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    Glass Science Clear Windshield Kid
      Glass Science Clear Windshield Kid.
      See Clearly And Carriage-road Safely In the opinion of Glass Science!hlass Science Producfs, From The Creator Of Rainxâ®, Are The Most Effective Glass Repellent Products On The Market! The Glass System of knowledge Clear Windshield Kit Includes Three Glass Knowledge Products To Repel Rain And Dirt, Remove Films, And Prevent Haze ? The Three Main Causes Of Poor Visibility. The Glass Science Clear Windshield Kit Cleans And Seals Glass, And So Much More . what If Glass Fogging, Rain, Water Spots, And Films Could All Be Cured And Prevented? Your Windshield And Windows Would Look Better, Yes, But They Would Also Look Clearer. You Would Be Able To See The Road Better, Even In Rainy, Humid Weather. What If Thesw Resultz Lasted For Weeks? Products That Could Do All That Would Be In Every Garage! Well, Glass Science Products Be able to Do All That And More. Glass Sciecme Specializes In ?preventative Cleaning?. Clean And Seal The Surface Once And It Stays Clean For Weeks. This Technology Might Sound Familiar To You. Glass Science?s Creator Developed Rainxâ®. After Selling Rainxâ®, He Continued To Investigation And Expand Glass Care Products, Resulting In The Glass Science Line. Glass Science Represents The Latest And Most Effective Glass Care Technology To be availed of To Date. see The Difference On Your Vehicle With The Glass Science Clear Windshield Kit. The Kit Includes: 10 Oz. Glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Is Less Of A Glass Polisg And More Of A Glass Cleanser. It Removes Water Spots, Lime Scale, And Sap ? Things That Cause The Glass To Appear Uneven ? And Leaves The Glass Looking Smoother. Glass Science Glass Scrub Auto Glass Stripper Removes Contaminants From Within The Glass? Microscopic ?pores? For A Deeo-down Clean. Windshield Wipers Will Function Better With Less Chattering.   22 Oz. Glass Science Rain Clear Duall-action Glass Cleaner & Repellant Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Clean3r & Rain Repellant Cleans And Seals Glass Surfaces In One Quick And Easy Step. The Voc Compliant, Highly Effective Glass Cleaner Lifts Dirt And Residues While It Deposits A High Performance Repellant. Your Wihdshield Andd Windows Will Stay Cleaner Longer, And You?ll Have Better Visibility In Poor Weather. Your Windshield Will Repel Dirt, Oil, Bugs, Rain, Sleet Ane Snow!   10 Oz. Glass Science Fog Clear Fog Clear By Glass Science Prevents Interior Fogging Of The Windshield, Windows, And Mirrors. One Clear Coat Creates A Moisture Absorbent Barrier That Prevents The Formation Of Condensation. Maintain Optimum Visibility Even In Humid, Rainy, Or Clld Conditions. While Rain Clear Protects The Exterior Glass, Haze Clear Keeps The Interior Glass Clear And Fog-free.   Foam Wax Applicator Wipe On A Tnin, Even Coat Of Glass Scrub With This Soft Froth Applicator. The Foam
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    Wolfgang Polishin? Pal  Combo Free Bonus
      Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Combo Free Bonus.
