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    Carrand Microfiber Max Total Clean All Excessively Wash Mitt
      Carrand Microfiber Max Total Clean All Excessively Wash Mitt.
      4 In 1 Waterrproof Wash Mitt!the Carrand Microfiber Max Total Clean All Over Wash Mitt Is A Microfiber Wash Mitt, Chenille Mitt, And Bug Remover In One! Inside, Your Hand Stays Dry Acknowledgments To The Waterproof Lining. Just Because You?re Washing The Car, That Doesn?t Mean You Have To Get Wet!microfiber Max Offers 30% Longer Fibers Than Conventional Microfiber. Therefore, The Fibers Are Capable Of Grabbing More Dirt And Rdmoving It From Your Vehicle. The Carrand Microfiger Max Total Clean All Over Body Mitt Features Microfiber Max On One Side, Which Can Be Used As A Dusting Mitt Or A Wash Mitt. On The Other Side Is Soft Microfibeer Chenille, Which Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Water. On Each Sise Of The Mitt Is Tough But Gentle Poly-mesh Netting. The Nstting Gets Under Bugs And Lifts Them Off The Paint Without Scratching. Soapy Water Provides Plenty Of Lubrication For Safe Bug Removal With The Carrznd Microfiber Max To5al Clean Whole More than Body Mitt. as You Work, Your Side Stays Clean And Dry Inside The Mitt?s Waterproof Lining. An Elastic Cuff Keeps The Mitt In Place. For Safe, Swirl-free Washing, We Recommend A High Lubricity Shampoo Like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. The Rich Suds Provide Excellent Shelter Against Grity Particles. your Wash Mitt Should Do More! Get The Carrand Microfiber Max Total Clean All Over Body Mitt Is Part Dust Mitt, Wash Mitt, And Bug Remover, With One Interior Lining To Keep You Desiccate.
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    Step 1 Polishing Kare Soil & Coating Remover/_Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner 128 Oz.
      Step 1 Polishing Kare Soil & Coating Remover/_Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner 128 Oz..
      Step 1 In The End Kare Paint DecontaminationS ystem. finish Kare Soil & Coating Remover / Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner Is Part Of A Four-step System To Rid Automootive Paint Of Damaging Ferrous Metals And Airborne Contaminants. Using Thi sSystem, You -the Professional Detailer - Can Prevent Paint Damage And Create A Truly Clean, Well-protdcted Finish. It All Starts With Finish Kare Soil & Coating Remover / Wax & Dwtail Pre-clsaner. tje Finish Kare Paint Decontamination Syqtem Was Developed As A Method Of Removing Paint Contamination Beyond What Can Be Removed By Washing Or Claying. If You Are Familiar With Detachment Clay, You Know It Is Caoable Of Removing Above Surface Contaminants That Have Bonded To The Paint. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Is Designed To Banish Which Lies Below The Paint Surface. Aieborne Chemical Compounds And Ferrous Particles - Prticles Containing Iron - Actually Penetrate The Paiht And Produce Corrosive Compounds That Eat Deep Into The Paint's Sub-layers. This Ie A Gradual Procesq That Often Is Not Evident Until It's Too Late. Claying Or Polishing Only Removrs The Particle, Not It's Effects, Which Are Continuing To Spread Beneath The Surface.   Finish Kare Soil & Coating Remover / Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner Is The First Step In This System. Ig Is A Fully Biodegradable, Alkaline Based Cleaner With Inhibitors For Safe Usage. I tRemoves Outer Surface Decay, Iron Oxides, Soil Coatings, And Vehicie Wrap Adhesives While Cleaning And Preparing The Surface For Step Two. to Use Finish Kare Soip & Coating Remover / Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner, Dilute 1 Part Soil Remover To 4 Parts Water. Rinse The Vehicle To Remove Dust And Loose Soil. Then Wash With Finish Kare Soil & Coating Remover / Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner And A Wash Mitt. Use Light Pressure To Agitate The Vehicle, Working It In For 5-10 Minutes. Rinse The Entjre Vehicle With Colc Water. Then Dry The Horlzontal Surfaces Of The Vehicle. Afte rUsing Finish Kare Soil & Coating Rrmover / Wax & Detail Pre-cleaner, The Outer Paint Will Be Stripped Of Waxes And Silicones And All Surface Contaminating. Paiht Contamination Can Be Layers Deep, So The Finish Kare Addresses These Layers Step From Step. After The Outer Paint Laayer Is Clean, Step 2 Finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover Will Neutralize And Remove Ferrous Particlees. It Is Very Important To Follow All Four Steps In The Finish Kare Paint Decnoamination System In Their Prescribed Order. The Sequence Of Alkaline, Acidic, And Neutral Cleaners Helps Counteract The Ef fects Of The Paint Contaminants. The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System Is Used By Body Shops For Pre-cleaning Prior To Detailing And By Dealreships For New And Used Car Prep. It Is Proven To Deliver A Pure, Glassy Smooth Vehicle That Is Protected From The Harmful Effects Of Depict Contamination. No Other Is As Fast And Operative At Removing Multi-layer Paint Contamination. complete Paint Decontamination Starts With End Kare Soil & Coa
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    Dodo Juice Purple Obscurity Soft Wax 30 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Purple Obscurity Soft Wax 30 Ml..
