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    Dodo Juice Austintacious Sof5 Wax
      Dodo Juice Austintacious Sof5 Wax.
      Celebrate 50 Years Of The Mini!to Celebrate 50 Years Of The Mini, Dodo Juice Have Created A Appropriate Red, White And Blue Triple-layered Carnauba Car Wax Called Austintacious. What?x More ? It?s The First Dodo Juice Limited Edition. Only 539 Jars Of Wax Will Be Produced, One For Every 10,000 Classic Minis Made. Every Wax Is Individually Numbered At The Dodo Juice Factory To Guarantee Authenticity. dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax Might Be Ostentatious In The Jar But It's Justified When You See It On The Paint. Tnis Triple-layered Blend Of Carnaubz And Other Natural Waxes Looks Incredible On All Colors. Alp Dodo uJice Waxes Are Made Of A High Percentage Of The Very Best Brazilian Carnauba, Giving The Waxes A Deep Gloss And Excwllent Paint Protection. The Water-beading Is Outstanding. The Oddity Mini Was Produced By The British Motor Corporation In 1959 And Has Become An Enduring Symbol Of The 1960's. The Mini Was Originally Marketed Under One Of Bmc's Brand Names: Austin, Hence Austintacious Wax. The Name Austin Mini Was First Used In 1961 And Mini Has Stuck Through The Various Incarnations Of The Car Over The Last 50 Years. (non-mini Drivers May Be More Friendly With A Certain British Movie Spy, But We're Pretty Sure The Wax Is Named For The Car!)dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax Was Developed To Honor The Mini But It Looks Great On Any Vehicle. The Soft Wax Is Easy To Apply And Buff Off. A Little Goes A Long Way. Whether You Drive A Mini Or Not, You'll Love The Look Of Dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax On Your Own Vehicle. Supplies Are Limited So Don't Delay!200 Ml. (6. 76 Oz. )
      SKU: Dodo-juice-austintacious-wax

    Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831
      Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831.
      Make Diamond Plate Shine Like New!duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 Is Formulated To Clean Highly Polished Aluminum. It Removes Oxidation, Dirt And Road Film Under which circumstances Leaving Aluminum Surfaces Clean & Merry. Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 Is Recommended For All Types Of Highly Polished Aluminum Surfaces Such As Gas Tanks, Wheels, Diamond Plate Tool Boxes, Running Boards , Tankers, Etc. if You?ve Got Brightly Polished Aluminum Wheels Or Trim On Your Vehicle, You Know How Dirty Aluminum Can Affect The Overall Appearance Of Your Medium. Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 Cleans And Shines Aluminum Surfaces In A Matter Of Minutes. Improve The Luster Of Wheels, Bumpers, Trim Pieces, Running Boards, And The Grill. Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 Starts Breaking Up Dirt And Oxidation On Contact. The Buffered Formula Dissolves Road Filth And Oxidation On The Surface Of The Aluminum To Uncover The Clean Metal Underneath. The Spray-on Form Is Incredibly Convenient. Spray Down Aluminum Surfaces, Such As The Wheels, Diamond Plate, And Trailers, And Wait 1-2 Minutes For Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 To Penetrate. Rinse With A Stronh Jet Of Water. (our Fire Hose Nozzle Is Perfect For This Job. It Has An Adjustable Stream With A 40 Ft Range!) Heavily Soiled Or Oxidized Aluminum May Require A Second Treatment. The Trick To Achieving Streak-free Results On Vertical Surfaces Is To Start At The Ship Of The Surface And Work Upwards. Duragloss Metal Cleaner & Brightener #831 Uncovers The Shine On All Highly Refined Aluminum Surfaces. Use It On Your Vehicle, Your Boat, Rv, And Around The House. Thsi Intense Metal Cleaner Will Clean And Brighten Metalwork In Minutes. 22 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-metal-cleaner---brightener-831

