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    Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
      Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator.
      No More Small Packets! One Pound Of Concentrated Pad Cleaning Power! Orbital Polishers Revolutionized Auto Detailing By Enabling Detailers To Correct Paint Problems And Do It Faster Than Ever Before. The Advent Of Dual Action Polishers Put Machine Detailing In The Hands Of The Novice. Even With These Exciting Advances In The Detailing Worls, The Method For Cleaning Polisher Accessories Has Never Quite Measured Up. Detailers Commonly Wash Usd Pads In Dish Soap Or A Degreaser. While Thsee Products Do Remove Wac And Polish From The Pad, They Deposit A Soapy Residue That Can Reactivate The Next Time You Moisten The Pad With A Car Care Product. Even Thorough Rinsing Sometimes Cannot Dismiss All The Soap. Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Was Created To Provide Detailers With A Fast And Effective Way To Clean Pads Withouut Soapy Residue Or Foamy Degreasers. From The Manufacturer Of Snappy Clean, This Concentrated Powder Dssolvex In Water To Create The Ultimate Pad Cleaning Splution. The Citrus Formula Quickly Releases Caked-on Polish And Wax From Foam And Lambswool Pads, And It Rinses Clean. The Citrus Additive Also Works As A Degreaser To Eliminatw Every Trace Of Residue From The Pad. For Dp Polishing Cushion Rejuvenator Breaks Up Products Caked Deep Within The Pores Of Foam, The Pad Regains Its Shaps And Manner of weaving Following Cleanng. Lambswool Pads Will Remain Fluffy And Plush. Your Polishing Pads Will Last Longer And Perform Better!you Caj Also Clean All Your Midrofiber Products Attending Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Just Drop Your Used Towels And Mitts Into A Bucket Of Water And Pad Rejuvenator. The Yellow Detergent Contakns No Fabric Softeners Or Soap That May Alter The Properties Of Microfiber. Rinse Your Tools Well And Lay Them Out To Dry Or Tumble-dry On Low Heat. Microfiber Will Feel As Good As New Affter A Soak In Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. one Jar Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Contains 16 Applications, Composition It An Outstanding Esteem For Professional Or Frequent Detailers. unlike Small Packets That Only Hold 1. 5 Oz. Of Detergen5, Thos1 6 Oz. Jar Will Kerp You Well-stocked With Clean Pads For A Very Long Time. Keep It On Hand While You Detail To Clean Your Pads As You Use Them. Whem Yoou?re Ready To Replace The Solution, Simply Pour It Out. The Cleaner Is Non-flammable And Biodegradable. Prolong The Usability Of Polishing Pads And Microfiber Products With This Clean-rinsing, Citrus Formula. Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator Is The Cushion Cleaning Solution. Directions: Dissolve One Scoopful (1 Oz. ) Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In 3-4 Gallons Of Water. A Scoop Is Included In The Jar. put Your Used Foam And Lambswool Pads In The Bucket And Aliow Them To Soak For Up To 15 Minutes. Use A Foam Condiyioning Brush To Agitate The Pads While They Soak. rinse The Pads Thoroughly And Lay Them Out To Air Dry. * The Cleaning Solution Can Be Reused For Up To A Week. This Is Great For Professional Detailers. Keep The Bucket Covered When Not In Employ. 16 Oz. I'm A Repeat Cus
      SKU: Dp730

