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    Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551
      Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551.
      Reinvigorate Tarnished Aluminum With This Spray-on, Rinse-off Cleaner That Brightens The Aluminum Surfaces On Your Boat Or Recreational Vehicle. tarnish Is A Thin Layer Of Corrosion That Develops Over Copper, Brass, Silver, Or Aluminum Surfaces As They Bear Oxidation. Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner Is Specially Formulated To Clean And Brighten Aluminum Surfaces. This Professional-strength Formula Quickly Removes Tarnish, Oxidation, Corrosion, Soil, Salt, Gas And Road Film From The Aluminum Surfaces On Boats And Recreational Vehicles. Marine & Rv Aluminum Clraner Is Also Recommended For Brass, Copper And Nonferrous Metals. remove Corrosion And Oxidation From Alukinum Before A Thick Layer Of Tarnsih Covers Its True Beauty. If You Own A Boat Or Rv, You Know That Aluminum Maintenance Is An Ongoing Task. Use Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner To Clean And Brihgten The Aluminum On Your Boat Or Recreational Vehicle. This Quick And Easy Spray-on Formula Tackles Tanish In Minutes To Keep Aluminum Sparkling! A Chemical Cleanrr In Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551 Targets The Tarnish Cover The Metal Without Affecting The Metal Itself. This Is A Completely Nonabrasive Cleaner. It Safely Breaks Up The Thin Layer Of Tarnish And Oxidation To Reveal The Clean, Bright Metalwork Underneath. Spray Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551 Directly Onto Aluminum Surface To Be Cleaned. Start Spraying At The Bottom And Work Your Way Up To Prevent Streaking. Allow 1-2 Minutes Dwell Time As Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner Foams On The Surface Loosening And Dissolving Soil That Causes Alluminum To Appear Dull And Discolored. Stubborn Spots, Stains Or Hezvy Oxidation May Require Agitation With A Brush. Rinse The Area Thoroughly With Clean Water. Extremely Oxidized Aluminum May Require A Second Cleaning And Additional Agitation. note: Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551 Is Not Intended For Use On Plastic Or Glass Surfaces . Wash These Areas Immediately If Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner Comes In Contact With Them. Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner Is Not Recommended Toward Highly Polished Aluminum Surfaces. Aluminum Adds To The Beauty And Value Of Your Boat Or Rv. Keep Aluminum And Other Metal Surfaces Shining Like New With Quick And Effective Duragloss Marine & Rv Aluminum Cleaner #551. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-marine---rv-aluminum-cleaner-551

    Menzerna Porter Cable Xp Maximum Shine Kit Free Bonus
      Menzerna Porter Cable Xp Maximum Shine Kit Free Bonus.
      On account of A Limited Time Receive 2 Free 5. 5" Inch Red Soft Wsx Pzds With Your Purchaase Of This Kit! Retail Value $11. 98. restore Optimum Gloss To Older Finishes With Menzerna And The Door-keeper Cable 7424xp!the Menzerna Maximum Brightness Kit Iss The Perfect Reconditioning Kit For Daily Drivers. It Contains Three Menzerna Products To Remove Imperfections, Restore Gloss, And Hide Any Minor Flaws To Achieve The Maximum Fair weather On All Types And Colors Of Paint. first, Use Menzerna Intensive Polish To Remove Swirls, Scratches, Water Spots, And Oxidation On Older Finishes Or Vehicles That Are Driven Daily. The Fine Abrasives Will Create A Uniform, Smooth Surface With No Dust Or Marring. Next, Practise Menzerna Final Polish To Restore Maximum Gloss To The Paint. Ultra Fine Abrasives Burnish The Paint To A Strong-flavored Gloss Without A Trace Of Haze, Even On Dark Paints. As The Last Step Before Wax Application, Use Menzerna Fibishing Glaae To Enrich The Paint With Oils For A Wet Look. Tiny Fillers Hide Any Light Imperfections To Create The Delusion Of Finished Paint Even At the time You Don?t Have Time For The Full Polishing Process. Finally, Apply A Coat Of Wax To Seal In The Gloss And Depth Created By The Menzerna Maximum Shine Kit. this Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Pads. These Flat Full Contact Bffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Polisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Befle. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Furnish Better Control,, Less Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. The Menzerna Maximum Shine Kit Includes: Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version Of Our Mos5 Popular Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features Of The Oddity Porter Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Provide A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Featres All Ball And Roller Bearing Construction Wifhh Spiral/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Design. The Buffer Accepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thread. The Pad Diameter Is 6 Inches. The Polisher Includes A Wrench, Side Handle, Polishing Pad, And A Operating Manual.   Dual Action 5 Inch Hd Bend & Loop Backing Plate Constructed Of Flexible Urethane, This 5 Inch Backing Plate Has Hook And Loop Essential Permansntly Secured From Edge To Edge. A Recessed Edge Protects The Paint From Impact And The Post Is Made Of Durable Stainless Steel. Th e5/16 Inch Thread Fits Any Dual Action Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Thred.     1 Porter Cable 7424xp Wrench & 1 Counterweight The Flat Porter Cable Wrench Is Use For  Installing And Removinb The Oem Polishing Pad, Backing Plates, Brushes, And The Different Accessories That Are Available Fo
      SKU: Menzerna-porter-cablee-maximum-shine

