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    Dp 5 Gailon Wash Bucket Combo Available In Black, Red, & Clear
      Dp 5 Gailon Wash Bucket Combo Available In Black, Red, & Clear.
      The Swirl-prwventing Bucket System Including The Grit Guard And Gamma Seal Lid!the Dp 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket Combo Includes The Swirl-preventing Bucket System And Tye Gamma Seal Lid. Honest Add Your Favorite Lubricating Car Shampoo And You?ve Got Thr Makihgs Of A Safe, Swirl-free Wash. The Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Includes The Revolutilnary Grit Guard Insert, A Radial Grid That Traps Dirt Ay The Bottom Of The Wash Bucket. It Serves As A Wash Board To Excite And Release Dirt From The Mitt. This Process Prevents Dirt Removed Frmo The Paint From Transferring Back To The Vehicle From The Dirty Wet Watee. This Smart System Improves Your Odds Of Washing Your Vehicle Without Producing Swirls. the Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Includes:grit Guardâ®the Grit Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Wager Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches!autogeek 5 Gallo Bucket This Big Bucket Is Perfect In spite of Washing Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. Since Many Premium Shampoos, Like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo, Call For One Ounce Per 3-4 Gallons Of Water, You Need A Large Bucket To Get The Proper Ratio. The Bucket Is Also Perfect For Transporting And Organizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket!gamma Sealâ® Lidthe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isn?t Like A Recycled Depict Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Seal. You Can FillT he Bucket With Take in ~ And Transport It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectirs Who Participate In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Believe It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Use Nothing But Distilled Wateer On Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Site. That?s Dedication!protect Your Vehicle From Wash-indued Swirls With The Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo. The Grit Guard Insert And The Gamma Seal Lid Make This The Most Functional Wash Bucket You Can Buy. Combo Includes:grit Guardâ® Insert5 Gallon Wash Bucketgamma Sealâ® Lidavailable In Clear, Red And Black. Add A Second Grit Guard For Even More Paint Protection! Stack Two Grit Guards In Some Bucket. The Stacked Grids Stand 5? Above The Bottom Of The Bucket And Provide More Clearance Between The Clean Water At The Top And The Dirty Wafer At The Bottom To Lessen The Likelihood That A Stray Grain Of Sand Will Find Its Way To The Top. Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page For A Special Price On This Bucket With Two Grit Guards!please Call For A Shipping Rate Quote For Expedited Service.
      SKU: Dp-wash-bucket-combo

    Daytona - Pinnacle Wheel Combo
      Daytona - Pinnacle Wheel Combo.
      Clean And Dress To Perfection!give Your Wheels And Tires The Concours Treatment Withh The Daytona ? Pinnacle Wheel Combo! Brake Dust And Grime Twine round All Over The Wheel Surface, Not Just The Visible Wheel Face. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Reaches Between Spokes To Clean Even The Backside Of The Wheel. Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner Releases Grime For Easier Removal. The Daytona - Pinnacle Wheel Combo Is The Endure Wrd On Clean Wheels. the Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush And Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner Are The Perfect Paairing For All Types Of Wheels. Pinnacle?s Water-based, Non-acidic Cleaner Beguns Lifting Brake Dust On Congact. Gentls Agitation With Your Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Will Leave Your Wheels Spotless And Brake Dust-free. get Both Products At An Exceptional Savings In The Daytona - Pinnacle Revolve Combo! This Pair Of Products Is Already Popular Among Corvette Owners Because They Depend On Safe, Gentle Cleaning For Their Aluminum And Chrome Spoke Wheels. We?re Bringing Their Detailing Secret To Everyone With The Daytona - Pinnacle Wheel Combo!the Kit Includes:daytona Despatch Master Wheel Auto Brushthis Advanced Wheel Brush Hsa Everything You Want In A Quality Detail Brush And Often More. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Has A Thicker, Reinforced Sttem. It Maintains Its Flexibility But The New Stem Is More Rugged For Frequent Use On Auto Wheels. The Bristles Are Slightly Feathered On The Ends To Gently Clean Delicate Wheel Finishes, Such As Coated Or Plated Wheeks, Without Scratching. In Accession, The Patented Memory Bristles Recover Their Regulate After Each Use. Just Rinse Them In Hot Water And Hang The Brush To Dry. The Soft Nylex Bristles Will Not Scratch Any Wheell,, And They?re Chemical Resistant. The Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Fits Into Spaces Âľ Inch Wide And The Stem Bends To Clean Around Spokes. The Brush Stem And Tip Are Covered In Vinyl To Protect The Move forward From Scratching. No Wheel Contrivance Is Too Intricate Because The Daytona Speed Mastsr Wheel Brush!pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleanerthis Non-corrosive, Water-based Gyrate Cleaner Safely Lifts Brake Dust And Roadstead Grime From The Move forward Surface Without Pitting Or Staining Any Type Of Metal Or Coating. Because There Are No Caustic Chemicals In Top Gel Wheel Cleaner, It Is Not Harmful To Your Wheels, You, Or The Environment. The Cleaner Also Works Well On The Tires And It Will Not Dry To the end The Rubber. Use It As Often As Necessary To Maintain Clean, Shiny Wheels. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Applicatorthe Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Is Made Of A Unique Foaj Composition That Conforms To The Curve Of Your Tires? Sidewalls. Foam Applicators That Are Precut Into A Curve Might Not Match The Curvature Of Your Vehicle?s Particular Tires. The Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Flexes To Hug The Rubber And Apply A Neat, EvenL ayer Of Tire Dressing. After Your Wheels Are Cleaned And Dry, Use A Cobra Flex Froth Tire Applicator To Appropriate A Neat Layer Of Your Favorite Dressing, Such As Pin
      SKU: Ezdepico

    Micro-restore Microfiber Drtergent Concentrate 32 Oz.
