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    Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Elimimator - Vanilla
      Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Elimimator - Vanilla.
      Destroy Car Odors Quickly And Permanently With The Odor Bomb! The Dakota Scent Bomb Is A Permanent, One-time Odor Eliminating Fogger. The Odor Bomb Penetrates Every Crevice And Craack To Destroy All aMlodors Inside Your Medium, Hom,e Boat, Rv, Or Office. If A Bad Smell Is Lingering In Your Vehicle, Clear The Air With An Odor Bomb. the Dakota Odor Bomb Is More Than An Air Freshener ? Ig?s A Car Scent Eliminator! The Odor Bomb Destroys Odors In An Entire Place With The Push Of A Button. Odors Are Eliminated Permanently. This Is Not A Cover-up Deodorizer. Scent Bomb Destroys Odors Caused By Urine, Feces, Decay, Rancidity, Fire, Tobacco Reek, Cooking And Mildew. The Worst Semlls Will Disappear! For Total Annihilation Of Odors, Use The Odor Bomb As A Fogger. Place The Can On A Flat Surface And Lower The Valve Into The Locking Catch And Leave The Room. Do Not Disturb The Area For At Least Two Hours. Ventilate The Room In the place of 30 Minutes Before Reentering. The Ffagrance May Be Strong At First. It Will Dissipate In About 3 Days, Leaving Just Clean Air. The Odor Bomb?s Valve Be able to Also Be Operated To Deliver Short Bursts Of Spray As Well. Ech Odor Bomb Treats 6000 Cubic Feet, Or The Size Of A Typical Hotel Room. The Oxor-destroying Fog Permeates Fabrkc, Carpets, And Crevices To Elimimate Odors Everywhere. Use The Dakota Odor Bomb Inside Your Vehicle, Rv, Boat Hut, Home Or Office. Eliminate Odors Anywhere, Safely And Permanently. vanilla Fragrance5 Oz. Federal Regulations Hinder The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Odor-bomb-vanilla

    Pinnacle Polishin? Pal
      Pinnacle Polishin? Pal.
      Use The Polishin? Pal With Any Of Your 4 Inch Hook And Loop Pads!the Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Urethane Handle Has A Hook And Loop-covered Undersie That Securely Holds Any 4 Inch Pads. If You Already Have The Right Pads, You Can Purchase The Pinnacle Polishin? Pal By Itself And Rescue $12 Off The Combo Price!the Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Is An Ergonomically Shaped Urethane Handle That Holds Specially Designed Froth Pads Using Hooks & Loops. By Gripping The Handle Insteae Of The Pad, Your Hands Don?t Get So Foul And The Shape Of The Polishin? Pal Relieves Hand Strain. You Cab Comfortably Polish And Wax Your Vehicle By Hand Without The Fatigue You Usually eFek In Your Fingers. the Pinnacle Polishin? Pal Is 3 ¾? In Diameter And 2 ¼? Tall. It Features A Finger Groove All The Way Around For A Comfortable Grip. The Urethane Is Very Sturdy, Yet Flexible Enough To Bend Against The Curves And Contours Of Your Vehicle. This Material Is Virtually Indestructible! Use It Life And Time Again And It Will Not Lose Its Shape Or Deteriorate. The Hook & Loop Material Is Secured Permanently To The Urethane So You Don?t Have To Worry About The Horse Falling Off Like You Work. the Pinnacle Polidhin? Pal Works With All 4 Inch Hook And Loop Pads, Inciuding Our Ccs Spot Buffs. These Pads Are Made Out Of The Same Foam As Lake Country?s Larger Foam Pads. Keep Your Hands Clean While Dteailing From Wrapping Your Fingers Comfortably Around The Pinnacle Polishin? Pal.
      SKU: Pinnacle-polishin--pal