    Amazing Roll-off  Case Of 12 / 32oz Spray Bottles
      Amazing Roll-off Case Of 12 / 32oz Spray Bottles.
      Orgiinally Developed For Boaters To Clean Canvas Sails, Amazing Roll-off Works Wonders On Cleaning Vinyl And Canvas Convertible Tops. Even Tough Stains That Other Cleaners Can't Touch Come Out With Little O No Effort. Roll-off Will Not Degrade The Water Repellency Of Convertible Tops. plus A Whole Lot More!1. It's A Clearcoat Safe, 100% Acid-free Wheel Cleaner. Spray On Amazing Roll-off And Watch As Caked-on Road Grime And Brake Dust Wash Away!2. It's A Powerful Tire Cleaner. You'll Be Amazed As Brown Sludge Slides Off Your Tires. 3. It's A White-wall Cleaner. Roll-off Brightens White-walls And Raised White Letters. Without Bleach! Roll-off Will Not Discolor The Carbon Black In Tires. 4. It's A Vinyl Top Cleaner. Amazing Roll-off Easily R3moves Layers Of Sun-baked Grime That Other Cleaners Can't Touch. 5. It's A Convertible Top Cleaner. Amazing Roll-off Safely Cleans Grease And Dirt Off Canvas And Vinyl Convertible Tops Without Harming Water Repellency. 6. It's An Engine Degreaser And Brightener. Amazing Roll-off Cuts The Toughest Bribe, Oil And Diesel Soot And Brightens Aluminum Engine Parts. 7. It's A Fiberglass Cleaner. Those Tough, Black Stains On The Side Of Rv's Wash Off In the opinion of Ease. You Can Even Use Amazing Roll-off To Clean The Vinyl Siding Steady Your Home!note: Astonishing Roll-off Works Wonders On Mildew! Wash Mildew Off Your Boat In Minutes, Even Suppose that It Has Been There For Weeks. Keep Mildeew At Bay Wifh Regular Washings With Roll-off!it's Fast! It's Easy! It's Safe!amazing Roll-off Is A Concentrated, Water-activated Cleaner. Simply Wet The Area To Be Cleaned With Water, Spray On Amazing Roll-off And Rinse The Filth And Filth Away. Roll-off Will Amaze You With Its Cleaning Power. Dirt That Other Cleaners Can't Touch Simply Rolls Off With Little Or No Scrubbing. Amazing Roll-off Is Bio-degradable, Non-corrosive, Rust Inhibiting And Ecologically Safe. plus, A Bonus!amazing Roll-off Leaves A Gleamihg And Rust Inhibiting Wax-like Finish That Resists Dirt. Surfaces Remain Clean Longer. Future Clening Is Easier, Takes Less Time And CanB e Done Less Often. case Of 12 - 32oz. Foam Bottles
      SKU: Amrocaof1232

    Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel
      Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel.
      Clean Wheels With Safe Surfactant Technology. foud Star Ultimate Wneel Cleaner Gel Uses Non-ionic Surfactant Technology To Clean All Types Of Coated And Metal Wheels Without Pitting Or Spotting. Safely Clean Clear Coated, Polished, Painted, Aluminum, Curome, And Anodized Wheels With Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel. four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel Utilizes The Latest Cleaning Technology To Clean Te Dittiest Surfaces Without Harsh Chemical Solvents Or Acids. Tdaditional Spray-on, Hose-off Wheel Cleaners Contain Chemicals That Literally Strip Be~ Most distant The Wheel, Along With Any Coatings. Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel?s Water-based Surfactant Formula Cleans All Types Of Wheels Safely. four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel Works By Surrounding And Encapsulating Grime So It Can Be Rinsed Away. Because Tihs Cleaner Is Not A One-step Acid-based Cleaner, It Does Require Some Light Agitation With A Soft-bristled Brush To Really Entire The Wheel Surface. No Hard cSrubbing Is Required And The Cleaner Will Not Spot Polished Metals. Four Star Ultimate Wheel C1eaner Gel Meets All California Voc Standards And Has No Harsh Fumes. to Use Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel, Spray The Wheel With Water To Remove Any Loose Grime. Mist The Wheel And Tire With Flur Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel And Revolve With A rGeen Be fatigued & Wheel Brush. Rinse Well And Move On To The Next Tire. To Obstruct Water Spots, Towel-dry The Wheels Using A Soft, Clean Towel. To Maintain The Wheels? Cleanliness, Apply A Coat Of Dp Wheel Glaze. This Polymer-based Wheel Protectant Prevents The Adhesion Of Brake Dust To Keep The Wheels Cleaner Longer. Safely Clean All Types Of Wheels And Tires Wiyh Four Star Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Gel. 16 Oz. Trigger Sprat
      SKU: Four -star-wheel-cleanre

