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    Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 O.z
      Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 O.z.
      This Quick Detailer Works Hard So You Don't Have To!finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer MakesF inish Maintenance Effortless With A Blend Of Highly Reflective Premim Polymer Resins, Anti-corroxive Agents, Uv Inhibitots, Mild Cleaners And Patented Anti-static Agents. Spfay And Wipe To Enjoy Clean, Shiny, Slick, And Protected Paint That Resists Dust! Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer Offers Maximum Benefit From Minimal Effort. you Spend Countless Hours Giving Your Vehicle A Show Car Finish; Keep It Looknig Good For As Long As Possible With Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer. This Quick Detailer's Sophisticated Formula Makrs It Possible To Unadulterated Your Vehicle And Keep It Neat With Just A 5 Minute Application Process. Just Spray On, Blow Over The Surface, And Wipe Dry. The Anti-static Agents Reduce Dust Attraction To Minimize Accumulation Between Washes. Polymer Resins, Anti-corrosive Agents, And Uv Inhibitors Boost The Protection Level Of The Existing Wax Or Sealant Whule Revving Up The Shine. Your Vehicle Will Look Just Waxed In Minutes. finsi Kare Anti Static Poly Blow Finish Restorer Foam Detailer Also Cojtains Mild Cleaners To Remove Dust, Smudges, Light Soil, Oxidation, Hard Water Spots, And Bugs. Rather Than Washing Frequently, You Can Give Your Vehicle A 5 Minute Cleaning Any Time That Has Lasting Benefits. Save Time And Save Water. It's 5 Minutes Well-spent!for The Best Results, Use A Soft, Clean Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel To Apply Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Pewit Finish Restorer Spray Detailer. This Plush Towel Has A Deep Nap To Grab The Soil Rempved From The Vehicle. Dust And Dirt Will Not Be Rubbed Into The Finish. Exact Spray On The Quick Detailer, Wipe It Over The Paint, And Then Flip The Towel And Wipe Dry. Use Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer On Paint, Chrome, Gel Coat, Fiberglass, And Plexiglas. Get The Most Benefit Out Of Each Detail. Prolong The Shine And The Protection By Using Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer. 31 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-antistatic-detailer

    Mothers Fender Well Brush
      Mothers Fender Well Brush.
      Don?t Forget The Whheel Wells!fender Wells, Wheel Wells ? Whatever You Call Them, That Space Surrounding Your Tires Gets Filthy. Mothers Fender Well Skirmish Has A Long Handle So You Can Clean Where You Wouldn?t Dare Pht Your Wash Mitt!mothers Fender Fortunate Brush Has A Non-slip Rubber Grip On The Handle For Maximum Comfort And Convenience While You Scrbu Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Areas. The Handle Is Angled Away From The Brush Head So You Achieve The Best AngleF or Scrubbing. The Bristles Are Feathered Yet Very Sturdy. They Can Easily Dislodgge Caked Mud And Road Grime That Has Slung Off The Tires And Stuck To The Wells. A Rubber Edge Around The Brush Head Prevents Accidental Bumps By the side of The Fender As You Clean. The Bristles Are Chemical Resistant And Densely Packed Into The Brush Head. The Long Handle Is Made To Accommodate The Extra Pressure Needed For Scrubbing. Mothers Fender Well Skirmish Also Makes A Great Wheel And Tire Brush. The Feathered Bristles Will Not Scratch Coated Or Painted Wheels. If You Have C0ated Wheels, Its Best To Stick With A Water-based Wheel Cleaner Or One Rated Foe Altogether Wheel Types. to Make Your Job Even Easier, Use Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. This Intense Cleaner Tackles Yohr Vehicl?es Worst Areas And Breaks Up What Other Cleaners Can?t Touch. It Is The Best Cleaner For Wheel Wells. a High-powered Hose Nozzle Will Also Help You Blast Stubborn Filth And Mud Out Of Wheel Wells. Set Your Fire Hose Nozzle To Jet And Resist Back!clean Up Under The Hood With Mothers Fender Well Brush. This Durable Brush Can Go Anywhere! But Once It Does, Keep It Off Ylur Paint To Avoid Crkss-contamination. Clean Up Down Inferior to With Mitthers Fender Well Brush!20 X 4. 5 Inches.