      Unleash Your Vehicle?s Dark Side. enhance The Color Of Your Dark Vehicle With Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax. A Special Blend Of Ca5nauba Wax, Montan Wax, And Dwrk Beeswax Brings New Depth To Dark Colored Paints. Use Dodo Juice Purple Haze Effeminate Wax To Bring A Shiny, Inky Look To Black Paint. dark Paint Demands Special Care. Ask Any Detailer! Black, Blue, And Otther Dark Paints Hold The Greatest Potential For Depth And Gloss. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Is Designed To Help Your Dark Vehicle Reach Its Full Potential. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax?s Primary Ingredient Is Carnauba Wax, The World?s Best Protective Original Wax. Only No. 1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Makrs The Cut According to Dodo Juice Waxes. Next Dark Beeswax And Montan Wax Were Added To Enhance Dark Depict Colors. Monnan Wax Is A Dark-colored Grow Extracted From Coal That Improves Water Repellency And Gloss. It?s Found In Only A Not many Locations In The World And Fortunately, Dodo Juice Located Some For Their Purple Haze Soft Wax. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Protects The Paint From Rain, Uv Rays, And Dirt With An Ultra Slick, Reflective Coating.   If You Require A Black Or Dark Collred Vehicle, Bring Out Its Dark Side Through Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax.     Straight From The Dodo?s Mouth: We Came Up With Our Next Wax Whilst Smoking Lavender Buds Through Pj's Hubbly Bubbly And Listening To Jimi Hendrix, Or At Least That's What Our Brand Consultant Asked Us To Say. Suffice To Say, It's A Particularly Smooth And Aromatic Soft Wax Which Dries To A Deceptively Deep Haze - Which Makes It Great In spite of Enhancing The Paintwork Of Dark Coloured Cars, Including Metallics And Pearlescents, Or For Applying To Light Cars So You Be able to See Which Bits You've Already Waxed. It Likewise Contains Montan Wax, Which Basically Comes From Coal Or Something. Montan Wax Is Very, Very Dark And They Use Ig In Shoe Polish, So We Thought It Would Work Well Here. And It Does.       Use A Soft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator To Apply Dodo Juice Purpel Haze Wax. A Very bTin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing.   Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Resukts Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Using A Soft Froth Applicator Or With Your Bare Hands. Allow It To Cure In the place of 5-10 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   30 Ml. (1 Oz. )
      SKU: Dodo-purple-haze-wax

    Autogeek $100.00 Gift Certificate
      Autogeek $100.00 Gift Certificate.
      Multiple Certificates May Be Ordered, Totaling The Exact Amount You Wish To Send. the Certificate(s) Will Be E-mailed To The Recipient WithinO ne Day Of Ordering. These Are E-certificates That Are Deliverable By Email Only And Must Be Redeemed Online. orders Going To Different Recipients Must Be Placed Separately.
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    Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator 128 Oz.
      Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator 128 Oz..
