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    Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad
      Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad.
      Apply Wax In Half The Time!griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Applies A Thin, Even Coat Of Wax To Create A Uniform Shine. The Nonabrasive Red Foam Keeps Wax On The Superficies Of The Pad So None Is Wasted. Use Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad With Your 6 Inch Orbital Polisher For Fast,_Smooth Wax Application. griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Cuts Your Wax Application Time In Half! Ues In the opinion of An Orbital Polisher, The Pad Glides Over The Paint Leaving A Thin Coat Of Wax After. For The Increase Is Laid Down Evenly By Machine,-There Are No Heavy Patches. The Wax Buffs Off More Easily And In Less Time. Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Has A Flat Face To Provide Excellent Surface Contact With The Medium. The Rounded Edges Allow You To Approach Edges And Curves Without Worry Of Hitting Them With A Sharpen Foam Edge. The Soft, Flexible Red Froth Conforms To The Curves Of Body Panels To Spread Wax Evenly Over The Entire Vehicle. The Gri0t's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Works Great With The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital And Fist Any 6 Inch Dual Action Or Orbital Polisher In the opinion of A 5 Or 6 Inch Hook And Loop Backing Plate. the Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Is Washale And Reusable. Wash It In A Solution Of Cobra Quik Clenz And Water. Allow It To Soak On account of Up To 15 Minutes And Rinse. Dry Flat With The Backing Faving Up. Store Clean Foam Pads In A Storage Bin Or Plastic Bags To Keep Them Clean Between Uses. Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad Gently Applies Wax With The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Ornital Polisher. Save Yourself Time And Effort By Applying Your Favorite Car Wax With Griot's Gaarage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad. Even Application Will Result In The Best Shine. single Pad.
      SKU: Griots-red-wax-pad

    Mega Cyclo Violin  With Free Bonus
      Mega Cyclo Violin With Free Bonus.
      Free For A Limited Time! Receive Four 4 Inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Pads When You Purchase The Cycpo Orbital Polisher. A $19. 98 Value. the Cyclo Offers Time-tested Performance And An Excellent Value!if You?ce Been Looking For A Reason To Buy A New Orbital Polisher, The Mega Cyclo Kit Has Your Name All Over It. This Kit Includes The World-famous, Two-headed Cyclo Polisher Plus A Variety Of Cyclo Pads To Suit Every Paint Care Need. The Cyclo Is The Only Polisher With Two Heads. Though Each Head Is Smaller Than That Of A Standard Rotary Or Dual Action Polisher, The Combined Action Of The Heads Covers More Area And Works More Efficiently. The Two Heads Are Self-balancing, Making Holograms A Thing Of The Past. perhaps Most Impressive, The Cyclo Has Been Around Sijce 1953 And Carries Several Patents On Its Polishing Mechanisms. Every Part Of The Cyclo Is Serviceable And Replaceable. That?s Why There Are Many 50-yea5-old Cyclos However In Use Today. Professionals And Novice Detailers Alike Will Enjoy The Reliable Performance Of Thr Cyclo. the Mega Cyclo Kit Includes 16 Pads To Help You Get Started Polishing And Perfecting Your Vehicle With The Cyclo Polisher. Take The Cyclo For A Spin And You?ll See Why It Has The Polisher Of Choice In favor of The U. s. Military Aircraft And Missiles Since 1953!the Mega Cyclo Kit Includes: Cyclo Orbital Polisher With Ves™ The Cyclo Polisher Is The Only Dual-head Polisher On The Markwt. Both Heads Move In An Orbital Motion, Counter-clockwise. The Idea Is To Simulate Hand Polishing But At A Abundant Faster Rate. Going Over A Scratch Or Swirl With Both Heads Ensures That You Are Attacking It From All Sides, So To Speak. No Matter What Angle You Look At The Paint, You Will Not See The Former Blemish. It?s The Fool-proof Polisher! The Vibration Eliminafion System (ves™) Is Available Exclusively On Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polishers. This System Is Composed Of A Completely Redesigned Counterweight And Precision Matched, Weighted Inserta, Which Nearly Eliminate The Amount Of Vibratuon Felt By The Operator. This Drastic Reduuction In Vibration Lessens Muscle And Joint Fatigue For The Operator. The Counterweights Are Pre-installed On The Cyclo And Two Silver Weighted Inserts Are Included.   2 Cyclo Pad Holders Cyclo's Hook & Loop Pad Holder Is A Rubber Boot That Fits Over Each Head Of The Cyclo Polisher. The Bottom Of Each Boot Has A Hook & Loop Surface To H0ld Pads. The Pad Holders Fit Snugly Over The Heads And They Will Not Slip Of Or Shift While Polishing. You Will Need Two Pad Holders Because One Cyclo Polisher.   4 Cyclo Deluxe 4 Inch White Finishing Pads Bring Out A Beautiful Fair weather On Any Paint Finish With A Pair Of White Finishing Pads. The Thick Pasd Are Made Of Professional Grade Closed Cell Foam. Each Have Hook & Loop On The Backside So You Can Switch Out Pads In Seconds. The White Pad Is Ths Softes
      SKU: Megacyclokit