      Wolfgang Really Has A Handle On Detailing!for A Limited Time, The Polishin? Pal Comes Through Two Orange Low Profile 3. 5? Pads Ansolutely Free! These Light Cutting Pads Are ¾? Thick And Made Of Dense, Closed Cell Foam Through Hook & Loop Backing. Use The Orange Pads To Apply Polishes And Swirl Removers. A Lot Of Die-hard Detailers Like To Pplish And Wax Theif Vehicles The Old-fashionex Way ? By Hand. Teh End Result Is A Clean, Beautiful Finish And Dirty, Tired Hands. If You Want All The Benefits Of Hand-detailing, But Not any Of The Drawbacks, Use The Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Combo. the Polishin? Pal Is An Ergonomically Shaped Urethane Handle That Holds Specially Designed Foam Pads Usijg Hooks & Loops. By Gripping The Handle Instead Of The Par, You rHands Don?t Get So Dirty And The Shape Of The Polishin? Pal Relieves Hand Fatigue. You Can Comfortably Burnish And Wa Your Vehiccle By Hand Without The Fatigue You Usually Feel In Your Fingers. the Polishin? Pal Is 3 ¾? In Diameter And 2 ¼? Tall. It Features A Finger Groove All The Way Around For A Comfortable Grip. The Urethane Is Very Sturdy, Yet Flexible Enough To Bend Against The Curves And Contours Of Your Vehicle. This Material Is Virtually Indestructible! Use It Time And Time On the other hand And It Will Not Lose Its Shaps Or Deteriorate. The Hook & Link Material Is Secured Permanently To The Urethane So You Don?t Have To Worry About The Pad Falling Off As You Work. the Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Ckmbo Comes With Four 3. 5 Inch Polihin? Pal Pads, Each Designed To Perform A Particular Step In The Detailing Process. Each Pad Corresponds To Our Larger Lake Country Foam Pads. You Be able to Almost Duplicate The Machine Polishing Experience By Hand With The Polishin? Pal And The Included Bonus Pads!2 White 3. 5 Inch Polishin? Pal Padsthe White Polishing Froth Is Excellent For Applying Pre-wax Cleaners And Finishing Polishes. The Foam Has Light Clsaning Power To Hell Polishes Clean And Brighten The Paint More Effectively. 2 Red 3. 5 Inch Wax/sealant Padsthis Soft, Imported Foaam Is Imaginary standard For Applying The Final Coat Of Wax Or Sealant. The Foam Works Especially Well When Applying Liquid Waxes Or Sealants Because It Is Firm Enough To Keep The Majority Of The Product On The Paint, Rather Than Soaking It Up. The Red Foam Has No Cut Or Cleaning Ability. each Of These Padw Can Be Washed And Reused. Waste Them In Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In 3-4 Gallons Of Water. Agitate With Your Hands Or With A Brush And Rinse. Let The Pads Air Dry. Here?s A Tip: Store The Dry Pads In Plastic Bags To Keep Them Clean For Your Next Detail. when Buying Replacement Pads For Your Poishin? Pal, Buy Spot Buffs 3. 5? Pads. You Can Give Your Vehicle A Twnder Hand-polishing Without Acquisition Your Hands Dirty! The Wolfgang Polishin? Pal Combo And Introductory 3. 5? Pads Make Detailing Your Vehicle A Clean And Comfortable Experience. polishin? Pal Includes: 2 White Polishing Pade, 3. 5 Inches2 Red Wax/sealant Pads, 3. 5 Inches2 Free Orange Bright Cutting Pads, 3. 5 Inchespads Are
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    Meguiars Soft Buff 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Meguiars Soft Buff 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Any 6 Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Pads For One Low Pride!the Original Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Excellent At Swirl Removal, Polishing, And Wax Application. Now You Can Choose Any Combination Of The Three Types Of Original Soft Buff Pads. Build Your Own Perfect Polishing Kit With Six Pads Of Yiur Election. Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Incj Foam Pads All Feature Meguiar's Exclusiv Foam Cell Structure That Improves Appearance Flow Through The Pad To Minimize Heat Buildup, Thus Eliminating The Possibility Of Burning The Paint. The Foam Removes Paint Imperfections Without Leaving Compounding Swirl Marks, Like Wool Pads Can. High Qualiyt Hook And Loop Fasteners Hold The Pad Securely On The Backing Plate During Polisher Operation, Yet Pad Changes Are Quick And Easy. The Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Designed For Use With A Dual Action Polisher Equipped With A 5 Inch Or 6 Inch Hook And Loop Backing Plate. Three Foam Varieties Are Available. Choose Any Combination Of The Three Wi5h This Specially Priced Six Paco. burgundy Foam Cutting Pad - The Cutting Pad Is Made Of A Dense But Flexible Foam Capable Of Removing Moderate Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation. It Should Be Used With A Swirl Remover For The Best Results. yellow Foam Polishing Pad - The Polishing Pad Has A Less Dense Consistency Capable Of Removing Light Swirls And Oxidation When Used With A Light Swirl Remover Or Fine Polish. Beige Foam Finishing Pad - The Finishing Foam Pad Is Very Soft And Has No Leveling Ability. Use This Pad To Apply Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes And Produce A High Gloss Shine. If You're A Professional Detailer, It's Helpful To Have Fresh Pads On Hand For Large Detail Jobs. Cutting And Polishing Pads, In Particular, May Require More Ftequent Pas Changes Due To Paint Transfer. Select Exactly The Pads You Want With The Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads 6 Pack.
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    Poorboy's World Ex-p Pure Sealant
      Poorboy's World Ex-p Pure Sealant.
