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    Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant 15 Oz.
      Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant 15 Oz..
      Light Cleaniny Action Intensifies The Gloss!achieve Even, Swirl-free Paint In One Step With Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant !This Blend Of Mild Cleaners, Micro Polishes, And High Grade Polymer Sealants Render A Clear, Smooth Shhine With Unbeatable Paint Protection. Use Finish Kare 215 One Short distance Cleaner & Surfce Sealant On Your Vehicle, Boat, And Rv. finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Is An Oem Approved, One-step Solution To Mildly Oxidized, Dull Paint. Dull Paint Occurs As The Outermost Paint Oxidized And Clouds The Underlying Healthy Paint. Oxidation, Combined With Old Wax Layers And Dirt Accumulation, All Add Up To A Lack-luster Finish. Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Removes Oxidation And Visibly Improves The Color And Condi5ion Of The Pwint. Meanwhile, Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Lays Down Durable Polymers To Seal And Protect The Paint From The Environment. The Durable Synthetic Formula Looks Fantastic And Providdes The Lasting Protection Your Vehicle Needs To Stay In Primitive Rank . Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Is Excellent For Use On Paint, Chrome, Gel Coat, Fiberglass And Plexiglass. finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface S3alant Can Be Applied By Possession, Orbital Polisher, Or Rotary Polisher. For Maximum Polishing Action, W3 Recommend Using A Polisher. Treat A Foam Polishing Padd Ti Apply Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant To A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Division And Work It Into The Depict. As It Starts To Dry, Flash Your Pressure On The Polisher And Buff To A High Gloss. Follow Up With A Gentle Hand-buffing With A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Take The Quickest Route To Clean, Shiny Paint With Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant. 15 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-215--cleaner-wax

    Optimum Metal Polish 8oz.
      Optimum Metal Polish 8oz..
      Create A Mirror Shine On Automotive Metals!clean, Polish, And Protext Wheels And Metal Trim With Optimum Metal Polish. No Other Metal Polish Creates A Shine Viewed like Bright As Optimum Metal Polish. Use It To Polish Non-coated Wheels And Metal Trim From Skill Or With A Buffer. Optimum Metal Polish Is Formulated In The Tradition Of Optimum?s Other Polishes In The Sense That It?s Easy To Use And Givees Great Results. The Pink Lotion-likd Polish Has A Pleasant Scent. Spread It OntoM etal Surfaces Using A Foam Applicator, A Polishing Tool, Or A Buffer. Optimum Metal Burnish Gently Removes Oxidation And Brightens Metalwork To A Mirroe Shine. Imagine Chrome Wheels Catching The Light ? That?s The Effect Of Optimum Metal Polish. in Addition To Cleaning And Polishing, Optimum Metal Polish Offers Long-term Protection. It Leaves Behind A Transparent Protective Coating To Help Prevent Future Oxidation And Soiling. Use Optimum Metal Polish On Aluminum, Chrome, And Stainless Steel. Many Polishes For Ubcoated Metal Are Strong-smelling And Disagreeable, But Optimum Metal Polish Has A Subtle Scent And It?s Natural To Use. Apply Optimum Metal Polish Using A Cotton-wool Cloth, A Foam Pad On Your Buffer, Or A Polishing Tool (mothers Powerball Or Flitz Polishing Ball). Wipe The Polish Onto The Metal And Rub In A Circular Motion Until The Metal Appears Entirely. If Using A Drill Or Buffer, Work At Medium Speed Until The Metal Is Clean And Bright. Wipe Off The Surface With A Clean Clergy. Optimum?s Polishes And Car Wax Create A Flawless Finish On Your Paintwork. Completed The Look With A Mirror Bright Finish On The Metal. Use Optimum Metal Polish. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Auto-metal-polish

