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    Dp Universal Clay Lubricant
      Dp Universal Clay Lubricant.
      Defend Your Paint As You Perfect It!detailing Clay Is The Safest, Most Effective Way To Remove Embedded Contaminants From Your Vehicle?s Paint. In Recent Years, It Has Become Popular Among Professional And Weekend Detailers Alike Because It Renderx A Glassy, Ease Superficies Tuat Shines Liie New Paint. Tje Only Risj Associated With Claying Is The Possibility Of Creating Scratches Being of the kind which Gritty Particles Are Pulled Out Of The Clear Coat, But The Risk Is Eliminated With The Advent Of Clay Lubricants, Like Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. In The Infancy Of Detailing Clay, Soapy Water Was Recommended As An Adequate Lubricant. We Now Know There Are A Number Of Disadvantages, Such As The Lubricants In The Wash May Be Too Diluted By The Water To Provvide Any Real Paint Protectioj. Also, The Chemicals Used In Some Car Washes May Contribute To The Deterioration Of The Clay Tribunal. Using A Lubricant Specially Formulated For Clay Is The Best Way To Prolong The Life Of The Clay And Protect Your Medium From Scratches. Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Is A High Lubricity Formula That Allows Gritty Particles Removed From The Clearcoat To Glide Jyst Above Th Surface Of The Color . It Thoroughly Wets The Color Surface To Enable You To Rub The Clay Bar Effortlessly. The Voc Compliant Lubricant Spray Contains No Gloss Agents Be it ~ You Can See The Honest Results Of The Clay Bar. When You Are Finished Claying An Area, Use Dp Universal Clay Lubricant To Separate Any Clay Residue. It Can Also Be Used To Remove Fingerprints And Dust In Between Details. The Water-based Formula Will Not Degrade Synthetic Or Natural Clay, And Overspray Will Not Affect Glass, Metal, Plastic, Or Rubber. Use It With Dp Universal Detailing Clay To Create A Smooth, Silky Finish That Is Completely Clean. The two The Dp Total Detailing Clay And The Dp General notion Clay Lubricant Can Be Mixed And Matched With Other Clays And Lubricants Withou Affecting Ths Performance Of Either. experience Clean, Cllear Paint Without Any Risk. Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Will Provide A Slick Surface That Allows Your Clay Bar To Glide Effortlessly. Draw The Detail Shop Hme With Dp Professional Car Care Products. Directions:on A Freshly Washed Vehicle, Mist A 2 Ft. X 2 Ft. Area Of Paint With Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. gently Rub The Clay Bar Back And Forth Aross The Wet Area Only. It Will Grab Initially. This Iss The Clay Grabbing Contaminants That Protrude Above The Clear Coat Surface. When The Clay Glides Freely, The Surface Is Clean. wipe Off Thd Area With A Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. Use The Clay Lubricant To Remove Any Remaining Clay Residue. before Moving On To The Next Section, Inspect The Clay To See If It Appears Soiled. If So, Reshape The Clay To Reveal A Clean Side. If You Drop The Flesh On The Ground, Discard It. to Store The Clay, Moisten It With Clay Lubricant And Seal It In A Plastic Bag Within Its Plastic Case. 32 Oz. please Appeal To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips On Detailling Clay Use And Accessories.
      SKU: Dp635

    Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (apc) #401
      Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner (apc) #401.