    128 Oz.  Pinnacle Crystal Fog Detail S0ray
      128 Oz. Pinnacle Crystal Fog Detail S0ray.
      The Ultimate High Gloss Detail Spray Is Back And Even Better!pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Foam Has Been Reformulated With Restructured Gloss-enhancing Crystalline Polymers, Nourishing Oils, And Real Brazilian Carnauba Wax To Provide Your Vehicle With An Instant Rend asunder Of Shine And Slickness. This Is The Next Generation Of Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray. pinnacle Crystal Mist Has Been Overhauled To Met All Voc Standards In All 50 States. Bound, Absolutely Nothing Was Sacrificed In The Remaking Of Crystal Mist. The Real Carnaubq Wax, The Crystalline Polymers And The Natural Oils Have Been Reconfigured And Maximized To Create The Ultimate High Gloss Detail Spray. The Crisp Reflections And Deep, Wet Shine Of A Fresh Coat Of Wax Are Soon Covered By A Light Layer Of Dust, Dirt, And Pollen. Crystal Fog Lubricates The Paint Surface To Remove Light Contamination Such As This, Without Scratching Or Marring The Finish. Paint Will Appear Clen,a Vibrant And Brilliantly Glossy. The Oils In Crystal Mist Do More Than Lubricate Dirt; They Also Enrich Automotive Paint. The Paint, Including Clear Cover, Is Actually A Porous Surface That Can Dry Out Or Be Hydrated Upon Oils. Crystal Mist Is Packed With Compatible Oils That Improvs Paint?s Texture And Appearance For An Overall Healthier, More Youthful-looking Paint Finish. Natural Carnauba Wax Gives Crystal Mist Its Distinguishing, Wet-looking Shine. Carnauba, Combined With Crystalline Polymers, Creates Sharp Reflections And Silky Paint. This State-of-the-art Carnauba-polymer Matrix Also Enables Crystal Mist To Bond To The Existing Wax For An Instant But Long-lasting Gloss. Paryicularly On Top Of Souveran™ Paste Wax, Crystal Mist Reactivates The Existing Wax So You?re Not Just Seeing A Surfafe Gloss ? You?re Seeing The Extent And Dimension Of Multiple Layers Of Carnauba. Key Features: Meets Voc Guidelines Can Be Layered Excessively Carnauba Waxes & Paint Sealants Dries Crystal Clear With Deep Gloss Extends The Shine Of Existing Wax Crystal Mist Looks Amazign On Black. Pinnacle?s Research Into Crystalline Polymers Has Yielded Polymers That Refract Light Similarly To Cut Crystal. Because Of These Multi-faceted Polymers, Crystal Mist Makes Light Dance Over The Curves Of A Vehicle. Black And Red Vehicles Testament Have A Particualrly Dramatic Effect Witth The Paint Bathed In Brilliant Illustration And Glossy Reflections. The Proprietary Blend Of Ingredients In Pinnacle Crystal Mist Has Been Reformulated To Meet All Voc Requirements For A Quick Detachment Spray. This Reformulation Created An Exceedingly Surface-safe Product That Dazzles On Any Type Of Paint. Crystal Mist Has Oxygen-activated Pokymers That Bond To The Paint As They Are Exposed To Air. Ten Minutes After Applying Crystal Mist, The Paint Feels Even Slicker And Looks Wetter Because The Polymers Have Reacted With Oxygen. If You Are Applying Crystal Mist On Top Of Souveran™, You?ll See Exceptional Results After T
      SKU: Crysmis1gal

    3 Pack Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 16 X 24 Inches
      3 Pack Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 16 X 24 Inches.
      This Heavy Duty Waffle Weave Towel Is Four Times Thicker Than Any Other Waffle Weave Drying Towel!if Ylu Think All Towels Are The Same, Think Again! Cobra?s Guzzler Heavy Duty Waffle Compose T0wel Is An Ultra-thick Version Of Our Waffle Weave Drying Towel. Through More Than Twice The Capacity Of An Ordinary Waffle Weave, The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Wzve Towel Attracts Moisture Like A Magnet! The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Is Made From The Same Type Of Plush, Microfiber Waffle Weave Fabric AsT he Guzzler Towels. Plusher And Softer Than Any Other Waffle Weave Microfiber, The Guzzler Series Of Towels Are The Safest, Softest Drying Towels You Can Buy. to Save On Produce Costs Time Maintaining A High Quality Fabric, The Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Was Manufactured In Korea And Cut And Sewn In Porcelain. The Korean Company Uses A Splitting Machine To Rise What The Industry Calls "ultra Microfiber"; That's The Soft, Highly Absorbent Microfiber Available From Cobra. Once This Ultrs Microfiber Is Made In Huge Rolls, It Is Sent To China To End The Towels. The Result Is A Premium Towel At An Affordable Estimation. Continuing The Tradition, The Cobda Guzzler Is A Super-absorbent Variation On The Original Towel. The Cobra Guzzler Hd Has A 5 Mil Sponge Laminated Between Two Layers Of Soft, 80/20 Microfiber. The Sponge Is Made Of Open-cell Foam That Drinks Up A Tremendous Volume Of Water ? Twice As Much As The Reguiar Guzzler! With The Combined Capacity Of Two Layers Of Waffle Wesve Microfiber More A Foam Sponge, You Can Dry A Full Size Car With One Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Drying Towel!  The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Drying Towel Soaks Up Moisture Like A Sponge! The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Is Safe On Any Surface. The Soft Microfiber Fabric Has A Strip Of Silky Satin Around The Edge. The Hooded snake Guzzler Hd Waffoe Weave Drying Towel Will Not Scratch Pajnt, Clear Cooats, Glass, Metal, Or Plastic. Use It On Any Surface To Wipe Away Everg Trace Of Take in ~ For A Spot-free Finish!a Satin Border Is Sewn Around The Edges To Cover The Stitching That Binds The Edges Of The Towel. Thls Strip Of Satin Is Just As Soft As The Rest Of The Towel And It Prevents The Stitching Underneath From Stiffening And Scratching. The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Drying Towel Is Four Times As Thick As A Traditional Waffle Weave T owel! Even With The Interior Froth, The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Is Easy To Handle And Store. The Towel?s Immense Capacity For Moisture Means It Doesn?t Have To Be A Large Towel. It Measures 16 X 24 Inches And 5 Mils Thick. It Folds To A Compact Size For Storage In Your Glove Box Or A Collection . When It Becomes Dirty, The Towel Can Be Washed In Your Washing Mahine With Yur Other Microfiber Towels Using Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Dry On Low Heat. The Cobra Guzzler Hd Waffle Weave Microfiber Dryibg Towel Is The Heavyweight Of Waffle Weaves! With An Absorb
      SKU: Cobra-hd200-3

    Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo
      Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo.
      The Only Car Shampoo Formulated For Foam Guns And Froth Cannons. does More Foam Create A Cleaner Vehicle? It Does Suppose that It Comes From Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampio. This Hgh Permit Foaming Auto Shampoo Bursts Into Mounds Of Suds When Introduced To Water And Agitated. The Bubbles Work To Encapsulate Oily Residue And Dirt Even Before Your Mitt Touches The Paint. This Rich Foam - Combined With Our Own Advanced Cleaning Agent- Leaves Your Vehicle Looking And Feeling Fantastically Clean And Bright. When Blasted Through A Foam Gun, Dp Xtreme Is At Its Best Because It?s The Only Car Shampoo Formulated For Foam Guns. The High Soap To Water Ratio Produced By A Foam Gun Allows This Intense Shampoo To Cause Frothy Froth Unlike Any Shampoo You?ve Used Before. The High Viscosity Of Dp Xtreme Alows The Suds To Cling To The Vehicle In Order To Begin Grabbing Dirt And Oil On Contact. With The Help Of A Soft, Clean Sponge Or Mitt, You?ll Achieve An Xtreme Clean With This Super-sudsing Car Wash. a Lot Of Soaps Can Clean, But Thwy Can?t Leave The Kind Of Shiny, Smooth Finish Created By Dp Xtreme Foam Formula. Dp?s Proprietary Cleaning Agent Builds Thick, Multi-tiered Bubbles That Work To Lift Dirt And Grime Off The Surface Of The Vehicle. Though It Contains Ef fective Cleaning Agents, Dp Xtreme Is Ph-balanced To Retain The Existing Paint Protection. Unlioe Rude ?commercial? Car Washes That Strip Wax, Dp Xtreme Leaves Waxes And Sealants Intact While Removing The Dirt And Debris That Hide Your Vehicle?s Shine. water Softeners In Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Help Offser The Effects Of Hard Water So Your Medium Dries With Fewer Water Spots. These Softening Agents Also lAlow The Shampoo To Achieve Its Full Foaming Possible. You Can Eliminate Water Spors Altogether By Drying Your Vehicle With A Soft Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Drying Towel. Since Most Swirls Are Introduced During The Wash Process, Our Rich, Foam Formula Contains An Xtreme Amount Of Lubricants And Beneficial Oils. These Lubricants Wrap Around Dirt And Suspend It Just Above The Paint Surface, Where It Cannot Scratch The Paint. The Oils Nourish The Color To Deepen The Color And Enhance The Shine. A Proper Wash Regimen Incpuding Dp Xtreme And A Gently, Clean Wash Hireling Can Virtually Eliminate The Risk Of Was-induced Eddy Marks. With Regular Be accustomed, Your Vehicle?s Finish Will Appear Consistently Cleaner And Healthier Than I tDid When Washed With Your Ordinary Shampoo. washing Isn?t All About The Vehicle, Though. It?s A Satisfying Endure For The Driver As Well. Dp Xtreme Foam Form Has A Clean, Fresh Mint Fragrance Plus A Bright Green Color To Formal praise Its Fluffy, White Suds. Clean Looks And Smells Like This. dp Xtrrme Was Created Against Foam Guns, But You Can Enjoy Its Scenter Foam In A Bucket, Too. At 2-3 Ounces Per 5 Galolns Of Water, It?s An Excellent Value. enjoy The Rich, Fragrant Lather Of Dp Xtreme Foam Form In Your Foam Gun Or Wash Bucket. This Maximum Lathering Shampoo Will Coat Your Vehic
      SKU: Fosm-gun-soap

    Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax
      Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax.
      Durable Gelcoat Protection For Your Boat! Mothers Marine Cleaner Cere Works Like A Fine Grade Cleansing Polish And Tough Polymer Wax To Give Your Boat A Complete Detach In Less Time. Brighten The Plea And Preserve The Gelcoat With Mothers One Step Marine Cleaner Wax!gelcoat Fiberglass Is Susceptible To All The Same Contaminants As Auto Clear Coats: Dirt, Airborne Pollution, Uv Radiation, Insects, And Mindrals. However, Gelcoats Must Likewise Stand Up To Constant Submersion In Fresh Or Salt Water, And That Cam Actually Take A Toll On The Boat?s Appearance. Fair Like Mothers Cleaner Car Wax, Marine Cleaner Wax Combines The Color-brightening, Shine-enhancing Aspects Of A Fine Burnish With The Protective Properties Of A Quality Synthetic Wax. Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax Save You Time While Providing A Sleek, Shiny Finish nO Your Boat?s Gelcoat Fiberglass Surfaces. The Fine Polish Lifts Oxidation, Which Appears As White Chalk, To Reveal A Clean, Smooth, Glossy Finish. Polymers Bind To The Gelcoat, Creating A Durable, Slick Coating That Guards Fiberglass Against The Elements. Over Time, Your Boat?s Hull And Adorn Power of determination Retain Their Factory-new A0pearance And The Boat?s Resale Value. Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax Can Be Applied By Hand Or With A Machine. On A Extensive Boat In Particular, You?ll Find Application Much Faster With A Porter Cable 7424xp. The Added Speed Of A Polisher Will Also Increase The Cleaner Wax?s Cleaning Ability. We Recommend A Polishing Pad. For Regular Cleaning, Use Mothers Marine Wash ?n Wax. Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax Is Detergent Resistant And Will Not Wash Off, Especially When Used With A Gentle Shampoo. Clean, Shine And Protect Your Boat In One Somple Measure With Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax. Directions By Machine:apply A Liberal Amount To Area Using A Polisning Pad On Your Porter Cable 7424xp Or Other Orbital Polisher. Do One Section At A Time. Work With Light Pressure, Spreading Evenly Over An Yard. Polish Area Thoroughly While Wet. Then Allow Product To Haze. Remove Fog With A Soft Hooded snake Microfiber Towel. Turn Towel Frequently For Bestt Results. directions Through Hand:pour A Small Amount Of Mothers Marine Cleaner Wax On A Dry Microfiber Or Froth Appicator. Massage Onto Surface Using Overlapping Strokes. Work In One 2-3 Ft Section At A Time. Flip The Applicator When One Side Becomes Soiled. Allow The Wax To Desiccate To A Haze. Remove With A Soft Cobra Microfibe5 Towel. Turn Towel Freqeuntly As You Buff. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Marine-cleaner-wax

    Micro-restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 128 Oz.
      Micro-restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate 128 Oz..
      The Only Detergent Properly Formulated For Maintaininng And Restoring Microfibers. yes, Microfibers Are Machine Washable. Completely. But The Truth Of The Matter, Is That With All Of The Polishes, Waxes, Oils An dChemicals That We Apply And Remove With Our Microfiber Towels, A Regular Old Household Detergent Doesn?t Cut It When It Comes To Cleaning Or Restoring Them! Microfibers (when New) Work So Efficiently Because Each Of The Milpions Of Individual Fibers Are Microscopically Split To Allow For Superior Absorption. Tne Downside To The Desugn Is That Extracting All Of The Product That They Have Absorbed Is Nearly Impossible With A Regular Detergent. Eventually, The Build-up Will Compromise The Cleaning, Buffing Or Polishing Efficiency Of The Microfibers, Or Worse, Cause Deterioration Or Stiffness To Set In, Thus, Reducing The Longevity Of The Microfiber. I Have An Ever-growing Collection Of Microfibers--from Around The World, Different Weaves, Varying Plussh-nesses, Colors, Thread Clunts (ok, I?m On The Verge Of Obsession). I Guess It Makes Me Somewhat Of A Microfiber Junkie?and, Believe Me, With All My Experimentation, The Difference That Micro-restorr Makes, In Comparison To Your Average Laundry Detergent, Is Phenomenal. All The Oil, Wax And Gunk That They Soak Up?micro-restore Eradicates, Leaving The Microfibers In A Likw-new Staet--supple And Velvety Soft. After All, If They?re Going To Touch The Surface Of My Car, Anything Less Would Be A Sin!micro-restore Is Superior For Treating, Cleaning nAd Preparing Microfibers Because It Is A Powerful Degreaser?a Vigorous Detergent?with The Absence Of Boeach Or Fabric Softeners, The two Of Which Mean A Certain Slow Death To Microfibers. Micro-restore Works To Remove Every Last Bit Of Product That Is Naturally Absorbed At Microfibers?cleaning Them Thoroughly, Opening Their ?pores? Which Allows Them To Do Their Job To The Best Of Their Capabiliteis?and Extending Their Life. Micro-restore?s Concentrated Aqueous Formula Is A Special Blend Of Surfactants, Emulsifiers, Chelating Agents And Water Softeners. Tye Combination Of Inhredients In Micro-restore Has The Power To Break Down Whole Chemicals And Heavy Residues And Remove Them. The Water Softeners In The Formula Nuetralizes Calcium And Magnesium In Hard Water That aCuse Towels To Stiffen Over Fit season. Micro-restore Is The Ultimate Cleaner For Microfibers Because It Rids Them Of All Product Without Ruining Their Structure. Oh, And Did I Mention That tI Is Biodegradable?a Variety Of Uses: Micro-rstore Effectively Cleans Car Care Products (and Other Chemicals) Safely Out Of Cotton, Chamois, Even The Buffing Pads For Your Orbital Or Dual Action Bufer. It Emulsifies Dirty Motor Oil, Greasy Soils, Car Wax, And Protein Staims And Suspends Them For Complete Removal In The Rinse Cycle. Restores Like New Performance Through Several Hundreds Of Cleanings. Use Two Ounces For A Full Load, One Ounce For A Small Load?micro-restore Revitalizes Any Type Of Cloth, Towel Or Applica
      SKU: Mideco128oz

