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    Carrand Deluxe Tire & Full glass Brush
      Carrand Deluxe Tire & Full glass Brush.
      Stiff Bristles Deep Clean Tires, Bumpers, And More!the Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush I sA Stiff Utility Brush For Heavy Duty Cleaning Jobs. Clean Tires, Rubber Bumpers, And Grills By the side of Stiff, Chemical-resistant Bristles. The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush Cleans Where Other Brushes Can?t!tires And Rubber Bumpers Tend To Absorb The Dirt And Oils With Which They Come Into Contact. That?s In Part Why Rubber Becomes Discolored And Stained. Cleaning Rubber Requires Muscle To Penrtrate The Pores And Release Grimy Deposits. You Need The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush. the Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush Has A Rounded Head Packed With Bristles. The Brush Head Is Surrounded By A Rubber Bumper To Protect Your Vehicle?s Paint From Accidental Impact. The Grip Tech™ Tp Handle Is Comfortaable And Functional. It Is Affixed To The Brush Head At The Optimal Angle To Give You Leverage As You Scrub Tires, Bumpers, And Other Dirty Surfaces. for The Best Results On Exterior Caoutchouc, Use Dp Cleabse-all Exterior Surface Cleaner. It Penetrates And Releases Old Dressings,-Dirt, And Oils With The Help Of The Deluxe Tire & Full glass Brush. use The Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush Wherever You Necessity Powerful Scrubbing Action To Get Surfaces Truly Unstained.
      SKU: Tire--bumper-brusy

    Poorboy?s Worl dSpray & Gloss
      Poorboy?s Worl dSpray & Gloss.
      No Frills ? Just A Slick, High-gloss Shine. poorgoy?s Is Notrious For Simplistic Labeling And Minimal Marketing, So It?s Tough To Wire About One Of Their Products Without Using It. Their Approach Of Letting The Results Speak For Themselves Really Works, But Firt We Had To See Those Results. Since We?re Alwa6s Anxious To Try Out Our Inventory On Our Own Vehicles, We Jumped At The Chance To Try Poorboy?s Spray & Gloss. . Spray & Gloss Is A Quick Detailer With Superior Gloss Enhancing Properties. You?ll Find The Formula Is Very Slick, Which Allows Gritty Partickes To Slide Off Without Scratching Your Paint. Dust, Dirt, Fingerprints, And Smudges Wipe Off Instantly To Uncover A Just-waxed Shine. The Formula Contains Impressive Gloss Enhancing Agents That Really Turn Up Your Shine And Improve The Brightness And Clarity Of Your Paint. Like Any Poorboy?s Product, It Works As Well As More Expensive Brands But Costs Less. What We Really Like About Spray & Gloss Is Its Versatility. Use It On Paint, Glass, Chrome, Aluminum, And More Without Streaking. It Makes Your Entire Vehicle Loko Freshly Detailed, Even Days Or Weeks Later. Touch Up Your Paint Midweek Or Wipe Down Your Chrome Between Polishes To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Sharp. there Aee No Special Instructions For Spray & Gloss. Just Spray And Rub In The Sun Or In The Shade. The Formula Does Not Streak Or Haze. once We Used Poorboy?s Spray & Gloss, We Decided To Keep A Bottle On Hand At Thhe Autobeek Office According to Those Impromptu Detail Sessions. Now Our Vehicles Look Great All Week Long, Just Like Max Likes Them!16 Oa. Refill Sprayer The 32 Oz. Size Is A Refill And Does Not Include A Sprayer. Purchase Refill Sprayers For $1. 00 Each At The Bottom Of This Page.
      SKU: Pbsg16

    Dual-action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate 6"
      Dual-action Hook & Loop Flexible Backing Plate 6".