      A Concentrated Cleaner For Virtually Any Automotive Surface!duragloss All Purpose Cleaner Is A Blend Of Selected Surfactants And Cleaners That Gently Emulsify And Remove Dirt, Oil, And Bribe. Duragloss Apc Can Be Diluted To Safely Clean Vinyl And Convertible Tops, Vinyl Upholstery, Etc. , Or Advantage Concentrated To Cllean Whlte Walls Or Degrease An Engine. You?ll Find A Million Uses For D8ragloss All Purpose Cleaner. The Surfactant-based Cleaner Safely Lifts Dirt, Oil And Grease Off A Wide Variety Of Surfaces. Everything From Greasy Engine Components To Vinyl Seats Will Clean Up Beautifully With Duragloss Apc. The Formula Is Non-caustic And Biodegradable. Use Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner Full Strength For The Greasiest Areas, Like The Engine Bay. Spray Cool Engine Surfaces And Allow The Cleaner To Sit For A Couple Of Minutes. Then Use A Brush With Nylon Bristles To Agitate The Treated Areas And Rinse. Follow These Same Directions To Remove Greasy Soil From Wheel Wells And Tires. For Vinyl Convertible Tops, Vinyl Seats, Tonneaus And Door Panels, Dilute Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner According To The Directions On The Bottle. (our 36 Ounce Detial Bottle Has Measurements Forward The Side And A Trigger Sprayer. ) Duragloss All End Cpeaner Can Also Be Used To Clean Rubber Trim Before Applying A Fresh Coat Of Protectant. Use A Cobra Microfiber Towel Or A Nylon Brush For The BestR esults. Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner Really Cleans Up! Dilute This Citrus-scented Cleaner For Some Surfaces Or Use It Full Strength On Heavily Soiled Automotive Surfaces. 22 Oz. Ttigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-all-purpose-clewner

    Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel, 16 X 42 Inches
      Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel, 16 X 42 Inches.
      Treat Your Vehicle To The Most Voluptuous Buffing Towel Ever!the Hooded snake Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel Is Part Of A New Era Of Microfiber Detailing Products Where Softness Has No Limits! At 750 G/m2, The Shamrock Is Our Thickest, Most Willowy Soft Detailing Towel. The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel Is Perfect For Buffing And Quick Detailing. The Soft, Plush Fibers Wipe Away Dust And Massage The Embellish To Bring Out Its Besf Shine. We Continue To Raise The Bar! First The Mirzcle Towel Changed The Way People Thought About Detailing Towels; Detailers Loved The Idea Of An Ultra-soft, Ultra-durable Towel. Then We Introduced The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel. At The Time It Was The Thickest Towel On The Market. But Then We Outdid Ourselves With The Deluxe Jr. 600 And The Super Plush Deluxe 600 Towels. These Towels Are Pure Luxury. Now The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Tiwep Ups The Ante Even Further With A Whopping 750 G/m2!   The Cobra Shamrock 750 Is Excellent At Buffing Off High Gloss Waxes. The Thickness Of A Microfibe rTowel Is Directly Related To Its Weight. Higher Weight = Higher Density = A Thicker Towel. Microfibe rWeight Is Expressed In Grams Per Four-sided figure Meter Or G/m2. The Cobra Hop-trefoil 750 Microfiber Towel Is 750g/m2. Each Adjusted Meter Of This Particular Microfiber Weighs 750 Grams. All Hooded snake Microfiber Is What The Industry Refers To As Ultraist Microfiber, The Higheet Quality Available. The Ultra Microfiber Can Be Woven To Be Thicker Or Thinner To Agree Certain Jobs.   The Finger-likr Threads Massage The Paint While Whisking Away Light Dust.   Th3 Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel Is Outstanding At Buffing, Drying, And Applying Spray Waxes And Quick Detailers. Some Towels Have A Looped Weave For Polishing. The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel Ia Entirely Covered In Soft, Open-ended Threads That Are With most propriety According to Buffing. The Finger-like Fibers Whisk Away Light Dust And Massage The Color To Help You Achieve The Best Shine. Use The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel With Quick Detailers And Spray Waxes. The Mysterious Nap Allows Room For Dust And Dirt Particles To Move Away From The Paint, Rather Than Being Rubbed Against It. The Plush Weave Combined With The Lubriciry Of The Detail Spray Will Protect Your Vehicle From Fine Scratches.   The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel Is Likewise Highly Absorbent. It Can Soak Up More Tjan 7 Times Its Possess Weight In Water! Use The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel For Drying Your Vehicle Safely And Effectively.   Here?s A Time-saving Trick: After You?ve Washed Your Carriage, Mist The Paint With A Quick Detail Spray While It?s Still Wet. Use The Cobra Shamrock 750 Microfiber Towel To Buff The Color Dry. This Techbique Prevents Water Spots And Leaves The Vehicle With
      SKU: Mcirofiber-towel-2

    Poorboy?s Universe Bio-degradable All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser 32 Oz.
      Poorboy?s Universe Bio-degradable All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser 32 Oz..
