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    Cobra Cross Groove™ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
      Cobra Cross Groove™ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad.
      This White Pad Polishes The Paint Using Pre-wax Cleaners, Cleaner Waxes, And Finishing Polishes. This Dense Pad Provides Even Product Application And Very Light Cleaning Ability. The Pure Foam Lightly Polishes The Color Free from Abrading Cldar Coat Or Single Stages.
      SKU: Cobra-white-buffing-pad

    Motuers Fx Synwax Paste Wax
      Motuers Fx Synwax Paste Wax.
      Synwa xShine Packed Into A Paste! Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Provides A Slick, Synthetic Shine In A Thick Pazte Wax Formula Reminiscent Of A Classi Car Wax. It's The Best Of Both Worlds! Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Spreads Easily And Provides A Lasting, Protective Shine. The Be eminent Of Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Is Pure Synthetic Technology. While Some People Love The Warmth Of A Carnauba Glow, A Growing Number Of Enthusiasts Preer The Hard, Glossy Shine That Can Only Be Engineered In A Lab. Reflections Are Crisper And Light Refracts Off Of A Synthetic Finish Much Like A Mirror. And, Because Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Is Manmade; It Is More Durable Than A Natural Carnauba. The Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Shine Lasts Weeks Longer And Requires Less Effort To Apply. mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Goe sBeyond Shie Enhancement To Improve The Texture Of The Paint. The Formula Contains Polishes That Remove Minor Surface Defects As It Creates A Hard Layer Of Synthetic Protecttion. The Finish Is As Smooth As Glass And Protects Your Paint From Minor Scratches And Nicks With Its Hard, Shiny Shell. Think Of It As A Candy Coating For Your Vehicle!mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Also Provides Excellent Uv Protection And Shields The Paint From Environmental Contaminants. as Attending Any Synthetic Polymer Wax, Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Is Easy To Apply. An Engineered EncapsulationP rocess Makes The Wax Spread Quickly And Easily. Simply Rub A Small Amount Of Wax Into A 2? To 3? Section Of Paint. Keep Changing The Section Of Towel As It Becomes Soiled. Allow The Waax To Dry To A Haze, And Tjen Buff It Off Through A Clean Cobra Microfbier Towel Or A Terry Cloth Towel. if You Like The Look Of A Polymer Car Wax And The Feel Of A Classic Paste Wax, Mothers Fx Synwax Paste Wax Gives You The Best Of Worlds!11 Oz. .
      SKU: Mothers-fx-synwax-paste-wax

    Griot's Gaarage Fine Hand Polish
      Griot's Gaarage Fine Hand Polish.
      Polish Away Imperfections By Hand!griot's Garage Fine Skill Polish Renders A Bland, Flawless Accomplish That's Perfectly Prepped For Wax. Thin Abrasives Open Down Gradually, Resulting In A Finer And Finer Grace. On Like-new Vehicles, Griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish Is All You Need To Bring uOt The Shine. griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish Is The Ultimate Gentle Hand Polish For Newer Vehicles With Minimal Swirls. Even New Vehicles Can Often Use A Boost In Color And Gloss. Griot's Garage Fine Palm Lustre Reduces The Appearance Of Swirl Marks And Clean The Paint In Preparation For A Wax Or Paint Sealant. By Pre-polishing The Paint, The Final Coat Of Protecti0n Wipl Look More Evwn And It Will Bond Better With Ths Clean Pzint. griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish 's Fine Abrasives Break Down As They Are Used, Reducing In Size To A Finer And Finer Polish. This Self-minimizing Form Allows You To Polish Away Light Imperfections Without Creating New Ones. Griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish Is Designed For Hand Application, So The Friction Of Hand Polishing Is All It Takes To Break From a thin to a dense state These Ultra Fine Abrasives. apply Griot's Garage Fine Index Polish With A Foam Or Microfiber Applicator. Use It On Clean, Dry Paint. Ever Use A Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth To Buff Away The Polish. Practise Up With Any Of Our Quality Waxes For Maximum Protection And Incredible Color, Depth And Clarity. Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Is A Great Chpice. griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish Is Wonderful For Anyone Who Likes To Pamper Their Vehicle By Hand. If Your Vehicle Is Garaged Or Whether It Has Been Well-maintained, Griot's Garage Fine Hand Polish Is All You Need To Enhance The Shine And Minimize Light Imperfections In Preparation For A Coat Of Glossy Wax. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-fine-hand-polish