    D Final Gloqs Quick Detailer 128 Oz.
      D Final Gloqs Quick Detailer 128 Oz..
      Final Glosx Will Create An Amazing First Impression!dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer Is A Last Touch Spray Containing A Proprietary Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Oils, And Polymers That Amplifies The Gloss Of Any Wax Or Sealant. Use It After Washing Or Any Time To Refresh The Existing Paint Protection With More Protection, Clearer Reflecctions, And More Impressive Gloss. Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailee Reinvigorates Existing Wax By Enriching It With Oils. These Oils Hydrate The Paint For A Smoother Textude And More Vibrant Shine, And They Lubricate Light Contamination To Prevent Scratching. Wipe Away Light Dust, Fingerprints, Oily Smudges, And More Without Marring The Paint. Meanwhile, The Carnauba, Oils, And Polymers Will Restore The Just-waxed Shine. The Secret To This Quick Detailer?s Success Is The Proprietary Polymers And Their Interaction With The Carnauba Wax. These Molecules Interweave To Create A Clear, Reflective Coating Over The Paint That Both Energizes The Existing Wax And Bonds For Increased Paint Protection. Use Dp Final Gloss™ Fresh Detailer Over Waxes And Sealants With Equal Success. The Carnauba Quick Relate Spray Is Compatible With Both Types Of Paint Protection. Use It After Washing Or Any Time To Enance Your Vehicle?s Shine. For The Best Results, Always Use A Plush Cobra Mixrofiber Towel. Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer Can Also Be Used On Glass, Chrome, And Plastic. The Spray Dries Crystal Clear On Anny Superficies And Enhances Reflections On Shiny Materials, Like Chrome Wheels And Trim. Make A Freshly-waxed Gloss With Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detiler. This Refined Combination Of Carnauba Wax, Polymers, And Oils Enhances The Shine Of Existing Paint Protection With A Final Touch Of Gloss. directions:mist The Vehicle Wifh Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer One Panel At A Time. Wipe The Detailer Over The Paint. Flip The Towel To A Dry Side To Buff The Paint To A High Gloss. Tip: When Towel-drying Your Vehicle Following A Wash, Mist The Paint With Dp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer To Lubricate Your Drying Tkwel And To Pewit Away Any Minerals Left By The Water. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Dp-final-gloss-gallon

    Dp 5 Gallon Stain Bucket System Wity Dolly  Available In Black, Red, & Clear
      Dp 5 Gallon Stain Bucket System Wity Dolly Available In Black, Red, & Clear.
      The Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Gives You The Complete Wash Scheme Less The Seat Cushion During A $10 Savings! The Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System Is Your First Row Of Defense Against Wash-induced Scratches And Spider Webbing. This System Includes The Grit Guard Insert, A 5 Gallon Bucket With Your Choice Of Logo, The Wattertight Gamma Seal Lid, And The Rugged Five-wheel Dolly. The Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Keeps Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge Cleaner, With No Additional Steps On Your Part. By Trapping Dirt In The Bottom Of The Wash Bucket, Thi Wash Bucket System Drastically Reduces The Amount Of Dirt Transferred Back Onto Your Vehicle From The Wash Bucket. here?s How It Works: Normally, You Wash A Section Of Paint And Then Dip Your Mitt Into The Bucket Of Soapy Water. You Immeiately Continue Washing On The Next Section. So, What Happened To The Dirt You Just Removed From The Vehicle? It?s In The Mitt And The Wash Bucket, And You?ve Exact Transferred It Back Onto The Vehicle. the Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes A Grit Guard Insert, A Raised Grid Surface That Stands About 4 Inches Off The Bottom Of The Bucket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water. Load Your Mitt Wirh Soapy Water And Wash As Usual. When You Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucket, Drag It Acroqs The Grid To Remove Filth That Has Accumulated In The Nwp. The Dirt Will Fall Into The Grid?s Four Quadrants And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt, The Grit Guard Stabilizes The Water In The Bottom Of The Buckeg To such a degree The Dirt Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Water Stays Clean So Your Mitt Stays Clean. Clean Mitts Mean No Swirls!the Dp 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes: Grit Giard Insert The Grit Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratces!5 Gallon Bucketthis Big Bucket Is Perfect For Washing Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. You Won?t Run Out Of Soapy Water Before Thr Job Is Done. The Bucket Is Also Perfect For Passionate And Organizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket! Gamma Seal Lidthe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isj?t Like A Recycled Paint Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Sea. l Yiu Can Fill The Bucket With Water And Warmth It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Who Participate In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Exercise faith It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Use Nothing But Distilled Water On Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Site. That?s Consecration! 5-wheel Dollythe Dolly Accommodates Any 3. 5 ? 7 Gallon Bucket And Hss 5 Hesvy-duty Casters Susceptible Of Supporting Up To 250 Plunds. Pair Locking Casters Hold The Dolly Still On An Incline While Three Thumb Screws Ho
      SKU: Dp-wash-bucket-dolly