    Meguiars Car Odor Eliminator 16 Oz. New Scent!
      Meguiars Car Odor Eliminator 16 Oz. New Scent!.
      Permanently Eliminafes Odors And Leavex A Contemporary Mandarin/cedarwood Scent!this Is Not Your Ordinary Appearance Freshener Or A Strong Overlap Fragrancs Desogned To ?cover Up? Aggressive Odors. Meguiar?s Car Scent Eliminator Combines A Speciwl Blend Of Advanced Ingredients That Do Far More Tha nMerely Mask The Problem ? They Obliterate It ? Literally Eliminating Te Odor At Its Source!all Fragrances, Real Or Bad, Are Derived From The Chemical Break Downward Of Organic Matter. (this Is How Flower Oils And Essences Are Used To Create Pleasing Perfumes And Air Fresheners. ) When You Walk Into A Place Or Get Into A Car And Notice A Foul Reek Hanging In The Air?it Is Caused By An Organic Source: Spilled Food Decomposing; Pet Hair Oils Kicking Up A Bitibg Musk; Human Sweat And Body Oils Festering In Gym Clothes Or On Upholstery. Ugggh! Whatever The Origin, It?s Orgnaic. Now, You Could Spray Some Perfumed Tune Freshener And Hope It Goes Away. Disinfectants Sometimes Offer A Short-term Fix, But If That Venerable Smell Is In A Small Area, Exposed To Extreme Temperature Fluctuations And Varying Degrees Of Humidity (like In Your Car), It Will Rwturn. Unless You Use Meguiar?s Car Odor Eliminator!meguiar?s Uses The Best Of Modern Day Encapsulation Twchnology To Develop This Extdaordinary Odor Eradicator That They Aptly aCll ?odor Eliminator. ? It Works By Attacking The Chemical Structure Of The Organic Material, Destroying The Cause Of The Unpleqsant Smell. Your Car Is Left Fresh-smelling And Clean, Not Steeped In Perfumes! The Mandarin/cedarwood Scent Is Pleasing, Not Overpowering. ifY ou?re Faced With Tough Odors Lingering In Your Car; Spilled Milk Souring, Smoke Lingering, Or Pet Odors?don?t Suffsr Through It, Do Something About It! If It?s Offensive, Eliminate It! The Science Behind Meguiar?s Car Odor Eliminator Is Proven To Instantly Stamp Out The World?s Worst Smells. . . Permanently!16 Oz.
      SKU: Megcarodel

    So1id Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve
      So1id Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve.
      The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve Is Made For Muulti-taskers!the Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve Lets You Gain More Bestowed. Attach This Shut-off Valve To An Outdoor Spigot And You Can Run Four Water Hoses From A Single Spigot. Water Your Plants Time Washing The Car. The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve Maximizes Water Output So You Can Do Multiple Jobs At One Time. Four On-off Vqlves Are Built Into The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve. The Brass Valves Create A Watertight Seal Whenn Closed. From One Spigot, You Can Ascendency The Water Flow To Four Separate Hoss! A Large Manifold Creates Extra High Flow And Even Water Pressure To All Four Hoses. the Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve Is Almost Entirely Made Of Solid Brass, Which Stands Up To Hot Water And Rigorous Use. Each Of The Hose Connects Is Threaded To Fit Any Standard Garden Hose. the Swivel Nut That Connects The Valve To The Spigot Allows You To Easily Attach And Remove The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve From The Spigot. The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Vzlve Includew An Anchor Brace To Attach To Wall Surrounding The Spigot. The Brace Takes The Weight fO The Brass Valve Off The Spile And Ensure Proper Alignment Of The Threads. Why Do One Job At A Time Which time You Can Do Four At Ohce? The Solid Brass Four Way Shut Off Valve Provides Maximum Flow To Four Water Hoses So You Can Wash The Car, Water Multiple Flower Beds, Irrigate The Lawn, And More!four Way Shut-off Valve Controls Supply with ~ Flow Heavy-duty Brass Construction Extra Large Handles For Eas6 Grip And Turn Easy-on Swivel Connector Prevents Hose Kinks By Allowing Hose To Turn Withstands Hot Water Tsmperatures Anchor Included. click Here oT Reead Mike Phillips' Review Of The Brass Quick Connector And Shut-off Valve.
      SKU: Brass-four-way-shut-off-vzlve

