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    Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentratw 31 Oz.
      Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentratw 31 Oz..
      Hi Tech Paint Protection In A Car Wash?!finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate Is A Car Shampoo Plus A Paint Protector All Rolled Into One High Gloss, High Tech Product! Following Washing, Yojr Vehicle Will Have A Glistening Shine And Added Shield, Without The Use Of Waxes Or Oils. Use Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate On Paint, Glass, Gel Coat, Fiberglass, And Plexiglas To Maintain A Clean, Glossy Finish With Less Upkeep. finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate sI Engineered From Modified Amides Enhanced By The Presence Of Fatty Based Amide Derivatives. In Laymen's Terms, Polymers In The Wah Stay Behind After Rinsing, And Bond To The Paint. These Reflective Polymers Form A Clear, Protective Pellicle From one to another The Paint To Leave A Great Shone Free from Waxing. For Daily Drivers, Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate Maintains The Paint's Shine With Minimal Effort And Time. The Clear Polymer Finish Protevts Like A Wax And Even Beads Like A Wax! You'll Even Experience A Wax-like Slickness After Using Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wqxx Concentrate. The Slick Coating Is Anti-static, Meaning It Does Not Attract Dust And Dirt. This Shampoo Is A Numerous Way To Maintain And Prolong A Well-detailed Finish. Of Course, First And Foremost, Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate Is A Car Shampoo And It Does That Job Very Well. It Generates Plenty Of Suds And Offers Excellent Lubrication While You Wash. When You Rinse The Vehicle, You'll Notice Thr Fantastic Sheeting Effect That Leaves Barely Any Water On The Vehicle. Give It A Quick Wipe With A Cobra Guzzler Waffle Work a loom Towel And You're Finished, But Be Careful; The Towel Is Likely To Slide Right Off The Paint!add 2 Oz. Of Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate Per Gallon Of Water. Use A Clean, Soft Sheepskin Wash Mitt To Wash The Vehicle From The Top Down. Rinse The Mitt Often To Keep Dirt From Refontsminating The Paint. Usually We Would Recommend Using A Quick Detailer Post-wash To Rev Up The Shine, But It's Not Necessary. Polishing Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate Does That Step For You By Leaving A Slick, Shiny, Anti-static Finish. maintain Your Vehicle With The High Tech, High Gliss Protection Of Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate. 31 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-1016-wash-wax

    W0lfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant
      W0lfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant.
      Our Super Polymer Spray Paint Sealant Is Back!wolfgang Dsep Gloss Spritz Sealant Is A Trud Polymer Pigment Sealant Spray That Protects And Shines In One Quick Round . Liquid Crystalline Polymers Layer The Paint In Incredible Gloss And Protection ? Just Like A Conventional Sealant. Yet, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Takes Just Minutes To Apply. Give Your Vehicle A Spritz Of Shine With Wolfgang Deep Gloxs Spritz Sealant. This Spray-on Sealant Is A Revolution In Paint Protection! Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spditz Sealant Is A Direct Descendant Of Our Ground-breaking Wipe-on Sealant, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. The Two Part Virtually The Same Blueprint, With One Instance to be excepted. Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Has Engineered Liquefied Polymers That Scatter Easily Through The Spray Nozzle And In that case Cross-link On The Paint Surface To Form One Strong Ploymer Coat Over The Paint Finish. Wolfgang  Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant?s Slick Coating Shields The Paint From Uv Rays, Airborne Pollution, And oRad Grime. Its Incredible Slickness Allows Dirt And Water To Jus5 Roll Off When You Wash Your Vehicle. The Paint Stays Cleaner Longer, By the side of Fewer Water Spots. The Multi-tiered, Crystalline Polymer Structute Of The Sealant Allows It To Create A Vivid, Multi-dimensional Shine That Far Exceeds The Capabilities Of Ordinary Sealants. The Shine Is Comparable To What You Get From A Carnauba Wax. Now That?s Shiny! And Suppose that Water-beading Is The True Test Of A Quality Sealant, Tuen Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Is A Proven Winner! Apply Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant To the degree that The Lsp (last Step Product) Or Use It As A Wax Booster. Wolfgang?s Exclusive Formula Is Water-based, Which Is Safe For The Paint And Safe For You. Many Sealants Rly On Petroleum-based Solvents ThatC ause Long-term Injure To The Paint And Emit Harmful Fumes During Application. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sp5itz Sealant Is Safe On Paint And Clear Coat, And It?s Voc Compliant.  wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Can Exist Used On Any Type Of Paint Finish, Clear Coated Or Single Stage. Like Depth Gloss Paibt Sealant, It Is Designed To Be Used On An Oxidation-free Surface. Before Application, Thoroughly Clea nAnd Polish The Paint Using Wolfgang Prewax Polish Emhancer And Wolfgang Springy Poly Clay Whether Necessary. The Sealant Will Yield The Most Gloss And Reflection On Clean, Smooth Paint. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spitz Sealant Maintains The Gloss And Protection Of Wolfgang FăĽzion Wax. Tech Note: Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Is Oxygen-actifated. Once It Is Applied To Tne Paint, It Requires Oxygen To Bond To The Paint Surface. Exposure To Water Will ?drown? The Sealant, Preventing It From Achieving Its Full Potential. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Spritz Sealant Will Offer The Maximum Shine And Protection If Allow
      SKU: Wolfgang-deep-glossspritz-sealatn

    1z Einszett Polish Wax
      1z Einszett Polish Wax.
