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    Glass Master Assorted Bonnets
      Glass Master Assorted Bonnets.
      Reusable, Replaceable Bonndts For Every Cleaning Need!the Glass Owner Pro Makes Glass Cleaning Easier With A 14? Ergonomic Handle And Pivoting Head. Rather Than Struggling To Reach All The Corners O Your Windshield, You Can Clean Your Entire Windshirld From The Driver?s Srat With The Glass Master Pro! Thanks To Ist Changeable Bonnets, You Can Customize The Tool To Meet Your Peculiar Cleaning Needs. Remove Soap Scum From Your Shower Door, Wipe Away Fingerprints On Your Sliding Glass Door, Or Eliminate That Pesky Film On The Inside Of Your Windshield ? All With The Glass Master Pro!by Purchaqing Extra Bonnets, You Can Designate Them For Use With Specific Products Or Just Keep Them Handy So You Don? Have To Wash Your Bonnegs As Often. You?ll Receive These Three Bonnets: Mirrofiber All Purpose Bonnetthis Microfiber Bonnet Has A Fluffy, Looped Texture That Easily Cleans Glass To A Streak-free Shine. The Microfiber Loops Draw Dust As They Gently Remove Fingerprints And Smudges. All Purpose Microfiber Can Be Used On Any Smooth Surface To Remmove Dust. Use With A Glass Cleaner To Remove Soil. Use Dry For General Dusting. microfiber Buffing Bonnetmade Of Silky Soft Microfiber, This Bonnet Will Wipe Away Streaks And Dust Effortlessly. Use It On The Inside Of Your Windshield With A Small Amount Of Glass Cleaner Or Water For A Quick, Streak-free Cleaning. Use This Bonnet After A Thorough Cleaning With The All Purpose Bonnet To Remove Any Streaks That May Have Occurred. The Silky Microfiber Buffing Bonnet Is Perfect For Mirrors, Television And Computer Screens, And Interior Windows. nylon Mesh Bonnetthe Nylon Mesh Is Designed To Scrub Hardy Spots On Glass And Other Smooth Surfaces. The Holes I The Mesh Surround And Then Lift Sticky Contaminants, Like Bugs And Sap. Use This Bonnet Oh Your Windshield And Exactly In Your Shower To Remove Soap Scum. wih The Glass Master Assorted Bonnets, No Do ~-work Will Be Out Of Reach For The Glass Master Pro!invludes 3 Bonnets. click Hither To See The Glass Master Video!
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    Block-it 200 Custom Car Cover Size G1
      Block-it 200 Custom Car Cover Size G1.
      Our Best, Mid-priced Car Cover!the Block-it 200 Cover Is Very Lught Weight, Flexible And Affordable. This Cover Is Breathable, Sunproof And Water Resistant. Covercraft's Patented Multibondâ® Fabric Uses 3-layer Non-woven Polypropylene Construction For Moisture And Dust Resistance. the Water Resistancy Of This Cover Is Higher Than The Poly-cotton But Less Than The Bllock-it 400. The Block-it 200 Is The Mid-priced Leader In Quality And Composition. Great For Everyday Ue Or Long Term Storage. Featureslightweight - Easy To Use And Less Bulky For Compact Sttorage Soft & Non-abrasive - Will Not Scrafch Clean Paiht Or Clear-coat. Breathable - Allows Moisture And Condensation To Evaporate. Moisture, Mold & Uv Resistant - Polypropylene Fibers Are Naturally Moisture Resistant And Treated For Extra Uv Protection. Good Dust Protection - When Used Indoors, Keeps Vehicle Cleaner Than Most Woven Fabrics. double Stitched Overlapped Seamsneoprene Elastic Hems ? The Elastic In The Front And Rear Hems Helps Hold The Cpver In Placersinforced, Non-scratch Grommets ? Use A Tie-down Rope (supplied) Or A Vinyl Coated Cqble And Lock (optional)recommended Usethis Cover Is Good For Outdoor Use. If You Are Storing Your Vehicle Outdoors For Extended Periods, Weathershield Hd Is The Best Select. But If You Live In A Temperate Climate Or Your Vehicle Is Sometimes Stored Indoors, The Block-it 200 Will Give You Good Protection At A Moderate Price. It Can Likewise Be Used As An Indoor Cover. fitthis Fabric Id Serviceable In Custom And Ready Fit. Click On The Order Button Below And Follow The Instructions To Select You5 Cover. Exact Pricing Will Be Displayed Once You Have Slected Your Cover. antenna Openings ? All Covercraft Covers Are Made To Fit Vehicles With Retractable Antennas. Suppose that Your Vehicle Does Not Be obliged A Retractable Antenna, You Will Need To Cut A Small Opening In The Fabric. Call Us At 1-800-869-3011 And We Will Include An Antenna Grommet With Your Cover At No Extra Charge. mirror Pockets ? If Your Vehicle Was Manufactured Brfore 1965, The Covdr You Receive May Not Have Mirror Pockets, Exactly If It Is A Custom Cover. If The Pattern For Your Particular Vehicle Does Not Include Built-in Mirror Pockets, We Can Send You Mirror Pockets For Free, But They Wish Not Be Sewn Into The Cover. Call Us