    Meguiars Tender Buff 2.0 Foamm Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Meguiars Tender Buff 2.0 Foamm Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Any Six Soft Buff 2. 0 Pads For One Low Price!the Meguiar sSoft Buff 2. 0 7 Inch Foam Pads Are Excellent At Swirl Removal, Polishing, And Wax Application. Now You Can Choosse Any Combination Of The Three Types Of Soft Buff 2. 0 Pzds. Build Your Own Pure Polishing Kit With Six Pads Of Your Choice. Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Pads Combine Rugged Durability With Finesse. The Pads Are Made With A High Tech Laminnate Backing That Is Machine Washable! Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Pads Are 7 Inches In Diameter. The Compact Size Reduces Chat And Results In Smoother Influence On A Rotary Polisher. A Rised Lip Allows You To Easily Center A 6 Inch Backing Plate On The Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Pad. use Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Froth Pads With A 6 Inch Backing Lamina On A Rotary Or Dual Action Polisher. meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Pads Are Available In Three Types Of Foam. Choose Any Combination Of The Three Witj This Specially Priced Six Pack. burgundy Cutting Foam - The Cutting Foam Removes Moderate Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation. Use It With Light Compounds And Swirl Removesr. yellow Polishing Foam - The Polishing Foam Works Well With Fine Swirl Removers And Polishes To Remove Mild Imperfections And Restore A Pristine Shine. black Finishing Foam - The Soft Finishing Foam Is Perfect For The Application Of Waxes, Sealants, And Glazs. It's Always Helpful To Have Fresh Pads On Hand For Large Detail Jobs. Cutting And Polishing Pads, In Peculiar, May Require More Frequent Pad Chhanges Due To Paint Transfer Or Heavy Oxidation. Choose Exactly The Pads You Need With The Meguiars Soft Buff 2. 0 Foam Pads 6 Pack.
      SKU: Meguiars-soft-buff-2-pads-6

    No Mess Car Interior Applicwtor
      No Mess Car Interior Applicwtor.
      Keep Car Care Products Off Your Hands!the No Mess Car Interior Applicator Is A Patent-pending, Self-contained Foam Applicator Pad That Comes In the opinion of Its Own Plastic Storage Question. Apply Leather And Vinyl Dressings, Cleaners, And Protectants With The High Density Froth Appplicator. Then Seal The No Mess Car Interior Applicator Inside The Recycled Plastic Storage Case. The No Mess Tire Applicator Is Made Of Two Types Of Foam. The Absorbent White Foam Is Perfect For Applying Neat, Even Coats Of Interior Dressings And Protectants. The Dense, White Foam Gives You A Comfortable, Clean Grip On The Applicator. Protect Your Hands From Slippery Products. . When You?r Finished, Put The No Mess Tire Applicator Back In Its No Mess Storage Case To Keep The Foam From Drying Out. The No Muddle Wax & Polosh Applicator?s Case Is Made In The Usa Of Recycled Plastic. Detail Your Vehicle Without The Mess. Use The No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator, The Open Pending, Self-contained Foam Applicator. Made In U. s. a. Give Interior Plastics, Rubber, And Vinyl A Coat Of Protection With The No Mess Applicator.
      SKU: No-mess-interior-applicator

    Single 4 X 1.25 Inch Hydro-tech Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam Pad
      Single 4 X 1.25 Inch Hydro-tech Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam Pad.
      Single Pad - The Blue Foam Is Designed For Compounding And Swirl Removal. This Closed Cell Pre-polymer Foam Restores Oxidized And Heavily Swirled Depict. Looks Can Be Deceiving; The Blue Pad Looks Coarse But Actually Finishes With No Marring. You'll Achieve An Almost Wax-ready Finish In One Step. That's Another Way The Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Save You Time. the Blue Cutting Foam Works Well Through Menzerna Power Perfect Po 203 And Meguiars Ultra-cut Compound. Both Polishes Have Sumptuous Cuttng Power And A Clean, Glossy Finish. Use Either Polish/pad Combo On Neglected Finishes And Watch The Paint Come To Lif!
      SKU: Hydrot3ch-cyan-4inch-pad