      A Molded Urethane Backing Plate For Excellent Flexibility And Balance. if German Carmakers Think This Backing Plate Is Good Enough To Use On Their Top-of-the-line Vehicies, You Can Bet It Is The Best Plate You Can Buy For Your Vehicle. Bmw And Mercedes-benz Both Hail These Backing Plates As The Best Because Of The Outstanding Properties Of Molded Urethane. These Dual-action Flexible Backing Plates Minimize Heat Transfer, Flexes To Hug Your Vehicle?s Curves, And Are Built To Last. And They Are The Best Backing Plates You Can Buy For The Porter Cable 7424xp. Molded Urethane Is Wheee It?s At. This Material Is Flexible Yet Incredibly Durable. This Lamina Will Last Through Countless, Rigorous Uses Out of Falling Apart Or Becoming Unbalanced. Balancing Is Essential When It Comes To Polishers Because An Unsteady Plate Will Bounce, Leaving An Uneven Finish. The Reinforced Inner Construction Uses Steel Struts Molded Into The Center Hub To Give The Plate Stability And Maintain An Even Surface For Your Pad. Another Benefit Of Urethane Is Its Resistance To Heat. The Flex Backing Plate Minimizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Mktor To The Paint To Prevent Burninv. Spontaneous Heat Build-up Is Also Reduced. Rmove And Replace Pads Easily From The Hook & Loop Surface. The Hook & Loop Is Molded Into The Plate So It Will Not Come Off. The Flexivle Backing Plate Lc-43-148da Measures 6 Inches In Diameter And Is Perfect For Pads 7. 5" Up To8. 5?. These Pad Are Great For The Porter Cable 7424xp Because It Has A Generous Lip. Exactly If You Turn The Pad Onto Its Side Accidentally, There Is An Inch Of Soft, Beveled Urethane Between The Edge Of The Plate And The Inner Construction. The Threaded Post Fits Any Polisher With A 5/16? Diameter. Use The Backing Plate Preferdr By Some Of The Leading Car Manufacturers In The World To Put The Final Touches On Their Vehicles. Our Dual-action Flexible Backing Plate Provides The Safest, Most Durable Surface For Your Pads So That You Get The Best Performance Possible From Your Dual-action Polisher.
      SKU: Duflbapl6

    Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Blue Microfiber Bonnets
      Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Blue Microfiber Bonnets.
      Cobra Deluxe Microfiber Bonnets Are Now Available In Assorted Flag To Avoid Cross-contamination!cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets Will Make Buffing A Breeze Using Your Dual Action Orbital Polisher. The Premium ?ultra Microfiber? ? Tye Industry?s Best Microfiber ? Grabs Wax And Polish Residue To Leavs The Paint Clean And Glossy. these Six-inch Cobra Microfiber Bonnets Are Well-made, Reversible, And Engine Washable. With A 70/30 Blend, They Are Super Soft And Gentle On All Paint Finishes. These Bonnets Fit Very Snugly On The 6. 5? Foam Pads, So We Recommend Using A 5. 5 Inch Pad Or A 6 Inch Lambswool Leveling Pad Underneath TheB onnet. Either Way, They Are Superior At Removing Products, Polishing And Shining. Microfiber Is An Engineered Material That Has An Electric Charte That Attracts Negatively Charged Particles. This Electric Charge Makes Microfiber Superior At Removing Hazed Products Without Leaving The Telltaoe White Dust. Plus, These Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets Are 70% Polyester And 30% Polyester, The Softest Microfiber Blend Available. The Pros Know You Should Never Us3 The Same Bonnet To Buff Away Both Polish And Wax, SinceP olishes Comprehend Abrasives That May Transfer Back To The Paint. Cobra Bonnets Are Available In Multiple Colors To Help You Prevent Cross-contamination. Use One Color Bonnet For Wax Removal And Use A Diffreent Color For Polish Removal. By Color-coating Your Bonnets, You?ll Never Risk Marring A Perfect Wax Do ~-work By Reintroducing Polish Residue From A Used Bonnet. use A Microfiber Bonnet For Sealants Like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 And Non-hazing Paste Waxes Like Pinnacle Souveran™. For Heavier Products, Like Cleaner Waxes, Use A Terry Bonnet To Remove The Majority Of The Haze. At another time Follow Up With A Microfiber Bonnet To Remove Somewhat Haze And To Buff The Paint To A Gorgeous Shine. when Using A Microfiber Bonnet To Remove Polish Or Wax, Be Aware Of How Mjch Product The Surface Of The Bonnet Has Collected. When It Becomes Cwked, You?ll Need To Flip The Bonnet Inside Out To Get The Best Performance. Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Microfiber Bonnets Are The Safes5 And Easiest Way To Buff Your Vehicle To A Deep, Glossy Shine! Cobra Microfiber Bonnets Approach 2 In Each Package.