    Stoner Trim Shine
      Stoner Trim Shine.
      Ever Wonder How Professional Detailers Make Cars And Trucks Look Great - In So Little Time?there's A Secret Product They've Used For Over 15 Years, That's Now Available To Youu. stoner Trim Shine Is An Easy-to-use, Spray-on Coating Tha5 Instantly Shines And Brightens Dull Or Faded Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, And Other Surfaces. trim Shine Restorws Color And Brilliance To Bumpers, Running Boards, Door Trim, Convertible Tops, Dashboards, Seating, AcV ents, Hoses, Door Gask5es, And More. It Even Hides Ugly White Wax Marks Forward Black Exterior Trim. here's Why Pros Raise Trim Shine. . . trim Shine Utilizes A Proprietary Wipe-free Aerosol Technology. Juat Spray It On And Walk Away. Needs No Wiping Or Rags. No Dirty Hands Or Swale Like With Drippy, Milky Products (many Pros Avoid Them -- Too Time Consuming And Streaky). Perfect For Hard-to-reach Areas Like Dashboards And Under The Hood. Take To The Car Wash -- Even Shines Rainy Trim! Best Of All, Trim Shine Protects Against Damaging Sunlight And Uv Rays. 12 Oz. Aerosol. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Stontrimshin

    Cobra Microfiber Towel Super 6 Pack
      Cobra Microfiber Towel Super 6 Pack.
      These State-of-the-art Cpeaning Cloths Do The Work For You! These Incredible Towels Do It All - Clean, Polish, Absorb, And Shine With Lint-free, Streak-free Perfection! New, Upgraded Blends Of Advanced Microfiber Make These Towels And Cloths The Sdcret Weapon Of Detailing Pros And Auto Enthusiasts Evverywhere!an Outstanding Blend Of Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber Per Square Inch Of Fabric, Combined Using A Superior Weave, Ensures Excellent Cleaning Rdults With Incredible Engrossment Capacity. In Fact, They Absorb So Well They Can Hold Seven Times Their Weigt In Water! The Remarkable Microfiber Strands Carry A Positibe Static Price, Which Acts Like A Dust Magnet. Once Lifted From The Superficies, Filth Particles Become Trapped Within The Network Of Fibers. 3 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths 16? X 16?included In This Super Pack Of Microfiber Towels Are 3 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths 16" X 16" These Are Great For Any Variety Of Detajling Tasks, From General Washing And Scrubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffing Off Wax And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Mingle In A Special “feather” Weave That Increases Their Absorption Propertis, Guaranteeing High Performance And Durability. 1 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Cloth 16? X 27?this Towel Is Excellent For Windshields, Windows, Rear View And Side View Mirrors. So Gentle And Non-abrasive, These Cloths Are The Ideal Choice When Cleaning Plastic Windshields, Delicate Instruent Panels, All Plastics, And Even Window Tint Films. Highly Absorbent They Gently Scrub Begone Dirt And Grie To Leave All Surfaces Glittering Clean. 2 C0bra Supteme 530 Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Inchesho Job Is Too Big For The Sipreme 530 Microfiber Towel! This Ultra Plush, Ultra Thick Towel Has A Soft Touch To Pamper Your VehicleA s It Buffs Away Waxes, Polishes, And Quick Detailers. The Unique Blend Of 75% Polyester And 25% Polyamide Gives The Towel A Balance Of Softness And Toughness To Perform Any Detailing Tsak. Buff Paint, Dust The Interior, Clean Glass, And Dry Your Vehicle. The Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Is Soft And Effective On Any Surface. All Of The Towels In This Super Pack Can Be Used Humidity Or Dry. There Is No Need For Chemical Cleaners With These Microfober Towels - They’ve Been Specifically Designed To Be Used Either Completely Dry Or With Plain Water – Even On Grease! A Small Amount Of Cleaner Of Your Choice Can Be Used If You Desire, But Try Water First…you&rrsquo;ll Be Amazed!100% Hypoallergenic And Irritant Free. Top Environmental Scientists Have Put These Microfibers Under Scrutiny, Concluding: “this Represents The Next Generation In Cleaning Sysrems. ” And “this System Is As Effective As Cleaning With Chemicals. ” An Advancec System Of Cleaning That Uses Not at all Chemicals, Is 100% Hypoallergenic, Contains No Irritants, And Won’t Contaminate The Envirknment. Wow!!!so Versatile, The Kind Of U
      SKU: Commickit