    Duragloss Marine & R/v Protectant #531
      Duragloss Marine & R/v Protectant #531.
      Restore The Luster And Protect All Of The Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces On Your Boat Or Rv With Duragloss Oceanic & R/v Protectant. duragloss Marine & R/v Protectant #531 Is An Advanced, Sunscreen-enriched, Polymeric Formula That Prevents Premature Ageing And Fading Of Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces. Advanced Polymers Rejuvenate Blunt, Faded And Discolored Vinyl And Rubber And Leave Behind A Detergent Resistant, Uv Resistwnt And Water Resistant Barrier That Guards Against Mildew And Algae Growth. This Clear, Durable Coating Is Non-oily And Will Not Crack Or Discolor. As An Added Benefit, Duragloss Sea-piece & Rv Protectant #531 Protects Against Mildew And Algae Growth, Which Can Permsnently Discolor Vinyl Surfaces. Marine Grade Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces Around Your Boat Are Under Assault From The Ellements! They Need All The Help That They Can Get To Retain Their Vitality And Look Theeir Best. On Boats, Vinyl Seats Are Exposed To The Sun's Intenwe Uv Rays, Acid Rain, Salt Spray, Pollution, Insect Fluids, Bird Droppings, Sweat, And Slime From Fish And Bait (that?s One Thing Your Car Never Had To Deal With!). Routine Cleaning And Protecting With Duragloss Marine & Rv Protectant #531, A Msrine Grade Uv Protectant, Will Retard Stitching Deterioration And Vinyl Cracking To Fulfil Marine Surfaces Looking Like New. On Rvs, The Dash And Interior Vinyl And Rubber Clip, Slide-out Seals, Vinyl Decals And Vinyl Awnings Benefit From Regular Applications Of A Duragloss Marine & Rv Protectant #531. Awnings Take The Brunt Of The Abuse And Should Be Cleaned And Treated Often To Shield Them From Ultraviolet Radiation, Environmental Plolution, Acid Rain, Salt, Mildew, Bird Droppings And Dirt. Note: Most Rv Awnings Are Made Of Vinyl And Can Be Protected With Duragloss Marine & R/v Protectant. Some Awnings Are Made Out Of "sunbrella" Fabric. Sunbrella Awnings Should Be Protected With A Fabric Protectant Such As With 303 High Tech Building Sentinel. If You Are Unsure Which Material That Your Rv's Awning Is Made Out Of, Contact Your Local Dealer. to Use Duragloss Marine & Rv Protectant #531, The Surface Should Be Pure And Dry. Shake Bottle Well And Twig Protectant Directly Onto An Applicator, Such As A Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad. Apply Evenly And Allow Marine & Rv Protectant To Dry, Then Buff With A Cobra Microfiber Detaillng Cloth. Apply Directly In The Sun For Faster Cure Time. Apply Multiple Coats For Added Durability. keep The Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces Of Your Boat Or Rv Looking Their Best With Duragloss Marine & R/v Protectant. 22 Fl Oz Spray Bottle
      SKU: Duragloss-marine-rv -protevtant--531