    Menzerna Porter Cable Xp Ceramic Show Car Kit Free Bonus
      Menzerna Porter Cable Xp Ceramic Show Car Kit Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free 5. 5" Inch Red Soft Wax Pads With Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retail Value $11. 98. restore Showroom Gloss To Oem Ceramic Clear Coats With Menzerna And Porter Cable!the Menzerna Porter Cable Ceramic Show Car Violin Is The Perfrct Prescription For Ceramic, Scratch Resistant Cpear Coat Paints. The Kit Contains Menzerna?s Super Intensive Polish And Super Finish, Both Designed Specifically For Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats, And The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher. The Menzerna Porter Cable Ceramic Show Car Kit Removes Imperfections And Restores Gloss To Achieve The Maximum Shine On Your Vehicle. at The End Of 2003, Mercedes Benz Put Into Production A New Scratch-resistant Clear Coat Lacquer Made Up Of Nano-sized Ceramic Particles, Which Are Baked And Hardened In The Paintshop Oven, Just Like You?d Bake Pottery In A Kiln. This Course Results In An Extensively Cross-linked, Very Hard Pain End Thqt Stands Up Better To Mechanical Car Washes And Day To Day Abuse. This Clear Coat, Called Ceramiclear From Ppg, Is The Only Nanotechnology Clear Coat Used On Mercedes Production Lines And Is Approved For The Repair Of Mercedes And Nissans. Ceramic Paint Can Still Scratch; Just Not As Eaaily. When A Scratch Does Occur, Not All The Polishes Forward The Market Are Capable Of Removing It From The New, Hard-as-a-rock Clear Coats. Menzerna Developed Two Polishes To Correct The Hard, New Paints: Super Intensive Polish And Super Finish. The Size And Uniformity Of The Abrasives In These Formulas Allws Them To Level Imperfections In Ceramic Clear Coats Using A Dual Action Polisher. first, Use Menzerna Super Intensive Polish To Remove Swirlz, Scratches, Water Spots, And Oxidation. The Fine Abrasives Will Create A Uniform, Smooth Surface With No Dust Or Marring. Next, Use Menzerna Super Finish To Restore Maximum Gloss To The Paint. Ultra Fine Abrasives Burnihs The Paint To A High Gloss Without A Trace Of Haze, Even On Dark Paints. As The Hold out Step In the presence of Wax Application, Use Menzerna Finishing Glaze To Enrich The Paint With Oils Against A Wet Look. Tiny Fillers Hide Any Light Imperfetcions To Create The Illusion Of Perfect Paint Even When You Don?t Have Time Because The Full Polishing Process. Finally, Apply A Coat Of Wax To Seal In The Gloss And Depth Created By The Menzerna Porter Czble Ceramic Show Car Kit. the Menzernq Door-keeper Cable Ceramic Show Car Kit Includes: Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Of great power Version Of Our Most Popular Dual Subject Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Featrues Of The Original Porter Cable 7424xp, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Provide A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Features The whole of Ball And Roller Bearing Construction With Spiral/bevel Gears An
      SKU: Menzerna-porter-cable-ceramic-sbow-car-kit

