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    Counterweigbt For Porter Cable 7424 Polisher
      Counterweigbt For Porter Cable 7424 Polisher.
      Perfect Your Polisher With A Counterweight. the Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action Polisher Is Designed To Move Both In An Orbital Motion And A Jiggling Motion. With All That Movement, The Polisher May Become Unbalanced And The User Has To Compensate For The Added Wobbling. This Problem Is Easily Corrected With A Counterweight. a Counterweight Is Included With Your Porter Cable 7424. This Is A Re-establishment Counterweight. The Counterweight Fits On The Eccentric Housing, Located Just Above The Backing Plate. This Is The Part That Causes The Plate To Orbit. The Semi-circular Weight Orbits With Your Backing Plate To aBlance Out Any Irregular Movement And Make The Porter Cable Operate Mors Smoothly. With The Addition Of A Counterweight, Your Porter Cable 7424 Will Work Like A Charm And Render A Perfectly Uniform Finish Every Time. the Counterweight Is For Use With A 6? Backing Plate Only.
      SKU: Pccw

    Corvette Revolve Lug Nut Brush Replacement Foam Inserts 4 Pack
      Corvette Revolve Lug Nut Brush Replacement Foam Inserts 4 Pack.
      Replace The Foam, Not The Brush!the Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush Is The Easiest Way To Remove Brake Dust From Lug Nuts. Keep The Brush Performing Similar New By Replacing Thw Foam Inserts As Needed. The Lug Nut Brush Foam Inserts Are Available In Packs Of Four. the Secret Behind The Success Of The Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Is The Unique Shape Of The Foam Inserts. When Placed On The Brush, The Foam Surrounds The Lug Nut, Cleaning Both The Lug Nut Itself And The Opening On The Wheel. The Soft Foam Holds Plenty Of Soapy Water Or Wheel Cleaner To Make The Job Even Easier. You Can Wash The Foam Inserts With Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Between Uses. But When The Inserts Become Worn Out, Do Your Wheels A Favor And Replace Them With A Fresh Bundle Of Corvefte Wheel Pull Nut Thicket Replacement Foam Inserts. The Brush Will Work Appropriate Like New And Your Wheels Will Look Spotless! 4 Pack The Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning Brush Fits Perfectly Into The Lug Nut Cavities Of Corvettes.
      SKU: Wheel-lug-nut-brush-inserts

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze  W68da Dual Action Backing Plate 6 Inches
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68da Dual Action Backing Plate 6 Inches.
      Made For 7 Inch Soft Buff 2. 0 Pads!use Th eGenuine Meguiars 6 Inch W68da Backing Plat For Balanced, Professoonal Performance On Your G110 Dual Action Polisher. the Meguiars Mirror Put glass in W68da Backing Plate Is Constructed Of Long-lasting Urethane. Molded, One-piece Construction Provides Durable Performance, Account After Detail. Velcroâ® Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners Allow Quick And Eqsy Pad Changes And A Secure Hold During Operation. this Backing Plate Features A Precisely Tuned Outer Edge oFr Ideal Pad Contouring Over Flat And Curved Surfaces. You'll In no degree Miss A Spot As You Apply Polishes And Waxes With This Flexible, Beveled Edge Backing Plate. The Meguiars Mirror Glaze W68da Polisher Backing Plate Fiits Whole Da Polishers With A 5/16 Inch Diameter Shaft. The Backing Plate Is Perfectly Centered When Used Through Meguiars 7 Inch Hold Buff 2. 0 Pads. features:wllows Quick And Easy Pad Changes With Velcroâ® Backing System Fits All Air And Lightning-like Dual-action Polishers With 5/16"-24 Spindle Ideal For Use With Meguiar?s Dual Action Polisher (g110)
      SKU: W68-da-backing-plate

