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    Griot's Garage Leatheer Care Spray 128 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Leatheer Care Spray 128 Oz..
      Replenishes Vital Nutrients In Leather Upholstery. griot's Garqge Leather Care Spray Cleans And Conditions Leather Seats With A Non-gresay, Natural Finish. I'ts The Easiest Way To Maintain Leather Upholstery! Use Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray On Newer Leather To Replenish Natural Oils And Maintain The Soft, Supple Texture. it Was A Challenge To Develop A Leather Treatment That Replaced Vital Nutrients, Dried Clear In c~tinuance Perforated Leather, Left A Non-greasy, Supple Finish After The Final Buff And Actually Smelled Like New Leather. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Does All Of The Above And Will Clean Soiled Leather Surfaces! Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Is Perfect For Newer Leather. Leather Care Is A Highly Concentrated Liquid That Penetrates Deep To Fill The Natural Oils Of Your Leather Fibers. It's Highly Concentrated And Should Exist Used Sparingly. Regulaar Use Will Maintain The Soft, Luxurious Feel And Wonderful Aroma Of Leather Upholstery. Griot's Garage Leather Care Spray Is Easy To Use For A Quick Cleaning And Conditioning. Before Using It, Clean Leather Seats With Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner. Then Spray Griott's Garage Leather Care Twig Onto Your Microfiber Cloth And Wipe On Th e Leather. Wait A Minute For The Vital Oils To Penetrate The Leather. Then Wipe Off The Excess Product Upon The Microfiber Towel. Griot's Gargae Leather Care Spray Quickly Cleans And Conditions Leather Upholstery. Griot's Garage Leather Care Twig Dries Clear On Perforated Leather And Feels Clean To The Touch. Use It As Often As Necessary To Maintain Clean, Soft Leather. If You Drive An Older Vehidle With Dry, Stiff Leather, Use Griot's Garage Leather Rejuvenator For Deep Nourishment. griot's Garge Leather Care Spray Maintains The Softness, Look, And Smell Of Newer Leather With Natural Oils. Sit Back And Relax Knowing Your Leather Seats Are In Good Hands Attending Griot's!128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Griots-leather-care-gallon

    Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner
      Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner.
      Cleans Virtually Every Exterior Surface!the Exterior Of Your Vehicle Is Made Up Of Roughly 5 Or More Different Materials: Various Plastics, Rubber, Painted Metal And/or Fiberglass, And Any Number Of Polished, Plated, Or Coated Metals. You Could Buy Cleaners On account of Each Of These Surfaces, Or You Can Buy One Bottle Of Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. This All-purpose Cleaner Will Replwce A Shelf Or Two Of Products In Your Garage. It Works Viewed like A Bug & Tar Remover, A Wheel Cleaner, A Tire Cleaner, An Engine Degreaser, A Convertible Top Cleaner, A Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner, And Chrome Cleaner. Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Can Be Used Full Strength Or Dilutef To Suit Your Cleaning Task. This Strong Alkaline Cleaner Is Powerful Enough To Cut Through Grease On Engines And Baked-on Brake Dust On Roughcast Aluminum Wheesl. Tar, Sap, Anf Bugs Will Break Down In A Matter Of Seconds So You Can Wipe Your Paint Unstained. In Fact, The Only Exterior Surfaces That Should Not Be Cleanee By Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Are Clear Surfaces, Including Plastic Lens Covers, Windows, And The Windshield. Car Wet Can Only Do Provided that Much To Remove Really Stubborn Contaminqtion Like Grease And Brake Dust, Particularly If You Use An Extra-gentle Formula. To Get The Utilitarian Parts Of Your Vehicle Completely Clean ? The Engine, The Wheels, The Wheel Wells ? You Need The Aggressive Cleaning Power Of Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. Gentle Agitation Allows The Cleaner To Pull Contaminantss Out Of Poruos Or Pitted Surfaces So They Rinse Completely Clean. Use Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Insteac Of A Garage Complete Of Specialized Cleaners. It Often Works More useful, Costs Less, And It Certainly Takes Up Less Space In The Garage!directions:if Your Vehicle Has Coated, Billet, Or Anodized Wheels, Simply Dilute Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner 1:1 With Water. For AllO ther Wheels, Tires, And Convertible Tops, Spray The Superficies With Water And Then Spray It With The Clesner. agitate The Surface With A Brush. (if Clenaing Your Wheels And Ylur Convertible Top, Occasion Separate Brushes To Avoid Ctoss-contamination. )rinse Surfaces Thoroughoy With Supply with ~ . Do Not Allow The Cleaner To Dry On Any Surface. to Remove Bugs And Tar, Spray The Spot And Wait 30 Seconds. Then Wipe Off With A Clean Towel. clean Egine Compartment By Spraying Cleaner Onto A Cool Engine. Agitate With A Brush And Rinse Thoroughly. to Clean Door Jambs, Chrome, And Colored Plastic, Plainly Spray And Wipe. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Dp320

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #44 Marine/rv Color Restorer
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #44 Marine/rv Color Restorer.