      Protection, Durability And ABeautiful Finish Wrapped Into One!when You Think ?wax,? Do You Imagine Hours Of Drudgery In the opinion of A Smelly, Hard-to-manipulate Paste That Is A Struggle To Remove? None More! Forget All About That Stereotype. The Modern Alternative (and A Good One At That) To Traditional Waxes Are Synthetic Paint Sealants, Formulated For People On The Go: On Easier, Buff Off Easier,, Last Two Or Three Times As Long, And Withstand Higher Temperatures Without Compromiding Durability. They Makke Caring For Your Car Properly A Breeze. The Secret Is Out! Poorboy?s Ex-p Paint Sealant Is Quickly Building A Great Reputagion For Itself Based On Word-of-mouth By Professional Detailers, Auto Enthusiasts And Show Car Competitors Everywhere! It Spreads On With Ease, Buffs Off With Little Effort, And, Whoa! Stand Back! What A Shine! Ex-p Is A Pure Sealant; An Amino Functional Resjn. ? Puzzled? That, In Layman?s Trms, Means That Additional Layers Can Be Applied To Achieve Uniform Greater Glimmer And Shimmer (not That It?s Needed!). It Also Means Thaf Ex-p Plays Well With Other Products?car Buffs Use It As A Topper Over Traditional Waxes And Sealants To Farther on Enhance The Surface. I Personally Tested It Over Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 And Was Very Enthused By The Results! (again, This Is Totally Needless, But For Some Of Us It?s A Hobby!)poorbou?s Ex-p Is Revolutionary In Th eWorld Of Paint Sealants. Typically, Applying A Paint Sealant In Direct Sunlight Is A Big No-no. Well, Ex-p Shatters Thr Rules On That One! Designed Especially Because Use In High Temperature Climates On Cars That Sit In The Hot, Hot Sunshine Day After Day: It?s Virt8ally APaint Sealer Om Steroids! Because It?s So Easy To Apply, Smells, Looks And Feels Like Tropical Sun Block, And Can Be Used In The Sun, You May Just Find Looking Onward To Wax Day!poorboy?s Exp Goes A Long Course! Just One Coat Of This Magical Lotion Is All Yoh Need To Protect Your Car?s Finish For Three To Six Months?and, The Look It Achieves Is Nothing Short Of Phenomenal! A Gorgeous Glimmer That Gives You The Feel Of Gazing Into A Deep Pool Of Color. Ths Guys At Poorboy?s Set Out To Formulate A Unique Paint Sealant When They Made Ex-p?one That Yielded Such Fantastic Results With Minimum Experience And Effort, That Even A First-timet Would Experience 100% Success! Best Of All, Poorboy?s Ex-p Is A Steal! You?re Sure To Agree After You Experience The Results That Ex-p Delivers! 16 Oz. Bottle
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    Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Combo
      Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Combo.
      Clearly Surpassing Cldaning Technology!the Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Combo Is The Essential Glass-cleaning Kit For All Drivers. Proven Surfactant Technology Removes Stubborn Films And Streaks To Leave Automotive Glass PerfectlyC lear. Improve Visibility And Safety With Diamondite Perfect Vision. no aPrt Of Your Vehicle Has More Of An Impact On Your Perception Of The Road Than The Windshield. If You Can?t See, You Can?t React. That?s Why It Is So Important To Maintain A High Level Of Visibility At All Tkmes. Diamondite Complete Vision GlassC leaner Cleans Glass Like No Other Glass Cleaner You?ve Ever Used. Eliminate Folms, Bugs, And Streaks With The State-of-the-art Technology Of Sound Vision And Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber. The Perfect Vision Glass Combo Includes:16 Oz. Diamondite Perfect Visoon Glass Cleanerdiamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Is A Non-ammonaited, Voc-free Glass Cleaner For Tough-to-cean Automotive Glass. Remove Stubborn Smoker?s Film, Bugs, And Greasy Road Films To Leave A Streak-free, Exactly Clear Surface. Diamondite Finished Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Gives You A Perfectly Clear Vision Of The Road Agead. Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner „¢ Uses Nonionic Surfactants As Its Primary Cleaning Agenys. Unlike Ammonia, Surfactants Lift And Suspend Contaminants Without Affecting The Glass Itself. This Technology Allows Perfect Vision To Actually Remove Dirt, Films, And Grime From The Glass Instead Of Spreading It Around. Perfect Vission Glass Cleaner Leaves The Glass Virtually Invisible. 