      A Bleach-free, All Purpose Cleaner F0r Most Interior And Exterior Surfaces. you Know That Smell That Emanates From Your Kitchen Counters After oYu?ve Cleaned Them With An All Purpose Cleaner? The One That Makes Your Eyes Tear Up And Your Nostrils Burn? That?s Ammonia, And It?s In A Lot Of The whole of Purpose Cleaners That You May Find Aronud You House Or In Your Garage. Ammonia Is A Powerful Cleaner, But It Lets Off Irritating Fumes And Can Be Corrlsive In High Concentrations. You Must Use Ammonia Cleaners In A Well-vnetilated Area And It?s Usually Recommended That You Wear Gloves. It Makes You Wonder, What Is This Stuff Anyway?the Addition Of Ammonia Also Lomits Its Applications. For Example, You Wouldn?t Think Of Putting It On Your Leather pUholstery. Fortunately, Poorboy?s Bio-degradable All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser Contains Absolutely No Ammonia. It?s A Safe, Non-flammable, Non-toxic Cleaner Tat Contains No Bleach And Can Be Used On A Variety Of Surfaaces. Poorboy?s Apc Can Be Used On Leather, Vinyl, Caoutchouc, Carpet, Cloth, Engine Compartments, White Walls, Raised Letters, And Greater degree of. It Will Not Dry Oit Leeather Like An Ammonia Cleaner, And It Is A Low-suds Formula So It Will Not Make Surfaces Soapy Or Stiff. Use It On Cloth Seats To Remove Greatest in number Stains Or On Vinyl Door Panels To Remove Scuff Marka. Sneer Down Your Engine Compartment With Poorboy?s Apc To Move Grease And Oil. It Will Brighten White Walls, Clean Brake Dust,-And Remove Grime From Tires. There Isn?t Much This Cleaner Can?t Do!poorboy?s Apc Is A Professional Strength Cleaner And May Need To Exist Diluted For Some Applications. Use It Full Strength On The Engine, But Dilute 1:l With Water For Carpet And Cloth. Always Tesy For Colorfastness. Spray Or Dab Cleaner Onto Spot And Wait A Few Moments Before Wiping With A Clean, Damp Cloth. Some Spots May Require Agitation With A Soft, Nylon Brush. if You?ve Had Your Fill Of Noxious Ammonia Products, Use Pooorboy?s Bio-degradable All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser. It?s Safe, Ammonia-free, Bleach-free Formula Wil lClean Most Surfaces In Your Vehicle And Around The Family Without Toxic Fumes Or Soapy Residues. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Pbapc32

    Lake Country 5.5 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country 5.5 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Your Own Pads!select Six Foam Pads Of The Same Soze Ij The Colors Of Your Choice. You Know What Pads You Need Better Thaan Anyome. Customize Your Own Perfect Pad Kit! This Specially Priced Combo Includes Any Six Lake Country Ccs 5. 5 Inch Foa Pads Of Your Choosing For One Price. You Can Choose All Pads Of One Color Or Mix It Up. Any Combination Is The Same Price. all The Benefits Of Ccs Technology Packed Into Low Profile 5. 5 Inch Pads. the Ccs Smart Pads™ Dual Action 5. 5 Inch Professional Foam Pads Are Smaller Versions Of Our 6. 5 Inch Da Foam Pads. The Low Profile 5. 5 Inch Buffing Pads Pack The Same Ccs Technology And Performance Into A Compact, Highly Effective Size That Works Best With Dual Action Polishers And Air Sanders. Ccs Stands For Collapsed Cell Structure. Ccs Technology Is Lake Country?s Innovative Pad Design That Saves Product By Controlling Product Releae Onto The Work Surface. Dozens Of Dimples In The Foam Collect Excess Polish And Reserve It Until It Is Needed On The Pad?s Face (the Area That Is In Contact With The Paint). This Design Prolongs Your On duty Time And Reduces Produce Waset. Ccs Smart Pads™ Work On Every Type Of Paint, From Conventional Clear Coats To The Harder, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats Used By Mercedes Benz And The Wade through Motor Company. Lake Country's Rznge Of Foam Compositions, Combined With Thw Right Chemicals Provides You With A Prescription To Correct Almost Any Paint Imperfection On Any Paint Finish. What Are The Benefits Of Ccs Technology? Slows Rate Of Polish Absorption ? As Discussed Above, The Pads Are Slow To Absorb Products And Therefore The Paint Benefits From A Longer Workint