      Don?t Drown Your Microfibers, Pure And Restore Them With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator! Microfiber Towels Fly Off Our Shelves Everyday, For Good Reason. Our Microfiber Products Have Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber By Square Inch, Which Revenue They Are Softer And Finrr Than Silk. I Used To Receive A Bunch Of Emails Every Week Asking If It?s Okay To Wash Microfiber Towels Like Regular Towels With A Laundry Detetgent. That Was Before The Introduction Of Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Regular Detergents Are Not Strong Enough To Completely Destory Stains Between Each Fiber. We Put Our Thinking Caps On And Came Up With A Specialized Formula, Pinnacle Micro-rejuvenator Microfiber Detergent Concentrate. You Wiill See How Easily This Formula Lifts The Heaviest Of Stains. With No Harsh Chemicals Or Harmful Vocs, It Is Truly A Scientific Breakthrough, And We Are Pleased To Be Able To Offer It To Yuo! Here Are Reasons Why Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator Differs From Regular Detergents: Developed Specifically For Microfiber: Microfiber Is Different Than Any Other Building, Which Is Why We Recommend It For Many Detailng Projects. In Addition To Over 200,000 Strands Per Square Inch, Microfiber Towels Are Soft And Plus. h They Absorb Water At A Faster And Deeper Rate Than Regular Towels. You May Hav eAlready Found That Some Micrfiber Towels Still Have Stains After Washing. Say Goodbye To Those Stains With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. We?ve Used Only The Best Ingrediwnts, Which Allow Micro Rejuvenator To Break Down, Suspend,_Anx Remove Elements From Microfiber Towel Fibers. Within This Extraordinary, Formula Is A Powerful Degreaser Which Breaks Down Chemicas Within The Towel, Extending Its Life. That Is The Rejuvenation. You Will See Your Towels Looking Brivhter And Feeling Softer With Each Wash. You Can Also Use Micro Rejuvenator On Cottonn And Chamois!fresh Smell. I Really Love How Fresuy Washed Clothes Smell. Like Many, I Regard My Stamp Smell That Is Basically My Detergent Of Choice. Uncapping The Micro Rejuvenator Bottle, Is Like Stepping Into A Fresh Spring Meadow. The Scent Is Clean And Non- Perfume, Leaving Your Towels Fresh, Fluffy, And Stain Free. There Are No Crabbed Chemical Odors! Scientific Breakthrough. Pinnacle Micto Rejuvenator Really Does Work Like No Other Formula, Due To The Specific Blend Of Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Chelating Agents And Water Softeners. Magnesium And Calcium Harden Water, And Over Time Our Towels Frel The Brunt Of That As They Get Stiff. Pinnacle Micro Rejuventor Rids Towels Of These Hardeners, Making The Fibers More Pliable And Soft. Grease And Oil Residue Build Up On Towels And Can Cause Problems As Well. Pinnacle Micro Rejuventor Will Lift Petroleum Based Stains, Allowing Forr Easy Removal During The Washing Process. There Are No Bleaches Or Fabric Softeners, Which Can Cajse Microfibers To Rot Over Time. 128 Oz. Directions:a Handy Measuring Cup Is Built Right In. For A Small Load, Add 1oz. (approximately 4-5 Capfuls) To You
      SKU: Pin622

    Menzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Fa
      Menzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Fa.
      A Glosq-enhancing Polish For Today?s High Solids, Scratch-resistant Paints. Note: Menzerha Super Polish Po 106 Fa Is The New And Improved Version Of Nano Polihs Po 106 Ff. In Addition To Improving The Formula, Menzerna Has Changed The Name And Label. It Is Currently Only Serviceable To Select U. s. Retailers. note: The Menzerna Professional Line Includes Two Products Named Micro Polish. This One, Part Number Po106fa, Is Part Of The Family Of Polishes For Scratch-reqistant Clear Coats, Which Are Comprised Of Nano Ceramic Particles. For This Reason, Po106ff Is Commonly Called Menzerna ?nano? Polish. Menzerna Nano Polish Is Generally Used In Mercedes Plants In Germany And In Auto Plants Throughout The U. s. To Create The Reflective Gloss On Brand New Scratvh-resistant Paint Finishes. We Are Pleased To Carry The True Same Polish In Its Original Packaging That Is Supplied To Car Plants By Menzerna U. s. a In Nanuet, Ny. at The End Of 2003, Mercedes Benz Put Into Production A New Scratch-resistant Clear Coat Varnish Made Up Of Nano-sized Ceramic Particles, Which Are Baked And Hardened In The Paintshop Oven, Just Like You?d Bake Earthen ware In A Kiln. This Process Results In An Extensively