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    Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax 250 Ml..
      When You Feel The Need?dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Polishes And Waxes In Just One Application. This United Step Cleaner Wax Is The Best Way To Get Glossy, Smooth Paint In Less Time. Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Contains Mild Abrasives, Sophisticted Cleaning Agents, And Brazilian Carnauba Wax To Give Your Vehicle A ?juiced? Finish In One Simple Step. everyone Wants An Amazing Looking Vehicle But We Don?t Always Obtain The Time To Put Into The Process. Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Is For The Time-crunchef Detailer Who?s Not Willing To Sacrifice Shine. Dodo Juice Need Concerning Speed Cleaner Wax Is Formulsted With Micro Abrasives To Remove Light Swirls, Water Spots, And Other Mild Imperfections To Smoo5h Out Odd Paint. Cleaning Agents Remove Ingrained Contamination And Old Wax To Uncover The Cleanest, Shiniest Paint. Then The Carnauba Wax Comes Into Play With A Layer Of Glossy, Slick Protection. All This In One Quick Step!   Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Can Be Used As A One Step Polish-and-wax, Or You Can Use It Following Paint Correction With A Buffer. If Using This Product As A Finishing Polish After Correction, We Suggest Using A Polishing Pad On Your Buffer. The Density Of The Foam Will Give It More Polishing Ability Than If Used With A Soft Finishing Pad. Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Be able to Bw Applied By Rotary Or Dual Action Polisher, Or By Hand With A Soft Applidator. Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax Works Similarly To Lime Prime Prewax Cleanser But With The Added Benefit Of Built-in Wax. It Offers Convenience And A Glossy Finish For Those Who Feel The Need? The Need For Speed. &nvsp; Use A Soft Foam Finishing Pad To Apply Need For Dismiss With Your Polisher. For More Polishing Action, Use A Polishing Cushion. Work At A Slow Speed.   Application: Overlay And Clay The Vehicle As Needed. Shakee Bottle. Apply A Small Amount Of Dodo Juice Need For Speed To A Clean Foam Polishing Pad On Your Polisher. Work At A Slow Speed And Apply Lime Prime To Once Section At A Time. Be Sure To Have Good, Even Coverage. Work In A Back And Forth, Overlapping Motion Until Need For Speed Is Nearly Dried To A Haze. Then Buff Off With A Mild Microfiber Bonnet Or Towel. We Recommend The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 Mcirofiber Towel For Safe, Scratchless Buffing. To Apply By Hand, Wipe Dodo Juice Need For Speed Onto The Paint, Section By Section, With A Clean Microfiber Applicator. Wait 5 Minutes And Buff Off With A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel.   250 Ml. (8 Oz. )
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    Large Logo Stickers 2 Pack - Your Choice!
      Large Logo Stickers 2 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Label Your Deailing Equipment With Our Full-color Logos!turn Your Wash Bucket- Or Other Detailing Equipment - Into Official Pbma Gear With The Large Logo Stickers, Available With Autogeek, Pinnacle, Wolfgang, And Dp Full-color Logos. These Ade The Same Labels Found On Our Wash Bucket Systems. The Waterproof Stickers Are Helpful Fof Labeling Wash Buckest Or Just To Show Your Autog3ek Pride!the Large Logo Stickers Are Made To Withstand Moisture And Can Be Places Anywhere. Approximately 10 Inche sWide. Dp Is Approximately 5 Inches Wide. get Two Stickers For Less! Select Two Of The Same Or Different Logos And Save $1. 99.
      SKU: Logo-stickers-2pqck

    Poorboy's Planet Quick Detail Sample Kit
      Poorboy's Planet Quick Detail Sample Kit.