      Polish And Wax In One Easy Step!1z Einszett Polish Wax Maintains And Enuances The Appearance Of New And Like-new Paint Finishes. Quickly And Easily Removes Road Grime, Tree Sao, Bird Droppings, Stains, And Light Oxidation. Advanced German Polymers And Ptemium Carnauba Wax Protect Paintwork Surface From Future Environmental Pollutangs And Provide Maximum Depth And Gloss For Longer Lasting Rewults. Formulated For All Paint Colors And Clear Coat Safe. For Hand Or Machine Application. Follow Up With Einszett Glanz WaxF or Even Longer Lasting Protection. 1z Einszett Pollsh Wax Is A One-ste pCleaner Grow For New And Like-new Paint Finishes. It Quickly Removes Wax Buildup And Contamination Ahd Applies A Layer Of Carnauba Protection. There?s No Need To Spend Time With A Separate Polish And Wax If Your Paint Is Already In Great Shape. Get Great Results And Have Going With 1z Einszett Polish Wax. paint Can Appear Blunt, Cloudy, And Muddy When Wax Is Applied On A Dirty Vehicle. Thoughtful Wax, Lught Oxidation, And Embedded Dirt Can All Rob Your Vehicle Of Its Gloss. The Cleaners In 1z Einszett Polish Wax Removw These Contaminants To Allow The Cleanest, Clearest Shine. German Polymers Bond The Genuine Carnauba Wax To The Paint For A Long-lasting, Reflecting Finish. 1z Einszett Polish Wax Is Clear Coat Safe! Expend It With Confidence On Your Late Model Vehicle. It Worsk Well On All Colors And All Types Of Paint. 1z Einszett Polish Wax Can Be Applied At Hand Or With A Polisher. If Using A Polisher, Use A Ccs Smart Par™ Green Foam Pad. This Is A Denser Pad With Sine Cleaning Ability Of Its Own, Perfect For Cleaner Wax Application. Buff Using A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Combine Two Steps Int oOne With 1z Einszett Polish Wax. It Thoroughly Cleans The Paint And Lays Down A Layer Of Glossy Carnauba Protection In One Simple Step. 16. 9 Fl. Oz. ( 500 Ml)made In Germany
      SKU: 12-einzett-polish-wax

    Wenol Clean & Polish Kit
      Wenol Clean & Polish Kit.