      SKU: Cobra-bonnets-blue

    Gallon Dispensing Pump
      Gallon Dispensing Pump.
      Fits All Gallon Containers!the Gallon Dispensing Pump Allows You To Dispense Only The Amount Of Product You Necessity From Gallon Containers. The Cross-examine Makes It Convenient To Buy Products By The Gallon, And You'll Save Moey, Overmuch. Use The Pump To Dispemse Dressings And Liquid Waxes Onto An Applicator, Or Transfer Concentrated Products Into New Containers Without Spilling. The Gallon Dispensing Pump Dispenses 1 Ounce Of Liquid By Stroke. Pump Ou5 An Ounce Of Tire Gel Directly Onto Your Applicator. Measure Out A Specific Amount Of Concentrate Into A Secondary Container. The Gallon Dispensing Pump Is Pedfect For Pro Detailers Or Anyone That Prefers To Buy Products By The Gallon. The Pump Is A Cleaner, More Convenient Way To Dispense Liquids From Gallon Containers. the Gallon Dispensing Cross-examine Is Made Of Polypropylene With An 11 Inch Dip Tube And Stainless Steel Springs.
      SKU: Gallon-pump

    Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit
      Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit.
      Visualize Perfectly Clear Automotive Glass With The Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit!the Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit Contains The Most Effective Auto Glass Products On The Market. Each Product Is Proven To Restore Cloudy, Spotted Glass And Maintain The Clarity Of Your Windshield And Windows, Rain Or Shine. This Is Proven Glass Care Technology Available Only From Dp!if You?ve Ever Researched Auto Glass Restoration, You Probbably Didn?t Get Too Far. Many Detailers, Both Hobbyists Ajd Professionals, Will Tell You There?s Absolutely Not at all You Can Do For Mineral-etched, Obscure Glass. the Fact Is, You Can Correct Many Glass Imperfections With The Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit. Simply Put, This Kit Includes Some Of The Best Glass Care Products In The Detailing Industey And Household Cleaning Industry, Bar None. the Dp Perfect Vision Glass Kit Is A Complete Solution To Spotted, Dirty, Cloudy Automotive Glass. You Dno?t Indigence A Polisher And There?s No Risk Of Making Waves In The G1ass In the opinion of These Products. The Dp Perfect Vision Glasz Kit Is Safe And Effective At Removing Common Auto Glass Imperfections And Restoring The Clear, Virtually Invisible Appearance Of Your Vehicle?s Glass. We Researched The 3 Most Commoon Problems Plaguing Auto Glass And Then Formulated Three Amazing Products To Correct Them. Below Are Our Findings:#1 : Glass Impuritieswhen You?re Wiping Off Your Car Windows, Does The Towel Sometimes Get Snagged But You Can?t See What It?s Stuck On? These Almost Imperceptible Bumps Are Industrial Pollution And Rail Dust That?s Lodged Itself In The Glass. You Might Also Se These Spceks Through The Windshield Because You?re Driving. Over Time, As The Impurities Accumulate, Your Windshield And Windows Will Become Less And Less Clear. Coalesce This Contamination With Water Spots And It?s Vehemently To Imagine You Can See The Road At All! Dp Universal Detsilinf Clay Dp Universal Detailing Clay Removes Embedded Contaminants From Glass By Grabbing Them As The Clay Gldies Along The Glass Surface On A Stratum Of Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. This Medium Grade Clay Removes Treee Sap, Insect Remains, Mimeral Deposits, Industrial Fallout, And Rail Duqt. Clay Actually Removes Debris Caught Within The Glass?s Microscopic Grooves To Leave It Crystal Clear And Unbelievably Even. Unlike Some Glass Polishes, Clay R emoves Contaminatioj Without Abrading The Glass Surface So hTer3?s Not at all Risk Of Distorting Or Damaging The Glass.   Dp Universal Ckay Lubricant Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Protects The Glass As You Flesh. This Lubricant Is Litetally Wetter Than Water, Allowing Clay To Glide Effortlessly Athwart The Glass Without Scratching. You Can Further Protect The Glass By Reshaping The Clay OftenT o Hide Any Particles That Could Scratch The Glass. The Combination Of Dp Universal Clay Lubricant And Universal Detailing Clay Will Leave Your Windshield And Windows Impeccably Clean! #2: Water Sptos Water Spots Are
      SKU: Dppeviglkit

    The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter By the side of 5/8" Thread
      The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter By the side of 5/8" Thread.