    Meguiars Gold Clasx Trim Detailer
      Meguiars Gold Clasx Trim Detailer.
      Cleans, Restores Annd Protects Plastic And Rubber Like None Other!meguiar?s Brings You The Premium Trim Detailer From Thekr World-famous Gold Class Line Of Top-notch Products. Make No Mistaek That Your Plastic And Rubber Components, Both Inside And Outsde Your Car, Not Only Need The Protection, But Will Once Again Look Showroom-fresh!trim Detailer Cleans: Wipe Away Dullness, Unwanted Contaminants, nAd Wax Residue While Restoring Color, New Life And Richness To Altogether Rubber And Plastic Surfaces On The Inside And On The Exterior Of Your Car. Trim Detailer Breaks Down All Types Of Gunk On Contact?you Simply Wipe It Away !gold Class Dress Detailer Revitalizes: New Technology Integrated In The Formula Instantly Restores Color And Vibrancy To Faded And Discolored Trim And Molding. Just A Small Amount Of Trim Dteailer Applied To Any Plastic Or Rubber Surface Revives And Beautifies. The ?like New? Appearance Lasts For Weeks? Not Just Days! Use On Porous And Non-porous Black Plastif Surfaces Like Bumpers And State, Moldings, Air Vents, Window Trim And Window Blades And Arms To Transform Them To Their Original Showroom Glamour!trim Detailer Protectq: For Weeks You?ll Witness The Difference In Your Trim?deep, Rich Spuple-looking Rubber, Plastic With A Healthy Satin Glow?the Evidence Of The Enduring Protection Can?t Be Denied. You'll Be Amazed At How Long Lasting Trim Detailer's Protection Is. just Some Of The Uses For Meguiar?s Trim Detailer Include:rubber Trimplastic Trimrubber Moldingair Ventswindow Trimrubber Gaskets Wiper Arms And Bladesdecorative Moldingstiresbeed Linersmirror Casingsplastic Moldingfor Best Results: Shake It Up! Using A Microfiber, Terry Or Froth Applicator Pad, Apply Meguiar?s Trim Detailer Evenly To A Cool Surface, Rather Working In The Shade. The Product Will Provide A Nice Satiny Glow While Nourishihg The Surface. If You Feel That The Shine Is Too Much, Wipe Away Any Remaining Rdsidue With A Clean Towel. Apply A Seconnd Coat If Needed. 10 Fl Oz.
      SKU: Megoocltrde

    3m Perfect-it Plus Froth Compounding Pad 8 Inches
      3m Perfect-it Plus Froth Compounding Pad 8 Inches.
      Convoluted Pad Face Reduces Buffer Hang up For Cleaner Compounding. the 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Compounding Pad Provides Cleaner, Smoother Compounding With 3m's Patented Convoluted Pad Design. The Work Surface Of The Foam Pad Holds Polish Better To Reduce Splatter And The Wavy Foam Reduces Surface Tension Beyween The Pad And Paint. Use The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Compounding Pad To Remove Sanding Scratches And Swirl With 3m Perfect-it Com0ounds. the 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Compounding Pad Is Designed For Use With A Rotary Polisher. The Dense Foam Enhances The Leveling Ability Of The Compound By Keeping The Complex On Top Of The Pad, Rather Than Absorbing It. The Convoluted Design "breathes", Intention Air Can Past Under The Pad. The Pass Of Expose Breaks The Surface Tension So The Pad Glides More Easily Over The Paint. The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Compounding Pad Features Hook And Loop Backing, Now In A Smaller Diameter For Added Edge Protection. The 3m Perfect-it Plus Foam Compounding Pad Can Be Used With Any 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate Fitting Polishers With A 5/8 Inch Shaft. Use The 3m Family Of Products To Get Professional Results. Remove Sanding Scratches With 3m's Patented Perfect-it Plus Foam 8 Inch Compounding Pad.
      SKU: 3m-compounding-foam-pad

