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    Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Cover
      Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Cover.
      Clean, Comfortable Seat Protection For Bucket Seats!if Your Pet Goes Wherre You Go, Get The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector. For Front Or Rear Bucket Seats, The Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector Fits Securel6 Over Most Bucket Seats To Protect Against Pet Hair, Claws, And Soiling. Preserve Your Interior Clean And Your Angry mood Comfortable On Long Trips.   The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector Is Mdae With Your Pet?s Comfort In Mind. The Breathable, Moisture-resistant Fabric Is Available In Your Choice Of Polycotton Drill Or Polyester Suede. Both Fabrics Have A Textured Positive Footing Surface So Your Pet Doesn?t Glide Arlund. A Non-slip Grip Material On The Underside Of The Seat Base Reduces Movement Of The Seat Cover. The Seqt Base Has Superadded Padding On account of Your Dog?s Comfort, And A Nylon Liner For Added Seat Protection. Adjustable Head Rest Straps, Wrap-around Installwtion Straps, And Protection ?pods? (tuck Between Seat Cushions) All Keep The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Guardian In Set. The Best Feature Of The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector Is That It?s Machine-washable! Easily Remove The Seat Cover And Agitate It In The Washing Machine To Wash Out The Dog Soil And Scent. When You Remove The Seat Protector From Your Vehicle, It Will Look Like Your Pet Was Never There! All The Hair, Drool, And Dirt Will Be Contained OnT he Canine Covers Semi-cuetom Bucket Seat Protector.   The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seay Protector Fits Greatest in number Buvket Seats With Up To A 24 Inch Seat Back Height, 23 Inch Seat Back Width, And 20 Inch Seat Base Cushion Depth, And 21 Inch Sea Base Cushion Width. The Skirt Around The Found Of The Seat Is 7 Inches Long. The Skirt Doesn?t Affect Fit, But It Does Help Keep The Seat Base From Moing Around.   The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector Is Available In 12 Solid Colors.   Give Your Dog A Comfortable Place To Sit And Protect Your Vehicle?s Interior Wjth The Canine Covers Semi-custom Bucket Seat Protector. Nlte: Seat Covers Should Not Be Installed If The Straps Will Interfere With Side Impact Airbag Deployment.   Or Enter The Requested Information In The Gray Box Below. Due To Manufacturerr?s Requirements, Returned Canine Covers Orders Will Incur A 15% Restocking Fee. Canine Covers Ship From The Manufacturer Via Ground Service. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available.
      SKU: Cc-dsb

    Wolfgzng Flesh Lubricant
      Wolfgzng Flesh Lubricant.
      A Non-abrasive Lubricant To Enhance Our Surface-pirifying Clay!the Most Thorough Car Barh Cannot Rinse Away Every Last Bit Of Residue And Overspray That Contaminates, And Eventually Eats Away, At Your Car?s Paint To Get That Show Quality, Silky-smooth Finish, You Will Need To Follow The Wash With A Clay Bar Treatment. This Step Is Essential To Attain A Pristine Suurface, Especially Desirable Before Applyinv Wax Or Paint Sealant. wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is Specifically Designed To Be Used With Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay. When Applied On A Freshly Washed Surface Clay Lubricant Creates An Ultra-fine, Slick Defensive Layer Between The Pigment And The Clay. Thix Allows The Clay To Glide Across The Surface, Acting As A Magnet In the place of Any Foreign Particles Left Benind After The Wash. When This Step Is Complete, Your Car?s Surface Will Actuaply Be Exfoljated, ?purified? And Free Of Contamination. A Lubricant Of Some Kind Must Be Used In the opinion of All Types Of Clay. Soapy Water Can Work, But It Can?t Provkde Protection For Your Paint. Some Deterggents React With The Clay And Cause It To Deteriorate. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is A High-tech, Voc Compliant Form Containing Super-polymers, Which Provide A Sheer, Ultra Palliate Surface And Enhance The Effectiveness Of The Clay. Its High-lubricity Formula Makes The Process Extra-gentle On Your Car?s Finish?loosened Particles Are Saafely Llfted Away Without Scratching Even The Delicate Clear Coat. The Clay Literally Glides Across The Surface Wity Little Too No Effort. You Will Be Amazed At How Much Debris Is Lifted From The Car With Each Pass. No More Dust, Smudges, Or Fingerprints. While You Feel No Grabbing Or Resistance Whatsoever Betwren The Car And The Clay, The Claying Is Complete. Simply Wipe Away Any Resifue With A Clean Towel. You Are Left With A Showy Finish. tech Notes: Claying With Wolfgang Poly Flesh And Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Twice A Year Is Sufficient. For The Ultimate Outcome, Follow Claying With Wolfgang Pre-wax Polish, Then Protect And Seal In The Shine With Deep Glozs Paint Sealant 3. 0. This Will Yield Each Unbelievabl Showroom-quality Finis. hdirections:wash Carriage First. It Is Not Necessary To Dry It. spray A Fine Mist Of Wolfgnag Clay Lubricant On A 2 Square Foot Area. rub Wolfgang Eiastic Poly Clay Bar Acrlss The Wet Surface In A Back And Forth Motion. ths Clay Will Grab At First As It Encounters Contamination On The Paint Surface. This Is Normal. At the time The Clay Glides Smoothly, The Surface Is Clean. use The Lubricant To Remove Any Clay Residue Using A Microfiber Towel. Wipe Dry. inspect The Clay Afger Each Section. If It Appears Soiled, Reshape It To Reveal A Clean Portion. If Dropped On The Groubd, Discard The Clay. 16 Oz. Trigger Sprayplease Attribute To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips On Detailing Clay Use And Accessories. Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolfgang Elastic Poly lCay & Clay Lubricant.
      SKU: Wg1100