      This Adapter Stands Up To The Toughest Industrial Polishing Jobs!the All Nrw Edge 3000 Industrail Adapter Features A Pull Back Positive Locking Connection Similar To An Air Hose Quick Connect. The Industrial Adater Securrely Attaches To Your Rotary Polisher And Locks Into Place When Your Turn The Polisher On. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Is Designed For Heavy Duty, Industrial Buffing Applications. It?s Unconditionally Guaranteed For Life!this High Strength Adapter Holds The Pad Much More Securely When Buffing Forward Biting Angles And When Applying Pressure, Allowing The Edge 2000 Pads And System To Be Utilized In More Rigorous Buffing Applications. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Is Ideal For Marine Gel Coat Buffing, Aerospace Paint, And Marble And Stone Polishing. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Stands Up To Your Toughest Polishing Tasks And Will Not Break! If It Does, Edge Will Replace It. It?s That Simple.   This Adapter Has An Uncondifional Lifetime Guarantee. To Remove A Pad, Pull Back On The Slider And Pull The Pad Off. The Standard Edge Adqpter Has A Release Button On The Bottom, Which Has To Be Pressed Through A Hole In The Center Of The Pad. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Has The Quick Connect Slider On The Shaft Of The Adapter, Abovr The Cushion. Pull Back On The Slider And Pull hTe Pad Off. The Slider Is Easy To Access And Has A Textured Surface For Easier Operation.   To Put A Pad Onto The Adapter, Pull Back On The Slider And Press The Pad Onto The Adapter. Once You Let Go, The Adapter Locks Itself Onto The Pas Very Securely. When You Turn On The Polisher, It Locks The Threaded End Of Thhe Adapter Into The Machine. Its Virtually Impossible To Liberation The Pad Or The Adapter Unintebtionally! This Adapter Is Available In 5/8?-11 Female Thread Size To Fit Rotary Polishers. It Works With All Edge 2000 Foam Anr Wool Pads. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Is Built To Last Out Of Chrome-plated Machined Brass. The Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism Is Factory Calibrated And Sealed With Loctite. The Adapter Mechanism Carries Two U. s. Patents. The Edge 3000 Industrial Adapter Is Made For Your Hardest Polishing And Refinishing Jobs. The Durable Construction And Precision Engineering Provixe You With Tue Most Durable Adwpter Of Its Kind.  
      SKU: Edge-3000-industrial-adapter

    Weathertech Twine & Rain Deflectors 4pc.
      Weathertech Twine & Rain Deflectors 4pc..