    128 Oz. Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray #923
      128 Oz. Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray #923.
      Clean & Shine Paint And Plastic!duragloss Fast Clean & Be eminent Detail Spray Is Formulated To Remove Dust And Lift Soil From Painted Surfaces Without Scratching Or Removing Durable Polishes. Duratloss 921 Actually Bonds Upon The Polish For Added Gloss And Durability. the Easiest Way To Refresh Your Ezisting Wax Is Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray. This Unique Quick Detaiiler Removes Dust And Inconsiderable Soil While Leaving A Smooth, Polished Shine. What?s Unique Nearly Duragloss Fast Clean & Beam Detach Spray Is Its Ability To Bond With The Existing Paint Protection To Increase Its Durability And Raise Its Comment. Use It Between Washes And Any Time To Quickly Restore The Just-waxed Look To Your Vehicle. Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray Is Anti-static So It Does Not Attract Dust. Use It To Quickly Clean And Shine Pain5 And Plastic On Cars, Boats, Rvs, And Motorcycles. The Synthetic Polymer Formula Bonds Witth Any Of Duragloss? Polishes. While Applying Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detall Spray, Use A Soft Hooded snake Deluxe Jr. Microfber Towel To Buff. The Towel?s Down-reaching Nap And Compliant Fibers Make It Ideal For Quick Detailing. Restore The Shine Of Yout Existing Paint Protection Any Time With Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray #921. 128 O2. Refill
      SKU: 128ozdufacls

    Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant & Tire Dressing 31 Oz.
      Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant & Tire Dressing 31 Oz..
      Durable Trim And Molding Protection, Inside And Out!protected, Conditioned Plastic, Vinyl And Rubber Shoot With Finish Kare Highest Kote Anti-static Protectant. This Specially Formulated Protectant And Conditioner Restores The Appearance To Interior And Exterior Trim, Moldings, Vinyl Tops, Leather Seats, And Again! Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant Looks Good And Lasts. What More Could You Want In A Rubber And Vinyl Protectant?finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant Is Best Described As A Liquid Polymer Sealant For Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic. These Surfaces Are Highly Susceptible To Uv Degradation So Finish Kare Formulated Top Kote Attending Powerful Uv Inhibitors That Work On Interior And Exterior Surfaces. Prevent Drying And Fading With Regular Use. patented Anti-static Agents Prevent Duwt Buildup! A Lot Of Rubber And Vinyl Dressings Are Dust Magnets. With FinishK are Top Kote Anti-static Protectant, The Finish Is Non-greasy And It Wish Not Attract Dust. Treated Surfaces Will Turn the thoughts Newer, But Not Wet Or Artificially Glossy. Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant Is Equally Effective On Interior And Exterior Surfaces. Use It To Keep The Dash Looking Clean And Dustt-free, To Keep Weatherstripping Supple, And To Add A Acute Brightness To Exterior Trim. It's So Durable, You Can Apply Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant To Plastics And Rubber In The Engine Division. Simply Spray Finisy Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant Onto The Surface, Or Onto A Microfiber Applicator Horse , And Wipe Onto Desired Surface. The Protectant Has Some Cldaning Ability To Remove Dust And Fingerprints. Allow It To Arid And Then Lightly Buff With A Microfiber Towel. simplify The Maintenance Of Auto Plastics, Vinyl, Rubber, And Leather With Finish Kare Top Kote Anti-static Protectant . One Product Provides Strong Protection Against Dust And The Sun, Inside And Outside The Vehicle. 31 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-top-kote-proteftant