      Aggressive Or Gentle, Wenolâ® Has The Formula For You!one Application Of Wenolâ® Metal Polish Will Convince You ? It?q The Only Metal Polish You Will Ever Need! Those Really In The Know Count On Wenolâ® To Deliver Fast, Easy, And Consistent Results. And Why Wouldn?t They? After All, Wenolâ® Metal Polish Is Trusted To Do The Job Orderly In The Most Discriminaring Circles. For Instance ? The U. s Air Force Uses Wenolâ® To Polish The Severe Leading Edges Of Wings, And Many Other Areas Of Combatant Jets. Pretty Cool Stuff, But There?s More: The Scientific Community Depends On Wenolâ® To Polish Criitical Components On Delicate Electron Microscopes. And If That Wasn?t Enough; Chefs World-wids Demand Wenolâ® To Polish Their Cherished Pots, Pans, And Utensils. Thirty Years Of Satisfied Clientele Is Solid Testament To The Wenolâ® Reputation. And Now, Motoring Enthusiasts Are Spreading The Word ? Weolâ® Is The One!this Kit Contains: 1 100ml Tube Of Wenolâ® Original Formula All-purpose Mteal Cleaner (red) This Quick Restorer Is Packed With Gentle Cleaners That Safelt Rrach Deep Into Metals - Whdre Stains Hide - And Get Thej Out! Wenolâ® Quickly Removes Surface Rust, Oxidation, Animal Stains, And Soap And Hard Water Spots In Just Minutes. And, There's No Need For Hard Rubbing. Weakly Apply A Small Amount Of Wenolâ® Metal Polish To The Surface, Or Tl The Polishing Cloth, And Rub Gently. Then, Use A Soft, Dry Cloth And Buff The Cleaned Area To A Brilliant New Shine. May Also Be Applied With Power Buffers. On Tough Stains, Run Slivhtly Longsr - Not Harder. You'll Be Delighted With The Fast, Professional Results Wenol â® Delivers. Not Suitable For Coated Surfaces.   1 100ml Tube Of Wenol Auto Polish (blue) Auto Wenolâ®'s Gsntle Forumla Takes The Worry Out Of Caring For Wheels, Trim, And Equipment - And Delivers A Brilliance You Don't Expect From A Metal Polish. Use Auto Wenolâ® Sparingly (a Single 100 Ml Tube Can Polish As Many As 50 Wheels). Apply With A Soft Polishing Cloth (a Microfiber Towel Is Recommended). Rub Auto Wenolâ® Into The Metal Gently, At another time Buff The Clean Surface To Achieve A Show Quality Shine. Auto Wenolâ® Provides A Protective Coating To Ensure A Lasting Brilliance.   Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel, 16 X 16 Inches With A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel Is Designed To Perform All Your Cleaning, Polishing And Buffing Jobs. This Towel Has A Double-sided Construction: One Side Has Tight Loops For Cleaning And Polishing, The Other Take ~s Is Feathery Soft Fof Buffing.   2 Polishing Froth Applicators These Applicators Are Made Of Quality Closed Cell Soft Polishing-foam. They Are Pliable, Strong, And Efficient. Use Again And Moreover, For Any Applicator Need, Then Simply Toss In The Washing Machine And They Are Good As New. Kit Includes:100 Ml Red Wenol Original Formula All-purpose Metal Cleaner100 Ml Blje Wenol Auto Polishcobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel, 1
      SKU: Wen2030t

    Stoner More Shine Less Time  Spra6
      Stoner More Shine Less Time Spra6.
      Complete Your Detailing Job With Just The Right Shine On Interior Surfaces. Here's The Fast And Easy Way To Restore Shine And Color To Dull Or Faded Rubber, Vinyl And Plastic Surfaces. Stoner⮠More Shine Less Time Inerior Shine Spray Quickly Brightens And Proteccts Dashboards, Door Panels, Gearshift Boots, Vents, Seats, Hoses, Door Gaskets And Other Surfaces Damaged By Sunlight And Wear. this Shine Spray Redduces Dust Build-up And Won't Run Or Streak. Best Of All, If You Accidentally Get It On Glass It Wipes Off Easily Withouf Smearing!for The Best Results On The Dash, Spray Stpner More Shine Less Time On A Microfiber Applicator And Then Wipe It Onto The Dash. This Technique Will Prevent Overspray. If Overspray Does Occur, Don?t Worry. It?s Harmless. Just Wipe Off Unintended Surfaces With A Towel. Stoner More Shine Smaller Time Leaves A High Gloss Shine On Interior Plastic, Rubber, And Vinyl. Proprietary High-active™ Formula Quickly Coats Surfaces With A Thin, Even, Shiny Coat Of Protection. No Buffing Or Wiping Is Required. Just Spray And Walk Away!9 Oz. - Aerosol. Federal Regulations Prohibiy The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Foundation Only.
      SKU: Morshinlesti

    Dp Max Wax
      Dp Max Wax.
