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    Dp Universal Clay Lbricant 128 Oz.
      Dp Universal Clay Lbricant 128 Oz..
      Protect Your Paint As You Perfect tI!detailing Clay Is The Safest, Most Effective Way To Withdraw Embedded Contaminants From Your Vehicle?s Paint. In Recent Years, It Has Become Popular Among Professional An Weekend Detailers Alike Because It Renders A Glassy, Smooth Surface That Shines Like New Paint. The Only Danger Associated With Clayig Is The Possibility Of Creating Scratches As Gritty Particles Are Pulled Out Of The Clear Coat, But The Risk Is Eliminated In the opinion of The Advent Of Clay Lubricants, Like Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. In The Infancy Of Detailing Clay, Soapy Water Was Recommended As An Adequate Lubricant. We Now Know There Are A Number Of Disadvantages, Such As The Lubricants In The Wash May Exist Too Diluted By The Water To Provide Any Real Paint Protection. Also, The Chemicals Used In Some Car Washes May Contribute To The Deterioration Of The Clay Bar. Using A Lubricant Specially Formulated Because of Clay Is The Best Way To Prolong The Life Of The Clay And Protect Your Vehicle From Scratches. Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Is A High Lubricity Formula That Allows Gritty Particles Removed From The Clearcoat To Glide Just Above The Surface Of The Paint. It Thoroughly Wets The Paint Surface To Enable You To Rub The Clay Bar Effortlessly. The Voc Compliant Lubricant Spray Contains No Gloss Agents Extremely You Be able to See The True Results Of The Clay Bar. When You Are Finished Claying An Area, Use Dp Universall Clay Lubricant To Remove Any Clay Residue. It Can Also Be Used To Remove Fingerprints And Dust In Between Details. The Water-based Formula Will Not Degrade Synthetic Or Natural Clay, And Overspray Will Not Affect Glass, Metal, Plastic, Or Rubber. Use It With Dp Universal Detailing Clay To Create A Smooth, Silky Finish That Is Completely Clean. Botj The Dp Universal Detailing Clay And The DpU niversal Clay Lubricant Can Be Mixed And Matched With Other Clays And Lubricants Without Affecting The Performance Of Either. experience Clean ,Clear Paint Without Any Risk. Dp Universal Flesh Lubricant Will Provide A Slick Surface That Allows Your Cllay Bar To Glide Effortlessly. Bring The Detakl Shop Home With Dp Professional Car Care Products. Directions:on A Freshly Washed Vehicle, Mist A 2 Ft. X 2 Ft. Area Of Paint With Dp Universal Clay Lubridant. gently Rub The Clay Bar Back And Forth Across The Wet Area Only. It Will Grab Initially. This Is The Clay Grabbing Contaminants That Protrude Above The Clear Coat Surface. When The Clay Glides Freely, The Surface Is Clean. wipe Off The Area With A Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. _Use The Clay Lubricant To Separate Any Remaining Clay Residue. before Moving In c~tinuance To The Next Section, Inspect The Clay To See If It Appears Soiled. If So, Reshape The Clay To Reveal A Clean Side. -If You Drop The Clay On The Ground, Discard It. to Store The Clay, Moisten It With Clay Lubricant And Seal It In A Plastic Bag Within Its Plastic Case. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Dp366