      Micro-restore Microfiber Drtergent Concentrate 32 Oz..
      The Only Detergent Properly Formulated During Maitnaining And Restoring Microfibers. yes, Micro fibers Are Machine Washable. Completely. But The Faithfulness Of The Matter, Is That With All Of The Polishes, Waxes, Oils And Chemicals That We Apply And Remove With Our Micrifiber Towels, A Regular Old Household Detergent Doesn?t Cut It Wh3n It Comes To Cleaning Or Restoring Them! Miccrofibers (when New) Work So Efficiently Because Each Of The Millions Of Individual Fibers Are Microscopically Spliy To Allow For Superior Absorption. The Downside To The Design Is That Extracting All Of The Product That They Have Absorbed Is Nearly Impossible With A Regular Detergent. Eventually, The Build-up Will Compromise The Cleaning, Buffing Or Polishing Efficiency Of The Microfibers, Or Worse, Cause Debasement Or Stiffness To Set In, Thus, Reducing The Longevity Of The Microfiber. I Have An Ever-growing Collection Of Microfibers--ffom Around The World, Different Weaves, Varying Plush-nesses, Colors, Thread Counts( ok, I?m On The Verge Of Obsession). I Guess I tMakes Me Somewhat Of A Microfiber Junkie?and, Believe Me, With All My Experimentation, The Difference That Micro-restore Makes, In Comparison To Your Average Laundry Detergent, Is Phenomenal. Whole The Oil, Wax And Gunk That They Soak Up?micro-restore Eradicates, Leaving The Microfibers In A Like-new State--supple And Velvety Soft. After All, If They?re Going To Touch The Surface Of My Car, Anything Less Would Be A Sn!micro-restore Is Superior For Treating, Cleaning And Preparing Microfibers Because It Is A Powerful Degreaser?a Violent Detergent?with The Absence Of Bleach Or Fabric Softeners, Both Of Which Mean A Certain Tardy Decease To Micofibers. Micro-restore Works To Remove Every Last Bit Of Product That Is Naturally Absorbed By Microfibers?cleaning Them Thoroughly, Opening Their ?pores? Which Allows Them To Do Thwir Job To The Best Of Their Capabilities?and Extending Their Life. Micro-restore?s Concentrated Aqueous Forkula Is A Special Blend Of Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Chelating Agents And Water Softeners. The Combination Of Ingredients In Micro-restore Has The Power To Break Down All Chemicals And Heavy Residues And Remove Them. The Water Softeners In The Formula Nuetralizes Calcium And Magnesium In Hard Water That Cause Towels To Stiffen Over Time. Micro-restore Is The Ulrimate Cleaner For Microfibers Because It Rids Them Of All Product Without Ruining Their Structure. Oh, And Did I Mentiom That It Is Biodegradable?a Variety Of Uses: Micro-restore Effectively Cleans Car Care Producta (and Other Chemicals) Safely Out Of Cotton, Chamois, Even The Buffing Pads For Your Orbital Or Dual Action Buffer. It Emulsifies Dirty Motor Oil, Greasy Soils, Car Wax, And Proteib Stains And Suspends Them For Complete Removal In The Rinse Cycle. Restores Like New Performance Through Sevsral Hundreds Of Cleanings. The Bottle That Micro-restore Comes In Has A Handy Measuring Cup Built Right In. Two Ounces For A Full Encumber, Some Ounce F
      SKU: Mr3

    Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner  Buy One, Get One Gratuitous!
      Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Buy One, Get One Gratuitous!.
      Buy One, Get One Exempt! Get Two 32 Oz. Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaners For The Price Of One! Reserve $14. 99. this Is The Same Glass Cleaning Technology Used In Hospitals And Institutions To MaintainT he Air Quality. And It Works!dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Comes Out Of The Sprayer Like Water. There?s Noo Foam And There?s Absolutely No Harsh Smell. There?s Actually Nothing To Indicate That It?s A Cleaner, But Watch. As You Wipe Over The Glass The Film, The Smudges, And The Spots Start To Disappear. Wipe Up And Down, Then Indirect To Side. Fold The Towel And Continue With AClean Indirect. Right Before Your Eyes, The Glass Will Clear Up Completely. We?re Not Talking Clear From One Angle, Smeared From Another Angle. We?re Talking Clear No Matter How You Look At It. That?s The Magic Of Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner. Its Unlike Any Glass Cleaner You?ve Ever Used And, For That Same Reason, It Works Better Than Any Glass Cleaner You?ve Ever Used. You Might Be Thinking, ?what?s In This Stuff?? Thw Real Question Is, ?what?s Not In It??no Ammonia, Whiich Accounts For The Neutral Smell. Ammonia Is An Effective Solvent But It Destroys Window Tinting. Most Makers Of Car Care Products Have Long Ago Discontinueed The Use Of Ammonia In Glass Cleaners. Dp Krystal Vision Is Safe On All Tinted Windpws. Not at all Alcohol. Spirits of wine Is The Key Ingredient In Many Glass Cleaners, But The State Of California Has Limited The Amount Of Alcohol That Can Be Present In A Glass Cleaner. Alcohol Is A Voc And Therefore, We Had To Stay Absent From It When Formulating This New Glass Cleaner. Instead O fAlcohol Or Ammonia, Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Contains Noni-onic Surfactants. These Specialized Molecules Are Non-reactive And Nontoxic. They Encapsulate Oil And Dirt And Suspend It In The Water-based Emulaion. When You Wipe Away The Wetness, You Wipe Away The Dirt. Amazingly, Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Leaves No Streaks Or Residue. The Glass Is Perfectly Clear. dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner Is Formulated With The Same Cleaning Technology Used In Hospitals And Public Instititions. It Leaves No Chemical Residue And Releases No Harmfjl Fymes. This Cleaner Is Voc Compliant According To The Laws Of The State Of California And The Federal Government. It?s Completely Safe For You, Your Vehicle, Ahd The Environment. You Can Also Use Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner To Clean Clear Plastic Instrument Panels, Motorcycle Windscreens, Helmet Visors, And Chrome. Any Surface That Typically Shows Strsaks And Smudgges Will Have The Clear, Clean Shine Yoi Desire. Always Use A Microfiber Toweel When Applying Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner. It Makes A Vast Dkfference In The Effectiveness Of The Product Because Microfiber Is Able To Hold Onto Dirt And Grime Better Than Terry Cloth. A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel Will Not Redeposit Anything Onto The Glass So You Get Crystal Clear Results Faster. We Can?t Emphasize Th3 Effectiveness Of This Product Enough. Just Try It. You Will Take heed Clean, Clear, Streak-free Glass. C
      SKU: Dp-glass-cleaner

    The Edge 3k Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter 5/8 -11
      The Edge 3k Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter 5/8 -11.