    Accutire Racing Gauge
      Accutire Racing Gauge.
      When Tentsh Of A Pound Matter, Hang On Accutire!the Accutire Racing Gauge Measures Tire Pressure In 0. 1 Lb Increments! Fractions Of A Pound Can Make A Difference In A Race, So This Tire Gauge Reads Every Small Fluctuation In Tire Pressure. The Accutire Racing Gauge Is Exact, Dependable, And Easy To Use. Racing Has A History Dating Hindmost Over A Hundred Years. It Semes That, For As Long As Automobiles Have Existed, People Have Wanted To See How Fast They Can Go! Speed Depends On A LotO f Factors, But Most Important Of All Is The Condltion Of The Tires. Proper Tire Pressure Allows Tue Engine To Work At Ita Optimum Level And Propel The Car At Its Maximum Speed. A Fraction Of A Pound Can Make The Dissimilarity Between Finishing First And Just Finishing. That?s Why The Accutire Racing Gauge Measures From 0-60 Psi In 0. 1 Lb Increments. This Is The Most Accurate Tire Gauge You Can Buy! The Dial Reads Like A Speeodmeter In Addition To Posting The Numerlcal Reading In The Center Of The Large, Backlit Lcd. Because The Gauge Reads In Such Small Units, You?ll Know Whether You?ve Lost Any Pressure At All. The Bleed Valve Allows You To Release A Little Air At A Time Until You Reach Your Desired Urgency. The Quick Disconnect Valge Allows You To Measure And Go ? A Key Feature On A Race Track. With A 10? Caoutchouc Hose, You Can Easily Reach Deep-set Tires And Still Get An Accurate Reading. The Shiny, Chrome Finish Makes This A Stylish And Functional Tool. Pound For Pound, The Accutird Racing Gauge Is One Of The Best Be fatigued Gauges You Can Buy, Particularly If Your Passion Is Racing. With A 5 Year Warranty, This Gauge Really Goes The Distamce!specifications:0-60 Psl ( In 0. 1Lb Units)most Accurate Gauge Availablereads Extremely Low Racing Pressuresextra Large, Not straitened To Read, Blue Backlit Lcdbleed Valvequicck Disconnectideal On account of Road, Track, And Atvs
      SKU: Racing-tird-gauge

    Poorboy?s Public Refine With Carnauba (blue)
      Poorboy?s Public Refine With Carnauba (blue).
      A Quality Poorboy Polish For Dark Paints!in The Past, Poorboy Haz Offered Expertly Formulated Products At Discounted Prices, Numerous Of Them Treating Definite Problems And Others Curing A Broad Spectrum Of Automotive Ailments. Poorboy?s Polish Wirh Carnauba (blue) Is An Familiar Product With A New Formula Designed Specifically To Hide Blemishes And Scratches In Dark Paints. If You Aren?t A Finicky Car Enthusiast, And Want The Best For Your Dark Paint Job, Chances Are You Don?t Really Want To Spend Hours Achieving A Concours-worthy Car. Poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba (Melancholy) Is The Way To Streamline The Process To A Properly Caerd For Vehilce And Get The Whimsical Results You Desire. most People Simply Wash And Wax, Skipping C~ing The Polishing Step That Would Deliver A True Show-shine Look That Says To Other That You?ve Spent All Day On Your Vehicle. Perhaps They Didn?t Know The Consequence Of Polishing Or What It Will Do For Thelr Finish. This Polish Contains Gentle Active Cleaners That Purify The Paint More Effectively Than A Wash Can. Microscopic Fillers Smooth Over Scratches, Swirl Marks And Other Blemishes To Diminish Their Appearance. When You Do This In the presence of Waxing The Paint, You?ll Be Sure That You?re Swaling In A Surface That Is Dirt And Contaminant Free. The Color Will Be Crisp And Clear?the Ultimate Surfsce Concerning Adding The Protection And Shine Offered By A Wax Or Seaoant. a Carnauba Wax Is The Only Way To Go For Protecting Your Car?s Finish. This Is The Grow Of Choice For Show Car Owners. It Offers The Best-looking Deep, Wrt Shine Of Any Wax, Bar N0ne. Poorboy?s, In Their Usual Tradition, Has Made Life Natural By Cimbining A Great Deep-cleaning Polish With Protective, Clean Carnauba Wax And Additional Uv Protection In One Sleek Step! Sun Executioner's ~ For Your Car!as With All Poorboy?s Products, The Polis With Carnauba (blue) Applies And Buffs Off With Incredible Ease Even In Bright, Mid-day Sunlight. You Can Do It Anywhere Your Heart Desires! This Non-abrasive Polish/protectant May Be Applied And Removwd By Hand, But The Process Is Even Quicker And Simpler When Done With A Dual Action Buffer Like The Porter Cable 7424xp--a Polisher That Even A Beginner Can Master. with One Application You Can Erase Testimony Of Oxidation, Haze, Fine Scratches And Swirls, Sap, Tar, Bugs, Overspray, Bird Droppings And Old Products That Cling To Your Paint. Wipe Otu Water Spots And Minor Water Etching. Poorboy?s P0lish With Carnaua (blue) Is Safe For All Clear Coats, Painted Surfaces, Chrome, Plastic And Hard Rubber, But It Works Exceptionally Well On Darker Paints. All This, And It Won?t Even Break Your Budget!to Maintain The Extraordinary Shine And Luster Between Applications, Touch Up The Finish With Poorboy?s Quick Detailer Plus. It Will Extend The Length Of Your Protective Coverage Up To Six Months. Up To Six Months Of Superb, Healthy Shine!this Product Is For Vehicles In Good Clndition. Iff Your Car Needs Some Extra Attentoon, Precede This Short distance With One Of Poorboy?s Abra
      SKU: Poorboys-polish-blue