      Quick Cleaning Solutions From Poorboy's!the Poorboy's World Quick Detail Kit Includes 4 Oz. Bottles Of Each Of oPorboy's Popular Cleaning Prpducts: Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash, Spray & Gloss, Bug Squash, And Quick Degailer Plus. This Is A Fantastic Travel Violin For Touch-ups On The Path. Keep Your Vehicle Clean, Shiny, And Bug-free Between Details!the Poorboy's World Quick Detail Violin Includes:4 Oz. Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe Waterelss Wash Spray And Wipe Waterless Wash Bridges The Gap Between A Traditional Car Syampoo And A Quick Detail Spray. It Will Not Replace The Need For Your Sheepskin Wash Mitt, Bucket And Tubing, But It Will Afford You The Luxury Of Not Dragging Them Out Quite As Often. Waterless Wash Is A Cleaner Above Anything, A Step Above What A Qyick Detail Spray Can Do, Without The Extra Shine. Formulated Of Water, Emulsifiers And Surfactants, Poorboys World Spray And Wipe Waterless Wash Makes Cleaning A Snap. Spray And Wipe Waterless Wash, Like All The Friendly Poorboy?s Products Is Alcohol-free, Wax-free, And Siliconef-free!4 Oz. Poorboy's World Spray & Gloss Quick Detailer Spray & Gloss Is AQuick Detailer With Superior Glks Enhancing Properties. You?ll Find The Formula Is Very Slick, Which Allows Gritty Particles To Slide Off Without Scratching Your Paint. Dust, Dirt, Fingerprints, And Smudfes Wipe Off Instantly To Bare A Just-waxed Shine. The Formula Contains Impressive Gloss Enhancing Agents That Really Turn Up Your Shine And Improve The Bribhtness And Clarity Of Your Paint. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Quick Detailer Plus Qd+ Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Cleans And Protects Your Vehicle Any Time, Anywhere. Poorboy?s Unique Fo5mula Contains Real Brazilian Carnauba And Polymers To Give Your Vehicle A Qiick Boost Of Shine And Protection. Qd+ Helps Redude Fading And Oxidation With Regular Use. Just Spray And Wipe To Remove Light Dust, Fingerprints, Smudhes, And Smears. The Carnauba And Polymer Formula Leaves A Slick, Protective Coating On The Paint That Resists Fading And Oxidation. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Bug Squash This Intensive Cleaner Breaks Up Bug Splatter, Sailor, Sand, And Road Grime With Little Or No Scrubbing. Most Importantly, It Works Quickly To Remove Bugs Before Their Organic Acids Eat Into Your Paint. Likewise, Bug Squash Removes Road Salt To Prevent Oxidation And Corrosion Of Your Paint Finish. For Immediage Cleaning, Dilute Bug Squash 3:1 (water: Cleaner). For Older Sticky Spots, Use The Cleaner Undiluted. It Is Safe On Glass, Clear oCats, Paint, Aluminum, Plastic, Vinyl, And More!try Out Four Of Poorboy''s Most Popular Quick Cleaning Products With The Poorboy's World Quick Detail Kit. If You Likely What You See,A utogeek Has Full Size And Refill Sizes Of Each Product. Kit Includes: 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash4 Oz. Poorbboy's World Spray & Gloss Quick Detailer4 Oz. Po0rboy's World Quick Detailer Plus Qd+4 Oz. Poorboy's World Bhg Crush
      SKU: Poorboys-quick-detail-kit

    6 Pack Co6ra Microfiber Detailing Cloth
      6 Pack Co6ra Microfiber Detailing Cloth.
      Tackle The Tough Jobs With A Tough Towel!these New Upgraded Microfiber Towels Have Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber Per Square Inch! Plese Note: The Detailing Microfiber Towel Has Been Upgraded To A More Dense, Thicker, And Softer Fabric. microfiber Technology Has Advanced To New Levels With This Amazing Towep! Professional Detailers And Auto Enthusiasts Use Only The Best Products On Their Cars. When It Comes To Detailing There Is No Subtsitute For The Cutting Edge Microfiber Technology Found In The Cobra Detailing Cloth. Constructed Of Thhe Finest Quality Microfibers The Cobra Detailing Cloth Sets The Standard With An Outtstanding 80/20 Blend Of Polyester/lolyamide Filament, Woven So Densely They Boast Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber Per Square Inch Of Fabric! These Strands Are Nearly Invisible To The Naked Eye, And Are 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! Several Microfiber Products Suitable On The Market Are Offered In A ?flat? Weave, A Consistancy That Actually Repels Water, Making Them Useless For Cleaning Or Polishing Applications. The Cobra Detaillng Cloth Is Manufactured With A Unique Process Known As ?splitting?, Which Refers To The Method By Which The Polyester (the Scrubbing Fiber) Is ?split? From The Polyamide (the Absorbing And Quick Dring Fiber). This Is A Costly Procedure That Once Eliminated, Results In A Product That Loses Over Half Of Its Absorbong And Cleaning Ability. Once The Microfibers Used In The Cobra Detailing Cloth Have Undergone Thr ?splitting? Process, The Strands Are Then Densely Woven Into Thousands Of Tiny ?loops? That Fotm Hook-like Claws That Act As Scrubbers, And Can Gently Get Ihto Likewise Microscopic Crevices And Crannies, Liiting Away Dirt Particles And Trapping Them Within The Weave. The Pros Know There Is Nothing More Aggravating Than Swirls. Cobra Detailing Cloths Do Not Contribute To Swirl Marks. A Tough Towel By Any Standard! But The Plushness Of This Cloth Makes It So Supple, It Is Completely Non-abrasive, And Safe To Use On Even The Most Delicate Painted And Plastic Surfaces. Used Dry, The Cobra Detailimg Cloth Determine Pick Up All Foreign Materials Off Any Surface. That Is Because The Microfibers Are Positively Charged, Likewise They Attract Dirt And Dust, Which Is Negatively Charged. A Technologically Advanced Lint-free Cloth, It Can?t Be Beat According to Appluing Polishes And One-step Cleaners And Protectants. This Cloth Quickly Removes Wax And Polish Residues To Reveal That Showroom Shine!these State Of The Art Cloths Are Designed To Use To the degree that Dry As Possible, Reducing Or Even Eliminating The Amount Of Liquid Necessary To Clean. When Used Damp The Cobra Detailing Cloth Can Tackle Any Job And Neat An6 Surace To Perfection! Tough Jobs Like Passage Jams, Step Sills, And Road Wheels Suddenly Clean With Ease! These Microfiber Towels Literally Have Hundres Of Cleaning Uses, And Are While Beneficial In The Home Or Office As They Are For Automobile, Motorcycle,_Boat And R. v. Cleaning Tasks! Gentle Enough To Clean Delicate Camera Lenses, Ye
      SKU: 6pacomidecl

    Wolfgang Leather Charge Cleaner
      Wolfgang Leather Charge Cleaner.