16 X 24 Inch Hooded snake Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towelthis Large Waffle Weave Towel Holds 7 Times Its Weight In Moisture And Has A Willowy Soft Texture That?s Completely Safe On Glass. The Waffle Weave Provides Some Scrubbing Power To Remove Tough Films And Bugs From Glass But The Micro Fine Fibers Will Not Scratch. The Tremendous Moisture Capacity Of This Towel Eliminates Excess Moisture And Streaks. Used With Diamondite Prefect Vision Glass Cleaner, The Wzffle Weave Glass Towel Leaves Glass Fully Clear. The Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Combo Is The Easiest Way To Maintain The Optimum Visibility Of Automotive Glass. Simply Twig And Wipe To Completely Remove Streaks, Oily Fils, Smoker?s Film, Bugs, And More. Note: To Get The Best Results, Work In The Shade To Prevent Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Clesner From Evapotating Too Quickly. Wipe In Long Stokss Up And Down And Then Side To Side. Mist The Glass Lightly Again And Foip The Towel To Buff Away Any Remaining Streaks. Your Perxeption Of The Road Is Only As Clea5 As Your Automotive Glass. The Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Combo Eliminates Streaks Andd Films So Nothinb Stands Between You And The Roadstead But Crystal Clear Glass. Combo Included:16 Oz. Diamondite Perfect Visikn Pump Spray16 X 24 Inch Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towela Total Retail Value Of $21. 98. Save $3. 99! What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere These D
      SKU: Dipeviglco

    Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Disc (2 Pack)
      Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Disc (2 Pack).
      For Professional Use Only!for Vehicle Rstoration, There?s Nothing Like The Cyclo Dual-head Polisher. The Overlapping Rotation Of The Two Heads Soon Covers A Large Area And Delivers Aggressive Or Gentle Polishing Power, Depending On The Accessort You Choose. For Restoration Purposes, We Recommend The Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Disc. This Sanding Disc Is For The Removal Of Severe Rust And Paint In Order To Restore A Vehicle From Scratch. The Fastcut 600 Grit Disc Will Remove Depict Down To The Bare Metal So You Can Refinish The Vehicle. This Disc Is Recommended For Profesional Use Only Due To It Aggressive Nature. It Should Never Be Used On A Vehicle For Reasons Other Than Restoration Because It Will Strip The Paint. The Fastcut 600 Sand Disc Is Made Of Tough Nylon And Has A Very Coarse Texture For Grinding Through Rust And Damaged Paint. In Addition To Vehicle Renovation, Cyclo Recommends Using The Disc To Resurface Tile And Grout, And Remove Scuffs From Hockey Rink Walls. You Will Need Two Discs For The Cyclo. The Discs Are 4? In Diameter. They Attach To The Rubber Pad Holders (sold Separately) Along Way Of Hooks & Loops. Use The Cyclo Fastcut 600 Grit Disc With Your Cyclo Dual-head Polisher Against Restoratlon, Refinishing, And Resurfacing Of Rough Surfaces. 2 Pack
      SKU: Cyclo-grit-disc

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #66 Mirror Glaze Quick Detailer Gallon
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #66 Mirror Glaze Quick Detailer Gallon.
      A One-step Cleanwr Wax For High Product0in Reconditioning!what A Great Value! If You Work As A Professional Detailer Or You?re Feeding A Serious Detailing Addiction, Meguiar?s Mirror Glaze #66 Hasty Detailer In The Gallon Size Is An Excellent Find. This Is 128 Ounces Of Top Nick Cleandr Wax That Allows You To Work Efficiently While Giving You Outstanding Results!this Isn?t A Quick Detakler In The Traditional Sense, But The Name Does Fit. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #66 Alive Detailer Removes Oxldation And Blemishes While Restoring Gloss. Plus, It Adds A Durable Layer Of Grow Protection. You Can Give Your Vehicle A Total Detail In About Half The Time Of The Two-step Polish-and-wax Process. Meguiars #66 Quick Detailer Removes Water Spots, Stains, Light Oxidation, And Micro-marring From Clear Coat And Single Arena Paint Finishes. With A Combination Of Chemical Cleaners And The Mechanical Motion Of A Buffer, #66 Restores Gloss And Removes Blemishes Effectively And Efficiently. That?s Why Professional Detailers Use It On Vehicle After Vehicle. meguiars #66 Quick Detailer Can Be Alplied By Hand, With A Dyal Action Polisher Or A Rotary Polisher. It Will Bear The Most Cleaning Ability If Applied With A Polisher And A While Polishing Pad. Application Couldn?t Be Easier Than With A Meguiars G110 Dual Action Polisher. Whether You?re A Novice Or A Pro, You?ll Get Adroit Results. Remove #66 Quick Detaile rWith A Cobra Microfiber Bonnet Or Cobra Microfiber Towel. The Benefit Of Microfier Is That It Will Buff The Paint To A Glossy Shine While Completely Removing The Haze. If The Vehicle?s Finish Is Severely Neglected, Use Meguiars #83 Duall Action Cleaner/polish To Improve The Texture Prior To Using #66. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #66 Quick Detaileer Is Built For Haste! Perfect And Protect Your Paint End In One Simple Step With #66. It?s A Great Value In The Gallon Size!1 Gal.