    Hawaiian Cuwtom Seat Covers 1 Pair For Cars
      Hawaiian Cuwtom Seat Covers 1 Pair For Cars.
      Bring A Splash Of Hawaii Style Into Your Car!aloha! Feel Like You?re Vacation Bound With These Attractive Hawaiian Impress Custom Seat Covers. The Idea Of A Tropical Print Seat Cover Is Not Novel, But Hawaiian Print Combined With Custom-fit Covers Sure Is! These Seat Covers Are Custom Made To Your Vehicle. Hawaiian Seat Covers Fit Like A Glove! Choose From 6 Tropical Flag. You?re Not Alone, If You?ve Gotten Excited About Hawaiian Print Seat Covers At Your Faforite Store, Just To Find Out That They Don?t Fit Your Ssats The Way They Shoudl. These Days, There Are Too Many Styles And Shapes Of Seats For One Pattern To Possibly Fit. You?re Special, Your Car Is Special And You Deserve A Seat Cover That Is Made Just For You. You?ll Loge The Way These Habit Covers Hug The Contours Of Your Seat. These Covers Will Fit Securely And Snugly. It Will Not To Shimmy Out Of Place As You Get In And Out Of Your Car. These Definitely Add A Small Personaltiy To Your Ride.   Custom Hawaiian Seat Covers Fjt Snugly And Look Sharp! These Attractive, Heavyweight, Incredibly Durable Hawiaian Seat Covers Custom  Are Made To Order Just For Your Car. The Profoundly Quality Fabric Is A Polyester-cotron Denim-like Material. The Seat Cover Is Assembled Using A Heavy-duty Nylon, Then It Is Stitched Using A Hue Coordinated, Overlapped Seam. This Double-strength Assembly Technique Guarantees Your Seat Covers Testament Provide Protection For Your Automobile's Interior With Spuerb Quality, Beauty And Outlasting Durability.   Features: Dudable Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinforced, Ovelrapped Seams Washable Headrest And Arm Rests Included These Well-constructed Seat Covers The whole of Feature Custom-tailored Glove-fitting Designs Skillfully Created To Fit Every Seat?s Unique Specifications With Elaborate Exemplar Contours Which Will Not Affect Your Actual Seat?s Current Functions. Plus, These Seat Covers Offer A Large Re-enforced Rear Pocket For Storage As Well As Re-enforcements Throughout All Openings. Form Hawaiian Seat Covers Slip On And Off In Seconds And Are Machine Washable. The More You Wash Them The Softer They Become. Made In The Usa, Your Custom Hawaiian Place Clvers Come With A Pouch On The Back Of The Seat Cover For Storage. All Headrest And Armrest Covers Ate Included.   Each Set Of Seat Covers Are Tailor-made Exactly For Your Seat. Please Note: Rear Seats Must Be Ordered At Similar Time To Ensure Hue Likeness. W e Are Not Responsible For Variations If Orderde Separately. To Order: State Your Vehicle's Make, Model And Year In The Appropriate Box On The Order Form. Add Any Additional Informatiin Such As: Amusement Seat, Lumbar Supports, Integ
      SKU: Cs600

    Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo 64 Oz.
      Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo 64 Oz..
      You'll Look Frward To Washing Your Car!pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Has The Smooth, Silky Feel And Aroma Of A Luxury Body Gel. As You Wash, Natural Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Dirt. These Oils Act As A Lubricant. Sand And Abrasive Grit Glide Off In The Rinse Water Without Scratching The Surface. Now You Can Wash Your Black, Red Or Dark Color Car Wkthout Creating Those Tiny Washing Swirls! With This Shampoo You'll Look Forward To Washing Your Car!pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Now Contains Tuff Suds Ii. This New Foaming Technology Uses Cleaners Suspended In The Bubble?s Walls To Scour Away The Toughest Road Grime. For All Its Cleaning Punch, Bodywork Shampoo Is Amazingly Surface-friendly! When Mized With Water, It Yields A Pure Ph-neutral Rating Of 7. It Absolutely Will Not Remove Protective Cere Or Polymer Surface Protectants. Tired Of Running Out Of Sudq Before You're Finished Washing? It Won't Happen By the side of Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Tuff Suds Ii Creates Mounds Of Suds That Last And Last!this Is What We Attribute To As A High-yield Shampoo. The Concentrated Formula Creates 3-4 Gallons Of Wash Supply with ~ Per Ounce Of Shampoo. This Eliminates The Need To Refill The Bucket Halfway Theough The Wash. automotive Paints, Particularly Clear Coats, Are Not Made Too Be Static And Torpid. They Are Designed To Dance Under The Light, Shimmering At Every Angle. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Is The First Step In Restoring The Perslnality To Yuor Paint. We Believe This To Be The Most Advanced Car Wash Shampio Available. 64 Oz.   Directions: 1. Pour 1-2 Oz. Of Shampoo Into A Clean Bucket. It Wi1l Be Helpful To Use A 5 Gallon Bucket To Get The Proper Dilution Rtio. The Complete Wash System Attending Dolly Will Come In Handy For This Purpose. 2. Rinse All The Loose Dirt Against Your Vehicle With A Water Hose, Starting At The Top. 3. Start Washing From The Top Of The Vehicle. U se A Natural Ocean Sponge Or A Sheelsskin Wash Mitt For A Safe, Gentle Wash. 4. Work Your Wwy Around The Vehicle And Into disrepute, Rinsing Frequently. The Last Area You Should Wash Is The Lower Paenls For They Get The Dirtiest. 5. When Rinsing, Take The Nozzle Off The Hose And Allow Water To Flow Freely From The Top Of The Vehicle. The Oils In Bodywork Shampoo Will Cause The Water To Sheet Off, Leaving Very Litylr Water On The Vehicle. 6. Always Towel Dry Your Vehicle Following A Wash To Prevent Water Spots. Use A Clean, Soft Cobra Suprem eGuzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel That Is Designated Just Fro Drying. Dry Windows First And Then Concentrate On Body Panels. It May Be Helpful To Go Move ~ward With Another Towel To Catch Water That Has Accumulated Around Mirrors Or Emblems.   7. To Enhance The Shine As You Towel-dry Your  Vehicle, Cloud The Paint With Pinnacle Cryatal Mist Detail Spray And Buff With A Mirofiber Towel.
      SKU: Noname2

