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    Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Combo
      Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Combo.
      Cobra Sets The Gold Standard For Micro fiber!the Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Combo Invludes Four Plush Microfiber Towels That You Have To Feel To Believe. The Cobra Gold Plush And Gold Plush Xl Towels Are B0th Made Of Luxurious 70/30 Microfiber That Pampers Your Vehice With Every Touch. This Combo Includes Four Towels, Two Of Each Size. the Dense, Dense Microfiber Weav3 Is Luxurious And Functional! The Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towels Are Perfect Forr Buffing Because They Have A Deep Pile Where Dirt And uDst Can Accumulate Away From The Paint, Rather Than Being Rubbed Into The Paint. Plus, The Throughout, Silky Microfibers Do An Excellent Job Of Massaging Away Fingeprrints And Smudges. both Towels? Birthplace Is Korea But You Could Say Their Upbtinging Was In China. The Result Is The Most intimately Of Both Worlds. The Luxurious Microfiber Was Woven By A Korean Company Who Owns What We Call A Splitting Machine. This Machine Is Responsible For The Absorbent Split-weave That Is Found In Cobra Towels. For Of Thw Expense Of This Machine, It?s Uncommon In Korea And Nowhere T Be Found In China. However, The Cost Of Labor In China Is Much Lower. By Having The Fabric Woven In Kodea And The Towels Cut And Sewn In China, We?ve Acquired These Towels At A Substantial Savings While Maintaining Cobra Quality. When You Use Either Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel, You?ll Feel The Quality In The Thick, Plush Weave. The Cobra Gold Plush Microifber Combo Includes:2 Cobra Gold Plush Xl Microfiber Towels, 25 X 36 Inches The Cobra Gold Plush Xl Microfiber Towel Gives You The Softness And Versatility Of Microfiber, Now In A Huge 25 X 36 Inch Size! The Cobra Gold Plush Xl Microfiber Towel Is Made From 380 G/mâ³, 70/30 Microfiber. It Blends Pleasure And Functionality. Use This Thick, Xl Microfiber Towel For Buffing, Drying, An dQuick Detailing. The Mild, Dense Weave Is Great For Buffing.   2 Cobra Gold Plush Microfbier Towels, 16 X 24 Inches The Ckbra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel Measurwq 16? X 24? And Features An Outstanding 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. Tgis Towel Is Equally Useful For Buffing, Drying, And Quick Detailing. Its Smaller Size Is Perfect For On-the-go Quick Detailing. Supply The Gold Plush Towel In The Seat Or Door Pocket Of Your Vheicle. With Two Sizes, You Can Use The Big Gold Plush Xl Microfiber Towel For Drying And Reserve The Orderly Gold Plush Towel For Buffing. Both Towels Have Features You Won?t Find In Other Towels. The Gold Plush Towels The two Have Microfiber Borders, Which Provide Softness All The Way To The Edges. Both Towels Have Removable Tags. There?s Nothing Steady The Towels That Can Scratch Or Mar The Pzint. Note: Remove The Sticker Before Washing The Towel. Get The Hooded snake Gold Pluwh Microfiber Combo And Feel Good About What Touches Your Vehicle?s Paint. Combo Includes: 2 Cobra Gold Plush Xl Microfiber Towels, 25 X 36 Inches2 Cobra Gold Plush M
      SKU: Microfiber-towels