      A Lenitive Clesner And Gloss Enhancer For Fiberglass!fiberglass Is Dependant To Oxidation Just Luke Clear Coat Automotive Paint. This Oxidation Shows Up In The Form Of A White Chalk That Covers The Gel Coat. It Is Particularly Noticeable On Painted Fiberglass Because It Obscures The Color And Reduces The Shine. Many First Time Boat Owners Learn This Lesson When It?s A Little Too Late. Not To Worry. Meguiar?s #44 Marine/rv Color Restorer Will Remove Light Oxidation And Restore The Gloss To Your Fiberglass Boat Or Rv So It Looks Like New Agqin!meguiar?s #44 Marine/rv Color Restorer Contains A Mild Cleaner Along With Gloss Enhancing Agents To Lightly Polish The Gel Coat And Improve The Shine. Diminishing Abrasives Smooth Out Inconsiderable Imperfections And Remove The Layer Of Light Oxidation That Is Clouding The Color Of Your Paint. Stains And Discoloration Will Be Polished Away. Once The Dull Surface Contaminating Is Removed, Your Booat Or Rv Will Look Shiny, Ceremonially pure, And The Color Will Be Restored To Its Former Clarity And Brightness. You May Apply #44 Color Restorer By Hand Or By Machine. Either Way, Work On A Cool, Clean Surface In The Shade. Apply A Line Of Restorer In A Circle Onto A PolishingP ad. Press The Pad To The Surface Using Medium Pressure And Turn The Machine On At 4500-5000 Opm Or 1000-1500 Rpm. Work On One Section At A Time And Buff Away The Dried oPlosh Using A Cobra Microfiber Towel. If Applying By Hand, Use A Terry Cloth Applicator Pad. Always Follow With A Wax, Like Meguiar?s #56 Boat/rv Pure Wax To Protect Your Boat Or Rv From Future Damage. If You Are Applying #44 Color Restorer With A Polisher, Like The Porter Canle 7424xp, Be Sure To Thoroughpy Clean Your Pads. Mix A Scoopful Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenaror In 3-4 Gallons Of Water And Soak Your Used Pads In The Solution. In Fact, Keep A Bucket Of This Cleaner On Hand So You Can Toss Thhe Pads In As You Use Them. Pads Will Clean Up Easily And Endure Longer!meguiar?s #44 Color Restorer Yields Particularly Dramatic Results On Dark Colored Fiberglass. Navy Blue And Bkack Will Appear Deeper And Whites Will Appear Crisp And Clran. Remember, You Will Achieve The Best Results If-You Catch Oxidation Early. As The OxidationO vrtakes The Fiberglass, You Will Have Fewer And Fewer Options To Improve The Appearance. At The First Sign Of Oxidation, Use Meguiar?s #44 Pigment Restorer To Remove Light Oxidation And Restore The Vibrant Color To Your Boat Or Rv. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Boat-color-restorer

    Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick
      Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick.