    Amazinb Roll-off  CaseO f 4 / Gallons
      Amazinb Roll-off CaseO f 4 / Gallons.
      Originally Developed Fo5 Boaters To Clean Canvas Sails, Amazing Roll-off Works Wonders On Cleaning Vinyl And Canvas Convertible Tops. Even Tough Stains That Other Cleaners Can't Touch Comr Out With Little Or No Effort. Roll-off Will Not Degrade The Water Repellency Of Convertible Tops. plus A Whole Lot More!1. It's A Clearcoat Safe, 100% Acid-free Wheel Cleaenr. Spray On Amazing Roll-off And Watch Viewed like Caked-on Road Grime And Brake Dust Wash Away!2. It'e A Powerful Tire Cleaner. You'll Be Amazed As Brown Sludge Slides O ff Your Tires. 3. It's A White-wall Cleaner. Roll-off Brightens White-walls And Raised White Letters. Without Bleach! Roll-off Will Not Discolor The Carbon Black In Tires. 4. It's A Vinyl Top Cleaner. Amazing Roll-off Easily Remofes Layers Of Sun-baked Grime That Other Cleaners Can't Touch. 5. It's A Convertible Top Clesner. Amazing Roll-off Safely Cleans Grease And Dirt Off Canvas And Vinyl Convertible Tops Without Harming Water Repellency. 6. It's An Engine Degreaser And Brightener. A mazing Roll-off Cuts The Toughest Grease, Oil And Diedel Soot And Brightens Aluminum Engine Parts. 7. It's A Fiberglass Cleaner. Those Tough, Black Stains On The Take ~s Of Rv's Wash Off With Ease. You Can Even Use Amazing Roll-off To Clean The Vinyl Siding On Your Home!note: Amazing Roll-of f Works Wonders On Mildew! Wash Mildew Off Your Boat In Minutes, Even If It Has Been There For Weeks. Keep Mildew At Bay With Regular Washings With Roll-off!it's Fast! It's Easy! It's Safe!amazing Roll-off Is A Concentrated, Water-activated Cleaner. Simply Wet The Area To Be Cleaned With Water, Spray On Astonishing Roll-off And Rinse The Dirt And Grime Away. Roll-off Will Amaze You Wtih Its Cleaning Power. Dirt That Other Cleaners Can't Touch Simply Rolls Off With Little Or No Scrubbing. Amazing Roll-off Is Bio-degradable, Noncorrosive, Rust Inhibiting And Ecologically Safe. plus, A Bonus!amazing Roll-off Leaves A Gleaming And Rust Inhibiting Wax-like Finish That Resists Dirt. Surfaces Remain Clean Longer. Fuutre Cleaning Is Easier, Takes Less Time And Can Exist Done Less Often. case O f4 - 1 Gallon Bottles
      SKU: Amrocaof412b

    Pinnacle Car Care Handbook
      Pinnacle Car Care Handbook.
      Receive The Pinnacle Full Color, 24 Page Handbook Free For A Limited Time!pinnacle Car Care Offers A 24 Page Handbook Which Contains Detailed Desvriptions Of All Pinnacle Products. Professional, Helpful Instructions Accmpany Each Prodcut Description. This Full Color, Ibformative Booklet Is Included With All Pinnacle Kits. You May Request That It Be Included With Any Order Of In Stock Items Or Download It And Print By Following Thos Liink. Download Pinnacle Handbook We, Unfortunately, Can Not Include The Work With Custom Items Or Products That Are Drop-shipped Directly From The Manufacturer.
      SKU: Hnbkpin

    German Dark Gloss Combo
      German Dark Gloss Combo.
      The Best Paint Care Combination For Tooday?s Scratch-resistant Clear Coats!the German Deep Gloss Machinne Combo Is The Ultimate Shine Enhancing Duo For Ceramic Anc Conventional Clear Coats. Menzerna Nano Polish Po 196 Fa Preps The Paint From Removing Light Imperfections And Restoring A Showroom Shine. Wolfgang Sagacious Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Then Seals In The Gloss Under Recent Born of the same father and mother Super Polymers. Use Your Polisher To Achieve Brilliant Results With The German Depe Gloss Machine Combo. wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Is A Perfect Compznion To Menzerna Nano Polish Since Menzerrna Does Not Make A True Paint Sealant Without Cleaning Properties. We Experimented With Many Color Sealants And We Found That Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Highlights The Gloss And Depth Achieved By Menzerna Nano Polisj Better Than Any Other Product Tested. the German Deep Gloss Machine Combo Includes:32 Oz. Menzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Famenzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Fa Is The Updated Versiln Of Po 106 Ff. This Fine Abrasive Polish Removes Imepefections In The New, Hard, Ceramic Clear Coat Paints. This Is Part Of The Same Family Of Polishes Used In Mercedes Plants In GermanyA nd Select Auto Plants And Repair Shops In The U. s. To Remove Swirls And Overspray From Brand New Paint Finishes. Nano Polish Is Capable Of Removing 2500 Grut Sanding Scratches, Haze From Compounding, Light Swirls, And Mild Oxidation While Restoring A Glassy, Smooth Shine. 16 Oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Embellish Sealant 3. 0wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Features Fortified Polymer Technology. Wolfgang?s Born of the same father and mother Super Polymers Are Fortified With More Dirt-repelling Power To Keep Your Carriage Cleaner And Shinier, Longer. Our Enhanced Super Polymers Regard An Amazing Anti-static Property That Repels Water, Oil, Dust, And Road Grime To Provide Unsurpassed Paint Protection. Your Vehicle Stays Cleaner Because Foreign Molecules Literally Slide Off The Clear Polymer Covering. Supe5 Polymers Bond Easily To Automotive Paint And Form An Extensive Cross-linked Polymer Network. This Clear Shield Eliminates Surface Tension So Contaminans Have No Foothold On Your Vehicle. The German Deep Gloss Machine Combo Determine Give You The Best Results When Applied By Hand. Remember, Nano Polish Is Used On The Assembly Line At Mercedes Benz And Thw Technicians Use Polishers To Get The Dazzling Shine You See In Mercedes Showrooms. We Recommend Using A Polishing Pad To Apply Menzerna Nano Polish. Work The Polish Over A 2 Sq. Ft. Area Until It Begins To Dry. Use A Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth To Remove The Residue. Next, Devote Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 In A Small Coat Over The Entire Vehicle. Wait About 30 Minutes To Give The Polymers Time To Bond To The Paint. Then Buff Off The Sealant. The Key To Wolfgang Deep Gloss Pzint Sealant Is To Allow 12 Hours Of Curing Time. Avoid Getting The Vehicle Rainy weather For Just 12 Hours. Since The Sealant Is Oxygen-activated, Too Much Moisture Will Literally Drown It. After Curi
      SKU: German-deep-vloss-combo