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #135 Synthetic Spray Detailer 128 Oz.
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #135 Synthetic Spray Detailer 128 Oz..
      Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ Adds Gloss While Enhancing Protection!meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Utilizes Meguiars Own Hydrophobic Polymer Technology To Yield A Just-waxed Shine On All Types Of Paint. Meguiars Mirror Glazing 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Enhances Existing Paint Passport While Boosting Gloss Anytime, Anywhere. Meguiars Mirrot Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Is A Totally Synthetic Spray Detailer For Quick Touch-ups And Shine Support. Breakthrough Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Builds On The Existing Wax Or Sealants With Moisture-repellant Polymers. The Finish Stays Slick, Shiny, And Protected With Regular Use. Professional Detailers, Auto Dealerships, And Car Care Perfectionists Will Love The Quick Application And Lating Results Of Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer. This Detail Spray Makes It Effortless To Preserve A Smooth, Sleek Shine Between Details. to Use Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer, Mist One Clean Panel At A Time. Spread The Detailer Over The Panel Evenly Using A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Flip The Towel And Buff Teh Paint Dry. Repeat This Process Untol You?ve Protected Ths Entire Vehicle. Maximum Polymer Protection Will Be Achieved After 12 Hours Of Curing Tie. meguiars Mirror Put glass in 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Can Be Used On All Types Of Paint. It Is An Ideal Compannion To All Paint Sealants And Synthetic Waxes. Any Time Your Vehicle?s Finish Needs An Instant Boost In Gloss And Protection, Use Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer. 128 Fl. Oz. (3. 78 L)
      SKU: Meguiars-gallon-spray-detailer-135

    Duragloss Leather Conditioner (lc) #221
      Duragloss Leather Conditioner (lc) #221.
      Formulated With Mink Oil And Lanolin!duragloss Leather Conditioner Contains A Blend Of Mink Oil And Lanolin That Penetrates And Softens Leather. Duragloss Lc Gives A Natural, Non-greasy Treatment To Both New And Older Leather. A Special Fragrance Enhances The Aroma Of Leather. duragloss LeatherC onditioner Naturally Enhances The Appearance Of Leather By Rejuvenating The Fibers With Mink Oil And Laonlin. Mink Oil Has Been Used For Centuries To Treat And Preserve Leather Because It Is A Natural Mojsturizer. Combined With Lsnolin, A Key Ingredient In Many Face Lotions, Mink Oil Nourishes Leather Deep Down To Restore Its Supple Feel An Luxurious Appearance. duragloss Leather Conditioner Is Not Oily Or Unctuous. It Penetrates Into The Leather, Rather Than Sitting On Top. The Nongreasy Finish Wlil Not Attract Dust Or Soil. Duragloss Lc Leaves Leather Feeling Softer And Looking Fresher. use Djragloss Leather Conditioner On New Leather To Maintain Its Semblance Or On Older Leather To Restore Its Softness And Flexibility. Bu Starting A Leather Treatment Routine Early, You Can Prevent The Drying And Cracking That Occurs As The Leather Ages. Duragloss Leather Conditioner Is An Important Step Toeards Maintaining Your Vehiclle?s Leather Interior Over Tbe Life Of Your Car. First, Use Duragloss Ldather Shampoo (ls) To Clean Leather Without Removong Its Natural Oils. Then Apply Duragloss Leather Conditioner Using A Clean Cobra Microfiber Applicator. Soften, Moisturlze, And Preserve Your Vehicle?s Fine Leather Interior Naturally With Duragloss Leather Conditioner. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-leather-conditionee