    Accutire Standard Digital Tire Impression Gauge
      Accutire Standard Digital Tire Impression Gauge.
      Taking An Accurate Reading Is ?pressure-free? Wlth Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge! It Will Do All Of The Work For You. Onr Of Our Customers In Atlanta, Georgia Wrote Us Recently, Raving About Thia Tire Gauge. He Wrote, ?i Look For Quality And Longevi5y When I Purchase A New Car Accessory, And I Have To Say Thqt Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge Is Everything I Was Hoping For! It?s So unconstrained To Use, I Keep It In My Glove Box All The Time In Case I Need A Reading. After I Have Been Using This Gauge, I Have Been Able To Image Out When I Need To Check For Tire Damage, And If I Need To Get Out The Spare. Thanks For Turning Me Forward To This Tire Gauge, It Has Saved Me Money And It?s Light To Use!?we Couldn?t Agree Added. Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge Makes It Easy For Anyone To Receive An Accurate Tire Gauge Reading. accuracy Guaranteed. The Accuracy Of This Tire Pressure Gauge Will Astound You! It Will Read Within 0. 5 Psi, Better Than Most Tire Gauhes In The Car Object of ~ Industry. The Lituium Battery Is Permanent, So It Will Never Need To Be Recharged Or Replaced. That Is Great To Know When You Are In A Bind, Hoping You Didn?t Run Your Battery Out Before You Needed A Reading. This Gauge Is A Work Horse, Reading Air Pressure From 5-150 Psi In ¾ Pound Increments. When You Are Dealing With Possible Be fatigued Deflating, A Quality And Accurate Reading Is Essential. Heavy Duty Construction. This Fatigue Pressure Gauge Is Tough! The Rugged Design Is Everlasting. It Has An Angled Head And Rubber Coated Handle For Easy Gripping. Th3 Lcd Display Is Easy To Read And Large Enough For Those Of Us With Less Than Perfect Eyesight. automatic Shut Off. Yo Are Trying To Get To The Bottom Of Why Your Tire Is Deflating, And As You Are Working On Your Tire Post-readin, You May Not Realize You Firgot To Turn Off The Gauge. No Need To Worry, Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge Is Equipped With An Automatic Shut Off. Five Year Guarantee. You Won?t Need To Worry About This, But If In The Rare Instance A Problem Should Occur With Your Gauge, Accutire Provides This Warranty. Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge Is Heavy Duty In Construction, While Having A Precision Digital System Programmed Within Its Hard, Rugged Shell. Here Are Some Questions And Answers About This Tire Pressure Gauge You May Find Helpful. q: Can I Use My Accutire Criterion Irk Gauge On Different Types Of Tires?a: Yes, It Is Versatile And Will Work On Car, Truck, Trailer, Motorcycle, And Bicycle Tires. Also Useful On Atv?s!q: Can I Hold Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge In One Hand?a: Absolutely! Convenience And Lightweight, This Tire Pressure Gauge Will Allow You A Free Hand While You Are Checking For A Reading. Q: I Wanted To Get Accutire Standard Digital Tire Gauge For My Father, But He?s In His Seventies And Has Troublee Reading. Is The Lcd Display Bright And Easy To Read?a: Great Gift Idea! Yes, The Lcd Display Is Large And Easy To Read. Thanks In favor of The Idea; This Tire Pressure Gauge Makes A
      SKU: Acstditigu