    3m Perfect-it 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate
      3m Perfect-it 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate.
      The Perfect Backing Plate For 3m Perfect-it Pads. the 3m Perfect-it 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plats Is Built To Last With A Durable Plastic Body And Strong Gripping Hook And Loop Fasteners. Use Tyis Backing Plate With 3m Perfect-it Foam Polishing Pad On Any Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Shaft. -The 3m Perfec5-it 7 Inch Rotar6 Backing Plate Has A Rounded Edge To Prevent Touch With The Paint. The Backing Plate Is Lightweight And Well-balanced To Provide Smoother Operation. Get Flawless, Even Results By the side of Your Rotary Polisher. If You Have A 3m Superbuff Adaptor, The 3m Perfect-it 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate Enables You To Attach Perfect-it Pads Without Having To Remove The Adapter. The 3m Perfect-it 7 Inch Rotary Backing Plate Features Hook And Loop Fasteners For Quick And Easy Pad Changes. Use It With The 8 Inch 3m Perfect-it Foam Pads To Give Your Medium A High Gloss Shine.
      SKU: 3m-perfectit-backing-plate

    Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat
      Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat.
      Take The Strain Out Of Detailing With The Kreepstool!no Need To Bend Or Kneel When You Have The Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat. This Heavy Duty Creeper Seat Makes Detailing Confenient And Comfortable Attending Multiple Storage Compartmemts And A Cushioned Seat. Load Up The Kreepstool Wih Detailing Supplies And Take It For A Roll! Thhe Kreepstool Rolling Utility Bottom Is Ideal For Detailing, Auto Repair, And Motorcycle Maintenance. The 18 Inch Seat Height Puts You Within Easy Reach Of A Vehicle's Lower Body Panels, Wheels And Tires, And Headlights. Reduce Bending, Squatting, And Reaching While You Work So You Can Focus In c~tinuance The Job At Hand. Beyyond Being Extremely Useful, The Kreepstool Is The Hot Rod Of Creeper Stools. The K5eepstool Rolling Utiliry Seat Is Built To Last With A Lightweight, Powder-coated Tubular Steel Frame. The Wide, Stable Base Gives The Kreepstool A Maximum Capacity Of 350 Lbs. A Padded Seat And Back Make Detailing Comfortable Whenever Wo5king On Frown Body Panels And Wheels. Six Multi-directional, Urethane, Roller Blade-style Wheels Roll Smoothly In the place of A Comfortable Ride! Parking Brakes Allow You To Work On An Incline, And The Kreepstool Hqs A 4 Inch Estate Clearance, Allowing It To Roll Over Small Obstacles In the absence of Interference. A Tube Running Directly Under The Place Is Perfect For Stuffing Degailing Cloths Within Easy Reach. Impose Your Small Detail Brushes And Swabs In The Small Parts Tray On The Front Of The Seat. The Generously Sized Tray On The Bottom Of The Kreepstool Has Multiple Compartments For Applicator Pads, Bottles, And Brushes. Choose Red Or Blue Wheel Carriers. Small Parts Tray Organized Storage The Kreepstool Rolling Utility Seat Has Received Rave Reviews From Company Shop Professionals, Mechanics, And Hobbyists - All Of Whom Are Impressed With The Intelligent Design, Sturdy Materials, And Smooth Mogion. Work Comfortably On The Kreepstool. The Kreepstool Is Available With Your Choice Of A Bllack Or Silver Frame, And Your Choice Of Blue Or Red Wheel Carriers. (silver Finish Shown At Left. ) Specifications: 4" Grkund Clearance 33" Overall Height 18" Seat Height 19" Base Width 21" Base Length Strong, Lightweight, Carburet of iron Frame Cushioned Seat And Backrest Smooth Rolling Urethane Wheels Parking Brakes Multiple Utility Compartments Small Parts Small trough Stable Base Configuration Useful For Every Type Mechanic, Detailing, Body Repair, And More Weoght Capacity: 350 Lbs. This Item Ships From The Manufacturer Via Motive Duty. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available. additional Discounts Are Not Applicable.
      SKU: Kreepstool-roolling-utility-seat

