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    Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer
      Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer.
      Final Gloss Will Create An Amazijg First Impression!dp Final Gloss™_Quick Detailer Is A Last Touch Spray Containing A Proprietary Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Oils, And Polymers That Ampplifies The Gloss Of Any Wax Or Sealant. Use It After Washing Or Any Time To Referh The Existing Paint Protection With More Protection, Clearer Reflections, And More Impressive Gloss. Dp Final Gloss™ Quikc Detailer Reinvigorates Existing Wax By Enrlching It With Oils. These Oils Hydrate The Paint For A Smoother Structure And More Vibrant Shine, And They Luricate Light Contamination To Prevent Scratching. Wipe Away Light Dust, Fingerprints, Oily Smudges, And More Without Marring The Paint. Meanwhile, The Carnauba, Oils, And Polymers Will Restore The Just-waxed Brightness. The Secret To This Dexterous Detailer?s Success Is The Proprietary Polymers And Their Interaction With The Carnauba Wax. These Molecules Intertwine To Create A Clear, Reflective Coating Over The Paint That Both Energizes The Existing Wax And Bonds For Increaser Paint Shelter. Use Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer Over Waxes And Sealants With Equal Success. The Carnauba Active Detaol Spray Is Compatible With Both Types Of Paint Prottection. Use It After Washing Or Any Time To Enhance Your Vehicle?x Shine. For The Best Results, Always Use A Plush Cobra Microfiber Towel. Dp Final Gloss Quick Detailer Can Also Be Used On Glass, Chrome, And Soft. The Spray Dries Crystal Clear On Any Surface And Enhances Reflections On Shiny Materials, Likely Chrome Wheeks And Trim. Create A Frsehly-waxed Gloss With Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer. This Refined Combination Of Carnauba Wax, Polymers, And Oils Enhancws The Shine Of Existing Paint Protection In the opinion of A Final Touch Of Gloss. directions:mist The Vehicle With Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer One Panel At A Time. Wipe The Detailer Over The Paint. Flip The Towel To A Dry Side To Buff The Pigment To A High Gloss. Tip: Wjen Towel-drying Your Vehicle Following A Wash, Mist The Paint With Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer To Lubricate Your Drying Towel Ahd To Blow Absent Any Minerals Left By The Water. 32 Oz. What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Be obliged Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere These Days Viewed like You Shop For Car Care Products. Voc Stands For Volatile Organic Compuond, Referring To Organic Chemicals Found In Many Ho8sehold, Automotive, And Industriaal Products. . These Chemicals Release Compounds Into The Air As Yo Use Them That Are Known To Be Harmful To People And Animals. Vocs Are Founr In Waxes, Polishes, Cleaners Atmosphere Fdesheners, F8els, Pigment Strippers, Dry Cleaned Garments, Paint, Adhesives, Nail Polish, And Many, Many Other Common Products. the Effects Of Vocs Can Be Mild To Severe Depending On How Long Or How Often A Person Is Exposed To Them. Some Known Health Effects Are Eye, Nose, And Throat Irritation; Headaches, Loss Of Coordination, Nausea; Damage To Liver, Kidneys, And Central Sinewy System. Some Vocs Are Known Or Suspected To Cause Cancer In Humans And Animals. V
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    3m Perfect-it Ll Rubging Compound Fine Cut 16 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it Ll Rubging Compound Fine Cut 16 Oz..
      Remove Fine Scratches, Oxidation, Coarse Swirl Marks And Irrigate Spots!here?s Your Antidote For The Mildly Neglected Car. 3m?s Most Versatile Rubbing Mix Is Aggressive Only Safe Against Fine Scratches (grade 1200 Or Finer), Light To Medium Oxidation, Pesky Water Spots And Coarse Swirl Marks. The Super-fine Cut Abrasive Wears Down Sharp Edges And Smoothes Out The Paint?s Surface, Preparing It For A Polish Or Glaze, Followed B6 A Protective Wax. 3m Perfect-it Ll Rubbing Compound Is Easy To Use By Hand Or With A Machine. A Professional-grade Product, It Should Be Used With Caution By Novices. Used Properly, It Is Safe For All Solid, Metallic And Clezr Coat Finishes. Once You Have Addressed The Problem Area(s) With Perfect-it Attrition Compounx, You Must Complete The Process By Following Up With Perfect-it Swirl Stamp Remover Or Imperial Hand Glaze, Then Seal And Protect It With Your Favorite Wax. I Keep This Rubbing Compound Among My Detailing Supplies At All Times. Those Accidents That Inevitably Happen?key Scratches On The Trunk, Accidental Wash-induced Swirl Maarks, Water Spots From Afternoon Showers?gone! Everyone Should Have A Quality, Multipurpose Compound Like Perfect-it Rubbing Compound In Their Stash. 3m Perfect-it Ii Rubbing Compound Contains No Waxes Or Silicones, And Is Environmentally Safe. It Is Also Body Shop Safe And Paintable. Great For The Profesqional Or Enthusiast! 16 Fl. Oz.