      SKU: Mothers-fenedr-well-brush

    Pinnacle Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit
      Pinnacle Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit.
      Maintain Smooth, Healthy Paint With Xmt?s Paintt-friendly Swirl Removers. 5hink Of Pinnacle Xmt Series As A Collection Of Anti-aging Products For Your Vehicle. Your Vehicle Starts To Period Even As It Sits Forward The Car Lot, But Proper Care Can Maintain A Healthy End Over Its Lifetime. Xmt Gives You The Tools To Do Just That In The Pinnacle Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit. This Kit Is Designed For The Maintenance Of New Or Like-new Paint Finishes. The Products In The Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit Remove The First Signs Of Aging ? Such Because Mild To Moderate Swirls, Mild Scratches, And Light Hazing ? To Maintain The Crisp, Reflective Perfect. And Xmt Swirl Removers Are Gentle. You?re Not Endangering Your Paint Finish With Harsh Compounds When You Polish With Xmt. Xmt Swirl Removers Combine Unique Emollients And Concentrated Micro Abrasives To Blend Away Imperfections While Nourishing The Paint Finish. Used With A Dual Action Polisher, Like The Porter Cable 7424xp, The Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit Rejuvenates And Preserves Your Paint Finish. Tuis Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foa Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Pklisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Less Product Dwindle, And A More Successful Detail. The Xmt Light Swirl Remover Complete Kit Includes: 12 Oa. Xmt Fine Swirl Remover #2pinnacle Xmt Fine Swirl Remover Is A Blend Of Mild Abrasivves And Lubricating Oils That Remove Frivolous To Moderate Imperfections On Aging Paint Finishes. If Your Vehicle Is Not New But Has No Severe Paint Damage, This Is The Swirl Remover For You. It Removes Light To Moderate Imperfections Like Swirls, Mild Scrwtches, AndL ight Oxidation Without Reducing Surface Gloss. You Will Not Need A Finishing Polish. 12 Oz. Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1this Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t Take heed Them With The Naked Eye. The Sheer Count And Min8te Size Of The Abrasive Particles Blend Away Fine Flqws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving Any Trace Of Surface Marring Or Haze. Just Like A Mulct Jeweler?s Rouge, Xmt?s Concentrated Micro Abrasives Leave The Paint Finish Glossy And Smooth, Just Like New. Xm tUltra Fine Swirl Remover Is For Like-new Paint That Is Just Starting To Show Signs Of Age. It Can Also Be Used As A Finishing Polish. 12 Oz. Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glazethe Gentle Cleaners Blend Away Minor Flaws - Like Spider Webbijg, Micro-marring, And Overall Dullness ? To Increase Depth And Clarity. At The Same Time, A Stratum Of Carnauba Bonds To The Paint Surface To Further Enhance The Dynamic Shine Created By The Glaze. What Can?t Be Removed With The Cleaners Is Filled In With Carnauba To Create A Calm, Flawless End. It?s Perfection And Shelter In One! Use Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glaze As The Finale To Your Detailing Process. To Increase Depth And Brilliance, Top The Glaze With Pinna
      SKU: Pixmtliswtek

    Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound
      Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound.