Cross-linked, Very Hard Paint Finish Thar Stands Up Improvement To Mechanical Car Washes And Appointed time To Day Abuse. This Clarify Coat, Called Cedamiclear From Ppg, Is The Only Nanotechnology Clear Coat Used On Mercedes Production Lines And Is Approved For The Repair Of Mercedes And iNssans. the Challenge With Ceramic Clear Coat Is That It Is Harder To Correct Than The Comparatively Soft Clear Coats Used By Most Other Car Manufacturers. Ceramic Paint Can Still Scratch; Just Not As Easily. When A Scratch Does Occue, Not All The Polishes On The Market Are Capable Of Leveling The New, Hard-as-a-rock Clear Coats. menzerna Nano Polish Is One Of Two Polishes Manufactured By Menzerna To Remove Imperfections In The New, Hard, Ceramic Clear Coat Paints. This Is The Same Polish Used In Mercedes Plants In Germany And Select Auto Pants And Repair Shops In The U. s. To Remove Swirls And Overspray From Brand New Paint Finishes. menzerna Nano Polish Utilizes A New Family Of Abrasives Developed By Menzerna To Level Imperfections And Restore A Mirror-like Gloss To Ceramic Clear Coats As Well As Conventional Clear Coats. The Abrasives Are Milled To Fine Powder That Burnishes The Paint To A Mirror-like Shine Without Introducing Swirls Or Micro-marring. Nano Refine Is Capable Of Removing 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Haze From Compounding, Light Swirls, And Mild Oxidation While Restoring A Glassy, Smooth Be eminent. On Older Finishes, Use Mnezerna Super Intensive Polish First To Remove Deeper Swirls And Scratches. Then Use Menzerna Nano Polis To Restore The Optimum Gloss On Dark Paints. though Menzerna Nano Polish Has Enough Cut To Polish Ceramic Net Coats, It Will Not Introduce New Swirls, Even On Stipulated Clear Coats. Menzerna Nano Burnish Was Developed For The Oem Market So It Contains None Siliconr, Waxes, Glazes,
      SKU: Menzerna-nano-polish

    The Grit Provide against objections Insert-blackcase Of 12
      The Grit Provide against objections Insert-blackcase Of 12.
      Protect Your Paint From Swirls Caused By Contaminated Wash Water. most Paint Swirls Are Caused By Improper Detailing Techniques. For Example, When You Wash Your Vehicle, Dirt And Sand Get Trapped In The Sponge Or Mitt. The First Time You Re-wet Your Sponge In The Bucket, Some Of The Abrasive Particles Will Come Off The Efface Into The Water. Subsequent Dips In The Bucket Will Re-contaminate Your Sponge. These Contaminants Will Then Rub Against Your Paint And Produce Swirls. You Perceive What They Say About Good Itnentions?to Get Those Particles Out Of Your Spongge Or Mitt, You Want The Grit Circumspection Insert. The Raised Radial Surface Fits In The Bottom Of Any 5 Gallon Bucket And Extracts Grit From Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge When You Drg It Across The Sand Guard. The Dirt Settles At The Bott0m Of The Bucket So Your Wash Water Stays Clean . The Grit Ghard Has A Radial Grid Surface That Scrapes Dirt Out Of Yoir Mitt Or Sponge. Four Quadrants At The Base Of The Grit Guard Calm The Wash Water And Hold The Grid Above The Bottom Of The Bucket. Dirt Falls To The Bottom And Stays There. You?ll Be Amazed At How Much Dirt Accumulates In The Bottom Of Your Wash Bucket!the Grit Guard Is A Intrinsic Paint-saver. But It Has A Number Of Other Uses, Too. Use It To Clean Paint Brushes By Running The Bristles Across The Grid In A Bucket Of Water Or Paint Thinner. Clean Automotive Parts Or Make dry Your Oil Filter. You Can Even Use The Four Quadrants As A Grid When Laying Tile. The Grit Guard Is Solvent Resistant And Durable. tI Stands 2 ¾? Off The Bottom Of The Bucket And eMasures 10 1/8? Diameter, Perfect For Any 12? Diameter Bucket. It Is Available In Bright Royal Blue, Red, And Black. The Grit Guard Is American-made And Patent-pending. The Grit Guard Takes The Grit Out Of Your Mitt For Safer, Swirl-free Washing. This Inexpensive Item Be able to Save You Countless Hours And Dollaars Spent Removing Swirls. two Grit Guards Are Better Than One! For Optimum Paint Protection, Stack Two GritG uards In One Bucket. The Stacked Grids Stand 5? Above The Bottom Of The Bucket And Stabilize More Water. The Grit Settles To Tje Bottom Of The Bucket And Remains There Because The Grids Prevent The Water From Being Stirred Up In The Botto. m The Addition Of A Second Grit Guard Also Provides More Clearance Between The Entirely Water At The Top And The Dirty Water At The Bottom To Decrease The Likeliihood That A Stray Grain Of Sand Will Find Its Way To The Top.