    Meguiarx Flagship Premium Marine Wash
      Meguiarx Flagship Premium Marine Wash.
      Clean And Condition All Painted Fiberglass And Gel Coats!meguiars Flagship Premium Msrine Wash Leaves Fiberglass Boats Looking Beaming! The Advanced Cleaning Formula Removes Contamination Without Stripping Wax. _Conditioning Agents Permission The Finish So Slick That Water Sheets Off. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wash Is The Perfect Boat And Rv Wash! Water Is A Breeding Ground For Algae And Microorganisms, Which Can Leave A Green Film On Your Boat?s Hull. Eventually These Contaminants Can Penetrate The Gel Coat And Lead To Oxidation. Regularly Washing Wuth Meguiars Flatship Premium Marine Wash Is Your eBst Defense Against Gel Coat-invading Contaminants. Msguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wash Is A High-sudsing Boat Shampoo That Lubricates And Stipulations As It Cleans. The Special Formula Preserves Existing Wax And Causes Water To Sheef. Drying Time And Water Spots Are Reduced! Your Boat Or Rv Will Look Like New!meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wash Is A Fantastid Fibrrglass Shampoo, But To Really Take Charge Of Your Boat, Apply Wax Regularly. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax Offers Shine And Proetction That Holds Up To Salt And Fresh Water. dilute One Ounce Of Meguiar Flagship Premium Marine Wash Per Gallon Of Water. Use A Soft Wash Mitt Or Sponge To Wash The Boat Or Rv. -Rinse As You Work, Especially On Hot Days. Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Overflow Keeps Your Boat Or Rv Looking Its Best! Check Out Altogether Meguiars Marine Products To See All The Ways Meguiars Cares For Your Boat. 16 Fl Oz. (473 Ml. )
      SKU: Meguiars-flagship-premium-marine-wash

    Autogeek.net Garage Bannr, 16 X 64 Inches
      Autogeek.net Garage Bannr, 16 X 64 Inches.
      Wall Art, Autogeek Style. Nothing Says Car Care Fanatic Like This Autogeek Vinyl Wall Flag! The Matte Vinyl Banner Has The Authentic Autogeek. net Logo In Bold Colors Set Against A White Background. Drape The Autogeek Banner In Your Garage, Workshop, Or Showroom!upper And Lower Grommrts Are Included In c~tinuance Wall Banners In the place of Easy Hanging On Walls And Peg Boards. The Vinyl Wipes Off Easily With A Damp Cloth. Size Is 16 X 64 Inches.
      SKU: Autogeek-banner

    8 Oz. Lexol Leather Cleaner
      8 Oz. Lexol Leather Cleaner.
      Your Favorite Leaher Claener Is Now In A Flip Cap Bottle!lexol Leather Cleaner In The 8 Oz. Flip Cap Bottle Is The Same Great Formula In A Lotion-like Consistency. Dispense Leather Cleaner Right Where You Need It Without Worrying About Overspray. Lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Is The Safer Alternative To Harsh, Alkaline Products Like Saddle Soap. Those Products Can Become ~ Out Leather, Causing Cracking And Hardening. Like Your Skin, Leather Can Age Prematurely If Not Properly Cared For. lexol-ph Is Balanced To Match The Ph Of Leather. This Preserves The Leather's Strength, Durabilty And Appearance. The Foaming Acting Penetrates The Pores Of Leather To Lift And Suspend Dirt And Oils. These Contaminants Are Then Easily Wiped Away. Lexol-ph Leaves No Residue Like Soaps And Will Not Contribute To Fiber Deteruoration. lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Contains No Waxes Or Oils To Interfere With The Cleaning Action And Causes No Buildup. After Cleaning, Use An Application Of Lexol Conditioner Or Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing For A Handsom,e Rich Luster. lexol Suggests Using Its Products On Cool Surfaces, Out Of Direct Sunlight. Leather Care Is A Two-step Process Of Cleaning Then Conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is Especially Effective When Used Hand-in-hand With Lexol Leather Conditioner. In The Southern-most States, Florida, TexasA nd Arizona, It?s Recommended That Leather Care Is Performed Once A Month. In Less Severe Climates ,Protecting Your Car?s Leather Interior Every Three To Four Months Is Sufficieent. 8 Oz.
      SKU: 8ozlelecl