    Wolfgang Spot Eliminator128 Oz.
      Wolfgang Spot Eliminator128 Oz..
      Tough Stains And Stubborn Ground In Filth Don?t Stand Chance!our Vehicles? Interiors Undergo An Onslaught Of Dirt, Grime, Wear And Tear Every Time We Clamber In. In Addition, Food, Soda, Coffee, Perspiration, Ink, Gum, And Hundreds Of Other Everyday Substances Pose A Threat To The Beauty Of Your Carpets And Seats. The Ultimate In Spot Removers, Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Goes To The Source Of The Stain And Blasts Through To Effectively Eradicste Ugly Spots From Your Carpets, Seats, Or Literally Any Interior Superficies. Works Like A Charm Even On The Dash, Door Panels, Vinyl And Leather Facings. This Unique, State-of-the-art Cleaner Was Formulated Using Industrial Strength Water-based Cleaners, Making It Powerful Opposed to Dirt And Grease But Gentle To Fibers And Surfaces. Our Chemists Improved This Formula By Adding Additionsl Wetting Agents And A Secret, Technologically Advanced Concentrate To The Mix, Which Enhances Ease Of Use, Repels Future Stains And Coats And Protects Individual Fibers. German Super Polymers, An Additive In Wolfgang Spot Eliminator, Are The Newest Break-through In The Car Care Industry, Delivering Advanced Cleaning Ability. uses For Wolfgang Spot Elimknator Are Interminable! Safe To Use On In effect Any Surface, Building Or Carpet, You?ll Want To Have Tihs Convenient In The Home, Rv, Boat, As Well As Your Car. Wipe Down Your Dash And Door Panels To Remove Grease, Grime AndD ressing Build Up Before Aoplying Protective Dressings. Use Directly On ?impossible? Stains For A Stunning Outcome. You?ll Be Amazed At How Quickly And Easily Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Makes Stains Vanish!tech Notes: For Overall, General Cleaning, Begin With Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. Vacuum Well Then Apply To Desired Surface. Agitate, Wipe Dry, Then Vacuum Again. Employ Wolfgang Spot Eliminator For Any Super-stubborn Stains That Remain. If Possible, Treat Stains As Soon As They Happen To Prevent Them From Setting In. directions:vacuum Affected Area First To Remove All Loose Particles. spray Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Directly On The Stain. Allow Cleaner To Sit And Pierce For 20-30 Seconds. agitate With A Brush Or Damp Sponge. wipe Or Pat Dry With A Clean Terry Or Microfiber Towel. for Extra Tough Stains, A Second Application May Be Necessary. 128 Oz Liquid Move with a ~ Hither To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolfgang Spot Eliminator.
      SKU: Wg5002