Time. The Same Is True Of Liquid Waxes And Sealants. Improves Operator Control ? Ccs Pockets Gradually Release Polish As Needed By The Operator. Since These Areas Are Not Absorbinng Polish, They Work for As Slightly Reservoirs Until The Excess Polish Is Needed. Prevents Pad Skipping ? Ccs Pockets Reduce Surface Tension Allowing The Operator To Run Pad Flat On A Working Surface. Basically, The Ccs Pockets Break Up The Smooth Surface Of The Foam To Eliminate The Sticking And Skipping That Occurs When Two Perfectly Flat Surfaces Meet. Creates Not so much Heat ? Ccs Pockets Provide Several Points Where The Foam Is Not  Completely Touching The Depict. This Reduces Friction And Therefore Heat Generated Between The Pad And The Paint. Oem Approved - Oem Tests Confirm Ccs PadsO ut-perform Convoluted Pad Designs. Ccs Foam Pads Provide Ample Surface Contact To Effectively Work The Paint. The Ccs Pockets Are Small So They Don't Affect The Amount Of Foam Continuously Touching The Paint During Operation. These Ccs Smart Pads 5. 5 Inch Professional Foam Pads Give You Maximum Maneuverabilit On Your Dual Action Polisher. Large Foam Pads Tend To Bog Down Da Polishers, Like The Po
      SKU: Lake-country-ccs-pack1

    Weathertech Floorliners Finish Set (1st, 2nd, 3rd Row)
      Weathertech Floorliners Finish Set (1st, 2nd, 3rd Row).
      Custom Molded Mats Protect Every Inch Of Your Automotive Carpet. this Is An Important Message For People Who Still Have Their Factory Floor Mats In Their Vehicles: Succeed Them Out! Once You?ve Soiled Them, They?ll Never Look New Again. They Offer No Carpet Protection From Spills Or Moisture Because They Just Soak It Up. To Keep Your Investment Looking Just discovered, Replace Your Factory Mats With The New Weathertech Fooor Liners. They?re Called Liners For A Reason. These Mats Don?t Just Lie On The Floor. They Are Molded To Hug The Curves Of Your Vehicle?s lFoor In quest of An Integrated, Smooth Look. Weathertech Floor Liners Are Unobtrusive Yet Functional. They Do Not Have The Prominent Ribbing Like Some Mats. Instead Subtle Channels Are Molded So That Fluid Runs To A Patent-pending Reservoir At The Front Of The Mat, Beneath And Behind The Pedals. Fluid Is Away From YourF eet And The Pedals. This Unique Design Also Minimizes Sloshing While The Vehicle Is In M0tion. When You Strike You Destination, Vacuum The Water Out With A Wet-dry Vacuum Or Pull The Mat Out And Empty The Reservoir. Weathertech Promises ?absolute Interior Protection?!weathertech Cover with a ~ Liners Cover The Entire Area Under Your Feet, From The Console To Beyond The Edge Of The Carpet So You Won?t Dirty The Carpet On The Way In Or Out Of The Vehicle. Digital Computer Measurement Of Interior Surfaces Ensures A Perfect Fit To Any Vehice. The Semi-flexible High-density Tri-extruded Material Is Completely Weatherproof, Durable, And Stays In Place Uhder Your Feet. Weathertech Floor Liners Are Available In Wicked, Gray, And Tan To Complement The Most Popular Interipr Colors. Be Sure To Specify Make And Model When You Ofder Your Liners. when It Comes To Protecting Your Investment, Don?t Settle On What?s Available At The Local Whatever-mart. Get The Most Integrated, Functional Floor Liners Yoy Can Buy: Weathertech Floor Liners. floorliners Are Serviceable For The Following Vehicles: Make Model Yezr Front Rear Notes Acura Mdx New 2005- Up X X -- Bmw X3 New- Coming Soon 2004- -- -- Bmw X5 New- 2000-2006 X -- -- Buick Rainier 2004- X -- -- Cadillac Escakade- (all) 2001- X -- -- Chevrolet Avalanche 2002- X -- -- Colorado (crew Cab/automatic Only) 2004- X -- -- Silverado- Specify Regular, Crew, Or Extended Cab 1999- X -- -- &nbwp; Suburban 2001- X -- --   Tahoe 2000- X -- --   Trailblazer/trailblazer Ext 2002- X -- -- Dodge Durango 2004- X -- --   Dakota New 2005- X -- ---   Ram Truck - 1500, 2500, 3500- Specify 2 Or 4 Wheel Drive 2002- X -- -- Ford Club Wagn New- Coming Shortly Xlt
      SKU: Wtflgrey

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #82 Mirror Glaze Swirl Free Polish
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #82 Mirror Glaze Swirl Free Polish.