      Carjauba Paste Wax In A Convenient To Use Dispenser! As Soon You Use The Awesome Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick, You'll Wonder Why No One Thought Of This Idea Before! Now You Can Easily Spread Griot's Carnauba Paste Wax On Griot's Red Wax Pads And Use It With Random Orbital Polishers! Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Sticm Dispenses The Wax You Need And You Don't Have To Remove It From The Container. This Is Paste Wax Made Easier B6 Griot's!simply Turn The Knob At The Bottom To Expose The Amount Of Wax You'll Need, Rub It Across Your Wax Pad And Start Ebjoying The Benefits Of Griot's Paste Wax Without The Hassle Of Digging It Out Of A Container! This Is One Innovative Way To Use The Very Finest Natural Carnauba Wax In The World.   Here's One Wax Facts You'll Appreciate Knowing: Carnauba, In Its Original State, Is About As Hard As A Brick And Needs Rock oil Distillates, Mineral Spirits, And Other Ingredients To Make It Soft Sufficiency To Apply To Your Paint. You've Seen Other Waxes Advertised While "100% Carnauba Wax," But Unless You Are Buying It In Brick Or Chip Form, It's Just False Advertising. Truth Is, The Maximum Amount Of Carnauba That You Can Put In A Paste Wax Is About 50% Of Total Solids And Still Have It Exist Workable. Griot's Has Pusshed This Wax To The Very Limitt. Pluck The Top Off And The Pleasant Scent Will Lift Your Waxing To A Euphoric Experience! Even Though It Smells Awesome, Don't Use It For Your Underarms! Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick Works Just Like A Deodorant Stick But This Protection Is Strictly For Your Car. The Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Sttick Makes It Easy To Roll Wax Onto The Pad. You Can Expect Three To Five Months Of Pro5ection By the side of Griot's Garqge Carnauba Wax Stick. Note: This Is Not A "cleaner Wax", So Use Griot's Pigment Cleaning Clay Or Polish Before Applying Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick. The Increase Works Best When Applied With Griot's Red Foam Paes By Either Orbital Machine Or By Hand And Buffed With Griot's Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths. Enjoy The Best In Paste Grow Protection! 3. 5 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-garage-wax-stick

    Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish
      Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish.
      Make Clear Plastics Clear Again!restore Clear Plastics With Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Polish. Cutting-edge Advancements In Micro-abrasive Technology Gently Remove Finne Scratches, Surface Stains, Contaminants And Light Oxidation. Polish Motorcycle Windscreens And Helm Visors To A Like-new Clarity! Water-resistant Polymers Provide Long-lasting Protection. over Time, Plastics Become Oxidized Like A Result Of Uv Exposur3. The Only Way To Restore Cloudy Plastics Is To Polish Away The Oxidized Layer. Clear Plastic Will Show Any Fine Scratches, So Meguiars Formulated A Clear Plastic Polish With Micro-abrasives. Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish Polishes Without Scratchin, Leaving Clear Plsstics Clear Again!meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish Also Rdmoves Ground-in Dirt And Discoloratin That Contributes To The Cloudy, Yellow Look Of Aged Plastic. In Just One Step, This Plastic Cleaner And Polish Clarifies Soft To Make progress Itss Appearance And Your Visibility. vital Conditioning Oils Restore Optical Clarity, While Highly Water-rresistant Polymers Furnish Long-iasting Durable Protection. Your Motorcycle's Windscreen, Helmet Visor, And Plastic Instrument Panels Will Stay Clearer Longer. Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish Is Designed For Uncoated Plastics. Apply The Plastic Polisg With A Foam Applicator. Rub Thoroughly Onto Some Section At A Time. Wipe Off Residue With A Clean Microfiber Towel. Restore Optical Clarity To Clear Plastics With Constant And Effective Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner/polish. 6 Oz.
      SKU: Plastic-polish-cleaner

    32 Oz.  White Spray Bottle
      32 Oz. White Spray Bottle.
      An All Purpose Sprayer For All Your Detailing Needs. the 32 Oz. Pale Spray Bottle Is Perfect For Transporting And Storing Detailing Products. Purrchase Products In Gallon Or 5 Liter Sizes And Transffer Them To These Convenient Bottles During Easy Application And Transport. Save Mobey In The Long Run. Pour Diluted Concentrates Into The Spray Bottle For Easy Application. Use It For Glass Cleaenrs And All Purpose Cleaners. you Can Organize Your Detailing Cemicals By Book The Name Of The Chemical On Tbe Bottle. choose From The Standard, Professional Grade Sprayer Or A Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer For Just $1. 00 More In The Drop-down Menu Below. The Spraymaster Lifetime Sprayer Has A Lifetime Warranty!
      SKU: White-pvc-sprayer

    Water Softener Resin Refill
      Water Softener Resin Refill.