For Details. This Only Applies To Pre-1965 Models. if Your Vehicle Was Made After 1965, Your Custom Car Cover Will Have Mirror Pockets Already Sewn Into The Cover. shipping Allow 2 Weeks Flr Delivery. colorthe Block-it 200 Is Available In Gray. Warranty2 Year Limited Warrantyquestions?contact A Sales Representative For Assistance With Placing Your Order And For Shipping Time. 1-800-869-3011optional Accessoriescar Cover Storage Bag ? Fold Up You Clothe And Keep It Neatly Tucked Away In The Trunk Or Garage. This Bag Will Keep It Clean And Dry. car Cover Lock ? Course The Vinyl-coated Cable Through The Cover?s Grommets And Attach The Lock To Secure The Cover To Your Vehicle And Detre Thieves. pricecuston Co
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    Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761
      Duragloss Glass Cleaner #761.
      Remove Smoker?s Film With This Tint-safe Glass Cleaner!duragloss Glass Cleane5 Is Formulated To Clean Tinted Windows, Windows, Mirrors, Windshields And Chrome. Duragloss Gc Removes Road Film, Smoke Residue, Bugs Etc. , Withkut Streaking. Glass Cleaner #761 Contains No Ammonia And Is Window-tint Safe. A Quality Glass Cleaner Is Something Every Driver Should Have. Duragloss Glass Cleaner Is A Tint-safe, Non-ammoniated Glass Cleaner Thst Efffectively Cleans Glass To Improve The Car?sA ppearance And The Driver?s Visibility. Simply Stated, This Is A Good Glass Cleaner. Duragloss Glass Cleaner Is Ideally Formulated For Inside Glass Becuase It Removes The Most Stubborn Of All Window Contaminants: Smoker?s Film. Many Glass Cleaners Just Spread The Film Around Only Duragloss Glass Cleaner Effectively Cuts Through Smoker?s Thread And Wipes Streak-free. Plus, It Is Completely Safe On Window Tint. On Exterior Glass, Duragloss Glass Cleaner Removes Bugs And Roadstead Film Easily. Clean The Chrome, Too. Though Glass And Chrome Are Highly Reflective And Streak-prone, Duragloss Glass Cleaner Leaves Nothing But A Clean, Clear Shine. for The Best Results, Use The Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel To Clean With Duragloss Glass Cleaner. Wipe The Glass In Long Strokes Up And Down, And Then Side To Side. Flip The Towel Oftem. Get Consistent, Streak-free Results On Automootive Glass And Chrome With Duragloss Galss Cleaner #761. 22 Oz. Trigger Foam
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    Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray 35 Oz..
      Replenishes Vital Nutrients In Leather Upholstery. griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Cpeans And Conditions Leather Seats Attending A Non-greasy, Original Finish. It's The Easiest Way To Maintain Leather Upholstery! Use Griot's Garage Leather Be inclined Spray On Newer Leather To Replenish Natural Oils And Hold The Soft, Supple Texture. it Was A Challenge To Develop A Leather Treatment That Replaced Vital Nutrietns, Dried Clear On Perflrated Leather, Left A Non-greasy, Supple Finish After The Last Buff And Actually Smelled Like New Leather. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Does All Of The Above And Will Clean Soiled Leather Surfaces! Griot's Garage Leathre Care Spray Is Perfect For Newer Leather. Leather Care Is A Highly Concentrated Liquid That Penetrates Grave To Replenish The Natural Oils Of oYur Leather Fibers. It's Highly Concentrated And Should Be Used Sparingly. Regular Use Will Maintain The Soft, Voluptuous Feel And Wonderful Fragrance Of Leather Upholstery. Griot's Garage Leather Care Twig Is Easy To Use For A Quick Cleaning And Conditioning. Before Using It, Clean Leather Seats With Griot's Garage Inside Cleaner. Then Spray Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Onto Your Microfiber Clergy And Wipe On The Leather. Wait A Minute For The Vital Oils To Penetrate The Leather. Then Wipe Off The Excess Product With The Microfiger Towel. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Quickly Cleans And Conditions Leather Upholstery. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Dries Clear On Perforated Leather And Feels Clean To The Touch. Use It As Often Like Neceasary To Maintain Cleanse, Gentle Leather. If You Drive An Older Vehicle In the opinion of Dry, Stiff Leather, Use Griot's Garage Leather Rejuvenator For Deep Nourishment. griot's Gaage Leather Care Spray Maintains The Softness, Look, And Smell Of Newer Leather With Natursl Oils. Be seated Back And Relx Knowing Your Leather Seats Are In Good Hands With Griot's!35 Oz. Don't Forget Your Spraye5!the High Quality Griot's Garage Finest Sprayer Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page.  