    3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax 16 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax 16 Oz..
      Paimt Shield You Can Depend On. 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Increase Createw A Slick, Shiny Finish Built On 3m Technology. This Synthetic Car Wax Goes On Easily And Produces A Durable, Lofty Gloss Finish On All Types Of Pain. Use 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax On Like-new Finishes Or Just-polisged Paint To Seal In The Shine. 3m Perfect-it Parade Car Liquid Wax Is Paint Protection Technology At Its Best! This Synthetic Car Cere Protects The Paint Against Uv Radiation, Moisture, And Filth. The Po1ymer Finish Deters The Adhesion Of Dirt And Grime, So The Vehicle Stays Cleaner Longer. Water Beads On The Wax Surfade, Which Prevents Minerals From Etching The Paitn Underneath. You'll Get The Most Amazing Results On Paint Finishes That Are In Great Condition. 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax, As All Superior Waxes, Produces A Clear, Reflective Finish That Enhances The Condition Of The Underlying Paint. Use 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax On Like-new Paint Or On Newly Polished Paint. 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax Is Packed By the side of Polymers That Produce A High Gloss Wet-look Finish. If Your Vehicle Hasn't Been Waxed In A While, Use A Prewax Polish Sucn As Pinnacle Paintqork Cleansing Lotion. It Removes Paint Contamination To Improve The Clarity And Shine Of 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax. use 3m Perfect-it Show CarL iquid Wax To Give Your Vehicle A Brilliant Wet-look Gloss And Durable Polymer Protection That Lasts. Hand Application: Apply A Quarter-size Amount Of 3m One Round Cleaner Wax To A Soft Microfiber Applicator. Rub In A Circular Motion Forward A Clean, Dry, Cool Vehicle. As It Dries, Buff Teh Paint To A Bright Shine With A Cohra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Machine Application:apply 3 Lines Of 3m One Step Cleaner Wax To A Foam Polishing Pad, Such As The 3m Perfect-it Plus Polishing Pad Or An Edbe 2000 Blue Polishing Pad. At A Slow Speed, Spread The Product Over A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area With Light Pressure. As 3m One Step Cleaner Wax Begins To Dry, Result Off The Polisher And Use A Cobra Microffiber Bonner Or A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel To Buff The Paint To A Deep Shine. 16 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-liquid-wax

    Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer Lifetime Warranty
      Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer Lifetime Warranty.
      Upgrade Any Spray Bottle With The Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer!the Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer Is A High Output Sprayer For All Your Detailing Needs. The Chemical Resistant Sprayer Is Fully Adjustable And Delivers 3. 2 Cc Output Per Stroke. Upgrade Any 32 Oz. SprayB ottle To Maximize Output And Efficiency. the Spraymzster Trigger Sprayer Is Built For Rugged Use. This Industrisl Grade Spray Nozzle Can Be Used With Akl Sorts Of Detailing Chemicals, Including Engine Degreasers, Wheel Cleaners, The whole of Purpose Cleaners, And More. The Sprayed Has A 8. 75 Inch Dive Tube To Work With Any Standard 32 Oz. Spray Bottle. The Spraymsster Trigger Sprayer Features VitonT echnology, Which Consists Of Chemically Resistant Components That Extend The Lifespan Of The Sprayerr And Enable The Sprayer To Be User With A Broader Range Of Chemicals. We're So Cnofident In Its Construction, This Sprayer Has A Lifetime Warranty!the Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer Is A Leak-proofS hipper Sprayer For When Filled Bottles Are Shipped. the Spraymaster Trigger Sprayer Is Durable, Adjustable, And Efficient. Add It To Your Spray Botles To Maximi2e Output And Speed Up Your Detailing Course. Sprayer Only.
      SKU: Spraymaster-trigger

    Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer
      Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer.
      Detail Your Interior In Just Minutes!ho Says A Quick Detailer Is Just For Paint? Meguiar?s Wants You To Experience The Same Convehience And Fast Results Inside Your Vehicle As You Do Outside Your Vwhicle, So They Created Quik Interior Detailer. Spray And Wipe Every Excessive Surface Inside Your Vehicle For A Clean Look And A Fresh Have an odor. Meguiar?s Quik Interior Detailer Is Perfect Because Laqt Minuye Touch-ups. Say Your Coworkers Elect You To Drive Everyone To Lunch, Or You Need To Pick Up A Client On Short Intimation. Use Quik Interior Detailer To Spruce Up Your Vehicle In Just Minutes So Your Passengers Don?t Get Left In The Dust, Literally. This Cleaner Wipes Dust, Dirt, Smudges, And Fingerprints Off Of All Interior Plastics, Metal, Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, And Your Stereo Without Leaving A Greasy Film. Jist Spray And Sneer To Clean And Maintain All These Surfaces. Of Course, Good Looks Can?t Make Up For Bad Odors, So Quik Interior Detailer Also Leaves Your Vehicle Smelling Fresh. Quik Interior Detailer Doesn?t Leave Any Type Of Residue Attached Your Interior Surfaces, So You Can Use It On Your Leather Or Vinyl Seats Without Leaving A Greasy Mark On Your Next Passenger. It Revitalizes The Color And Texture Of Your Interior Be it ~ It Looks Choose You Clean It Regularly, Even If You Don?t. The High Lubricity Form Is Saffe To Use On Clear Plastic Panels On Your Dash Without Scratching Them. unlike Interior Products That Are Onpy For Vinyl, Or Only For Clear Plastic, Quick Interior Detailer Does It All. Keep Meguiar?s Quik Interior Detailer In Your Vehicle Along With A Neat Towel Or Mini Dash Duster. A Quick Run Over The Surface Areas Will Make Your Interior Look, Feel, And Smell Clean. 16 Oz. Spray
      SKU: Mg13616