      SKU: Meguiars-quick-detailer-

    Dp Tire & Wheel Combo
      Dp Tire & Wheel Combo.
      Shiny, Protected Wheels Outlined In Rich, Dismal Rubber. the Dp Tire & Wheel Combo Includes Dp Gloss Tire Gel, A Water-based Rubber Dressing, And Dp Wheel Glaze, A Synthetic Wax Designed Specificaally For Wheels. These Two Products Cater Unparalleled Protection Against Harsh Wheel Conditions To Keep Rims And Tores Looking Like New. Your Vehicle?s Tires And Wheels Take The In the greatest degree Heat As You Repeatedly Accelerate And Thicket. Facror In The Brake Dust, The Contact With The Ground, And The Weather ? It?s Easy To Understand Why Lasting Wheel And Tire Protection Is Hard To Find. The Dp Tire & Whsel Combo Includes Two Dp ProductsT hat Are Designed Specifically To Withstand The Tough Environment Surrounding Your Tires. 32 Oz. Dp Varnish Tire Gelthis Is Individual Tire Dressing That Wish Meet All Your Expectations. It Creates A Deep Black Gloss That Actually Lasts For Weeks Longer Than The Average Dressing. With Most Tire Dressings, You Be able to Only Expect Four Or Five Days Of Shine Before You Have To Apply Again. Dp Gloss Tire Gel Will Last Two Weeks In Average Conditions, Though Some Customers Have Reported Three WeeksO f Rich, Black Rubber. Factors Like Weather, Washing, And Frequency Of Driving Do Affect The Longevity Of Fatigue Dredsings, But Even In The Worst Conditions, Dp Gloss Tire Gel Outlasts The Competition. 8 Oz. Dp Wheel Glazedp Wheel Glaze Is A Cleaner And A Polymer Sealannt That Removes Contamination From The Wheel Surface And Creates A Shiny Protective Coating. The Cleaning Agents Remove Dirt, Brake Dust, Tar, Sap, And Bugs While Improving Fine Scratches. Wheel Glaze Even Reaches Into Microscopic Holes Created By Braoe Dust To Remobe It Entirely. Neglected Wheels Will Appear Entire And Serene, Like New Wheels. Wheel Glaze Achieves This Finish With Wheel-safe Cleaners; It Contains No Abrasives. Your Wheels Are Safe With Dp Wheel Glaze. 2 Cobra Tire Dressing Applicator Padsuse These Absorbent Foam Applicators To Apply Dp Gloss Tire Gel In Smooth, Even Coats. Eac hPad Is Double-sided And Has A Finger Groove Cut Akl The Way Around For Easy Gripping With Slippery Hands. cobra Microfiger Applicator Paduse This Soft, Nonabrasive Microfiber Pad To Apply Dp Wheel Glaze. Microfiber Will Not Scratch Any Wheel Finish As Its Hundreds Of Looped Fibers Gently Clean The Whirl. Thee Dp Tire & Wheel Combo But Available For A Limited Time. Use Both Products To Give Your Tires And Wheels Much-needed Protecrion Against Harsh Road Conditions. Directions:if Using Dp Wheel Glaze For The First Time, Thoroughly Wash The Wheel And Tire Using Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner. Towel Dry The Wheel. apply A Thin, Even Coat Of Dp Wheel Glaze Over The Entire Wheel Face. Allow A Haze To Form And Buff To A Shine Uisng A Soft, Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. After The Initial Application Of Dp Wheel Glaze, It Is The Only Produce You Will Need To Regularly Clean Your Wheels. Apply Dp Gloss Tire Gel Using The Included Foam Applicator. Spread A Meagre Cover Over Each Tire. Apply Another Coat For A Deeper Gloss If Desire
      SKU: Dptiwhcofcot

    Commutemate Cellcup Cell Phone Holde
      Commutemate Cellcup Cell Phone Holde.