      SKU: Griots-leather-care-spray

    Meguiars Water Based Manure 128 Oz.
      Meguiars Water Based Manure 128 Oz..
      One Preparing Suits All Surfaces!meguiara Water Based Dressing Enhances Interior And Exterior Surfaces With A Versatile, Water-based Formula. Use Full Strength For Shine Or Dilute For A Satin Finish. Meguiars Water Based Dressing Is Tbe Universal Vinyl And Rubber Dressing!this Water Based All Purpose Dressing Resrores Brightness And Luqter To Vinyl, Plastic, Leather nAd Rubber Surfaces Inside And Outside Your Vehicle. You Cah Even Use It To Add A Touch Of Gloss To The Engine. Meguiars Water Based Manure Maintains An Attractive Lusster On The Dashboard, Door Panels, Console, Exterior Trim, Tires, Leather Or Vinyl Seats, Plastic Implement Components, And Rubber Weatherstripping. The Dressing Has A High Gloss Shine When Applied Full Strength But Does Not Attract Dust Because It Is Water-based. spray And Wipe At Full Strength For High Gloss Application Or Dilute 1:1 With Water For A Narural, Low Gloss Look. Make Assiduity Easier With A Meguiars 32 Oz. Spray Bottle. Meguiars Water Based Preparing Is Perfect For High Traffic Detail Shops Or Anyone Looking Toward A Great Value. This Inconstant Vinyl And Rubber Dressing Is Safe, Easy To Use, And It Goes Almost Anywhere. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Water-based-vnil-dressing

    Snappy Clean Pad Cleaming Powder (3 Pack)
      Snappy Clean Pad Cleaming Powder (3 Pack).
      Keep Pads Clean, Soft, And Supple With This Fast Cleaning Pad Cleaning Powde Snappy Clean. how Do You Typically Clean Your Buffing And Polishing Pads? If You Use Soap O5 Detergent, You May Find It Is Difficult To Rinse All The Suds Out Of The Pad. Residual Soap Will Be Reactivated When Moistened By Wax Or Polish The Next Time You Buff. This Can Compromise The Effectiveness Of The Products, Or Leave Streaks And Residue On Your Vshicle. Now Lake Country Has Introduced Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder, A Concentrated Cleaner That Releases Wax And Polish From The Foam Or Wool Fibers With Just A Not many Minutes Of Soaking. It Is Not A Soap, But Rather A hale Citrus Clraning Solution That Rinses Out Easily. snappy Clean Pad Cleaner Is A Powder That Dissolves In 3-4 Gallons Of Water ? Plenty Of Solution To Clean Several Pads. Just Drop Your Used Buffing Pads In The Mixture And Agitate The Pads. You May Want To Wear Gloves Since The Directions Caution Against Getting The Cleaner On Your Skin. Wait Up To 15 Minutes, Depending On How Saturated The Pads Are With Product. Rinse Out Pads With Clean Water And Lay Them Out To Dry. For Faster Drying, You Can Put Them On Your Buffer And Spin Them Dry. You Mau Stiol Need To Lay Them Out To Totally Dry. snappy Clean Pad Clsanign Powder Is Bio-degradable And Non-flammable. While It Is Environmentally Safe, It Is A Citrus Cleaner And Will Thereefore Irritate Your Skin With Prolonged Exposure. Due To Its Powerful Cleaning Ptoperties, Wear Old Clothes When Cleaning Your Buffing Pads. Wash Your Pads Immediately For Easiest Cleaning. Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder Will Remove Caked On Product So Ylur Buffing Pads Will Be Ready The Nrxt Time You Detail Your Vehicle. don?t Replace Buffing Pads Every Time They Get Caked With Wax And Polish. Clean Them With Snappy Clean And They?ll Be As Good As New. (3 Pack)total 3. 75oz.