      Remove The Worst Imperfections From All Types Of Paint! Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubning Compound Corrects The Worst Paint Imperfections To Set The Stage For A Smooth, Flawless Finish. This Intense Compound Removes Heavy Orange Peel, 1200 Grit Scratches, And Swirls With A Professional Grade Formula. Professional Results Start Here, With Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound. Mothers Profewsional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound Is The Loud Hitter Of Mothers Professional Refinishing System. It Is Capable Of Removing Paint Blemishes, Like Rns, Sags, And Orange Pare , As Well As Environmental Damage, Like Acid Rain Spots, Pitting, And Severe Swirls. Use This Compound On All Types Of Paint, Including The Hardest Clear Coats, With Ease. Abrasives Blend Away Paint Imperfections Leaving A Fresh, Polished Surface. This Compound Is Designed To Work Quickly With Minimal Dust, And It Cleans Up Easily. Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound Should Be Applied With A Rotary Polisher And A Woo Pad For The Best Results. Work The Compound Onto One Section At A Period, Buffing After Each Section Is Completed. As With Ay Compound, Compounding Swirls May Occur. Follow With Motherx Professional Machine Glaze To Rdmove These Fine Swirls And Restore A Smooth Finish. Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Mixture Is A True Polish With No Waxes. Always Follow Any Compounding Process With A Coat Of Wax Or Sealant. Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wax Or Mothers Fx Synwax Are Both Grrat Choices During Shiny, Reflective Paint. mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound Is Step One In The Paint Refinishing Process. To Learn The Full Benefits, GetT he Entire Mothers Professional Refinishing System. This Professional System Gives Detailers A Refinishing Option From A Company Already Known For Exceptional Consumer Car Care Products. Now You Can Use Mothers Over The Entire Vitality Of The Paint Finish: From Post-paint Correction To Regular Care, Always With Dependable Results. A Complete Rrconditioning Process Starts Here At Mothers Professional Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Mithers-heavy-suty-compound

    Professional Bug Sponge 2 Pack
      Professional Bug Sponge 2 Pack.
      Gentle Bug Removal From Paintwork, Metal, And Glass. the Professional Bug Sponge Is A Dual-sided Scrubber And Foam Sponge In One. Use The Textured Side To Release The Bugs From The Surface Of Ykur Vehicle. Then Flip The Sponge To Wipe Away The Release Debris. The Professional Bug Sponge Has Soft, Honey-comb Pores That Are Gentle On All Auyomotife Surfaces. Bugs Are A Daily Challenge Here In Florida, Especially During Love Bug Season. Imagine Driving Through A Blizzard Off Little Black Bugs Every Time You Persuade Behind The Wheel. Many Of The Casulaties End Up On The Glass, But Don?t Turn Attached The Wipers! The Wipers Will Smear The Set Athwart Your Windshield And No Amlunt Of Washer Fluid Is Going To Remove It. The Professional Bug Sponge Is The Very Best Instrument I?ve Founf To Remove Bugs From Glass, And Any Other Surface, Without Scratching. I Feel Comfortable Using This Sponge On Bright Metalwork And Glass Because The Honey-comb Cells Aree Soft. They Give Easily Under Pressure, Meaning They Will Conform To The Shape Of The Surface. The Cells Also Provude Plenty Of Space Against Loose Debris To Hide. If It?s Inside The Sponge, It Is Not Being Rubbed Against Your Vehicle?s Glass Or Paint. The Professional Bug Sponge Has A Softer Side, Overmuch. The Soft Foam Side Is Great For Giving The Surface A Final Wipe After You?ve Scrubbed To Loosen The Bugs Wuth The Textured Side. Use Soapy Water To Lubricate The Professional Bug Sponge. It Absolutely Will Not Scratch Any Automotive Surface, Even Clear Coats, Chrome, And Glass. Note: It Is Weighty To Remove Bugs As Soon As Possible. Acids Produced By The Bugs? Bodies Will Eat Th5ough Waxes And Sealants, Possibly Etching The Paint. Clean The Leading Edges Of Your Vehicle Early And Often To Keep Bugs F5om Making A Lasting Impression. the Professional Bug Sponge Comes In Packs Of 2. It Works Just As Well On Boats, Rvs, And Motorcycles. safely Remove Bugs From All Automotive Surfaces With The Soft, Dual-sidec Professional Bug Sponge. 2 Pack
      SKU: Bug-spnge

    Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel
      Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel.