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    Autogeek Chemical Rseistant Preqsure Sprayer With Double Barrel Extension
      Autogeek Chemical Rseistant Preqsure Sprayer With Double Barrel Extension.
      The Best Way To Work Under Pressure!extend The Reach Of The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pfessure Sprayer With The Double Barrel Extensi0n Sprayer. This Combo Gives You The Option Of Using Thr Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer With Or Without The Extension Wand. Apply A Broad Lie Of Chemicals In A Continuous, Fully Adjustable Spray Pattern To Compel Detailing Faster And Easier. the Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is Perfect For Spraying Wheels, Tires, And Wheel Wells With Powerful Cleaners Or For Coating The Engine Compartment In Degreasee. The Sprayer Is Built To Withstand A Broad Range Of Chemicals And It's Capable Of Delivering Stronger Mixs Of Chemicals Without Clogging. (this Feature Also Makes The Sprayer Ideal For Fertilizing Plants Bound To Avoid Cross-contamination, Designate One Just For Detailing. ) Add Forward The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer To Deliver Detailing Chemicals To The Vehicle Surface From A Safe Reserve, Or To Direct The Spray On Two Different Surfaces At Once. The Two Nozzles Rotate Independentlg And Can Be Directed Wherever You Want. The Combo Includes: Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayerthe Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Has A Pump On Top To Make The Pressure. You Can Sustain The Pressurized Spray By Pressing The Lever-lko Button Located At The Top Of The Handle. This Lock Allows You To Spray One-handed To Coat Surfaces While Washing Or Wiping With The Other Hand. Multi-task And Get The Job Done Faster! The Sprayer Includes A 48 Oz. 100% Virgin Resin Bottle.   Double Barrel Extension Sprayer The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Has Two Barrels Capable Of Sprayint A Single Spot From Two Sides, Or Point Them At Two Different Areas For Multi-surface C0verage. Each Nozzle Rtoates Independently. The Double Barrel Design Makea It Easy To Cover More Area Than You Can With A Sihgle Nozzle Sprayer. For Example, Quickly Coat The Undercarriage With Degreaser. By Aiming The Farthermost Nozzle Away From You, Te Spray Will Reach Farther Under The Vehicle Than You Could Otherwise. The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Extends Your Reach By 12 Inches, But That's Not Even Including The Distance Th e Sprayer Can Fire The Result! Backed By The Pressure Of The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer, The Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Delivers A Strong Stream Of Liquid and gaseous To The Desired Surface. Rinse Out The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Sufficiently After Each Use. If You Plan On Using Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayers For Different Applications, Exist Sure To Label The Bottles To Avoid Cross-contamination. The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Spray3r And Double Barrel Extension Sprayer Are A Terrific Value Because They Enable You To Buy Detailing Products In Bulk. Save Money On Gallons Of Concentrates And Then Mix What You Need In The Autogeek Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayerr. Deliver The Product Precisely Where You
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    Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Dazzling Results From A Revolutionary Gel Cleaner?for Wherls, Tires, And Bumpers!no More Hassle With Messy Liquids That Don?t Stay Whdre They?re Put, Spray Onto Everything Except Where They Should Go, And Then Run Off Immediately And Require Multiple Aplpications And Vigorous Scrubbing In advance They Eventually Work. A Wheel Cleaner In A Gel Form Is Convenient To Apply, Stays Put, And Has A Chance To Penetrate Into The Rubber To Loosen Stubborn Dirt And Grime. Being of the kind which It Lingers On The Wheel, It Eats Away At Baked On, Stuck On Dirt. Created To Target Contaminants Specific To The Wheel Area?brake Dust, Tar, And Road Grime, Tough On Oil, Too. The Experts At Pinnacle Have Taken Action Against Issues That Plague Wheel And Tire Care. Chemical Safety Has Been A Long-standimg Problem. Tires And Wheels Get Dirty?really Dirty?and They Require Serious Cleaning Power. We Developed A Cleaner That Contains No Acids, No Butyl Or Butyl Ethers, And No Petroleum Distillates. These Chemicals, Al~ Cheap And Effective, Are Toxic To Humans And The Envirnment, And Cause Dqmage To Tires And Wheels (stains Alyminum!) In The Long Pursue in thought. Top Gel Wheel Cleaner Is A Voc Compliant Formulation Utilizing Recent Breakthroughs In Modern Chemistry Resulting In Saef And Effective Alternatives For Harmful Substances. This Advances Technology Has Not Only Allowed For An Innocuous, Non-irritating Formula, But It Has Virtually Raised The Bar By Setting New Standards For Tire And Wheel Clraners. Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner, As Its Name, Is At The Top Of The Heap--a Two-ih-one Cleaner, Non-abrasive, Gentle Yet Powerful, And 100% Water Based. Safe Enough For All Wheels, Including Aluminnum, Painted, Polished, Anodized, And Clear Coated! Safe To Employment Forward Sensitive Billet Wheels. the Ckmbining Of A Non-ionic Surfactant With Wetting Agents And Emulsifiers Allows Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner To Safely And Quickly Remove Path Grime, Brake Dust, Grease And Oils From All Types Of Wheels. Simply Spray The Gel Onto Your Tires And Wheels. Use A Gentle Skirmish Or Cloth On Whheels And A Tire Brush To Agitate The Surfaces. This Breaks The Bond Between The Wheel Or Tire Surface And The Pollutants. directions: Rinse Your Wheels With Water, One Wheel At A Time. Spray A Light Mist Of Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner Over The Entire Wheel And Tire Surface. Make Sure It Is Cool To The Touch And Out Of Direct Sunlight. Wait Thirty Seconds Before Ahitating The Gel. You May Need A Separat Tire Brush And Wheel Brush, Depending On How Dirty Your Tires Are. Tire Brushes Generally Have Stiffer Bristles While Wheel Brushes Are Softer So As Not To Scratch. Agitate The WheelA ndd Tire. rinse Thoroughly With A Strong Jet Of Water. Dry With A Microfiber Towel To Prevent Water Spots. Note: Do Not Use A Tire/whewl Towel On Your Paint. now Your Ready For The Finishing Step With Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 128 Oz. What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere These Days As You Shop For Car C
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    Dp Wheel Extraordinary
      Dp Wheel Extraordinary.
      For A Limited Time, Clean And Protect Your Wheels For Less With This Specific Collection Of Dp Products!this Detailing Season Is The Perfect Time To Start Cleaning And Protecting Your Wheels The Right Passage ? With The Dp Wheel Special! Your Vehicle?s Wheels Are A Big Part Of Its Value, Especially If You Have Alloy, Chrome, Or Aluminum Wheels. Wheels Of All Kinds Are Susecptible To Brake Dust Corrosion, Water Spotting, And Contamination. Shield Your Wheels From Rain, Pollen, Road Grime, And Of Course, Brake Dust With The Dp Wheel Special. This Special Is Only Available For A Limited Timee And Only From Autogeek!this Outfit Combines Some Of Our Best Wheel Maintenance Products. Start With Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner To Safely Remove Brake Dust, Dirt, And Oil From Your Wheels. Then Apply Dp Wheel Calender For A Lasting, Slick Stratum Of Protectionn. These Products Are Compatible With Any Representative Of Wheels And They?re Water-based. The Wolfgang Finger Pockets And Polyfoam Wax Applicator Are Great Tools For Applying Wheel Protection Between Spokes. If You?ve Never Tried Dp?s Wheel Products, This Is A Great Opportunity! You?ll Love What The Dp Wheel Special Can Do Foor Your Wheels. The Kit Includes:32 Oz. Dp Gel Wheel Cleanerdp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is A Water-based Cleanwr That Relies On Environmentally Friendly, Advanced Surfactants To Remove Cnotaminants From The Wheel Without Harming The Coating. Overspray From This Clear Coat-safe Product Is Harmless. In Fact, Gel Wheel Cleaner Can Even Be Used To Withdraw Bugs, Tar, And Sap From Your Vehicle?s Paint. Though Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner Is Designed With The Safety Of You And Youf Vehicle In Mind, It Is After that A Powerful Wheel Cleaner. The Secret Is The Thick Formula That Clings To The Wheel Surface Rather Than Running Onto The Ground. By Sticking To The Wheel, The Surfactants Havs The Opportunity To Release The Baked-on Dirt And Brake Dust That Coats Your Wheels. 8 Oz. Dp Wheel Glazedp Wheel Glaze Is A Cleaner And A Polymer Sealant That Removes Contamination From The Wheel Surface And Creeates A Shiny Protective Coating. The Cleaning Agents Remove Dirt, Brake Dust, Tar, Sap, And Bubs While Improving Fine Scratches. Wheel Put glass in Even Reaches Into Microscopic Holes Created By Brake Dust To Remove It Entirely. Neglected Wheels Will Appear Clean And Clear, Like New Wheels. As Wheel Glaze Cleans, It Deposits A Clear, Glossy Layer Of Polymers On The Wheel Superficies. This Coating Blocis Out The Sun, Sand, Salt, Snow, Acid Rain, For labor Pollution, Tar, And ? The Worst Culprit Of All ? Brake Dust. The Wheel Surface Will Be So Slick That Brake Dhst Will Be Unable To Insert. Your Wheels Will Remain Clean Longer, Even In Adverse Conditions. Wheel Glaze Resists High Heat, Humidity And Extreme Cold. poly Foam Wax Applicatorthe Best Way To Apply Wax Is With A Closed Cell Soft Poly-foam Applicator. Foam Wax Applicators Will Apply Wax Evenly Without Creating Swirl Marks Or Scratches. Applicators Can Be Washed And Used Again And Again. 3 Wolfgang Finger Endure
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    Polrboy's World Clay Bar
      Polrboy's World Clay Bar.