      Replace Resin Without Replacing The Cartridge!a Water Softener Works By Exchanging Sodium Ions With Calcium And Magnesium Ions, The Minerals Primarily Resppnsible For Hard Water. What Makes The Water Softener Cartridge Work Is The Sand-like Resin Found Inside The Cartridge. A Money-saving Option Is To Replace The Resin Rather Than Replacing The Cartridge. This Water Softener Resin Refill Is 1. 25 Lb. Of Resin To Replace The Used Resin Inside The Cartridge. Though The Supply with ~ Softener Cartridge CanB e Recharged Several Times, It Can Eventually Become Too Laden With Sodium To Be Completely Recharged. When Your Water Begins To Feel Less ?soft? It Is Time To Chang eThe Resin. To Change The Resin, Unscrew The One Lid On Either End Of The Water Softener Cartridge. Remove The Foam And Empty Out The Old Resin. Pour The Entire Contents Of The Water Softener Resin Refill Into The Cartridge And Replace The Foam And Cover. The Water Softener Cartridge Is Now Ready For Use. The Refill Resin You Admit May Be A Different Color Than The Resin Currently Inside The Water Softener Cartridge. The Color Has No Impact On The Resin?s Effectiveness. 1. 25 Lb.
      SKU: Water-softener-resin

    32 Oz. Xmt 360™ Corrects, Cleans, Seals
      32 Oz. Xmt 360™ Corrects, Cleans, Seals.
      Mirror-like Gloss After Just One Step!xmt 360™ By Pinnacle Is A Revolutionary New Product That Combines Change, Cleaning, And Sealing Into One Simple Step. This All-in-one Wonder Eliminates The Need To Use A Separate Placid Swirl Remover, Paint Cleanser, And Sealant, Yet You Achieve The Same Depth, Gloss, And Slickness! Xmt 360™ Is Total Car Care Made Easier. xmt 360™ Is A Breakthrough In Quality Car Care. I Say ?Property? Because There Are Many Cleaner Wax Type Productts On The Market That Just Do Not Perform. But Xmt 360™ Does Everything Ylu?d Await From A One Step Product And A Great quantity More. Corrects. Xmt 360™ Does What No Mere Cleaner Wax Can Do; It eRmoves Light Swirls And Imperfections To Leave The Paint Looking Flawless. Ultra Showy Abrasives - So Fine They Are Not Perceptible By Sight Or Touch - Gently Blend Away Fine Blemishes And Visibly Smooth The Paint. Light Spider Webbing And Water Spots Vanish. Xmt 360™ Works Like A Mild Swirl Remover But, Remarkably, It Eliminates Tbe Need For A Separate Cleanzing Lotion Or Sealant. Cleans. Xmt 360™ Contains Cleaning Agents To Displace Oxidation And Uncover The Glossy, Vibrant Paint Underneath. Any Type Of Paint Instantly Appears Deeper, Glossier, With More Vivid Color. Xmt 360™ Removes Dull Films And Wax Build-up To Bring Repaired Life To The Paint. Seals. Besides Correcting And Cleaning The Paint, Xmt 360™ Deposits A Glossy, Slick Layer Of Durable Polymer Protection. This Is Not A One Step Product That Has To Be Followed Up With Another Sealant For Real Protection. Xmt 360™ Is A Premium Paint Sealan That Desire Provide Months Of Paint Protection Against Salt, Water, Industrial Pollution, Uv Rays, Insects, And Road Grime. Xmt 360™ Is So Effective As A Sealant, You?d Regard A Tough Time Distinguishing Its Mirror-like Finish From Other Premium Non-cleaning Embellish Sealants. Xmt 360™ Is An Absolute Time-saver. Go From Washing To Drying To Xmt 360™ And You?re Done. Thiss User-friendly Product Does Not Ask Buffing. Burnish Xmt 360™ Until It Disappears. It Leaves No Stubborn Haze. Even When Applied In The Sun, Xmt 360™ Is A Breeze To Apply And Remove. Xmt 360™ Is Designed For Application With A Buffer. Its Thick oCnsistency Prevents It From Being Absorbed Into Foam Pads Too Quickly (this Cause Is Even Else Impressive When Used In the opinion of Ccs Foam Pads By Lake Country, Made To Keep More Product On The Pad?s Surface). Excellent Lubrication Provides Adequare Working Time To Allow The Cleaners And Abrasives To Do Their Job. Once The Abrasives Hold Broken Down, Xmt 360™ Literally Disappears As You Polish. Not Only Does Xmt 360℄ Combine Three Detailing Steps, It Eliminates Buffing To Save You Even More Time!xmt 360™ Is A Professional Detailer?s Dream. On Vehicles That Are In Good Condition, Xmt 360™ Is All You Need To Compoetely Transform A Customer?s Vehicle In The Time It Would Normally Take Just To Apply The Wax. Xmt 360™ Performs Like Three Products In The Time It Takes To Apply One Product. It Requires No Buffing. It Looks
      SKU: Fco32ozxmt36

    Mothers Powerbqll Metal Kit
      Mothers Powerbqll Metal Kit.