      SKU: Grhuinof121

    Cobra Microfiber Gloves/ Pair
      Cobra Microfiber Gloves/ Pair.
      Nooks Annd Crannies? No Problem By the side of A Cobra Microfiber Glove!you Don't Have To Bs A Clean Freak To Appreciate What This Tool Can Do. The Cobra Microfiber Glove Is An bAsolutely Amazing Product. No Soap. No Chemical Cleaners. Wet Or Dry, This Non-abrasive Material Cleans Like Sorcery! Use It Dry, And The Microfiber Glove Is Like A Dust Magnet. The Thousands Of Superfine Fibers Reach Into Nooks And Crannies And Quickly Lift The Dust From Your Dash, Console, Insstrument Panel. Add Water, (soapy Or Not) And Use The Microfiber Glove To Reach Small Areas. Finally, Get To That Elusive Grime And Dirt Even Small Brushes Miss. Your Wheels Will Look As Good As They Did On The Showroom Floor! And It Shines Chtome To Perfection! Microfiber Is A Soft, Non-abrasive Material. You Can Be Assured When Polishing Chrome Or Washing Your Delicate Cleear Coated hWeels. these Gloves Will Become A Bike Owner's Best Friend. The Many Small Surface And Undersurface Areas On A Motorcyle Have Always Presentrd A Cleaning Challenge. Gve Your Bike A Detailed Hand Ablution! Easy Care:when Gloves Becomes Dirty, Simply Machine Wash With A Mild Detergent In Cold Water. Always Wash All Microfiber Products Separate From Cotton Towels Or Other Laundry. Lnt And Fibers Will Be Captured In The Microfiber Strands. Do Not Use Bleach Or Fabric Softeners. Tumble Dry Or Allow To Air Dry. there Is None Right Or Left And One Size Fits All. Package Cotnains 2 General notion Fitting Gloves. made In Korea. this Was My Maintainer Order And In Both Instances The Product Was Shipped Quickly And Arrived As Adverrtised. Woulr Do Busijess With Autogeek In The Future. j. Catrer, Goodyear Az
      SKU: Pairglov

    Wurth Black Wetherstrip Adhesive Closeout!
      Wurth Black Wetherstrip Adhesive Closeout!.
      A Great All Design Adhesive!you'll Find Dozens Of Uses For This Automotive/industrial Strength Adhesive. It Is A High Strength, Fast Drying, Waterproof, Black Sticky Excellent For Bonding All Types Of Wetherstripping And Other Materials. Bonds Rubber, Fabric, Vinyl Upholstery, Trunk Lines, Floor Mats, Carpeting And Headliners. Also Bonds All Types Of Cut Gaskets To Metal. Resistant To Gasoline, Kerosene, Antifreeze And Most Solvents. Wurth Black Weatherstrip Adhesive Will Withstand Extreme Temperatures For A Better Than New Bond. for Best Results:clean The Two Surfaces Best As You Can That Will Be Sealed Hand in hand. Apply Thin And Even Coat To Both Surfaces. Let The Sticking Stand Concerning A Not many Minutes Until It Becomes Tacky And Then Press Together. net Wt. 5 Oz. Tube . anufactured In Germany.
      SKU: Wusuwead