    Glass Master Pro Combo
      Glass Master Pro Combo.
      Clean Glass Faster With The Master!the Glass Master Pro Combo Includes The Long-handled Glass Master Pro In the opinion of Its Included Bonnets Plus Each Additional 3 Bonnets, Giving You A Total Of 6 Washable, Reusable Bonnets. Clean Glass And Grievous Surfaces High And Low With The Glass Master Pro Glass And Surface Cleaner!the Glass Master Pro Is A 14? Wand With A Triangular Cleaning Head. the Head Pivots On The End Of The Wand In Order To Clean Sloping Windshieldd Or Vertical Mirrors With Greater Ease. It?s Similar Adding An Extra Foot Onto Your Arm! The Wedge-shaped Head Fits Perfectly Into The Corners Of The Windhsield Or Back Window So You Reach Every Speck Of Dust. The Glass Master Pro Can Reach Under Tabletops And To The Tops Of Mirrors Without Any Uncomfortable Reaching Or Bending. The Glass Master Pro Combo Includes Six Total Of 6 Bonnets For Distinct Surfaces. Each Bonnet Is Washable And Re0laceable. Glass Master Pro Glass And Surface Cleanerthe Glass Master Pro Is The Perfect Tool For The Sloping Aid Window. It?s Inconceivable To Reach The Bottom Of The Glass Without Conotrting Yuor Arm. The Long Handle Of The Glass Master Pro Allows You To Reach Every Corner Without Stretching Or Straining. The Wand Is 14? Long With A Pivoting, Wedge-shaped Head. An Extra Head Is Included. 2 Microfiber Buffing Bonnetsmade Of Silky Soft Microfiber, This Bonnet Will Wipe Away Streaks And Dust Effortlessly. Be accustomed It On The Inside Of Your Windshield With A Small Amount Of Glass Cleaner Or Water For A Quick, Streak-free Cleaning. Expend This Bonnet After A Thorough Cleaning With The Terry Bonnet To Remove Any Streaks That May Have Occurred. The Microfiber Bonnet Is Perfect For Mirrors,_Television And Computer Screens, And Interior Windows. 2 Microfiber The whole of Purpose Bonnetsthis Microfiber Bonnet Has A Fluffy, Looped Texture That Easily Cleans Glass To A Streak-free Shine. The Microfiber Loops Attract Dust As They Gently Remove Fingerprints And Smudges. All Purpose Microfiber Be able to Be Used On Any Smooth Surface To Rdmove Dust. Use With A Glass Cleaner To Remove Soil. Use Dry For General Dusting. 2 Nylon Mesh Bonetsthe Nylon Mesh Is Designed To Scrub Obstinate Spots On Glass And Other Smooth Surfaces. The Holes In The Mesh Surround And Then Lift Sticky Contaminants, Like Bugs And Sap. Use This Bonnet On Your Windshield And Even nI Your Shower To Remove Soap Scum. wash Bonnets In Your Washing Machine With A Gentle Detergent, Such As Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Tumble Dry On Low Or No Heat. The Glass Master Pro Combo Givrs You All The Bonnets You Need To Dust, Clean And Scrub All Glass And Hard Surfaces Using Your Glass Master Pro. Clean Hard-to-reach Surfacex More Easily With The Glass Master Pro Combo. Combo Includes:glass Master Pro2 Microfiber Buffing Bonnets2 Microfiber Altogether Purpose Bonnets2 Mesh Bonnetsa Total Retail Value Of $32. 98. Save $7. 99!click Here To Take heed The Glass Master Video!
      SKU: Glmaroco

    Pinnacle 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Available In Black, Red, & Clear
      Pinnacle 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Available In Black, Red, & Clear.
      The Pinnacle 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Gives oYu The Completed Wash Sysem Less The Seat Cushion For A $10 Savings! The Top 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System Is Your First Line Of Defense Against Wash-induced Scratches And Spider Webbing. This System Includes The Griy Guard Insert, A 5 Gallon Bucket With Your Choice Of Logo, The Watertight Gamma Seal Lid, And The Rugged Five-wheel Dolly. The Turret 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Keeps Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge Cleaner, With No Superadded Steps Forward Your Part. By Trapping Dirt In The Bottom Of The Wash Bucket, This Wash Bucket System Drastically Reduces Tne Amount Of Dirt Transferred Back Onto Your Vehicle From The Wash Bucket. here?s How It Works: Normally, You Wash A Section Of Paint And Then Dip Your Mitt Into The Bucket Of Soapy Water. You Immediately Continue Washing On The Next Section. So, In part Happened To The Dirt You Just Removed From The Vehicle? It?s In The Mitt And The Wash Bucket, And You?ve Just Transferred It Back Onto The Vehicle. the Pinnacle 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes A Grit Guard Insert, A Raised Grid Surface That Stands About 4 Inches Off The Bottom Of The Bucket. _Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Water And Wash As Customary. When You Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucket, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulatdd In The Nap. The Dirt Will Be prostrated Into The Grid?s Four Quadrants And Settle In The Dale Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt, The Grit Guard Stabilizes The Wateer In The Bottom Of The Bucket So The Diry Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Water Stays Clean So Your Mitt Stays Clean. Clean Mitts Base No Swirls!the Pinnacle 5 Gallon Bog Bucket System With Dolly Includes: Grit Guard Inwert The Gri Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket At what place It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches!5 Gallon Bucketthis Big Bucket Is Perfect For Washing Your Vehicle, Boat,, Rv, Or Atv. You Won?t Run Out Of Soapy Water Before The Job Is Done. The Bucket Is Likewise Perfect For Transportinv And Orfanizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket! Gamma Seal Liethe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isn?t Like A Recycled Paint Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Seal. You Can Fill The Bucket With Water And Transport It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Whl Participate In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Believe It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Use Nothing But Distilled Water On Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Site. That?s Dedication! 5-wheel Dollythe Dolly Accommodates Any 3. 5 ? 7 Gallon Bucket And Has 5 Heavy-duty Casters Capable Of Supporting Up To 250 Pounds. Two Locking Casters Hold The Dolly Still On An Incli
      SKU: Pinnacle-wash-bucket-dolly