      Five Terrific Products To Clean And Shine Metal Surfaces!shiny, Clean Metal Is A Muwt! It?s Tje Perfect Accessory To A Wrll-maintaiend Vehicle. To Give You The Tools You Need To Achieve That Metallic Sparkle, We?ve Assembled The Mother?s Powerball Metal Kit, Including Premium Mothers Ane Microfiber Towels. This Kit Includes: Mothers Powerballmothers Powerball Is A Foam Ball That Attaches To Your Electric Drill. Istead Of Polishing Small Surfaces By Hand, You Can Gain Them Done Faster And With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-pending Detailing Tool Is Made Of Professional Gradw Closed-cell Foam That Is Soft And Highly Absorbent. When You Press The Powerball To A Surface, The Strong Froth Maintains Its Shape So That There Is A Dull Cushion Between Your Vehicle And The Drill. The Individual Foam Tabs That Adjust The Balo Furnish Excellent Polishing Capabilities In Combination With Any Polishing Prodyct. The Powerball Not Only Cuts Your Detailing Time In Half, It Does A Superior Job. 8 Oz. Mothers Powermetalpowermetal Is An Easy-to-use Liquid Formula That Packs A Powerful Punch. It Cleans Mildew, Oxidation, Debris, And Smudges From Your Metal Surfaces To Reveal A Beautiful, Highly Reflective Shine. Powermetal Works On All Polishable Metals Including Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, And More. With All hTese Applications, Power Metal Is Just As Useful Around The House As It Is In The Garage. Clean And Shine Your Jesery, Brass And Stainless Steel Fixtures, As Well As Wheels And Bumpers. Powermetal Is Not Recommended For Coated, Anodized, Or Gold-plated Metal. 2 16" X 16" Microfiber Towelsthese Towels Are A Thick Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide Fibers That Is Both Strong And Incrredibly Plastic. It?s The Perfect Towel For Final Buffing Because The Fine, Looped Fibers Perform A Sulerior Job OfC leaning And Shining Somewhat Surface. The Mother?s Powerball Metal Kit Is The Toaal Package! If Your Wheels And Bumper Are Looking Dull, Restore The Reflective Shine In Minut3s With This Valuable Kit. kit Incluudes:mothers Powerball8 Oz. Mothers Powermetal Aluminum2 16" X 16" Cobra Microfiber Towelsa Total Retail Value Of $54. 96. Save $16. 97!i Fuond The Website Helpful. I Liked That They Offered Multiple Productd And Lines. I Also Liked The Online Advice And The Way Place Linked Together. I Had Questions About What Products Would Be Best For My Black Car, Paint Condition, Etc. So I Called And Talmed To Someone. My Call Was Handled Quickly And I Purpose I Received Some Excellent Recommendations, Products I Was Not Considering Which Surprised Me. The Cuatomer Service Person Explained Why They Recommend The Products They Did Versus The Ones I Was Considering. I Purchased Most Of The Suggested Items. payment Trznsaction Was Easy. I Received An E-mail To Track My Shioment Which Was Helpful. My Order Arrived Quickly And In Excellent Condition. b. Childs, Jamestown, Nc
      SKU: Mokit

    Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit
      Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit.