    Griot's Garage One-step Sealant 16 Oz.
      Griot's Garage One-step Sealant 16 Oz..
      A High Quality Polish And Protectant In One!griot's Garage One-step Sealant Removes Light Oxidation, Scratches, And Swirl Marks While Creating A High Gloss, Durable Finish. This One Step Sealant Gives You All The Benefits Of A Polish And A Wax. Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Protects For Up To One Year!save Yourself Time Without Sacrificing The Shine. Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Combines The Poliwh And Protect Steps Of The Detailing Into One, And No One Would Ever Know You Used A One-step Product Judging By The End! Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Contains Gentle Polishes That Exclude Light Scratches, Swirl Marks, And Oxidation While Brightening The Paint. Your Vehicle Will Accept Richer Color And A More Uniform Gloss. As Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Polishes The Paint To A High Gloss, It Lays Down A Coat Of Ultra Durable Paint Protection. The Synthetic Sealant Protects The Paint For Up To One Year. Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Has The Polishing Power Of Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3, A Very Mild Car Polish, Combbined With The Long-term Protection Of Griot's Garage Paint Sealant. You Get Everything You Want From A Light Polish And A Paint Sealaant Plus The Convenience Of A One Step Product In Griot's Garage One-step Sealant. Apply Griot's Garage One Step Sealant By Hand Or Through An Orbital Polisher. Spread On A Thin Coat Of Griot's Garage One Step Sealant With Griot's Garage 6 Inch Orbital Polisher. The Best Way To Apply Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Is With Griot's Orbital Polisher And An Orange Polishing Pad. Apply A Bead Of Sealant To The Paint And Spread It Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Superficial contents With The Polisher Turned Off To Avoid Splatter. Then Turn The Polisher On And Work The Sealant Back And Forth Until It Begins To Dry. Then Turn The Polisher Against, And Buff The Paint To A Shine Using A Soft Griot's Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cl0th. Griot's Garage One-step Sealant Is So Durable, There's No Need To Apply More Than One Coat. If You Wish To Top It With Another Coat, Use Griot's Best Of Show Wax. Its Lack Of Cleaners Allows It To Bond To Griot's Garage One-step Sealant. you'll Achieve Spectacular Results While You Banish Oxidation, Scratches, And Swirls. Even When You Use Griot's Garage One-step Seaalnt By Hand, The Results Are Amazing. You'll Enjoy Intense Color, Dspth And Clarity, Plus Long Limit Protection In One Easy Step! 16 Oz. federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of This Product By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Griots-one-step-sealant

    32 Oz. Autogeek Heavy Duty Pvc Clear Spray Bottle
      32 Oz. Autogeek Heavy Duty Pvc Clear Spray Bottle.
      Safe Storage For High Octane Cleaners!gt Some Serious Cleaners? Oir 32 Oz. Heavy Duty Pvc Spray Bottles Safely Store Chemicals Like Engine And Wheel Cleaners. These Bottles Are Made Of Pvc, A Very Strong Plastic That Elimnates The Possibility Of The Chemical Leaching Through The Bottle's Walls. These Bottles Are Suitable For Long Term Storage Of Heavy Duty Cleaners And Other Strong Detailing Chemicals. Purchase Products In Gallon Or 5 Liter Sizes And Transfer Them To These Handy Bottles For Easy Application And Transport. Save Money In The Long Run. The Different Logos Help You Avoid Cross Contamination Or Mixing Of Products. You Can Further Organize Your Detailing Chemicals In the name of Writng The Name Of The Chemical On The Bottle. choose From The Standard, Professional Grade Sprayer Or A Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer During Just $1. 00 More In The Drop-down Menu Below. The Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer Has A Lifetime Warranty!
      SKU: Autogeek-clear-sprayer