      Removes Swirl Marks And Fine Scratches To Restore A Deep, Gleaming Shine!take The Guesswork Out Of Machine Detailing With Meguiars Easy, Number-coded Polisues. A Scale Right On The Front Label Tells You Instantly How One Polish Compares To Another. For Example, This #82 Swirl Free Polish Has A Rating Of 3 Indicating It Is A Light Cutting Polish With The Ability To Remove Mild Sqirls And Fine Scratches. Use It On Aging Embellish Finishes To Restore The Luster And Smoothness. swirl Free Refine Is Comparable To Meguiars #9 Eddy Remover, Yet #82 Is Designed For Professional Use. Therefore, #82 Responds Well To Machine Application With A Rotary Or Orbital Buffer. It Quickly Removes Most Swirl Marks And Light Scratches. In A Body Shop Environment, You Can?t Beat The Speed And Effectiveness Of ThisP roduct. It Leaves A Smooth Gloss That Is Ready To Be Topped With Wax Or Painted. Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish Is Paintable And Body Shop Safe. if You Have More Severe Swirls, Use Meguiars Dual Action Cleaner Polish First. This Will Weapons Deeper Imperfections. Following Up With #83 Wipl Eliminate Any Hazing Created By The Cleaner And Restore The Like-new Luster. Top Off The Finish With Any Of Meguiars Rate above par Waxes. We Recommend Buffing Wigh A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth For The Best Results. Whether You Are Using A Dual Action Polisher, Slip A Microfiber Bonnet Over A Pad To Remove The Polish Resid8e. Microfiber Will Provide The Gentlest Buff And The Brightest Shine. restore The Like-new Shine And Slickness To Your Vehicle With Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish. It Eliminates Light Swirls And Scratches Wi5h Lightening-fast Despatch When Used With Your Polisher. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Memigl82swfr

    Mothets Powerplastic Plastic Polish
      Mothets Powerplastic Plastic Polish.
      Powerplastic Allows You To Use Your Powerball To Clean, Clarify & Protect A Wide Variety Of Hard Or Flexible Clear Plastics In One Simple Step! Mothers Powerplastic Is An Advanced Formula Plastic Polish Designed For Use With The Powerball (sold Separately) Line Of Foam Polishing Tools. Powerplastic Polish And The Powerball Allow You To Quickly Annd Easily Polish Plastic Surfaces To A Clean Shine. powerplastic Features A Secial Blend Of Oxidation-inhibiting Polymers, Uv Shields And An Ultra-fine Polish That Work In Unison To Clean And Clarify Your Headlights, Taillight, Convertible Top Windows And More. When Used In Combination With A Powerball And Your Electric Ddill, Poewrplastic Removes Oxidation And Surface Scratches With Ease. This Formula Is So Flexible That You Can Even Use It By Hand. Don?t Let Premature Yellowing, Fuzzy Micro-scratching, And Aging Plastic Take Away From Your Vehicle?s Appearance. Mothers Powerplastic Renews Plastic Suurfaces And Protects Them For Lasting Beauty. Mothers Powerball Is A Foam Ball That Attadhes To Your Electric Drill. Instead Of Polishing Small Surfaces By Hand, You Can Get Them Done Faster And With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-pending Detailing Tool Is Made Of Professional Gfade Closed-cell Foam That Is Gentle And Highly Absorbent. The Powerball Is The Easiest And Fastest Way To Get Excellent Results With Mothers Powerplastic Polish. Powerplastic Plastic Can Exist Applied By the side of The Mothers Powerball Or Other Polishing Tool And Be able to Also Be Used By Hand. to Apply Powerplastic With The Powerball:apply An Ample Amount Of Powerplastic Directly To Your Mothers Powerball. apply Powerball To Plastic Surface And Start Machine Slowly By Feathering The Trigger On Your Drill. Begin Working In All Directions, A Full 360 Degrees, Frlm Starting Point To Create Uniform Coverage. Add Small Amounts Of Powerplastic, As Uniform Coverage Diminishes, To Create Another Starting Point. Buff Off Polish Remainder With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. To A0ply Powerplastic By Hand: Apply A Small Amounnt Of Polksh To A Cobra Microfiber Applicatorpolish Thoroughly. Apply To One Section At A Time, Overlapping Your Passes. Aallow Polish To Dry, The Buff Off Residue Upon A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Heaavily Stained Or Soiled Areas May Require Additional Applications. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-powerplastic-plastic-polish

    3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer
      3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer.