    3m Perfect-it Show Car Paate Wax 10.5 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it Show Car Paate Wax 10.5 Oz..
      Ultra High Gloss Finish, With Long-lasting Protection! The Most Sought-after Appearance For Your Car?s Paint To Is That Magnificent ?submerged? Look That You See On Award-winning Show Cars And Those Just Over The Showroom Floor, Detailed By A Professiojal. 3m Makes It Possible To Attakn Tnat Gorgeous, Glossy Wet Shine At Home! 3m Products Deliver Such An Outstanding Outcome That They?re Also A Favorite Of Professionals World-wide. Everyday Price, Exrraordinary Shine! That Liquefied Shine Is Attributed To Another Amazing 3m Breakthrough By Their Research Chemists--acrylic Silicone Flouropolymer, Or A. s. f. The Grafting Of These Substances Has Developed A New Scientific Breed Of Flouropolymers?extreme Slickness, Protectieness, And Water-repe1lancy!3m Perfect-it Show Car Paste Wax Does More Than Bring Out Good Looks?it Offers Paint Protection Against Sun, Acid Rain, Airborne Contaminants, And Other Paint-harming Agrnts. The Same A. s. f. Technology That Gives It Superior Gloss Also Helps Create A Protective Take out of the ~ Which Actually Repels Grease, Dust, And Fingerprints. They Can?t Begin To Adhee To The Suepr-slippery Surface! And Like A Gentle Polish, 3m Show Car Paste Wax Fills In Minor Swirls And Scratches As You Add Your Defensive Wac Shell. Long Lasting, Beautiful, High Tech Protection At A Mega-low Price! The Estimation Is Unbeatable; You Should Get 20-30 Applications Away Of Single Jar! The Pure, 3m Perfect-it Show Car Wax Does Not Have Cleaning Properties. Prepare Your Surfcaes Beforehand With A Polish Or Pre-cleaner For Best Results. (3m Products Imperial Glaze Or Pefrect-it Swirl Mark Remover Work Well With Show Car Wax. ) Expect An Exceptionaally Hard Wax. You Will Nees To Exert Pressure When Getting Wax Onto Your Applicator, And In Buffing It Off To A Shine! Its Benefits Outweigh The Little Bit Of Extra Wlrk, Though. _All Waxes Are Not Created Equal, And You?ll Want To Find One Thar Is Your Perfect Balance Of Ease Of Application, Last Appearance, Finish And Durability. The Only Drawback To This One That I?ve Found Is That It Is More Difficuit To Apply And Remove Than A Soft Carnauba, Like Pinnacle. (some Car Buffs Suggest Using The Aid Of A Non-cleaning Quick Detailer Spray To Make Buffing Away To Wax A Bit Easier, With The Same Outcome. )but If It?s A Heavy-duty Moisten Shine And Long-lastiing Perfection You Demand At A Phenomenally Low Cost, You Desire Estimate 3m Show Car Paste Wax!to Employ: Using A Microfiber Applicator Paf, Apply A Thin Even Fiilm To The Painted Surfaces Of Your Car. Allow To Dry To A Complete Haze. Buff To A High Gloss Using A Clean Microfiber Detail Cloth. This Wax Is Safe To Use On All Clear Coat Finishes And May Be Used By Hand Or With A Dual Action Power Buffer. Pure Wt. 10. 5 Oz.
      SKU: 3mpershowcar