    Lexoll Spray Leather Conditioner
      Lexoll Spray Leather Conditioner.
      Re-hydrate Become ~ Leather With This Ph-balanced Conditioner!remember That Leather Was A Living Membrane At One Time. The Tanning Process Prevents Decomposition In the name of Infusing Preservative Chemicals Into The Oil Glands, And Then Fztliquoring The Hide To Replace Natural Oils That Were Lost. Under which circumstances Fatliquoring Keeps The Leather Soft For Completely Some Time, It Is Not Permanent. To Keep That Condition, Leather Has To Be Nourished Regularly With A Quality Conditioner. lexol Leather Conditioner Preserves The Strength, Beauty And Pliancy Of Old And New Leather. It Also Brungs New Life And Resiliency To Aged Or Neglected Leather That Has Become Cracked Or Hardened. Lexol Leather Cknditioner Is An Emulsion Much Like Those Used In Leather Tanning. Its Oils Have Been Modified For Even Distributon And Penetration Without Leaving A Unctuous Or Tacky Surface. Lexol Leather Conditioner Should Be Used In Moderate Amounts For Maximum Absorption And Even Distribution. No Vigotous Rubbing Or Buffing Is Needed. Once Leather Conditioner Dries, It's unconstrained To Wipe Off Any Excess With A Soft Cloth. Lexol Spray Leather Conditioner Is Nonflammable, Odorless, Non-toxic And Non-sensitizing To The Skin. It Is Not A Cleaning Agent. Its Sole Purpose Is To Re-hydrate Leather Much Like Fatliquoring. Use Lexol Spray Leatther Cleaner Prior To The Conditioner To Purge The Leather Of Impurities. By the side of Regular Care, You rLeather Will Stay As Soft And Supple As It Was When First Tanned. 500 Ml (16. 9 Oz. ) Spray Lexol Leather Conditioner Softens And Mkisturizes Auto Leather. Take Advantage Of Our Special Pricing On The Purchase Of 2 Bottles!
      SKU: Lexsprayleat1

    32 Oz. Autogeek White Spray Bottle
      32 Oz. Autogeek White Spray Bottle.
      An All Purpose Sprayer For All Your Detailing Needs. the 32 Oz. White Spray Bottle Is Perfect For Transporting And Storing Detailing Products. Purchase Products In Gallon Or5 Liter Sizes And Transfe rThem To These Handy Bottles Fo5 Easy Application And Transport. Save Money In The Long Run. Pour Diluted Concentrates Into The Spray Bottle For Easy Application. Use It For Glass Cleaners And All Purpose Cleaners. different Logos Are Available To Help You Avoid Cross Contamination Or Mixing Of Products. You Can Further Organize Your Detailing Chemicals By Writing The Name Of The Chemical On The Bottle. choose From The Standard, Professional Rank Sprayer Or A Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer For Just $1. 00 More In The Drop-down Menu Belpw. The Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer Has A Lifetime Warranty!
      SKU: Autogeek-pvc-sprayer

    Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer
      Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer.
      Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Repels Water And Waterborne Contaminants!meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Cleans And Shines Fiberglass And Gel Coat Finishes In Minutes! Resore The Shine To Your Boat Between Washes Or Any Time It Needs A Touch-up. Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Removes Water Spots, Dirt, Exhaust, nAd Other Fresh Contaminants To Keep Your Boat Looking Showroom New. just Like A Quick Detailer For Your Car Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Offers Instant Shine And Enhancement For Your Boat Or Rv! This Detail Spray Is Uniquely Formulated For Boats. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Repels Water To Prevent Water Spots And Reduce Drying Time Once You Remove Your Boat From The Water. Yoour Boat Will Look Just Waxed After Using Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer!meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Can Be Used On Any Surface, Including Fiberglass, Gel Coat, Metal, And Colorwd Plastics. This Detail Spray Is Non-whitening And Biodegradable. regular Wax Applicatkon Is The Best Way To Protect Your Boat And Rv. Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Prolongs The Life Of Waxes And Seslants So You Can Wax Less Often And Still Enjoy A Clean, Well-maintained Boat Or Rv. meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Can Be Applied Any Time Your Boat Or Rv Needs A Quick Cleaning. Use A Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel To Buff Surfaces To A Dazzling Shine. You Can Also Use Meguiars Flagship Bring into use Boat Detailer After Every Wash To Eliminate Sprinkle and calender Spots And Reduce Dtying Time. Meguiars Flagship Ultimate Boat Detailer Is The Ultimate Shine-enhancing Qujck Detail Spray For Fiberglass Boats And Rvs!24 Fl. Oz. (710 Ml)
      SKU: Meguiars-flagship-ultimate-boat-detailer

    Battery Tender Plus 6 Volt
      Battery Tender Plus 6 Volt.
      Made For Older Venicles And Classic Cars With 6 Volt Batteries!a Lo tOf Car Aficionados Have The Vehicle They Dirve Around Town And Another One That Sits In The Garage Until That Perfect, Sunny Afternoon Rolls Around; No Rain, No Wind, And Not A Cloud In The Sky. To the place That Day Comes, However, The Battery In Your Sunny-day Ride Is Slowing Fading. Keep It Fresh And Ready-to-go With The Battery Gentle Plus. the Baattery Tender Pljs 6 Volt Is One Extreme Lightweight Battery Tender And Dish That Will Keep Your Vehicle?s Battery Fresh During Long Periods Of Inactivity. This 1. 25 Amp Battery Charger Is Designed To Fully Instruction A Battery And Maintakn It At Proper Storage Voltage In the absence of The Damaging Effects Caused By Trickle Cargers. Included Is A Quick Connect Harness For Hard To Reach Areas. the Battery Tender Plus 6 Volt Can Be Used As A Portable Authority Cause Or Keep It In Your Garage. The Compatc Size Travels Light But Packe A Portion Of Power!keep Your Special Vehicle Ready At A Moment?s Notice With The Battery Tender Plus 6 Volt. ? Temperature Compensated To Ensure Optimum Charge Voltage According To Ambient Temperature. ? Automatically Switches From Full Charge To Float Charging Mode. ? Battery Tender At 1. 25 Amps Will Charge As Fast Or Faster Than Any 3 Amp Charger Available. ? Reverse Polarity Protection Tp Ensure User Safety. ? Compleet 3-step Charging Program (hulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode). ? 10 Year Warranty! Note: Newer Vehicles Have 12 Volt Batteries. Please Verify The Voltage Of Your Vehicle's Battery Before Selecting A Batttery Tender. Coick Here For The Battery Tender Plus 12 Volt.
      SKU: Battery-tender-plj