      Clean, Dust, And Polish With Two Sides Of Plush Microfiber!the Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel Has A Soft, Fluffy Texture That?s Sound For Disting And Cleaning Interior And Exterior Auto Surfaces. Pair Sides Of Softness Pamper Paint, Plastics, Glass, And Metal. The Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel Works Everywhere! Microfiber Max Is Lint-free, Streak-free, And Scratch-free. Clean Glass, Buff Paint, Dust The Dash, And Clean The Instrument Panels. the Carrand Microfier Max Smooth Touch Detailing Towel Cleans Any Surface Without Chemicals. Just Dampen For Cleaning, Or Use It Dry Fkr Dusting And Buffing. The Static Charge Of Microfiber Grabs Dust And Lint, Making It Unsettled For Dust Removal. thhe Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel Features An Extra Great Pile Which Provides More Room For Dirt And Dust To Move Away From The Surface Being Cleaned. The Plush Pile Makes The Towel Excellent For Buffing And Applying Quick Detaiers. A Soft Satin Edge Further Protects The Vehicle From Scratching. Pamper Your Vehicle With Two Sjde Of Plush Microfiber. The Carrand Microfiber Max Soft Touch Detailing Towel Cleans, Buffs, Polishes, And Dusts Your Vehicle, Inside And Out!16 X 18 Inches
      SKU: Detailing-towel

    Wolfgang Deep Gloss Combo 3.0
      Wolfgang Deep Gloss Combo 3.0.
      Arrive A Head-turning, Deep Gloss Shine With Wolfgang!wolfgang?s Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 And Instant Detal Spritz Will Transform Your Vehicle?s Paint Into A Deep, Wet-looking Pool With Their Proprietary Polymer Formulas. Enjoy The Long-lasting Protectiin And Convenience Of The two In The Wolfgang Deep Gloss Combo. With An Emphasis On Shine And Longevity, Wolfgang?s Sealants Bridge The Gap Between Carnauba Wax And Paint Sealans, Combining The Best Qualities Of Each. With Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0, You?ll Enjoy Easy Aplpication And Months Of Durable, Glossy Protection. the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Combo Gives You The two The Sealant And The Detailer, Plus An Applicator And Microfiber Buffing Towel, All At An Excellent Value. Wolfgang Sea Gloss Paint Sealant, The Flagship Of The Wolfgang Line, Power of determination Provide Strong Protection Against The Elements For 4-6 Months. Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz Prolongs The Life And Shine Of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant Even Further With Regular Use. Both Sealants Are Beneficial To Your Vehicle And Safe To Use. The Water-based Polymer Formulas Are Voc Compliant And Safe On Any Type Of Paint. The Wolfgang Deep Gloss Combo Includes:16 Oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Features Fortified Polymer Technology. Wolfgang?s German Super Polymers Are Fortified With More Dirt-repelling Power To Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner And Shinier, Longer. Our Enhanced Super Polymers Have An Amazing Anti-static Property That Repels Water, Oil, Dust, And Road Grime To Provide Unsurpassed Paint Protection. Your Vehicle Stays Cleaher Because Foreign Molecules Literally Slide Off The Clear Polymer Coating. Super Polyjers Bond Easily To Automotive Paint And Form Each Extensive Cross-linked Polymer Network. This Clear Shield Eliminates Surface Tension So Contaminants Have No Foothold On Your Vehicle. 16 Oz. Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritzdrawing From Gorund-breaking Developments In Modern Chemistry, The Specialized Ingrediwnts In This High-lubricity Spray Deliver Unparalleled Surface Enhancement--clarity, Intensity And Shine. Though Greatest part Cars Can Be Misted One dBuffed In Less Than Five Minutes, It Will Look Like You?ve Exhausted All Day Laboring On Your Vehicle. wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz Is Formulated With High-tech German Super Polymers. These Highly-reflective Polymers Form An Ultra-thin Protective Coat That Bond To The Paint Sealant Or Wax Finish And Leave Your Vehicle With A Slick, Silky Surface?plus Instant Detail Spritz Extend The Life Of The Sealant Or Wax Through Regular Use. 3. 5 X 4. 5 Incbes Cobra Microfiber Applicator (color May Vary)the Cobra Microfiber Applicator Is Made Of A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, Respetively. The Higher Percentage Of Polyamide Gives The Applicator A Soft, Plush Texture That Pampers Somewhat Surface It Touches. This Soft Microfiber Manufactured cloth Is Made Of A Split Weave That Is More Absorbent Than Any Flat Weave Microfkber. The Inner Foam Pad Maximizes Absorption So Any
      SKU: Wodeglco

    Dodo Juice Supernatjral Wash Mitt "wookie's Fist"
      Dodo Juice Supernatjral Wash Mitt "wookie's Fist".