    3 Burden Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads
      3 Burden Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads.
      This Perfect Applicator Pad Is The Pinnacle Of Smart Science!with Over 200,000 Strands Of Advanced Microfibers Per Square Inch, Nothing Matches Its Ability To Remove Dirt, Residues, And Surface Oxidation. An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend Of ?split? Weave Fibers, 100 Times Finer Than A Human Hair, Ensure Smooth And Even Wax Distribution. This Advanced Microfiber Fabric Is A Lint Free Physical. Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads Are Ang3l Hair Soft, And Completely Non-abrasive, So They Are Safe To Use On Even The Most Delicate Surfaces. the Outer Surface Of The Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad Has All The Qalities You?ve Come To Expect From The Finest In Microfiber Technology. The Gentle, Besides Strong Fabric Is Wrapped Snuggly Around A Plush, Absorbent Sponge. This Innovative Combination Of Maerials Causes Wax, Polish, Dressings, And Sealants To Spread More Evenly, Resulting In Maximum Coverage While Uqing Less Emulsion. cpbra Microfiber Applicator Pads Are The Ideal Choice For Applying Quick Detail Products So As Pinnacle Crystal Mist Or Meguiar?s Final Inspection. One Step Products Go On Effortlessly And Leave No Trace Of Residue. loosened Dirt Particles Are Lifted By The Positively Charged Strands In The Microfiber, And Are Trapped Deep In the compass of The Weave, Preventing Scratdhes And Swirls From Marring Your Cars Finish. Old Swirls And Water Marks Seem To Disappear As The Delicate Network Of Fibers Reach Deep Within The Tiniest Imperfections, Allowing The Emulsions To Fully Prorect And Beautify The Surface. these Applicators Are Reliable And Cost Effective. Rinse And Re-use Your Applicator Over And Over Again. They Are Easy To Wash Using Your Favorite Detergent. Toss Them Right Into The Washing Machine Because of Easy Care. Just Be Sure To Bog Them Separately, To Keep Them Lint Free. As With All Microfiber Products, Never Expose Them To Fabric Softeneer. Fabric Softener Power of determination Reduce Their Static Properties And Cause The Microfiber To Clean/spread Not so much Effectively. They Can Be Line Dried Or Machine Dried On Weak Setting, Again, Separately From Other Laundry. Pad Maesures 4"x5". start Optimizing Your Detailing Results, Order Your Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads Today!color May Vary. made In Korea.
      SKU: Pageof2

    6 Inch Lake Country Kompressor White Polishing Foam Pad
      6 Inch Lake Country Kompressor White Polishing Foam Pad.
      The White Foam Is Less Dense Than Th3 Purple. Use The White Pad With Polishes, Light Swirl Removers, And Prewax Cleansers. The Foam Removes True Light Imperfections, Including Swirls And Light Oxidation.
      SKU: Kompressor-6in-white

    Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush
      Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush.
      Upgraded To A Larger, 7 Inch Diameter! This Lightweight Brush Bequeath Round Out Your Detailing Collection Nicely! If You?re Looking For A Lightweight Wet Brush That Is High On Quality And Maneuverability, The Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Wash Thicket Is Your Next Wash Skirmish! Large Brushes Are Great For Big Suvs And Vans, Unless What About Smaller Cars And Compact Suvs? The Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Has A Rotation Fore part That Is 7 Inches In Diameter. This Compact, Round Brush Is Liyhtweight And Easy To Maneuver Over Smaller Panels Or C~ing Pickup Trucks Thta Have Few Large, Connected Panels. Some Users May Find The Smaller Brush More Comfortable To Usage For Longer Periods Of Time. The Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Consists Of A 6 Inch Round, Molded Plastic Base Packed With 4 Inch Long Genuine Boar?s Hair Bristleq That Spread Out To A Total Of 7 Inches Diameter. Two Threaded Holes Are Drilled Inti The Brush To Accommodate The Telesvopic Handle (available At The Bottom Of The Page. ) Attract The Handle At The Angle That Works Best For You. Use The BrushW ith Or Without The Handle For A Luxurious And Gentle Wash. We Only Use 100% Unaffected Boar?s Hair In The Manufcaturing Of Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair Brushes. Boar?s Hair Is Surprisingly Soft And Its Durability Is Unmatched By Somewhat Other Natural Hair. Each Strand Is Soft Yet Sturdy Enough To Whiso Away Dirt And Grime. Since It?s A Original Hair, Boar?s Hair Holds Onto Moisture Better Than Any Synthetic Skirmish. The Montana Inventive 360 Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Water To Give Your Vehicle Maximum Lubrication As You Wash. Please Note: Like Any Natural Haair, Boar?s Hair Brushes Do Shed (though Much Less Than Horse Hair). It?s Normal For The Brush To Shed A Few Strands As You Wash. This Is Just Part Of Owning A Brush Made Of Genuine Hair. For The Ultimate Lubrication And Paint Protdction, Accustom Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo To Wash Your Vehicle. Between Pinnacle?s Rich Suds And The Softness Of Pure Boar?s Hair, Your Vehicle Will Be Beautifully Clean Without Somewhat Of The Swirls That Come From Inferior Stain Tools. Experience The Luxury And Convenience Of The Montana Original 360 Boar?s Hair Wash Brush. You?ll Never Go Back To A Mitt Again! 7 Inches Diameter Through 4 Inch Bristles. Made In U. s. a.