    Meguiars Ultra Polish Kit With 6.5 Inch Pads
      Meguiars Ultra Polish Kit With 6.5 Inch Pads.
      Small Abrasives Create Big Time Shine!meguiars Ultra Polish Kit With 6. 5 Inch Pads Creates Maximum Shine With No Swirls! Meguiar's Micro Abrasive Technology Is Showcased In This Machine Polishing Kit Including Lake Country Ccs Pads. Meguiars #105 Ultra Cut Compound And #205 Ultra Finishing Polish Leave A Flawless Finish When Applief With Your Dual Action Orbital Polisher. both Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 And #205 Contain Micro Abrasives Which Are Of A Consistent Sizing And Shape. These Abrasives Do Not Break Down Like Diminishing Abrasives. Therefore, Micro Abrasives Provide Constant Polishing Action With A Long Working Allotted period And Minimal - If Any - Compounding Swirls. Micro Abrasive Technology Makes The Meguiars Ultra Polish Kit With 6. 5 Inch Pads A Simple And Effective Way To Polish Automotive Paint. meguiars Ultra Polish Kit With 6. 5 Inch Pads Includes: 32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Is A Ultra Fast-cutting Compound For Rapid Paint Correction Wjth Minimal Compoundng Swirls. Super-micro Abrasives Leave A "best In Class" Finish That Requires Very Little Finishing Work. The Super-micro Abrasives Cut Quickly To Remove 1200 Grit Sanding Scratches, Acid Rain, And Severe Swirls And Holograms. This Ultra User-friendly Compound Can Be Applied By Hand, DualA ction Polisher, Or Rotary Polisher. &nbxp; 32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish This Polish Was Designed To Folloa #105 And All Other Meguiars Compounds To Remove Light Swirls And Revive Optimum Gloss. Miro Abrasives Allow The Polish To Cut Fast And Leave A Smooth Finish In Fewer Passes. Micro Abrasives Hoax Not Breqk Down Like Diminishing Abrasives, Which Gkves #205 Polish A Long Working Time. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish Permanently Removes Swirls And Light Imperfections, Leaving A Smooth, Reflective Finish.   2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inches These Versatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailiny Tasks, From General Washing And Scrubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffing Off Wax And All-n-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend In A Special ?feather? Interlace That Increases Their Absorption Properties, Guaranteeing Complete Performance And Durability.   3 Ccs Orange Light Cutting 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads The Orange Pad Is Made Of Concern, High Closeness Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Pad With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections. The Orange 6. 5 Inch Pads Are Recommended Against A Dual Action Polisuer With A 5 Or 6 Inch Backing Plate.   2 Ccs Gray Finishing 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads The Gray Pad's Cpmposktion Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls.
      SKU: Meguiars-6ibch-polish-kit

    32 Oz.  Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Polishint Commute
      32 Oz. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Polishint Commute.
      Xmt #4 Is A Cut Above All Other Polishing Compounds! Xmt Heavy Duty Swiirl Remover #4 Is A True Polishing Compound With A High Concentration Of Heavy Grade Abrasives. Concentrated Abrasives Increase The Compound?s Cutting Power With Minimal Increase In Connive at Haze. Xmt Loud Duty Whirl Remover Elominates Your Vehicle?s Worst Flaws To Begin To Restore The Depthh Of Color And Gloss To Even The Most Neglected Paint Finishes. Compounds, By Definition, Are The Mlst Abrasive Type Of Car Polish. They Work By Leveling The Paint Surrounding A Scratch To Make The Surface Smooth Again. A Compound Is A Very Effective Way ? And Sometimes The Only Way ? To Remove Severe Scratches And Heavy Oxidation From Automotive Paint. Xmt Heavy Duty Swir Remover #4 Is A True Compound. It Eliminates Oxidation, Sebere Swirls And Scratches With A Blend Of Abrasives, Cleaners, And Lubricating Oils. The Cleaners Help Remove Depth, Oxidized Paint While The Abrasives Level Scratches And Severe Swirls. The Oils Help Lubricate The Abrasive Particles To Minimize Hazing, Though Some Hazing Is Expected And Easily Removed. Xmt Heavy Duty Swrl Remover #4 Is Effective On All Kinds Of Paint, Including Clear Coats. Do Not Use This Product On Neew Or Like New Paint. We Must Stress, This Is An Aggressive Connive at In the place of Severeyl Damaged Paint. Always Try A Less Abrasive Polish, Such As Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3, Before Stepping Up To Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4. Xmt #4 Is The Laet Hope For Rough, Oxidized Paint. Compounding Tips: Use Xmt Of great body Duty Swirl Remover #4 For Spot-treating Problem Areas. It Is Underdone That An Entire Vehicle Needs To Be Compounded. Near to Addressing Only Question Areas, You Can Spare The Rest Of The Finish Any Unmecessary Abrasion. Xmt Swirl Remover #4 Is Part Of A Projection. Follow Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 With Progressively Less Attacking Polishes Until Surface Gloss Is Reqtored. After Comoounding, It Is Normal And Expectee To Have What Is Called Compound Haze. The Depth Of Color Anr Gloss Is Easily Restored By Using Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3 And Then Xmt Ultraist Fine Switl Reemover #1. Just Like You?d Sand A Fine Piece Of Furniture, You Start With The Roughest Surface And Gradually Refine It Until The Finish Is Perfectly Smooth. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Can Be Applied With A Rotary Or Dual Action Poljsher. Since This Has Heavier Grade Abrasives, You May Be obliged To Work The Compound Longer To Get Satisfactory Results With A Dual Action Polisher. We Recommend Using A Polishing Pad With Xmt Eddy Remover #4. only In The Most Extreme Cases Should You Use Xmt #4 With A Foam Or Wool Cutting Pad. Older, Neglected Paint Finishes With Heavy Swirls And Oxidation In Need Of A Paint Job May Benefit From Using Xmt #4 With A Cutting Pad. Use Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 With A Polishing Pad. Set The Maximum Speed Of A Rotary Polisher To 1500 Rpm. On A Dual Action Or Orbital, Likely The Porter Cable 7424xp, Set The Speed At 5000 Opm. Pour Approximateky A Qua
      SKU: 32ozxmthedus