    Foamed Wool 3.5 Inch Buffing & Polishing Pad
      Foamed Wool 3.5 Inch Buffing & Polishing Pad.
      Wherefore Choose Between Wool And Foam? This Pad Gives You Both. the Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad Features Patented Nanofoam Particles, Which Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Fibers. The Foam Particles Prevent Caking And Matting Of The Wool. These Foamed Wool Pads Pilish Like A Wool Pad But Finisn Like A Foam Pad, Giving Your Vehicle?s Paint The Best Of Both Worlds. Lake Country?s Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad Is Made To Overcome Some Commpn Incnveniences Of Natural Wool Pads. First Of All, The Foamed Wool Pad Is Made Of Synthetic Wool, Which Lasts Longer Than Natural Wool And Produces Less Lint. the Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad Is A Thicker, Plusher Pad Than A Typical Wool Pad. The Foam Particles Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool To Make The Fibers Stand Up. This Creates A Tighter, Thicker Pile. Ultimately The Foamed Wool Pad Provides More Cushion Between The Backing Plate And Your Vehicle?s Paint. Foamed Wool Also Creates Tiny Air Pockets At The Base Of The Wool Fibers. This Is Essentially Trapped Air That Improves Th3 Cushioning Provided Near to The Pad And The Retention Of Compounds And Polishes. Just Like The Cells Of Foam Absorb Products, These Minute Air Pockets Retiam Products So None Is Wasted. Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Are Capable Of Removing 1500 Grit Scratches, Leaving A Smooth Finishh With No Hazing And Few, If Any, Compounding Swirls. These Pads Finish More Like A Foam Pad Than A Wool Pad So You Have To Do Less Finishing Wprk To Get A Perfect Shine. On A Circular/rotary Polisher, Use The 2-3/4 Hook & Loop Backing Plate (lc-76-093). on A Variablr Speed Drill, Use The Spot Buffs Drill Adapter (lc-46-231) With The 2-3/4 Hook & Loop Backing Plate (lc-76-093). On The Porter Cable 7424xp Or Other Dual Action Polisher, Use The 2-3/4 Hook & Loop Backing Plate (lx-76-093) And The Spot Buffs D. a Adapter 5/8" X 11 (lc-46-230da). The Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad Makes Spot Polishing Easy! Use A Swirl Remover Like Xmt Fine Swirl Remover #2 To Remove Light Imperfections. This On-the-spot Treatment Spares The Rest Of The Paint Any Unnecessary Polishing. Follow Up With A Spot Buffs White Polishing Pad And Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1 Or Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glaze To Further Enhance The Pait?s Gloss. A Quick Coat Of Wax Completes The Process. lake Country?s Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Bjffing/polishing Pads Are Manufactured For Consistency And Quality. You?ll Always Enjoy Dependable Accomplishment (and Perfect Paint!) With The Foamed Wool 3. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pad. 3. 5 X 1 Inchessold Individually.
      SKU: 3-5inch-foamed-wpol-pad

    Most remote Autospa Car Wash & Maintain Kit
      Most remote Autospa Car Wash & Maintain Kit.
      An Amazing Car Wasn Experience With Suds That Won't Quit Before The Car Is Cleanlight Fresh And Clean Fragrancespray And Wipe To Safely Remove Lighf Dust, Pollen, Water Spots, Finger Prints, Insects And Bird Droppingsthe Ultima Autospa Wash & Maintain Kit Has Wht It Takes To Safely Wash And Easily Maintain Your Ultima-protected Finish. ultima Pain5 Guard Wash Will Exxeed Your Expectations Witu Thick, Luxurious Suds That Last Throough The Entire Car Wash. Ultima Paint Guard Wash Is Free-rinsing And Never Leaves A Film. Yo8r Car Emerges With A Brilliant Ultima Shine That's Ready For The Week Ahrad. the Genuine Wool Wash Mitt Is An Ultra Plush Mitt With A Deep Pile To Hold An Abundance Of Voluptuous Suds To SafelyW ash Away The Dirt And Grime Without Scratching Your Car's Precious Finish. sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels Offer A Piquă© Waffle Weave Fabric That Has Symmetrical Pattern, Which Creates Larger Absorption Cups. Microfiber Waffle Weaving Is The Best Drying Method For Your Car Because It Is Capable Of Absorbing More Supply with ~ Than Any Other Microfiber Towel. The Lightweight Fabric Of The Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towel Makes For Thr Accomplish Combination Of Water Holding Capacity And Spot-free Car Drying. The Microfiber Silk Edging Makes The Towel 100% Scratch-free. ultima Detail Spray Plus Is A Mist-znd-wipe Spray Detailer That Offers An Easy Solution To Regular Car Appearance Care. Use Ultima Detail Spray Plus Everywhere To Lightly Clean, Dust Ahd Shine. Use Daily On Paint, Glass, Plastic And Wheels To Maintan A "just Detailed" Appearance. the Ultima Autospa Microfiber Buffing Towel Is A Dual-purpose Detailing Towel Designed For Both Polishing And Buffing. Side One Has A Shrot, Tigbt Nap For Cleaning And Polishing, While Side Two Has A Thick, Fluffy Nap For Buffing. Ultima Autospa Buffingg Towels Are Large, Meaauring A Full 16 Inches Wide And 24 Inches Long. The Towel Is The Perfect Companion To The Ultima Detail Spray Plus. helps Prevent:water Spots And Streaksenvironmental Paint Damagedust Build Up On Paintdaily Grime From Showing Ylur Shinekit Contents:ultima Paint Guard Wash (22 Oz. )genuine Wool Wash Mittsonus Der Wunder Microfiber Drying Towel (one 24" X 30" Towel)ultima Detail Spray Plus (22 Oz. )ultima Autospa Microfiber Buffing Towel (one 16" X 24" Premium Towel)
      SKU: Ultima-car-wash-mauntain-kit