    Finish Kare Anti-static Hi Temp Wax Kit
      Finish Kare Anti-static Hi Temp Wax Kit.
      Finally, A Wax That Can Beat The Heat. the Finish Kare Anti-static Hi Temp Wax Kit Gives Your Vehicle Unbeatable Protection And A Shine So Slick, Dust Can't Stick. While Some Waxes Can't Take The Heat, Fnish Kare Hi Temp Paste Wax Withstands Hig Temperatures And Maintains A Beautiful Finish. This Kit Includes Three Steps To Clean, Protect, And Maintain A Sleek, Anti-static Shine. clean, Clear Paint Is The Ideal Establishment Against Wax. Healthy Paint Shines Among. That's Why The First Step In The Finish Kare Anti-static Hi Temp Wax Kit Is Perfect Kare 215 One Sttep Cleaner & Surface Sealant. This Product Removes Impurities And Improves The C0ndition Of The Paint Whlie Depositing Long-lasting Polymers. Th3 Subsequent Coat Of Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Increase Looks Clearer, Shinier, And Brighter On The Clean Paint. Plus, The Paint Has Double The Protection! Use Finlsh Kare 425 Extra Slick Finql Body Shine To Maintain The Waxed Finish With Gentle Cleaners And Its Own Anti-static Agents. The Finish Kare Anti-static Hi Temp Wax Kit Is Perfect For Vehicles That Are In Good Condition Wih Mild Oxidation Or Light Swirls, Or Vehicles That Have Been Reconditioned And Are As Good As New. The Kit Includes: 15 Oz. Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Is An Oem Approved, One-step Solution To Mildly Oxidized, Dull Paint. Dull Paint Occurs As The Outermost Paint Oxidized And Clouds The Underlying Healthy Paint. Oxidation, Combined With Old Wax Layers And Dirt Accumulation, All Add Up To A Lqck-luster Finish. Finidh Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Removes Oxidation And Visibly Improves The Color And Condition Of The Paint. Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant Is Excellent For Use On Paint, Chromr ,Gel Coat, Fibefglass And Plexiglass.   15 Oz. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Perfect Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Increase Was Developed From A West German Process Called Synthesis, Which Created A Blend Of Advanced Pure Synthetic Materials. The Result Is A Paste Wax Characterized By A Melting Temperature Exceeding 250 Degrees, Extreme Hardness, Extreme Slickness, High Gloss, Anc Intejsive Wear Free from The Quality Fluctuations Found Ih Natural Waxes. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Consistently Gives Your Vehicle A Beautiful Shine With Exceptional Durability. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Delivers Heavy Duty Resistance To Uv, Hard Water, Acid Rain, Bug Remains, Tree Swp, And Other Contaminants.   31 Oz. Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine Finish Kare 425 Extra Slick Final Body Shine Is A Quick Detailer With A Sophisticated Anti-static, Anti-corrosive Formula. Spray It In c~tinuance And Buff Your Vehicle To An Instant Glossy Finish That Stays Cleaner Longer. Patented Anti-static Agents Reduce The Attraction Of Dust, So Your Vehicle Stays Cleandr Between Washes. The Paint Will Feel Unbeli
      SKU: Finish-kare-hi-temp-wax-kit