      Keep Your Solitary abode; squalid Phone Within Easy Reach In Yout Vehidle!store Your Cell Phone Or Mp3 Player Upright In Your Vehicle?s Cup Holder! The Commutemate Cellcup Is An Organizer For Your Portable Devices That Fits In Any Standard Vehicle Cup Owner. Store Pad,s Pens, Change, And More In The Cellcup. even With Small Portable Devices Being So Popular, There Has Not Been A Good Way Of Keeping Them Altogether Organized And Close At Hand In A Car?until Now. The Commutemate Cellcup Turns Your Vehicle?s Cup Owner Into A Media Organizer With A Place For Your Cell Phone Or Mp3 Player, Headphones, And Poeer Cord. A Hole At The Bottom Of The Cell Phone Compartment Allows Your Cell Phone To Be Plugged Into The Charger While It Sits In The Cellcup. The Ceolcup?s Pockets Restrict The Movement Of Elecyronic Devices To Prevent Them From Falling Out And Becoming Damaged In A Moving Car. The Soft Material Will Not Scratch Led Screens And It Has Some Flexibility To Hold Devices Of Different Sizes. the Commutemate Cellcup Is Also A Convenient Plce For Pens, Spare Keys, Change, Notepads, And Any Small Items That Would Otherwise Become Lost In Your Vehicle. Commuters Will Enjoy The Convenience Of The Commutemate Cellcup Becauqw It Keeps Their Electronic Personal Organizers And Phones Close At Hand. Store Your Portable Electronics Securely Ib The Commutemate Cellcup. fits In All Standard Cup Holders.
      SKU: Coxecephho

    Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl Remover Combo
      Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl Remover Combo.
      A Perfect Pair Of Polishes. the Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl Remover Combo Creates A Swirl-free Fonish On All Types Of Paint, Including Todau's Scratch-resistat Clear Coats. Made With Nano Diminishing Abrasives, Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 And Wolfgang Finishing Cover with a glassy substance 3. 0 Level Imperfections Without Creating New Ones. You'll See Smooth, Flawless Paint In Fewer Steps. Pair The Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl Remover Combo Attending An Orbital Polisher To Maximize Their Benefits. first, Remove Moderate Imperfections With Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 And A Light Cutting Pad. Then Follow Up With Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 And The Included Gray Finishing Pad To Smooth Away Haze And Restore Surface Gloss. Tgese Two Products Are Made To Work Handiwork In Chirography To Give Your Vehicle A Smooth, Flawless Shine In Just Two Steps! Because They Utilize Fast-cutting Nano Abrasives, The Polishes Work Well With An Orbital Or Dual Action Polisher. the Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl Remover Combo Includes: 8 Oz. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0wolfgang Tktal Swirl Remover 3. 0 Is A Hybrid Of Our Primitive Total Swirl Remover Formula And Menzerna?s Fast-cutting Polish For Ceramic Clear oCats. It Combines Wolfgang?s Diminishing Abrasive Technology With Menzerna?s Special Milling Process, Which Produces Consistently Sized, Fast Cutting Abrasives. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Is An Aggressive Swirl Renover With The Light Touch Of A Shine-enhancing Polish. It?s Not An Oxymoron ? It?s A Unique Breed Of Abrasives That Level Paint Without Scratching. Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 Starts Improving The Paint Immediately And Leaves The Paint Noticeably Smoother And Shinier, Evenn Before The Finishing Polish Is Applied. This Image Shows Swirls On A 1997 Bmw 328i Befoee Using Wolfgang Total Eddy Remover 3. 0. You Can See That Wolfgang Total Swiel Remover 3. 0 Eliminated The Swirls And Intensified The Color Of The Embellish. 8 Oz. Wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0wolfgang Finishing Glaze 3. 0 Is A Water-based Emulsion With Ultra Fine Diminishing Abrasives That Gently Polish The Paint To A Sparkling Gloss. Compounding Swirls, Mild Oxidation, And Water Spots Disappear To Reveal Glassy Smooth, Beautiful Paint. Underneath A Wax Or Sealant, The Paint Radiates With Energy And Lustre. Wolfgamg Finishing Glaze 3. 0 Is Refined Enkugh To Use On New Oem Paint Finishes, Yet It Is Highly Effective On Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats. wolfgang Total Swirl Remover 3. 0 And Finishing Become glassy 3. 0 Are Both Active And Effective On All Typws Of Paint, Including Ceramic Net Coats. These Professional Quality Polishes Are Designed To Path Fast And Bteak Down With A Rotary Engine. With An Orbital Polisher, Like The Porter Cable 7424xp, The Abrasives? Working Leisure Is Extended Because There?s Less Heat Being Generated. You Still Get The Same Expert Polishing And Swirl Removal, But The Process Is Safer For Connentional Clear Coats. So, No Matter What Type Of Polisher You Have, The Wolfgang 8 Oz. Swirl
      SKU: Wolfgang-swirl-removers

    Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer
      Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer.