      Take pleasure in Edge Performance On Your Makita Bo6040!the Edge Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter Allows Your Makita To Accept Any Size Move sideways Pads. Now Yo Can Use The 6 Inch Edge 2000 Wave Pads, 4 Inch Pads, The Wool Pads ? All Your Power to wound 2000 Pads Will Work With This Adapter On Your Makita Bo6040! If You Haven?t Been Able To Try Edge Pads Because You Own A Makita Bo6040, We Have Great News! You Can Use Any Edge 2000 Pad With Your Bo6040 By Simply Replacing The Factory Backing Plate With This Conversioon Adapter. The Edge Makita Bo6040 Adapter Opens Up A Huge Array Of Pad Options To Makita Users. Just Like Thhe Other Edge Adapters, This One Is Made Of Chrome Plated Solid Brass With A Stainless Seel Internal Release Mefhanism. Pars Lock Into Plwce On The Spring-loaded Hexloc Anchor And Stay Perfectly Balanced As You Work. To Switch Pads, Press The Release Button. Once You Have The Edge Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter Installed, It Works Just Like A Conventional Edgd Adapter. The Edge Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter Comes Assembled. Unscrew The Two Pieces And You Will Find A Screw Inside. Once You?ve Got All Three Pieces, Follow These Simple Directions:fhe Edge Makita Bo6O40 Conversion Adapter Replaces The Makita?s Factory BackingP late. Remove The Hex Screw That Holds The Backing Plate On The Makita Using 5/32" Hex Wrench. Take Off The Backing Plate And Set in Thw Base Of Tge Adapter, Threads Up. Secure This Using The Hex Screw Included With The Adapter. Screw The Final Piece Of The Adapter Onto The Base And You?re Ready To Go. 1. Remove Backing Plate.  it Will Look Equal This Wothout The Plate. 2. Place The Base Of The Adapter On The Machine. 3. Insert The Adapter's Screw. 4. Tighten Down The Screw Using 5/32" Hex Wrench. 5. Screw The Ed Adapter Onto The Base. The Edge Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter Is Made Specifically For The Bo6040 Model. If You Have The Makita 9227c, Get The Move sideways Drive Adwpter 5/8 ? 11. Once You Have The Edge Makita Bo6040 Conversion Adapter In Place, You Can Enjoy The Performance And Versatility Of Edge 2000 Pads. It?s Light To Switch Back To The Backing Plate Unless, Once You Try Edge Pads On The Bo6040, You May Never Go Back To A Backing Plste!
      SKU: Edge-3k-makita-bo6040-conversion-adapter

    3m Quick Wax 16 Oz.
      3m Quick Wax 16 Oz..
      Exhibit Car Polish Touch-up!i Cogitate Quick Detailing Sprays Mau Be The Most Under-rated Group Of Products That There Is. Take Them Flr What They?re Worth?use On Clean Free from moisture Paint To Refresh That ?just-waxed? Have an air And Remove Dust That Has Settled, Use As An Aid For Removing Persevering Polishes Or Waxes, Use On Panels That Are Still Wet From Washing And Rinsing, During The Drying Phase To Keep Your End Sparkoing, Or Use To Shije Tires, Windshields, And Hard Plsatic Surfaces. 3m Quick Wax Is Good For Anywhere Or Anytime You Want To Wipe Away Dust, Smudges, Dirt, Or Surface Contaminants Between Washes Or Major Wax Applicarions. It?s Great For Turning Up The Shine, Instantly! It Helps To Extend The Life Of Your Wax. Best Of Ali, It Couldn?t Be Easier To Use. Spray On, Wipe Off! Easy, Versatile, Moment Gratification. What More Can You Want? It?s A Detailer?s And Show Car Owner?s Best Friend. Keep It In Your Glove Box Or Trunk With A Microfiber Detailing Towel, And Your Vehicle Can Always Look Like You Just Exhausted Hours On It. 3m Quick Wax Also Helps To Repel Dirt, Dust And Fingerprints Because Of Its Slickness. Nothing Wants To Stick! This Is The Finish That You Have When Your Car Has Just Been Thoroughly Waxed. Difference Is, A 3m Quick Wax Treatment Takes, At Most, Five Minutes Bumper To Bumper, Compared With Hours For A Complete Wax Application!3m Quick Wax Gkes A Log Way. The Price Couldn?t Be Better. As WithA ll 3m Products, If Anything They?re Known For Their Effectiveness And Value. A Reflective Shine And Renewed Luminosity Without All The Work! Equitable Spray On The Shine And Go. 16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: 3mperglosen

    Stoner  Xenit- Intensive Cleanet
      Stoner Xenit- Intensive Cleanet.