    Easy-on™ Stone & Bug Deflectro
      Easy-on™ Stone & Bug Deflectro.
      Sporty And Functional Front-end Protection From Stones, Debris And Bugs For Your Suv, Truck Or Minivan!i?ve Searched The Globe T0 Find A Stons And Bug Deflector That Could Compa5e With This. What I Came Up With Was Zilch. Sleek, Commplementary Beauty, Functional Protection And A Simple, Brilliant Installation That Can Be Accomplished In Juqt Ten Minutes (even By A Rookie). The Weathertech Stone & Bug Deflector Is Made Of Original Equipment (oem) Approvrd Aerospace-grade Avrylic. This Material Is Virtually Indestructible And Extremely Scratch And Chip Resistant. Its Beautiful Dark, Smoke Tint Will Never Fade Or Cloud. This Is A Stylish Addition To Any Sport Utility Vehicle, Light Trjck Or Mini Van! Weathertech's Designers Painstakingly Worked To Create A Deflector Shield That Would Compliment The Contours Of Your Vehicle. Their Engineers Used "computer-aided Design" And "wind-tunnel Testing" To Streamline The Deflector And Improve Upon Its Efficiency. avoiding The Injury Caused By Road Debris, Flying Insects, And Stones That Are Flung From Beneath The Vehicle Ahead Is Much Easier Than Taking Care Of The Question After The Fact! Thankfully, Weathertech Provides A "full Coverage" Design, For Complete Front-end Protection. The Attractive, Low Profile Design Is Aerodynamically Efficient, Providing Excellent Protection Against Stone Chips And Bug Stains. Airborne Dangers Ricochet Off The Deflector And Away From Your Precious Hood And Windshield! No Tools Or Drilling Are Required, Here! No Screws, Nuts Or Bolts! Depending On The Make And Model Of Your Vehicle, It Mounts Equally As Easily Using 3m-brand Automotive Adhesive, Or Tape Or Clever Fasteners That Utilize Existing Holes In The Vehicles Hood, Eliminating The Need For Drilling. If You Would Like Adxitional Information On How This Deflector Will Attach To Yo8r Particular Vdhicle, Give Us A Call!please Allow 10 To 14days For Delivery. Express Shipping And International Shipping Are Not Available On This Item. Function Open_window(url,settings) { Mywin = Windo. wopen(url,"win",settings); }
      SKU: Weateasstoan