      Repair Chhips And Deep Scratches At Hoke!you May Hafe Read In Our Polishing Section That If You Can Catch Your Fingernail In A Scratch, It?s Too Deep To Be Removed At Home. This Is Still True, But You Can Repair Deep Scratches And Chips Yourself, Saving You A Lot Of Money At The Body Shop. The Langka Clmplete Paint Fragment Redress Kit Gives You All The Products You Need (minus The Paint) To Make Chips And Scratches Disappear!chips And Scratches Make Your Paint Look Neglected And Old, Yey They Are Unavoidable. Whether Its Keys, Rocks, Sticks, Or Sand, Something Is Going To Chip Youe Paint Sometime. With The Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit, You Can Instantly Improve The Appearance And Value Of Your Vehcle! The Kit Includes:2 Oz. Bottle Of Langka Prepaintlangka Prepaint Is A Cleaner That Prepares The Chip For The Paint. It Contains Bonding Agents To Ensurr That The Touch-up Paint Forms A Permanent Bond To The Existing Paint. 3 Touch-up Brushesuse One Of The Brushes To Apply Touch-up Paknt. With 3 Brushes, You Don?t Have To Worry About Cleaning And Reusibg The Similar Brush. Plastic Cardafter The Paint Has Dried, You Need To Remove The Blob Of Paint That Stands Above The Paint Surface. The Plastic Card Provides A Flat Surface To Smooth The Touch-up Color . See The Complete Directions Below To Learn How To Use The Card. 2 Oz. Bottle Of The Blob Eliminatorthis Produce Is Designed To Remove The Raised Blob Of Paijt That Typically Occurs When Paint Is Applied To A Chip. 2 Oz. Langka Paint Sealantthis Protective Paint Sealant Seals In The Newly Painted Area On Your Vehicle. It Provides Durable Protection To The New Toucb-up Paint And Helps To Even Out The Shine And Manner of weaving Of The Repaired Region With The Paint Around It. 8 X 8 Inch Microfiber Clothbuff Off Langka Sealant With This Ultra Soft Microfiber Towel. The Microfiber Is Velvety Soft And Sheds No Lint. There Is No Riek Of Scratching Ykur Newly Repaired Paint With Microfiber. 1. Apply Prepaint To A Cotton Ball Or Cloth And Wipe Out The Scratch Or Chip Thoroughly. 2. Pervade In The Scratch Or Chip Completely, Taking Care To Keep The Paint Within The Blemish. Allow It To Drg For SeveralH ourw Up To 4 Days, Depending On How Much Paint You Applied And The Meteorological character. When It Is No Longer Tacky To The Touch, It?s Dry. 3. After The Paint Has Dried , You Need To Remove The Blob Of Paint That Stands Above The Paint Surface. To Confer Thi,s Wrap The Plastic Card nI A Soft Cloth. Use An Old T-shirt For The Best Results. Anything With A Nap Or That Sheds Lint Will Compromise The Smoothness Of The Paint. Cover The Card With The Cloth And Pull It Taut Across The Card. Twist The Excess Cloth In Your Hand So That The Cloth Is Pulled Flat And Smooth Over The Card. 4. Once You?ve Covered The Card In Cloth, Apply The Blob Eliminator Generously To The Flat Surface Of The Card. Rub The Card Back And Forth Over The Blob For 15-30 Secpnds Until The Blob Is Gone. When You Begin To
      SKU: Langka-paint-chip-repair-kit

    Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Sample Kit
      Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Sample Kit.