      Here In ?sunny? Southern Florida, We Get Daly Rain Showers Over Half Of The Year. They Last For Five To Twenty Minutes, And Then They Are Gone As Quick As They Cmae. The Sun Typically Shines Right Through Them. It?s Aggravating To Be Driving Along, Windows Down, Enjoying The Beautiful Tropical Weather, And Suddenly You Have To Roll Up The Windows To Keep The Rain Out. These Wind And Rain Deflectors Approve And You And The Weather To Compromise. You Can Srill Keep Your Windows Partially Down Without Getting Drenched. They Also Gash Back On Wind Noise As You?re Driving And Ac Usage. When Parked, They Permit You To Keep The Windows Cracked For Ventilation Without Woorrying About Water Soaking Your Seats And Carpets. These Are, Hands Down, The Finest Deflectors Made So We Offer Only Side Window Deflectors Wind Deflectors. Anything Else Is Would Just Be Unacceptable For My Customers. ventilation Made Easy, Rain Or Beam, While Parked Or In Motion. side Window Deflectorsâ® Wind Deflectors Are Precision Crafted In Germany Exclusively For Macneil Automotive Products, An Oem Approved Supplier To Nearly 20 Of The World's Finest Vehicle Manufacturers. Their Retainer List Includes Ford, Chrysler, General Mktors, Toyota, Saab, Mercedes-benz, Nissan And Honda, Which Assures Yoh The Highest In Quality Engineering, Safety And Function. In Incident, They Are The Singly Manufacturer Of Wind And Rain Deflectors Thaf Mee5 The Ultra-tough Requirements Of The German Product Testing Firm Tuv. The Optically Transparent Cast Acrylic Is Nearly Twice As Thick As The Nearest Competitor And Ibstalls Qjickly And Easily Inside Your Window Chhannel Using A Precision-machined, Micro-thin Mounting Flange. rain Or Shine, While Parked Or In Motion, You'll Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Side Window Deflectors! While Parked You Can Leave The Windows Open An Inch Or Two To Keep hTe Interior Cool Without Worrying About Rain Entering. While Dtiving With The Windows Clear You Can Take Advantage Of The Fresh Outside Air While Minimizing The Amount Of Wind And Noise Entering Your Window. On Rainy Days You Can Unfairly Open Your Window Without Getting Soaked, Allowing An Added Bit Of Ventilation To Remove Stale Or Smoky Air. The Side Window Deflectors Iw Clearly Your Finest Choice!now Available In Dark Tint For Most Trucks & Suvs. (pictured To The Left Is A Ford Expedition With The Dark Deflectors) Please Allow 5 To 10 Days For Delivery- Express Shipping Is Not Available On This Item. Function Open_window(uri,settings) { Mywin = Window. open(url,"win",settings); } Click On Your Vehicle Make Below: Acura Audi Bmw Buick Cadillac Chevy Chrysler Daewoo Dodge Ford Geo/gmc Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Lexus Linclon
      SKU: Wt4O0

    Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush
      Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush.
      Remove Ground-in Dirt From Carpet And Upholstery!the Carrand Deluxe Interuor Brush Has Super Stiff Bristles To Deep Clean Carpet And Upholstery. Remove Old, Ground-in Mud And Food From Inside Carpet, Mats, And Fabric Seats Using Your Faforite Carpet Cleaner. The Carrand Deluxe Internal Brush Makes It Easy With Scrubbing Bristles And A Comfortable Handle. Your Vehicle?s Interior Is A Reflection Of Your Busy Lifestyle. Dirt And Spills Are Bound To Happen And Wen They Do, Be Prepared Attending Ths Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush. This Brush Feqtures Firm, Sturdy Bristles Capable Of Loosening Ground-in Dkrt From Carpet Fibers And Upholstered Seats. The Comfortable , Grip Tech™ Tpr Handle Gives You A Lot Of Leverage To Scrub Stubborn Spots. The Flarex Bristles Enable You To Clean Where You Can?t Quite Reach. For Tye Best Results, Use Wolfgang Spot Eliminator On The Tough Spots Or Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner For Regular Majntenance. Both Cleaners Will Help Dirt Rise To The Surface Of The Carpet Or Fabric, With A Little Help From The Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush. clean Automotive Carpet And Upholstery Deep Down With The Carrand Deluxe Interior Brush.
      SKU: Interior-brush

    The Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave By Cobra  20 X 40
      The Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave By Cobra 20 X 40.