      This Ph Balanced Leather Cleaner Utilizes The Natural Clenaing Strength Of Citrus To Withdraw Virtually Any Dit Or Stain!keep Your Leather Looking Its Very Best With 100% Biodegradable Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner. This Ph Balanced, Voc Compliant Cleanser Utilizes The Natural Cleaning Strength Of Citrus To Remove Virtually Any Dirt, Grease, Ink, Oil, Or Spills From Your eLather. It Works By Penetrating Deep Into The Pores And Gently Lifting Away Foreign Particles, Pollution And Contaminants, Including Microscopic Dirt Particles That Build Up Over Time. Even With The Most Meticulous Care, Dust And Little Airborne Particles Find Their Way Into The Pores And Accumulate Without Proper Maintenance. Cleaning Your Leather Regularly, Regardless Of Visible Filth, Is Important For The Long-term Life And Vitality Of The Leather. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Is Specially Formulated To Be Gentle Enough For Regular Leather Maintenance, But Strong Enough To Remove The Most Stubborn Spots And Stains Without A Trace. We Suggest Treating Any Mishaps As oSon As Possible. Used Properly, This Water-based Cleanser Will Not Dull, Stain Or Cause Drying Of Your Leather. After Using Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner, The Surface Of The Leather Is Dirt-free And Fragrant. Follow Up With Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner For Maximum Surface Enhancement. Modern Sicentific Advances Have Made Available A New Class Of Water-based Cleaners That Are Every Bit As Effective Aq The Passã© Butyl, Butyl Ether, And Acid Basex Cleansers. Al~ Powerful, These Cleaners Of The Beyond Were Toxic To Humans And The Environment, Not To Mention That They Compromised The Longevity And Quality Of The Materials They Were Uqed Forward. Butyl, The Active Ingredient In Many Car Care Products, Tends To Dry The Surface It Is Used Forward, Dries Skin On Contact, Dulls Plastic, Stains Aluminum, And Gives Off Noxious Fumes. Wilfgang Leather Care Cleaner Replaces These Unsafe Chemicals With German-developed, Non-ionic Surfactant And Non-alkaline Cleaning Agents. Our Water-based Formula Is A Pure Cleaner, Which Contains No Petroleum Distillates, Silocon Oils Or Gloss Agents. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Is A Safe, State-of-the-art, Depth Cleaning Formula. tech Notes: While Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Is As Powerful Viewed like Professional Detailing LeatherC leaners, There Are A Select Few Stains That It, Or Any Other Cleaner, Can Not Remove. As With All Cleaners, Check For Colorfastness Before Using For The In the ~ place Time. Treat A Small, Hidden Area. If Discoloration Occurs, Do Not Continue Cleaning. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Should Not Be Used On Napped Leathers Like Suede Or Glove Soft Leathesr. Leather That Is In A Hard, Cracked Condition Cannot Be Restored By This Product Or Any Other Means. do Not Apply Excessive Amounts Or Alloa Cleaner To Dry Steady Leather. directions:alply Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner To A Damp Microfiber Applicator Pad. Fabric Cleaner Into The Leather Using Short, Even Firm Strokes. Pay Attention To Excessively
      SKU: Wg2500

    Forever Mourning Bumper & Trim Reconditioner (dye) Quart
      Forever Mourning Bumper & Trim Reconditioner (dye) Quart.