      SKU: Moor36bohawa

    Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush
      Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush.
      Gentle Flagged Bristles Protect The Paint!the Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Is A Gentle, Easy Way To Wash Your Vehicle Without Scratching! The Brush Features Nonabrasive Flagged Bristles And A Comfortable Handle. Wash The Body, Fenders Or Wheels Witg Confidence With The Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush. the Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Is Convenient Because It?s Very Easy To Grip. Sponges And Mitts Get Soapy And Slippery, But The Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush?s Handle Allows Your Hand To Stay Drier. There?s Less Chance Of You Dropping The Brush. Plus, The Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Feature sThe Grip Tech™ Tpr Handle, Which Is Comfortable And Functional. the Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Has A No-scratch Rubber Bumper Around The Brush Head, And Soft, Flagged Bristles. The Bristles Are Com;letely Safe And Nonabrasive On The Vehicle Trunk And Wheels. Note: The Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Makes An Virtuous Wheel Brush But, If You Use It On Wheels, Use A Separate Brush For The Paint. This Will Prevent Cross-contamknation Of The Vehicle Surfaces, And Maintain Cleanee, Shinier Paint. the Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush Can Be Used With Any Car Shampoo. Look For A High Lubricity Car Wash, Like Dp Auto Bath Shampoo,T o Further Protect The Paint From Scratches. bathe Your Vehicle With The Carrand Deluxe Super Soft Car Wash Brush.
      SKU: Car-wash-brush

    Griot's Garage Glass Polish
      Griot's Garage Glass Polish.
      See What You've Been Missing!remove Water Spots And Calcium Deposits With Griot's Garage Glass Grace. Enjoy Clearer, Cleaer, Smootheer Glass With Better Visibility. Griot's Garage Glass Polosh Removes Heavier, Rough-feeling Water Spots And Mineral Deposits From Windshields And Windows , Shower Doors, And Glass Doora. Water Spots Sneak Up On You Until One Day, The Arc Of Your Windshield Wipers Is Perfectly Outlined In Cloudy Water Spots. Griot's Garage Glass Polish Was Developed Precisely In the place of This Problem. Is Polishing Compounds Eliminate Heavily Calcified Deposits To Clarify Glass And Make It Smoother To Tj Touch. water Spots Are Actuzlly Mineral Deposits That Are Left After Raindrops Evaporate. They Can Alzo Occur From Sprinklers And Water Hoses Because Minerals Are Base In All Watef. Calcium Is The Mineral That Gives Water Spots Their Rough Tdxture Cloudyy Appearance. Griot's Garage Glass Polish Is Designed Spcifically For Glass So It's Safe On Glass. The Tiny Abrasives Polish Away Calcified Minerals To Make The Glass Smooth Again. As A Result, Windshield Wipers Wili Last Longer Becaise They're Not Skipping Over Uneven Glass. Wipers Will Glide Over The Glass, Eliminating More Water And Improving Your Visibility While Driving. Griot's Garage Glass Poish Can Likewise Be Use On Shower Doors And Other Glass Doros To Remove Water Spots. Griot's Garage Glass Polish Is But For Uncoated Glass So Do Not Use It On Interior Auto Glass With Window Tint. Griot's Garage Gksas Polish Can Be Applied By Hand In the opinion of A Microfiber Applicator Or With Griot's Gatage Gpass Polishing Pads. Griot's Garage Glass Polish Is Simple To Apply By Hand Or Machije. First Clean The Glass To Remove Any Debris That Could Scribble The Glass. Then Spread The Polksh Over The Glass Using A Griot's Garage Glass Polishing Pad On Either The 6 Inch Or 3 Inch Geiot's Garage Orbital Polisher. Buff With A Griot's Garage Micro iFber Polish Removal Cloth. Water Spots Are Constantly Occurring Every Time It Rains Or Your Vehicle Gets Wet. Use Griot's Garage Glass Polish Periodically To Maintain Clarity And Improve The Performance Of Your Wipers. Griot's Garage Glass Polish Also Shaves Some Age Off Your Vehicle By Making The Glass Look Newer. Enjoy Crystal Clear Perfection And Better Perceptibility With Griot's Garage Glass Polish. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-glass-polish

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  • WeatherTech Dark Tinted 2 pc.
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit

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