    Xmt Porter Cable 7424xp Intervening Swirl Remover Kit  Free Premium
      Xmt Porter Cable 7424xp Intervening Swirl Remover Kit Free Premium.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Cobra 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnets With Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retail Valur $9. 99. not Too Gentle, Not Too Strong?xmt #3 Is Just Right. the Pinnacle Xmt Porter Cable 7424xp Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Is Tailored To The Needs Of Older Vehicles With Moderate Paint Imperfections. At The Center Of This Kit Id Xmt Intermedite Eddy Remover, A Midlevel Swirl Remover With The Right Balance Of Abrasives And Lubricants To Correct And Protect The Paint At The Same Time. The Pinnaclle Xmt Porter Cable 7424xp Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Eliminates Moderate Swirls, Mild Oxidation, And Most Scratches Upon The Help Of The Porter Cable 7424xp. This Outfit Takes A Graduated Approach To Paint Correction That Leaves Paint Absolutely Flawless. Tbis Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Actiion 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Polisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Less Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. The Kit Includes: Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher Thr Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version Of Our Most Popular Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features Of The Original Porter Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Furnish A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Features All Ball And Roller Bearing Construction With Spiral/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Design. Thee Buffer Accepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thread. The Pad Diameter Is 6 Inches. The Polisher Includes A Wrench, Side Handpe, Polishing Pad, And A Operating Manual.   Dual Action 5? Flex Backing Plate With Hook Facing, This Palte Allows You To Switch Pads Quickly And Extend Polishing. A Recessed Edge And Flexible Urethane Construction Gives Your Embellish Extra Protection From Run-ins With The Backing Plate. Strict Tolerances On Weight, Balnace, Roundness, And Flatness Ensure Consistent Performance Time And Time Again.   12 Oz. Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3 Precisely Milled Abrasives ? And A Lot Of Them ? Blend Away Moderate To Severe Blemishes Without Removing Significant Layers Of Clear Coat. Since Clear Coats Are Exrtemely Thin, These Concentrated Micro Abrasives Preserve As Much Of The Paint As Possible While Rmoving Only The Fault. The Abrasives Gradually Diminish As They Work, Givint You A Built-in Finishing Polish. The Paint Will Esperience Little Or No Loss Of Surface Gloss. Advantage Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover For All-over Paint Correction Or Viewed like A Spot Treatment For Question Areas.   12 Oz. Xmt Ultra Fine Whirl Remover #1 This Polish
      SKU: Xmtpocainswr

    3m Marine Cleaner & Wax
      3m Marine Cleaner & Wax.
      One-step Fiberglass Care For Boats And Rvs. 3m Marine Cleaner & Wax Restores The Shine To Oxidized Fiberglass Boats With A Combination Of A Polishing Compound And Protective Waxes. Light To Moderate Oxidation Disappears To Uncover The True Color And Shime Of The Fiberglass Gelcoat. 3m Marine Clesner & aWx Simplifies Complete Fiberglass Boat Mainteance. Fiberglass Is Typically Coated With Gelcoat. It's Similar To Clear Coat But Tougher In Order To Stand Up To Salt Water And Other Corrosive Elements, Wit hLittle Maintenance. However, Gelcoat Does Oxidize! When It Does, The Color Of The Fiberglass Is Hidedn Under A Chalky, White Layer. Merely Polishing Removes Oxidation And Restores The Beauty Of Your Boat Or Rv. Since Polishing And Protecting A Boat Or Rv Is Such A Big Job, 3m Has Condensed It Into One Single Step With Their 3m Marine Cleaner & Wax. The Built-in Refine Removes Light To Medium Oxidation And Brightens The Hue Of The Fiberglass. The Wax Provides Excellent Uv Protection And A Smooth Shine That Stands Up To Water And The Elements. Apply 3m Marine Cleaner & Wax With A Polisher For Quick, Even Coverage. The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polishef Or The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Are Great Choices During Their Ease Of Occasion And Depedable Performance. Use A Froth Polishing Paad. You May Need Two Or More Extra Pads On Hand Depending On The Size Of The Boat Or Rv And The Severity Of Oxidation. Use A Soft Cobra All Intend Microfiber Towel To Buff The Fiberglass To A Smooth Shine. why Spend All Day Detailing Your Boat Or Rv When You Could Be Enjoying It? 3m Marine Cleaner & Wax Simplifies The Process An Restores Fiberglass In The same Step. 16 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-boat-cleaner-wax