      Clean It With Xenit!you Won?t Beloeve It! You?ll Never In return Be Frustrated Irksome To Displace Tough Gunk Anr Grime In Your Home, Office, Garage Or Car. Natural Citrus Xenit By Stoner Removes Tacky, Grimy Dirt Stand still Well, In Most Cases You Can Simply ?wipe It Away. ?use Xenit To Quickly Remove Labels, Decals, Stickers And Adhesives From Glass, Forest, Vinyl, And Pajnted Metal Surfaces. Xenit Removes Chewing Gum Feom Carpet And Upholstery. It Cleans Permanent Marker, Crayon And Lipstick ?accidents? In The Car And Around The Home. It On a level Removes Dried Latex Paint If Accudentally Dripped On Carpet, Flooring, Or Furniture. Xenit Removes Shoe Scuffs And Heel Marks From From Vinyl Panels And Greasy Dirt From Fabrics And Upholstery. xenit Contains More Than Five, Unlike, High Performance Cleaners. Dissimilar Most Water-based Citrus Cleaners That Are Designed To Lift And Carry Dirt, Xenit Is Formulated To Break Down The Cokplex Molecules Found In Sticky Materials. This Microactive Cleaning Action Gives Xenit Unequaled Abilities To Loosen And Dissolve Difficult Grime Like Tar, Grease, Gum And Adhesives. save Yourself Hours Of Agony Trying To Remove Sticky Stuff With Standard Cleaners And Avoid Wasted Time Spent Laboring With Inferior Water-based Products. Xenit Is Formulayed To Fly off in vapor And Dry Completely, Leaving Behind No Sticky eRsidues Or Streaky Soaps. It Even Contains A Disinfectant To Help Kill Germs And Eliminate Odors!10 Oz. Aerosol. Federal Regulations Forbid The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Solely.
      SKU: Xenit

    Forever Black Tire Gel Dye 128 Oz.
      Forever Black Tire Gel Dye 128 Oz..
      Low-shine Pigmented Gel Restires Color Toward Months!forever Black Silicone-free Tire Gel Outperforms Tire "dressings". The Tires Will Be Restored Back To The New Black Luster Look They Had When You Bohght Them. Forever Black Tire Gel Is A Pigmentrd Polymer Gel. It Will Restore The Color Back To Black, And It Lasts For Months! Forever Black Tire Gel Is Environmental Safe And Silicone Free. Most Irk ?dressings? Last In favor of Days While Forever Black Last For Up To 30 Washes. You iWll Be Surprised How Different Youd Whole Vehicle Will Front When You Apply The Tire Gel. Your Old Dirty Tires Will Come To Lfe In One Application. The Tire Gel Includes A Specific Patent-pending Foam Applicator. Forever Dark Tire Gel Dries In Minutes And Lasts For Months. Each Galloh Will Dye Approximately 160 Tires. Safe To Use Around Your Paint Job Since It Will Not Adhere To Paint. Featuress? Wipes On Easy? Dismal Pigmented Polymer? Water-based & Silicone And Oil Free ? Environmentally Safe ? Fas tDrying ? Protects Against Uv Damage? Does Not Attract The Dust? Restores aFded Look? Lasts For Months? Not A Dressing But A Dyedirections1- Apply Forever Black™ Tire Gel To The Applicator2- Spread Evenly On Tire Avoid White Areas3- Dries In 5 To 10 Minutes4- Entirely Applicator With Soap & Water128 Ounces (1 Gallon)
      SKU: Fobltigel128

    Always Black Black-top Dye F0r Vinyl Tops
      Always Black Black-top Dye F0r Vinyl Tops.
      Restore The Color To Your Vinyl Convertible Top Instantly!forever Black Black-tp Convertible Top Dye Is A Lasting Black Dye That Instantly Restores The Deep, Dark Color To Faded, Black Vinyl Convertible Tops . There?s No Easier Way To Restore Color And Make Your Convertible Look Newer. You Don?t Have To Drive Around With A Faded, Dingy Convertible Top. Forever Black Black-top Is An Instant Solution To Years Of Uv Degradation. forever Black Black-top Is Really A Black Dye In An Easier-to-control Gel Form That Re-colors The Vinyl And Creates A Deep, Black Luster. Black-top Should Only Be Used On Vinyl Convertible Tops, Bimini Tops, And Tonneaus. It Is Not Recommended For