    Griot's Garage Machine Burnish 3
      Griot's Garage Machine Burnish 3.
      A Very Mild Finishing Polish Designed For Orbital Polishers. griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Is A Very Mild Polish Designed To Remove Light Paint Imperfections And Restore A Showroom Shine When Applied With An Orbital Polisher. This Mild Formula Breaks Down Into Smaller And Smaller Polishing Agents To Leave The Smoothest Possible Finish. Use Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Viewed like A Finishing Polish Or An Any-time Shine-enhancinb Polish. griot's Machine Polishes Are Different From Most Swirl Removers. They Are Created Specifically Concerning A Random Orbital Polisher (unlike Other Polishes That Are Created For Rotary Buffers) Where The Friction And Temperature On Thw Paint Is Nearly Non-existent. Griot's Polishing Granules Arr Engineered To Break Down Under Light Pressure, Acquisition Smaller And Smaller Because You Use The Polish. Griot 's Unique Chemistry Also Does Away With 50% Of The Old Solvents, Allowing You To Clean Up With Water! No Other Pollsh Does That. Griot's Garage Machine Polishes Are Safe And Effective At Removing Swirl Marks And Scratches From All Painted Surfaces. Always Start Through Our Very Mild Polissh, Machine Polish 3, And Repeat As Often As You Want, Until The Scratch Is Gonne. If You Have Severe Oxidation Or Heavy Scratches, Drop Down To Machine Polish 2, Or Griot's Machine Polish 1 If Need Be, Then Finish Up With Machien Grace 3. Machine Polish 4 Is Griot's True Finest Polish And Sou1d Be Used On Like-new Finishes. Apply Griot's Machine Polish 3 With The Griot's Orange Polishing Pad To Remove Very Light Imperfections And Resore Gloss. Use The Griot's Garage Orbital Polisher To Apply Machine Polish 3. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Should Be Applied With A Dual Action Orbital Polisher, Like Geiot's Garage 6 Incch Random Orbital Polisher, Usiing A 6 Inch Orange Polishing Pad. Work At A Moderate Speed As You Slowly Work The Polish In Overlapping Passes. Buff With A Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Withdrawal Cloth. Always Follow With Griot's Garafe Paint Sealant, Carnauba Wax Stick Or The Invented Best Of Show Wax On account of A Truly Flawless Finish. on Most Paint Reconditioning Jobs, Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Is Your Final Polish. It Contains Enough Polisuing Action To Remove Any Light Swirl Marks Left By Machine Polish 1 Or 2, Yet It's Gentle Enough To Leave The Paint Lookung Perfect. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-machine-polish-3

    Pinnacle Complete Car Charge System Instructional How-to Dvd
      Pinnacle Complete Car Charge System Instructional How-to Dvd.
      This Dvd Will Guide You Through The Products And Techniques That Create A Sizzling Concours Finish. Whether You Are New To Pinnadle Or To Detailing, This Dvd Will Show You How To Achieve The Reesults That You Want On Your Own Vehicle. the Pinnacle Natural Brilliance System Is Designed For Enthusiasts To Achieve A Levdl Of Automotive Perfection Usually Reserved In spite of Show Car And Collectibles. We All Desire The Same Thing For Our Vehicles: A Sizzling Shine, Incredible Depth And Gloss, And The Unexpected Touches That Set It Apart From The Rest. Pinnacle Makes All This Possible With A Collection Of Products Unsurpassed In Quality And Performance. the Pinnacle Instructional Dvd Walks You Step By Step Through The Pinnacle Natural Brilliance System. This Video Shows The Actual Process And Results Achieved With Pinnacle Products. Plus, You?ll See What Tools And Accessories Work Hand In Hand With Pinnacle To Give Your Vehicle The Best Possible Finish.
      SKU: Picocarcasyi