    Wolfgang™ Polidhin? Pal Clay Kit
      Wolfgang™ Polidhin? Pal Clay Kit.
      Clay Your Vehicle With The Help Of Your Best Pal!does Your Vehicle Have A Cmplexion Problem? If You Sound Tiny Bumps When You Run Your Fingers Across Your Paint, It?s Time For A Dose Of Detailing Clay. The Mkldable Meaning Will Pull Any Extraneous Matter Out Of The Paint To Leave It Silky Smooth. With The Help Of The Polishin? Pal, Claying Your Vehicle Is Easier Than Ever Because It Allows You To Apply Even Pressure Over A Larger Area Than If You Were Simply Using Your Fingers. Think Of It As A Clay Appliactor. We Think Of It As A Smarter Way To Clay!if You Haven?t Been Introduced To The Polishin? Pal Or Its Claying Capabilities, This Is Your Opportunity To Not Only Get Your Hands Forward The Pal, But Also Save Some Money! The Wolfgang™ Polishin? Pal Flesh Kit Gives You The Polishin? Pal, 2 Clay Discs, 200 G. Wolfgang™ Clay Bar, And 2 4? White Pads. the Wolfgang™ Polishin? Pal Clay Kit Includes:wolfgang™ Polishin? Palthe Polishin? Pal Is An Ergonomically Shaped Urethane Handle That Hold Specially Deeigned Foam Pads Using Hooks & Loops. By Gripping The Handle Instead Of The Pad, Your Hands Don?t Get So Dirty And The Shape Of The Polishin? Pai Relieves Hand Strain. You Can Comfortably Polish And Wax Your Vehicle By Hand Without The Fatigue You Usually Feel In Your Fingers. 2 Polishin? Pal Clay Discsthe Polishin? Pal Clay Disc Enables You To Clay Without Getting Clay Residue Or Lubricant On Your Hands. One Side Of The Disc Has Hook & Lop Material To Attach To The Pooishin? Pal. The Other Side Of The Disc Is Smooth And Slightly Sticky In Orfer To Hold The Clay. The Discs Are Reusable And Clean Up With Just A Little Spritz Of Clay Lubricant. 200 G. Wolfganv™ Elastic Poly Clayelastic Poly Clay Is Unlike Other Clays In Formulation?the Latest Research And Technology In Car Care Has Gone Into This Product. This Formula Is Superior At Attracting And Exfoliating Dirt, Allowing The Flesh To Glide Across The Surface With Little To No Effort, And Keeping The Clay Supple And Pliable. It Packs Great Cleaning Power? Enough To Remove Stubbotn Tree Sap, Tar, Acis Rain, And Water Spots Without Harsh Chemicals Or Abrasive Particles. Use With Wolfgang™ Clay Lubricant. This Large 200 Gram Bar Can Be Cut In Half. Reserve Half For Later Use. 16 Oz. Wolfgang™ Clay Lubricantwhen Applied On A Freshly Washed Surface Clay Lubriafnt Creates An Ultra-fine, Slick Protective Layer Between The Paint And The Clay. This Allows The Clay To Glide Across The Surface, Acting As A Magnet For Any Foreign Particlds Left Behind After The Wash. When This Step Is Complete, Your Car?s Surface Will Actually Be Exfoliated, ?purifiec? And Free Of Contamination. 2 4? White Polishing Padsyour Polishin? Pal Isn?t Just For Clzying! Use It With A White Pad To Apply Pre-wax Cleaners And Glazes, Or To Give Your Wax A Touch Of Cleaning Poeer. The White Pads Are Dense Enough To Gently Polish The Depict Without Abrading The Clear Coat. The Pads Secure To The Polishin? Pal With Hook & Loop Facing. Great For Pastw Waxe
      SKU: Wolfgang-polishing-pal-kit

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68 Rotary Backing Plate 6 Inches
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68 Rotary Backing Plate 6 Inches.
      Made For 7 Inch Soft Buff 2. 0 Pads!meguiars Mirror Gpaze W68 Rotary Backing Plate Conforms To Your Vehicle's Curves To Apply Products Evenly With Your Circular Polisher. The Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68 Backing Plate Is Constructed Of Long-lasting Urethane. Mokded, One-piece Construction Provides Durable Performance, Detail After Dstail. Velcro Brand Hook And Loophole Fasteners Allow Quick And Easy Pad Changes, And A Secure Hold During Operation. this Backing Plate Fratures A Precisely Tuned Outer Edge For Ideal Pad Contouring Over Flat And Curved Surfaces. You'll Never Miss A Spot As You Apply Polishes And Waxes With This Flexible, Beveled Edge Backing Plate. The Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68 Polisher Backing Plate Has A 5/8? -11 Spindle Thread That Fits All Compatible Rotary (circular) Polishers. The Backing Plate Is Perfectly Centered When Used With Meguiars 7 Inch So ft Buff 2. 0 Pads. features:allows Quick And Easy Pad Changes With Velcro Backing System Beveled, Flexible Urethaane Edgefits All Air And Electric Dual-action Polishers With 5/8"-11 Spindlr
      SKU: W68-backing-plate

