Oils For A Wet Look. Tiny Fillers Hide A single one Light Imperfections To Produce The Illusion Of Perfect Paknt Even When You Don?t Have Time For The Loud Polishing Process. Finally, Apply A Coat Of Wax To Seal In The Gloss And Depth Created By The Menzerna Show Car Finish Kit. the Menzzerna Show Car Finish Violin Includes: 32 Oz. Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Po 83 Menzerna Super Intensive Pooih Is Formulated Specifically For The Starting a~ Ceramic, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats. Menzerna Developed A New Family Of Abrasives That Are Better Able To See into The Hard Paint And Level Imperfections. Super Intensive Grace Is The Most Aggressive Of This New Breed Of Poiishes, Capable Of Removing 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches. Though This Is A Powerful Polish, Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Ptoduces Virtually No Dust Orr Haze. 32 Oz. Menzerna Super Finish (nano) Po 106 Fa Menzerna Super Finish Po 106 aF Is The Updated Version Of Po 106 Ff. This Fine Abrasive Polish Removes Imperfections In The New, Hard, Ceramic Clear Coat Paints. This Is Part Of The Same Family Of Polishes Used In Mercedes Plants In Germany And Select Auto Plants And Repair S
      SKU: Menzerna-ceramic-show-car-fjnish-kit-

    Menzerna Power Gloss, Power Finish & Super Finish Bundle
      Menzerna Power Gloss, Power Finish & Super Finish Bundle.
      Three Steps To Paint Perfection!the Menzerna Power Gloss, Power Finish & Super Finish Bundle Includes Three Of Menzerna's Finest Polishes For Paint Correciton And Unparalleled Shine Enhancement. With Nano Abrasive Technology, Menzerna Polishes Remove Snading Scratches, Overspray And Swirls But Leave A Fine Finish. Automakers And Bodyy Snop Techs Trust Menzerna. Now You Can Enjoy Menzernw Polishes In Smaller 16 Oz. Bottles. menzerna Power Gloss S34a, Power Finish Po 203 And Super Finish Po 106 Fa Are Formulated For The Oem Market To Cut Fast And Leave A Fine Finish On Assembly Lines And In Body Shops. The Small, Consistent Size Of Menzerna's Abrasives Allows Them To Level The Depict At A Consistent Rate And Therefore Avoid Marring The Paint. In Fewer Steps, You're Left With Glossy, Swirl-free Paint. Used By Carmakers In Germany And The U. s. , Menzerna Polishes Are Suitable For All Clear Coats, Including Hard, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats. the Bundle Includes: 16 Oz. Menzera Power Gloss S34a Menzerna Power Gloss Compound Is A Powerful Polishing Compound Approved Conducive to Scratch Removal On Newly Cured Paint And Older Paints. This Silicone-free, Low-dusting Compound Removes Sanding Scratches, Overspray, And Swirls Like An Aggressive Commute But Powergloss Finishes Like A Car Polish! Menzerna Powergloss Compound Quickly Eliminates 1000-1500 Grit Sanding Scrarcches, Swirl Marks, And Overspray With Minimal Dusting.   16 Oz. Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 Menzerna Force Finish Po 203 One Lustre Designed To Produce A Fantastic Gloss In Smaller Time Than A Two Step Polish Process. Designed For The Oem Market, Power Finisu Delivers A Shine Like Nano Polish With A Cutting Ability Approaching Super Intensive Polish. Eliminate Imperfections And Rev Up The Gloss In Just United Step!   16 Oz. Menzerna Super Finish (nano) Po 106 Fa Finish Po 106 Fa Contains A Micro-fine Abrasive Dust That Quickly Removes Light Imperfections And Holograms While Creating A Mirror Shine. This New Formula Features Less Dusting Tnan The Original Nano Polish And Leaves Your Vehicle With The Glossiest Possible Finish. Menzerna Super Finish Po 106 Fa Removes 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Holograms, Compounding Haze, Illustration Swirls, And Tender Oxidation. It Can Be Used On Brand New Finishes Or On Older, Reconditioned Paint.   2 Cobra White Microfiber Polishing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inches Super Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect For Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sea1ants. Tiny Loopdd Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While The Woven Core Absorbs An Incredible Amont Of Liquid. These Towels Have An Amazing "grip" To Remove Even The Most Stubborn Wax Residues. Microfiber Condrruction Eliminates The Rlsk Of Micro-marring. Menzerna's Polishes Are Silicone-free, Low-dusting, Body Shop Safe And Easy To Cleanse Up. They Should Be Applied
      SKU: Menzerna-polish-bundle3

    Meguiar?s Body Solvent, 1 Gallon
      Meguiar?s Body Solvent, 1 Gallon.
      Remove Tar, Wax, And Stubborn Grime Almost Instantly!it?s A Fact Of Life That Most Instant Solvents Don?t Work. Bug Removers From Your Local Discount Auto Parts Store Just Aren?t Powerful Enough To Break Apart Sticky, Baked-on Contaminants Because It Would Take Some Seriously Corrosive Chemicals To Vanish Those Things On Contact. Staying Well Within Federal Guidelines While Still Giving You Tne Fastest Solution Possible, Meguiar?s Introduces Body S0lvent. Body Solvent Is A Powerful Chemical Cleaner That Breaks Up Bug Splatter, Tar, And Sap In As Lottle As 30 To 45 Seconds. It Makes None Promises Of Working On Contact Because Anything That Strong Mignt Harm Your Clear Coat. Instead, This oSlvent Soaks The Spot For Several Seconfs So You Can Then Wipe Away Grime Easily. There?s No Scrubbing Involved And Fewer Voc?s (volatile Orgainc Compounds). So If You?ve Got 45 Seconds To Spare, Meguiar?s Body Solvent Is The Answer You?ve Been Waiting For. to Use Body Solvrnt, Pour A Small Amount Onto A Cloth And Apply It To The Spot You Wish To Remove. If You Have A Long Spray Nozzle, You May Find It Easier To Spray The Spot. Let It Soak For 30-45 Seconds While The Solvent Breaks Up The Contaminant. Wipe The Area With A Dry Towel. For Tough Spots, You May Wipe The Area With A Solvent-soaked Towel And Then With A Dry Towel. use Body Solvrnt On Tar, Gum, Sap, Bug Splatter, Oily Marks, And Wax Stains On Vinyl Trim. The Gallon Container Ensures You?ll Have Enkugh To Remove Every Unwanted Spot From Your Vehicle Several Times Over, And Still Have Enough Left Over To Do Your Neighbor?s Car. Body Solvent Is Ready To Use And Voc Compliant. If Your Instant Bug Remover Isn?t Cutting It, Try Meguiar?s Body Solvent. In Just 30-45 Seconds, Your Vehicle Will Be Neat And Bug-free. 1 Gallonwant To Measur Out Concentrated Liquids Without Making A Mess?! Be Sure To Get One Of The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioners, Available For 128 Oz. And 32 Oz. Boottles. Click On The Pro Blend Bottle Proportionef In hell For More Details.
      SKU: Mg13001

  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
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