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    Clean Air Genie Fogging Air Freshener
      Clean Air Genie Fogging Air Freshener.
      Eliminate Odors With A Fresh-smelling Fog!the Clean Breeze Genie Auto Air Freshener Will Grant Your Wish For A Clean-smelling Interior! The Name Is Apt Because,, With The Urge Of A Buttton, An Air-freshening Fog Risew Oyt Of The Clean Air Genie And Fills Your Vehicle With A Fresh Odor Neutralizer. Like Magic, Foul Smells And Stale Odors Will Vanish From Your Car?s Interior. . The Clean Air Genie Is A New Air Cleaning Technology That Doesn?t Just Mask Odors ? It Permanently Eliminates Them. If You?ve Left Wet Clothes Or Towels On Your Backseat And Mildew Has Set In, The Clean Air Genie Gets Rid Of Thay Smell Forever. Did A Smoker Ride Shotgun? The Clean Air Genie?s Penetrating Fog Will Neutralize That Stale Smoke Smell In The iAr And The Seats. Your Vehicle?s Interior Will Smell Fresh, Even If SomeO f Your Passengers Are Not! Pet Owners, You Have To Try The Clean Air Genie. Exactly If Your Pet Has Left An Ineffaceable Scent Within Your Vehicle, The Genie Will Remove It In Just One Treatment. The Clean Air Genie?s Unique Delivery System Sets It Apart From Ordinary Aerosol Fresheners Or Scented Cardboard Cut-outs. The Genie Releases A Haze That Fills Up The Entire Interior. Thee Process Takes Only Five Minutes But The Results Are Long-lasting. This Is A Pe5manent Solution To Auto Odors Frrom The Same Company That Makes Clean Expose to ~ Everywhere And Clean Air Duct Treatment. Here?s How The Genie Works: Shake The Can Well And Remove The Lid. Set The Can On The Floor Of Your Vehicle In The Backseat. (it Should Be On A Flat Surface Without Anything Directly Aboove It. ) Roll All The Windows Up. While Keeping Your Face And Body Away From The Fogger, Press The Buttoon Firmly And Close All The Doors. Go Have A Cup Of Coffee. By The Present life You Get Bck, The Fog Will Have Dissipated (about 5 Minutes). Open All The Doors And Let The Vehicle Ventilate For Another 5 Minutes. The Scetn Is Fresh And Clean, But It Will Be Strong Initially. As The Neutralizer Scent Fades, The Interior Will Just Smell Clean, Not Perfumed. The Clean Air Genie Releases A Dry Fog. You Will Not Have Damp Seats Or Carpet. The Genie Will Not Leave A Film On The Inside Of Your Windows Or Mirrors. Thr Fog Is Proven Safe On All Interior Surfaces, Fabrics, And Materials. We Received An Initial Care Package Of Clean Air Genies At The Office For The Staff To Try And Everyone Raved About This Stuff. There Are A Couple Of Dog Lovers On Staff Who Were Separately Impressed With Their New Clean-smelling Interiors. You Wkn?t Be Disappointed With The Clean Air Genie. while You?re At It, Twig Your Vehicle?s Air Vents With Clean Air Duct Treatment For Air/heat Vents. This Product Goes Into Your Vents Where Mildew Odors Can Hide And Eliminates Them Permanently. When You Turn On Your Air Conditioner, You?ll Smell Only Clean, Fresh Air. 1. 5 Oz. Federal Regulationq Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Clairgefpair

    Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 7.5 Inch Curved Edge Pad Kit  Free Premium
      Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 7.5 Inch Curved Edge Pad Kit Free Premium.