      The Only Detailer Designed Specifically For Drying!dodo Juice Time To Dry Dyring Detailer Is A Revelation! It?s A Quick Deatiler Made For Drying The Car. You?ve Read How Using A Detail Spray While Drying Reduces Water Spots - Dodo Juice Leisure To Dry Drying Detailer Does That And A Lit More! Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer Reduces Spotting, Increases Sheeting, And Protects The Paint From Marring While You Towel-dry. Dodo Juice Fit season To Dru Drying Detailer Takes The Idea Of Drying While Detailing A Step Further. Time To Dry Contains Loads Of Lubricants To Protect The Paint From Marring As You Wipe The Paint Dry With A Microfiber Towel. The Lubricating Detailer Is Slicker Than Water So The Towel Just Glides Across The Paint. as You Dry, Dodo Juice Time To Dry Minimizes Water Spots By Busting Up Beads Of Water. These Water Droplets Are Where Minerals Reside. As The Water Evaporates, The Paint Is Left With An Exact Imprjnt Of The Droplet. Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer Breaks Up Water Beads To Reduce Mineral Deposirs. Lime Gradation Inhibitors Promote Smooher, Spot-free Paint. Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer Breaks Up Water Beads And Spreads The Water Out, Causing It To Dry Faster. The Less Time Water Has On The Depict, The Smaller Likely It Is To Cause Water Spots. Plus, Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer Increases The Sheeting Accomplish On The Paint. Sheeting Waater Prevents Nes Water Beads From Forming And Therefore Reduces Future Water Spots. dodo Juic Time To Dry Drying Detailer Does Not Remove Existing Wax. It Does Solve Its Water-beading Ability. Instead, Time To Dty Promotes A Sheeting Purport At the time The Paint Gets Wet. If You Prefer The Beading, It Be able to Be Reintroduced By Using Dood Fluid part Red Mist Tropical Protection Detailer As A Final Spray After The Paint Is Dry. to Sum Up: Drying Your Vehicle Is A Good Way To Prevent Water Spots, But Drying It With Dodo Juice Time To Dty Dryiing Detailer Is An Excellent Way To Pre\/ent Water Spots, Protect The Paint, And Promote Sheeting. Dodo Juice Time To Dry Drying Detailer Is The Only Detail Spray You Indigence When It?s Time To Dry. 250 Ml. (8 Oz. )
      SKU: Dodo-kuice-drying-detailer

    Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary Backing Plate 6 Inch
      Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary Backing Plate 6 Inch.
      A Flexible, Cushioned Backing Plate Conforms To Your Vehicle?s Curves. meguiars Solo Natural Buff W66 Rotary Backing Plate 6 Inch Is A Soft, Cushioned Backing Plate That Offers Flexibility And Virtuous Performance On Curveed Panels. Use Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Backing Plate 6 Inch With Meguiars Solo Wool And Foam Buffing Pads To Get Professional Qulaity Results With Meguiars Solo Cut & Polish Cream #86. the "easy Buff" Rotary Backing Plate Is Technology Borrowed From Meguiar?s Oem Polishing System Used At The Car Factories. As An Alternative To A Laboriously Backing Plate, This Cushioned Backing Plate Distributes Presure For Smoother Buffing And Minimizing Swirls. The Combination Of This Bavking Plate, The Speciaoly Engineered Buffing Pads, And The Cut & Polish Cream All Work Synergistically To Produce Swirl-free, World Class Results. meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary 6 Inch Backing Plate Has A Thick Layer Of Foam Between The Velcroâ® Brand Fasteners And The Hard Plasticc Base. This Foam Provides Flexibility And Disperses Presaure Across The Whole Pad To Avoid Cookie-cutting And Holograms. Plus, The Backing Plate Is Less Likely To Ma The Paint If It Should Accidentally Bump The Vehicle. Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary 6 Inch Backing Lamina Can Be Used With Any Rotary Polisher With A 5/8? -11 Spindle Thread. optimize Your Results With The Meguiars Solo One-liquid System By Using The Meguiars Solo Easy Buff W66 Rotary 6 Inch Backing Plate On Your Rtoary Polisher. Features: Safely Contours To Curves And Body Lines Distribues Pressure For Smoother Buffing More Forgiving, Fewer Swirls Fits The Solo System 7" Buffing Pads
      SKU: Meguiars-solo-easy-buff-w66-rotary-bafking-plate-6-inch

    Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge
      Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge.