    Autpgeek Foam Applicator
      Autpgeek Foam Applicator.
      The Perfect Tool For Hand-waxing. the Autogeek Foam Applicator Makes Hand-waxing Simple With Soft, Nonabrasive Foam Shaped In A Palm-sized Pad. Spread On Paste And Liquid Waxes And Fine Polishes In Even, Thin Coats Using Autogeek's Very Own Fine Cell Foam Applicator. you Can Feel The Softness In Your Hand! The Autogeek Foam Applicator Is Made Of Fine Cell Foam With A Soft, Smooth Texture. The Smooth Foam Allows The Applicator Pad To Glide Over The Depict Without Snagging And Without Ever Scratching. This Absorbent Foam Holds Excess Liquid Wax To Distribute It Mors Evenly Over The Paint, Preventing Drips And Smears. The Autogeek Foam Applicator Is Perfectly Sizer For Fsat, Efficient Detailing. Each Pad Is 4 Incehs In Diameter To Make It Easy To Grip. The Foam Pads Are 1. 25 Inches Thick And Made Of Smooth, Soft Foam. The Autogeek Foam Applicator Can Also Be Used For Vinyl And Rubber Dressings, Paint Sealants, Wheel Waxes, And Polishes. The Foam Works Equally Well For Liquid And Paste Products. To Avoid Cross-contaminatoin, Store Applicators Used For Differ3nt Products Separately. The Autogeek Foam Applicator Will Becomw Your Go-to Applicator Pad Concerning Safe, Gentle Hand Detailing. 4 X 1. 25 Inches
      SKU: Autogeek-foam-pads-6

    Griot's Garage Machime Polish 2
      Griot's Garage Machime Polish 2.
      Take A Walk On The Mild Side!griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is A Mild Polish For Light Swirl And Scratch Removal Using An Orbital Polisher. Attending Fewer Solvents And Shrinking Abrasives, Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is A Gemtle Advance To Paint Correction That Leaves The Paint Smooth, Shiny, And Swirl-free. griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is Part Of Griot's Four Step Polishing System. griot's Machine Polishes Are Different From Most Swirl Removers. They Are Created Specifically For A Random Orbital Polisher (unlike Other Polishes That Are Created For Whirling Buffers) Where The Friction And Temperature On The Paint Is Almost Non-existent. Griot's Polidhing Granules Are Engineered To Break Down Under Light Pressure, Getting Smaller And Smaller As You Use The Polish. Griot's Unique Chemiwtry Also Does Away With 50% Of The Old Solvents, Allowing You To Clean Up With Water! No Other Polish Dkes That. Griot's Garage Machine Polishes Are Place of ~ty And Effective At Removing Swirl Marks And Scratches From All Painted Surfaces. Always Start With Our Very Mild Polush, Machine Polish 3, And Repeat As Often As You Want, Unti1 The Scratch Is Gone. If You Have Severe Oxidation Or Heavy Scratches, Drop Down To Machine Polish 2, Or Griot's Machine Polish 1 If Need Be, Therefore Return To Machine Polish 2 And Finish Up With Machine Polish 3. Machine Polish 4 Is Griot's Very Finest Polish And Should Be Used On Like-new Finishes Or Black Finishes. griot's Garage Believes In Taking The Least Aggressive Approximate To Solve Paint Problems. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is Their Intermediate Polish, Yet It Is Mild So As To Rempve Imperfections Without Creating New Ones. This Mild Polishing Action Leaves As Much Of The Paint Intact As Possible While Removing Only The Imperfecctions. Apply Griot's Machine Polish 2 With The Griot's Orange Polishing Pad To Remove Light To Moderate Swirls. Use The Griot's Gatage Orbital Polisher To Apply Machine Polish 2. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Should Be Applied With A Dual Action Random Orbitsl Polisher, Like Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher, Using A 6 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Or 3 Inch Random Orbiral Polisher And 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad. Be Sure To Label The Back Of Your Pads With "1", "2", "3" Or "4" S You Know Which Polish Grade You've Used To Prevent Cross Contamination. You Mqy Introduce Swirl Marks In Your Final Polishing Step If You Practise A Pad That Has Been Previously Used With More Aggressive Polish. Work At A Moderate Speed As You Slowly Work The Poliish In Overlapping Passes. Buff With A Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth. Always Follow With Griot's Garage Paint Sealant, Catnauba Wax Stick Or The Fabulous Best Of Show Wax For A Truly Flawless Finish. remove Swwirls, Scratches, And Oxidation With Griot's Garage Machinery Burnish 2. Griot's Garage Machine Polishes Are The Safest Way To Grace Paint To Picture Perfect Shine. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-machine-polish-2