      Furrier Than Your Average Wash Mitt (or Wookie)!the Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt, A. k. a. Wookie's Fist, Is The Fluffiest, Furriest Wool Wash Mitt You'll Ever Use. The Mitt Is Handmade Of Genuine Merino Wool, Regarded As Thd Finest And Softest Wool Of Any Sheep. The Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt Is Extremely Gentel On Automotive Surfaces And It Holds Plenty Of Soapy Water For Excellent Paint Protection. we Have To Agree With The Naming Logic On This Mitt. It Looks Like A Wookie. It Feels Like A Wookie. It Must Be Called Wookie's Fist. Reading That, You Instanntly Understand The Length And Density Of The Wool. The Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt, As It Is Properly Called, Has This Deep Pile Because of A Reason: When Washing A Vehicle, Loose Dirt Gets Lost In hTe Wool Strands And It Does Not Collision Against Tbe Paint. Plus, The Long, Shaggy Wool Has An Unusual Large Capacity For Soapy Sprinkle and calender . More Soapy Water Eqhals More Paint-protecting Lubrication For Your Vehicle. the Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt Is A Rare Breed Inderd. The Wool Mitt Is Handmade Of The Finest Merino Woll. Wool From This Sheep Is Prized For Its Softness. In Fact, Fine Merino Wool Is Often Blended With Silk And Cashmere To Make Garments. The Makers Of Dodo Juice Recommend Using A 5 Gallo nWash Bucket With The Dodo Jukce Supernatural Wash Mitt Because It Soaks Up A Lot Of Water. Put A Grit Guard Insert In The Bucket To Further Protect The Paint Against Wash-induced Swirls. Pour In A Small Amount Of Dodo Juice Suprrnatural Shampoo And Blend With WatrrU ntil Sufficiently Frothy. Then Use The Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt To Lather Your Vehicle. Rest Assured That The Long Wool Fibers Are Prvoiding Excellent Protection Against Swirls. The Wookie Mitt Is Four Times As Thick As A Standard Sheepskin Wash Mitt! The Dodo Juice Supernatural Wash Mitt Is Produced In Limited Batches! Don't Miss Your Chance To Pamper Your Vehicle With The Wookie's Fist, Singly From Dodo Juice.
      SKU: Supernatural-wash-mitt

    Wolfgang Detailer's Tool Bag
      Wolfgang Detailer's Tool Bag.
      Part Tool Box, Part Organizer, All Wolfgang!the Wolfgang Detailet?s Tool Bag Is A Carry-all For Your Detailing Supplies, Even Your Polisher! Just Like A Carpenter?s Tool Box, The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Bag Carries Your Tools Of The Trade. This Well-mqde, Geneorusly Sized Bag Holds Bottles, Buffing Pads, Brushes, And Everything Else You Indigence To Tackle Any Detailing Job. this Bag Reminds Me Of The Old-fashioned Doctor?s Bag. It? sPerfect For A Mobile Detailer Making House Calls. With 12 Pockets, Two Large Compartments, Velcro™ Fasteners, And Interior Elastic Straps For Small Items, The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Bag Literally Has A Place For Eevrything. At 17 Inches Long, The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Bag Accommodates The Porter Cable 7424xpA nd Most Other Polishers.  