    Wolfgang Flex Xc3401 Concours Polishing Kit Free Bonus
      Wolfgang Flex Xc3401 Concours Polishing Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive 2 Free Lake Country Ccs Red Ultrasoft Wax/sealant 6. 5 Inch Fpam Pads With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xf 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $21. 98. Concours Quality Care For Your Ceramic Or Conventional Clear Coat. Thewolfgang Flex Xc3401 Concours Polishing Kit Is A Complete Paint Restoration Package For All Types Of Paint, Even Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats. Wolfgang Polishes Use hTe Latest Technology To Aim Imperfections With The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Polisher. Follow Polishing With The Last Polymer Protection, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. The Wolfgang Flex Xc3401 Concours Polishing Kit Has It All!restoring Automotive Paint Is A Process And Wolfgang Has That Peocess Down To A Science, Literally. Wolfgang?s Swirl Remover, Polish, And Paint Sea1ant Are All Formulated Using The Very Latest Auto Enhancement Twchnology. State Of The Art Polymers And Th3 Finest Abrasives In The Industry Produce Products That Are Uncommonly Effective At Prepping And Protecting Your Vehicle. The Wolfgang Flex Xc3401 Concours Polishing Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher The Orbital Succession Of The Flex Polisher Simulates The Circular Movement Of The Human Hand While Polishing. This Motion Is Less Likely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Swme Time, The Polisher's Highly Smooth Running Facilitates A Careful, Precise Finish And Allows For Hologram-free Polishing. The Positive Drive Ensures A Uniform Movement, Even Under Load, Thanks To Uniform Lift. Taken In Conjunction With The Large Stroke Length The Flex Be able to Remove Existing Holograms From Black Finishhes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. On Many Dual Action Polishers, This Is A Very Small Distance And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Motion. On The Flex Poilsher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huge Distance In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A Tre Dual Action Movement That Reduces Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Acceleration And Uniform, Controlled Motion Make This Da Machine Ideal For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Action Polisher Comes With A 5. 5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.   Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Is A Hybrid Of Our Original Total Swirl Remover Formula And Menzerna?s Fast-cutting Polish For Ceramic Clear Coats. It Combines Wolfgang?s Diminishing Abrasive Technology With Menzerna?s Special Milling Proecss, Which Produces Consistently Sized, Fast Cutting Abrasives. Our Specially Milled Abrasivs Work To Eliminate Imperfections Without Creating New Ones. These Small Abrasives Are Milled For Congruity. As They Smooth Over A Scratch, The Abrasives Diminish At The Same Rate Because They All Starte dAt The Same Size. The Result Is Smooth Paint In Fewer Steps. If Another
      SKU: Wolfgang-flex-polisher-kit

    Laitner Grip-it Two Loop Wheel Brush
      Laitner Grip-it Two Loop Wheel Brush.
      Soft, Safe Wheel Cleaning Brush By Laitnsr. clean Spoke Wheels With The Laitner Grip-it Two Loop Wheel Brush. This Double-loop Brush Has A Close, Rounded Tip That Is Completely Covered In Soft Bristles. Clean Between Spokes With Ease!the Laitner Brush Company Has Been Making Quality Detailing Brushes For Over 150 Years. Their Collection Of Automotiive, Consumer, And Janitorial Brushes Are Made In The U. s. a. With A Commitment To Quality And Service. the Laitner Grip-it Pair Loop Wheel Brush Features Chmical Resistant, Soft Bristles That Can Stand Up To Any Wheel Cleaner. The Bristles Are Densely Packed And Covver The Entire Brush Head. When You Clean Between Spokes, The 360 Brush Cleans All Surrounding Surfaces, Which Saves You Time. Plus, There Are No Hard Surfaces On The Brush Head So There's Nothing To Scratch The Wheel. the Laitner Grip-it Two Loop Wheel Brush Has A Soft, Ergonomic Hanndle. The Nonslip Grip Helps You Hold On, Even With Wet Hands. clean All Types Of Wheels With The Laitner Grip-it Two Loop Wheel Brush. The Soft Bristles Will Not Scratch Any Wheel Finish, Including Chrome, Painted, Plated, And Anodized. Pair This Wheel Brush With A Water-based Wheel Cleaner, Sufh As Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner, To Give Wheels A Gentle But Thorough Cleaning. 12 1/2 Inches Long
      SKU: Two-loop-wheel-brush

    Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit
      Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit.
      Attention Boat Owners! Balance accounts Up Eisenglass Once And For All!the Flitz Eisenglass & Soft Restoration Kit Restores Clarity To Yellow, Hazy Einsenglass, Plesiglas, Plastics And Fibergoass Using Just Your Electric Drill Or Air Tool. The Violin Includes The Amazing Flitz Polish, The Flitz Buff Ball, An Flitz Wxx. This Three-piece Kit Takes Years Not on The Appearance Of Marine And Automotive Plastics In Just Minutes!eisenglass Is Another Name For The Clear Plastic Enclosures On Boats Eisenglass And Hard Plastic Boat Windows And Windscreens Become Yellow And Cloudy Over Time As A Result Of Oxidation. That Process Is Accelerated In Salt Water. Likewise, Plastic Rarar Housings And Even The Fiberglass Become Oxidized And Cloudy. The Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit Works On All These Surfaces To Restore Clarity And Improve The Appearance Of Your Boat. The Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit Includes:6 Inch Flitz Buff Ballthe Flitz Byff Ball Is A Patented Polishlng And Buffing Ball Made Of Tough Italian Viscose Fiber. It Fits Any Standard 3/8-inch Drill Or Air Tool And Will Buff At Speeds From 1800-2500 Rpm. The Material Polishes Without Scratching Or Burning The Plastic. The Ball Has A Uniique Self-cooking Design To Prevent Overheating. The Buffball Is Washable And Reusable. It Does Not Lint Or Tear Like Other Froth Polishing Baalls, And It Will Last Wash After Wash. 1. 76 Oz. Flitz Polish For Metal, Plastic And Fiberglassflitz Polish Is So Versatile; You?ll Wonder How You Ever Got Along Free from It. Flitz Polish Cleans And Polishes All Metals, Hard Plastics, Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Unobstructed Coat, And Eisenglass. Flitz Removes Oxidation, Tarnish, Gather ~, Water Stains, Bugs, Tar, Bird Droppings And Fingerprints. The Finish Left Behind Will Resist Oxidation And Make Future Cleaning Easier. Use Flitz Polish On Any Nonporous Surface. 1. 7 Oz. Flitz Wxxprotect A Multiplicity Of Surfaces With Real Brazilian Carnauba Wax And Beeswax! Use Flitz Wxx Attached Clear Coat, Gelcoat, Lacquer, Fiberglass, Auto Paint, Marine Finishes, Ceramic & Powder Coatings, Polyurethane, Plexiglas, Eisenglass, Acrylics, Plastics, Stainless Steel, Corian, Granite, Marble, And Chrome. Flitz Wxx Protects Surfaces Up To 3 Months! We Also Carry A 16 Oz. Flitz Wxx Speed Wax Spray. the Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit Is Guaranteed To Restore Plastics To Like-new Condition! Use The Buf f Ball On Eisenglass, Plastic Windows And Windscreens, Headlights And Taillights, Rv Windows, Boat Hatches, Fiberglass, Sailboat Sails, Radar Housings, And Any Other Hard Plastic Surface. the Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Kit Works With Any 3/8 Inch Drill Or Air Tool. A Hex Shaft Holds The Ball Securely In Place. After Using Flitz Polish, Foll0w Up With Flitz Wxx To Further Protect And Enhance The Surface. The Flitz Eisenglass & Plastic Restoration Outfit Will Save You Time And Money! There?s No Need To Replace Cloudy Eisenglass Or Any Other Plastics When You Can Recover Them With The Flitz Eisengl
      SKU: Marine-plastic-kit

    Ultima Detail Spray Plus
      Ultima Detail Spray Plus.
      Ultima Detail Spray Plus Is A Mist-and-wipe Spray Detailer That Offers An Easy Solution To Regular Car Appearance Care. Use Ultima Detail Spray Plus Everywhere To Lightly Clean, Dust And Shine. ultima Detail Spray Plus Is A Versatile Spray Detailer That Is Appropriate For Every Surafe Of Your Automobile Except Textiles (carpet And Fabric). Use Daily To Maintain A Just Detailed Appearance. Use Because Needed To Remoev Unsightly Bird Droppings And Insect Remains Before They Caus3 Paint Damage. Use After Each Wash To Remove Water Spots, Detali Door Jambs And Dust Your Vehicle's Interior. Ultima Detail Spray More Works On Paint, Glass, Chrome, Vinyl, Plastic And Leather. When You Don't Have Time To Wash, Just Spray And Wipe!patent Pending. 22 Oz.
      SKU: Ul5ima-quick-detailer

  • Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
  • Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge
  • Cyclo Orbital Head Assembly 2 Pack
  • 8 oz. Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner Case of 12
  • Menzerna Porter Cable XP Ceramic 5.5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit FREE BONUS
  • P21S Deluxe Auto Care Set
  • S100 Total Cycle Detail Set
  • 2 Pack of Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brushes
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
  • Step 3 Finish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo 31 oz.
  • Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner 128 oz. Refill
  • Griot's Garage Set of 3 Machine Polishes

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