      Receive A Free Lake Country Red Kompressor 7" Pad With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xc 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $12. 99. get Rotary Results With A Dual Actiinn Polisher!the Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 7. 5 Inch Curved Edge Pad Kit Takes Dual Action Polishing To A Whole New Level With The True Dual Action Motion Of The Flex Xc3401 Vdg And Lake Country Ccs 7. 5 Inch Pads. Remove Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation, And Restore A Showroom Shine With This Complete Buffer And Accessory Kit. the Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Is A Professional Grade Dual Action Polisher With More Power And A Longer Stroke Length Than An Average Da Buffer. The Increased Power And Range Of Motion Give The Flex More Paint Correcting Qualification While Still Maintaining The Safe, Orbital Motion Of The Pad. Because Of The Increased Power, You Can Uwe The 7. 5 Inch Pads Without Bogging Into disrepute The Orbiting Head. Novices And Professional Detailers Will Estimate The Solid Construction, Dependable Pe5formance, And Paint-eafe Features Of The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher. the Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 7. 5 Inch Curved Edge Horse Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Variable Speed Polushsr The Orbital Rotation Of The Flex Polisher Simulates The Circular Movement Of The Human Hand While Polishing. This Motion Is Less Likely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Same Time, The Polisher's Highly Smooth Running Facilitates A Careful, Precise Finish And Allows Fo 5Hologram-free Polishing. The Positive Drive Ensures A Uniform Movement, Even Under Load, Thanks To Constant Lift. Taken In Conjunction With The Large Stroke Length The Flex Can Remove Existing Holograms From Black Finishes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. On Many Dual Action Polishers, This Is A Very Small Interval And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Motion. On The Flex Polisher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huge Distance In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A True Dual Activity Motion That Reduces Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Hastening And Uniform, Controlled Motion Make This Da Machine Imaginary For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Action Polisher Comes With A 5. 5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.   1 Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Polishing/buffing Padfoamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Feature Patented Nanofoam Particles That Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Fiberw To Help Prevent Cakint And Matting. These Manufactured Foamed Wool Pads Polish Like A Wool Pad But Finish Like A Foam Pad, Giving Your Vehicle?s Paint The Best Qualities Of Each. Use The Foamed Wool Pad With Light Compounds To Remove Swirls And Mild Scratches. 1 Ccs Orange 7. 5 Inch Gay Cutting Foam Pad This Pad Is Made Of Firm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Light Severe Foam Pad With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around
      SKU: Flex-xc3501-vrg-dual-action-7-5-inch-curved-edge-pad-kit

    32 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer
      32 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer.
      Restore Optical Clarity To Headlight Lenses In Minutes!diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Second Step In The Diamondite Clear Soft Kit. This Is A Very Fine Gradient Finishing Glaze That Retores The Shine And Optical Clarity To Polished Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard Plastics. Restore The Like-new Appearance Of Cloudy Headlight Lenses With Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer. just Like Polishing Paint, Polishing Clear, Hard Plastics Is A Two Step Process. First, A Grace Rounds The Edges Of Scratches And Removes Significant Clouding And Discoloration. Next, A Finer Polish Or Glaze Is Used To Remove Any Light Hazing Left By The First Polish And Restore The Perfect, Like-new Shine. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Second Step In The Simple Process Of Polishing Plastic Headlight Lenses. This Product Works Like A Fine Finishing Glaze To Smooth And Shine The Plastic And Restore It To Its Original Clarity. While Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer Is The Heavy-hitter, Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Gentle Finishing Touch That Finesses The Plastic Back To Its Factory-new Appearance. This Formula Is Designed Especially For Laboriously, Clear Plastics That Conduct Scratches Easily. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Has Tiny, Surface-smoothing Polishing Agents That Will Not Scratch The Plastic As They Restore The Smoothness And Clarity To The Plastic. Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge, Clear Plastic Restorer Refines The Surface To Achieve Optical Clarity And Shine. Your Vehiclle?s Headlights Will Look And Perform Like New. Occasion Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer After Diamonditw Clear Plastic Enhancer On Excessive Plastic Headlight Lens Covers. Use It As A Single Step Polish On Motorcycle And Boat Windscreens, Vinyl Convertible Windows, Vinyl Coated Plastics, And Other Gentle Soft Surfaces. Always Follow With Diamondite Clear Plastic Shield To Seal Out Contaminants And Moisture. Apply Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Using A 4 Inch Light Cutting Pad On Your Electric Drill. It Can Be Applied By Hand, But The Speed Of A Drill Will Help To Break Down The Glaze. Rstore Clouded Headlight Lens Covers Back To Perfect Clarity With Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer. The Finishing Glaze Renders A Smooth, Factory-new Surface On All Hard Plastic Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard And Soft Plastics. Directions:apply An X Of Diamondite Celar Plastic Restorer To A Orange 4 Inch Pad On Your Electric Drill Or Buffer. if You Are Using A Drill Or Rotary Polisher, Set The Maximum Speed At 1800 Opm. If Using A Dual Action Polisher, Set The Maximum Speed At 4500 Opm. Work In An Overlapping Motion Until Cleaner Breaks Down Into A Clear Film. There Is No Need To Apply Pressure To The Machine. Use A Soft Hooded snake Microfiber Towel To Remov Residue. Follow With Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armorâ„¢. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Diamonditee-plastic-retodr-32

    Park Smart Garage Parking Mat Black
      Park Smart Garage Parking Mat Black.