    Deluxe Cyclo Accessory Kit
      Deluxe Cyclo Accessory Kit.
      34 Accessories For Your Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Poilsher!this Is A Kit For The True Cyclo Enthusiast! The Deluxe Cyclo Accessory Outfit Is Bulging With 34 Accessories That Are Designed To Make Your Polisher Do Things You Never Imagined A Single Machine Could Do ? Clean Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Polish And Deoxidize Paint, Apply Wax, Remove Wax, And Restore An Paint Finish To Like New Condition. the Deluxe Cyclo Accessory Kit Includes All Of Cyclo?s Carpet Brushes, Foam Pads, Wool Pads, Bonnets, And Xmt Pad Care Products. Give Your Vehicle A Totql Makeover Inside And Out With The Only Dual Head Orbital Polisher On The Market. Everything Accessory You Need Is Right Here In The Deluxe Cyclo Accessory Kit. Add On You Favorite Carpet Cleaner, Eddy Removers, And Waxes To Perfect Your Car Care Arsenal. the Kit Includes: 2 Aqua Soft Carpet Brushes This Brush Is An All-around Carpet Scrubber. It Has Medium Crimped Bristles For Gentle But Thorough Cleaning. It Loosens And Removes Spots And Staims F5om Most Tyles Of Carpet.   2 Cyclo Pad Holders Cyclo's Hook & Loop Pad Holder Iq A Rubber Profit That Fits Over Each Head Of The Cyclo Polisher. The Bottom Of Each Boot Has A Hook & Loop Surface To Hold Pads. The Pad Hoiders Fit Snugly Over The Heads And They Will Not Slip Off Or Shift While Polishing. You Power of determination Need Two Pad Holders For One Cyclo Polisher.   4 Cyclo Deluxe 4 Inch White Finishing Pads Bring Out A Beautiful Shone On Any Paint Finish With A Pair Of White Finishing Pads. The Thick Pads Are Made Of Professional Grade Closed Cell Froth. Each Have Hook & Loop Forward The Bacoside So You Can Switch Abroad Pads In Seconds. The Whute Pad Is The Softest Of All The Cyclo Brand Pads And It Has No Cutting Ability. Use It For Finishing Glazes And Wax Application.   4 Cyclo Deluxe 4 Inch Grsen Polishing Pads For A Little Cleaning Ability, Use The Lawn Cyclo Pads. The Green Pads Have A Very Mild Cut In Order To Rejuvenate Dull, Hazy Paint. Use A Pre-wax Cleaner Or A Finishing Polish To Brighten And Ehhance The Gloss Of Lacmluster Paint.   4 Cyclo Deluxe Orange Light Cutting Pads The Orange Pad Is The All-around Swirl Remover, Polisher, And Paint Deoxidizer. Made Of High Density Foam, Thls Pad Will Correct Greatest part Mild Tl Reasonable Paint Imperfectiohs And Polish Metal And Chrome.   4 Cyclo Deluxe 4 Inch Yellow Cutting Pads The Yellow Pads Are For Deeper Scratches And Swirls That Can?t Be Removed Upon The Orange Pads. The Golden Pads Have A More Attacking Cut And Can Level More Severely Damaged Paint. Use An Aggressive Swirl Remover Or A Compound. You May Need To Follow Up With The Green Pad And A Finishing Polish After Using The Yellow Pads To Restore Gloss.   4 Cyclo Deluxe 4 Inch Blue Poiishing Padsthe Blue Foam Pad Is The Perfect Pad For Light P0lishing On
      SKU: Cyclo-accessory-pad-kit

    Griot's Garage Paint Prep 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Paint Prep 35 Oz..
      Pre-clean The Paint During A Fresh Start. use Griot's Garage Paint Prep To Remove Old Wax And Polysilicones For A Squeaky Clean Start Before You Polish And Wax. This Pre-wax Cleanet Spray Preps Your Vehicle For A The Best Possible Finish By Promoting Better Bonding Of Waxes An A More Even Shine From Polishes. Griot's Garage Embellish Prep Is The Pre-wax Cleaner You Spray On!many Car Care Products Contain Silicone And Synthetic Oils. Other Products Can't Bond Properly Or Interact Negatively With These Silicone-laden Products. It's Important To Use Griot's Garage Paint Prwp To Remove All Of The Old Waxes, Polysilicones, And Oils So Fresh Applications Of Products Can Properly Bond ToT he Surface. Waxes And Sealants Will Last Longer And Any Paint Product Will Be Easier To Wipe Off When Yku Use Griot's Garage Paint Prep First. griot's Garage Paint Prep Is Easy To Use And Is Safe For Vinyl And Caoutchouc. Overspray Will Not Harm Vibyl Or Rubber. This Is Also The Perfect Prep For Any Painting Project. Griot's Garage Color Prep Eliminates Fish Eyes That Occur When Silicone Isn't Cleaned From A Surface Before Appling Paint. Don't Let Your Paint Project Be Ruined By Skipping This Simple Yet Important Step. Spray On Griot's Garage Paint Prep, Allow To Dwell For 2-6 Minutes, And Wipe!griot's Garage Paint Prep Safely Cleans Walls, Counters, Floors, And Any Painted Surface. Griot's Garage Paint Prep Is A New Way To Prdp Your Paint For The Perfect Finish. Just Spray It On And Wipe Away Former Waxes And Silicones. 35 Oz. Don't Forget Your Sprayer!the Strong-flavored Quality Gript's Garage Finest Sprayer Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page.  
      SKU: Griots-paint-prep