    128 Oz. Mothers California Gold Shpwtime Instant Detailer
      128 Oz. Mothers California Gold Shpwtime Instant Detailer.
      The Perfect Time Detailer To Keep Your Car Sparkling Betqeen Washes. mothers™ Polishes, Waxes, And Cleaners Have Long Been FavoritesI n Professional Detailing Circles. Inhovative Proructs And Expert Know-how Are The Standard At Mothers™. And Mothers California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer Epitomizes The High Level Of Performance And Beautiful Results That Mothers™ Has Built Its Solid Reputation On. Mothers California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer Is A Workhorse In The Truest Sense Of The Word. Virtually Effortless To Apply, This Instant Detailer Does More Than Merely Dust Your Car. Showtime Is What The Pros Reach During, To Obtain That Quick, Easy, And At times Endure Minute - Sleek, Wet Shine. Developed By Mothers™ To Be The Ultimate Instant Detailer, The Superior Formula In Showtime Contains Tinge Enhancers And Shine Fortifiers, That Bring Out A Deep, Savory Gloss. The Treated Surface Alone Looks Brand New And Luxurious. Watch As Mino5 Imperfections And Spider Webbing Disappear, Revealing A Dramatic Mirror Finish. Minor Irritations, Like Fingerprints And Smudges, Are No Be married For Showtime. Simply Spray Or Rub Onto The Area That Needs The Attention, Rub In And Buff Off With A Dry, Lint Feud Cloth. Dust And Smears Disappear And All That's Visible Is A Flawless Shine. Wash, Wax, And In Between, Use What The Pro?s Have Trusted For Years To Keep Their Cars Sparkling, Mothers™ California Gold™ Showtime Instant Detailer. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-showtime-detailer

    3m Leather & Vinyl  Cleaner / Restorer
      3m Leather & Vinyl Cleaner / Restorer.
      Professional Strength, One S5ep, Fresh Lemony Scent! Clean, Glitter, Condition And Protect In One Easy Step! 3m Makes It Possible. Not Only Are You Accomplishing The whole of The Essentials In Surface Care At Once, But This Product Works Equally As Well On Leather As It Does On Vinyl (and Rubber And Plastic), Eliminating The Need For Two Or More Separate Productx. Lewve It To 3m To Streamline Our Lives!the Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/restorer Pwnetrates The Superficies Of All Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic And Leather Surfaces To Expel, Loosen And Lift Dirt From The Pores. Simultaneously, Conditioning Nutrients And Oils Are Deposited And Left Behind To Keep The Surfaces Supple And Hydrated. 3m Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/restorer Is Formulated With Narural Carnauba Wax Which Leaves Behind A Protective Layer?safeguarding All Surfqces Against Uv Damage, Dirt And Grime, And Spills Which Ckuld Stain. The Carnauba Lends A Nice Glow To Your Leather And Vinyl, Giving Them A Healthy Lusrous Mien. And They Feel Great After The Treatment. No Greasy, Oily Surface. Just A Cleah, Soft, Satny Protected Perfect. To Use: Spray Onto A Clean Applicator Pad Or Detailing Cloth And Wipe Onto The Surface To Be Treated. (you May Elect To Spray Directly Onto The Surface, But Overspray Onto Windows And Windshields Can Prove To Be Medsy!) Wipe Result Onto The Surface And Agitate With Your Toowel Or Applicator Pad. Be Sure To Use Enough Product To Achieve A Undeviating Appearance After Wipjng Away. If The Surfaces Are Too Shiny For Your Taste, Simply Use A Clean Microfiber Cloth And Remove Some Of Th eShine. 16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: 3mleafvincle