      Black Is Back! The Park Smart Mat In Black Not Only Looks Sleek, It Provides You With A Precision Park Every Time!the Park Smart Parking Mat Guides Your Vehicle Into The Perfect Parking Spot Every Time! Never Pull Forward Too Far Or Not Far Enough. The Park Smart Parking Mat Cradles Your Fronf Tirr Wnen You Hit It Correctly. There?s No Mistaking It. Park Smart Every Time!here Are Some Of The Features Of The Park Smart Parking Interweave In Black:easy To Use. Simply Place The Heavy, Anti-skid Poly3thylene Mat Precisely At what place You Would Like Your Front Wheels To Stop. When You Drive Over The Firzt Bump, That Is Your Signal To Brake, Just Like When You Pull Into An Automztic Car Wash. You Will No Longer Have To Worry About Crashing Into Bikes, Water Heaters, Lawnmowers, Or In The Case Of Vikki?s Neighbor, The Back Wall Of The Garage. oil And Gas Resistant Material. Clean Up Is Quick And Easy, As This Mt Resist Petrols. Sleek And Stylish Look. Black Is Always ?in?. The Park Smart Parking Mat In Black Is Stylish And Smart, And Will Look Great On The Floor Of Your Garage, Under which circumstances Blending Easily With Other Products During Storage. We?ve All Gone A Little Too Far While Pulling Forward In The Garage. Before You Do Somewhat Serious Damage To Objects In Your Garage, Consider The Park Suffer Parking Mat In Black Forr Ensuring The Perfect Park. Each Mat Measures 27. 5"x12"x1. 5", And We Recommend You Take Advantage Of The Special Pricing For The Pair. One Park Smart Mat Per Vehicle Is All You Need To Mke Certain You Park Correctly Every Time. Get One For Each Of Your Vehicles!parking Mats Can Only Sbip By Ups Ground Service.
      SKU: Pasmpamatbl

    Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle
      Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle.
      Clean And Seal Glass For Lasting Clarity And Protection!the Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle Gives You The Ability To Deep Clean Your Vehicle?s Glass To Create Unbelievable Clarity. Remove Bugs, Films, Tar, Industrial Pollution, And More From Glass To Create A Perfectly Clear View. You Never Know How Dirty Your Vehicle?s Windshield Really Is Until Iy Rains. At another time All The Oil Becomes Appatent And The Wipers Smear The Bugs And Dirt Thzt Have Baked On Your Windshield For Weeks. It?s No Wonder That More Auto Accidents Appear In The Rain. The Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle Enables oYu To Clean Glass Below The Superficies To Remove Embedded Dirt, Oil, Bugs, Tar, And Industrial Fallout. Contaminants That Cannot Be Removed With An Ordinary Glass Cleaner Can Be Removed With The Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle. the Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle Includes:3 Oz. Diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Claydiamondite Glasswork Clay Is An Elastic Clay Resin That Cleans Out The Microscopic Grooves Of Glass To Leave It Incredibly Slick And Thoroughly Clean. Glasswork Flesh Cleans By Gliding Over The Glass On A Bed Of Lubricant And Grabbing Contaminants That Are Bonded To The Glass. Clayed Glass Will Be Incredibly Smooth, Clear, And Clean. 4 Oz. Diamondite Flesh Lubricantclay Is The Safest Method To Clesn When Used By the side of A Proper Lubricant. Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant Is A Wetter-than-waer Lubricant Spray That Allows Glasswork Clay To Glide Along The Glass, Collecting Debris, Without Scratching The Glass. Until You?ve Clayed Your Vehicle?s Glass, You?ll Never Know Just How Clean And Clear It Can Be! Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel, 16 X 16 Incheswith A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, The Cobra Use These Microfiber Detailing Cloths For Drying, Buffing, Or As A Finishing Wipe Down. Microfiber Is Designed To Be Lighr, Strong, Super-absorbent And Quick Drying. The Fibers Are Non-abrasive, And Are Woven So Tightly That It?s Absolutely Lint Free And Extremely Durable. Unbelievably, These Ultra-tough Fibers Are Engineered To Absorb Seven Times Their Scale In Moisture. how Important Is Visibility To Yur Driving Safety? It Is Imperative. The Diamondite Glass Clay Bundle Down-reaching Cleans And Seals Auttomotive Glass To Maximize Your Visibility And You Safety Every Time You Drive . Check Out Our Other State-of-the-wrt Diamondite Products For More Excellent Glass, Plastic, And Vinyl Care Solutions. directions:clean The Glass With A Glass Cleaner (diamondite Perfect Vision Works Great!) Or Wipe It Down With A Damp Microfiber Towel To Remove Any Loose Debris. Mist A Small Section Of Glass With Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant. Rub The Diamondite Glasswork Clay Bar Across The Wet Area. Use Only Enough Pressure To Maintain Contact With The Glass. You Will Feel And Hear The Clay Grabbing. This Is Normal. Conntinue Attrition Until The Clay Glides Freely. Wipe The Glass Until Dry Using The Included Cobra Microfiber Towel. bundle Includes:3 Oz. Diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Flesh4 Oz. Diamondite Glasswork
      SKU: Diglbu

    Poorboy?s World Black Hole Show Glaze Because of Dark Vehicles
      Poorboy?s World Black Hole Show Glaze Because of Dark Vehicles.