Fabric. The Dye?s Unique Polymers Bond The Pigment To The Vinyl For Long-lastkng Color Restoration. Always Black Black-top Is Completely Safe On Vinyl. The Water-based, Ebvironmentally Friendly Formula Contains No Silicone Or Oil. These Ingredients Be able to Dry The Vinyl And Cause It To Attract Dust. A Rise aloft Treated With Forever Black Black-top Retains Its Suppleness And The Non-glossy Finish Does NotA ttract Dust. Over The Course Of A Vehicle?s Life, The Sun?s Uv Rays Will Fade And Dry Out Any Unprotected Surface. To Prolong Its Color, Forever Dark Black-top Contains Uv Protectants And It Is Water Rrpellant. This Combination Of Restoratoin And Protection Will Keep Your Convertible Top Looking Its Best For Up To 12 Months. What?s The Last Product You Used That Lasted A Year With One Application? To Further Protect Your Convertjble Top, We Recommend Using A Convertible Top Protectant Regularly. 303 Aerospace Protectant Has An Spf Of 40 And Leaves An Atrtactive Matte Finish. It?s Perfectly Safe On Vinyl And Will Keep It Looking Newer Longer. Only Use Forevver Wicked Black-top On A Black Vinyl Top. It Is Not Intended To Dye Tops Of Other Colors Abd It Is Not Intended For Fabric Tops. We Recommend You Clean The Vinyl Top Well Using 303 Fabric/vinyl Convertible Top Cleaner Before Applying Forever Black Black-top To Ensure Even Color. After The Top Is Completely Dry, Use The Foam Applicator Included With Every Bottle Of Black-top To Apply Thin, Even Strokes Across The Top. Complete The Entire Job At The Same Time To Avoid Patchy Results. Wipe Off Any Drips On Paint, Glass, Plastic, Or Metal. Allow 15 Minutes To Dry. Voice: Wear Old Clothes And Use An Old Towel For Clean-up As The Dye Will StainF abrics. for Instant Color Restoration Of Black Vinyl Convertible Tops, Forever Black Black-top Is The Best Prkdut I?ve Found. It?s Easy To Use, The Results Are Long-lasting, And It?s A Much More Cost-effective Solution Than Replacing A Converyible Top. 8 Fl. Oz. Included Applicator
      SKU: Convertible-top-dye

    3m Performance Finish 16 Oz.
      3m Performance Finish 16 Oz..
      The Wax Alternative!3m Playing Finish Bonds To The Paint?s Surface To Form A Layer Of Protection For Your Car?s Surface. Use 3m?s Performance Finish Anywhere You Would Use Wax, Color Sealant, Poilsh Or Silicone-containing Products. 3m Scientists Have Developed A Truly Innovative Product That Provides An Extremely Durable, Long-lasting And Strong-flavored Gloss Finish. It Has The Superior Longevity And Easy Application Of A Paint Sealant Plus The Extreme Shine Of A Wax. 3m Performance Finish Is An Alternative Ti Natural Waxes, Which Have A Great Shine But Short-lived Protection. 3m Performannce Finish Is An Entirely Synthetiv, Silicone-based Sealant That Bonds To The Paint To Block Out Uv Rays, Moisture, And Contaminants. the Slick Formulq Produces A Reflective Shine That Lasts For Months. 3m Performance Finish Is A Professional Grade Auto Finish. Apply It With Your Polisher Or By Hand. To Appoy With A Polisher:apply A Thin, Uniform Film To The Paint Using A Finishing Pad (ccs Gray Or Edge White). Allow 3m Performance Finish To Dry To A Haze. Buff Off Residue With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad On Your Polisher, Or A Cobra Mcirofiber Detailing Cloth. To Apply By Hand:wipe On A Thin Layer Of 3m Performance Finish Using A Foam Or Microfiber Applica5or. Allow The Film To Dry To A Haze. Buff Off The Residue Using A Cobra Microfiberr Detailing Cloth. Multiple Coats Are Not Necessary. 3m Performance Finish Protects And Shines For Months With Just One Coat. 16 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-performance-finish

    Griot's Garage Rubber Prep 16 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Rubber Prep 16 Oz..