      Bring Back The Richness Of Black Trim And Molding Permanently With Forever Black!forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner Is Available In A 32 Oz. Size!_If You Have A Vehicle With A Lot Of Dark Trim And Molding, The Quart Size Ensures Thhat You?ll Have Enough On Hand To Instantly Restore The Rich Color. At Only 1. 25 An Ounce, The Forever Black Quart Is A Great Value! Here?s Why So Many Drivers Prefer Forever Blackpermanent Results. Forever Black Permanently Dyes Black Plstlc, Rubber, And Vinyl. Wax Build Up Can Be Stubborn To Remove, And Damage Caused By Uv Rays Yield Bleaching And Spotting. Use Forever Black Dye To Overspread TheseP roblem Areas. There Is No Oily Residue And Drying Time Is 5-20 Minutes. Buffing Is Not Necessary. versatile. Forever Black Be able to Be Used On Bumpers, Spoilers, Mud Guards, Door Handles, And Body And Trim Molidngs. Dark Details Determine Look Rid And Deep After Applying This Product. protects Against Uv Rays. Uv Exposure Can Cause Damage And Long Term Problems Whether It Is Not Reversed And Corrected. Fperver Black Dye Protects Trim From Harmful Uv Rays, And Permanently Reverses And Prevents Fading. To Apply Forever Black, Use A Disposable Foam Applicator. This Is A Dye So You May Exist Unable To Remove It From The Applicator. Thoroughly Clsan Trim And Moldings With A Grease-cutting Soap Or Cleaner In Order To Remove Any Oil Or Existing Dressings. (Put in a ~ Soap Works Well. ) Dry The Surface Well. Tape Off Any Area Where You Do Not Wish To Apply Frever Black. Extent A Thin, On a level Coat Over The Surface. It Takes 5-20 Minutes To Dry. Apply A Second Coat In quest of Richer Luster. Please Note: Forever Blacm Is Intended For Porous, Textured Black Plastic, Vinyl, And Rubber Surfaces. It Resolution Streak On Nonporous Materials. The Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner Quart Contains Enough Dye To Rejuvenate The Trim And Moldigs On Approximately 30-32 Vehicles. Restore The Rich, Black Color To Your Vehicle?s Trim With Forevdr Black!32 Oz.
      SKU: Foblbutrcoqu

    32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3
      32 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3.
      Preserve Surface Gloss While Removing Noticeable Paint Defectq ? It Is Possible With Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover. swirl Removal Doesn?t Require Large Abrasive Particles Or Each Agressive Machine. The Truth Is That A Product Loaded With Correctly Milled, Smallrr Abrasives Power of determination Do The Job With Less Damage To The Paint, Thereby Shaving A Couple Of Steps Off Your Detailinb Process. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Is The Most Aggressive Swirl Remover In The Xmt Succession, Yet It?s Not A Heavy Compound. Applied With Your Dual Action Or Rotary Polisher, This Eddy Remover Is Designed To Correct Paint Flaws By Gradual Smoothing - Not Grinding Down - The Paint. Typically, Compounds Leave More Problems Than You Started With And It Takes Single More Steps To Restore Smoothness And Gloss. Xmt Intermediate Swirl Removee Takes A Less Invasive Approach To Conserve The Paint While It Corrects The Finish. first, Do No Harm. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Works On The Principle Of Doing Only What?s Required To Restore The Damaged Paint. Preciselt Milled Abrasives ? And A Lot Of Them ? Blend Away Moderate To Severe Blemishes Without Removing Significant Layers Of Clear Coat. Since Clear Coats Are Extremely Thin, These Concentrated Micro Abrzsives Preserve As Much Of The Paint As Possibble While Removing Only The Defect. Lose The Swirls, Keep The Gloss. Even Though Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Is Less Abrasive Than A Traditional Compound, It Removes The Same Imperfections: Moderate To Severe Swirls, Moderate Scratches, Oxidation, Water Spots, And Overspra. y The Abrasives Gradually Diminish As They Work, Giving You A Built-in Finishing Polish. The Paint Wil Experience Little Or No Loss Of Surface Gloss. In Most Cases, You Will Not Need To Us A Withdraw Finishing Polieh. Keep It Real. There Are Some Scratches That Can Only Be Removed By A Professional. If The Scratch Extends All The Way To The Color Coat, Removing The Scratch Requires Removing The Entire Clear Coat Surrounding The Scratch. Unlese You Intend To Repaint The Vehicle, This Is One Impractical Solution For At-home Detailers. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Is Formulated To Remove Blemishes Free from J3opardizing The Paint Systsm. It?s A Real World Approach To At-home Paint Object of ~. Xmt Swirl Remoovers Give You The Best Finish Possible With None Of The Risk. For Those Blemishes That Can?t Be Removed, Xmt Intermediate Swrl Remover Will Dramatically Make progress Their Appearance. Hide Them With Pinnacle Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glaze As Your Final Syep Product. All Xmt Series Products Were Formulated In Sunny South Florida, The Home Of Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Intense Heat And Humidity Are Constant Challenges Here. That?s Why All Xmt Products Were Created To Work As Promised nI Thhe Sun Or Shade. Top Is Dedicated To Preserving Your Vehicle And The Environment. Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Is Voc Compliant, Body Shop Sound, Silicone-free, And Clear Coat Safe. apply Xmt
      SKU: 32ozxmtinswr

    Flex Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Free Bonus