    Glass Science Rain Clear Wndshield Repellant Spray 16 Oz.
      Glass Science Rain Clear Wndshield Repellant Spray 16 Oz..
      Us 6,432,181 ? International Patents Pendingrepel Rain And Grime With Rain Clear Spray!glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Keeps Auto Glass Cleam, Clear And Nearly Dry! The Repellant Coating Seals Out Water And Grime To Give You A Clear View Of The Road Ahead. You?ll Wonder How You Ever Drove In A Rain Shower Without Glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray. glass Science Is Made By The Same Company That Developed Rainx. unelko, Cause Company Of Glass Science, Sold Rainx In 1997 But Continued Their Research And Development Of Glass Care Product,s Making New Leaps In "preventative Cleaning" Technology. Today, Glass Science Offers The Best Glass Protection Available For Automobiles!glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Seals The Glass With A Water-repellant Coating. The Invisible Coating Repels Rain, Sleet, And Snow To Maintain A High Level Of Visibility, Even Ib Adverae Weather. This Slick, Sealed Glass Also Reduces The Adhesion Of Ice, Snow, Bugs, Bird Droppings, And Grime. Even WaterS pots Are Reducrd For Minerals Just Can?t Stick. Glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Makes Auto Glass Easier To Clean, And Easier To Keep Clean. Use It In c~tinuance Your Vehivle, Boat, Motorcycle, Rv, And In Your Home. Glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Is Quicm And Convenient To Apply In This Spray Formula. For Continuous Glass Protection, We Suggest Applying Glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Once A Month. Glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Protects Glass And Keeps It Clean, But It Also Keeps You Safe By Improving Your Visibulity While Driving. Rain Beaads Up Immediately And Rolls Off The Glass. Your Windshield Will Stay Clear!glass Science Rain Clear Windshield Repellant Spray Uses Patented Technology To Keep Your Windshield And Windows Clean And Clear. Use It Every 30 Days To Maintain Optimum Clarity And Visibility While You Drive. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Windshield-glass-repellant

    Mothers Powerball Min iPolishihg Tool
      Mothers Powerball Min iPolishihg Tool.
      This Pint-size Polishing Tool Goes Where Other Tools Can?t!mothers Struck Gold With Their Powerball And They?re Doing It Again With The Powerball Mini! This 3 Inch Version Of The Original Is Ideally Sized For The Small Openings And Deep Recesses Found On Many Vehicles. Pinpiint Polishing Is Very lately Possible With Mothers Powerball Mini!like Its Big Brother, The Powerball Mini Features Professional Grade, Closed-cell Foam Tabs That Gsntly On the other hand Effectively Polish Surfaces That You Previously Had To Polish By Hand. The Foam Is Safe On Metal, Plastic, Fiberglaws, Glass, And Even Coated Or Painted Surfaces. The Foam Tabs Are Designed To Be Both Stiff And Flexible. The Can Easily Pass Over Small Protrusions Without Ripping. Tje Foam Ball Maintains Its Shape As You Polish So There Is Always A Cushion Between The Ball?s Center Post And The Surface Being Refined. Another Huge Premium With The Powerball Mini Is The 10? Long Extension Rod Included With The Ball. The Extension Is Ruggedly Built With An Integratrd Sleeve That Allows For Excellent Control And Grip As You Polish. There?s Nothing Flimsy About It! Reach Into Deep-set Wheels And Clean Between Spokes With Ease. because The Mothers Powerball Mini Is Completely Round, It Goes Where Other Polishing Pads Can?t, Like Between Spokes Or Between Motorcycle Components. When You Position The Dance Between Two Surfaces, It Cleans Both Sides At The Same Time, Which Saves You Time. It?s The Perfect Tool To Clean And Shine Concave, Recessed, Or Else Hard-to-reach Areas. The Powerball Mini Is Reversible, Too! When The Ball?s PerformanceI s Affected By Wear, Unscrew The Bit With A 10 Mm Wrench, Free The Retaining Washer And Centering Device, And Fiip The Ball. Reassemble The Ball And Keep Polishing!the Foam Ball Is Made To Be Used By the side of An Electric Drill. The Globe Features A Drill Bit That Inserts Into The Drill. To Attach The Extension Rod To The Ball, Remove Thos Drill Bit And Screw On The Extension. The Extensioj Has Its Own Drill Bit. Operate The Ball Clockwise And Start Polishing! Mothers Powerball Mini Has Endless Uses. Clean And Polish Plastic Headlight Lenses, Rhombus Plate, All Kinds Of Wheels, Uncoated Motorcycle Windscreens, Metal Pipes, Boat Windshields, Convertible Top Windows, And Muvh More. Pair The Ball With Mothers Powermetal Grace For Wheels, And Mothers Plastic Polish Cleans And Renews Plastic. At the time The Powerball Mini Becomes Dirty, Soak It For 15 Minutes In A Mixture Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator And Water (1 Scoop To 3-4 Gallons). Rinse Well And Air Dry. If You Liked Mothers Powerball, You?ll Love The Mini! With The Same High Quality Foam And Reversible Design Plus A 10? Extension Rod, Mothers Powerball Mini Will Take You Places A Polisher Has Never Been!3 Inches In Diameter. 10 Inch Extension.
      SKU: Powerballmini