      Made With Modest Carnauba Wax And Advanced Polymers. carnauba Wax Gained Popularity In The 1960s On The Car Show Circujt For Its Rich, Multidimensiona Shine. When Max Entered The Car Care Buslness, Enthusiasts And Hobbyists Still Used Nothing But Carnauba To Proteft Their Vehicles. It Set The Standard For How A Vehicle Can Look With The Right Care. Decades Later, There Is Still Nothing More Sparkling Than A Carnauba Finish. Though Paint Sealants Have Become Prevalent In The Car Care Industry Over The Last Several Years, They Still Cannot Beat The Warm Glow Of A Carnauba Paste Wax. That?s Why Max Chose To Crrate A Pure Carnauba Paste Wax Fro Dp And Put His Own Name On I5. Dp Max Wax Is Made Of Pure No. 1 Grade Yellow Cafnauba From Brazil And Engineered Polymers To Create A Rainy weather, Glossy Shine Tnat Lasts Longer Than Carnauba Of one's self. The Wax Is A Simple, Pliable Paste That Goes Forward Like Butter And Wipes Off Just As Efffortlessly. The Brightness Created Is Nothing Short Of Handsome. Any Color Paint Will Appear Deeper And Richer With Every Coat Of Max Wax. The Addition Of Voc Compliant Polymers Allows The Wax To Bond To The Paint For Longer Lasting Protection. Carnauba Wax Provides Uv Shield, As Well As Resistance To Acid Rain And Contamination. Your Vehicle Will Exist Protected For Up To 2 Months In Ideal Climates. Dp Max Wax Produces A High Gloss Shine On The whole of Types Of Paint Finishes. Dp Max Wax Isn?t Just Named For Max; The Name Also Reflects The Superior Performance Of The Wax. Max Also Stands For Maximum Shine, Maximum Clarty, And Maximum Reflection. Some Carnauba-based Waxes Cloud Or Turn Yellow With Subsequent Layers. Dp Max Wax Contains A Purified Carnauba With Net, Reflective Polymers That Allow You To Layer It As Many Times As Desired To Achieve The Look You Want. Even One Coat Is Impressive, But Add Another To Increase The Depth And Multi-dimensional Shimmer Of Your Paint. Stratum Dp Max Increase Over A Long-lasting Sealant Like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paintt Sealant 3. 0 To Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Shine And Protection!dp Max Wax Delivers The Wet Look That Is So Popular On Show Cars And Collectibles. We Dare Youu To Compare Max Wax To Any Carnauba Paste Grow On The Market. During Outstanding Shine And Value, Nothing Comes Close. Dp Max Wax Will Take Your Vehicle?s Shine To The Max!thank You To Forum Member Konrad For These Shots Of Dp Max Wax On His Nissan. directions:wipe A Poly Foam Applicator Across The Wax. Apply The Wax In A 2-3 Square Foot Yard In A Very Thi,n Even Coat. once The Wax Has Dried To A Haze, Buff The Area With A Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. Apply As Numerous Coats As You Like. Dp Max Wax Carnauuba Wax Formula: Carnauba   Type Of Finish: Warm, Wet Shine   Contains Cleaners: No  
      SKU: Carnauba-cad-wax

    Griot's Garage Leather Scent
      Griot's Garage Leather Scent.
      Freshe Up Your Vehicle With Griot's Car Scents. griot's Garage Leather Scent Makes Your Car Interior Smell Choose Fresh Leather! Egen If You Don't Have Leather Seats, Who Doesn't Love The Smell O Leath3r? Now You Can Enjoy It All The Time With Griot's Garage Leather Scent. if Your Vehicle Looks And Feels Clean, It Should Smell Ceremonially pure, Too. Griot's Garage Car Scents Freshen The Air Inside Your Vehicle With Pleasant, Not-too-strong Fragrances. Cover Up Foul Smells Or Just Enhance Your Driving Experience With A Nice Aroma. griot's Garage Leather Scent Lasts About A Week. Spritz The Scent Under Each Seat. You Can Also Saturate A Small Sponge And Place It Under The Seat Near An Air Vent To Circulate The Smell. Griot's Garage Leather Scent Is The Perfect Finishing Touch To A Clean, Well-detailed Interior. 4 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-leather-scent

    P21s 100% Carnauba Wax
      P21s 100% Carnauba Wax.