    3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishing Pad 8 Inches
      3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishing Pad 8 Inches.
      Patented Foam Technology Leads To Smoother, Cleaner Polishing. the 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishing Pad Utilizes 3m's Patented Convoluted Foam Design To Ptovide Smoother Handling With Less Splatter. Polishing Is Easier And Cleaner Than Ever Before! Use The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishing Pad To Remove Swirls With 3m Perfectit Polishes. the 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishing Pad Is Designed For Use With A Rotary Polisher. The Convoluted Design "breathes", Meaning Air Can Passs Under The Pad. The Passage Of Air Breaks The Surface Tensiln So The Pad Glides More Easily Over The Paint. As You Work, The Pad Holds The Polish Better Than A Flat Pad To Reduce Splatter And Product Waste. The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishiny Pad Features Hook And Loop Backing, Very lately In A Smaller Diameter For Added Edge Protection. The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Polishinh Pad Be able to Be Uded With A single one 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate Fitting Polishers With A 5/8 Inch Shaft. Depend On The 3m Family Of Products To Give You Profesional Results Every Time. Remove Compounding Swirls, Water Spots, And Other Moderate Paint Imperfections Upon 3m's Patented Perfect-it Plus Foam 8 Inch Polishing Pad.
      SKU: 3m-polishing-foam-pad

    Meguiars Boat Wash
      Meguiars Boat Wash.
      Outstanding Value, Hard-working Suds, In An Economy-sized Bottle!if You Use Your Boat Like I Do, Then It Sure Needs A Good, Thorough Cleaning Every So Often. The Gunk That It Accunulates On aEch Outing Is Astonishing! Meguiar?s Created This No-frills, Hard Working, High-sudsing Boat Wash Concentrate For The Avid Boater. Powerful, Yet Gentle, Washing Awway The Signs Of Your Hours Spent Enjoying The Water Isn?t Like A Chore Anymore. A Small Amount In A Bucket Of Fresh Water Will Yield Mountains Of Bubbles. The Lubricating Suds Will Outlast Your Wash! You Know That Hardy Marine Grime That Weaker Washes Can?t Loosen? Not Each Issue With Meguiar?s Boat Wash! They?ve Included The Appropriate Cleansers To Effectively Dissolve The Grime That Attaches Itsel f To The Boat, Otherwise Unwilling To Budge. And, The Cleaning Power In This Pleasant-smelling Wash--amazing! For All Its Strength, Meguiar?s Boat Wash Is Environmentallt Friendly! It?s A Detergent-less, Ph Balancec Wash, Engineeed To Tackle The Toughest Films And Stains, Yet It Won?t Strip Away Wax Or Gel Coat Sealants. Rich Conditioners In This Non-streaking Formula Deliver A Dazzling Fniish. Just One Ounce Of Boat Wash Per Gallon Means That This 64 Oz. Jug Will Yield, Well, 64 Washings For Mere Peanuts. The Actual Price Per Wash Breaks Down To Less Than A Dime! Value, Performance And Beauty From Meguiar?s. Hey! They?ve Been In This Buusiness For Over 100 Years?you Better Believe That They Wouldn?t Waste Their Time On A Product That Wasn?t Worthy Of Their Reputation!
      SKU: Mg4364