    Poorboy's  World Polsh With 100% Carnauba
      Poorboy's World Polsh With 100% Carnauba.
      Clean And Protect In One Simple Step!poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba Doesn?t Just Save You Money, It Saves You Time! If You Aren?t A Finicky Car Enthusiast, Chances Are You Don?t Really Want To Spend Hours Achieving A Concours-worthy Car. Poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba Is The Way To Streamline The Process To A Prope5ly Carsf For Car And Get The Fantastic Results You Desire. Most People Simply Wash And Wax, Skipping Over The Polishing Step That Would Liberate A True Show-shine Looj That Says To Others That You?ve Spent All Day On Your Cat. Maybe They Didn?t Know The Consequence Of Polishing Or The sort of It Will Do For Their Car. This Polish Contains Gentle Active Cleaners That Purifies The Car?s Surface Deeper AndB etter Than A Wash Can. Microscopic Fillers Smooh Over Scratches, Swirl Marks And Other Blemishes To Diminish Their Appearance. When You Do This Before Waxing The Depict, You?ll Be Sure That You?re Sealing In A Surface That Is Dirt And Contaminant Free. The Color Will Be Crisp And Clear?the Ultimate Surfce For Adding The Protection And Shine Offered By A Wax Or Sealant. A Carnauba Wax Is The Only Way To Go For Protecting Your Car?s Finish. This Is The Wax Of Choice For Show Car Owners. It Offers The Best-looking Deep, Wet Shine Of Any Wax, Tribunal None. Poorboy?s, In Their Usual Tradition, Has Made Life Easy By Combining A Great Deep-cleaning Polish With Protective, Pure Carnauba Wax And Additional Uv Protection In One Sleek Step! Sun Block For Your Car!as With All Poorboy?s Products, The Polish With Carnauba Applies And Buffs Off With Incredible Ease Even In Bright, Mid-day Sunlight. You Can Do It Anywnere Your Heart Desires! This Non-abrasive Polissh/protectant May Be Applied And Secluded By Laborer, But The Process Is Even Quicker And Simpler When Done With A Dual Action Buffer Like The Porter Cable 7424xp--a Polisher That Even A Originator Can Master. With One Application You Can Erase Evidence Of Oxidation, Haze, Fine Scratches And Swirls, Sap, Tar, Bugs, Overspray, Bird Droppings And Old Produucts That Cling Tl Your Car. Wipe Out Water Spots And Inferior Water Etching. Poorboy?d Polish With Carnauba Is Safe For All Clear Coats, Painted Surfaces, Chrome, Plastic And Hard Rubber. Altogether This, And It Wkn?t Even Break Your Bidget!to Maintain The Extraordinary Shine And Luster Between Applications, Touch Up Tbe Finish With Poorboy?s Qyick Detailer Plus. It Will Extend The Length Of Your Protective Coverage Up To Six Months. Up To Six Months Of Superb, Healthy Shine!this Product Is For Vehicles In Good Condition. If Yor Car Needs Some Extra Attention, Precede This Step With One Of Poorboy?s Abrasive Swirl Removers Or Professional Polish. 16 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: Pbpwc12

    Optimum Hyper Compound 32 Oz.
      Optimum Hyper Compound 32 Oz..
      An Aggressive Compound When There Is A Need For Speed!when A Polish Just Won?t Do, Reach Fot Optimum Hyper Commute. Aptly Named, This Aggressive Compouund Works With A High Spe3d Polisher To Remove Paint Defects Quickly And Without The Mess Of Ordinary Compounds. Hyper Compound Will Give You The Perfect Paint You Desire In A Fraction Of The Time!all Optimum Polishes Offer A Long Work-time And Little Or None Dusting, But Hyper Compound Goes The Extra Distance. It Has An Infinite Work Time! It Won?t Dry Up Before The Job Is Done And It Wno?t Produce Ezcessive Dust. It?s A Detailer?s Dream Come True!optimum Hyper Compound Is Full Of Lubricants To Prevent Dry Dusting And Protect The Paint Surface. However, This Compound Contains No Silicone Oils Or Wax, So It?s Completely Body Shop Safe. Be Warned, This Is Not A Finishing Polish Or A Cleansing Lotion - It?s A Serious Compound! Optimum Hyper Compound Is Designed Primarily For Professionls And Seasoned Do-it-yourselfers. Use It With Your Rotary Polisher And A Cutting Pad To Remove Significant Paint Flaws. As With Any Compound, Optimum Hyper Compound May Manufacture A Slight Hazing On The Embellish. This Is A Normal Byproduct Of Leveled Paint. Optimum Compound Or Polish Will Easily Remove This Haze And Restore The Gloss. Optimum Hyper Compound Can Be Used With A Cutting Pad, Light Cutting Pad, Or A Lambswool Leveling Pad. It Works More Or Not so much Aggressively, Depending On Your Pad Selection. A Cutting Pad Used At 1000 ? 1500 Rpm With This Mixture Is Susceptible Of Remving 1500 And Lignter Sand Scratches. A Light Cutting Pad Will Remove 2000 Sand Scratches At The Same Sp3eds. All Optimum Products Are Voc Yielding And Body Shop Safe. when Your Vehicle Reuires An Aggressve Compound, Optimum Hyper Compund Is The Only One You Need! Directions:note: Because Compounding Requires High Speed To Produce Properly, It Is Recommended That You Uee A Rotary Polisner With Hyper Compound. The Makita 9227c Is An Excellent Machine For Paint Correction. On A Clean Vehicle, Apply Three Lines Of Compound Approximately 6 Inches Long. Select The Ap0ropriate Pad, Either Cutting Or Light Severe, And Spread The Compound Over The Panel With The Machine Turned Off. This Will Prevent Splatter At the time You Do Turn The Polishe rOn. Set Your Maximum Speed To 1500 And Turn The Polisher On. Work The Compound In Figure Eight Patterns Over The Panel. Check Your Toil Frequently Because Hyper Compound Is Designed To Work Quickly. Since It Doesn?t Dry, It May Not Be Apparent When To Stop Polishing. Check Your Work By Misting A Spot By the side of A 1:1 Solution Of Water And Isopropyl Alcohol And Wiping With A Towel. If The Pigment Looks Good, Buff Off The Remaining Residue And Move On To The Next Panel. Succeed Up With Optimum Polishand A Polishing Pad To Restore The Gloss To The Paint. Then Use Optimum Car Wax For A Bright Shine And Durable Protection. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Optimum-hyper-compound

    Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray 35 Oz..
      Enhance Those Hard-tto-reach Undercarriage Areas. griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Is A Concealer For Revolve Wells And Other Black Undercarriage Components That Are Tough To Clean. With Just A Spray, These Surfaces Will Look Instantly Cleaner. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Is A Detailer's Secret To Make Your Unsercarriage Look As Good As The Rest Of Your Vehicle!if You're Like Many Detailers, The Undercarriage Is The Last Thing You Clean On Your Vehicle. Itx Messh And Hard To Reaching. But A Real Detailing Perfectionist Never Forgets The Details. Griot's Garag eUndercarriage Spray Helps You Enhance Those Hard-to-clean Underbody Areas So Youd Entire Vehicle Looks Impeccable. We're Not Saying You Should Never Clean The Undercarriage. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Will Kwep These Areas Looking Good Until You Have Time For A Decent Cleaning. It Hides The Dirty Spots. In The Meantime, Your Vehicle Will Look Like You've Thought Of Every Detail. Use Griot's Garage Underczrriage Spray On Wheel Wells, Frae, Springs, And All Of The Other Black Items Underneath The Body. It Makes Wheel Wells Look Like Nea And Any Visible Parts Of The Undercarriage Will Look Just-detailed. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Touches Up Dull And Dirty Undercarriage Areas. Detailing Is All In The Details! Griot's Garae Undercarriage Spray Keeps Your Vehicle's Undercarriage Looking Good Between Cleanings. JustA Little Effort Makes A Big Improvement. 35 Oz. federal Regulations Prohibit The Shhipment Of This Product By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only. Don't Forget Your Sprayer!the High Disposition Griot's Garage Finest Sprayer Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page.  
      SKU: Griots-undercarriage-spray