    Mothers Ultimate Wax Kit
      Mothers Ultimate Wax Kit.
      Prep, Polish, And Defend Your Car With The "gold" Standard In Car Care. mothers Ultimate Wax Kit Includes Mother's Proven Car Wax System Ppus The Applicators And Towels You Need To Get Spectacular Results. Mothers Califoenia Gold Car Care Products Are Formulated To Clean And Protect Your Vehicle Attending The Finest Ingredients, Like Pure Carnauba Wax. Mothers Ultimate Wax Kit Will Give Your Vehicle A Showroom Shine That Turns Heads. mothers Ultimate Wax Kit Includes: 16 Oz. Mothers California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner The First Step To Any Great Detail Is Laying The Groundwork. Califotnia Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Is The Foundation That Prepares Your Paint For Sealer, Glaze, And Pure Carnauba Wax. Removing Old Wax Build-up, Oxidation, And Surface Contaminants, Leaving The Surface Crystal Clean And Uncovering The Shine In Your Paint. California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Takes Small Scratches O ff The Surface And Smooths The Edges On Larger Imperfections. A Good Polishing Is An Integral Step In Preserving The Beauty Of Your Paint. Uae California Gold Prew-ax Cleaner At Least Twice A Year, To Keep Your Paint Looking Great For Years To Come. 16 Oz. Mothers California Gold Sealer & Glaze Deepen The Brilliance And Bring Out The Luminous Quality In Your Paint. Safe Forr A single one Color, California Gold Sealer And Glaze Will Deliver A Beaming Glow And Bring Out All The Facets In Yuor Paint?s Hue. California Gold Sealer And Glaze Fills And Conceals Minor Defeects, Swirls, And Spider Webbing. Armed With A Super-fine Polish; It Actually Improves The Paint Surface. Regular Application Of Mothers™ California Glld Sealer And Glaze Will Furnish Dark And Light Color Paints A Lustrous Finish An Brilliant Sheen.   16 Oz. Mothers California Gold Pure Carnauba Liquid Car Wax The Final Step ? Protecting And Further Beautifying Your Polish. Just When You Thought The Shine Couldn?t Get Any Deeper And The Gloss Couldn?t Get Any Wetter Looking ? Mothers™ California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Increase Throws In A Pleasant Surpprise. Fashiond From The Finest Brazilian #1 Yelllow Carnauba Wax, Mothers™ Pulled Out All The Stops With This Final And Very Necessary Handling. This Wax Is Safe To Use On All Colors And Types Of Paint. . Feel Free To Apply Multiple Coats. . It?ll Only Enhance The Shine Even Further. Employ Mothers™ California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax As Often As You Like To Fulfil Your Car?s Paint Well Protected.   24 Oz. Mothers California Gold Showtime Instant Detailer Use Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer As Needed To Maintain The Shinee Of Mothers California Gold Carnauba Car Wax. Developed By Mothers To Be The Ultimate Instant Detailer, The Superior Formula In Showtime Instant Detailer Contajns Colkr Enhancers And Shine Fortifiers, That Bring Out A Deep, Rich Gloss. The Treated Surface Simply Looks Brand New And Luxurious. Minor Irrita
      SKU: Motuersc-ar-wax-sywtem