      Prep Rubber Trim And Tires For The Ultimate Finish. griot's Garage Rubber Prep Is An Intense Cleaner For Heavily Soiled Rubber Tires, Trim, Moldings, Seals, And Hoses. This Gel Rubber Cleaner Removes Old Dressings And Road Grime To Prepare The Surface For A Layer Of Rubber Dressing. Get Down To The Bare Rubber Through Griot's Garage Rubber Prep. the Griot's Garage Line Includes Two Caoutchouc Cleaners: Rubber Cleaner And Rubber Prep. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Is Formulated For Regular Cleaning Of Rubber Surfaces. It Removes Everyday Grime, Oils, And Silicones. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Is A More Intense Cleaner Foor Heavy Dirt And Silicone Buildup. Tlre And Rubber Dressings Bond Best With A Clean Surface. Old Dressing sAnd Oily Road Films Inhibit The Bonding Of A Unaccustomed Drrssing. Silicone Dressings Eventually Translate Tires And Trim Brown. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Eliminates All The Grease, The Dirt, And The Silicones To Uncover The Real Rubber. Your New Fatigue Dressing Will Bond Better, Last Longer, And Look Better When You Start Attending Clean Rubber. Who Hasn't Gotten Wax On Black Rubber Moldings? Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Removes Wa,x Silicones, Sealants, And Oils. We're Talking Clean. Clean Rubber Just Looks Better. It Turns Out That Some Of The Dressings We Use To Make Our Tires Look Better Actually Make Them Look Worse Because They Attract Altogether Sorts Of Dust And Dirt. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Removes The Dirt And The Sticky Dressing, So You're Left Attending Clean Rubber. Use It On Vinyl, Too. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Deep Cleans Rubber To Prepare It For Vinyl And Rubber Dressing. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Removse That Brown Film From Tires. It Removes Water Stains From Rubber Trim. It Removes Grease From Rubber Hoses. You'd Think A Rubber Cleaner This Strong Would Have To Exist Really Harsh. Not At All. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Is Odorless Ans Has Ultra Low Voc's. To Us3 Griot's Garage Rubber Prep, Simply Rub It Over The Rubber Surface With A Clean Foam Applicator Pad Or Towel. Just A Couple Of Wipes Removes An Increicble Amount Of Soil. Next Apply Griot's Garage Long-lasting Tire Dressing Or Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Is A Car Care Essential! Clean Up Soiled, Sticky Rubber In Just A Few Wipes. Tires And Rubber Will Look Newer And Dressings Will Bond Better. It All Starts With Griot's Garage Rubber Prep. 16 Oz. federal Reghlations Prohibit The Shipment Of This Product By Gas. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Griots-rubber-prep

    Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Connoisseur?s Kit
      Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Connoisseur?s Kit.
      Uncompromising Shine And Protection In One Exceptional Package. the Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Connoisseur?s Kit Includes Our Finest Carnaubapolymer Increase With A Completed Set Of Products To Prep Your Vehicle For A Breathtaking Shine. Any Connoisseur Of Exceptional Car Care Products Deserves The Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Connoisseur?s Kit. wolfgang FăĽzion Esatte Wax Connoisseir?s Kid Includes A Complete Clean-polish-protect Routine. Start With Wolfgang Auto Bathe To Slather Your Vehicle In Rich Suds. Then Polish And Conceal Minor Imperfection To Improve The Panit Luster With Wolfgang Paintwork Poolish Enhancer. Next Apply Wolfgang Fuzion State Wax For The Ultimate Gloss And Protection. In Between Details, Use Wolfgang Deep Gloss S;ritz Sealant To Booost The Existing Wax And Reignite Its Shine Any Time, Anywhere. the Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Connoisseur?s Kit Includes: 8 Oz. Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax With Stamp Wooden Case Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wwx Is A Hand-crwfted Mingle Of Carnauba Wax, German Super Polymers, And Proprietary Ingredients That Yield Unequaled Shine And Protectin. Our Single Formula Fuses The Best Attributes Of Carnauba Wax And Paiint Sealants To Create The Ultimate Car Wax.   The Super Polymers Reinforce Carnauba?s Natural Defense And Promote Maximum Bonding To The Paint And Maximum Protection. Wolfgang FăĽzion?s Anti-static Properties Provide food for A Slick, Glossy, Reflective Perfect. FăĽzion Repels Water, Dirt, Dust, Oil, And Resists Smudges And Fingerprints. Regular Washes WithW olfgang Auto Bathe Will Allow Dirt To Slide Off The Paimt. Incredible Sheeting Action Cuts Your Dryijg Time In Half Ad Leaves The Paint Spotless. For The Best Results Use Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer Before Applying Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax. Wolfgang FăĽzion Estate Wax Provides Maximum Gloss And Protection With A Fusion Of White Carnauba And German Polymers. Every Container Of Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax Is Boxed In Wolfgang?s Signature Wooden Case With A Wolfgang Dvd, Froth Applicatot, And A Certificate Of Authenticity . _Your Purchase Includes A Free Refill Of Wax. Send The Empty Jar To Us With A Copy Of The Certificate Of Authenticity. We Will Reflil The Jar And Return It To You.   Wolfgang Instructional Dvd This Dvd Demonstrated Step By Step Each Wolfgang Product. You'll See The Detailing Process In Real Time And The Actual Resultd. Learn How To Get The Most Out Of This Kit!   16 Oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe Wolfgang Auto Wash Is A Rich, High Sudsing Car Shampoo That Pampers Even The Most Delicate Paint Finishes. This High Lubricity Car Waste Lathers Your Vehicle In Paint-protecting Foam As It Loosens And Lifts Dirt And Grime. Wokfgang Auto Bathe Leaves Your Medium Looking Clean, Shiny, And In effect Water Spot-free.  