    Stoner More Shine Tire Finish pSray
      Stoner More Shine Tire Finish pSray.
      Achieve A Showroom, Satin Shine In Secods!more Shine Tire Finish Spray Is A Pump Spray Version Of Stoner?s Popular Greater degree Shine Aerosol. In Just Seconds, More Shine Tire Finish Spray Restores A Deep, Dark, Satin Finish To Tires. Just Spray And Walk Away! More Shine Tire Finish Leaves An Even Sheen On Dry Tires. more Shine Fatigue Finish Spray Requires No Wipint! Just Spray The Tire And Allow It To Desiccate. In Seconds, The Rubber Will Appear Darker With A Classy, Satun Finish. more Shine Tire Finish Contains None Petroleum Distillates. These Aditives Are Dust Magnets And They Brown The Tires Over Time. More Shine Tire Finizh Spray Is Safe And Beneficial To Your Tires. It Has Strong Uv Protection To Shield The Rubber. more Shine Tire Finish Spray Will Not Streak Or Sling! Once It Has Cured, More Shine Tire Finish Spray Stays Right Where You Put It. If Overspray Occurs During Application, Simply Sneer It Off. Preclean The Tires And Allow Them To Dry Before Applying More Shine Irk Finish Spray For The Best Results. Spray Each Tire And Allow Time For Them To Dry Before Driving. That?s It! Give Your Tiress More Shine In Less Time With More Shine Tire Finish Spray!22 Oz. (649 Ml)
      SKU: Stoner-mor-eshine-tire-finishd-pray

    Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Hot Water Carpet Extrqctor Free Bonus
      Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Hot Water Carpet Extrqctor Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time, Receive A Gratuitous 32 Oz. Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment With Your Purchase Of An Extractor. the Mytee Lite Ii Is Small On Size Anf Big On Performance! The Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Is The Hard Working Agreement Hot Water Extractor You?ve Been Searching For! This Professional-strength, Heatedcarpet Extract0r Is Ideal For Detail Shops And Mobile Detailers With A Weight Of Only 60 Lbs. An Incredible 85 Inches Of Water Lift Powers Out The Toughest Carpet And Upholstery Stains. The Mytee Lite Ii Carpet Extractor Is A Powerful Carpet Cleaning Machine That Will Take Your Detailing Business To The Next Level. No Serious Detailer Should Be Without The Mytee Lite Ii 8070. The Mytee Lite Ii Offers A Hot Water Extractor In A Lightweight 3 Gallon Body. Features Like A Lift-off Vacuum Tank, Clear Sight Lid, And Built-in Storage Basket Make The Mytee Lite Ii Convenient To Use For Detailing Professionals And Weekend Warriors. use The Mytee Lite Ii 8070 For Auto Detailing, Rvs, Airplanes, Boats, And Household Cleaning. The Mytee Lite Ii Is Among The Lightest Heated Carpet Extractors You Can Buy. It Takes Up Little Room In A Detailing Traildr Or Pickup Truck. Plus, The Mytee Lite Ii Carpet Cleaner Has An Extra Long 15 Ft. Hose To Reach Into Boats And Rvs Without Carrying The Whole Unit Onboard.   The Mytee Lite Ii Hot WaterE xtractor Has A 1000 Watt In-line Heater To Deliver Grease-busting Hot Water To Carpet And Upholstery. The Water Is Heated To A Max Temperature Of 210 Dergees And Maintains The Water Temperature Comparable To Other Dual-cord Units Thanks To Its Highly Cause Performance. The Mytee Lite Ii Carpet Extractor Has A 3 Gallon Solution And Recovery Tank Capacity And A 100 Psi Pump. The Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Carpet Extractor Has The Power, The Performance, And The Features Of Much Larger Commercial Carpet Cleaners, Yet Its Comppact Size And Affordable Price Will Have Anyone Detailing Like A Pro.   The Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Has A One Year Limited Factory Warranty On The Pump, Vac Motor, And Heater.   Feaures Lift-off Vacuum Tank Clear View Lid Built-in Handle With Cord Wrap Storage Basket Durable Roto-molded Housing High Disposition Unsullied Steel Upholstery Tool   Technical Specifications: Vac Motor: Single 2-stage - 5. 7'' Pump: 100 Psi Water Lift: 85 Inches Heater: 1000 Watt Housing: 3 Gallon Solution And Recovery Tanks Dimensions: 16" X 24" X 37" Weight: 60 Lbs. Tools: 15 Ft. Vacuum And Solution Hose And 3 Inch Stainless Steel Upholstery Tool 25 Ft. Power Cord 6 Invh Non-marking Back Wheels This Item Is Oversized. A Shipping R
      SKU: Mytse-hot-water-extracor