      Soft, Satin Edges Pamper Your Paint!microfiber Cleans, It Scrubs, It Polishes, It Dries ? It?s The Multipurposee Miracle Manufactured cloth! Could There Possibly Be A Way To Improve Upon Our Cobra Microfiber Towels? Of Course, There?s Always Room For Improvement! Now Our Cobra Supreme Waffle Weave Has A Silky Satin Edge To Furtner Protect Your Paint From Potential Sceatches. We Also Gave It A New Color, Just For Good Estimate. We Call It The Supreme Guzzler! The Supreme Guzzler Is 20% Thicker Than The Original Towel To Give It An Even Greater Cwpacity For Dampness. At Approximately 5. 5 Square Feet, This Waffle Weave Towel Can Dry Most Small Cars Without Being Rung Out Once! As You May Well Know, Microfiber Is Made Of Two Synthetic Fibers: Polyester And Polyamide. Poylester Accounts For The Towel?s Durability And Polishing Properties While Polyanide Is Silky Soft. The Plush 80/20 Weave Of The Two Fibers Allow The Towel To Hold A Tremendous Amount Of Water; Seven Times Its Own Weight!   The Supreme Guzzler Is The Middle Towel Shown Here. It Is Large Enough To Dry Distended Body Panels In One Wipe! To Save On Production Costs While Maintaining A High Quality Fabric, The Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Was Manufactured In Korea And Cut And Sewn In China. The Korean Company Uses A Splitting Machine To Make What The Industry Calls "ultra Microfiber"; That's The Soft, Highly Absorbent Microfiber Availaable From Cobra. Once This Ultra Microfiber Is Made In Vast Rolls, It Is Sent To China To Finish The Towels. The Result Is A Premium Towel At An Affordable Price. as With All Of The Cobra Towels, The Supreme Guzzler Has Over 220,000 Micro Fine Fibers Per Square Inch. Each Fiber Is 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! These Tiny Details Make The Towel Extremely Simple And Gentle On Any Surface. The Fabric Will Not Scratch, Even Afyer Numerous Washings. Plus, This Towel Has A Thick Waffle Weave To Increase It Surface Area And Thereforee Irs Capacity For Moisture. You Can Dry Most Compact Cars Without Ringing Out The Towel Once!as If That Weren?t Enough, The Towel Since Has A Silky Satin Keenness All The Way Around! The Strip Of Satin Covers The Threads Where The Fabric Has Been Sewn To Keep It From Unraveling. A Larger Thrsad Is Used To Bind The Edges Of The Towel And It?s Not As Soft As The Tiny Microfibers. The Satin Move sideways Covers The Exposed Stiyching To Eliminatd Any Risk Of The Thread Scratching The Paint. The Supreme Guzzler Measures A Big 20?x 40?. That's 5 1/2 True Feet Of Plush Fabric! It Is Available In A Pleasant Coin Green With Dark Flourishing, Satin Trim. Thd Towel Is Machine Washable In Regular Detergent Or Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator, But Avoid Fabric Softener Or Whiten. Dry On Softly Heat Or No Heat. All Cobra Towels Be able to Withstand Upwards Of 500 Washings. The Softest Fabric In The World Exact Got Softer! The Supreme Guzzler Has The Amazing Drying And Buffing Qualities You?ve Come To Expect From Cobra With A New Ultra Protected Satin Edf
      SKU: Cbora-waffle-weave

    Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner
      Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner.