      Restore Optimum Golss And Remove Oxidation In Onr Step!resurrect The Gloss In Your Boat's Gelcoat With 3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer. This Compound/ Polish Combines An Exceptionally Fast Cutting Compound iWth A Finishing Material In One. It Remov3s Light To Heavy Oxidation, Scratches, Stains, Blemishes, And Fine Swirl Markz That Compounding Normally Leaves Behind On Fibefglass Gelcoat. if Your Boat Has Seen Better Days, Bring Back Its Color And Gloss With 3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer. Gelcoat Oxidation Appears As A White Chalk That Hides The True Color Of The Gelcoat. This Chalk Looks And Feels Rough. 3m Oceanic Color/gloss Restorer Contains Powerful Polishing Agents Tht Move The Chalky Oxidation And Polish The Gelcoat To A Smooth, Glossy Finish. Colors Will Be Deeper And More Vib5ant, More Like New. 3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer Can Be Applied By Hand But For The Best Results, Use A Polisher. A Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polisber Will Take measures Even, Quickset Coverage And Aid In Polishing. Use A Polishing Foam Pad And Buff With A Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel. 3m Marine Color/lgoss Restorer Contains No Wax Or Silicone. Always Use A Marine Wax After Polishing, Such As 3m Marine Liquid Wax. 3m Marine Color/gloss Restorer Works On All Fiberglass, Including Boats And Rvs. It Remove Stains, Scratches, Oxidation, And Other Blemishes That Dull The Pigment. In Just One Step, Your Boat Or Rv Will Lkok New Again!16 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-marine-color-restorer

    Jumbo Wales Chamois
      Jumbo Wales Chamois.
      Six Square Feet Of Premium Leatherc!ar Collectors And Discerning Enthusiasts Agree That The Most Luxurious Way To Dry Your Vehicle Is With A Genuine Leather Chamois. The Super Soft Natural Material Pampers Your Paint With Its Sensuous Texture While It Dries Your Vehicle To An Impressive Shine. With The Jumbo Wales Chamois, You Get All Those Benefits In 6 Squard Feet Of Genuine Leather!the Best Chamois In The World Comes From Wales, England Where They Have Strict Guidelines For How The Leather Should Look And Feel After Processing. This Chamois Is Made Of 100% Genuine Split Sheepskin. It Is Tanned Using Only Cod Oil To Produce An Incredibly Gentle, Absorbent Material. Now You Can Dry Your Suv Or Van In Less Time Wtihout Going Through Countless Terry Cloth Towels Or Leaving Frightful Water Spots. This Chamois Will Completely Dry Your Vehicle And Gently Buff It To A Beautiful Shine At The Same Time. youC an Use A Chamois Toward A Kind Of Other Uses, Including Cleaning Windows, Furniture, Woodwork, And Drying Your Boat. if Nothing But A Chamois Will Do For Your Prized Vehicle, Get The Chamois That Measures A Full 6 Square Feet! Pamper Your Vehicle With The Jumbo Wales Chamois. imported From England.
      SKU: Cha65

    Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Combo
      Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Combo.