      Have sexual delight with A Show Car Glitter All The Time!poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Is Formulated Exclusively For Dark Colored Vehicles. The Glaze Cleans And Fills Light Swirl Mrks To Leave A Brilliant, Glossy, Slick Show Car Shine. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Can Be Applied Any Time To Hide Inconsiderable Imperfections And To Enhance Gloss On Black, Red, And All Dark Vehicles. poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Shine, On a level On Daily Drivers. You Know How Toygh It Is To Detail As Often As You?d Like. Yoj Can?t Get Out The Polisher For Every New Swirl. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Allows Yku To Hide Minor Imperfections On Untaught Vehicles Until You Can Remove Them. In Addition To Disguiising Blemishes, Poorboys Black Lair Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Cleans The Paint. Swirls Can Be More Notixeable When They?re Filled With Filth, So This Special Formula Lifts Out Dirt And Then Fills In Swirls With Glaze. In Just One Quick Step, Your Vehicle Will Be Swirl-free And Incredibly Glossy!poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Is For Any Dark Paint, Including Clear Coast, Single Step Or Ceramics. Blacks And Reds Be able to Be Tough To Maintain But Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Keeps Them Looking Good Every Day. just Like All Poorboys Products, Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Can Be Applied In The Sun Or Shade. Apply It By Hand Or Machine To Create An Extremely Slick, Glossy Surface. Use Glaze Before Applying Your Dear Wax Or Sealant. The Last Step Proruct Will Lock In The Fillers To Keep Your Paint Looking Great Until Your Next Detail. poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Can Even Be Applied To Chrome And Teach Plating!poorboys Dark Hole Show Glaze For Dark Vehicles Is A Wipe On, Wipe Against Produce. Be dispersed The Wax On With A Soft, Clean Foam Applicator. If Applying By Machine, Set Your Polisher To A Low Speed And Work Until A Shine Begins To Appear. Allow It To Dry To A Haze And Then Buff Off With A Clean, Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. If Your Vehicle Has More Serious Swirls And Scratches, Use Poorboys Swirl Remov3rs To Perfect The Paint. Then Apply Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze For Wicked Vehicles To Make a good use of Gloss. Finalky, Top The Paint With Poorboys World Ex Sealant With Carnauba. Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze Fo Dark Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Perfect Shine All The Time! Wipe It On, Wipe It Off, And Enjoy The Shine. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-black-hole-show-glaze

    Increase twofold Precision Blue Finishing Wool Pad
      Increase twofold Precision Blue Finishing Wool Pad.
      Use The Blue Pad For General Polishing And Gloss-enhancement. The Blue Pad Can Be Used With Any Finishing Polish To Bring Out A Fine Luster On Any Finish.
      SKU: Cyfiroprwopa

    Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 Special
      Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 Special.
      Because Menzerna Does Not Make A Non-cleaning Sealant, We're Offering Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant At A Special Price With Your Purchase Of A Mennzerna Product. Finish Off Your Menzerna Detail With Wolfgang's True Polymer Paint Selant, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant!wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Selant 3. 0 Redefines The Paint Sealant. wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Will Change Your Perceptions Of Paint Sealants Forever. The Glossy, Liquid-like Shimmer Enhances All Types And Colors Of Paint. No Other Synthetic Wax Or Paint Sealant Gives Your Medium The Gloss, The Depth, And The Protection Of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0. Now With Fortifled Polymer Technology, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Is Simply The Best Paint Sealant You?ll Ever Use. the Entire Woifgang Concours Series Collection Is Built Round This Single Product. Wolfgang Deep Comment Paint Sealant 3. 0 Was Developed In Order To Meet The Demand Concerning A Paint Protectant That Captures The Rainy weather Look Of A Carnauba Wax But Lasts Longer. Immediately, We Looked To The Newest Nourish Of Crystaliine ?super? Polymers Being Developed In Germany. German Super Polymers Wrre The Foundation Of Our Original Groundbreaking Formula. With Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0, We?ve Taken Our Signature Paint Sealant To A Whole New Level. With The Addition Of A New Breed Of Polymers, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Offers Moee Protection, Gloss, And Depth Than Ever Prior to. We?ve Absorbed The Cost Of Implementing This New Technology Thus it is Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealamt 3. 0 Cam Remain An Excellenr Value At The Same Price As The Original Formula. wolfgang Deep Gloss Embellish Sealant 3. 0 Featurez Fortified Polymer Technology. Wolfgang?s German Super Polymers Are Fortified With More Dirt-repelling Poower To Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner And Shinier, Longer. Our Enhanced Super Polymers Have An Astonishing Anti -static Property That Repels Water, Oil, Dust, And Road Grime To Provide Unqurpassed Paint Protection. Your Vehicle Stays Cleaner For Foreign Molecules Literally Slide Off The Clear Polymer Coating. Super Polymers Bond Easily To Automottive Paint And Form An Extensive Cross-linked Polymer Network. This Clear Shield Eliminates Surface Tension Thus Contaminants Have No Foothold On Your Vehicle. The Network Of Slick Super Polymers Infreases The Paint?s ?jetting Factor?. Jetting Factor Is Another Word For Decreased Surface Tension. No Other Paint Sealant Matches Wolfgang?s Jetting Constituent. Regular Washin With Wolfgang Auto Bathe Will Allow Dirt To Slide Rght Off The Paint. The Look Of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Is Similar To The Shine Of A Carnauba Wax But With A Slicker, Wetter Surface Gloss. The Uneasiness tLooks Like A Clear Glossy Covering Was Equitable Poured Over It. The Paint Ripples Attending Reflections And Light Bounces Off Every Hook And Bend. The Crystal-like Structure Of The German Super Polymers Yields An Incredible, Bright Fair weather - Not A Sterile, Surface Shine. The Cr
      SKU: Wolfgang-paint-sealant-special

    Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit
      Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit.