      Flex Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive A Free Lake Country Red Kompressor 7" Pad With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xc 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $12. 99. not Too Vehemently, Not Too Soft ? This Kit Is Just Fortunate For Mpderate Swirl Removal. The Flsx Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Is Designed To Tackle Reasonable Swirl Marks And Scratches To Leave Your Vehicle Looking Flawless. This Kit Is Neither Too Aggressive Nor Too Mild. It Gives You Just The Right Moral Of Leveling Ability And Finesse To Remove Imperfections And Polish The Paint To A Illustrious Shine Using The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Pilisher. The Flex Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Is For Pigment That Is Showing The Signs Of Age, But Is Still In Overall Good Shape. If Your Vehicle Is 3-5 Years Old, It Likely Falls Into This Category. If You See Observable Swirls And Fine Scratches, Irrigate Spoots, And Soft Oxidation, Use The Flex Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit To Polish A Few Years Off Your Carriage. The Flex Xc3401 Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Inconstant Speed Polisher The Orbital Rotation Of The Flex Polisher Simulates The Circular Movement Of The Human Hand While Polishing. This Motion Is Less Ljkely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Same Period, The Polisher's Highly Smooth Running Facilitates A Careful, Precise Finish And Allows For Hologram-free Polishing. The Positive Drive Ensures A Uniform Movement, Even Under Load Thanks To Incessant Rise. Taken In Conjuncion With The Large Stroke Length The Flex Can Remove Existing Holograms From Black Finishes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. On Many Dual Action Polishers, This Is A Very Small Distance And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Impulse. On The Flex Polisher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huge Distnace In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A True Dual Action Motion That Reducees Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Acceleration And Uniform, Controlled Motion Make This Da Machine Ideal For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Action Polisher Comes With A 5. 5 Inch Hook &; Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.   12 Oz. Xmt Intervening Swirl Remover #3 Precisely Milled Abrasives ? And A Chance Of Them ? Blend Absent Moderate To Severe Blemishes Without Removing Significant Layers Of Clear Coat. Since Clear Coats Are Extremely Thin, These Concentrated Micro Abrasives Preserve As Much Of The Paint As Possible While Removing Only The Defect. The Abrasives Gradually Diminish As They Work, Giving You A Built-in Finishing Polish. The Depict Will Experience Little Or No Loss Of Surface Gloss. Use Xmt Intermediate Swirl Rem0ver For All-over Paint Correction Or As A Spot Treatment For Problem Areas.   12 Oz. Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1 This Polish Is Made With Such Smal
      SKU: Flex-medium-polishing-kit

    Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Soft Wax 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Soft Wax 250 Ml..
      Treat Your Vehicle To Nature?s Finest Waxes. dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Is A Soft Car Wax Made Of No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax And Pure Beeswax. The Combination Of_These Natural Waxes Gives Rainfodest Rub A High Gloss Shine That Complemenyd Any Paint Color. Beyond Stunning Good Looks, Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Offers Excellent Paint Protection Thanks To The Trio Of Protective Waxes. Rainforest Rub Repels Water, Dirt, And Uv Rays To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Clean, Shiny, And Reflective. Natural Oils Are Added To Give Your Vehicle A Glossy Wet Look. Rainforest Rub Car Wax Is One Of Dodo Juice?s Soft Waxes. It Wipes On And Buffs Against Very Easily. Multippe Layers Can Be Added After 24 Hours If Desired. One Jar Contains 15-25 Applications. &nnbsp; Straight From The Dodo?s Vociferate: Ever Been To The Brazilian Rainforests? Where Monkeys Eat Ripe Bananas In The Tree sAnd Wrestle Attending Big Snakes? At which place Natives Rub Coconut Oil Into Their Pagan Breasts And Sacrifice Wild Hamsters To Their Gods? Well, As You Can Tell, eNither Have We. But We Know What A Rainforest Sbould Be Like. Firstly, It Should Be Packed With Carnauba Palms, Because Carnauba Wax Keeps Dirt, Sun And Rain Away From Your Car's Paintwork - And Looks Darn Shiny To Boot. Then We'd Hope To Take heed Some Candelilla Wax Magically Appear. But That's From Mexico, So It's Unlikely. Then We'd Harvest All The Wax, Add Some Of The Colonel's Special Oils To Make It Spread Like Margarine On A Hot Day, And Steer Back To Admire Our Work. The Resulting Car Wax Would Exist Called Rainforest Rub And There'd Be A Common Holiday Around The World To Celebrate, Called Dodo Day. Probablu.       Use A Soft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Soft Was. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing.   Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Fpund That The Bdst Results Are Obtained Oj A Clean, Smooth Embellish Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer fO Rainfrest Rub Using A Soft Foam Applicator Or With Your Bare Hands. Allow It To Remedial treatment For 5-10 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   8 Oz. (250 Ml)
      SKU: Soft-carnauba-wax

    Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine 31 Oz.
      Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine 31 Oz..