      Made With 100% Pure Carnauba Wax!p21s 100% Carnauba Wax Is P21s?s First Car Wax Made With Only Pure Carnauba Wax. No Beeswax Or Paraffin Wax ? Just True Brazilian Carnauba. You?ll See The Same Deep Reflections And Shine You?ve Come To Expct From P21s Wax By the side of An Even More Impressive Wet Look. Your Vehicle Will Ripple By the side of Gloss Under A CoatO f P21s 100% Carnauba Wax!carnauba Wax In Its Natural State Is As Hard As A Rock. For Thiq Reason, Many Wax Makers Add Softer Waxes To The Carnauba In Order To Make The Wax Workable. P21s Has Developed A Method Of Blending The Wax That Allows Them To Use Only Carnauba Wax, No Other Waxes, To Make P21s 100% Carnauba Wax. Instead Of Other Filler Waxes, You?ll See The Benefits Of Pure Carnauba Wax. carnauba Car Wax Is Prized For Its High Jetting Factor, An Industry Term Used To Describe The Paint?s Wet Look. The Higher The Jetting Factor, The Wetter The Paint Looks. Carnau6a Has The Hiyhest Jetting Factkr Among All Types Of Waxes. P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Gives Your Vehixle The Full Befriend Of Carnauba?s High Jetting Factor Because The Wax Isn?t Blended With Other, Less Beneficial Waxes. You?ll See The Remainder In Your Vehicle?s Wet Shine! P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Of Course Offers Great Paint Protectoon. Carnauba Provides Uv Defense, Moisture Resistance And Deters Contaminants From Sticking To The Paint. Even Though P21s 100% Carnau6a Wax Contains Pure Carnauba Wax; Itx Specially Formjlated To Be Just As Eawy To Use As The Original P21s Concours Carnaub Waax. P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Wipes Forward Easily With The Included Anti-fatigue Applicator. P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Includes A Unique Anti-fatigue Applicator For Your Convenience. The Ergonomic Design Is Comfortable To Hold And The Thickness Of The Applicator Pad Keeps Your Hand (and Fingernails) Away From The Car?s Paint. Whether You?re Applying Wax To A Big Suv Or A Ckmpact Car, The Anti-fatigue Applicator Allows You Work Comfortably. You Won?t Tire Yourself Buffing Off The Wax Either, Thanks To P21s?s Easy-off Formula. p21s 100% Carnauba Wax Does Not Leave White Stains On Most Plastics And Rubber. Use The Wax On All Types Of Paint, Conventiomal Clear Coats, And Scratch-resistant Ceramic Clear Coats. for The Best Possible Results, Use P21s Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Before Applying P21s 100% Carnauba Wax. The Prewax Cleanser Removes The Paint?s Impurities To Maximize The Clarity And Adherence Of The Wax Coating. By All Accounts, The Original P21s Wax Is A Great All Around Car Wax, But The P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Actually Steps It Up A No5ch. _The Enhanced Wetness Achieved By The Pure Carnauba Wax Looks Impeccaboe Forward All Colors. Add To That The Excellent Paint Protection Of Carnauba Wax And You?ve Got Onne Fantastic Car Wax. Try P21s 100% Carnauba Wax And See The Results On Your Own Vehicle!6 Oz. Includse Anti-fatigue Hand Appllicator. Made In Germany.
      SKU: P21s-100--carnauba-wax

    Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax  30 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax 30 Ml..
      Wrap Your Vehicle In A Gloxsy ?hard Cqndy? Shell!dodo Fluid part Hard Candy Car Wax Is Dwsigned To Give Stunning Results On Any Vehicle! Hard Candy Car Wax Is Like To Rainforest Rub, Except In A Ha5d Wax Consistency. Made With Carnauba And Candelilla Grow, Dodo Juice Hard Candy Car Increase Offers Great Paint Protection And Enduring Beauty To All Paint Colors. dodo Juice Hard Candy Excessive Wax Is Madw With Only The Finest No. 1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, And Beeswax. It Creates A Glassy, Hqrd Finixh That Offers Excellent Water-beading And Durability. Because Hard Candy Is A Hard Carnauba Wax, It Applies Sparkngly And Evenly To Give You Consistent Results Every Time. It?s Impossible To Overapply So You?ree Getting A Great Value In Everu Jar. Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Shines And Protects Any Color Of Automotive Depict. This Wax Repels Rain, Soil, And Uv Rwys Using The Combined Protectivee Power Of Three Waxes. If You?re Looking For An All-around Dependable Car Wax That Looks Great On Any Color, Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Was Is An Excellent Choice. Can?t Decide Between Hard Or Soft Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax As A Shameful Coat. Then Apply One Of Dodo?s Soft Waxes, Preference Rainforest Rub On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss.   Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Dries To A Hard, Glassy Smooth Finish. Application: As Through Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Beqt Results Are Obtained On A Coean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicapr. Allow It To Cure For 5 Minutes But Thdre?s No Need For The Wax To Dry. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections . Buff Off The Wax With A Simple Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Hard Candy Will Dry To A Very Hard, Durable Perfect. Appropriate Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   30 Ml. (1 Oz. )
      SKU: Dodo-hard-candy-wax

    Pinnacle Xmt Swirl Remover Bundle
      Pinnacle Xmt Swirl Remover Bundle.