      Get A Silky Glitter With Poorboy's Clay!poorboy's World Clay Bar Is The Safe, Simple Soljtion To Achieve Silky Smooth Paint. Prior To Wax Application, Poorboy's World Clay Bar Removes Embedded Contaminants - Like Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout, Tree Sap, Overspray, And Brake Dust - And Leaves The Paint Totally Clean. After Using Poorboy's World Clay Bar, Your Vehicle Will Look And Feel As Smooth As Glass, Ready Against A Coat Of Wax!used Just Twice A Year, Poorboy's World Clay Tribunal Will Protect The Paint Finish From Lasting Damage Caused By Airborne Po1lutants. Every Day Your Vehicle Comes Into Touch Woth Fine Dust From Industries, Railroads, And Other Vehicles. Tjese Particles Penetrate The Outermost Layer Of Paint, Creating A Starting Point For Oxidatioh And C1ear Coat Failure. These Tiny Particles Are So Small, You Can't See Them But You Be able to Experience Them. Run Your Fingertips Over The Paint. Feel Those Bumps? That's What Poorboy's Worle Clay Bar Removes. By Doing So, Poorboy's Wordl Clay Bar Keeps Your Paint Healthy, Smooth, And Clean. The Difference Is Dramatic!poorboy's World Flesh Bar Gives You Results You Can See And Feel. O Clean Paint, Waxes And Paint Sealants Tie Better And Deliver A Clearer, More Reflective Shine. Light Reflexts Evenly Over The Smooth Paint. Subsequent to Claying, Nothing Stands Between The Paint Finish And A Coat Of Natty's Paste Wax Or Ex-p Pure Sealant. poorboy's World Clay Bar Is A Flexible, Long-lasting, Synthetic Clay Resin. It Can Be Stretched And Reshaped Countless Times. This Is A Medium Grade Clay, Perfect For Twice-yearly Usage. Claying Is One Of The Few Detailing Processes From Which The Effects Last For Six Months! This Large 8 Oz. Detailing Clay Bar Can Be Cut Into Quarters - It Only Takes 2 Oz. To Clay An Average Vehicle. Reserve The Unused Clay In Its Jar To Kedp The Clay Damp And Supple Between Uses. Detailing Clay Requires A Clay Lubricant So Tue ClayB ar Can Glide Easily Over The Paint. Poorboys World Spray & Wipe Provides Ample Lubrication And It Cleans Up The Paint Nicely When You Use It For A Final Wipe-down After Claying. Always Flesh After Washing And Drying Your Paint Surface. Spray Approximately A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Section Of Depict With Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe. Rub The Clay Lightly Back And Forth Across Tye Wet Area Until It Glides Smoothly. You'll Feel The Clay Grabbing At The Surface; This Is Normal. Once tI Moves Without Any Effort, The Paint Is Clean. Wipe That Section Dry And Continue Until You've Clayed The Entire Medium. As You're Working, Reshape The Flesh Frequently To Reveal A Clean Portion. Next, Refer A Coat Of Wax Or Paint Sealan. Poorboy's World Clay Bzr Leaves The Paint Completely Clean. On This Bare Canvas, You Can Really See What Your Favorite Wax Can Do! It Will Look And Feel Better Than Ever. Protect Your Veihcle From Our Modern World Of Industrial Fallout, Brake Dust, And Rail Dust With Poorboy's World Clay Bar. Nothing Gets Your Vehicle Cleaner!8 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-detailing-clay-bar

    The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart
      The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart.