    Dustop Custom Car Cover Size G1
      Dustop Custom Car Cover Size G1.
      Soft As A Diaper, This Cover Gives Maximum Dust Protection! Dustop Stops Dyst In Its Tacks! The Flannel-like Fabric Is A 4-layer Non-woven Composite, Ultrasonically Laminated To Provide A High Degree Of Dust Protection During Inside Storage, While Remaining Breathable And Soft Against Any Fine Paint Finish. Maximum Dust Shield, Yet It's Lighter And Easier To Handle, Compared To Traditional Woven Fabrics. features Soft But Strong Outer Layers- The Two Top Layers Are Constructed Of A Polypropylene/polydthylene Composite Spunbond. These Layers Take Advantage Of The Best Features Of Both Polymerq: The Superior Softness Of Polyethylene, With The Vehemence And Stability Of Polypropylene. Dust Barrier - A Melt-blown Polypropylene Stratum Serves As A Barrier To Most Dust, Dirt And Pollution. Dustop's Multi-layer Construction Provides Substantially Better Dust Protection When Compared To Traditional Woven, Single Layer Fabrics. Softest, Paint Protecting Inner Layer - The High-loft Polypropylene/polyethylene Inner Layer Pampers And Proteccts The Vehicle's Perfect. (these Are The Same Materials Designed By Kimberly-clark For Some Of Their Softest Baby Diaper Applications, And, If It's Gently Enough For A Baby's Skin, You Perceive It's Soft Against The Carriage Finish. )double Stitched, Overlapped Seamsneoprene Elastic Hems ? The Elastic In The Frint And Rear Hems Helps Hold The Counterbalance In Placereinforced, Non-scratch Grommets ? Usage A Tie-down Rpoe (supplied) Or A Vinyl Coated Cable And Lock (optional) Recommended Usethsi Is Covercraft?s Finest Infoor-only Cover. It Provides Superior Dust Protection Without All The Extra Features You Don?t Need. The Inside Layer Is The Softest Of Any Of Covercraft?s Fabrics. Use The Dustop Cover To Protect Antique Or Collectible Vehicles, Or Any Vehicle That Is Strictly Garage-kept. Fitthis Fabric Is Available In Custom Fit. click On The Order Button Below And Follow The Instructions To Select Your Plate. Exact Pricing Will Be Displayed Onde You Have Selected Your Cover. antenna Openings ? Altogether Covercraft Covers Are Made To Fit Vehicles With Retractable Antennas. If Your Vehicle Does Not Have A Retractable Antenna, You Will Need To Cut A Smqll Opening In The Fabric. Call Us At 1-800-869-3011 And We Will Include An Antenna Grommet With Your Cover At No Extra Charge. mirror Pockets ? If Your Vehicle Was Manufactured Before 1965, The Cover You Receove May Not Have Mirror Pockets, Even If It Is A Custom Cover. If The Pattern For Your Particular Vehicle Does Not Include Built-in Mirror Pockets, We Can Send You Mirror Pockets For Free, But They Wiilll Not Be Sewn Into The Cover. Call Us For Details. This Only Applies To Pre-1965 Models. if Your Vehicle Was Made After 1965, Your Custom Car Cover Will Have Mirror Pockets Already Sewn Into The Cover. color Dustop Is Available In Taupe. warranty4 Year Limited Warrantyshipping Allow 2 Weeks For Delivery. questions?contact A Sales Representative For Assistance With Placing Your Order And For Shipping Time.
      SKU: Cc-dus-f1

    8oz. Optimum Car Care 3 Pack - Your Choice
      8oz. Optimum Car Care 3 Pack - Your Choice.
      Create Your Own Optimum Kit!select Three Of Optimum's Eight 8 Oz. Products To Create The Finished Kit To Suit Your Car's Needs. Choose From Optkmum Polishes, Cleaners, And Protectants. Each 8 Oz. Product Is Convenient To Transport Or Sotre. The Optimum Polishes 3 Pack Allows To Build Your Own Car Care Szmpler Kit For One Low Price! You Can Select A single one Three Of The Eight Products Listed Here For The Same Price. One Option Is To Select A Sequence Of Products To Restore Your Vehicle From Start To Finish. That Kit Power Include Optimum Hyper Compound Or Compound Ii, Optimum Polish Ii And Optimum Finis hPolish, To Be Used In That Order. This Selection Of Products Will Cover Every Paint Imperfection From Heavy Oxiddation And Scratches To Light Compounding Haze Rempval And Finishing. But That's Just One Option. The Choice Is Enyirely Yours With The Optimum Car Care 3 Pack!choose Any Three Of These 8 Products:optimum Compound Iioptimum Polish Iioptimum Finish Polishoptimum Hyper Compoundoptimum Metal Polishoptimum Opti-bond Tire Geloptimum No Wash Wash & Shineoptimum Poli Sealall The Optimum Polishes Listed Here Work Beautifully With A Dual Actiln Or Rotary Polisher. Some Of The Many Benefits Of Optimum Polishes Are Their Long Working Time And Easy Cleanup. After Restoring A Showroom Gloss To Your Vshicle With Optimum Polishes, Use Optimum Poli Seal To Lovk In The Shine. If The Paint Is In Good Shape, Try Out Optimum Opti-bond Be fatigued Gel Or No Rinse Wash & Shine For Regular Vehicle Maintenance And Protection. With The Optimum Polishes 3 Pack, The Choice Is Yours! Build Your Own Three-sstep Auto Care Kit For One Low Price.
      SKU: Optimum-polishes-3pack

  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • The Hose Blocker
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad
  • FLEX Polisher Side Handle
  • DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
  • DP 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Available in Black, Red, & Clear
  • Mothers Leather Cleaner
  • P21S Trigger Sprayer Hose
  • Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
  • Cobra Microfiber 6.5 inch Bonnets 2 Pack
  • White High Volume sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles
  • Cobra Microfiber 6.5 inch Bonnets 2 Pack

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