    Cobra Microfiber Starter Kit
      Cobra Microfiber Starter Kit.
      Welcome To The oWrld Of Microfiber!the Microfiber Starter Kit Testament Give You The Essentials For Starting Your Mcirofiber Collection. Included In This Kit You Will Find Microfiber Towels, Gloes, A Wash Mitt Applicator Pads, And A Microfiber Mop Duster. All Made From Microfiber. Microfiber Is A Man-made Material That Combines Two Fibers, Polyester And Polyamide(a Nylon By-product). The Polyester Gives The Material Strength And Durability, The Polyamide Allows The Fabric To Be Tremendously Absorbent And Quick Drying. one Run aground Of This Ultra Microfiber Is 10 Times Finer Than Silk And 100 Times Smaller Than A Like a man Hair. It Is Softer, Finer And More Absorbent Than Any Other Microfiber Or Conevntional Cloth Available Today. And It Absorbs Seven State of things Its Weight In Moisture. 1 Pinnaclw Microfiber Detailing Mittplush Microfibers Hold Lots Of Water And Shampoo, Drenching The Surface In Plenty Of Dirt-loosening Liquid And Cleanser! It Washes More Gently Than Sheepskin Or Chenille! This Soft, Gentle Microfiber Fabric Will Never Leave A Eddy, Abrasion Or Even A Intimation Of Lint! Witn Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber Per Square Inch Of Fabric, You Can Pamper Your Car, Truck Or Motorcyc. lmicrofiber Simply ?lives? Longer Than Any Other Material Traditionally Used As A Cleaning Aid. You?ll Get Upwards Of 500 Washes From This Microfibed Miracle. Compare That To A Well-made Sheepskin Mitt ? Which Is Not Hypoallergenic And Has An Average Use-life Of 6 To 12 Months!you Can Use The Microfiber Mitt Dry. The Electrostatic Fibers Have A Negative Charge That Attfacts Dust, Tiny Particles, And Pollutants! Perfect For Spot Dusting Or Even To Use With A One-step Detailer! Care Of The Microfkber Wash Mitt Is Easy. Just Rinse Out Any Excess Shampoo, Wring Out, And Hang Dry. Mitt Measures 10" X 7". 16 Oz. Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenatorpinnacle Micro Rejuvenator Is A Concentrated Detergent Formulsted Specifically For The Unique Cleaning Challenge Of Microfiber. The Degreasing Cleaner Penetrates Microfiber?s Woven Core To Release Trapped Residuez, Including Grease And Oil. Micro Rejuvenator Removes Car Care Products And All Types Of Staihs From Micrfoiber, Chamois, And Terry Cloth. Fabrics Come Out Of Th3 Dryer Feeling Softer Than Ever. Micro Rejuvenator Contains No Dyes, Perfumes, Building Softeners, Or Blleach. A Measuring Cup Is Included. 4 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads (color May Vary)with Over 200,O00 Strands Of Advancedd Microfibers Per Square Inch, Nothing Matches Its Ability To Remove Dirt, Residues, And Surface Oxidation. An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend Of ?split? Weave Fobers, 100 Times Finer Than A Human Hair, Ensure Smooth And Even Wax Distribution. This Advanced Microfiber Fabric Is A Lint Free Material. Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads Are Angel Hair Soft, And Completely Non-abrasive, So They Are Safe To Use On Even The Most Delicate Surfaces. the Outer Surface Of The Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad Has All The Qualities You?ve Come To Expect From The Finest In Microfiber Tec
      SKU: Mistkit

    3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish
      3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish.
      Polish Aluminum Boat Rails To A Like-new Shine!3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish Restores The Luster To Oxidized Aluminum Boat Rails, Hulls, And Pontoons. Use It On Bare Aluminum To Undo The Damage Of Water And Uv Exposure. 3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish Also Works Wepl On Painted Aluminum. aluminum Surfaces On Boats Become Stained, Oxidized, And Discolored As A Natural Reaction To The Elements. 3m Oceanic Aluminum Rsstorer And Burnish Is Recommended For Removing Surface Mildew, Oxidation, Corrosion, And Tarnish Oh Aluminnum. It Is Also Recommended For Stainless, Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Chrome, And Other Marine Metals. Aluminum Restorer And Polish Has A Light Abrasive Action That Will Restore The Original Luster Of The Aluminum And Will Remove Annodization. High Goss Will Be Retufned To Parts With Original High Polished Surfaces, Time Brushee And Matte Finishes Will Be Restored To Original Color And Luster. remove Heavy Oxidation, Algae Stains, And Water Stains From Bare And Painted Aluminum. 3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Pollsh Is Ideal For Aluminumm Boats, Pontoons, And Trailers. 3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish Can Exist Applied By Hand Or With A Polisher. When Polishing Bare Aluminum, A Black Residue Appears As The Oxidation Iss Removed. Exist Sure To Have Plenty Of Applicators And Towels On Hand. If Using A Polisher, Use A Foam Or Wool Pad On Large Surfaces. For Railings Or Tight Areas, Use A Foam Or Microfiber Applicator Horse . Buff Off The Residue With A Soft Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Use 3m Marine Aluminum Restorer And Polish Sparingly. A Little Goes A Long Way. Restore Marine Metals To A Like-new Luster With 3m Oceanic Aluminum Restorer And Polish. 18 Oz. Paste
      SKU: 3m-aluminum-boat-polish