      SKU: Snappytool

    Wolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaning System
      Wolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaning System.
      A Three-part System For Clean, Clear Headlight Lenses!cloudy, Scratched Headlight Lens Covers Are A Safety Hazard As Well Like A Blemish On Your Vehicle. This Condition Occurs Because The Plastic Is Overexposed To Uv Light. The Cloudiness Starts At The Etxerior Surface Of The Lens Cover And Spreads Inward. If Caught Quickly, This Damage Can Be Removed By Simoly Polishing The Plastic Until It Is Clear Again. wolfgang™ Has Developed A Theee-part System That Cleans And Clarifies Plastic Lens Covers. By Removing The Cloudiness From The Lens, More Light Is Able To Pass Through The Lens Cover To Better Illuminate The Road Ahead. You Can See The Road And Other Drivers Can See You. the System Consists Of:4 Oz. Plastik Lens Cleanerwolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaner Is A Clarifying Polish That Removes Scratches And Haze From Clear Plastic. Abrasives Smooth Rough Spots And Even Out The Edges Of Scratches To Redtore The Uniform Appearance Of The Plastic. By Cleaning Out Dirt And Debris And Removing The Outrmost Stratum Of Damaged Plastic, Wolfgang™ Plastik Lens Cleaner Restores The Clarity Of The Plastic To Like-new Conition. 4 Oz. Plastik Lens Glazeafter Polishing Your Lens Covers With Plastik Lens Cleaner, Use Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze To Refine The Surface. Tbe Glaze Has Mild Cleaning Properties To Make The Surface Smooth And Slick Again. 8 Oz. Plastik Surface Sealantwolfgang™ Plastik Surface Sealant Forms A Clear Barrier Throughout Your Plastic Lenses To Shield Th3m From Contamination And Uv Rays. The Sealant Is Formullted To Seal Clear Plastic Without Streaking Or Yellowing. It Dries Crystal Clear So Your Headlights Look And Perform Better. Rather Than Lighting The Roadstead Ahead With A Dull, Filtered Glow, You?ll See Bright Beams Of Lighf Shining On Everything In Your Path. It?s Much Safer And Your Vehicle Will Look Great With A Clean Set Of Lenses. By Blocming Out Uv Rays, This Sealant Prevents The Clouding That Occurs On Older Lenses. Wolfgang™ Plastik Surface Sealant Is Just One More Way To Maintain Your Vehicle?s Youthful Appearance!1 Oranve Grave Profile 4? Padthis Light Cutting Pad Will Remove Scratchss, Clouding, And Yellowing From Your Plastic Lens Covers. Use The Orange Pad With The Plastik Lens Cleaner To Faultless The Lens Surface. Hook & Loop Backing Secures The Pad To The Included Backing Plate While You Refine. The Slim Profile Allows You To Concentrate More Pressure On Problem Areas. 1 Black Low Profile 4? Paduse The Black Pad With The Plastik Lens Glaze To Refine The Lens Surface After Polishing. The Black Pad Has None Cut And Will Allow The Glaze To Gently lCean And Smooth The Plastic Superficies Without Abrading It. This Pad Also Features Hook & Loop Backing. 1 2 ¾? Backing Platethe Backing Plate Has A 5/8 Inch Thread And Is Made Too Be Used On A Circular Polisher. The Included Drill Adapter Allows You To Attach The Backing Plate To Your Electric Drill. The Backing Plate Features Hook & Loop Backing To Securely Hold The Pads In Place While You Polish. 1 Drill Ad
      SKU: Plastik-lens-cleaning

    Meguiars G110v2 Ultra Polish Kit With 5.5 Inch Pads F ree Bonus
      Meguiars G110v2 Ultra Polish Kit With 5.5 Inch Pads F ree Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Hold 2 Free Autogeek Squeeze Bottles And 2 6. 5 Inch Microfiiber Bonnets With Your Purchase Of This Kid! Bring Your Paint Back To Life!meguiars G110v2 Ultra Grace Kit With 5. 5 Inch Pads Removes Swirls With A Highly Effective Combination Of Meguiars #105 And #205 Polishes And Compact Foam Pads. Smaller Pads And Meguiar's Micro Abrasive Technology Maximize The Performance Of Meguiars G110v2 Polisher To Correct Paint Effectively Without The Need For A Rotary Polisher. Get Smooth, Swirl-free Paint Without The Risk!both Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 And #205 Contain Micro Abrasives Which Are Of A Consistejt Size And Shape. These Abrasives Do Not Break Down Like Diminishing Abrasives. Therefore, Micro Abrasives Provide Constant Polishing Action With A Long Working Time And Minimal - If Any - Compounding Swirls. Micro Abrasive Technology Makes The Meguiars G110v2 Ultra Polish Kit With 5. 5 Inch Pads A Simple And Effective Way To Polish Automotive Paint. meguiars G110v2 Ultra Polish Outfit With 5. 