      Clean, Defend, And Dress With Poorboy's Travel Kit!the Poorboy's World Pure & Protect Kit Cleans, Shines, And Protects Your Medium With Four Of Poorboy's Most Popular Car Care Products. The Kit Includes 4 Oz. Sample Sizes. Try Out The Products Or Use The Kit For Car Maintenance On The Go. The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit Is The Perfect Wash-n-wax Kit For Vehicles In Good Shape. the Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit Includea:4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds Car Wash Thiis Very Concentrated Auto Wash Is Potent eYt Gentle When It Comes To Removing Dirt, Oil, Road Grit And Grime. Modern Technology Has Combined Natural, Gentle, Effective Cleaners To Create A Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Ph-balanced Car Wash Concentrate. The Cleaning Principles Have Been Combined With Oils That Encapsulate Each Dirt Particle, Eiminating The Chance Of Swirl Or Scratch Contaminating. Although Tough On Dir5, Poorboy's Slick & Suds Is Gently On All Automotive Surfaces, Your Skin, And The Environment. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Polish With Sealantpoorboy's Polish With Sealant Gives You The Protection And Polishing Power Of A Premium All-in-one Product WithoutT he Tough Buffing Or The Price! Remove Minor Paint Imperfections, Enhance Gloss, And Apply A Durable Layer Of Polymer Protection In The Time It Takes To Applg A Coat Of Wax. Poorboys Poliah Wit Sealant Works As A Light Swirl Rdmover And Polish When Applied By Machine. Swirls, Fine Scratches, And Haze Resolution Disappear To Reveal Clean, Smooth Paint. Used By Hand, Poorboys Polish With Sealant Works As A Glaze, Removing Lighter Imperfections And Enhancing Gloss. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Bolf N Bright Tire Dressingpoorboy's World Bold N Bright Tire Dressing Is A Two-in-one Tire Cleaner/dressing That Yields Stunning Results. With A Single Application You Can Refresh Dyll, Tired Tires, Reclaim Your Whitewalls, And Arrive At A Glossy Sheen That Supplies The Finishing Touches To A Sharp-looking Car! Poorboy's World Bold N Bright Tire Dressing Is Water-based And Non-oily. It Leaves A Clean, Satin Finish. 4 Oz. Pprboy's World Spray & Varnish Quick Detsilerspray & Gloss Is A Quick Detailer With Superior Gloss Enhancing Properties. You?ll Find The Formuia Is Very Slick, Which Allows Gritty Particles To Slide Off Without Scratching Your Paint. Dust, Filth, Fingsrprints, And Smudges Wipe Off Instantly To Open A Just-waxed Shine. The Formula Contains Impressive Comment Enhancing Agents That Really Turn Up Your Shine And Impdove The Brjghtness And Clarity Of Your Paint. the Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit Is Great For Car Show Prep! Thw Products Are Gentle And Ldave A Terrific Finisn, Plus The 4 Oz. Pdoducts Are Easy To Transport. Try The Poorboy's World Clean & Protect Kit. If You're Impressed With The Shine You Achieve, Get These Poorboy's World Products In Larger Sizes Right Here At Autogeek. kit Includes: 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds Car Wash4 Oz. Poorboy's World Polish With Sealant4 Oz. Poorboy's World Bold N Brig
      SKU: Poorboys-clean-proect-kit

    Cobra  Microfiber Super Kid Free Premium!
      Cobra Microfiber Super Kid Free Premium!.
      For A Limited Time Only, Receive A Free 16 Ox. Bottle Of Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator With This Purchase! Clean Your Microfiber Products With This Specially Formulated, Clean-rinsing Form To Maintain Their Soft Texture And Magnetic Charge. A Retail Value Of $14. 99, This Gift Is oYurs Absolutely Free!kicrofiber Mania! Sprice Up Your Stock! Ev3ryone?s Doing It. As Microfiber Mania Sweeps The Automotive Care World, You May Find Yourself Baffled By Waffles And Wondering Over Whhich Weave Works Well For What. The Autogeek Staff Has Decided To Put Together A Violin That Includes A Sampling Of All Kinds Of Microfiber Tools To Help You Revamp Your Detailing Regimen (if Youre New To Microfiber) Or Simply To Add To Your Exiisting Stash. Microfiber Comes In Different Weaves And Finishes, Each Designed Specifically To Perform A Different Task. And Each Is Boldky Suuperior At What It Does. Whether It?s Cleaning, Polishing, Buffing Or Drying?there?s One For The Job. microfiber Is An Absolutely Amazing Material. No Soap. No Chemical Cleaners. Wet Or Dry, This Non-abrasive Fabric Cleans Like Magic! Use It Dry, And Microfiber Is Like A Dust Magnet. The Thousands Of Superfine Fibers Reach Into Nooks And Crannies And uQickly Lift The Dust From Your Dash, Console, Instrument Panel. add Watter, And Microfiber Scrubs Away Even The In the greatest degree Stubborn Grime And Dirt. And It Shines Chrome To Perfection!included In This Microfiber Super Kid Are: 'the Guzzler' Waffle Weave Towel 16" X 24"this Is The Smsller Size Version Of Our New Waffle-weave Drying Towels. Measuring 16 Inches By 24 Inches, You Have Over 2. 