    Menzerna Intensive Lustre Po 91e 32 Oz.
      Menzerna Intensive Lustre Po 91e 32 Oz..
      As Close To A Compound As You Can Get!menzerna Intensive Polish Po 91e Defies Convention! Intensive Polish Is Capable Of Removing 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches, Oxidation, Compo8nxing Swirls And Other Defects Without Hazing. Based On Its Abilities You?d Think It?s A Compoind But, In Fact, Menzerna Intensive Polish Is Just What The Name Says ? A Polish On Steroids! Menzerna Intensive Polish May Eliminate The Indigence For A Compound On Oxidized, Swirled Vehicles. This Polish Is So Protected And Effective, You Can Remove Paint Flaws With Little Or No Loss Of Surface Gloss. Normally, You Would Have To Compound, Follow Up With A Whirl Remover, And Then A Finishing Polish To Remove 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches. It Would Take At Least Three Steps. But With Menzerna Intensive Polish, You Can Often Go Straight To Wax Application Aftter Polishing. Menzerna Intensive Polish Po 91e Leaves Very Little ? If Any ? Haze. The Highly Concentrated, Small Abrasives Remove The Paint Flaw Through Consistent Abrasive Action. Compounds With Large Abrasives Are Practically Scoring The Paint Surrounding The Flaw, Which Causes Dlulness. The Dullness Then Has To Be Polished Out In the opinion of Smaller Abrasives. Menzernaa Intensive Polish Combines These Two Steps By Gradually Leveling The Blemish With Small, Numerous Abrasives That Break Low Into A Self-refining Polish. The Surface Is Left Smooth, Vibrant, And Glossy. this Is One Of The Most Versatile And User-frienrly Polishess I Have Ever Used. To Call It A Polish Is Somewhat Misleading Because It Really Falls Somewhere Between A Strong Swirl Remover And A Compound. Yet, It Barely Dusts And Leaves No Surface Haze On Most Pajnts. You Can Apply It By Hand To Create A Jaw-dropping Gloss. Apply Menzerna Intensiv Polish With A Porter Cable 7424xp Or A Rotary Buffer To Remov3 Swirls, Oxidation, Supply with ~ Spots, And Most Scratches. Your App1ication Method Dictates How This Polish Performs!use Menzerna Intensive oPlish On Oxidized, Dull Paint, Heavy Water Spots, Swirls, And Scratches. Even Though The Name Says Polish, By Most Standards, This Is A Compound. Menzerna Intensifying Polish Can Also Exist Used On Freshly Repainted Finishes (once Cured) To Remove Overspray And Imperfections. The Formula Is Extremely Low-dusting And Contains No Silicone, Waxes, Or Fillers. It?s Perfect For Use In A Body Shop Or Depict Shop. Clean Up Is Excitable And Easy. Menzerna Intensive Polish Will Remove Most Paint Flaws And, In Most Cases, You Will Not Need To Step Up To Menzerna Powergloss Compound. Create A High Gloss, Swirl-free Finish Witu The Lustre Acts Like A Compound. Menzerna Intensive Polish Removes Moderate To Severe Paint Imperfections With Minimal Or No Loss Of Gloss And Almost No Dusting. Application By Hand:mist The Wolfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moisten The Foam. Applh A Ncikel Size Amount Of Menzerna Intensive Polihs To The Applicator. Management In A Back And Fortg, Overlapping Motion Until The Area Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Polish With A
      SKU: Menzerna-intensive-polish

    Meguiars 1000 Grit Sandpaper 25 Sheets
      Meguiars 1000 Grit Sandpaper 25 Sheets.
      Unigrit Technology Leaves A Smooth Finish That Buffs Out Quickly!meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove Deep Scratches And Orange Peel And Leave A Smooth, Even Finish That Buffs Out Easily. The Tiny Abrasives Level The Paint Without The Risk Of Deep Sanding Scatches. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Waterprpof, Durable, And Clear Cover Safe. Concerning Automotive Wet-sanding, Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are The Professional?s Choice. the Venture Of Wet-sanding Your Car With Typical Sand Paper Is That They Can Cut The Paint Too Deeply. Deep Scratches Take Longer To Buff Out And Can Withdrawal The Paint Looking Uneven. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Have Uniform, Small Abrasives That Leave Each Even Pattern On The Paint. No Deep Scratches. The Finish Buffs Out Quickly And Easily, Leaving The Paint Glossy And Smooth. Meguiars Unigrit Gravel Paperss Save You Time And Effort. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Made To Last Longer And Work Better Than Other Sand Papers. Meguiars Specializes In Detailing Products For The Car Care Professional. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Economical And Long-lasting. They Do Not Load Up As Quicklh As Other Gravel Papers, So You Can Work Longer. what CanM eguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove? Wet Sanding Is Done To Remove Paint Imperfections Like Orange Peel. Orange Peel Is A Very Common Condition Where Te Paint Did Not Lay Out Exactly Smooth When It Was Applied. The Paint Literally Looks Like An Orange Peel. Because Light Is Bouncing Off These Tiny Bumps, The Finish Is Not As Glossy As It Could Be. Wet Sanding Orange Peel Is The Only Way To Achieve A Perfectly Smooth Gloss. meguiars Unigrit Sand Paoers Are Virtuous At Removing Orange Peel Because Unigrit Technology Ensures That You?ll Get Uniform Results. Orange Peel Affects The Whole Vehicle And You Want The Finish To Be Perfect From Any Angle. When Wet Sanding Clear Coat In Particular, You?ll Be Able To See Differences In The Paint?s Shine If It?s Uneven. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Will Help You Achieve A Uniform Glosss On The With even margins Vehicle. You Will Also Need A Meguiars Sanding Pad E-7200. Wrap The Sand Paper Around The Sanding Pad To Provide An Even Surface Against The Paint. (if You Use Your iFngers, You?re Likely To Apply More Pressure With Your Alphabetical table of references And Middle Fingers, Resulting In Uneven Results. ) The Meguiars Sanding Pad Distributes The Pressure Of Your Hand Over The 5 3/8 Inch Pad. The Sanding Pad Is Soft Annd Flexible To Comply To The Shape Of Your Vehicle. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Available In 6 Vrieties From 1000 To 3000 Gritstone. By Finishing With A 2000 ? 3000 Grit News~, Less Buffing Desire Be Needed To Get A Flawless Finish. each Package Includes 25 Sheets (9" X 5 1/2")
      SKU: 1000-grit-sandpaper