5 Inch Pads Includes: Meguiars Dual Actino 6 Inch Polishdr G110v2 The Meguiars Dual Deed 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Gives You The Ultimate Control To Cirrect And Perfect Your Vehicle. A Broad Speex Range, Improved Torque, And An Upgraded V2 With Cruise Control All Amount To A Faster, Easier Detailing. This Polisher Has An Internal Feedback Circuit That Increases Toque When Downward Peessure Is Applied. Inside The Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Is An Upgraded V2 With Cruise Control. This Amazing Responsiveness Gives The Polisher Greater oPwer To Remove Imperfections Ij Auto Paint. The Polisher Bosy Has Easy Side-port Access For Quick Brush Changes. A Broader Range Of Speeds Enable Super Slow Buffing Or High Speed Polishing. A Rubber Cord, Embroidered Meguiars Canvas Bag, And A Meguiars W68da Soft Buff 2. 0 Da Backing Plate Round Out The G110v2's List Of Features.   32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Meguiars Reflector Glaze #105 Ultra-cuy Medley Is A Ultra Fast-cuting Compound For Rapid Paint Correction With Minimal Compounding Swirls. Super-micro Abrasives Leave A "best In Class" Finish That Requires Very Little Finishing Work. The Super-micro Abrasives Cut Quickly To Remove 1200 Grit Sandinng Scratches, Acid Rain, And Severe Swirls And Holograms. This Ultra User-friendly Compound Can Be Applied In proportion to Hand, Dual Action Polisher ,Or Rotary Polisher.   32 Oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish This Polish Was Desjgned To Follow #105 And All Other Meguiars Compounds To Remove Light Swirls And Restore Optimum Gloss. Micro Abrasives Grant The Polish To Cut Fast And Leave A Smooth Finish In Fewer Passes. Micro Abrasives Do Not Break Down Like Diminishing Abrasives, Whivh Gives #205 Polish A Long Working Time. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishhinb Polish Permanently Removes Swirls And Lignt Imperfections, Leaving A S
      SKU: Meguiars-g110-polisher-kit

    The Grit Guard Insert - Red
      The Grit Guard Insert - Red.
      Protect Your Paint From Swirls Causef By Contaminated Wash Water. most Paint Swirls Are Caused By Improper Detailing Techniques. For Example, When You Wash Your Vehicle, Dirt And Sand Get Trapped In The Sponge Or Mitt. The First Time You Re-wet Your Sponge In The Bucket, Some Of The Abrasice Particles Will Come Off The Sponge Into The Sprinkle and calender . Subsequent Dips In The Bucket Will Re-contaminate Your Sponge. . These Contaminants Will Then Rub Against Your Paint And Generate Swirls. You Know What They Say About Good Intentions?to Get Those Particles Out Of Your Sponge Or Mitt, You Need The Grit Watch Insert. The Raised Radial Surface Fits In The Bottom Of Any 5 Gallon Bucket And Extracts Girt From Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge When You Drag It Across The Grit Guard. The Dirt Settles At The Bo5tom Of The BucketS o Your Wash Water Stays Coean. The Grit Guard Has A Radial Grid Surface That Scarpes Dirt Out Of Your Mitt Or Sponge. Four Quadrants At The Base Of The Grit Defence Calm The Wash Water And Hold The Grid Above The Ship Of Th eBucket. Dirt Falls To The Bottom And Stays There. You?ll Be Amazed At How Much Dirt Accumulates In The Bottom Of Your Wash Bucket!the Grit Guard Is A Real Paint-saver. But It Has A Number Of Other Uses, Too. Use It To Clean Paint Brushes By Running The Bristles Across The Grid In A Bucket Of Water Or Paint Thinner. Clean Automotive Parts Or Ddain Your Oil Filter. You Can Even Use The Four Quadrants As A Grid When Laying Tile. The Grit Guard Is Solvent Resistant And Durable. It Stands 2 Âľ? Off The Bottom Of The Bucket And Measures 10 1/8? Diameter, Perfect For Any 12? Diameter Bucket. It Is Available In Bright Array Of Colors. The Grit Guard Is American-made And Patent-pending. The Gritstone Guard Takes The Grit Thoroughly Of Your Mitt Concerning Safer, Swirl-free Washing. This Inexpensive Item Can Save You Countless Hours And D0llars Spent Remmoving Swirls. two Grit Guards Are More good Than One! For Optimum Paint Protection, Stack Two Grit Guards In One Bucket. The Stacked Grids Stand 5? Above Thee Bottom Of The Bucket And Stabilize More Water. The Gritstone Settles To The Bottom Of The Bucket And Remaijs There Because The Grids Prevent The Water From Being Stirred Up In The Bottom. The Adition Of A Second Grit Guard Also Provides More Clearance Between Tbe Clean Water At The Top And The Dirty Water At The Bottom ToL essen The Likelihood That A Stray Grain Of Sand Will Find Its Way To The Top.