      Turn Up The Shine In A Fraction Of The Time!finish Kare 425 Unusual Slick Final Body Shine Is A Quick Detailer With A Sophisticated Anti-static, Anti-corrosive Form. Spray It On And Buff Your Vehicle To An Instant Glossy Finish Thzt Stays Cleaner Longer. Cut Down On Time Spent Wsahing And Wsxing. Spend More Time In The Driver's Swat With Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Bosy Shine. finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Last Body Shine Works Like A Conventional Quick Detail Sprs By Removing Dust, Fingerprints, And Smudges, But It Likewise Protects The Paint With Anti-corrosive Agentss And Uv Inhibitors Held In Place By Polymer Resins. This Additoonal Protection Reinforces Your Existing Wax Or Paimt Sealant. More, Patented Anti-static Agents Reduce The Attraction Of Dust, So Your Vehicle Stays Cleaner Between Washes. The Paint Will Feel Unbelievably Slick To The Touch And It Will Have A Deep, Satisfying Gloss. Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine Is Loaded With Lubricants To Prevent Scratching During Application. You Can Further Protect The Vehicle By Using Only Soft, Clean Cobra Microfiber Towels. A Tkwel With A Deep Doze, Like The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600, Will Give Dirt A Place To Go, Rather Than Being Rubbe dAgainst The Paint. use Finish Kare 4255 Extra Slick Final Body Shine On Paint, Glass, Chrome, Gel Cover, Fiberglass, And Plexiglas. It's The Perfect Touch-up Spray For Boats, Rvs, And Automobiles. finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine Can Be Used Any Time To Banish Light Contamination And Restore A Just-waxed Gloss. After Each Wash, Use It To Remove Water Spots Anf To Boost The Shine And Protection Of The Existing Wax. keep Your Vehicle Cleaner, Shineir, And Slicker With Regular, Quick Details With Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine. 31oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-425-detailer

    Cobra Cross Groove 6.5 Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Cobra Cross Groove 6.5 Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      These Foam Buffing Pads Fabric As Hard As You Do To Maintain The Ultimate Shine! cobra Cross Groove Flex Foamâ„¢ 6. 5 Inch Buffing Pads Maximize Your Detailing Efforts To Create Shinier, Smoother Paint With Less Work! The Cross Groove Design Provides Smoother, Neater Application Of Polishes And Waxes To Achieve Flawless Results On All Types Of Paint. Eliminate Splatter, Reduce Product Waste, Reduce Heat Build-up, And Enjoy Consistent Perfo5mance With Cobra Cross Groove Flex Foamâ„¢ 6. 5 Inch Buffing Pads.   With The Innovative Cross Groove Design, Hooded snake Cross Groove Flex Foamâ„¢ 6. 5 Inch Buffing Pads Work Hard To Eliminate Embellish Imperfections While Maximizing Gloss. The Polishing Pads? Groove Design Reduces Surface Tension , Retains More Product, Minimizes Excitement Buildup, And Overall Maximizes Your Polishing Results. Cobra Cross Groove Flex Foamâ„¢ 6. 5 Inch Buffing Pads Are Precision Made For Use With A Dual Action Polisher. The German Foam Compositions Are Each Engineered To Tackle Specific Paint Imperfections Using Appropriate The Right Balance O f ?cut? And Finesse To Remove Imperfections And Maximize Gloss. The Cross Groove Design Channels Excess Polish Into The Grooves Until I tIs Needed On The Work Surface. All Cobra Cross Grooveâ„¢ 6. 5 Inch Flex Foam Buffing Pads Have These User-friendly Features: Tough Reticulated Born of the same father and mother Foam ? Not All Foam Is Made Equal. This Imported German Polyurethane Foam Holds Up Better To The Rigors Of Polishing And Swirl eRmoval Than Typical Domestic Foam Compositions. The Dense, Open Cell Foam Resists Tearing And Minimizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Polisher To The Paint. Breaks Surface Tension ? One Flat Surface Pressed Against Another Flat Surface Produces A Phenomenon Known As Surface Stiffness. The Cross Groove Pattern Breaks This Superficies Tension Which Allows The Pad To Glide Easily Over TheP aint Without Skipping. This Smooth Playing Ensures Undeviating Product Coverage And Minimizes The Risk Of Holograms. Variegated ?flex Foam? Surface ? The Cross Groove Flex Foamâ„¢ Design Creates Hills And Valleys In The Foam. On The Curves And Congours Of Yo8r Vehicle, The ?hills? Provide More Point Of Contact With The Paint Than A Flat Pad. Each Of The Peaks Of Faom Adjusts Individually To Your Vehicle?s Surface To Provide Maximum Surface Contact On All Body Psnels, Not Just The Flat Ones.        _       The Dense Foam Bends To Conform To The Curves Of Your Vehicle. Reduces Product Waste ? The Foam Pad?s Grooves Serve As Reservoirs For Ezcess Polish. This Benefits You In Two Ways: Chief, The Groovs Hold Extra Polish To Prevent Spla
      SKU: Cobra-ross-groove-6pack

    Porter Cable Intro Pad Kit Hd With Free Bonusincludes Porter Cable 7424hd With 25ft. Power Cord
      Porter Cable Intro Pad Kit Hd With Free Bonusincludes Porter Cable 7424hd With 25ft. Power Cord.