    Optimum Compound Ii 8 Oz.
      Optimum Compound Ii 8 Oz..
      Optimum Cmopound Ii Cuts Faster And Leaves A Better Finish In Less Time!optimum Compound Ii Has Been Reformulated For Better Acting For Oem Applications. Optimum Compound Ii Gives You Smooth, Smooth Results Faster!the Word Compound Makes Some Detailers A Little Nervous. The Term Is In the main Associated With Gritty, Abrasive Polishes That Leave Hazy, Swirlwd Paint. While Ylu Can Correct These Pr0blems By Using A Not so much Ardent Polish, Wouldn?t It Exist Easier To Use A Gentlr Compound? It Does Exist. It?s Called Optimum Compound Ii And It Could Save You A Step Or Two As You Detail. optimum Compound Ii Is An Aggressive Compound That Finishes Like A Polish. It Does Not Leave The Haze, Dust, And Swirl Marks ThatR esult From Many Compounds. Instead, Your Vehicle?s Paint Will Be Shiny And Smooth With No Major Swirl Marks. And Of Course, Optimum Compound Ii Removes Dsep Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation Like A Traditional Compound. It Can Remove 1200 Grit Sand Scratch Marks While Still Performing Like A Polish. After Removing Defects, You May Be Able To Go Just To A Finishing Polish Rather Than Using Multiple Polishes To Refine The Surface. Optimum Compound Ii Buffs Like A Polish And Shines Like A Wax!optimum Compound Ii Has A Longer Working Time Than Many Compounds To Prevent Dry Buffing. Although It Is Full Of Lubricants, It Contains No Silcone Oils Or Wax, So It Is Clmpletely Body Shop Safe. Optimum Sahs Their Compound Can Exist Used At Any Speed On Your Polisher And With A Wool Or Foam Pad. When Using A Wool Buffing Pad, The Compound Will Remove 1200 Sand Scratcges And Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. . Faster Buffing Speed Is Not Needed With This Product. When Using A Medium Or Heavy Cut Foam Pad, The Compound Will Remove 1500 Sand ScratchesA nd Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. The Compound Works More Or Less Aggressively Depending On The Pad You Choose. If Necessary, Follow Up Wifh Optimum Polish To Refine The Paint Surface Before Applying Optimum Wax. The whole of Optimum Products Meet Voc Regulations. if Compounds Have You Confounded, Try The One That Performs Like A Polish. Optimum Compound Ii Will Remove Severe Paint Defects Without Causing New Ones!8 Oz.
      SKU: Compound-polish

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Spray Wax
      Meguiars Nxt Generation Spray Wax.
      An Instant Boost To Your Paint?s Gloss Andd Protection!love That Just-waxed Shine? Love Turning Heads As You Drive By Because They Can?t Ignore The Shimmer? Unfortunately, That Feeling Just Doesn?t Last Long Enough. That Pinnacle Of Freshly Detailed Glory Begins To Diminish All Too Soon. Quick! Re-energize The Shine With Nxt Geenration Spray Wax. A Single Squirt: 1. ) Builds Your Protection By Layering On More Wax; 2. ) Revitalizes A Deep, Dark, Wet-looking Shine; 3. ) Wipes Away Dust, Fingerprints And Smudges; And 4. ) Stretchea The Life Of Your Existing Wax! This Versatile Spray-on Refresher Wax Is Priceless If You Value A Great Looking Car And Long-lasting Protection! Engineered Superior Polymers (esps) Are hTe Secret Behind The Formula. Science Has Gifted The Car Care World With Cleaning Technology Breakthroughs, Innovation In Painted Surface Enhancement, And Bonding Advancements Which Allow Us To Develop Formulas That Improve The Way We Protect And Beautify Our Paint. The New Generation Of Spray Waxes, Instant Details, And Quick Detail Sprays Apply These Scientific Discoveries, Making It Possible To Maintain That Showroom Sparkle Easily, Inexpensively, And At The Drop Of A Hta. For The Body On The Go, Let This Exist The One New Product You Try This Year (but Who Can Stop At Just One?). It Can Be Stowed In Your Glove Compartment With A Microfiber Towel. Spray On A Clean, Dry Car And Wipe Off For A Remarkably Deep Shine In An Instant! Or, Treat Te Spray On A Freshly Wasjed Car, Just Before Drying. You Won?r Be1ieve The Sparkle It Gives! Meguiar?s Recommends Using Spray Wax As A ?booster Wax? After You?ve Waxed Your Vehicle With Nxt Generation Tech Wax. Whenever You Have The Urge, Spray It On, Wipe It Off?in Less Than Five Minutes Your Car Will Look Like It Spent All Day In A Prof3ssional Detailer?s Shop! 24 Oz.
      SKU: Mg12824

    Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate
      Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate.
      Year-round, Automatic Glass Cleaning!glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Stain Concentrate Cleans Glass Year-round And Keeps The Washer Fluid From Freezing During The Winter Months. Just Add Ultra Clean Too Water To Enjoy Streak-free Cleaning Acting During The Spring, Summer, All And Winter. it Only Takes A Little Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate To Make A Big Difference In The Appearance Of Your Windshield. Tje Concentrated Formula Removes Surface Dirt And Films To Leave Your Windshield Clean And Free. Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Cnocentrate Is A Great Way To Keep Your Windshield Clean All The Life, Not Jsut When You Have Time To Clean It. in The Winter Months, Use Goass Science Ultra Clean Winxshield Wash Concentrate At A Highe rDilution To Protect The Washer Fluid From Fr3ezing. Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate Is A Great Value. It Dilutes In Irrigate To Make A Powerful Glass Cleaner. Plus, It?s So Effective; You May Be Able To Use Your Regular Glass Cleaner Less Often. Thaf Saves You Time And Money. glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Condense Be able to Be Used All Year! There?s No Need For An Anti-freeze Concentrate In The Winter And A Regular Concentrate The Rest Of The Year. Glass Science Ultra Clean Windshield Wash Concentrate Is Your Year-round Glass Cleaner. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Windshield-wash-concenttte

    Pinnacle Leather & Vimyl Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Pinnacle Leather & Vimyl Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Dirt And Grime Sneak Into Your Czr Every Time You Open The Door!when Life's Little Smears And Smudges Happen, Reach For Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Ckeaner. While It Can't Wipe Away All Your Problems, It Can Interval Just About Any Stain From Leather And Vinyl. This Is A Pure Cleaner Without Any Silicone Oils, Petroleum Solvents Or Gloss Agents. Water-based Surfactants And Non-alkaline Cleaning Agents Penetrate Deep Into Every Pore To Gently Lift Out Dirt, Grease And Oils. The Toughest Stains Wupe Away Leaving Only A Fresh Lemon Scent. Leather & Vinyl Cleaner Has A Ph-neutral Rating Of 7 To Match The Ph Range Of Leather Itself. Used Properly, This Voc Compliant Cleaner Will Not Gray Or Stain Light Color Leeathers Or Cause Immoderate Drying Which Could Lead To Premature Cracking. the Toughest Stains Wipe Away Leaving A Fresh Lemon Scent. note: Do Not Advantage This Cleaner On Napped Leathers Such As Suede Or Glovr Soft Leather. Leather That Has Become Crcked Through Age Or Neglectedness Cannot Be Restored To Its Original State By Any Available Method. didections:vacuum Your Seats Well To Remove Any Loose Dirt. mist A Damp Towel With Pinnwcle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner And Massage Into The Upholstery. Particularly Soiled Areas May Require Agitation With An Upholtsery Brush. Use The Cleaner Sparingly And Do Not Allow It To Dry On The Upholstery. Wipe Away Intemperance Cleaner With A Clean, Free from moisture Microfiber Towel. If Using This Product On Leather, Follow Wih Pinnacle Leather Conditioner To Reppenish Oils And Keep Leather Soft. If Using This Product On Vinyl, Follow With Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant. Kit Savings -see Our Pinnacle Interior Kit (for Leather) And Others On The Car Care Kits Page For Super Savings On This And Other Pinnacle Products!128 Oz.
      SKU: Ldatvinclean