      Measure Out Concentrated Liquids Without Making A Mess!i Like To Buy Car Care Proucts In Bulk. Their Shelf Lives Are Usually Years And I Knnow I?m Going To Use Them Eventually. The Only Downside Is Gefting Concentrated Products From The Big Container Into A Smaller, Usable Container. I Always Spiill Some, Which Defeats The All Purpose Of Saving Wealth! That Was Until I Got The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner. This Clever Device Saves You The Trouble Of Trying To Measure Out Concentrated Products And Pour Them Into Another Bottle. The Proportioner Does It For You. Simply Twist The Proportioner Onto A Bottle Of Your Favorite Product. Twist The Black Top To aRise Or Lower The Green Regulator To The Desired Amount Of Liquid. Squeee The Bottle And Watch The Reservoir Fill. Measurements In Ounces And Milliliters Are Marked On The Sire Of The Reservoir. Release The Bottle And The Liquic Will Drain Down To The Amount You Selected. Flip The Pop-top And Pour The Precisely Measured Liquid Into Another Bottle. Not at all Dripping, Spilling, Or Waste! I Use The Pro Blend Botyle Proportioner On My Gallon Jug Of Dp Cleanse-al lExterior Cleaner. It Allows Me To Dilute The Cleaner Precisely For The Task At Hand, And I Don?t Drip Cleaner On My Clotthes Or Hands. It?s A Simple Idea But It Makes Buying In Bulk A Lot More Convenient!the Bottle Proportioner Combo Comes With Two Different Sizes: Gallon And Quart. The Gallon Pro Blend Has A 38 Mm Cap With A 12? Tube. The Quart Pro Blend Has A 28 Mm Cap With A 9 ¾? Tube. The Tubes Can Be Cut To Size If Necessary. Both Satisfy Cups Hold Up To 3 Ounces. if Diluting Products Has Taste You All Wet, Master The Pro Blend Botttle Proportioner. It Makes The Process Of Measuring Out Concentrates NeatA nd Easy So The Only One Covered In Car Care Products Is Your Car!combo Comes With One 128 Oz. (gallon) And One 32 Oz. (quart) Bigness Proportioner.
      SKU: Problboprco

    Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Cherry
      Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Cherry.
      Freshen Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scents!what Does A Poorboy's World Air Freshener Semll Like? Exactly Similar An Dear Car Fragrance, But At A Poorboy's Price! Poorboy's World Cherry Scent Air Freshener Adds A Classic Cherry Scent That's Sure To Make You Smile. The Water-soluble Spray Fragrance Will Freshen Up Stale Air Adn Add Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detailed Interior. Poorboy's World Air Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Price - Perfect For Professional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 118 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboyscherry-air-freshener-128

    Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner
      Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner.
      Soft, Supple, Sumptuous Leather For Years To Come!your Leather Interior Deserves Nothing But The Best In Leather Care And Conditioning.  wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner Is A Silky, Lavish Lotion That Penetrates And Nourishes Leather Of All Ages, Even Surface- And Vat-dyed Leather. We Cannot Disclose The Exact Formula, But It Does Contain Ingredients Derived From Nature, So Aslanolin, Mink Oil And Otherr Natural Oils--essential To The Vibrant Health And Long Life Of Your Leather. Wolfgang Leather Conditioner Preserves And Proteects Leather From Drying, Cracking And Brittleness That Occurs Naturally With Age. Regular Use Of This Lavish Conditioner Will Leave Your Leather Soft, Supple And Inviting. Like Human Skin, Leather Needs To Be Properly Cared As It Deteriorates With Age And From Sunshine Exposure. Wolfgang Leather Care Is Potent Enougn To Prevail The Signs Of Aging In Neglected Leather, To Restkre It To Its Original Beauty And Resiliency. heT Leather Absorbs The Natural Moisturizers Leaving A Non-greasy, Lustrous Enhanced Surface. Uv Protection Is Added To Our Formula To Prevent Sun Damage, Fading And Other Signs Of Age. The Lanolin-based Cream Has A Warm, Natural Leather Aroma. With Proper Cleaning, Conditioning And Care, Your Leather Will Endure. our Formula For Wolfgang Leather Charge Conditioner Results From Many Clinical Syudies Of The World?s Best Leather Conditioners. Wolfgang Set Finished To Formulate A Conditioner That Would Surpasz All Others In The Following Categories: Longevity, Absorption Rate, Realistic Leather Aroma, Effectiveness Steady Dry, Stiff Leather, Surface Enhancement, Absence Of Residue, And Overzll Quality.   