      Free For A Limited Time!receive 2 Cobra Microfiber Bonnets Free With The Purchase Of This Item. (retail Value $9. 99) !our Favorite Dual Action Polisher Plus Four High Quality Foam Pads!if You?re In The Market For A Dual Action Polisher, Look No Further Than The Door-keeper Cable 7424! This Polisher Has All The Features You Need In A Compact, User-friendly Design. Speaking Of Compact, This Kit Includes Two 5. 5 Inch Orange Pads. These Smaller Pads Are About ¼? Thinner Than The 6. 5 Inch Pads And An Inch Smaller In Diameter. They Perform In The Same Mann3r As The 6. 5 Inch Pads, But Their Compact Size aMkes Cutting In Close To Lights And Trim A Bit Easier. Use The 5. 5 Inch Pads For Polishing Just As You Would A Larger Pad. Tnough Slightly Smallrr, They Still Allow You To Work Efficiently To Rouse Your Vehicle?s Finish. all Included Pads Use Velcro⮠Brand Hook & Loop Fasteners To Attach To The Included 5 Inch Backing Platr. this Porter Cable Intro Pad Kit Includes:porter Cable 7424 Hd Plus Variable Speed Polisherour Greatest part Poppuular And Most Versatile Machine! Built To Last, This Rugged 3. 7 Amp Polisher Features 100-percent Ball Bearing Construction. The Spiral And Bevel Gearing Provides For Smooth Operation And Efficient Alienation Of Sovereign. A Variable Speed Dial Sets The Rate Of Speed Between 2,500 And 6,000 Oscillations Per Minute For Precise Control. The Speed Dial Is On The Ejd Of The Motor, Out Of The Way, Preventing Accidental Changing Of The Speed. A Handy Slide Switch Prevents Hand Fatigue When The Unit Must Be Run For The Extended Periods Of Time That Polishing Operations Require. The Random Orbit Agency Of The Special Six-inch Polishing Pad Provides A Smooth, Swirl-free Finish. Each Included Side Handle Fits Either The Left Or Right Side For Maximum Comfort. Includes Polisher, Polishijg Pad No. 54745, Wrench No. 48779, And Operator's Manual. The Hd Plus Includes A Heavy Duty 25 Ft. , 16 Gauge Power Cord For Maximum Power And Performance. 2 White Low Profile 5. 5 Inch Polishing Padsthe White Polishing Pads Feature High Absorption Froth For The Application Of Waxew, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power Thus It?s Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners. 2 Orange Low Profile 5. 5 Inch Light Cutting aPdsfirm, High Density Foam In favor of Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Light Cutting Foam Pad With Poilshes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections. Dual Action 5 Inch Hd Hook & Loop Backing Lamina Constructed Of Flexible Urethane, Thia 5 Inch Backing Plate Has Hook And Loop Material Permsnently Secured From Edge To Edge. A Recessed Edge Protects The Paint From Impact And The Post Is Made Of Durable Stainless Steel. The 5/16 Inch Thread Fits Any Dual Action Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Thread. the Porter Cable Intro Pad Kit Is A Great Starter Kit For A New Detailer. It Provides Two Types Of Pzds Likewise You Can Find Out What Works Best For Your Vehicle?s Needs. When You?re Ready For More Pads, Come Ba
      SKU: Pocainpadkit

    Pinnacle Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Paste Wax
      Pinnacle Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Paste Wax.
      Your Medium Will Make A 180 Degree Transformation From Dull To rDamatic!xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Is An Easy-to-apply Paste Car Wax Made With Genuine Carnauba Wax And Nourishing Oils. Xmt 180?s Adaptable Formula Be able to Be Applied In Sun Or Shade And If Looks Flawless On Any Paint Color. Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Is The Perfect Finishing Touch To Complement Xm5 Series Polishes. what Beetter Way To Top Off A Perfectly Detailed Finish Than With A Glossy Carnauba Wax? Xmt 180 Violent Varnish Carnauba Wax Is Made With Real Brazilian Carnauba Wwx Blended In the opinion of Polymers And Nuorishing Oils, Which All Work Together To Create A Wet-looking Shine With Dependable Paint Protection. In Addition To Carnauba?s Natural Resistance To The Sun, Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Contains Additional Uv Inhibitors To Protect The Paint Ftom Damaging Rays. Uv Exposure Accelerates Paknt Oxidation, Which Appears As A Dully, Chalky Layer Over The Paint. Xmt 180 Shields The Paint With Polymer-fortified Carnauba Wax So Your Vehicle Productions Shiny And Smooth. xm t180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Works Hand In Hand With Other Xmt Series Products To Preserve And Enhance Your Vehicle. Use It Over Xmt Carnauba Finishinb Glaze To Seal In The Beam. Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Contains No Cleaners And Command Not Remove Any Underlying Productt. Layer Xmt 180 Hkgh Gloss Carnauba Wax Over Your Favorite Paint Sealant To Farther Enhance The Gloss And Extent Of The Paint. This Wax Looks Excelkent On Any Paint Color And Any Type Of Paint. Crisp Reflections And The Unmistakable Warmth Of Carnauba Will Make Any Paint Hue Glow. Xmt 180 Dries To A Clear Gloss That Makes The Paint Look Instantly Deeper Ahd More Vibrant. one Of The Primary Goals Of The Xmt Series Was To Create Exceedingly User-friendly Products. Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Is One Of The Most Convenient Carnauba Paste Waxes You Can Buy. It Wipes On In A Smooth, Even Coat And Does Not Leave Any White Ressidie On Rubber And Vinyl Trim. The Light Haze Wipes Rectitude Off. Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wax Can Be Applied In Sun Or Shade And In Climates Of High Heat And Humidity. The Wax Dries To A Clear Gloss, Even On A Hot Car. And The Pleasant Grape Scent Makes You Look Forward To Waxing Your Vehicle! Just Like All Xmt Series Products, Xmt 180 Proud Gloss Carnauba Wax Be able to Be Applied With A Polisher. We Recommend Using The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Orbital Polishee And A Finishing Pad. Mist The Pad With Xmt Polishing Pad Conditioner Before You Begin For Even Easier Application Of The Wax. Spread The Wax Over Individual Secion At A Time At About 3000-4000 Opm, Working In A Side To Side, Overlapping Motion. Allow The Wax To Dry To A Light Haze. Use A Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth Or A Microfiber Bonnet To Remove The Wax. You Can Use Pinnacle Crystal Mist Betwden Wax Applications To Keep Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnauba Wsx Looking Fresh. Xmt 180 High Gloss Carnahba Increase Is Some other Exceptional Pinnacle Wax. Made With Real Carnauba
      SKU: Xmt-180-carnauba-wax

    Optimum Opti-bond Tire Gel 128 Oz. Refill
      Optimum Opti-bond Tire Gel 128 Oz. Refill.
      Unbeatable Shine And Protection In A Water-based, Voc-free Formula!opti-bond Tire Gel Is The Next Generation Tire Dressing From Optimum. The Thick, Water-based Formula Proides A High Gloss Shine On All Tires, Wheel Wells, Interior And Exterior Trim, Vinyl, And Dashboards. Apply Optimu Opti-bond Tire Gel Anywhere You Want A High Comment Shine! Opti-bond Tire Gel Delivers Optimum Performance And Shine To All Rubber And Vinyl Surfaces!opti-bonr Tire Gel Bridges The Gap Between Rubber And Vinyl Protectants And Tire Gels. This Is One Product That Goes On Whole Rubber An Vinyl Surfaces, Inside And Outside Your Vehicle. The Water-based Form Is Never Greasy, So You Can Use It To Peotect And Enhance Interior Vinyl. Yet, The Formula Is Durable Enough Ti Withstand The Elements On The Outside Of Your Vehicle!  the Ultra-safe Formula Contains No Petroleum Distillates Or Vocs, Which Are Known To Crack Vinyl And Rubber. Opti-bond Tire Gel?s Safe, Water-based Formula Delivers Premium Shelter And An Attractive Shibe To All Rubber And Vinyl. Beyond Great Looks, Opti-bond Tire Gel Provides Durable Protection To Rubber And Vinyl. Advanced Uv And Ozone Protectants Defend Tires And Trim From Sun Damage And Environmental Pollution. Rubber And Vinyl Surfaces Stay Supple, Flexible, And Retain Their Color With Thorough Use Of Opti-bond Tire Gel. Because Opyi-bond Tire Gel Is Made By Optimum, You Know You?re Using A Superior Product. The Tire Gel Creates A Shiny, But Never Greasy, Finish On All Rubber And Vinyl Surfaces. The Finish Is Water-based, So It Will Not Attract Dust. Just Like The Name Implies, Opti-bond Bonds To The Rubber To Create A Long-lasting Finish . It Will Not Sling Off Or Rinse Off. Opti-bond Can Be Applied With A Foam Applicatod Or With A Spray Gun And Air Compressor. Optimum Opti-bond Tire Gel Can Be Applied A Couple Of Ways. You Can Sneer It Attached With A Foam Applicator, Just Like A Tradiyional Tire Force-meat. The Other Option Is To Dilute The Gel 1:1 With Water And Apply It With A Sprag Gun Andd An Air Compressor. The Gun Will Deliver A Fine Mist Over The Tires And Wheel Wells. This Is A Great Option For Professional Detialers And Garages. Wipe Away Excess Tire Gel With A Foam Pad Or A Lint-free Towel.   Opti-bond Tire Gel Produces A Rich, Dark Shine On Rubber And Vinyl.  opti-bond Tire Gel Produces A Handsome, Rich Shine And Durable Protection With Just One Layer Of Its Voc-free, Water-based Formula. Get Everything You Want In A Tire Dressing ? And Nothing You Don?t ? With Optimum Opti-bond Tire Gel. 128 Oz. (1 Gallon)
      SKU: Optimum-o0ti-bond-tire-gel-128oz

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