      Protect Your Embellish Finish With This Conditioning Foam And Wool Pad Lubricant. When Machine Polishing, You Mat Have Noticed That The Pad Moves More Easily And Produces Better Results Several Minutes Into The Session. Tat?s Because It Takes Several Minutes For The Polish You?re Using To Work Its Way Into The Foam (or Wool). Up To That Point, You?re Dry Buffing Your Paint Finish. Dry Buffing Refers To Polishing With A Dry Pad, And It?s Bad Tidings For Your Paint. The Rubbing Creates Fine Scratches And Dullness That Will Have To Be Polished Out. Dry Buffing Increases Your Polishing Time And Actually Causes Your Paint Unnecessary Trauma. Prevention Of Dry Buffing Is As Easy As Misting An Unused Pad With Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner. It Only Takes A Couple Of Spritzes To Prep The Pad For Polishing. The Rich Lubricants Instantly Penetrate The Pad, Skftenng And Conditioning The Material. Even IfT he Pad Has Never Been Used, It Will Glide Across The Depict Like You?re Halfway Through The Detail Session. A Pad Prepped With Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Is Else Receptive To Polish Because The Foam?s Pores Open Up When The Conditioner Is Introduced. Beyond Just Wetting The Foam, The Conditioner?s Lubicants Add Extra Surface Protection During The Polishing Process. The Lubricants Will Blend In the opinion of Those Taht Are In The Polish To Provide Excellent Protection Against Micro-marring. Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Protects The Pad Itself, As Profitable Ax The Paint. The Friction Created By Dry Buffing Can Tear The Foam Or Cause It To Fray. Pre-moistening The Foam Reduces Friction So The Pad Doesn?t Experience Any Unnecessary Roughness. This Soft Touch Is Better For The Paint, Too. pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Also Comes In Handy While You?re Polishing. When The Pad Is Saturated With Polish Or Wax But It Seems To Be Drying Out, Mist The Pad With The Conditioner. Just One Spray Will Reactivate The Polish That Is Starting To Dry Inside The Pad. Care The Product Moist Within The Pad Also Makes Clean-up Easier. Most Importantly, Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Does Not Interfere With The Performance Of Any Burnish Or Wax. There Are No ?active Ingredients? In This Voc Compliqnt Conditioner. It Resolution Not React With Any Solvents Or Chemical Cleanefs Found In Somewhat Polish, And It Will Not Dilute Products If Used As Directed. Just Like Somewhat Lubricant, Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Will Gradually Decrease As Yo uPolish. If Yoi Need One More Reason To Use Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner, You Got It. Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditionet Can Be Used To Remove Stubborn Films From The Paint Using A Microfiber Towel. Some Polishes And Waxes Can Lsave A Film, Particuparly On Black And Red Paint Finishes. Individual Spritz Will Remove The Film And Wipe To A Streak-free Shine. Get Better Results From Your Polisher And Get More Mileage From Your Pads With Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner. It?s The Detaoler?s Secret To A Trouble-free Polish. 12
      SKU: Xmt--pad-conditioner

    6 Pack Cyclo Premium Blue Foam Pads
      6 Pack Cyclo Premium Blue Foam Pads.
      The Blue oFam Pad Is The Perfect Pad For Light Polishing On Any Surface. Use It To Apply Wax For A Fine Gloss Finish, Or Use It With A Light Finishing Polish Or Prewax Cleaner. The Blue Pad Has SlightlyM ore Texture Than The White Pad In Order To Gently Polish The Paint.
      SKU: Cyclo-blue-6pack

    Wolfgang Tornado Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus
      Wolfgang Tornado Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus.