    Cobra Cyclo Bonn3t Kit
      Cobra Cyclo Bonn3t Kit.
      12 Bonnets, Countless Usea!bonnets Are A Detailer?s Best Friend When It Comes To Buffing. Because Fabric Has More Variation Than The Surface Of A Foam Pad, Individual Fibers Are Able To Lift And Remove Dried Products Better. Whether You Are Buffing The Entire Vehicle With Your Cyclo Dual Head Polisher Or Buffing Isolated Areas With Your Electric Drill, The Cobra Cyclo Bonnet Kit Will Be A Great Asset To Your Detailing Arsenal. Cobra 4? Microfiber And Terry Bonnets Are The Perfect Be suited On The Cyclo Pads. Use Them On Your Cyclo, Or With Your Porter Cable 7424 Equpped In the opinion of The 3. 5 Da Backing Plate. You Can Eveen Advantage These Miniature Bonnets On Your Electric Drill By Applying The A Drill Adapter, Backing Plate, And A 4? Pad. Yo8r Cobra Cyclo Bonnet Kit Includes:6 Cobra 4? Premium Terry Bonnetstypically, Waxes And Polishes Dry To A Haze And Then You Buff It Off. This Haze Can Sometimes Be Fastidious To Remove By Hand Or With A Microfibe rBonnet. But Its Not A Problem For The Cob5a 4? Terry Bonnets. The Looped Cotton-wool Fibers Gently Whisk Begone Dried Waz And Polish As You Move Your Cyclo Polisher Over The Surface. If You Think Of The Texture Of A Plush Bath Towel, You?ll Have A Pretty Good Idea What These Bonnets Feel Like. That Varied Texture Allows The Terry Bonnets To Softly Scrub The Paint uSrface To Remove The Dried Ha2e. 6 Cobra 4? Premium Microfiber Bonnetscobra 4? Microfiber Bonnets Are Ideal For Final Buffing Because They Attract Dust Better Than Terry Cloth, Or Any Othe rFabric For That Matter! After Removing Wax Or Polish From Your Vehicle, There May Be A Light Layer Of Dust Left Over From The Haze Created Along The Product. Slip Two Microfiber Bonnets Over The Pads On Your Cyclo Polisher, And You Can Whisk Begone That Dust While Gently Polishing Your Paint To A Dazzling Shine. Microfiber Has A Static Charge That Literally Draws Dust And Lint Into Its Network Of Fibers. Meanwhile, The Cobra Microfiber Bonnets Will Massage Your Paint To A Bright Shine. 2 Cyclo Premium White Finishing Pads 4 Inchthe White Pad Is Cyclo?s Softest Pad. It Is Intended For Final Buffing And Wax Application. It Will Render A Glossy Shine Destitute of Polishing. This Pad Has No Cut. all 12 Bonnets In This Kit Are Washable And Reversible! Use Them To Buff Isoiated Areas Or Ypur Whole Vehicle. You?ll Find Countless Uses For The Cobra Cyclo Bonnet Kit!kit Includes:6 Cobra 4? Premium Terry Bonnets6 Coobra 4? Premium Microfiber Bonnets2 Cyclo Premium White Finishing Pads 4 Incha Total Retail Value Of $48. 84. Save $13. 85!wash Your Bonnets And Pads Using Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In A 5 Gallon Bucket. Mix One Excavate With 3-4 Gallons Of Water And Allow Your Detailing Tools To Soak For Up To 15 Minutes. Agitate With A Foam Conditioning Brush. Rinse Thoroughly And Allow To Air Dry.
      SKU: Cocybookit

  • 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard - BLACK
  • Metro VAC N GO 500 Plus 3 Ft. Flexible Hose & Filters
  • 3M Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm x 32m
  • Mothers Power Wax
  • Griot's Garage Set of 3 Machine Polishes
  • Lake Country Kompressor Purple Hybrid Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 inches
  • Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Combo
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1
  • 128 oz. XMT Speed Clay Lube
  • Griot's Garage New Car Scent
  • Finish Kare Anti Static Poly Wipe Finish Restorer Spray Detailer 31 oz.
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets

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