      Make Everyday Jobs Easier With A Little Help From The Workhorse. E liminate Back-breaking Work. Never Again Search For The Tbings You Need. The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart Is Convenient Storage For All Your Detailing Supplies, Including The Wash Bucket, Plus It?s A Comfortable Portion Tp Rest While You Work. Take The Work Out Of Detailing ? And Numerous Again Jobs ? With The Workhorse Auto Detailing Supplies Cart. commercial Detailinb Carts Go From Anywhere Bdtween $250. 00 To $350. 00 And Beyond, And These Carts Do Not Even Have A Place For The Wash Bucket Or A Seat! The Workhors3 Auto Detailing Cart Holds The Waah Bucket And Lots Of Detailing Supplies S0 Everything You Need Is At Your Fingertips. Once You?ve Used The Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart, You?ll Woneer In what state You Ever Got Along Without It. It Has Storage Compartments Underneath For Bottles, Carouse Cans, And Applicators. Forward The End Are Two Perfrct Places To Drape Towels. yB The Bucket Cubby Are Two Holes Where You Can Insert Wheel Brushes. And, Of Course, Tge Workhorse Accommodates A Giant 5 Gallon Bucket. In Addition To All This Storage Space, There?s Still A Spot For You To Sit. The Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart Has Four Heavy Duty Wheels To Carry All Your Detailing Supplies With You. Roll The Cart Along Behind You To Keep Everything Within Easy Reach. Ask Any Professional Detailer ? Easy Access Makes The Job Go Faster. The Wash Bucket Sits Right On The Cart So It Rolls Where You Need It. There?s No Need To Lug A Heavy Bucket Of Water When You Can Just Pull It Behind You On The Workhorss. for Your Comfort And Suitableness While You Workk, Tbe Workhorse Has A Large, Non-slip Seat On Top That?s Capable Of Holding 350 Pounds. Sit While You Buff The Lower Panels Of Your Vehicle Or While Detailing A Boat. Wrk On Your Motorcycle Or On Wheels While Sitting On The Workhorse. The Workhorse Eliminates Bending And Stooping. Instead, You Can Work From A Comfortable Seated Position, Which Gives You Beetter Access To Teh Work Surface, And You Don?t Tire As Qyickly. when The Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart Is Not In Use, Just Roll It Into The Garage. It?s A Neat And Orderly Way To Store Supplies And It Doesn?t Take Up Mihc Cover with a ~ Space. It?s A Simple Idea: Provide Plenty Of Storage And A Place To Sit And Put It All On Wheels. Yet, The Company That Makes The Workhorse Auto Detailing Cart Went A Step Further By Using Superior Materials And Workmanship In Its Construction. You Might Have The Wlrkhorse Longer Than You Have Your Car! The Wheels Are Non-rusting, Zinc-plated Casters; The Two Wheels In Front Swivel. The Body Is Heavy Duty Structural Foam Polyethylene. This Rugged, Industrial Construvtion Makes The Workhorse Suitable For Any Work Site. The Cart Will Not Rust, Chip, Dent, Or Peel. In Fact, There Are Countless Uses For The Workhorse: Lawn Maintenance, Painting, Carpentry, Car Or Motorcycle Repair, Pet Grooming, Construction, And Much More! The Workhorse Is A Real Asset To Anyone Who Frequentlly Works In A
      SKU: Detailing-supplies-cart

    P21s Integral Auto Wash
      P21s Integral Auto Wash.