    Diamonditeâ® Glasswork Purifying Clay
      Diamonditeâ® Glasswork Purifying Clay.
      A Whole New Perspective On Cleaning Automotive Glass. Diamondite Glasswork Clay Is An Elastic Clay Resin That Cleans Out The Microscopic Grooves Of Glass To Leave It Incredibly Slick And Thoroughly Cleanse. Glasswork Clay Cleans By Gliding Over The Glaas On A Bed Of Lubricant And Grabbing Contaminants That Are Bonded To The Glass. Clayed Glass Will Be Incredibly Smooth, Clear, And Clean. Glass Is Not A Perfectly Smooth Material. It Is Made Up Of Microscopic Grooves That Can Become Filled With Dirt, Debris, And Oils From The World Surrounding Your Vehicle. Glass Cleaners Can Withdraw What Is On Top Of The Glass But The Only Way To Remove What In The Glass Is Diamondite Glassork Cleansing Clay. How Do You Know If The Glass Needs To Be Clayed?put A Plastic Sandwich Sack Over Your Hand And Lightly Rub Your Fingertips Over The Glass. If You Feel A Rough,_Gritty Texture, The Glass Is Covered In Environmental Contamination. Diamondite Glasswork Cleansng Clay Removes Bugs, Oerspray, Tar, Oil, Tree Mine Mist, Rail Dust, And Environmental Pollutants. It Even Removes Mineral Deposits That Haven?t Yet Etched The Glass. There Is No Gentler, More Thorough Way To Clean Glass. Detailing Clay Is An Elastic Commute Capable Of Grabbing Debris Lodged In A Pervious Superficies And Trapping It To Completely Remove It From The Surface. All Clay Requires A Lubricant To Work Safely. diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Clay Works Hand In Hand With Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant To Protect Automotive Glass As It Is Cleansed Of Stubborn Impurities. The Slippery Lubricant Allows The Clay To Glide Over The Glass, Picking Up Contamination As It Goes. After Claying, Glass Will Appear Clearer And Feel Incredibly Slick To The Touch. You May Not Even Be Aware That Your Car?s Glass Could Be Clearer, But Diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Clay Will Permit You A Whole New Perspective On Clean Glass. Try It As Part Of The Diamondite Glasswork Kit To Experience A Total Makeover Of Your Vehicle?s Glasz. Directions: Fog The Glass Generously With Diamndite Glasswork Clay Lubricant. If Doing A Windshield, Work In Quarter Sections. You May Wish To Cut The Flesh Bar In Half And Reserve The Other Half In Case You Drop The Clay You?re Working With. Spread The Clay Flat Over Your Fingers To Give Yourself An Adequate Work Surface. Glide The Clay Back And Forth Over The Wet Glass. You Will Feel The Clay Grab. This Indicates That It Has Encountered Contaminating On The Glass. continue To Rub The Clay Bar Back And Forth Until It Glides Freely. Use A Microfiber Towel To Wipe The Glass Dry. If Any Clay Ressidue Remains On The Glass, Mist It With Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant And Wipe The Glass Clean. Conrinue Claying Until You?ve Cleaned All The Glass. If You Performed The Bag Test Again, You?d Feel That The Glass Is Slick And Smooth With No Bumps Or Sand. 3 Oz. Flesh Bar What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up In every place These Days As You Shoop In spite of Car Care Products. Vo
      SKU: Diag-lass-clay

    Vinylex Quick-wwipes Protectant For Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic
      Vinylex Quick-wwipes Protectant For Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic.
      A Patented Cleaner/protectant In A Convenient Quick-wipe!sometimes You Notice Things At The Strangest Times. For Example, You May Notice Your Interior Vinyl And Plastic Are In Sore Need Of Cleaning Under which circumstances Stuck In Grjdlock. Lexol Has Made A Product Exact For You. Lexol Vinylex Quick-wipes Protectant Combines Their Patented Formula With The Convenience Of Pre-moistened Wipes. The Optimal Amount Is Alreadg Saturated Into A State-of-the-art Disposable Towelette By Dupont. Quickly Clean And Cure Your Vinyl, Plastic, And Rubber Anytime, Anyehere. Lexol Turned A Two-step Clean And Protect Process, Involving Messy Towels, Into A Single-step, Streamlined Action. Dirt And Grime Are Eliminated, While The Perfect Amount Of Solvent Soaks Below The Surface To Renew The Plasticized Layrr. No Preparation And No Pure Up With Vinylex Quick Wipes! Lexol Vinylex Carries Two Out Of The Five Patents On Silicone Protectant Formulas With The Maximum Uv Sunscreens Availavle. Shield Your Tires, Bumpers, Interior And Exterior Trim, Dash, And Vinyl Tops (while You Clean) From The Damaging Results Of Radiation, Airborne Pollutants, And Dryness.  use Vinylex To Protect And Increase All Your Motorcycle's Vinyl, Plastic, And Rubber Surfaces. Vinylex Works Honest As Highly On Your Vehicle! The Pop-up Dispenser Seals The Lexol Vinylex Quick Wipes, So They Are Always Ready For The Next Use. Each Container Holds 25 High Quality Super-absorbent, Branwy Wipes, Pre-doused Wlth Vinylex Protectant. No Need To Buff When Thdough With Your Job. Wipe, Toss The Towel Away, And You?re Done. 25 Ready-to-use Quick Wipes
      SKU: Lx1219