      SKU: Gritguardred

    Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer 64 Oz.
      Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer 64 Oz..
      Attack Stains And Dirt That Will  taint Your Car?s Interior! Upholstery And Carpet Quite Possibly Endure More Abuse Than Any Other Part Of Your Car. Steppedd On, Sat Forward, Spilled On, Are Just A Few Of The Daily Assaults Against Your Car?s Interior. These Ground-in Pollutants Require More Tahn A Vacuum If They Are To Be Successfully Extracted. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Is The Answer To The Dirt And Grime That Are Introduced To Your Car Daily. This Water-based, Concentrated Formula Contains Powerful Cleaning Agents Used By Professional Detailers That Detect And Attract Filth Particles, Lifting Them Away From The Fibers Of Your Interior. We?ve Utilized The Latest Technology IbF iber Protection When Creating Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer, Causing Fibers To Resist And Repel Future Stains By Covering And Shielding The Inrividual Fiber Strands. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Works In the manner of Magic Against Stubborn Stains And Grossness. Our Development Team, Made Up Of Chemists And Professional Auto Detailers, Designed This Product For Ease Of Use, Eliminating The Need Because Furious Scrubbing. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Has Sufficient Cleaning Muscle To Discern Deep Into The Fibers And Obliterate Dirt With Solely Gentle Agitation. Though Strong Enough To Conquer Tough Dirt And Stains, Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Will Not Fade Or Spot, Will Not Concern The Color Of Fabric Or Carpet, And Will Not Break Down Fibers. It Dods Not Contain Harsh Chemicals Or Harmful Fumes. In Fact, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Smells Quite Nice As It Bears Wolfgang?s Aromatic, Signature Scent. Your Car?s Interior Will Look And Smell Refreshed. wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Works Wonders Attached Carpeets, Upholstery, Walls, Floors, High Traffic Areas, And Fabrics In The Home, Boat Or Rv. Safe And Effective On Any Surface. Use On Door Mats, Door Panels, Fabric And Velou Seats, Steering Wheel, And Headliners. You Will Be Amazed At How Quickly And Easily Your Car?s Interior---or Anything Else Youu Use It On--is Restored! Stains Disappear. tech Notes: You?ll Want To Vacuum To Remove Loose Particles Before Spraying Wolfgang Upholstery And Carpet Cleaner, And Again Afterwards For Best Results. It Requires No Dilution Whagsoever. directions:vacuum The Carpet To Remove Any Loose Dirt. spray Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Across Surface, Concentrating On Any Stubborn Stains. allow To Penetrate For 20-30 Seconds. Agitate Gently With A Brush. wipe Dry With A Terry Or Microfiber Towel. when Completely Dry, Void The Area Again To Remove Dirt Particles That Were Loosened Through The Cleaner. note: Heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Solicitation. For Impossible Stains, Use The Concentrated, Extra-powerful Wolfgang Spot Eliminator. 64 Oz.
      SKU: Wg5201