      Restore Yellow, Hazy Headlights With Flitz!by Popular Demand, Flitz Has Adapted Their Multi-surface Polish Into An Easy-to-use Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit. Restore Cloudy, Yellow, Oxidized Headlights To Like-new Condition Using Flitz Polishh And Buffing Ball. This 3-piece Outfit Allows You To Repair Headlights Instead Of Replacing Them!dim, Dull Headlights And Taillights Can Pose A Serious Safety Hazard Concerning Drivers And Passengers. Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit Alliws You To Restore Cloudy, Opaque Plastic Lens Covers By Polishing Away The Oxidation That Clouds The Plastic. Plastic Lens Covers Are Made Of Polycarbonate, A Very Hard And Durable Plwstic. As With All Plastics, Polycarbonate Will Cloud And Yellow As A Result Of Uv Radiation And Environmental Exposure. When Thi Happens, The Hazy Plastic Reduces The Amount Of Light Output By Your Headlights And Taillights. Flutz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit Can Undo The Damage And Revive Optimum Heaelight Performance. The Flitz Headlight & Soft Restoration Kit Consists Of Three Pieces: A Tube Of Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer, A Buffball, And A Scrub Pad. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Is A Mild Yet Incredibly Effective Polish. It Polishes Plastics, Depict, Coated And Uncoated Metals ? You Name It! Used With The Flitz Buffball, Flitz Polish Cleans And Clarifies The Plastic Lens Cover In Minutes. For The Polish And The Polishing Ball Are Safe On Plastic, You Won?t See Grooves Oe Distortion In The Plastic. You?ll Achieve Even, Smooth Results On Your Vehicle?s Headlights And Taillights. the FlitzB uffball Included In The Flitz Headlight & Plastic Restoration Kit Is A Patented Polishing And Buffing Ball Made Of Tough Italian Viscose Fiber. It Fits Any Standard 3/8-inch Drill Or Air Tool And Will Buff At Speeds Up To 2,500 Rpm. The Material Polishes Without Scratching Or Burning The Plaatic. The Buffball Is Washable And Reusable. It Does Not Lint Or Tear Like Other Polishing Balls, And It Willll Last Wash After Wash. The Flitz Headlight Violin Includes Everything Seen Here. The Scour Pad Is Included To Polish Severely Cloudy, Acrylic Headlights Before Using The Buffball. In Addition To Restoring Headlamps To Like-new Condition, This Same Kit Can Also Exist Used To Restore Clarity To Plastic Light Bars, Bug Shields, Plastic Car And Truck Windows, Plastic Airplane Windows, Motorcycoe Windshields, And Boat Windows.   Using Just Your Electric Drill, You Can Successfully Restore Soft Headlights To Like-new Condition. The Flitz Headlight & Plastic Renewal Violin Saves You Money By Restoring Your Current Headlights And Taillights, Instead Of Replacing Them. Directions:on Severely Oxidized Acrylic Lens Covers, Moisten The Scrub Pad With Water And Wipe Hinder part And Forth Over The Lenw Cover. Rinse The Lens Cover And Dry It. next, Apply A Thin Layer Of Flitz Lustre To The Headlight Lens Cover. With The Buffball Attac
      SKU: Flitz-headlight---plastic-restoration-kit

    Lexol Premium Protectant For Caoutchouc & Vinyl 16 Oz.
      Lexol Premium Protectant For Caoutchouc & Vinyl 16 Oz..