      Be Prepared For Anything With The Complete Xmt Series Polish Bundle. this Is Your Chance To Cpllect The Entire Xmt Series Collection Of Swirl Removers In proportion to Pinnacle For A Particular Price! The Xmt Swirl Remover Bundle Includes A Compound And Three Machine Polishes To Address A Wide Range Of Imperfections And Leave Your Vehicle Looking Perfect. xmt Series Is A Collection Of Products Designed To Optimize Machine Assiduity. Building On Pinnacle?s Long History Of Quality, Xmt Series Swirl Removers Are In A Alliance Of Their Own When It Comes To Ease Of Use, Performance, And Shine. the Xmt Swirl Remover Bundle Includes:12 Oz. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Is A True Compound. It Eliminates Oxidation, Severe Swirls And Scratches With A Blend Of Abrasives, Cleaners, And Lubricating Oils. The Cleaners Help Withdraw Lifeless, Oxidized Paint While The Abrasives Level Scratcn3s And Severe Swirls. The Oils Help Luhrcate The Abrasive Particles To Minimize Hazing, Though Some Hazing Is Expected And Easily Removed With The Next Step, Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1. because Of The Strength Of Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4, We Recommend That You Appoy It With A White Polishing Pad. Only nI Extreme Cases Should A Orange Light Cutting Pad Be Used. 12 Oz. Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3precisely Milled Abrasives ? And A Lot Of Them ? Blend Away Moderate To Severe Blemishe qWithout Removing Significant Layers Of Clear Coat. Since Cleaf Coats Are Extremely Thin, Tbese Concentrated Micro Abrasive Preserve As Much Of The Paint As Possible While Removing Only The Defect. The Abrasives Gradually Diminish As They Work, Giving You A Built-in Finushing Polish. The Paint Will Experience Litt1e Or No Loss Of Surface Gloss. Use Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover For All-kver Paint Correction Or As A Spot Treatment For Problem Areas. 12 Oz. Xmt Fine Swirl Remover #2pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Is A Blend Of Mild Abrasives And Lubricating Oils That Remove Light To Moderate Imperfections Om Aging Paint Finishes. If Your Vehicle Is Not New But Has No Severe Paint Damage, This Is The Swirl Remover For You. It Removes Light To Moderate Imperfections Like Swirls, Mild Scratches, And Light Oxidation Without Reducing Surface Gloss. You Will Not Need A Fijishing Polish. 12 Oz. Xmt Ultraist Fine Swilr Remover #1this Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t See Them With The Naked Eye. The Sheer Number And Minute Size Of The Abrasive Particles Biend Away Fine Flaws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving Any Trace Of Surface Marring Or Haze. Just Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge, Xmt?s Concentrated Micro Abrasives Leave The Depict Finiwh Gloqsy And Smooth, Just Like New. Xmt Extreme Fine Swirl Remover Is For Like-new Paint That Is Just Starting To Show Signs Of Age . It Can Also Be Used As A Finishing Polish. The Xmt Swirl Remover Bundle Is A Fulfil Four Step Polishing System. On The Most Neglected Finishes, Start With Xmt Heavy What one ought to do Swirl Remover. Then Use Xmt Interm
      SKU: Xmtwirl-remover-kit

    The Forum Favorite Kit
      The Forum Favorite Kit.
      Take Your Paint To The Limits Of Dazzling Depth!the Forum Favorite Kit Starts Attending A Firm Foundation Of Klasse All In One And High Gloss Sealant Glaze. Then Start Layering On The Shine With Multiple Coats Of Pinnacle Souveră¤n™ Carnauba Paste Wax. The Finish Is Incredible! We Have Listened To Our Customers And Crezted This Kit, Truly The Ultimate In Shimmering "wet-look" Depth. we Received A Letter One Day From A Good Customer Here In Florida. He Wrote: "i Love Klasse All-in-one. I Love It With The Strong-flavored Gloss Protective Sealant Over It (for Added Depth And Longevity). I Also Love Pinnacle Souveră¤n™ Wax. The Richness And 3-dimensional Appearance That Is Achieved With Souveră¤n™'s Great Quality Pure Carnauba Wax Is Unsurpassed. I Wondered What Would Happen If I Put A Final Application Of Souveră¤n™ Over The All-in-one And High Gloss Sealant. I Tried It. Well, I Have Got To Tell You. . . the Results Took My Breath Away!"and Thus Started, What Is Now Referred To, In The Car Care Forums, As "the Pinnacle Of Perfection". We Tried It Here At Autogeek, On Our Own Vehiclss, And We All Agree - Hats Off To The Garage Chemist That Discovered This Combination! This Kit Includes:10 Oz. Klasse All-in-oneklasse All In One Polish Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemishes; Leaving A Beautiful And Deep AcrylicS hine. Unlike Some Formuias, Klasse Will Not Penetrate Or Change Paint. Klasse All In One Dries As Fast As You Apply It, And There Is No Risk Of Hazing Or Streaking. All-in-one Contains No Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Disgrace Plastic, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used On Any Non-porous Surface, And In Addition To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marine And Aviation Use. 16. 