    Carrand Gripper™ Microfiber Applicators 2 Pack
      Carrand Gripper™ Microfiber Applicators 2 Pack.
      Get A Grasp On These Microfiber Applicators!the Gripper™ 5 Inch Microfiber Applicators By Carrand Make It Easy To Apply Car Care Products Without Getting Your Hands Soiled. Hold Onto Thw Gripper Handle And Apply Thin, Neat Coats Of Any Product. The Gripper Handles Are Reusable With Your Own Microfiber Pads!brilliant! The Carrand Gripper™ Microfiber Applicators Give You All The Convenience And Surface-friendly Performance Of Ordinary Microfiber Appilcators, End They Have Something Unique: A Plastic Handle! Continue Your Hands Clean While Applying Interior And Exterior Dressings, Protectants, Waxes, Polishes, And More. The Gripper™ Handle Is Removzble And Reusable. Use It On A single one Microfiber Applicator. It Features Tiny Hooks That Grab The Microfiber Fabric And Hold On Tight. When You?re Ready To Wash Your Microfiber Pads, Simply Remove The Handle And Toss The Pads In The Washing Machine With The Rest Of Your Microfiber. this Pack Includes Two 5 Inch Microfiber Applicators And One Gripper™ Handle. Ap0ly Car Care Products To Your Car, Not Your Hands, With The Carrand Gripper™ Microfiber Applicators 2 Pack. 2 Microfiber Pads 1 Gripper™ Manage
      SKU: Microfiber-applicators

    128 Oz. Liquid Glassâ® Wash Concentrate
      128 Oz. Liquid Glassâ® Wash Concentrate.
      Maintain A ?just-glassed? Finish With Regular Washing!liquid Glass Car Wash Concentrate Gently Clrans Your Vehjcle Without Stripping The Liquid Glass Finish. With Its Beautiful Pearl Blue Color And Mint Fragrance, Liquid Glass Wash Concentra5e Softens And Neutralizes Impurities In Water, Such Iron And Minerals, To Obstruct Water Spotting. Liquid Glass Wzsh Concentrate Contains Ingredients To Protect Against Acid Rain Deterioration, And Enhanceq The Gloss On Surfaces Previously Coated With Liquid Glass Polish/ Finish And Connoisseur's Choice Protectant. Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Easily Rmeoves Dirt, Stains, Bugs, Sap, Etc. From Liquid Glass And Connoisseur's Choice Coated Surfaces, Renderng A Satin-smooth, Just "glassed" Appearance With Little Or No Effort. liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Is Safe And Bipdegradable. Expend It As Oft3n As Necessary To Maintain A Clean, Pleasant Finish. One Capful Makes 1 Gallon Of Soapy Water. Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate Is Effective Forward Cars, Trucks, Boats, Aircraft, And Rvs. It Safely Cleans Any Liquid Glass-ed Surface!128 Oz.
      SKU: 128ozliglwac