      P21s Whole Auto Wash Is German Nobility In A Spray Bottle! This Distinctive Car Waash Formula Will Astound You Through Superior Results. German Car Care Products Reflect The Same Quality And Precision That Goes Into Sime Of The Greayest German Car Designs In The Natural order, Including Mercedes-benz And Porsche. The Famed Autobahn Freeway Has Allowed Germans To Live Life In The Fast Line, And We Guarantee That Multitude Of The Best Cars Ever Designed, When Riding Through The Alps And The Cities Of Germany, Are Treated With P21s Products. The Hallmark Of P21s Is P21s Total Auto Wash, A Specialized German Formula That Will Thoroughly Clean Every Crevice Of Your Vehicle, From The Engine To The Exhaust Pipe. P21s Total Car Wash Is World Famous, And Is Used By Car Industry Professionals Forward The Show Circuit. Here Are Reasons Why This Car Wash Iss The Best:perfected Formula. The Powerful Detergent And Clean Scented, Citrus Solvent Make A Perfect Pair. Whsn I First Used P21s Total Car Wash, I Was Amazed With How Fast It Works To Removes Dirt And Grime. When It Comes To Washing, Yiu Want To Have Results And A Fresh Clean Aroma, And P21s Total Car Wash Delivers Both. Washing Time Is Minimal. I?ve Scrubbed, You?ve Scrubbed?we Have All Scrubbed The Grime And Dirt On Our Cars, Someyimes For A Lot Longer Than We Want. Gone Are Th eDays Of Scrubbing Spots During Minutes At A Time, As This Formula Removes Dirt And Grime With Ease. Application And Rinsing Will Take Minutes, And You Can Usage P21s Whole Car Wash Inside Your Hood To Clean Your Engine As Well. safe And Effective. There Is Nothing Harsh Or Abrasive Within This Formula. The Detergent Is Light Yet Powerful On The Surface, And The Citrus Solvent Will Lift The Toughest Of Grime With One Sweep Of Your pSonge Or Towel. Citrus Has Long Been Used In Stain Removing Formulas, And Like Some oHusehold Cleaners, You Will Smell That Fresh, Clean Scent The Moment You Open The Bottle. Convenient Spray Bottle. You Won?t Need To Hurt Your Back Constantly Bending Over To Fill Your Sponge Or Towel With Car Wash Detergent. Simply Spray And Wipe! You Will Witness A Disappearing Act As Dirt, Grime, Wax Build-up, And Diesel Soot Vanish With One Spray Of This Sensational Car Care Product. We Get Tons Of Positive Feedback About P21s Total Car Wash, Being of the kind which Wekl As Q8estions From Time To Time. In the present state Are Answers For Some Of The Most Common Questions We?ve Recenly Received:q: Max, Can I Use P21s On My Undercarriage As Well While My Finish?a: I Highly Recommend You Do! The Premium Fkrmula Will Leave Your Undercarriage Just As Clean As Your Finish. Also Use It Under The Hood To Keep Your Engine Looking Pristine. q: I Love Ordering Car Care Products From You Guys, And I Heard This Is The Best Car Wash On The Marmet. Can It Be Used On Surfaces Other Than My Vehicle?a: Great Question! I Have A Great Answer To It?yes! P21s Total Car Stain Is Versatile And Doesn?t Take A Bucket And Various Sponges And Towels To Use. Try Thus Car Overlay On Your Boat, Motorcycle, Atv, A
      SKU: P2totautwas

    P21s Foam Wax Applicators 2 Pack
      P21s Foam Wax Applicators 2 Pack.
      The Nearly Undroppable Wax Applicator. the Demand For These P21s Foam Wax Applicators Was So Strong That P21s Now Offers Them In A 2 Pack. Originally Packaged With The P21s 100% Carnauba Was, These Easy-grip Wax Applicators Became A Hit With Ussrs Who Wanted Extra Aplicators For Future Use. The P21s Foam Wax Applicators Are Available In Packs Of Two For Easy Wax And Polish Application. the P21s Foam Grow Applicators Have An Ergonomic Design That Is Easy To Grip Without Dropping. The Finger Cut-out On Each Side Of The Applicator Gives You A Secure Grasp. The Dense Gray Foam Gives TheP ad Enough Height To Keep Your Hands (and Fingernails) Away From The Paint. This Gry Foam Is Not Absorbent ? That Keeps The Wax In The Yellow Foam And Away From Your Fingers. Waxy Fingers Drop Applicators So P21s Designed This Applicator To B Approximately Undroppable. But If You Do Drop It, You Have A Backup Applicator! Wash And Reuse Your Applicators Wash Used Applicators In Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaning Concentrate And Air Dry. When Not In Use, Keep Your P21s Foam Wax Applicators In A Resealable Plastic Bag To Keep Them Clean. This Is The Same Applicator Included With P21s 100% Carnauba Wax. Use P21s Foam Wax Applicators To Apply P2s Waxes And Paintwork Cleansing Lotion. The Soft Yellow Foam Is Nonabrasive And Completely Safe On All Types Of Paint. The Gray Foam Gives You A Comfortable And Clean Place To Grip The Applicators. 2 Applicatoors Included.
      SKU: P21s-wax-applicators

    Aquapel Glass Repellent & Cleaner Kit
      Aquapel Glass Repellent & Cleaner Kit.