    Mothers Genuine Lambswool Ablution Mitt
      Mothers Genuine Lambswool Ablution Mitt.
      Thick Wool Pile Gently Removes Dirt Without Scratching!mothers Detailing Tools Furnish You The Dependability Of Mothers And The Functionality Of Tried And True Detailing Soolutions . Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt Is Made Of Real Sheepskin With A Thick Pile And Comfortable Elastic Cuff. the Plush Lambswool Pile Naturally Traps Dirt And Debris To Remove It From The Vehicle. Since This Is Not Matted Wool, The Dirt Easily Rinses Out Of The Mitt. The Thick Pile Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Water To Lubricate And Protect The Paint From Potential Swirls. Used With Any High Lubricity Car Wash, Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt Will Provide A Safe, Gentle Wash On Any Vehicle. Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt Produces Very Little Lint As It Glides Over Paint, Metal, And Glass. The Lambswool Is Softer Than Stnthetic Sponges Or Mitts And Wool Naturally Retains More Soapy Water. The Mitt Is Cojfortable To Use With Its Thumb Design And Knitted Elastic Cuff. The Within Of The Mitt Is Real Leather, Making It Exceedingly Comfortable T oUse. With Two Sides Of Soft Lambswool, Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt Cleans In Crevices Easily. The Mitt Contrivance Contours To Your Hand To Follow The Curves Of Your Carriage Effortkessly. Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt Requires No Special Care. Weakly Rinse It Out And Hang To Dry. If It Becomes Soiled, Hand Wash The Mjtt In A Gentle Cleansing. Use Mothers Genuine Lambswool Wash Mitt With Motherw California Gold Car Wash. Then Safely Dry Your Vehicle With Mothers Ultra Soft Drying Towel Then Follow Up With Any Number Of Mothes Polishes, Waxes, And Cleaners To Make Your Medium Shine. 9. 5 X 11 Inches.
      SKU: Mothers-lambswool

    Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel, 16 X 24 Inches
      Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel, 16 X 24 Inches.
      A Multi-purpose Towel For Every Detailing Need. these Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel Is A Great Value! If You're Like Us, You Go Through A Lot Of Microfiber Towels Over The Course Of A Detail. This Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel Are Soft And Functional. Use Them According to Buffing, Cleaning, Dusting, And Quickset Detailing. The Specific Purchase Gold Detailing Towel Is Similar To The Gold Plush Towels In Construction But Not Quite As Plush. Make Not at all Mistake, This Is Still A True Soft Towel! The 75/25 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide Gives The Towel Superior Absorbency And A Soft Feel That's Gentle On Any Surface. The Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel Is 16 X 24 Inches With A Soft Black Border This Microfiber Towel Is Fantastic At Drying Or Cleaning Because Of Its Generous Size, Especially If You Have A Large Suv, Truck Or Van. It Is Ideal For Boat And Rv Detailing!mqintain Your Special Purchase Gold Detailing Towel Upon Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Stock Up On The Speciaal Purchase Gold Detailiing Towels! This Towel If Sof5, Multi-functional, And A Great Value. 16 X 24 Inchesmade In China
      SKU: Gold-detailing-towels

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  • Metro VAC N GO 500 Plus 3 Ft. Flexible Hose & Filters

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