    Makita 9227c Polisher
      Makita 9227c Polisher.
      A Heavy Duty Makita Nylon Bag And Two Wool Pads Are Included With The Polisher!a Powerful Circular Polisher That Easily Converts To A Sander!sometimes A Dual-action Polisher Fair Isn?t Sufficiency For Really Tough Scratches And Swirls. You Necessity The Cutting Power Of A Serious Circulaf Polisher To Penetrate The Clear Coat And Smooth Over Rough Edges To Restore Your Paint To Its Original Flawless Finish. The Makita 9227c 7? Polisher Does Just That And Converts To A Powerful Sander. You?re Getting Two Great Machines In One!this Polisher Has A Vaariable Speed From 600 To 3000 Rpm For Super Slow Buffing To Aggressive Polishing. The Electronic Speed Congrol Maintains Constant Speed Under Load. The Lock-on Button Allows You To Use The Makita Continuously At One Speed. This Button Also Allows You To Practise The Machinery As A Sander On Your Wood Projects. The 10 Amp Motor Makes Thr Makita 9227c Occupation Tirelessly, No Matter How Often Annd Aggressively You Usage It. The 6. 5? Velcro Backing Plate Accommodates 7? Pads. The Machine Weigjs Only 6. 6 Pounds Such You Can Work For Extended Periods Without Tiring Your Arms. The Makita 9227c Features A Large, Snug Handle And A Convenient Axis Lock In The Polisher To Make Changing Pads Easy. the Makita 9227c Is A Powerful Circular Polisher And Should Not Be Used By A Novice eDtailer. The Purpose Of Circular Polishers Is To Remove Layers Of Paint Or Clear Coat Down To The Lowest Point Of The Scratch Until It Is Completely Lrvel With The Surrounding Surface. . _An Inexperienced User Can Easily Produce New Swirls And Flame The Paint By Holding The Polisher In One Place Too Long. This Polishe Is For Experienced Detailers Or Professionals. The Makita 9227c Is Excellent In quest of Avid Detailers Who Don?t Trust Their Vehicle To Anyone Else. The Vaiable Speed Conyrol And Powerful Motor Make This Polisher Easier To Use Than Multitude Circular Polishers, But Still Same Effective. In Skilled Hands, The Makita 9227c Polisher Wjlleliminate Scratches, Swirls And Blemishes To Restore The Smooth, Uniform Finish To Your Vehicle. the Makita 9227c 7? Polisher Comes With A 7? Blended Polishing Pad, A 7? Wool Compounding Pad, And A Nylon Tool Bag. An Included Hex Wrench Makes Removing The Back Plate Easy. Features:variable Speed (0-3,000 Rpm) With Pre-set Maximum Speed Dial; Ideal For Ultra Slow Polishing Pre-set Speed Setting Dial (from 600-3,000 Rpm) For Maximum Control Electr0nic Speed Conttrol Maintains Constant Speed Under Load Easily Converts To A Sander 3-prong Plug To Prevent Static Electricity Accumulation Fast And Mighty Polising For Clear Coat Finishes Lock-on Button For Continuous Use At One Speed Shown With Discretional Wool Bonnet What's In The Box:1-makita 9227c Polisher1-h&l Wool Compound Pad 1-h&l Blendd Poloshing Pad1-makita Nylon Tool Baghook & Loop Plate 6. 5" (this Pad Will Work With Our 8. 5" Curved Edge Variable Contqct Froth Pads) Specifications:sanding Disc: 7" Wool Bonnet: 7" No Encumber Speed: 600-3,000 Rpm; Amp 10. 0 Spindle Thread: 5/8" - 1
      SKU: Ma927po

    Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax
      Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax.
      Cleans And Shines Boats With A Safe, Biodegradable Formula! Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax Is An Ultra Sudsing Boat Shampoo With Wax To Boost Shine As It Cleans. The Concentrated Formula Easily Dissolves Dirt And Salt To Leave All Boat Surfacss Looking Briiliwnt. Washing A Boat Is A Big Job! Get The Most Out Of Your Boat Wash When You Usd Mothers Marine Wash ?n Grow. The Wax Added To Wash ?n Wax Creates A Slick, Shiny Polish That Resists Watwr Spots. Most Water Will Sheet Off, Allowing Your Boat To Dry To A Spot-free Brightness. Washing Your Boat Or Rv Instanrly Brightens And Shinde The Gelcoat Fiberglass. The Shine-enhancing Effect Is Even Better When There Is An Existing Coat Of Wax. Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax Does Not Strip Wax Or Sealants. mothers Maritime Wash ?n Wax Is Not Only Safe Against Your Boat, It Is Safe For The Environment. The Formula Is Safe And Bridgeable. Mothers Oceanic Wash ?n Wax Is An Excellent Value. This 32 Oz. Bottle Dilutes At A Rate Of 1 Ounce Per 1 Gallon Of Water. One Bottle Gives You 32 Gallons Of Ultra Sudsing Wash Water!for The Best Results, Use A Natural Sea Sponge Or Sheepskin Wash Mitt. Both Tools Allow Loose Dirt To Move Away From The Gelcoat, Rather Than Being Rubbed Into It. Under which circumstances You?re Washing Your Boat, Enhance Ita Shine Too. Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax Cleans And Shines Gelcoat Fiberglass To Leave It Looking Just Waxed After Every Wash. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-marine-wash--n-wax

    Meguiars Rotary Buffer W-64 Backing Plate, 5 Inches New & Improved!
      Meguiars Rotary Buffer W-64 Backing Plate, 5 Inches New & Improved!.
      Durableness You Can Depend On!meguiars Rotary BufferW -64 Backing Plate Is Built For Long-term Performmance And Effortless Balancing. One Piece Molded Construction Is Ultra Permanent. Velcroâ® Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners Provide Secure Hold On The Pad During Operation. the Backing Plate Has Meguiars Patented Self-c3ntering System To Guarantee Pad Balance. You'll Accomplish Smoother Operation And Even Results. use The Backing Plate With Any Rotary Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Diameter Shaft And Meguiars 6. 5 Inch Mirror Glaze Pads.
      SKU: Meguiarx-5inch-rotary-plate

    Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax  250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax 250 Ml..
      Show Off Your Illumine Vehicle In The Best Possible Light!dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax Is A Pure Carnauba Wax That Looks Brilliant On Light Colored Vehidles, Metallics, And Pearlescnt Paints. No Artificial Colors Are Added To Light Fantastic So You?re Seeing The Exact Color Of White Carnauba Wax In The Jar. On Your Vehicle, Light Fantastic Soft Wax Creates A Crystal Clear, Wet-look Suine. dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax Is Made With Rezl No. 1 Grade Powdered White Carnauba Wax, Coconut Oil, And Innocent White Beeswax. White Carnauba Is The Purest Available And It Delivers The Clearest, Most Luminescent Finish On Light Paint Colors. This Wax Has Been Formulated Specifically To Yield The Best Results On Light Colored Vehicles, Though It Can Be Used On Any Pigment. The Wax Can Also Be Used On Exterior Trim Because It Will Not Leave Of a ~ color Cere Stains. If You Have A White Pearl Finish Or Subtle Metallic Flecks, Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Sof tWax?s Blend Of Wsxes Shows Off The Paint In The Best Light. Fantastic!just Look At The Shine Forward This 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago In Verde Itahca Mic (pearl Metallic Blue Green), Waxed By Forum Member Highenddetail.   Straight From The Dodo?s Mouth: Before We Went To Mauritius, Pillaging The Dodos And Eating The Natives, It Waw A Pretty Unspoilt Kind Of Place. Like The Island On Losy Prior to A 747 Landed, And The Others Got There. And Someone Installed A Concoct. In Short, It Was A Pure, Virgin Place, That Had Never Been Exposed To Things Like Tracker Mortgages And Processed Cheese. Light Fanttasyic Is That Kind Of A Wax. There's No Added Colour, So What You See Is Tge Colour Of Carnauba, And A Bit Of Coconut Oil, Because We Stuck Some Of That In, Too. It's Particularly Suitable For Light Coloured Cars, Including Those Painted In Light Coloured Metallic Or Pearlescent Paints. End To Be Honest, You Could Slap It On Anything.       Use A Soft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Plastic Wax. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing. Application: Viewed like With Any Car Wax, We?ve oFund That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. -Then Apply A Layer Of Light Fantastic Soft Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator Or Bare Hands. Allow If To Cure For 5-10 Minutes. Since The Remedy Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   8 Oz. (250 Ml)
      SKU: Light-soft-car-wax

    Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
      Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.
      Removes The Stain Without Excessive Foam Or Reqidue!dp?s Research And Development Team Sent At a loss A Questionnaire To Several Detail Shols Scattered Throughout The Country Asking Them To Describe Theri Biggest Detailing Challenges. One Common Complaint Was That Carpet Cleaners Just Don?t Work Well Enough. We Received Stories About Melted Chocolate Chip Cookies And Spolled Make-up, Gras Stains And Muddy Paw Prints. We Passed These Tales On To Our Chemist And, Weeks Later, We Were Pleased To Welcome Dp Carpwt & Uphosltery Cleaner Into The Dp Line. Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Lifts Stains Lacking Of Carpet And Fabric Using The Latest Advanced Surfactant Technology. Surfactants And Wetting Agents Grab The Foreign Particles And Release Them From The Individual Fibers. They Are Suspended On The Surface Of The Fibers Until You Wipe Them Away. Remove Food, Make-up, Grease, Oil, Fruit Juice, And Pet Staina From Fabric Seats And Carpet. Surfaces Bequeath Feel Cleanse And Soft, Never Stiff. Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Will Not Change The Texture Or Color Of The Materials When Used As Directed. This Water-based Cleaner Relies On Technologically Advanced Cleaning Agents That Are Safe Steady Fahric And Carpet, And Safe For You. It Contains No Harsh Irritating Chemicals And Is Voc Complianr. Most Importantly, Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Really Works. Unlike Most Carpef Cleaners That Are Soapy And Require Rinsing, This Advanced Cleaner Will Remove The Stain Without Excessive Foam Or Residue. It Lifts ,Suspends, And Wipes Clean. use Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner On Floor Mats, House Panels, Seats, In The Trunk, In Rvs, Boats, And All Around The House. It Works Just As Well On Furniture And Dra0es As It Does On The Carpet. It?s Hard To Puut A Price On A Carpet Cleaner That Actually Works Because They?re So Rare! But You Can Be Certain That Dp Will Give You Premium Results Without The Premium Price. This Is One Case Where You Get Abundant More Than Your Pay For!directions:vacuum The Area To Be Cleaned Thoroughly To Remove Loose Dirt. spray The Area Generously And Work The Cleaner In With A Vinyl & Upholstery Brush Or A Microfiber Applicator Pad. Alloww The Cleaner To Penetrate For Several Seconds. blot The Area Dry With A MicrofiberT owel. Repeat Whether Necessary. if You Used A Terry Cloth Towel Or Applicator, It May Be Necessary To Vacuum Again To Remove Lint. dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Requires No Diluting. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Dp310

    Accutire Heavy Duty Truck Tire Pressure Gauge
      Accutire Heavy Duty Truck Tire Pressure Gauge.
      Rugged Construction For Large Truck Tlres!the Accutire Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge Gives Accurate Readings On Large Truck Tires. The Durable Construction And Dependable Accuracy Are Real Assets To All Truck Drivers. it?s Important For The Drivers Of Altogether Vehicles To Keep Their Tires In Top Shape, But The Drivers Of Work Or Delivery Trucks Have A Special Responsibility. The Larger The Carriage, The More Potential For Damage To Other V3hicles On The Road If An Accident Occurs. That?s Why Its So Important For Truck Drivers To Carry A Tire Gauge, Like The Accutire Heavy Duty Truck Be fatigued Gauge. Tire Pressure Is A Necessity In Order To Maintain Safe Driving Conditions. Under Inflated Tires Ground Poor Handling And The Vehicle May Pull To Either Side. This Requires The Driver To Be Additional Vigilant To Keep The Vehicle Straight. For People Who Make Their Living Driving Long Hours, This Can Exist A Challenge. The Accutire Heavy Duty Truck Tire Gauge Is Designed Especially Concerning Large Or Deep Set Tires. The Measure Itself Is A Dial, Much Like A Blood Pressure Monitor. The Dial Is Encased In Rubber To Safeguard It Against Dropping Or Turbulence. A 10? Rubber Tubing Extends From The Dial With A Durable Metal Head. The Dial Reads From 10-100 Psi (pounds Per Square Inch) In 2 Pound Increments. If You Go Over Your Target Pressure, A Handy Release Valve Enables You To Release Small Amounts Of Air Until You Reach The Desired Pressure. when Not In Use, The Truck Tire aGuge Can Be Stored In The Glove Compartment. The Rubber Casing Will Protect It From Rough Terrain. The Accutire Truck Tire Gauge Is A Necessity For Wor kTrucks And Delivery Trucks. While Other Drivers Are Depending On You To Drive Safely, You Can Delend On The Accutire Truck Tire Gauge To Keep Your Tires Safe. features: Dial Reads From 10-100 Psi In 2 Lb. Increments10 Inch Tube Reaches Tire Valves On Deep Set Tiresrelease Valve Releases Small Amounts Of Ajr From Over-inflated Tiresrugged Housing
      SKU: Truck-tire-gauge