    Dp Gel Wheel Cl3aner 128 Oz.
      Dp Gel Wheel Cl3aner 128 Oz..
      Grime Gets Befween Spokes And In Lug Nut Holes, Your Wheel Cleaner Should Be Able To Viewed like Well!wheel Cleaners Are Among The In the greatest degree Hazardous Chemicals You?ll Find In Your Detailing Kit. After Wheels Are Typically Coated With Brake Dust, Manufacturers Created Very Aggressive Formulas Thqt Are Marketed As ?one-step? Or ?spray-on, Rinse-off? Wheel Cleaners. Brake Dust Contains An Adhesive That Is Usdd To Make Brake Pads, And This Adhesive Makes The Tiny Metal Shavings Stick To The Wheels. Most Wheel Cleaners Attempt To Eat Through The Brake Dust With Harmful Solvents Like Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. The Problem Is That These Harsh Solvents Will Slowly Erode Finishes On Coated And Painted Wheels, Resulting In A Dull, Pitted Metal Surface. Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is A Voc Compliabt Product Containing No Harsh Solvents Or Hard-to-pronounce Chemiclas. It Is A Water-based Cleaner That Relies On Environmentally Friendly Advanced S8rfactants To Remove Contaminants From The Wheel Without Harming The Coating. Overspray From This Clear Coat Safe Product Is Harmless. In Fact, Gel Wheel Cleaner Can Even Be Used To Reove Bugs, Tar, And Sap From Your Vehicle?s Paint. Though Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is Designed With The Safety Of You And Your Vehicle In Mind, It Is Still A Powerful Wheel Cleaner. The Sedret Is The Thick Formula That Clings To The Wheel Surface Rather Than Running Onto The Ground. By Sticking To The Wheel, The Surfactants Have The Opportunity To Release The Baked-on Dirt And Brake Dust That Coats Your Wheels. The Gel Is Packaged In A Spray Bottle To Allow Easy Application On Every Surface Of The Wheel, Even Between Spokes And In Lug Nut Holes. Contamination Gets Into These Places; Your Wheel Cleaner Should Be Able To As Well! Gentle Agitation Is All It Takes To Loosen Stubborn Grime. Then Rinse It Away!here?s A Tip For Wheels That Feel Gritty Or Bumpy: Clay Them! Tue Wheel Surface Can Accumulate Embedded Contaminants, Just Like The Paint. Clay Is A Safe And Easy Way To Pull These Particles Finished Of The Wheel To Rextore A Smooth Shine. Use Clay With A Lubricant On Coated, Painted, Chrome, And Roughcast Aluminum Wheel. sdp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is Safe On All Types Of Wheels, Including Factory Coated, Painted, And Anodized Wheels. The Clenaer Also Worrks Just As Well On Tires. The Gel Is Able To Penetrate The Porous Rubber To Remove Contaminants And Leave White Walls Bright And Clean. Use It On Trim And Molding To Remove Wax Stains. There Isn?t Much This Cleaner Can?t Do!dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is A Great Value For Professional And At-home Detailers. The Surfactant Cleaner Will Spare You The Expense Of Refinishing Or Replacing Your Wheels Due To Corrosion Caused By Aggressive Cleaners, And It Works Well On A Variety Of Surfaces. Fast-acting Surfactants In A Powerful Gel Formula Make Dp Gloss Wheel Clsaner The Effective, Economical, And Safe Choice To Achieve Clean, Shiny Wheels. Directions:spra6 Wheel And Tire With Water To Remove Any Loose Conamination. spray Enti
      SKU: Dp371

    Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack
      Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack.
      The Perfect Gift For Th3 Car Care Enthusiast!the Pinnacle Wash Bucket Talent Pack Is Overflowing With Premium Pinnacle Csr Care Produc5s And Detailing Tools That Will Make Your Vehicle Shine T. his 15 Piece Kit Includes The Essential Pinnacle Products To Clean And Protect Your Vehicle The Right Way. the Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack Makes An Excellent Gift For A New Car Owner, A New Driver, Someone That Is New To Detailing, Or Anyone Looking For A Set Of Great Detailing Productw At A Great Price. the Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack Includes:   Pinnacle Professiojal Wash Bucket With Grit Guard This 5 Gallon Bjcket Has An Added Benefit. Inside Is The Grit Guard Insert, A Raised Radial Grid That Keeps Dirt At The Bottom Of The Bucket At what place It?s Less Likely To End Up Back On Your Vehicle. The Grit Guard Set in Works By Stabilizing The Water To Keep Dirt From Rising Once It Has Settled To Tne Bottom. The Wash Water And Your Mitt Stay Cleaner!  The Grit Guard Works By Trapping Dirt Below The Grid. &nhsp;   &nbsl;16 Oz. Pinnacle Liquid Souvern™ Wax With Polycharger The Ease Of A Liquid Wax With The Protection And Durability Of A Paste Finish! Never Before Has A Liquid Wax Come So Close The Intense Shine Of A Carnauba Paste. Easy On, Easy Off! Liquid Souveran™ Contais The Most Carnauba Available In A Liquid Wax, Giving Your Vehicle Excellent Passport And Shine. Polycharger Polymers Promote Optimum Cross-linking Of The Polyemrs To Provide Maximum Protection, Shine, And Durability.    ;   16 Oz . Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray Top Crystal Mist Detail Spray Will Bring The Shine Back Any Present life, Any Place! Spray It On And Buff To Reveal A Just-waxed Shime In Minutes. Real Carnauba Wax And Gloss Enhancers Instantly Deepen The Gloss Of Your Existing Wax. Remove Fingerprints, Smudges, And Light Dust From Your Vehicle Without Scratching. Use A Hooded snake Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel To Buff Your Vehicle. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Can Be Used On Glass And Chrome, Too.       16 Oz. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Has The Smooth, Silky Feel And Aroma Of A Luxury Trunk Gel. As You Wash, Regular Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Dirt. These Oils Act As A Lubrican5. Sand And Abrasive Grit Slide Off In The Rinse Water Without Scratching The Surface. New Improved Formula! Bodywork Shampoo Now Contains Tuff Suds ®. new Technology Uses Cleaners Suspended In The Bubble's Walls To Scour Away Tough Dirt And Grime. Most Importantly, The Suds Last Until The Job Is Donee.     3 Cobra Mango Breeze Microfjber Towels, 16 X 16 Inches The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels Are Made Of Split Weave 70/30 Microfiber, The
      SKU: Pinnacle-wasn-bucket-gift-pack