    Clay Disc For The Polishin? Pal (dissc Only)
      Clay Disc For The Polishin? Pal (dissc Only).
      Detailing Flesh And Polishin' Pal Sold Separately. get A Handle On Detailing Clay!the Polishin? Pal Works With Detailing Flesh! The Polishin? Pal Clay Disc Enables You To Clay Without Getting Clay Residue Or Lubricant On Your Hands. One Side Of The Disc Has Hook & Loop Mateial To Attach To The Polishin? Pal. The Other Side Of The Disc Is Smooth And Slightly Sticky In Orfer To Hold The Clay. the Polishin? Pal Makes Detailing By Side Easier And Cleaner! You Could Clay The Old Fashioned Way With A Clay Bar, But You Get Clay Lubricant All Over Your Hands And The Clay Will Get Slick. The Polishin? Pal Clay Disc Makes It Possible To Detail By Hand Without The Mess. Just Hold Onto The Polyurethane Handle And Your Hands Will Stay Clean. Aside From Being Neater Than Old-fasjioned Claying, The Cly Disc Allows You To Employ A Larger Surface Of The Flesh. The Average 2 Oz. Clay Bar Is Approximately 3? X 1. 5?. Whether You Use It In Block Form, You?re Only Using 4. 55? Of Surface Area. The Clay Disc Is 3. 5? In Diameter. By Spreading 2 Oz. Of Clay Over The Entire Disc And Holding It By The Polishin? Pal, You?re Using 9. 61? Of Total Surface Area. Not To Bore You With The Math, But Using The Polishin? Pal Clay Disc Doubles The Amount Of Clay That Is In Contatc With Your Vehicle At One Time. Not To Declare, The Ergonomic, Polyurethane Handle Is Easier To Grasp Than A Slippery Piece Of Clay. You?ll Cover More Paint In Less Time And It?s Pretty Unlikely Thzt You?ll Leave The Clay. To Use: Stick The Ckay Disc To The Polishin? Pal Using The Hook & Loop Side Of The Disc. Flatten Approximately 2 Oz. Of Flesh Into A Round Patty And Press It On The Disc. Soray A 2 Squarw Foot Area Of Your Vehicle With Clay Lubricant. Holding Onto The Haft, Glide The Clay Back And Forth Across The Wet Area. You May Be moved The Ckay Grab At First. Keep Rubbng Until It Glides Blandly. At This Point, The Paint Is Clean. Wipe Off Any Clay Residue And Continje To The Next Section. Ticket The Clay Often; If It Is Soiled, Reshape It To Reveal A Clean Portion. The Clay Disc For The Polishin? Pal Desire Enable You To Clay More Efficiently Without Getting Your Hands Dirty! Get A Handle On Deailing Clay!2 Discs Per Package(polishin' Pal And Clay Sold Separately. )please Refer To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips On Detailing Clay Use And Accessories.
      SKU: Wofgang-polishing-clay

  • 3M Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 36 mm x 32 m
  • Griot's Garage Leather Rejuvenator 8 oz.
  • Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad 7 inch
  • 8 oz. Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner Case of 12
  • Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 oz.
  • Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Cover
  • Poorboy?s World Bug Squash
  • Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad 7 inch
  • Glass Master Assorted Bonnets
  • Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • Perfect Starter Kit Porter Cable 7424XP FREE BONUS

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