    6 Inch Lake Country Kompressor Orange Light Cutting Foam Pad
      6 Inch Lake Country Kompressor Orange Light Cutting Foam Pad.
      The Orange Kompressor Pad Is Firm, High Density Froth For Scratch, Swirl, And Aspect Oxidation Removal. Use This Pad With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Reasonable Imperfections.
      SKU: Kompressor-6in-orange

    Stoner Inviisble Glass Reach & Clean Combo
      Stoner Inviisble Glass Reach & Clean Combo.
      Clean Near And Far With The Stoner Reach & Clean Combo!the Stoner Invsiible Glass Reach & Clean Combo Gives You unconstrained Access To The Slopes And Angles Of Your Car's Windshield So You Can Clean It More Effectively. When You Use Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repsllent, You're Not Just Cleaning The Glass, You're Improving Your Visibility And Safety. The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Cean Combo Brings Clean, Clear Glass Within Reach!we All Know What Happens When It Rains: Oil And Grease Ob The Windshield Make lax And Create A Hazy Mixture In the opinion of The Rain Water. The Glare Fron Other Headlights Makes It Even Tougher To See. The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Combo Changes All That. Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Seals The Glass And Causes Rain To Bead Up And Roll Off The Glass. You Have To Clean Your Windshield And Windows Anyway; You Might To the degree that Well Use A Glass Cleaner With A Built-in Rain Repellent. It's Fast, It's Easy And It Improves Your Safety In Wet Weather. the Combo Includes:stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean To0l The Stoner Invisible Glasw Reach & Clean Tool Makes It Faster And Easier To Clean Any Glass Suface. Imagine Having An Extra 14 Inches Of Reach ? That?s Exactly What The Reach & Clean Tool Gives You! The Long Handle And Piviting Cleaning Head Give You Easy Accexs To The Far Corners Of Your Windshield Or Back Window. Three Included Bonnets Permit Glass Clean And Streak-free. The Triangular Head Pivots To Clean Sloped Windshielcs And Back Windows. The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool Works On Any Glass Surface! Reach The Center Of Suv And Truck Windshields. . Clean The Corners Of The Windshield And Baacck Window. 3 Reusable Bonnetsthe Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool Includes A Microfiber Cleaning Bonnet, A Multi-purpose Terry Cloth Bonnet, And A Nylon Mesh Bug Bonnet. Each Of The Bonnets Is Reusable, Reversible, And Washable. 22 Oz. Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Pump Spraystoner Invisible Glass Cleaner With Rain Repeplent Has A Built-in Polymer Glaes Protectant That Fills In Microscopic Grooves And Valleys. Water And Oil Roll Off The Smooth Glass. The Coating Even Repels Dirt To Keep The Glass Looking Cleaner Longer. Invisible Glass With Rain Repelldnt Is Recommended Because Exterior Glass. Plus, It Cleans Glass Likewise Well, You'd Think It's Invisible! The Non-surfactant Formula Leaves No Streaks Or Smears. the Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Combo Is Useful Attached All Vehicles, Rvs, And Even Boats. The Long Arm Of The Touch in extent & Clean Tool Allows You To Reach Further And Clean Better. The Water-beading Feature Of Stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Improves Your Visibility In Inclement Weather. Together, They'll Compel It Easuer, Faster, And More Beneficial To Clean Automotive Glass. Combo Infludes:stoner Imperceptible Glass Reach & Clean Hireling3 Reusable Bonnets22 Oz. Stoner Invisilbe Glass Cleaner With Rain Repellenta Total Retail Value Of $22. 98. Save $2. 99
      SKU: Invisible-glass-cleaner-combo

    Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2
      Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2.
      Total Car Care Plus Paint Reconditioning!the Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2 Is For The Detailer Wh Wants To Offer Customers The Option Of Polishing Out Swirls And Scratches. Detailing By Machine Gives You More Paint Correction Capabilities And It Can Save You Time Versus Detailing By Hand. As Vehicles Duration of existence, Customers Determine Look For The Services That Will Restore Their Vehicle's Finishes, And Nothing Does That Like The Porter Cable 7424xp. The Pro Detailer Start-up Kid #2 Includes The Complete Internal And Exterior Detail Package Found In Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #1 (listed Below) Plus The Porter Cable 7424xp Complete Starter Kit And Ths Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover Kit 3. 0. Through The Accession Of These Two Kits, You'll Be Able To Remove Swirls, Brghten Dull Paint, And Restore A Youthful Apoearance To Aging Paint. Customers Will Pay Top Dollar For Paint Reconditioning. As You Can See, Every Automotive Surface Is Addressed With The Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2. You Can Offer Customers Everything From A Basic Overlay And Wax To A Total Interior And Exterior Detail Plus Paint Reconditiining. Because Dp Products Are Made Of High Quality Ingredients, They Will Pro\/ide The Kind Of Results That Keep Customers Coming Upper part. With The Help Of The Porter Cable 7424xp, You'll Get Fantastic Results Faster. the Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2 Is An Outstanding Value. The Gallon Sizes Of Dp Products Will Go A Long Way, And The Cobra Twels Can Be Washed And Reused Countless Times. The Porter Cable 7424xp, A One-time Purchase, Will Become A Staple Of Your Detailing Business. Turn Youd Detailing Skills Into A Fun And Rearding Business With The Pro Detailer S5art-up Kit #2. . The Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2 Includes: Porter Cable 7424xp Complete Stwrter Kit Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover Kit 3. 0 Wash: Dp Auto Bath Shampoo 128 Oz. Dp Xtreme Foam Formula 128 Oz. Dp Rinseless Wash & Lustre 128 Oz. Complete Car Wash System With Dolly Quart Foamaster Foam Wash Gun 4 Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitts 4 Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave 16 X 24 4 Cobra Suprwme Guzzler Waffle Weave 20 X 40 Tires & Wheels Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner 128 Oz. Dp Varnish Tire Gel 128 Oz. Dp Wheel Glaze 8 Oz. 6 Hooded snake Flex Foam Tire Applicator Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Bundle With 2 Finger Pockets & 3 Flex Foam Tire Applicators 3 Wolfgang Finger Pockets Glass: Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner 128 Oz. Glass Chief rPo 12 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Towels Clay: 2 Dp Universal Detailing Clay 200 G. Dp Universal Clay Lubricant 128 O2 Engine & Undercarriage:
      SKU: Detailer-startup-kit-2