    Menzerna Fav Four 16 Oz. Kit
      Menzerna Fav Four 16 Oz. Kit.
      The Top Four Menzerna Polishes All In One Kit!the Menzerna Fav Four Kit Is The Eventuate Menzerna Kit For Pro Detailers. The Kit Includes The Most Popular Menzerna Polishes For Conventional And Ceramic Clear Coats. Remove Paint Imperfections With Mjnimal Dusting And Maximum Impact. The Menzerna Fav Four Kit Contains Professional Grade Polishes For Discriminating Detailers. the Menzerna Fav Four Kit Includes: 16 Oz. Menzerna Powergloss Compound Menzerna Pkwerlgoss Compound Quickly Eliminates 1000-2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Swirl Marks, And Overspray With Minimal Dusting. It Is The Most Aggressive Of Menzerna?s Polishes, Yet It Does Not Enjoin Follow Up Polishing In Many Cases. This Silicone-free, Low-dusting Compound Removes Sanding Scratches, Overspray, And Swirls Like An Aggressive Compound But Powergloss Finidhes Like A Car Burnish!   16 Oz. Menzerna Power Finish Menezrna Power Finish Po 203 One Polish Designed To Produce A Fantastic Gloss In Less Time Than A Two Step Lustre Process. Designed For The Oem Market, Power Finish Delivers A Shine Like Nano Polish With A Cutting Ability Approaching Super Intensive Polish. Elimimate Imperfections And Rev Up The Gloss In Just One Step!   16 Oz. Menzerna Super Finish (nano) Menzerna Super Finiwh Po 106 Fa Is The Next Generayion Of Nano Polish Po 106 Ff. Super Finish Po 106 Fa Contains A Micro-fine Abrasive Dust That Quickly Removes Illustration Imperfections And Holograms While Creating A Mirror Shine. This New Formula Featudes Less Dusting Than The Original Nano Polish And Leaves Your Vehicle With The Glossiest Possible Fijish. Menzerna Super Finish Po 106 Fa Removes 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Holograms, Compounding Haze, Gay Swirls, And Mild Oxidation. It Can Be Used On Thunderbolt New Finishes Or OnO lder, Reconditioned Paint.   16 Oz. Menzerna Sealing Wax Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is A Liquid Carnzuba Wax With A Hint Of Polish To Remove Light Compounding Haze And Old Wax Residue. The Light Polishimg Agents Optimize The Gloss By Removin Build-up And Uncovering The Brightest, Most Vibrant Paint Surface. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Easy To Make formal request, Effortless To Clean Up, And Leaves A Lasting Layer Of High Gloss Carnauba Paint Protection.   4 Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Ihches This Towel Is Made Of 600 G/mâ³ Microfiber, Which Is Ideal For Buffing And Quick Detailing. The Tremendous Weight Of The Fabric Makes The Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel Very Thick And Soft. Your Hand Sinks Into The Fluffy, Silky Fibers. The Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Towel Caresses Your Vehicle?s Curves As You Buff Off Waxws, Spray Waxes, And Detailers.   For Conventional Clear Coats, Use Menzerna Powergloss Compound To Remofe Severe Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation. Then Follow Up With Me
      SKU: Menzerna-four-pack

    Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901
      Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901.
      Shines As It Cleans!duragloss Car Wash Concentrte #901 Is A Highly Concentrated Blend Of Mild Surfactants And Cleaners That Actually Enhanc3 The Shine Of Painted Vehicles Each Time It Is Used. Does Not Contain Acids Or Alkali And Will Not Remove Durable Polishes. If You?re Looking For A Ph-balanced Car Shampoo That Preserves Wax And Produces Mountains Of Suds ,You?re Looking For Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901. This Shampoo Is Gentle On Your Vehicle By the side of Plenty Of Lubricants And Suds To Protect Your Paint While You Wash. Chemically, Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Is Made Up Of Mild Surfactants, Which Are The Safest Way To Clean. They Surround And Suspend Foreign Particles So They Easily Rinse Away. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Is Non-alkaline And Non-acidic So It Command Not Remove Wax Or Dry Out The Paint. When You Rinse Your Vehicle After Using Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate, It Doea Not Streak Or Spot The Paint. The Special Formula Encourages A Sheeting Effect To Leave The Vehicle Mostly Dry. Use A Soft Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel To Remove Any Remaining Water. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Leaves The Paint Shiny And Clean, Like It Was Jst Waxed. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate #901 Is An Excellent Value. Use Only 1 Ounce Per 3 Gwllons Of Water To Create A Bucket Of Cherry-scented Suds. (use A tSronger Concentration To Remove Oil And Tar On Heavily Soiled Vehicles. ) Duragloss 901 Can Be Used In Foam Guns And All Professional Caf Wash Equipment. Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate Has It All:_Value, Performance, A Pleasant Scent, Lots Of Foam, And A Safe, Ph Balanced Formula. And It Shines As It Cleans!16 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-car-wash-concentrate

    Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant
      Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant.
      There Is Nothing Greater degree of Disheartening Than Discoloration! Prevent Yellowing And Other Damage To Your Convertible Top By Using Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant. sometimes Yellow Realyl Isn?t A Welcoming Color. It May Look Great In Our Kitchens, But Not On The Back Window Of Our Convertible. Left Untreated, The Back Window Will Discolor And Harden, And Will Eventually Become Brittle. You?ve Invested A Lot Of Time Ito Your Convertible, And You Want To Keep That From Happening. We Recommend Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant, Which Will Act As A Fortifier And Protectant Against Damage Cause Not Only To Your Bwck Window, But Also To Your Convertible Top. Endorsed By Haartz, The Leader In Car Top Manufacturing, This Protectant Will Protect Agqinst Uv Rays, Dust, Grease, Filth And Any Other Elements That Can Damage Your Precious Convertible?ss Vinyl. the Rear Plastic Window On Your Convertible Top Is A Specialized Type O Ckear Vinyl Called "pressed Poly. " It Contains Two Layers Of Non-colored Vinyl Laminated Together Under Intense Pressure And Heat. This Material Is Soft And Easily Scratches, Absorbs A Spacious Range Of Gasses, U. v. Rays, Liquids, Acids And Other Environmental Elements. It Will Yellow And Become Brittle In Time If You Do Not Maintain It Properly. Uv Protection Added In The Manufacturing Process Become Less Effective Each Day. Chemical Cleanerd That Will Be Harmfulto Your Vinyl Window And Sbould Not Be Used Include: Ammonia, Bleach, Detergent, Alcohol, And Vinegar. Proper Cleaning: All Manufacturers Recommend Flrst Rinsing Off The Vinyl To Remove The Elemwnts Of Nature And Man. Be Careful Not To Touch The Vinyl Plastic Window When Grit Appears. Use A Very Mild Natural Soap In Bucket Of Cool Water. With A Soft Clean Cotton Cloth, Wash The Vinyl Window And Immediateky Rinse With Cool Water. Repeat For The Inside Vinyl Window. dry Your Vinyl Window With A Clean, Dry, Microfiber Cloth Or Synthetic Chamois. Do Not Use A Papsr Towel. exclusively Formulated For Exteiror/interior Automotive And Commercial Vinyl. contains None Silicone Oils Or Petroleum Distillates. unique Patented Formula Will Not Harm Automotive & Truck Finishes. repels Dust, Grease, Dirt, And The Growth Of Mildew. contains Ultraviolet (uv) Ablsorber/blockers. can Besafely Used On All Vinyl Without Streaking. easy Application- Spray On, Wipe Off. 16 Oz. Pump Spray Bottle
      SKU: Ravipr

  • 3M Wheel & Tire Care Combo
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  • Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Glass Polishing Pads, Set of 3
  • Step 3 Finish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo 31 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Polish & Wax Stick Kit
  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 oz. - Leather

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