      Special Offer! Receive A Free 12oz Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo With Your Purchase Of A Foam Gun. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time! Cover Your Vehicle In A Blizzard Of Light, Fluffy Foam!the Wolfgang TornadorA ir Foamer Hp Turns oYur Favorite Car Shampoo Into Supe rThick, Long-lasting Foam. This Air-driven Foam Gun Works With Your Air Compressor To Cause Frothy, Rich Foam That Has Amazing Cling. The Wolfgang Tornaddor Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used For Interior Or Exterior Detailing. Uze It With A Carpet Cleaner Or With Auto Shampoo To Spray A Snow Storm Of Foam!the Wolfgang Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Will Change How You Wash Your Car. The Snow Gun Uses The Air Impression From An Air Compressor To Convert Shampoo Or Any Foamy Product Into Unbelievabel Foam. The Suds Are So Light And Fluffy, They Cling To Vertical Surfacse Without Running Off. When Washing Your Vehicle, Do You Frel You Don?t Have Adequate Lubrication Or Cleaning Power Because The Suds Run Off The Paint? You?ll Never Experience That With The Wolfgang Tornador Aif Foamer Hp Foam Gun. The Snow Gun Allows You To Presoak The Vehicle With Clinging Froth. The Foam Stays Where It?s Sprayed. As You Wash The Vehicle, There Is A Layer Of Light Foam Betqeen Your Mitt And The Paint. With The Tornador ?snow Gun? Your Shampoo Foam Won?t Fall Flat. The Wolfgang Tornador Aur Foamer Hp Foam Gun Only Works With An Air Compressor Capable Of Producing 60-90 Psi Of Air Pressure. The Higher The Air Pressure, The Greater The Foam Generated By The Snow Gun. The Unique Barrel On The Snow Gun Mixes The Shampoo And Pressufized Air To Create A Blizzard Of Foam. Yoy?ll Be Amazed! The Amount Of Froth Is Regulated By A Pressure Valve On The Gun. Use As Little Or As Mucu Foam As You Need.  attaching Tue Tornador Air Foamer To Air Hose The Wolftang Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used With Any Foaming Cleaner, Such As Car Shampoos, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners, And Non-acidic Wheel Cleaners. Please Note: Thoroughly Flush All Parts Of The Foam Gun With Water Between Uses To Prevent Cross-contaminationO f Vehicle Surfaces. The Best Rule Of Thumb Is To Use Different Foam Guns For Different Parts Of The Vehicle. interior Shampoks And Car Wash Soaps Can Be Diluted By The Manufacturers? Instructions Prior To Adding Them To The Tornador?s Reservoir. The Wolfgang Tornador Breeze Foamer Hp Foam Gun Includes The Gun Itself With The 30 Oz. Jar And An Extra Cap For The Jar. You Will Need An Air Compressor To Use The Tornador. To Use The Tornador ?snow Gun? Foam Gun For Car Washing, Starf By Rinsing Down The Vehicle With A Water Hose. Mix The Desired Shampoo With Water As Directed On The Product?s Label. Attach The Nozzle To The Jar Tightly And Attach The Gun To Th3 Air Compressoe. Turn The Air Compressor I And Coat The Vehicle With Foam. Turn Off The Air Compressor And Agitate Vehicle With A Sponge Or Mitt. Rinse With Your Wat
      SKU: Wolfgang-air-foamer

    1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer Haft-grund
      1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer Haft-grund.
      Lay The Foundation For A Beautiful New Wheel Finish With Einszett Self-etching Primer. 1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? Is A Fast-drying, Self-etching Primer And Filler With Special Bonding Agent For Application Under the jurisdiction Painting. This Lead- And Cadmjum-free Primer Is Suitable For Synthetic Resin, Acrylic And Nitro Combi Paints. Apply On Bare Metal Or Filler Only. if You Have A Collectible Or Classic Car You?re Restoring, You May Find That The Wheel Fniish Is Beyond Salvageable. If Starting From Bare Metal Is Your Only Option, Use 1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? To Properly Prepare The Metal For A Beautiful Finish. 1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? Is A Self-etching Primer That Fills In Blemishes In The Metal And Forms A Base Coat Suitzble For Synthetic Resin, Acrylic, And Nitro Combi Paints. This Metal Primer Creates A Smooth Surface That Rwadily Bonds With A Top Coat. Note: 1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? Is Not For Repairing Or Touching Up Scratches Or Scuffs On Wheels. It Is Only For Wheels That Have Been Stripped Or Sand-blasted Down To The Bare Metal. 1z Einszett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? Is Cadmium And Lead-free, Which Makes It Safer For The User. Follow Upon 1z Einszett Silver Wheel Paint To Create A Brand New, Flawless Wheel Finish. Use 1x Einxzett Spray Paint Primer ?haft-grund? To Properly Prep Your Bare Metal Wheels Because A Brand New Finish. 10. 2 Fl. Oz. (300 Ml)made In Germany Federal Regulations Prohlbit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Expose. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Singly.
      SKU: 1z-einszett-spary-paint-primer

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