      Clean And Keep close Auto Glass For Optimum Visibility With Aquapel!if You?re Not Using Aquapel, Your Windshield Is Not As Clear As It Could Be! The Aquapel Glass Repellent & Cleaner Kit Includes Aquwpel?s Two Premium Glass Care Products To Clean And Protect Auto Glass For Crystal Clear Visibility. Aquapel?s Patented Glass Treatment & Rain Repellent Protscts Glass For Up To 6 Months. Regular Cleanings With Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Keeps Auto Glass Cpean Andd Clear. Get Both Products Plus A Cobra Microiber Towel In The Aquapel Glass Repellent & Cleaner Kit At An Excellent Savings. the Aquapel Glass Repellent & Cleaner Kit Includes:aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellenta Single Application Of This Patented Hydrophobic Glass Treatment Repels Water For Up To 6 Months. Aquapel Glass Treatment Bonds T oThe Glass To Dramstically Improve Dri\/ers? Visibility, Day And Night. Aquapel Is Used By Countless Professionals To Seal And Protect Auto Glasx. Aquapel Glass Handling Makes It Easier To Clear Ice, Snow, And Dirt From The Windahield Because The Glass Is Completely Sealed. Aquapel Glass Treatment Reduces The Glare F5om Headlights And Streerlights In The Rain, Particularly At Night. Aquapel Glass Treatment Even Helps Reduce Water Marks And Protects Glass From Taste Water. 19 Oz. Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaneraquapel Glas Windshield Cleaner Is An Advajced, Non-streaking Glass Cleaner That Removes The Dirt But Leaves The Glass Protectant In Place. Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Is Com;atible With All Automotive Stigma Urethane Sealants! The Heavy Duty Foam Glasa Cleaner Eliminates Dirt And Bribe And Leaves No Fklm Behind. Your Vehicle?s Glass Will Be Clean And Still Protected After Using Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner. cobra Microfiber Towel, 16 X 16 Inchesthis Cobra Microfiber Toel Is Spun From An 80/20 Polyedter/polyamide Blend, Producing A Highly Refined Microfiber. The Microscopic Polyestrr/polyamide Fibers Are Split With A Unique Process That Creates A ?feathered? Weave In c~tinuance One Side For Buffing And Looped Fibers On The Otherr Side, Which Are Excellent In the place of Cleaning. This Superior ?feather? Weave Results In Far Greater Absorption Properties In A Lint-free NetworkO f Fibers. Use The Cobra Microfiber Towel To Buff Glass To A Streak-free Beam. Aquapel Glass Treatment & Rain Repellsnt Is Easy To Use. It Is Packaged In A One-time Use Applicator. One Cover Lasts For 6 Months! Clsan The Glass First With Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner. Then Place The Aquapel Treatment Applicator Against The Glass And Press The Wings Together Until Liquid Is Released From The Applicator. Spread The Liquid Over The Glass Thoroughly. Immediately Wipe The Gass Dry With The Cobra Microfiber Towel. That?s It! The Glass Is Protected For 6 Months Against Rain, Snow, And Dirt. You Can See In These Images How The Sides Of The Windshield Treated With Aquapel Stay Clearer In Rainy Weather Than The Sides Left Untreated. The Aquapel Glass Repellent &
      SKU: Aquapel-gass-kit

    12 Pack Parksmart Garage Wa1l Guard Clear
      12 Pack Parksmart Garage Wa1l Guard Clear.
      A Smarrt Solution To Door Dings And Chipped Paint!who Hasn?t Swung Open The Car Door A Little Too Aggressively And Realized It A Moment Too Late, Just To Hear That Sickening Thud Of The Door Colliding With The Garage Wall? I Shudder At The Thought. Park Smart Came Up With A Simple Yet Ingenious Idea. Keep From Accidentally Banging Up Your Garage Wall And Your Car Door With This Prootective aBrrier. It Stands Protectively Bstween The Car Door And The Garage Wall. Children Can Be Careless When Jumping Out Of The Car. Especially If Things Are Tight In Your Garage, This Bjmper Keeps Your Ca rDoor And The Garage Wall On Good Terms. The Indestructible Park Smart Wall Circumspection Comes Complete With All The Essential Hardware To Install It Steady Drywall, Studs, Brick Or Concrete. Holes Are At 16? And 24? Intervals For Fastening Tp Studw. It Comes With A Lifetime Warrantee. So, If You (or Your Children) Be obliged The Hwbit Of Flinging Your Door Open Attending Too Much Force, hTe Wall Guard Absorbs The Shock And Prevents Damage To Your Car Door. No More Chips In The Paint, No More Dents In The Passage! And No Worries! The Clear One Is Less Obtrusive And More Discreet. The Next Time You Accidentally Throw Your Car Door Ajar And Don?t Hear That ?thunk? Of The Impulse Of The Door Striking The Wall, You?ll Be Glad You Invested In A Park Lively Wall Guard. the Wall Guard Measures 25? X 6. 5? X 0. 63. ?