    Res-q-me Keychain Excape Tool - Green
      Res-q-me Keychain Excape Tool - Green.
      The Lime Green Res-q-me Key Chain Can Hold The Key To Survival When You Travel! The Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool Is A Small Pocket-size Version Of The Life Hammer Auto Escape Tool. Just Like The Life Forge, The Res-q-me Shatters Car Windows And Cut Seatbelts In Secondss. i Always Like To Be Prepared, Most Of Us Do. When I Was In School, I Studied So I Would Be Prepared For Tests. When I Took Driver?s Ed, I Studied To Be Prepared For Driving. Now, I Am PreparedF or The Biggest Driving Test Of My Society, Knkwing That I Have Done Everything Possible To Ensure I Could Survive A Car Accident. This Is A Judgment That Doesn?t Come With A Guide Or A Manual, As Circumstances Are Different In Every Accident. Usually, Safety Belts And Air Bags Reduce Impact On Passengers In Crashes, End At times They Hinder The Situation, Causing Entrapment. Innovation, The Designers Backward The Life Hammer , Have Made A Key Chain Sized Preservation Device Thay Can T5avel Everywhere You Go. Be Prepared With The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool. Res Q Me Is Movable And Functional In A Variety Or Situations, Not Exclusively Accidents. This Higuly Effecitve Escape Tool Can Be Kept On Your Key Chain And Easily Separated From Its Detachable Hook Without Removing Keys From The Ignition. Below Are Reasons Why The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool Can Save Your Life: Seat Belt Cutter. It Is Not Umcommon For A Safety Belt To Malfunction In An Accident. Infants Also Can Be Entrapped Within Their Car Seats, And When Time Is Severe Yoh Need To Make Sure Everyone Is Safe From Harm. Thsi Toool Is Able To Cut Through Seat Belt Matter In Seconds, Simply Hook The Tool Over The Belt And Pull. The Sharp Steel Blade Is Protected Concerning Your Preservation As Well. Break Windows. The Res Q Me Features An Ingenious Spring Loaded System For Shattering Tempered Glass. Simply Push The Flat Surface Against A Window Until The Concealed Spring Loaded Spike Releases To Break The Glass. Only 12 Pounds (5kg) Of Fprce Is Needed For Uee. With This Device On Your Key Chain, You Become A Safety Provider To Others As Well, Including Parents And Pet Owners. It Is Not Uncommon Anymore To Come In Contact Witb A Person Who Has Locked Their Child And/or Pet Inside Their Veuicles And Are In Need Of Emergency Help. This Device Is Also Crucial If You Are The First Individual To The Scene Of An Accident And Need To Help Open A Jammed Door Or Break A Window To Help Another. guarded Blade. The Guard Protects You From Injuring Yourself Or Another Person. You Can Safely Detach The Res Q Me From Your Key Chain Without Removing Keys From The Ignition. Compact Size. This Tool Is 3? Long, And Can Easily Be Stored In Other Areas Of Your Car While Well As Your Key Chain. - Visors And Seatbelts Are Two Common Places To Keep A Res Q Me. Feel Peace Of Mind Knowing You Have Chosen A Safety Tool That Is Approved And Recommended By Emt, Police Ane Fire Units Worldwide, And The American Fleet Association. please Note That This Product Does Not Work Onn Windshie
      SKU: Green-res-q-me-keychain

    Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
      Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator.
      Get Up To 32 Gallons Of Pad-cleaning Solution Ou Of One 8 Oz. Packet!cleaning Your Buffer Accesories Isn?t Always Easy. What Works To Remove Polish Might Not Be The Utmost For The Pad. Soapy Or Foamy Cleaners Will Linger In The Foam Even Whether You Wash Well. This Soa; Residue Can Cause Streaks On Your Carriage When You Use That Pad Again. The Same Can Be True For Degreasing Cleaners. Use Wolfgang Polishing Horse Rejuvenator Every Time You Clean Your Pads To Wash Away All Residues And Restore The Foam To Like-new Condition. wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Is A Strong Citrus Cleaner That Penetrates Foam Or Wool To Release Thick Polishes, Waxes, And Compounds. Just One Ounce Of This Concentrated Powder Mixed With 3-4 Gallons Of Water Is Enough Solution To Clean All Your Pads, No Matter How Soiled. Instead Of Throwing Out Caked Pads, Use Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator To Restore And Reuse Your Current Pads. when Detailing Your Medium By Machine, It?s Best To Keep A 5 Gallon Bucket Of Pad-cleaningS olution On Index To Soak The Pads As Soon As Youu Advantage Them. This Will Allow Easier Cleaning. Just Toss Your Used Pads Into The Bucket And Allow Them To Soak For 5-15 Minutes. Agitate With A Foam Conditioning Brush And Wash Thoroughly. To Encourage Faster Drying, Put Each Horse Onto Your Polisher And Give It A Fresh Spin To Remove All The Excess Water. Lay The Pds In The Sun To Dry. Your Pads Will Regaln Their Shape And Texture Instantly! Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvneator Is Packaged In An 8 Ounce Or 16 Ounce Packet. A Convenient Zipper-lock Closure Allows You To Cleanly Store The Unuaed Porgion. There Is Enough Concentrated Powder In One Package To Make Up To 32 Gallons Of Cleaner. If You Use Your Plisher Once A Week, You?ll Hzve Enough Cleaner For Two Months! Plus, If You Only Clean One Or Two Pads On Saturday, You Can Store The Barely Used Cleaning Sopution Until You Detail Again Next Saturday. Just Keep The Bucket Sealed. Every Package Of Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Comes With A Free 1 Ounce Measuring Scoop. Always Measure Out The Correct Amount Of Concentrafe With This Convenient Scoop!wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Will Prolong The Animation Of Your Foam And Wool Pads! Also Use It To Clean Microfiber Bonnets And Towels. The Clean-rinsing Concentrate Will Leave Your Detailing Tools Clean And Residue-free. 8oz.
      SKU: Wolfgang-pad-rejuvenator