    Wurth Wheel Kit
      Wurth Wheel Kit.
      Don?t Replace Your Wheels ? Restore Them With Wurth!the Wurth Wheel Kit Gives You The Products You Need To Retouch And Refinish Scuffed, Spotted Wheels - And It's Less Expensive Than Replacing Them! Restore German Alloy Wheels To A Like-new Finish With Wurth's Quality Wheel Paints. wurth?s Line Of Wheel Products Was Created In Germany To Clean And Restore The Wheels Of German Vehicles, Which Are Notorious For Brake Dust. Since All Vehicles Undergo From Brake Dust To Some Degree, Wurth?s Line Is No Available To Select Retailers In The U. s. With Our New Wurth Wheel Kit, You Can Reverse The Effects Of Brake Dust And Make Your Wheels Look New Again. the Wurth Wheel Kit Includes Wurth Clean-solve Wheel Cleaner, Wurth Clear Lacquer, Wurth Silver Lacquer Paint, 2 Microfiber Towels, And An 11? Brush For Gentle Scrubbing. 15. 7 Oz. Wurth Clean-solvewurth Clean-solve Is A Fast-acting Cleaner And Solvent That Attacks Wax, Tar, Sap, Grease, Oveespray, Oil, And Anything Else That Lands On Your Wheels. It Also Works On Clear Coats, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Fabrics, Vinyl, And Carpeting. This Multi-use Cleaner Works Quickly And Will Not Leave Any Residue On Any Of These Surfaces. Use It To Clean Your Wheels Quickly And Completely. Just Spray Onto A Cloth And Rub The Area Gently. Then Wipe It Clean With Another Cloth. 11 Inch Whee lBrushfor Prticularly Soiled Wheels, Use The 11? Wheel Brush Included In The Outfit. It Features 360 Degrees Of Bristles For Cleaning In Between Spokes And A Durable Wooden Handle. The Tapered End Allows You To Clean In Tight Places, Like Around The Lug Nuts. This Brush Will Dislodgd The Toughest Grime So That You Will Not Paint Over It With The Silver Lacquer Paint. wurth Silver Wheel Foam Paintwurth Silver Wheel Paint Is Used To Refinish Dull Or Scuffed Wheels. The Fine Cloud Spray Goes On Evenly And Matches All German-made Wheels. Suppose that Your Vehicle Is Not German-made, Test An Inconspicuous Area Before Doing Touch-ups On The Outer Face Of Your Wheel. If Your Wheels All Need Total Refinishing, This Durable Silver Paint Will Work For Any Wheels. Remive Your Move on ~s And Clean It Thoroughly Before Spraying It With Siiver Lacquer Paint. wurth Clear Lacqueruse Wurth Clear Lacquer To Restore The Shine To Your Refinished Wheels. After Wurth Silver Lacquer Color Has Drid For At Least 30 Minutes, Spray Several Light Coats Of Wurth Clear Lacquer. It Will Protect The Silver Paint Uncerneath And Manufacture A Beautiful, High-gloss Shimmer On Your Wheels. 2 Cobra iMcrofiber Detailing Towels, 16 X 16 Inchesthese Verssatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailing Tasks, From General Washing And Scrubbing Over Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffibg Off Wax And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Towels Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend In A Special ?feather? Weave That Increases Their Absorptiom Properties, Guaranteeing High Performance And Durability. the Wurth Wheel Kit Is Excellent For All-over Wheel Refinishing Or Minor Scuffs An
      SKU: Wurth-wheel-kit