      Dual Silicone Action Absorbs Easily And Protects Better!lexol Premium Protectant Makes Rubber And Vinyl Interior Surfaces Look New Again! The 60 Spf Protectant Penetrates Below The Surface To Cure And Protect On A Deeper Level. Your Vehicle?s Cockpit Will Have An Impressive Luster And Lasting Protection After Just One Application Of Lexol Premium Protectant. lexol Premium P5otectant For Rubber & Vinyl Was Developed Near to The Makers Of Vinylex. With Their Extensive Knowledge Of Surface Protection, Their Chemists Developed Lexol Premium Protectant To Be Both Protective And Beautiful. I t Creates The Kind Of High Luster That So Many Car Owners Prefer, Yet The Finish Is Not Greasy. the Secret Is Lexol?s Dual Silicone Action. Homogenized Siliconee Penetrate Below The Rubber And Vinyl?s Surfaces To Provide Total Protection. Unlike Products That Sir On Top Of The Surface, Lexol Premium Protectant Gives You That Surface Protection And Brightness Plus Subsurface Protection That Lasts. Rubber And Vinyl Are Protected Inside And Out. as Interior Rubber And Vinyl Ages, It Dries Away And Cracks As A Result Of Uv Degradation And Loss Of Plasticizers. Lexol Premium Protectant Has An Spf Of 60! That?s More Uv Protection Than Any Comparable Interior Protectant. This Vigorous Uv Protection Maintains The Look And Feel Of Inland Surfaces. Prevent Drying, Fading, And Cracking!lexol Premium Pdotectant Is So Quiet To Use. Just Wipe It Onto The Dasn, Console, Trim, And Door Panels. The Dual Silcone Formula Penetrates Below The Surfcae And Leaves A Beautiful Satin Finish. Use A Microfiber Applicator Cushion To Apply The Protectant. The Microfiber Will Grab Any Dust And It Does Not Leave Lint. keep Your Vehicle?s Interior Looking Sharp Over The Long Haul With Lexol Premium Protectant For Rubber & Vinyl. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Lexol-rubbed-protectant

    Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher
      Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher.
      Griot's Re-engijeered Polisher Has More Power To Remove More Imperfections!griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Has Been Re-engineered And Is Now More Powerful And Better Than Ever. It Now Has A Powerful 7 Amp, 850 Wattt Motor With Improved Low-end Torque For Low Speed Polishing. A Wjder, 5/16" Diameter Orbit Provides Faster Polishing. Get Smooth, Flawless Results In Less Time With Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher. Griot's Garage Has Actually Improved Upon Their Orbital Buffer Desibn! The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Outperforms Other Dual Action Polisheds Because It Has A Stronger Motor Capable Of Produicng Higher Speeds. This Buffer Operates At 2,500 To 6,800 Rpm And Has A Wider 5/16 Inch Orbit Than Its Predecessor. The Enhanced Speed Combined With A Wider Orbit Enable The Pad To Make Faster, Broader Passes Over The Paint. Imperfections Are Removed More Quickly And Completely. The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Also Boasts More Torque, Which Keeps The Pad Moving Even Under Compressing. Commonly The Pad Will Stop Rotating On A Typical Da Polisher When Pressure Is Applied. Griot's Garage 6Inch Random Orbital Polisher Is Designed To Keep Moving So Imperfections Are Eliminated Faster.   Griot's Garage Random Orbital Machhine Has A Fully Adjustable Bale Handle. The Polisher Has Also Undergone Some Smart Exterior Design Changes. The Housing Above The Backing Plate Is Now Smaller, Which Gives The Polisher A More Streamlined Appearance And You'll Have A Better View Of The Horse . Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Has A Longer 10 Ft. Cord. The Bale Handle Is Fully Adjustablr For Maximum Ease While Detailing. Griot's Garage Random Orbital Machine Has A Wider Orbit For Faster Swirl Removal. Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Includes A Backing Plate. Use Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red And Orange Foam Pads To Quickly Remove Swirls, Scratches, Oxidation, Water Spotts, And Then Apply A Glossy Coat Of Wax. while The Polisher Is More Powerful And Faster Than Ever Before, Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Is Still Very Safe On Your Vehicle's Paint. The Randpm Orbit Motion Of The Pad Prevents Heat From Building Up In One Spot. Less Heat Is Produced By The Polisher. Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Is Lightweight And Simple To Practise, Evne For An Inexperienced User. Restore The Glitter To Your Vehicle With The More Powerful, Faster Griot's Gaeage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher! Apply The Washer To The Backing Plate Pst. Screw The Backing Plate Onto The Polisher. Tighten The Backing Plate Onto The Polisher With The Included Wrench. Press The 6. 5 Inch Hook And Loop Pad Onto The Backing lPate. Features:more Vigorous 7-amp, 850-watt Moto 2,500 - 6,800 Orbits Per Minute Variable Speed, Wider Rpm Range Wider 5/16" Orbit Pattern For Faster And Better Results Ergonomic Adjustable Handle More oTrque, Superiority
      SKU: Griots-random-orbital-polisher