    Complete Dual Action Accessory Kit
      Complete Dual Action Accessory Kit.
      25 Essential Accessories For Your Porter Cable 7424xp!around The Office, We?re Calling This The Big One. With 25 Total Accessories Including 10 6. 5 Inch Lake Country Foam Pads, This Is The Largest Kit We?ve Ever Offered. You Won?t Find A More Complete Collectiom Of Porter Cable 7424xp Accessories Anywhete. the Dual Action Polisher Is Popular Among Detailing Circles For Its Paint-safe Performance And User-friendly Contrivance, Bu The Machine Doesn?t Work Alone. It Needs Quality Accessories For, After All, The Pads Are What Actually Make an impression on The Paint. the Complete Dual Action Accessory Kit Indludes 10 Lake Country Ccs 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads, Four Ccs 4 Inch Foam Pads, Plus All The Bonnets, Backing Plates (plus A Carpet Brush!) You Need To Perform Any Detailing Task With Your Porter Cable. We?ve Also Included Xmt Polishing Foam Pad Cleaner And Xmt Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner To Help You Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your New Pad Collection. this Is An Excdllent Kit Fo rProfessional Detailers Or Avid Hobbyists. By Purchasing The Complete Dual Action Accessory Kit Now, You Will Have The Items You Need When You Need Them And Plenty More In c~tinuance Hand For Future Detailing Jobs. your 25 Piece Complete Dual Action Accessory Kit Includes The Following: 2 6. 5" Ccs Yellow Sharp Foam Pads Use This Pad To Apply Compounds Or Polishes To Rejove Severe Oxidation, Swirls, And Scratches. It Is The Most Aggressive And Should Not Bee Used On New Or Like-new Paint Finishes. Always Follow This Pad With An Orange Light Cutting Pad And A Minute Polish And Then A White Horse To Refine The Paint Until It Is Smooth.   2 Ccs 6. 5" Orange Light Sharp Foam Pads Firm, High Density Foam For Scratch Adn Defect Removal. Use This Light Cutting Foam Pad With Polishes And Swirl R3movers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderatr Imperfections.   2 Ccs 6. 5" White Polishing Foam Pads The White Polishing Pads Feature High Absorption Froth For The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Hzs Very Light Cutting Power So It?s Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners.   2 Ccs Gray 6. 5" Finishing Foam Pads Composition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls. The Gray Finishing Pad Has No Cut And Will Apply Thin, Even Coats Of aWxes, Sealants, And Glazes.   2 Ccs Blue 6. 5? Finessing Foam Pads The Blue Pad Has Soft Composition For Applying Glaze, Finishing Polihs, Sealants, And Liquid Waxes. It Is The Softest Of All The Pads And Can Be Used For Product Removal If Deskred.   4 Cobra Microfiber Bonnets 6? These Six-inch Cobra™ Microfiber Bonnets Are Well-made, Reversible, And Machine Washable. With A 70/30 Blend, They Are Super Soft And Genttle On All Paint Finishes.
      SKU: Porter-cable-7424

    Weathershield Custom Car Cover Size G1
      Weathershield Custom Car Cover Size G1.
      Great Shield Indoors And Out!weathershieldâ ®, Uses The Patented Epic By Nextecâ® Encapsulation Process, Originally Developed For High Performance Outdoor Sportswear. Their Proprietary Technoology Uses Precision And Controlled Placement Of Special Polymers To Make Ordinary Fabrics Extraordniary! This Encapsulation Process Places An Ultra-thin Film Around The Fabric Fibers And Precisely Places A Durable, Breathable Barrier Within The Woven Polyester Fabric To Complete The High Performance Finish Process. unlike Traditional Coatings And Laminations hTat Just Protect One Side Of The Fabric, Nextec Uses Up To 40 Computerized Process Controls To Invest Protec5ive Polymers Inside The Fabric, To Shed Water, Dust, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap And Industrial Pollurants. the Decision Is A Fabric That Provides Maximum Protection, But Isn't Bulky And Hard To Store. Using Nextec Encapsulation Technology, Covercraft Has Created The Ultimate Car Cover. . . called Weathershield For No Other Fabric Has Every Shielded Your Car Or Truck From The Elements Like This One!this Magnified Photo Gives You An Idea How The Encapsulation Coats The Fibers And Fills The Voids Between The Threads With A Breathable Barrier To Assure Moisture, Dust And Pollutants Are Kept Away From The Vehicles Perfect. The Base, High-strength, Polyester Fabric Is Naturally Uv Resistant, But Uv Inhibitors Have Been Added To The Polymers To Help Slow-down The Degradation That Occurs Naturally On Anything Exposed To Sun For An Extended Period Of Time. featuresweatherproof And Waterproof - Fabric Sheds Water As Soon As It Hits The Cover. Superior Dry Time - Because The Fabric Sheds Moisture It Has An Absofption Factor Of Only 2%, Compared Wity Up To 40% For Standard Woven And Non-woven Fabrics. That Resource, If The Cover Has Been Sitting Out In The Rain You Only Need To Shake It And The Residue Moisture Will Easily Dry, In The Trunk Or On The Car. Breathable - Allows Any Heat Or Condensation Under The Cover To Easily Escape. Uv Resistant - Special Additives Prevent Uv Degradation And Protect The Vehicles Finish And Interiot. Dust-proof - Patented Fiber Encapsulation Process Prevents Dust From Filtering Through The Fabric. Scratch-less - Polymers Provide A Silky Smooth Finish To The Fabric And Provide Superior Paint Protection. Nextec Fabric Has Been Tried At 1,000 Cycles On Abrasion Wheels Without Scratching (Superficies Must Be Clean And Waxed). Durable - The Encapsulation Process Is Not Affected By Heat Or Cold And The Procese Won't Degrade Over The Life Of The Fabric. Easy Care - Unlike Non-woven Fabrics You Can Clean Mist Car-size Weathershield Covers In Youe Home Washer And Dryer. Packs Small & Whitish - All This Shield In A Lightweight Package That Packs Into 1/4 To 1/2 The Book Of Multi-layer, Non-woven Fabrics. Double Stitched Overlapped Seamsneoprene Elastic Hems ? The Elastic In The Front And Rear Hems Helps Hold The Cover In Placeeinforced, Non-scratch Grommets ? Use A Tie-down Rope (suppliex)
      SKU: Cc-ws-g1