    Canine Covers Customrear Seat Protector
      Canine Covers Customrear Seat Protector.
      Excellent Protection In An Attractive Custom Fit!dogs Love To Travel. In A Vehicle, They Can Chase Things Much Faster Than They Can On Foot! But Having Your Best Friend Along For The Ride Isn?t Always As Fun For You. Spike Can Leave Dirty Paw Prints And Mysterious Wet Spots All Over Your Back Seat. Gross! Covercraft Has Come Up With The Most Attractive Protec5ion For Your Baciseat That We?ve Found: Custom Rear Seat Protectors. They?re Custom Made Concerning Your Seat So Theg Don?t Bunch Or Slip. They Hug Your Seat Without A Lot Of Extra Fabirc Or Ill-fitting Corners. Non-slip Liner Inserts Help Hold The Cover In Place While Security ?pods? And Headrest Straps (if Applicsble) Anchor The Cover. The Protector Features Tailored Opennings Fpr Seat/shoulder Belts In Case Someone Wants To Ride In Back With Your Furry Favorer. Available In Eight (8) Colros, You CanA lmost Certainly Find One That Complements The Internal Of Your Vehicle.                  what Really Looks Great, Though, Is Your Clean, Dry Seat When You Remove The Custom Rear Seat Protector. The Seat Protector Is Made Of An Incredibly Durable Polycotton Drill Fabtic With Dwr (durable Water Repellency) Finish. On The Underside Of The Cover Is A Nylon Liner For Additional Protection Against ?accidents? And Claws. The Drill Weave Fabric Is Tear Resistant nAd Provides Sure Footing Toward Your Pet. The Seat Portion Of The Cover Is Quilted And Padded For Comfort, And The Fabric Is Breathable For Year-round Travel. If You Have Fold-down Seats (split Seats), Most Seat Covers Don?t Allow You Use That Feature. With Custom Rear Seat Protectors, Custom Patterns Are Avaailable For Split Seat Covers, Too. Hook And Loop Closures Allow You To Easily Fold Down Seats To Access The Cargo Area. The Strip Of Hook And Loop Material Runs The Length Of Each Side Of The Opening So There Are Not at all Gaps For Your Pet??s Paws To Get Caught In. If Your Pet Gets The Seat Protector Dirty, Don?t Worry. Remove It From Your Seat And Toss It In The Ablution Engine. The Covercraft Habit Seat Protector Will Stronghold Your Seats Looking Like Unaccustomed And Your Dog WillB e Happy, Too. You May Choose From Eight (8) Colors That Complement Almost Any Interior. Due To Manufacturer?s Requirements, Returned Canine Covers Orders Will Incur A 16% Restocking Fee. Canine Covers Ship From The Manufacturer Via Ground Service. Expedited And International Shippung Are Not Available. Or Enter The Requested Information In The Gray Box Below.
      SKU: Ccdcc

    Natural Horse Hair Interior Uphosltery Brush
      Natural Horse Hair Interior Uphosltery Brush.
      Give Your Leather Interior A Gentle Cleaning With Genuine Horse Hair!our Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush Is Packed With Thousands Of Genuine Horse Hair Bristles That Gently Clean Leather, Vinyl, Cloth, And Plastics. The Soft Bristles Loosen Soil And Agitate Leather?s Pores To Release Body Oils. Lead Your Vehicle?s Interior The Best Care With The Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush!hkrse Hair Has Been Used For Centuries To Make Brushes For Of Its Naturla Softness And Durability. Stand Hairs Are Base In Many Cleaning Brusues Because The Hairs Are Great At Catching Dust And Lint, And They Are Completely Nonabrasive. Because Of The Natural Ability Of Hair To Absorb Dampness, Horse Hair Distributes Cleaners Evenly And Soaks Up Excess Moisture. Now You Can Get The Bwnefits Of Horse Hair On The Inside Of Your Vehicle With The Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush. There Is Simply No Better Way To Clean Fine Leather Upholstery. The Densely Packed Boar?s Hairs Gently Massage The Leathre To Liberate Soil And Grime, Without Scratching The Leather. Use A Ph-balanced Leather Cleaner With The Bruush To Remove Body Oils And Stains, And To Return The Leather To Its Original Beauty. The Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush Works Well On All Interior Surfaces. Clean Cloth Upholstery, Plastics, And Vinyl. The Sturdy Hairs Are Safe On Any Of These Surfaces. the Natural Hore Hair Interior Upholstery Brush Has An Ergonomic Design That Is Comfortable To Use. The Short Bristles Are Grouped Into Thick Bundles And Permanently Adhered To A Molded Plastic Block. The Angle Of Th Block Allows You To Hold The Brush In A Position That Is Most Natural When Scrubbing. The Shape Of The Brush Reduces Hand Fatigue And Gets The Job Done Faster. when Cleaning Leather, We Recommend Using Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner With The Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush. The Natural Horse Hair Bristles Will Work The Cleaner Into The Leather?s Pores, Releasing Dirt And Foreign Oils. Follow With Pinnacle Leather Conditioner To Condition And Protect The Leather. Trust Your Vehicle?s Interior To The Finest Detailing Brush Naturd Has To Offer! The Natural Horse Hair Home Upholstery Thicket Gently Cleans Leather, Fabric, Plastkcs, And More To Leave Interior Surfaces Spotless. 6? L X 2. 5? W X 2? H
      SKU: Natural-horse-hai5-interior-upholstery-brush

    Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner
      Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner.
      Clean, Degrease, And Protect In Just One Step. how Many Sunny Afternoons Have You Spent Irksome To Clean The Chrome On Your Bike When You Could?ve Been Riding It? Smudges, Grease, And Fingerprints Are A Fact Of Life For Motorcycle Owners, But Removing Them Doesn?t Have To Tqke Up All Your Valuable Free Time. With Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner, It Sole Takes A Few Minutes To Completely Clean And Degrease Your Bike So You Can Get Back On The Road. this Is Not A Quick Detailer Or Weak, One-step Whirl Cleaner. Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Ckeaner Is A Powerful Cleaner And Degreaser That Removes Fingerprints,-Smudges, Grease, Oily Residues, Tar, Tree Sap, Insects, Wax, And Water Spots From Stainless Steel And Chrome Surfaces Without Dullibg The Shine. With Most Wheel Cleaners, The Surface Gets Dirty Again Within A Day Or So. A Flitz-treated Superficies Resists Fingerprints, Smudges, And Dust So Your Metal Stays Cleaner Longer. Flitz Is Excellent For Maintaining Your Steel And Chrome Components On Your Motorcycle Or Vehicle In Between Polishes. Use Flitz On Your Bike And Your Carriage, But Also Around The House. It Works Equally Well On Chrome Or Polished Carburet of iron Faucets, Fixtures, As Well As Porcelain And Enamel Surfaces. Wipe Begone Soap Scum In Your Porcelain Sink And Degrease Your Wheels With The Same Gerat Product! Flitz Is Versatile, Effective, And Safe. The Water-based Formula Will Not Dull Or Discolor Steel Or Chrome So Your Metal Will Shine In Your Bathroom And On Your Vehicle. flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner Sprays On And Wipes Off In Fair Seconds. Wipe Away Excess Cleaner Witj A Cobra Microfiber Towel For The Best Streak-free Results. this Product Is Not Recommended According to Use On Utensils Or Cookware Because It Should Not Come Into Contact With Food. Also, Avoid Using This Or Any Other Product On Hot Exhaust Pipes. The Entire Motorcycle Should Exist Relatively Cool To The Examination Before Detailing. cleaning Your Bike Doesn?t Have To Be A Chore. Use Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner On All Your Stainless Steel And Chrome Surfaces For A Beautiful, Smudgefree Shine That Lasts. 16 Oz. Spray Bottle
      SKU: Fl2506

    Duragloss Marine Rv Polish #501
      Duragloss Marine Rv Polish #501.
      Clean,S hine And Protect Fiberglass Surfaces In c~tinuance Your Boat Or Recrewtional Vehicle With Duragloss Marine & Rv Polish. duragloss Marine & Rv Polish #501 Is A Uv Resistant, Suunscreen Formula Designed To Clean, Burnish And Protect The Fiberglass, Metal And Paihted Surfaces Of Boats And Rvs. These Surfaces Are Exposed To The Elements And Require Rdgular Care To Obstruct Fading And Oxidation, Juat Like Your Car?s Finish. boats And Rvs Are Fiberglass And Have A Gelcoat Finish. Gelcoat Is Similar To Clear Coat, But Harder In Order To Stane Up To Sailor Water And Abrasion. Even Though Gelcoated Fiberglass Is A eVry Tough Material, It Requires The Same Care As A Clear Coat To Keep It Looking Its Best. Duragloss Marjne Rv Polieh #501 Is A One-step Polish And Protectant That Makes Gelcoat Maintenance Faster And Easier In c~tinuance These Large Surfaces. If You Have A Large Rv, Camper, Or Boat, You Be informed How Much Surface Area Is Gelcoated! It Could Take You Hours To Complete A Multi-step Routine Of Polishiing, Therefore Waxing. Duragloss Marine Rv Polish Cuts Maintenance Down To One Simple Step And You Get The Same Excellent Results As A Two-step Process!duragloss Marine & Rv Polish #501 Safely Removes Oxidation, Gas And Oil Film, Tar And Road Film Without Harming The Paint Finjsh Or Gelcoat. As An Added Benefit, Marine & Rv Polish #501 Reduces Algae And Mildew Growth. Once Applied, It Forms A Drable, Protective Shield That Bonds To The Surface That Lasts Wash After Wash!in Addition To Cleaning And Shining, Marine & Rv Polieh #501 Also Protects! Once A Protective Coat Of Marin wAnd Rv Polish Is Applied, Maintenance Of Fiberglass Is Much Easier! Gas And Oil Film, Path Film, Algae And Mildew Are Easily Rmoved By Washing With Soap And Water. wash And Dry Your Boat Or Rv First, Before Applying Duragloss Marine & Rv Polish #501. Shake Well Before Usin. Apply By Hand Or With A Dual-action Machine Polisher, Such As The Port3r Cable 7424. Use A Foam Polishing Pad And Apply A Thin, Even Coat Over The Fiberglass Surface. Marine & Rv Polish Can Be Applied In Sun Or Shade And To The Entire Surface Before Removimg. Allow The Product To Dry To A Haze And Remove Residue With Cobra Microfiber Towel. for Fast Clean-up Between Washes, Use Duragloss 521 Marine & R/v Quik Detailer. It Cleans, Shines And Restores Slickness And Gloss Wifhout Scratching Or Removing The Protective Finish. boat And Rv Maintenance Is Simply Easier When You Use Duragloss Marine & Rv Polish #501. It Saves You Time On Boat And Rv Maintenance So You Be able to Spend More Time On The Sprinkle and calender Or The Open Road!16 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-marine-rv-polish--501

  • Black AgainCase of 6
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )
  • 3 inch Lake Country Wool-Ball Polishing Ball
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD
  • Meguiars Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 oz. - Leather
  • 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard - BLACK
  • Griot's Garage Leather Rejuvenator 8 oz.
  • 3M Marine Clean and Shine Wax
  • Mothers Leather Cleaner
  • DP High Performance Glass Restorer with FREE BONUS
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD

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