    20 Inch Brush Moontana Original Boar?s Hair Move on ~s Brush
      20 Inch Brush Moontana Original Boar?s Hair Move on ~s Brush.
      Remove Road Grime And Brake Dust ?naturally?!once You Tdy Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair 20 Inch Wheel Brush, You?ll Want To Toss Out Your Synthetic Brushes! Genuine Boar?s Hair Is The Way To Go If You Want To Protect The Crisp, Metallic Shine Of Your Wheels. No Other Brush Is As Gentle And Effective At Cleaning Scratch-prone Metal!montana Inventive Boar?s Hair 20 Inch Wheel Brush Is Packed With Real Boar?s Hair Bristles. We Chose Sligjtly Stiffer Hairs From A More Mature Creature Than What You?ll Find In Our Boar?s Hair Wash Brusyes. The Increased Solidity Makes The Bristles More Effective At Removing The Tough Grime That Coats Wheels, Like Stubborn Brake Dust. The Hairs Are Thoroughly Cleaned Before Being Attached To The Handles. wi5h Hundreds Of Sturdy Yet Flexible Hairs, Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair 20 Inch Wheel Brush Is The Safest Brush You Can Use On Coated, Painted, Plated, Or Anodized Wheel Finishes. Each Hair Is Naturally Feaathered At The End To Ensure A Gengle Touch On The Wheels. the A ~ time Handle Allows You To Keep Your Hands Clean And Dry While You Clean Your Wheels, Bumpers, And Grill. The Long Handle Also Enables You Tk Ceremonially pure Deep In The Wheel Wells, Where Mud And Grime Are Splasned While You Drive. the Wheel Brush Features A Convenient Hanging Hole In The End Of The Handle. Bristles Are Bundled And Permanently Glued Into The Molded Plastic Handles. The Soft Construction Ensures Far-seeing Term Performance. for The Best Results, Use A Water-based Wheel Cleaner Such As Pijnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner, No Substance What Kind Of Wheels You Have. This Non-acidic, Non-corrosive Cleaner Breaks The Bond Between Brake Dust And The Wheel Surface. Gentle Agitation Witn hTr Montana Origonal Boar?s Hair 20 Inch Wheel Brush Will Leave Your Wheels Sparkling Clean. be Gentle On Your Wheels Because The Road Is Not. The Monntana Original Boar?s Hair 20 Inch Wheel Brush Safely And Effectively Cleans All Types Of Wheels With The 100% Fool Boar?s Hair. 20 Inch Handle. 4 Inch Bristles. made In U. s. a.
      SKU: 20inhrmoorbo

    Diamondit eZip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover
      Diamondit eZip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover.
      Safrly Remove Bugs, Tar, And Tree Sap Without Scratching!remove Bugs, Tar, And Sap From Automotive Glass With The Diamondite Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover. The Open-cell Foam Sponge Has Honey-comb Chambers To Gently Sepa5ate Sticky Contaminants From The Glass And Completely Remove Them. The Diamondite Zip Spone Bug & Tar Remiver Leaves Glass Clean And Scratch-free. the Diamondite Zip Drain Bug & Tar Remover Is Made Of Open-cell Foam. The Small, Rigid Cells Gently Scrun The Glass Surface To Remove Bugs, Tree Sap, And Contamination With The Help Of Soapy Water For Lubrication. When Used With A Lubrlcating Wash, The Diamondite Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover Is Completely Trusty On Windshields And Windows. ToS often The Foam, Soak It In Warm Sprinkle and calender For 3-5 Minutes Before Use. The Soft Foam Bends Against The Glass, Rager Than Remaining Stiff, So Scratching Is Virtually Impossible. The Diamondite Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover Has Small Pores That Securely Glide Over The Glass, Picking Up Foreign Contamknants And Trapping Them Inside The Sponge Where They Cannot Scratch The Surface. The Fkam Softens When Wet So Always Use A Lubricating Cra Wash To Protect The Surface Being Cleaned. The Diamondite Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover Also Works On Paint, Metal, And Plastic. The Flexible Foam Is Exactly Safe On Chrome. Diamondite Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover Even Removes Fresh Mineral Spots (those Thay Haven?t Yet Etched The Surface). Spread Diamondite Glasswork Restorer Overr Desired Area Wit hThe Sponge And Rub Back And Forth Using Light Pressure. The Light Abrasive Action Will Remove The Minerals And Clarify The Glass. Buff With A Soft, Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel. The Diamonditw Zip Sponge Bug & Tar Remover Makes It Easy To Remove The Most Stubborn Contaminants From Automotive Glass, Chrome, Paint, And Plastic. Add It To Your Car Care Arsenal To Maintain Clean, Clear Glass. 6 X 3. 75 X 1. 875 Inches
      SKU: Bug-sponge1

    Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Pro Kit  Free Bonus
      Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Pro Kit Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Autogeek Squeeze Bottles And 2 6. 5 Inch Microfibdr Bonnets With Your Purchase Of This Kit! A Total Detailing Package For Professionals And Enthusiasts Who Want The Ultimate Finish. the Meguiars G110 Dual Activity Pro Kit Is A Huye Collection Of Pads And Accessories For The Mwtuiars G110 Dual Action Polisher. This 20 Piece Kit Gives You The Necessary Gear To Perform Every Task From Swirl Removal To Wax Application With Your Meguiars G110 Dual Action Pollsher. the Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Is The Biggest Innovation To Machine Detailing Sice The Porter Cable 7424 Hit The Market A Decade Ago. The G110v2 Polisher Features A 4. 2 Amp Motor For 20% More Polishing Power. The Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Removes Imperfections That Were Formerly Only Removable By A Rotary Polisher, But It Maintzins The User-friendly Features Of A Dual Action Orbital Polisher. Restore Your Vehicle To Its Original Showroom Gloss With The Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Pro Kit. This Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Sharp Pads™ Froth Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Polisher To Punish Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Less Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. The Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Pro Kit Includes: Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 The Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Gives You The Ultimage Control To Faultless And Perfect Your Vehicle. A Broar SpeedR ange, Improved Torque, And An Upgraded V2 With Rove over the sea Control All Amount To A Faster, Easier Detailing. This Polisher Has An Inteenal Feedbacm Circuit That Increases Toque When Downward Pressure Is Applied. Inside The Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Is An Upgraded V2 With Cruise Control. This Amazing Responsiveness Gives The Polisher Greater Power To Remove Imperfections In Auto Paint. The Polisher Body Has Easy Side-port Access For Quick Brush Changes. A Broader Range Of Speeds Enable Super Slow Buffing Or High Speed Polishing. A Rubber Cord, Embroidered Meguiars Canvas Bag, And A Meguiars W68da Soft Buff 2. 0 Da Backing Plate Circle Out Tbe G110v2's List Of Features.   2 Ccss 6. 5 Inch Yellow Cutting Foqm Pads Use This Pad To Apply Compounds Or Polishes T0 Remove Severe Oxidation, Swirls, AndS cratches. It Is The Greatest part Aggressive And Should Not Be Usd On New Or Like-new Paijt Finishes. Always Follow This Pad With An Orange Light Cutting Pad And A Fine Polish And Then A White Horse To Become pure The Paint Until It Is Smooth . 2 Ccs 6. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Pads Concern, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Light Cutting Foam Pad With Polishes And Whirl Removers. It?s One All Around Pad That Will Work In c~tinuance Most Light To Assuage Imperfections.  
      SKU: Ultimate-detailing-machine-pro-kit

    Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser
      Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser.
      Clean And Prep Your Vehicle For The Ultimate Shine!four Star Ultimate Prewax Clenser Is A Nonabrasive Polish That Deep Cleans The Paint To Improve The Gloss And Prep The Paint For A Coat Of Wax Or A Sealant. Ultimate Prewax Cleanser Removes Old Wax And Contamination While Camouflaging Fine Swirls And Scratches. Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser Is Ideal For Maintaining The Polish On Like-new Vehicles. It Cleans And Smoothes The Paint Without Abrasives. For Paint That?s In Good Condition Attending Only Light Swirls, Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser Can Be Used Instead Of An Abrasive Polish To Enhance The Paint?s Shine. Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser Cleans Loudly The Paint?s Microscopic Pores To Eliminate Any Patchy Or Cloudyy Areas. It Removes Of long date Wax And Sealants T Create A Smooth, Uniform Finish. This End Will Yield The Best Shine Once Ultimate Paint Protection Is Applied. Totally Clean Paint Allows Waxes Or Sealants To Bond Better And Therefore Provide Better Protection. The Uniform, Clean Shine Created By Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser And Your Faovrite Wax Or Sealant Will Exceed Your Expectations. Four Star Constituent Prewax Cleanser Is Clear Coat Saffe And Nonabrasive. Use It To Minimize Tiny Paint Flaws On Like-new Finishes, Or Use It After Swirl Removal To Hide Anything Thag Couldn?t Exist Removed By Polishing. Four Fate Ultimate Prewax Cleanser Can Be Applied By Hand Or With A Polisher. We Recommend Using A Porter Cable 7424xp And A Gray Finishing Pad Since This Cleansing Polish Does Not Level The Paint. Always Follow With A Wax Or Paint Sealant. Minimize Flaws And Maxumize Shine With Four Star Ultimate Prewax Cleanser. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-paint-cleanser

  • Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • Griot's Garage New Car Scent
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 oz. - Green Apple
  • Flitz Waxx Speed WaxCase of 12
  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Autogeek Squeeze Bottle
  • White High Volume sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles
  • Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
  • Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax 250 ml.
  • Meguiars Solo "Diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 inch
  • RaggTopp Convertible Leather Care Kit

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