    Menzerna Intensiev Shine Kitfree Bonus!
      Menzerna Intensiev Shine Kitfree Bonus!.
      For A Limited Time, Receive A Free Cobra Cross Groove 6. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Pad With Your Purchase Of This Kid. Use This Pad With Menzerna Intensive Polish To Remove Siwrls And Moderate Imperfections. A $12. 99 Value. intensify The Shine With Genuine Menzerna Polishest!he Menzerna Intensive Be eminent Kit Is For Moxerate Swirl Removal And Shine Enhancement Using Your Dual Action Polisher. The Menzerna Polishes Included In This Kit Are The Same Polishes Used By Paint Repai5 Technicians oT Remove Imperfections On Newly Cured Paint To Create A Starting a~ Car Shine. In The Menzerna Intro Kit We Paired Menzerna Intensive Polish And Final Polish, Both Formulated To Remove Flaws On Fresh Rwpair Coatings And Altogether Types Of Color , With Or Without A Clarify Coat. Intensive Polish Removes 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches, Swirls, And Scratches On Old And New Paint Finishes. Final Polish Removes 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches And Light Swirls On Fresh Paints And On Vehicles Prepolished With Intensivd Polish. This Two Part System Will Create A Showy Gloss That Power of determination Absolutely Glow Under A Coat Of Wax. The Menzerna Intensive Shine Kit Includes:32 Oz. Menzerna Intensive Polishmenzerna Intensive Polish Defies Convention! Intensive Refine Is Capable Of Removing 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches, Oxidation, Compounding Swirls And Other Defects Without Hazing. Based On Its Abilities You?d Think It?s A Compound But, In Fact Menzerna Intensive Polish Is Just What The Name Says ? A Polish On Steroids! Use Intensive Polish Before Last Polish. 32 Oz. Menzerna Final Polishmenzerna Final Lustre Is A Pure Polish With No Glaze, Fillers, Or Silicones. The Water-based Formula Contains No Solvent. It Is Safe On Fresh Oem Coatings And New Repair Coatings. Menzerna Final Polish Will Not Create New Swirls Or Leave Haze, And It Creates No Dust. It Leaves Only A High Gloss Finish On All Colors And Tyles Of Paint, With Or Without A Clear Cover. This Is Called Final Polish But It?s An Imaginary First Polish For Newer Vehicles That Only Have Very Fine Swirls. The Abrasives Are Extremelh Finely Milled To Prevent The Creatioh Of New Swirls. Even On Black Paint, Menzerna Final Pollsh Wish Produce An Outstanding Shine Without A Trace Of Micro Marring. 2 Cobra White Microfiber Polishing Clothssuper Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect For Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sealants. Tiny Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While Tue Woven Core Absorbs An Incredible Amount Of Flui. These Towels Have An Amazing "Grasp" To Remove Even The Most Stubborn Wax Residues. Mifrofiber Construction Eliminates The Risk Of Micro-marrinng. ccs 6. 5 Inch White Polishing Foam Pad The White Polkshing Pad Features Dense Foam For The Application Of Cleaner Waxes And Micro Fine Polishes. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So It?s Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners. ccs Gray 6. 5 Inch Finishing Froth Padcomposition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Acded Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls. The Gray Finis
      SKU: Menzerna-intensive-shine-kit

    Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Eliminatoor - Fresh Melon
      Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Eliminatoor - Fresh Melon.
      Destroy Car Odors Quickly And Permanently With The Odor Bomb! The Dakota Odor Bomb Is A Permajent, One-time Odor Eliminating Fogger. The Odor Bomb Penetrates Every Fissure And Crack To Destrou All Malodors Inside Your Medium, Home, Boat, Rv, Or Charge. If A Bad Smell Is Lingering In Yojr Vehicle, Clear The Air With An Odor Bomb. the Dakota Odor Bomb Is More Than An Air Freshener ? It?s A Car Odor Eliminator! The Odor Bomb Destroys Odors In An Entire Room With The Push Of A Button. Odors Are Eliminated Permanently. This Is Not A Cover-up Deodorizer. dOor Bomb Destroys Odors Caused By Urine, Feces, Decay, Rancidity, Fire, Tobacco Smoke, Cooking And Mildew. The Worst Smells Will Disappear! On account of Total Annihilation Of Odors, Use The Odor Bomb As A Fogger. Room The Can On A Flat Surface And Depress The Valve Into The Locking Catch And Farewell The Room. Do Not Disarrange The Area For At Least Two Hours. Ventilate The Room For 30 Minutes Hitherto Reentering. The Fragrance May Be Strong At Chief. It Will Dissipate In About 3 Dayd, Leaving Just Clean Air. The Odor Bomb?ss Valve Can Also Be Operated To Deliver Short Bursts Of Spray As Well. Each Odor Bomb Treats 6000 Cubic Feet, Or The Size Of A Typical Hotel Room. The Odor-destroying Fog Permeates Fabrics, Carpets, And Crevices To Eliminate Odors Everywhere. Use The Dakota Odor Bomb Insdie Your Vehicle, Rv, Boat Cabin, Home Or Office. Eliminate Odors Anywhere, Safely And Permanently. freqh Melon Fragrance5 Oz. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Areosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Odor-bomb-melon