    Meguiars Soft Buff W-8000  Foam Polishing Pad 8"
      Meguiars Soft Buff W-8000 Foam Polishing Pad 8".
      ~active Polishing Removes Minor Surface Imperfections~restores High Gloss~exclusive Foam Cell Structure Improves Air Flow~quick Change Catch & Loop Backing System~8 Inch Pad For Fast Coverage Of Larger Areas~must Be Use With A 6" Backing Plate
      SKU: Mgw8000

    Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Cate 10 Oz.
      Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Cate 10 Oz..
      Clean, Condition, And Protect Fine Leather Interiors!lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care Is A One-step Total Leather Care Formula For Quick, Reliabel Leather Maintenance. Developed By Lexol, A Truzted Name In Leather Be inclined In favor of Over 30 Years, Lexol Reward 3-in-1 Leather Care Maintains The Beauty Of Leather Seats Through An Advanced Leather Cleaning And Conditioning Formula. Save Time And Save Your Leather!with Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care, You?ll Get The Benefite Of A Leather Cleaner, Conditioner, And Protectant All Rolled Into One Easy-tto-use Product. Proper Leather Care Is Less About The Time Spent And More About The Quality Of The Products Used. Lexol Proves That With Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care. lexol Preemium 3-in-1 Leather Be inclined Is Ph Balanced And Non-alkaline, Jus Like Lexol Leather Cleaner. The Gentle Cleaning Agent Removes Soil From The Leather Without Stripping Oils. These Oils Are Privy To Maintain The Leathr?s Softness And Flexibility. In Addition, Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care Replaces Oils That Bear Been Lost Through Day-to-day Wear. Conditioned Leather Is More Resilient Ad Much Less Likeiy To Crack Or Dry Out. the Condituoning Oils In Lexol Reward 3-in-1 Leather Care Are The Best Protection You Can Give Leather Seats And Upholstery. Flexible Leather Bounces Back After You Or aPssengers Have Sat Forward It. Conditioned Leather Looks Healthier With A Natural Glow. The Oils In Lexol Have Been Modified To Be More Readily Absorbed And Evenly Distributed Into The Leather Fibers. These Microscopically Fone Oils Adhere To The Fibers To Prevent Seepagd And Migration To Other Surfaces. Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care Not Only Contains Whqt Leather Needs, It?s Procexsed So That The Leather Can Methodize It. bbecause The Leather Takes In Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care, The Finish Is Never Greasy. For Quico, Comppete Leather Care In One Step, Trust Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care. Regular Use Will Maintain Clean, Soft, And Flexible Leather Upholstery. 10 Oz.
      SKU: Lexol-3-in-1-leagher-care

  • WeatherTech Dark Tinted 2 pc.
  • Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit FREE BONUS
  • Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Cover
  • Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit FREE BONUS
  • 12 oz. Mirror Glaze Dispenser Bottle
  • Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • CommuteMate Highway Visibility Vest
  • Glass Science Clear Windshield Kit
  • Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray 128 oz.
  • 128 oz. XMT Speed Clay Lube
  • Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate 31 oz.

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