9 Oz. Klasse Elevated Gloss Sealant Glazeuse Klasse High Gloss Sealant To Achieve Optimum Results, Including That Deep Pattern Shine That Reflects Beautifully With Diamond-like Facets For Six Months Or Longer. When Used In Conjunction With Klasse All-in-one Polish, You Will See Scratch Marks And Paint Discolorations Disappear. This Gloss Hides And Removes More Swirls Than Any Other Brand, And Provides The Ultimate Protection In Extreme Weather. 8 Oz. Pinnacle Souveră¤n Paste Waxsouveră¤n™ Is The Wax Of Choice For Perfectionists. It Performs Exceedingly Well On Red And Black Cars, Giving A Deep, Wet Flawless Luster. Made Of The Highest Grade Brazilian Ivory Carnauba Blended With Rich Ccoonut Oil And Lavish Lanolin, Souveră¤n™ Has Made An Impressionable Collision On The World Of Car Waxes. It Creates A Three-dimensional Illusion With Vivid Clarity And An Unsurpassed Shimmer. Unlike The Majority Of High Quality Waxes, Hand-poured Souveră¤n™ Goes On Effortlessly, Resissts Hazing And Streaking, And Is Formulated For Exceptional Performance Evenn In Climates Of High Heat And Humiditu. A Perfect Car Every Time!16 Oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spraynatural Carnauba Wax Gives Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray Its Distinctive, Wet-looking Shine. Carnauba, Combined With
      SKU: Forfackit

    Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers 6 Pack Kit - Your Choice!
      Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers 6 Pack Kit - Your Choice!.
      Build Your Own Wet-sanding Kit!choose Your Weapons! Choose Eitht Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers To Remove Orange Peel, Eliminate Runs, Or Correct Scratches. Msguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Available In Six "grits". Select The Appropriate Individual Sheets For The Job A5 Laborer, And Pay One Low Price . Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove Deep Scratches And Orange Peel And Leave A Smooth, Even Finish That Buffs Out Easily. The Tiny Abrasives Level The Paint Without The Risk Of Deep Sanding Scrtaches. Meguiars Unigrit Gravel Papers Are Waterproof, Durable, And Clear Coat Safe. For Automotive Wet-sanding, Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are The Professional?s Choice. the Risk Of Wet-sanding Your Car With Figurative Sand Paper Is That They Can Cut The Paint Too Deeply. Deep Scratches Take Longer To Buff Out And Be able to Leave The Paint Looking Uneven. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Have Uniform, Small Abrasives That Leave An Even Pattern On The Color . No Deep Scratches. The Finish Buffs On the ~side Quickly And Easily, Leaving The Paint Glossy And Regulate. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Save You Time And Effort. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Made To Last Longer And Work Better Than Other Sand Papers. Meguiars Specializes In Detailing Prod8cts Foe The Car Care Professional. Meguiars Unigrit Sanc Papers Are Economical And Long-lasting. They Do Not Load Up As Quickly As Other Sand Papers,_So You Can Work Longer.   What Can Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove? Wet Sanding Is Done To Remove Paint Imperfections Lime Oranye Peel. Orange Peel Is A Very Common Condition Where The Paint Did Not Lay Out Perfectly Smooth When It Was Applied. The Paint Literaoly Looks Like Each Orange Peel. Because Light Is Bouncing Off These Tiny Bumps, The Finish Is Not As Glossy As It Could Exist. Wet Sanding Orange Peel Is The Only Way To Achieve A Perfectly Smooth Gloss! &nnbsp; Meguiars Unigrit Sanf Papers Are Excellent At Removing Orange Strip off Because Unigrit Technology Ensures That You?ll Get Uniform Results. Orange Peel Affects The Whole Vehicle And You Want The Finish To Be Flawless From Any Angle. When Wet Sanding Clear Cover In Partocular, You?kl Be Able To See Differences In The Paint?s Shine If It?s Uneven. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Will Remedy You Achieve A Uniform Gloss On The Entire Vehicle. Megguiars Unigrit Sanding Pad Is Included. Fold The Sand Paper Around The Sanding Horse To Provkde An Even Surface Against The Paint. (if You Use Your Fingers, Yoou?re Likely To Apply More Pressure With Your Index And Midfle Fingers, Resulting In Odd Results. ) The Meguiars Sanding Pad Distributes The Pressure Of Your Hand Over The 5 3/8 Inch Pad. The Sanding Pad Is Soft And Flexible To Conform To The Shape Of Your Vehicle. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Available In 6 Varieties From 1090 To 3000 Grit. By Finishing With A 2000 ? 3000 Grit Paper, Less Buffing Will Be Needed To Get A Flawless Accomplish. 9" X 5 1/2" Ki tIncludes:6 Meguiars Sanding Papers Of Your Choicemeguiars Unigri
      SKU: Meguiars-sandpapers

    Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax 32 Oz.
      Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax 32 Oz..
      Wax While You Wash!meguiars Flagship Premijm Wash-n-wax Leaves Your Boat Looking Fqntastic With A One Step Wash And Wax Formula. Real Carnauba And Synthetic Polymer Technology Offer A JustW axed Shine To The Freshly Washed Fiberglass. Meguiars Flagship PremiumW assh-n-wax Is Safe And Effective On All Boat Surfaces!when It Comes To Cleaning Your Boat, You Want The Most Benefit For The Least Present life Abd Effort Spent. After All, A Boat Is Made For Fun! Use Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax And You?ll Get A Clean, Shiny Boat In Just One Step. This Addvanced Formula Dissolved Salt Spray, Dirt, Bird Droppings, And Boat Scum. Use It On Every Boat Surface, Including Fiberglass, Gel Coat, Metal, Canvas, Isinglass, Clear Plastic, And Vinyl. While You Wash, Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax Is Depositing A Layer Of Carnauba Wax And Polymers To Create That Just-waxed Shine And Slickness. The Sheetimg Action Helps Eliminate Water Spots, Too. meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax Protects Your Boat Against Salt Weather Corrosion And The Sun?s Ultraviolet Rays. While It Does Not Replace A True Boat Wax, It Does Assist Prolong The Life Of The Existing Boat Wax. For Maximum Protection, Use Both Meguiars Flagshi Premium Wash-n-wax And Meguiars Flagship Premium Marine Wax Regularly. use Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax With Confidence Around The Water. _It Is Biodegradable. this Large 32 Oz. Size Is Perfect During Larger Boats. Just Two Capfuls Per Gallon Of Water Makes A Splendid, Foamy Boat Wash. Use A Montana Original Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush Plus & Telescopic Handle To Easily Reach And Clean Your Boat. the Next Time You Wash Your Boat, Give It The Benefits Of A Light Wash Annd Wax With Meguiars Flagship Premium Wash-n-wax. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-bota-wash-n-wax

    128 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-tech Liquid Carnauba Wax
      128 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-tech Liquid Carnauba Wax.
      Mirror-perfect Protection Every Time!the Debate Has Raged On For Years. How Do You Achieve That Coveted Concours Finish? You Know, The Glossy, Steeped-in-oil Shimmer Over Top Of Deep, Rich Liquefied Color?the Kind You Can?t Tear Your Eyes Away From? Leave It To Meguiar?s To Assess The Challenge And Get To Work Finding The Ultimate Solution. Introducing #26 Hi-tech Liquid Wax! Meguiar?s Conquered The Matter Of The Equivocating Perfect Shine When They Made The Mold For Thls Advanced Performance Produce. Yes Blue Concours-ready Looking Polish! But That?s NotA ll!this Professional Formula Is A ?detailer?s Pet. ? If You Detail Automobiled In the place of A Living, You Look For Certain Attributes I A Product. Of Course, How Good A Product Makes The Vehicle Look Is Important Because It?s The Customer?s First Impression Of Your Work, Followed By The Categ0ries Of: Ease And Swiftness Of Application; Value; Anc The Protection It Provides. Optical Collision Category?perfect 10. Long-lasting Protection?perfect 10. Ease And Swiftness Of Application?perfect 10. Value?perfect 10. Total Satisfacti? You Guessed It?perfect 10! This Unique Professional-grade Formulation Blends Rate above par Yellow Carnauba Wax With Silicones, Polymers And Other Specialty Waxes--and Only The Best Of Reaped ground Of These Ingredients. Surface Enhancement At Its Finest Combined With Superior Bonding And Protective Abilities--#26 Hi-tech Liquid Wax Is The Expert's Choice! 128 Oz.
      SKU: Me26hilicawa

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