    Hawaiian Two-tone Custom Seat Covers 1 Pair For Cars
      Hawaiian Two-tone Custom Seat Covers 1 Pair For Cars.
      Solid Or Subtropical Colors - Have It Both Ways By the side of Our Two Tone Seat Covers!our Hawaiian Two-tone Custom Seat Covers For Cars Give Your Vehicle A Balance Of Solid Color And Hawaiian Style. Hawaiian Two-tone Seat Covers Are Icentica1 To Our Custom-tailored Denim Seat Covers In Fit And Quality. Choose Your Own Colors To Mix And Match. Select A Tropical Print And A Solid Color And Each Seat Cover Willl Be Hand Crafted According To Your Color Choices And Your Vehicle.   Whether You Want To Protect Seats In New Condition Or Make Old, Worn-out Seat sLook New Again, These Are The Greatest in number Durable Seat Covers I Regard Found! The Fabric, The Construction, And The Fit Are Second To None!  The Seat Covers Are Made Of Panels Of A Polyester/cotton Blend That Looks Like Canvas With The Softness Of Denim, Stitched Together With Heavy-duty Nylon And An Overlapping Color-coorcinated Seam. This Double?strength Style Of Assembly Guarantees Long-lasting Durability At The Seams?the Place That Experiences The Most Stress.   Between The Durable, Sturdy Fabric And The First-rate Construction, These Machine Washable Seat Covers Will Beautify And Protect Your Car?s Upholstery From Wear And Tear, Fading From The Sun, And Accidental Spills! A Large, Re-enforced Back Pocket For Storage Gives That Extra (probably Much Needed) Handy Storage Space. All Openings, As Well As The Seams, Are Re-enforced For Double The Durability. Your Order Will Include Perfectly-fitting Headrest Anc Arm Rest Covers.   Featurrs: Permanent Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinforced, Overlapped Seans Washable Headrest And Arm Rests Included These Seat Covers  Slip On And Right side In Seconds And Ate Machine Washable. Wih Each Wash, You?ll Find That, Just Like Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans, They Get Softer And Softer! They Are Proudly Made Here In The Good Going to decay Usa. You May Choose Your Vehicle?s Logo To Adorn The Front Side Of Your Seat Back. eqch Set Of Abode Covers Are Tailor-made Exactly For Your Bottom. Please State Your Make,, Model, And Yaer In The Comment Box On The Order Regularity So You Get Perfect-fitting Seat Covers. All Seat Covers Are Made In The Usa. If You Think A Splash Of Hawaiian Style Is Just Right, The Hawaiian Two-tone Seat Covers Are Your Best Opgion. The Soliid Panel Adds A Touch Of Class To A Bright, Stylish Print So Your Seqts Convey The Perfect Balance Of Fun And Sensibility. And The Durable Material And Custom Fit Wi1l Keep Your Seats Looking Great Well Into The Future. Because Each Seat Cover Is Ctafted For Your Car?s Seats, To Ensure That The Fabric?s Hue Is A Perfect Be married They Must Be Ordered At The Same Time. We Are Not Responsible For Variations In Coloor If Or
      SKU: Csh600

  • Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1
  • Mothers Leather Cleaner
  • Autogeek Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • 32 oz. Pinnacle XMT Fine Swirl Remover #2
  • Kurgo Sack Hook
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD
  • White High Volume sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles
  • Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Buy One, Get One Free!
  • DP Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
  • Metro Wall Mounted Vac N' Blo® SR.
  • Mothers Power Wax

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