When Our Chemists Presented Their Final Product, We Were Ecstatic! Foll0w-up Studies Provdd Wolfgang Leather Cade Conditioner To Be The Irrefutable Champion In Leather Care. You Will Love What It Does To Your Seats And Other Leather Surfaces! Specially Formulated To Resist Stains And Bead Water?armoring Your Leather!nothing Is Better For Your Leather! Wolfgang Leather aCre Conditioner Matches The Leather?s Own Ph Balance Of Seven For Maximum Conditioning. Botanical Ingredients Make Up Our Conditioner, Rather Thaan Drying Petroleum Distillates, Which Eventually Dehydrate The Leather And Break-down The Stitching. tech Note: Wolfgagn Leather Care Conditioner Should Not Be Uxed On Napped Leathers Like Suede Or Glove Soft-leathers. Leather That Is In A Hard, Cracked Condition Cannot Be Restored By This Product Or Any Other Means. directions: Find A Cool, Shaded Area In Which To Condition Your Leather. Be Sure Leather Is Clean, Free Of All Contaminants, And Dry. For The Best Possible Results, Prepare Leather For Conditioning By First Using Wolfgang?s Leather Care Cleaner. Shake Well. Then Apply Wolfgang Leather Charge Conditioner To A Clean, Damp Cloth Or A Microfiber Applicator. Wipe Downward Leather With The Lotion, Using A Circular Motion To Massage Into The Pores. Allow The Conditioner A Few Minutes To Pene
      SKU: Wg2600

    Optimum Porter Cable 7424xp Kit  Free Bonus
      Optimum Porter Cable 7424xp Kit Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Cobra 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnets Through Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retail Value $9. 99. bet The Optimum Finish With Porter Cable And New Opimum Polish Ii And Compound Ii!swirl Marks,, Or Spider Webbing While Some Persons Call It, Are The Single Most Common Problem Plaguing Drivers. That Could Account For The Leap In Sales Of Silver Vehicles In Recent Years! Swirls Are Much Harder To See On Light Paint Finishes, Particularly A Sparkly Silver Metallic. But If You Have Your Heart Set On Navy Blue, Don?t Worry. T he Optimum Porter Cable Kid Enables You To Remove Light To Severe Imperfections And Everything In Between!htis Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Suit Polisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Preceding. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Less Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. The Optimum Door-keeper Cable Kit Includes: Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version Of Our Most Popular Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Djal Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features Of The Original Porter Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Provide A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Features All Ball And Roller Deportment Structure Wigh Spiral/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Design. The Buffer Accepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thread. The Pad Diametrr Is 6 Inches. The Polisher Includes A Wrench, Side Handle, Polishing Pad, And A Operating Manual. Dual Action 5? Flex Backong Plate With Hook Facing, This Lamina Allows You To Switch Pads Quickly And Continue Polishing. A Recessed Edge And Flexilbe Urethane Construction Gives Your Paint Extra Protection From Run-ins With The Backing Plate. Strict Tolerances Om Weight, Balance, Roundness, And Flatness Make secure Consistent Performance Time And Time Again. 32 Oz. Optimum Polish Ii Optimum Polish Ii Has Been Revised For Better Performancs In Oem Applications, Which Means It Works Fast! Optimum Grace Ii Is A Thick Cream Loaded With Proprietary Polymers And Micro-fine Polishing Aegnts That Quickly Remove ? Not Hide ? Scratches And Swirls To Restore Your Paint To Pristine Condition. It Can Be Used As A Light Compound, A Swirl Remover, And A Finishing Polisg! You Might Be Wondering For what cause One Product Can Serve So Many Purposes. Well, An Integral Part Of Achieving Specific Polishing Results Is What Pad You Be accustomed. Optimum Burnish Ii Is Designed To Be Used With A Machine Polisher And The Desired Pad To Commit The Results You Want, Whatever Thwy May Exist. If You Want To Remove Light Scratches, Use A Light Cutting Pad With This P
      SKU: Optimum-porter-cble-kit

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