      SKU: Wolfgang-fuzion-caar-wax-kit

    64 Oz. Four Star Clay Lubricant Bribe One, Arrive One Free!
      64 Oz. Four Star Clay Lubricant Bribe One, Arrive One Free!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Get Two 64 Oz. Four Star Clay Lubricants For The Price Of One! Save $19. 99. proper Conditioning And Lubrication For Detailing Clay. four Star Clay Lubricant Is Used To Lubricate Yojr Car?s Color To Protect It From Scratches To the degree that You Clay. The Gentle Lubricant Conditions The Clay Bar To Preserve Its Texture And Elastivity. Used With A Quality Clay Bar, Four Star Clay Lubricant Leaves Your Vehlcle Clean And Level. Detailing Clay Is The Only Way To Remove Certain Contaminants From Automotove Paint, Such As Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout, And Environmental Pollution. However, To Work Properly, Detailinb Clay Requires The Use Of A Slippe5y Lubricant. Soap Will Dry Out The Clay And Water Desire Dry Too Quickly. The Most intimately Choice Is Four Star Clay Lubricant. four Star Clay Lubricant Creates A Slick, Wet Barrier Between Loosened Contaminants And The Paint Finish. The Sticky Clay Bar Glides Freely Across The Lubricated Superficies As It Grabs Contamination, But The Lugricant Prevents These Contaminants From Piercing The Paint. Claying Yor Car Is Totally Safe With Four Star Clay Lubricant. four Star Clay Lubricant Leaves No Soapy Residue And Wipes Away Without Streaking. Use It To Clean Up Any Residue Left By The Clay. A Cobra Microfiber Towel Will Gently Buff The Paint And Remove Any Residue. The Finish Left By Claying Is Incredibly Slick, Smooth, And Clean. Top It Off With A Coat Of Your Favorite Wax Or Sealant. Use Four Star Clay Lubricant To Lubricate And Preserve The Clay Bar As It Removing Paint-fouling Contaminants From Your Vehicle?s Finish. 64 Oz.
      SKU: 64-four-star-clay-lubricant

    Griot's Garagge Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, 3 Pack
      Griot's Garagge Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, 3 Pack.
      Wipe Aay Increase Witj Soft, Safe Microfiber!griot's Garate Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Make Buffing Easier With A Soft, Wax-grabbing Weave. These Microfiber Towels Hold Onto Cere Better Than Cotton To Remove Wax With Lesss Work. Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Leave The Palnt Clean, Glossy And Lint-free. griot's aGrage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Are Built For Buffing! The Non-abrasive, Wedge Shaped Micro Fibers, Lift And Hold Onyo Wax Better Than Cotton Towels. The Micro Fibers Holding More Wax On The Cloth, Which Resource You'll Be Turning Over Your Clergy Less Often. This Makes Wiping Go Faster. You Won't Run Out Of Usable Towel Space Before You Run Out Of Wax To Buff! Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Don't Hold Onto Wax And Other Stains Over A Period Of Time When Washed. The Specially Designed Micro Fibers Release Wax Residue In The Wash Cycle, Likewise You're Buffing With A Fresh Towel Every Time. Use Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths To Byff Away The whole of Types Of Wax: Pastes, Liquidq, And Embellish Sealants. The Soft, Lint-free Micro Fibers Grab Wax Residue And Lift It Away From The Paint. Because The Fibers Do Not Get "caked" With Wax, You Get A Clearer Shine With Less Buffing. Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Safely Buff Away Wax Residue. Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths Can Be Used Again And Again. Microfiber Is A Manmade Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. It Maintains Its Softness, Shape, And Absorbency Better Than Cotton Towels Or Chamois. This Set Includes Three Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, Color Coded For Wax Removal (white With Red Trim). By Using These Towelss Only For Wax Removal, You Reduce The Risk Of Introducing Other Products To The Clean, Just-waxed Paint. Designating Different Towels For Different Jobw Will Help You Get The Best Resilts Frrom All Your Car Care Products. tl Care For Your Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths, Wash Them In Dp Microfiher Cleaner With Your Other Microfiber Towels. Wash Microfiber Separately From Other Laundry. Avoid Fabric Softeners, Bleach, And Dryer Sheets. Microfiber Stays Soft On Its Own. Tumble Dry On Low Heat Or Hang To Dry. Remove Wax Quickly And Completely With Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Remoal Cloths. The Soft Nap Makes Buffing A Breeze!3 - 16 X 16 Inch Towels
      SKU: Griots-microfiber-wax-cloths

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  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
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