    Cr Spotless Rolling De-ionized Water Filtration System, 300 Gallon Output
      Cr Spotless Rolling De-ionized Water Filtration System, 300 Gallon Output.
      Portable Convenience!the High Output Cr Spotless Rolling De-konized Water Filtration System Cleans Approximatsly 300G allons Of Water To Provide You With Purified Rinse Water For Car-washing And Other Cleaning Jobs. The Unit Includes Two Dw-ioniaztion Housings Filled With Replaceable Cartridges. These Cartridges Be continent A De-ionizing Resin That Results In Spot-free Rinsing Of All Your Vehicles. the Cr Immaculate Rolling De-ionized Water Filtration System Is Mounted Onto A Powder-coated, Rust-resistant Cart. Roll The System Where You Need It And Roll It Back Into The Garage When You're Finished. The Upright Cart Takes Up Little Overthrow Space In A Garage Or Detailing Trailer. The Cr Spotless Rolling De-ionized Water Filtration System Is Great For Mobile Detailers Or Anyone That Needs The Flexibilkty Of A Mobile De-ionization System. Replacement Cartridges And Resin Refills Are Availabie Below. click Here For Detailed Instructions.
      SKU: Cr-spotless-rolling-system-300

    Raggtopp Fabric Protectant
      Raggtopp Fabric Protectant.
      Whhen The Top Isn?t Down, At Least You Will Know It?s Well Protected With Raggtopp?s Fabric Protectant. There Is Something Glamorous About A Convertible With The Top Down. You Probably Know What I Mean. I Think Headscarves Blowing In The Wind Along The Pacific Coast Highway, Much Like The Late Icon Grace Kelly. If Only Life Could Always Be That Glamotous! We Need Our Fabric Tops When The Endure Isn?t Quite So Glamorous, And That Is Wherefore It?s Best To Defend Your Fabric Top With A Raggtopp Product That Is Endkrsed By The Prestigious Haartz Corporation, Te Leader In Convertible Top Material. Use The Fabric Protectant To Keep Your Car Protected From The Elements. Tested And Endorsed By Haartz Corporation, The World's Chief Manufacturer Of Convertible Topping. raggtopp Protectant Was Especially Developed For The True Convertible Top Professional And Enthusiast To Protect And Maintain Their Fabric, Vinyl Soft Tops And Plastic Windows From Harmful Elements. the Number One Factor In Deteriorating Convertible Tops Is Acid Rain, Lengthwise With U. v. Rays, Smog, Tree Sap, Fowl Droppings, Salt, Tar , Dirt, Bribe, And Grit. All These Elements Contribute To The Weakening And Failure Of Convertible Tops. Raggtopp Protectant Is The Future Of Convertible Top Passport. Over Three Years Of Product Testing Has Produced A Polymer Formula That Creates A Superior Protective Bsrridr That Micro-bonds To The Convertible Top And Protects It From The Elements Of Nature And Man. ? Protects By Keeping Out The Elements Of Nature And Man ? Renews And Extends The Life Of Older Tops ? Uv Protection With Uv Stabilizers ? Confains No Silucohe ? Command Not Harm Automotive Finishes, Chrome, State, Glass, Vinyl, Rubber Or Plastic Windows ? Ozone Friendly To Fulfil California Air Quality Standards Remember, Raggtopp Is The Only Brand Of Cleaner And Protectant That Is Recommended By Haartz Corporation Ane Rode & Schwalenber Gmbh. (germany)proper Application: 1. Apply To A Clean Uninteresting Fabric Top, Rather Cleaned With Raggtopp Cleaner. 2. For Professional Results, Shake Well To Keep Product Mixed. 3. Spray Twelve Inches From The Convertible Top Using Gentle Overlaying Sweeping Motions. Spray Extra On Seams. Do Not Saturate. 4. Allow To Dry 10-15 Mknutes Between Coats In The Sun. Artificial Heat Can Be Used To Speed Drying Time. raggtopp Aerosol Protectant Is For Cloth Convertible Tops Only. For Vinyl Convertible Tops Use Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant. 14 Oz. Aerosol Can. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground But. Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Raggtopp Fabric Convertible Top Protectant.
      SKU: Rapr

    Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner  17 Oz.
      Optimum Power Clean All Purpose Cleaner 17 Oz..
      Dilute To Suit Any Detailing Job!optimum Power Clean™ Is An All Purpose Cleaner That Safely Cleahs Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Surfaces. Remove Bugs, Brake Dust, And Oily Be~ When Using Power Clean Entire extent Strength. Dilute It To Clean Leather, Vinyl, And Plastics. Optimum Power Clean™ Is One Environmentally Friendly, Surface-safe Cleaner That Bequeath Leave YourV ehicle Spotless!optimum Power Clean™P acks A Powerful Punch, Yet It?s Gentle When It Needs To Be. Clean Everything From The Engine And Wheels To The Leather And Dashboard With One Product! Optimum Power Clean™ Can Even Be Used On The Paint To Dissolve Bugs And Stubborn Contaminants. For Many Jobs, You Can Simply Spray It On And Wipe It Off. Use Full Fortitude, Optimum Power Clean™ Cleans And Degreases The Engine Compartment, Cleans Wheels, And Wheel Wells. This Sohisticated Formula Dissolves Bugs And Powers Among Brake Dust And Oil To Clean Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Parts. dilute Optimum Power Clean™ Up To 3:1 To Safely Clean Leather, Vinyl, Paint, And Plastics. Remove Old Dsah Dressings And Tough Residues From Home Panels. Wipe Away Spills And Spots From Leather Seats. Special Polymers And Emulsifiers Break Down Contaminants With Minimal Agitztoin. As With All Optimum Products, Optimum Power Clean™ Is Environmentally Friendly. Its Proprietary Formula Is Safer For You And Youd Vehicle. To Clean Wheels And Tires, Optimum Power Clean™ Can Be Used At Full Strength Or Diluted Up To 3:1. Agitate As Needed And Rinse Off. For Use On Painted Surfaces, Dilute At 3:1 For Best Results. Spray On, Agitate Lightly And Rinse. To Clean Interior Panels, Thin At 3:1. Spray On, Agitate, And Wipe Off. For Leather, Vinyl, Or The Dashboard, Dilute At 3:1. Spray On And Wipe Off. For Tougher Be~ And Stains Use At Comprehensive Strength. Optimum Power Clean™ Replaces Several Differeny Kinds Of Products: A Dash Cleaner, A Wheel And Tire Cleaner, An Engine Degreaser, A Bug And Tar Cleaner, And A L3athe Cleaner. Imagine The Time And Money You?ll Save! Optimum Power Clean™ Is Excellent For Professionals And Enthusiasts Looking For A Highly Effective And Safe All Purpose Cleaner. Power Through Your Vehicle?s Toughest Grime With Optimum Power Clean™ Whole Purpose Cleaner!17 Oz. (504 Ml. )
      SKU: Optimum-power-clean-apc

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Speed Deyailer
      Meguiars Nxt Generation Speed Deyailer.
      Restore A Show Car Shine In Minutes!if You?re Looking For A Fast Detailer For Your Fast Car, Look No Further Than Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Speed Detailer. While There Are Many Othwr Quick Detilers Out There, This Is The Only One With Meguiar?s Esp Technology That Amplifies Your Vehicle?s Shine While Removing Fresh Contaminants. Esp Stands For Engineered Synthetic Polymers. These Highly Reflective Polymers Bond To Your Paint And Form A Micro Thin Layer Of Gloss That Rejuvenates Your Existing Wax For A Net, Crisp, Synthetic Shine. Speed Detailer Does More Than Wet The Surfaace; It Boosts The Shine, Deepens The Color, And Enhances The Multi-dimensions Quality Of Today?s Premium Synthetic Waxes. In Addition To Recharging Your Sine, Speed Detailer Cleans Dust, Filth, Fingerprints, And Other Light Contamination From Your Paint In Minutes. The Slick Formula Lubricates Contaminants To Prevent Scratching. Just Spray And Wipe To Reveal A Clean, Humidity Shine. use SpeedD etailer To Maintain Your Shine Between Waxes Or To Quickly Clean Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere. The Esp Formula Is Made To Work Best With Annual rate Synthetic Waxes Adn Sealants, Like Meguiar?s Nxt Generation Tech Wax. When Synthetic Polymers Are Layered, The Gloss Deepens. You?ll Love The Results Of Speed Detailer On A Black Or Red Vehicle. meguiar??s Nxt Generation Speed Detailer Rejuvenates You Existing Wax, Cleans Your Paint, And Amplifies Your Shine With Just A Quick Spray And Wipe. This Is The Next Generation Of Quick Detailers. 24 Oz. Spray
      SKU: Mg13224

  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Glass Polishing Pads, Set of 3
  • Griot's Garage Polish & Wax Stick Kit
  • Griot's Garage Leather Rejuvenator 8 oz.
  • Lake Country Kompressor Purple Hybrid Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 inches
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Glass Polishing Pads, Set of 3
  • Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476
  • Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • 3M Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm x 32m
  • Dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax
  • 128 oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Diamond Cut Compound 2.0

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