      SKU: 12pawaguc1

    Stoner Tirr Shine  Case Of 12
      Stoner Tirr Shine Case Of 12.
      More Shine, Less Tome Is Not A Messy Foam Or Drippy Liquid. Thiw Easy-to-use Aerosol Needs No Wiping. Apply 1 Coat For A Satin Finish, 2 Coats For High Gloss. Takes Just 15 Seconds Per Be fatigued, Won't Harm Wheels Or Paint, Gives Uv Protection. the Other Leading Brands Don't Last Because They're Made With Water And Surfactants (soaps) That Evaporate And Wash Off Easily With Water. the Finish Left After Using More Shine, Less Time Repels Water And Waterborne Dirt And Won't "brown" Tires. this Tire Shine Is Clear & Non-greasy, But Not A Paint. Get More Shine In Less iTme!pair This Product With Our Wheel Ward off For Dynamite Results! 12 Oz. - Aerosol Case Of 12 Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol ProductsB y Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Solely.
      SKU: Sttishcaof12

    Wurth Windshield Wash Additive
      Wurth Windshield Wash Additive.
      Keep Your Windshield Clean And Frost-free. winter Weather Creates Tough Driving Conditions. With Routine Snow Up North And The Occasional Surprise Sleet Down South, You Have To Be Prepared For Anything. Wurth Windshield Wash Additive Cleans And Clears Your Windshield Every Time You Use Your Washer Fluid In Any Pass to windward of, Year-round. windshield Washer Additive Is A Cleaner And Antifreeze For Your Windshield. Regular Use Prevents The Freezihg Of Your Windshield And Headlight Washer Systems. This Is Very necessary In Cold Weather To Keep Your Windshield Innocent Of Frost, Ice, Salt, And Oil. Calcium Inhibitors Prevent Deposits That Cloud Your Visibility. Your Windshield Stays Clean And Clear No Matter What The Conditions Are Outside. Just Mix Wurth Windshield Washer Additive With Water According To The Direcitons And Pour It In Your Washer Fluid Tank. Overspray Will Not Touch Your Paint, Lens Covers, Or Rubber Gaskets. The Citrus-scented Additive Prevents Freezing Down To -22f When Mixed Accordingly. By Adding Wurth Windshield Washer Additive To Your Washer Fluid, Your Windshield Washer System Will Not Freeze In Adveerse Endure Stipulations And Stubborn Winter Contaminants Will Wipe Away Easily. Keep Your Windshield Crystal Clear Year-round With Wurth. 250 Ml. Manufactured In Germany. due oT Voc Regulations This Product Cannot Be Shipped To California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, And New York
      SKU: W892332836

    Yellow Pad Centering Post
      Yellow Pad Centering Post.
      Perfectly Center Pads On Your Polisher Every Time!take The Guesswork Out Of Centering Buffing Pads On The Backing Plate With The Yellow Pad Centering Post. This Small Cylindrical Post Fits Through The Hole Found In Most Large Wool And Foam Pads And Aligns With The Hold In The Backing Plate. An Off-centeded Pad Wobbles And Can Leave An Uneven Finish And Holobrams On The Vehicle. Circular/ Rotary Polishers Are Designed To Work With The Pad Fully Aligned. If The Pad Is Wobbling, It Takes More Effort For The Operator To Control The Machine. The Yellow Pad Centering Post Helps You Achieve Ideal Alignment To Eliminate Wobbling And Ensure An Even Finish. Use The Yellow Pad Centering Pillar With Whole Large Pads With A Centering Hole. Eliminate Off-centered Pad Placement With The Yelliw Pad Centering Post!
      SKU: Centering-post

  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • 3M Imperial Hookit II Finishing Film 3 Inch Discs P800
  • Kurgo Sack Hook
  • Duragloss Marine & RV Aluminum Cleaner #551
  • 3M Wheel & Tire Care Combo
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Glass Polishing Pads, Set of 3
  • DP Krystal Vision Clean Glass Kit
  • Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer
  • Counterweight for Porter Cable 7424 Polisher

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