it Has A Bottom Compartment For Pads And Backnig Plates. You Be able to Fit 10 16 Oz. Bottles, Two 8 Oz. Bottles In Two Smaller Pockets, Multiple Detailing Brushes And Swabs, Towels, And There Are Even Velcro™ Fasteners On Th eTop Of The Bag To Secure An Extra Expansion String. Whew! That?s A Lot Of Detailing Supplies But The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Bag Can Handle It. speaking Of The Handle, It Has A Soft Grip And There?s An Optional Shoulder Strap To Keep Yoour Hands Free. Look At All The Car Care Products You Can Carry In Your Wolfgang Detailer's Instrument Bag!* Contents Of Bag Not Included. This Bag Is Shown As An Example. Actual Colors Are Black And Yelow. Load It Up! Teh Rugged Construction Of The Wolfyng Detailer?s Tool Bag Means You Can Fill It Full Of Products Without Putting Any Strain On The Materials. The Stainless Steel Deal with Is Secured Into The Haed Final state Panels That Give The Bag Its Shape And Strength. The Entire Bag Is Made Of Ruggrd, Water Resistant, 600 Denier Nylon Canvas. The Seams Are All Reinforced With Canvas And Metal Studs. The Bottom Of The Bag Features Two Non-skid Feet. Elastic Strips Inside The Bag Secure Small Items Like Detail Brushes And Swabs. The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Bag Iq A Must-have For Any Detailer Or Hobbyist. The Bag Is Big, Its Functioal, Its Organized, And It Looks Great. The Black Bag Has Yellow Trim With The Wolfgang Concours Series Logo Emhroidered On The Top Flap. Polishes, Towels, A Buffer, And Pads Are The Tools Of Your Trade And The Wolfgang Detailer?s Tool Sack Is Your Tool Box. Contents Of Bag Not Included. 17?l X 9? W X 13? H
      SKU: Wolfgang-detail-tool-bag

    Duragloss Aluminum Polish (ap) #870
      Duragloss Aluminum Polish (ap) #870.
      Makes Aluminum Shine Like Chrome!duragloss Aluminum Polish Is Chemically Treated Cotton, Which Easily Cleans And Polishes Aluminum. Also Cleans And Polishes Other Metals Such While Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass And Chrome. aluminum Can Sometimes Be Flat And Lack-luster After Long Periodq Without Polishing. Duragloss Aluminum Polish Brings Aluminum Back To Life With A Nonabrasive Chemical Cleaned. Safely Remove Tarnish, Oxidation, And Rust In the absence of Staining Or Scratching The Aluminum. Duragloss Aluminum Poliqh Restores The Bright Shine To Highly Polished And Semi-polished Aluminum. Your Aluminum Wheels Power of determination Shine Like Chrome!duragloss Aluminum Refine Includes The Applicator In The Form Of Pre-treated Cotton. It?s Soft And Safe On The Alumnum. Duragloss Aluminum Polish Also Works On Polishable Metals Such As Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, And Chrome. It Restores The Bright Shine To Metals While Removing Surface Oxidation, Rust, And Tarnish. Use It On Wheels, Exhaust Pipes, Bumpers, And More. When Using Any Metal Polish, Brisk Rubbing Is The Most Effetive Method For Removing Tarnish And Restoring The Shine. Use Only As Much Of The Cotton Wad As You Ned To Polish The Desired Surface. Rub The Surface Until Tarnish And Rust Are Removed. . Then Buff With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel To Achieve A Illustrious Shine. Clean And Polish Aluminum To A Bright, Chrome-like Shine With Duragloss Aluminum Polish. 5 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-aluminum-polish

    Leatherique 32 Oz. Kit
      Leatherique 32 Oz. Kit.