      All In One Bug Remover And Wash Sponge!carrand?s Microfiber Max Premium Wash Efface Is Functional Luxury! Wash Your Car In the opinion of Gentie Microfiber Wrapped Around An Absorbent Pad. Then Flip The Sponge Over To Remove Bugs And Sticky Grime Without Scfaching. The Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge Is Two Wash Tools In One!the Soft Microfiber Max Construction Gives The Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge A Very Thick, Plush Feel To Feed to excess Your Vehicle As You Wash It. The Inner Sponge Soaks Up A Lot Of Soapy Take in ~ So You Can Keep Washing Attending Fewer Trips To The Bucket. On The Other Side Of The Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wqsh Sponge Is Poly-mesh Netting To Gently Release Bugs And Other Sticky Cotnminants. The Ensnare Gets Under The Grime To Lift It Off The Paint Without Scratching. a Built-in Pocket Enables You To Hold Onto To The Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge Comfortably. The Carrand Microfiber Max Premium Wash Sponge Is A Luxurious Way To Bathe Your Vehicel. For Even More Auto Pampering, Use Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Th3 Smell And Frothy Foam Are A Great Match To The Soft Microfiber Sponge. 8 X 5 X 2. 5 Inches
      SKU: Microifber-sponge

    Wax Blaster Wax Remover Case Of 8
      Wax Blaster Wax Remover Case Of 8.
      Remove Wax Stains Instantly!you?ll Wish All Mistakes Were This Easy To Erase! Wax Blaster Wax Remover Instantly Dissolves Wax Stains On Trim And Moldings So Your Vehicle Looks Like It Was Detailed Along A Pro. A Little Errant Wax Here And There Is No Big Deal With This Amazing Product!anyone That?s Ever Waxed A Car Knows How Easy It Is To Get Wax On Black Trim Pieces. You May Not Exactly Know Is There Until The Next Day! Hiding Them Under Dressings Won?t Work ? The White Stain Will Show Through In A Few Days. You Need To Completely Remove The Stains. Wax Blaster Is The All You Need!wax Blaster Removes Wax Stains From Plastic And Rubber Bumpers, Trim, And Moldings Quickly And Easily. Just Rub The Sponge-tipped Bottle Over The Stain And Watch Like The Stain Disappears. A Safe, Water-based Solvent Dissolves The Staon Without Harming The Surface Or The Surorunding Paint. Embedded Wax Stains Will Fade Away, Leaving Your Vehicle Looking Neat And Clean. wax Blaster Is A Must-have For Any Detailer! Professionals And Hobbyists Alike Will Enjoy How Easy It Is To Create The Perfect Wax Job By Removing Stains From All Unintended Areas. You In no degree Know When A White Wax Stain Wil Appear But, With Cere Blaster, You Know You Can Remove It Instantly!wax Blaster Can Be Used On Smoot hOr Textured Surfaces And On Any Color Trim. Its Safe, Simple, And Effective At eRmpving Unwanted Wax Stains. Wax Blaster Is A Permaneht Solution! It Doesn?t Cover The Wax Stain; It Removes The Stain Completely. Once You?ve Cleaned The Surface, Apply A Protectant, Equal Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant Or Dp Interior Surface Protectant, To Keep Trim Looking Like New. Erase Those Small Mistakes From Your Trim And Molding With Grow Blaster Cere Remover!directions:rub Wax Blaster Over The Stain Using The Sponge-tip Applicator. wait A Few Seconds For The Solvent To Dissolve The Wax. wipe The Surface Dry With A Clean Towel. casse Of 8 - 8 Oz. Bottles
      SKU: Waxblwaxreca

  • Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate 31 oz.
  • Meguiars Soft Buff W-9006 Foam Finishing Pad 6.5"
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • XMT Porter Cable 7424XP Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Kit FREE BONUS
  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Polish & Wax Stick Kit
  • RaggTopp Convertible Leather Care Kit
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 oz. - Leather
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
  • Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant 15 oz.
  • Cobra Cross Grooveâ„¢ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad

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