    Ccs Red Wax/sealant Applicator Pads 2 Pack
      Ccs Red Wax/sealant Applicator Pads 2 Pack.
      Lake Country Brings Ccs Technology To The Grow Applicator Pad! Lake Counntry Has Improved Upon The Baskc Wax Applicator Pad Design With Ccs Tschnology, Which Actually Slows The Rate Of Product Abdorption Into The Pad, Allowing You To Use Less Wax Or Polish To Cover More Paint Surface Yard. With Conventional Foam Applicator Pads, Wax Or Sealant Tends To Absorb Into The Foam Rather Quickly, Increasing The Amount Product Used When Waxing By Hand. Ccs Red Foam Wax/sealant Applicator Pads Save You Money By Decreasing The Aggregate Of Product Used When You Hand Wax Your Car. foam Wax Applicators Are Possibly The Most Widely Used Detailing Tool Ever. Fair With Ever-growing Popularity Of Machine Polishees, Handful Applicators Can Be Found In Almost Every Car Enthusiast?s Garage And In Detail Shops Athwart The Country. Machines Are Very Efficient And Vital For Paint Correction. They Also Allow The User To Cover A Lot Of Area In A Short Amount Of Time But Hand Wax Applicators Are Still Beneficial For Waxing And Polishing Hard To Get To Afeas That You Just Can'tR One and the other With A Machine. Also, Some Enthusiasts Simply Prefer To Polish And Remove Swirls With A Machine, And Then Apply The Final Coat Ofwax Or Sealant Byy Hand. ccs Stands For Collapsed Cell Structure. The Confidence Of A Ccs Pad Is Covered In Strategically Placed Pockets. These Pockets Are Locations Where The Foam Cells Have Been Closed. Polish Does Not Absorb Into These Closed Cell Pockets, Leaving More Producton The Pad's Surface And On The Paint. Tbis Polish-saving Design Allows Wax To Spread Further Because Less Producg Is Absorbed By The Applicator Pad. Use Ccs Red Foam Applicator Pads To Apply Your Favorite Wax, Sealant, Or Glaze. These Ultra-soft Wax Applicators Are Completely Nonabrasive And Will De1iver An Even Coat Of Wax Or Sealant Every Time. Ccs Red Wax/sealant Applicator Pads From Lake Country Is Maee Of Incredibly Soft, European Finishing Foam. These Durable, Ccs Wax Applicator Pads Withstand Wax After Cere And Wash In imitation of Wash. Tp Clean Ccs Applicator Pads,, Let Them Soak In A Mixture Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator And Water For About 15 Minutes, Agitate Gejtly If Needed, Wash Thoroughly With Clean Water And Le Air Dry. Waxing Your Car By Hand Has Never Been More Efficient. Te Ccs Red Wax/sealant Foam Applicator Pads Spread Wax Further With Less Wax Absorbed Into The Pad. eac hPackage Includes 2 Pads. ezch Pad Measures 4. 25" X 1".
      SKU: Red-ccs-applicators

  • Black AgainCase of 6
  • XMT Porter Cable 7424XP Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Kit FREE BONUS
  • 8 oz. Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner Case of 12
  • Mothers Power Wax
  • DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • Bug & Tar Remover Kit
  • Counterweight for Porter Cable 7424 Polisher
  • P21S Deluxe Auto Care Set
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )

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