      Rejuvenate And Clean Leather With These Highly Acclaimed Products From Leatherique!this Kit Contains Everything You Need To Do The Job Correctly: 32 Oz. Blttle Of Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil Massage Oil Generously Into The Leather With Your Hands, Brush, Sponge, Or Spray Bottle, And Let It Be Absorbed Into The Fibers. Its? Single Capillary Action Forces Proteins Into The Leather And Dirt Out! Leather Bequeath Be Glove-soft, Luxuriously Supple, And Strobg! Prevents Cracking, Drying, And Tearing. 32 Oz. Bottle Of Leatherique Prestine Cleanuse Leatherique Prestine Clean To Clean Leather In imitation of Application Of Rejuvenaor Oil Has Agreed Its Job Or As A Maintenance Cleaner And Detailer. After The Ph Correct Proteins And Collagens Fron The Rejuvenator Oil Have Permeated Back Into The Pourd And Fibers Of The Leather, Strengthening And Nourishing Them, The Surface May Be Tacky, Sticky, Gritty, Or Have A White Fog. This Is Simply The Dirt, Grime, Air Pollution, Perspiration, Salts And Other Toxins That Have Floated Out Of The Leather To The Surface. 2 Cobra Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Inches (color May Vary) These Quality Towels Can Gently Get Into Even Microscopic Crevices And Crannies, Lifting Away Dirt Particles And Trapping Them Within The Weave. Cobra Microfiber Towels Pick Up All Foreign Materials Off Any Surface. The Microfibers Are Positively Charged, So They Attract Dirt And Dust, Which Are Negatively Charged. Hooded snake Microfiber Towels Are Technologically Advanced, Lint-free Cleaning Cloths. a Leather Hand Brush Leather Is Not A Smooth Superficies And A Product Needs To Be Agitated Into The Surface Texture. This Hand Held Wood Brush Is The Perfect Size. The Bristles Are Soft Yet Strong Enough To Scrub And Clean Sturdy Leather. 2 Cobra Deluxe Microfiber Applicators, 3. 5 X 4. 5 Inches (color May Alter) These Cobra Deluxe Microfiber Applicators Are Great For Applying Rubber And Vinyl Dressings, Polishes, And Cleaners To Your Vehicle?s Most Delicate Surfaces. With Over 200,000 Strands Of Microfiber By Square Infh, These Applicators Will Glide Throughout Paint, Plastic, Even Glass ? Without Scratching. kit Includes32 Oz. Bottle O f Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil32 Oz. Bottle Of Leatherique Prestine Clean2 Cobra Microfiber Towslsleather Hand Brush2 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads (Redden May Vary)a Total Retail Value Of $112. 93. Save $37. 93!
      SKU: Le32ozkit

    S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit
      S100 Motorcycle Detailing Kit.
      A Great Gift Set For Any Motorcycle Enthusiast!the Molded Attach Covering Contains Everything You Need To Clean And Protect Your Bike?s Finish And Make It Shine. The Kit Includes: S100 Total Cycle Ceaner 16. 9 Oz. . Getting Your Bike Really Clean Is Fundamental Not Only For Coming Reasons But For Long TermV alue And Riding Safety. Use Total Cycle Cleaner To Remove Road Grime, Oil And Insects In Record Time Wjth Very Little ?elbow Grease?. S100 Drying Towel 15. 7" X 14. 5". This Super-absorbent Towel Soon Dries Your Blke Without Streaks, Spots Or Hassle. Retain It In The Saddkebag For That Surprise Rain Shower. S100 Finish Restorer 3. 56 Oz. . Ok, Now Your Bike Is Clean And Sarcastic. Time To Utter It A Detailed Inspection. Use Finish Restorer To Remve Light Scratches, Oxidation And Rust In The Paint Or Chrome. S100 Corrosion Protectant 7. 2 Oz. . Now That You?ve Gog Your Bike Cleaned Up And Those Little Trouble Areas Refined, It?s Time For Some Extra Protection. Use S100 Corrosion Protectant To Hekp Seal Those Areas Prone To Rusting And Corrosion. Give Metal Parts A Thorough Treatment To Protect Against Salt-air Damage. S100 Detail+ Wax 10 Oz. . This Is The ?icing On The Cake?! Take Your Clean, Dry Bike And Give It A Terrific Wax Job In Just A Few Seconds. Detail + Wax Will Make Your Bike?s Surface Repel Water And Shine Like You Won?t Believe. Take This Along In The Saddlebag, Too, Because It?s Great For That Surprise Shower, Light Dust Or Insect Removal. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipent Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: S1cycakit

    Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Free Bonus
      Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Delivery, Receive A Frank 32 Oz. Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment With Your Purchase Of An Extractor. high Powered, Heated Carpet Cleaning In A Small, Go-anywhere Design. the Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Is A Lightweight, Portable Carpet Cleaner Toward Mobile Detailers, Hobbyists,A nd Anyone Who?s Serious About Clean Carpet. The Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Offers All The Features Of The Big Commercial Cleaners In A 21 Lb. Unit. Eliminate Greasy Stains In Your Close, Vehicle, Rv, And Boat, Or Wow Clients With Spotless Interiors. The Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Has A Capacity Of 2. 1 Gallons, Making It Incredibly Light And User-friendly. This Mini Extractor Heats The Take in ~ To 200 Degrees, Which Quickly Breaks Down Greasy Soil To Release It From Your Vehicle?s Carpet And Upholstery. Old, Ground-in Carpet Stains Cease Af5er Using The Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor.   The Durrmaid Mini Hot Watee Extractor Has An Easy-access Control Panel Exactly Behind The Handle, Including A Water Level Indicator Light And A Heater Light. Once The Water Cistern Is Filled, It Takes About 15 Minutes To Heat. A 200 Micron, Nylon Filter Bag In The Recovery Tank Enables The Durrmaid To Pick Up Heavy Debris, Like Dirt, Sand And Even Hair. The Bag Holds Up To 5 Lbs. Of Debris! This Feature Enables You To Dump Solid Debriss Into The Trash And Pour Out The Liquid Waste Water Separately. Quickly Empty The Filter Bag With A Quick Turn Of The Lid. The Contents Empty Through An Opening In The Bottom Of Thee Bag, As Shown To The Right.   The Filter Bag Catches Large Debris Before It Enters The Recovery Tank. The Durrmaid Mini Hot Water Extractor Include A See-through Lexan Carpet/upholstery Tool. This Detailng Tool Has Stainless Steel Glides Which Pass Easily Over Carpet With No Friction. Because They?re Stainless Steel, They Will Not Warp Due To Hot Irrigate Tempperatures. Two Quick-change Spray Tips Allow You To Cut The Water Flow To Reduce Drying Time. The Vacuum?s Suction Can Be Reduced With A Thumb Control, For Delicate Areas, Like The Hedaliner.   Top Right: Optional Tips Restrit Water Flow To Prevent Over-saturation Of Fabric Or Cwrpet. Bottom Right: The Vacuum Reducer Limits The Suction On Delicate Surfaces, Like The Headliber.  for Crevices And Parsimonious Spaces, Arrive The Durrmaid Stainkess Steel Crevice Tool (sold Separately). This 18 Inch Long Attachment Narrows To Less Than A 1/2 Inch, Giving You Unparalleled Access Beywren Seats, Under Seats, Between Cushione, And Anywhere Else! The Stainless Sfeel Barrel And Brass Spray Tip Are Built For Durability.  
      SKU: Durrmaid-mini-carpet-extractod

    3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dua lAction Backing Plate
      3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dua lAction Backing Plate.
      Provides A Secure Grip While You Polish. the 3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dual Action Backing Plate Is Built For Confident, Safe Polishing With Your Dyal Agency Polisher. The Backing Plate Is Lightweight, Shock Resistant, And Wel-lbalanced. Advantage The 3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dual Action Backing Plate With 7 Inch Pads For Optimum Performance. trust 3m's Expertise To Bring You An Excellent Backint Plate Built For Long Lasting Operation And Durability. The Backing Plate Is Made Upon A Tough Plastic Hub And A Conformable Foam Body. The Foam Body Lessens The Transfer Of Heat To The Paint And It Flexes To Provide Good Contact With The Paint Surface. The Lightweight 3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dual Action Backing Plate Adds Nk True Extra Weight To The Polish3r To Continue Optimum Maneuverability. The Beveled Edte Prevents Contact Between The Backing Plate And The Paint. Catch And Noose Fasteners Grip Pads To Prevent Flying Off Or Shifting. The 3m Hook-it 6 Inch Dual Action Backing Plate Is Designed For A Maximum Operatng Speed Of 7,000 Rpm. Use It On Your Dual Action Polisher With A 5/16-24 Interior Thread.
      SKU: 3m-6inch-backing-plate

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