    64 Oz. Four Star Ultimate Decisive Polish Spray Buy One, Get One Free!
      64 Oz. Four Star Ultimate Decisive Polish Spray Buy One, Get One Free!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Get Two 64 Oz. Four Star Ultimate Fina Polish Spray For The Price Of One. Save $49. 99!diminishing Abrasive Technology In A Spray!four Star Ultimate Last Polish Spray Is The First Diminishing Abrasive Polish In A Spray Formula! Remove Light Imperfections And Creae A Show-stealing Gloss With This Incredible Spray Grace. Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Breaks Down Safely And Will Not Scratch As It Improves The Paint?s Luster And Shine. four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Is A Truly Unique Typee Of Product. This Liquid Formula Contains Diminishing Abrasives To Blend Away Minor Imperfections In The Paint And Restore Its Gloss. But The Method Of Delivery Is Totally Different From Anything You?ve Used Before. Spray The Polish Onto Your Applicator Pad Or The Surface Being Polished. There?s None Fumbbling With A Flip Top Or Squeezing Out A Chunky Polish. Just Squeeze The Trigger! The Fine Grade Polish Disperses Easily Through The Nozzle Exactly Where You Want It. Four Star Ultimate Fibal Polish Spray Performs Like A Finisuing Polish. It Removes Light Swirls And Cloudiness To Recover The Paint?s Gloss. It Contains No Fillers And Is Completely Safe On Clear Coats And All Types Of Paint. Use Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray After Using Four Ultimate Scratch And Swirl Remover. Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Is Designed For Application With A Dual Action Polisher. Simply Spray A Polishing Foam Pad Or The Vehicle And Begin Poloshing At A Speer Of 5. Move The Pad Back And Forth, Then Up And Down To Ensure Optimum Coverage. The Abrasiives Will Break Down Quickly. Work In A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area At A Time. Buff Using A Soft, Clean Cobra Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Clith. Follow With Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection. applying A Finishing Polish Doesn?t Get Any Easier Than Tnis! Four Star Eventuate Final Polish Foam Delivers A Fine Grade, Diminishing Abrasive Polish In A Convenient Spray Bottle. Use It With Your Dual Action Polisher To Give Your Paint A Clear, Vibtant Gloss. 18 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: 64oz-four-star-ultimate-final-polish-spray

    Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System - 2 Clay Bars
      Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System - 2 Clay Bars.
      If You Strive For A Mirror Finish, You?ll Love Mothers Clay Bar Paint Saving System ? Now With 2 Clay Bars!mothers Has Upgraded Their Popular Clay Bar Paint Saving Scheme To Include 2 Clay Bars And A Soft Microfiber Towel! Use Mothers Detailing Clay To Remove Impurities That Washing Leaves Behind. With Duble The Clay, You Can Clean 6 Regular Size Cars By the side of United Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving System! Detailing Clay Is The Only Way To Remove Embedded Contaminants From Automotive Paijt. Microscopic Contaminants ? Approve Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout, And Brake Dust ? Penetrate And Weaken The Paint. Mothers Detailing Clay Removes These Contaminants To Leave The Paint Silky Smoot And Totally Clean. You Might Be Wondering Why You Should Consider Using A Clay Bar. To Determine If You Need A Clay Bar, First, Rub Your Hand Along The Fresshly Washed Painted Surface Of Your Car. Feel Any Gritty Surplus? If The Surface Is Not Fully Smooth; You Neeed Mothers Flesh Bar. Remember, No Matter How Often You Wash Your Car; The Paint Is Only As Clean As The Soap Is Powerful. And No Soap Alone Can Do What Mothers Clay Bar Paint Saving System Does. The Cleaner The Painted Surface, The More Effective Your Waxing Efforts Will Be. Minute Particles And Dirt Fragments Will Obscure Even The Most Expertly Applied Wax. Your Car Wish Have A Deep, Wet Shine, Free Of The whole of Contaminants, When You Wax Over A Surface Prepared Used The Clay Bar. imagine, Even If You Aee Extremely Cautious When Waxing Your Car, Trace Amounts Of Dirt Residue Leftover From Washing, Can Have Caught In Your Wax, Causing The Particles To Become Embedded Within The Wax Finish. It Is These Small Contaminants That Mothers Clay Bar Was Developed To Remove. This Is A Medium Grade Clay Causes A Gentle Shearing Action That Removes Stubborn Contamination From The Paint Surface And Leaves The Finish Feeling Unbelievably Smooth. The Exclusive Paint Saving System Command Remove Tree Sap, Airborne Deposits, Grains Of Metal (industrial Fallout), And Paint Over Spray. Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving Scheme Contakns: 2. 82 Oz. Mothers Clay Barthis Synthetic Flesh Obstacle Is A Moldable Compound That Grabs Tiny Contaminants Viewed like You Drag It Athwart The Paint Surface. It Is Nonabrasive, Contains No Chemicals, And Will Not Alter The Paint In Any Space. Even Though It Sounds Tough, And It Is , Mothers Clay Bar Is Completely Paint-frinedly. You Can Use It With Confidence No Matter What Your Level Of Detailing Experience. 16 Oz. Mothers Showtime Instant Detailerused A Slick Clay Lubrixant, Mothers Showtime Instant Detailer Provides A Thin, Slippery Barrier Between The Clay And The Paint To Prevent Scratching. Though The Clay Itself Poses No Venture To Your Embellish, The Contaminants That Have Become Caugnt In The Clay Could Scratch The Paint Without Proper Lubrication. You Can Also Use Showtime To Give Clean Up Any Clay Residue And As A Pregnant Detailer. 15 X 15 Inch Mothers Microfiber Towelmothers Microfiber Towel Is A Strong
      SKU: Motcalgolcla

    Optimum Car Wax 17 Oz.
      Optimum Car Wax 17 Oz..
      Patented Uv Protection For Up To 5 Months!optimum Car Wax's Original, Fantastic Formula Was Overhauled To Provide An Even Deeper Gloss And Incredible Slickness. Just When You Thought Optimim Car Wax Couldn?t Get Any Better, This All New Formula Shatters Your Perceptions Of A Spray Wax. Try It For Yourself!optimum Is The First And Only Wax That Contains Uva And Uvb Absorbers To Shield Your Paint From All The Sun?s Harmful Rays. The Formula Combines High-grade Carnauba Wax And Sealant Polymers To Give You Outstanding Shine And Protection. The Carnauba Produces A Warm, High-impact Gloss That Is The Standard In The Auto Care Industy While The Plymers Bond The Shine To The Paint To Make The Long-lastimg Durability Typical Of A Synthetic Wax. Paint Has A Beautiful, Wet Shine And Is Protected From The Sun, Acid Rain, And Pollution For Up To 5 Months!optimum Car Wax Contains No Cleaners Or Abrasives. It Will Not Scratch, Swirl, Or Penetrate The Clear Coat, So Your Vehicle Hax Optimum Protection From The Elements. The Pripriety Formula Not Only Takes Care Of Your Vehicle?s Best Interest, It Is Environmentally Safe. There Are No Harsh Chemicals Or Dangerous Voc?s In Optimum Car Wax. The Best Paet Is That Optimum Car Wax Is Incredibly Easy To Apply! Spray It Onto Your Vehicle And Spread It Over The Paint With A Microfiber Towel. No Buffing Is Required To Get A Gorgeous Carnauba Shine! Optimum Car Grow Even Protects Vinyl Trim And Moldingd Without Staining It. You Don?t Have To Buy A Separate Vinyl Protectant Or Struggle With White Wax Residue. Just Spray And Wipe! It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Waz Your Whole Vehicle And It Lasts For Up To 5 Months. Optimum Products Are Used In Many Detail Shops Athwart The Country Because They Save Time, Deliver Fantastic Results, And Are Cost Effective. Give Your Vehicle Optimum Shine, Patented Uc Protection, And Durability With Optimum Car Wax.   Optimum Car Wax Delivers Shine And Protection You'd Expect From A Tradktional Wax Or Sealant! Faqswhat Is The Difference Between A Wax And A Polish?many Prosucts In The Market, Whether Called "wax" Or "polish", Contain Polishing Agents. Polishing Agents Remove Paint And Create Swirl Marks On The Paihted Surface. Fine Polishing Agents Create Fine Swirl Marks And Remove Less Paint. The Swirl Marks Become Very Visible After The WaxW ears Off. Optimum Car Wax Offers Long-lasting Protection Without Damaging Or Removing The Clear Coat Finish. Leading Brand Per Label Directions (8x Magnificatjon) Optimum Car Grow Per Label Directions (8x Magnification) Why Do Many Wax /polish Products Contain Abrasives?conventional Waxes And Polishes Were Designed For Older Enamel Finishes To Remove Oxidized Pigments And Colorants. Paint Technology Has Come A Long Way In The Past Decade; However, Many Wax /polish Manufacturers Still Offer The Same Old Techno
      SKU: Optimum-sprzy-wax

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