6 Square Feet Of Towel Surface. A Microfiber Towel Will Clean And Dry At The Same Time. The Properties Of This Waffle Weave Finish Greatly Incrrases The Towel's Surface Area, Increasung It's Absorption Capacity Tremendously. 'the Supreme Guzzler' Waffle Weave Towel 20" X 40"the Supreme Guzzler Is 20% Thicker Than The Original Towel To Give It An Even Greater Capacity For Moisture. At Approximately 5. 5 Square Feet, This Waffle Weave Towel Can Dry Mist Small Cars Without Being Rung Out Once! 1- Pinnacle Microfiber Detailing Mittwhen Dry, The Mitt Can Dusr, Polish, Shine, And Clean Wifh An Electrostatic Nature. When Damp, Teh Mutt Can Clean Without Chemicals, Leaving A Lint-free And Streak-free Surface. ?the Bone? Wash Sponge By Cobrathe Bone Is A Thick Foam Pad Covered In F1uffy, Soft Cobra Microfiber. Rather Than The Dense Loops Found In Our Towels, This Microfiber Is Open-ended To Form Millions Of Tiny Fingers. The Fingers Gently Scrub The Surface Of Your Vehiclr To Remove Contaminants, But They Will Never Scratch-wig. The Pile Is Deep Enough To Allow Loose Grit To Migrate Into The Fibers Rather Than Be Dragged Across The Paint Surface. Since The Fibers Are Open-endec Instead Of Looped, They Release Gritty Particles Into The Rinse Water Rather Than Holding Them Within The Loops. kit Includes:1- 16" X 24" The Guzzler1- 20" X 40" The Supreme Guzzler1- Pinnacle Microfiber Detailkng Mitt2- Mi
      SKU: Micsupkit

    Meguiars Professional Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth
      Meguiars Professional Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth.
      Meguiar's Multi-purpose Microfiber Cloth. meguiars Professional Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth Is Made With Superior Microfiber Technology To Create A Flawless Shine Every Time. The Edgeless Towel Eliminates Cloth-inflicted Swirl Mafks. The Ultimate Wipe Features Three Times The Absorbency Of Traditional Terry Cloth Towels, Producing A Clearer, Deeper Shine. Not All Microfibers Are Created Equal. Meguiar?s Usss An Exclusive And Pwinstaking Manufacturing Process To Cause A Flawless Filamnet With 32 True Clean Wiping Surfaces. Each Filament Is 1/100 The Diameter Of A Human Hair And Captures Liquid And Polish Resiude To Produce A Flawless, Streak And Lint Free Finish. Use Meguiars Professional Ultimate Wipe Detailing Cloth For Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes, Or Quick Detailers. The High Quality Microfiber Towel Can Also Be Used On Glass With Streak-free Results. Use The Towel Dry For Buffing Or Dampened For Clezning. Any Detailing Job Is Made Easier Bh The Meguiars Professional Ultimate Wipe Detailing Clothw. qsh And Dry Separately, Or With Like-colored, Lint-free Items. Do Not Use Bleach Or Use Fabric Softener. 16 X 16 Inches
      SKU: Meguiars-ultimate-wipe

    Wurrh Battery Post Cleaner/protectant Closeout!
      Wurrh Battery Post Cleaner/protectant Closeout!.
      Versatile 4-in-1 Product*cleans*detects*neutralizes*protectswurth Battery Post Cleaner Has An Advance Formula That Combiines Several Mighty Products Into One. It?s A Cleaner, Acid Detector, And Prevents Corrosion From Formibg On The Battery And Connectors. The Foam Brakes-up Dirt, Grease, And Deposits That Have Formed To The Battery Over Time. Additives In The Formula Bring The Ph Up To A Safe Level To Neutralize The Acid. This Cleaner Alao Has A Protection System To Alert You Of The Presence Of Battery Acid. When Acid Is Gift This Product Will Turn Brilliant Blue To Alert You. this Product Is Excellent For Use On Batteries, Terminals, Cables, Brackets And Housings Conducive to Everything Including F1eets, Golf Carts, Airplanes, Boats, Tractors, Forklifts, Construction Equipment, Floor Scrubbers, And More. for Best Results:to Clean Intimidate Can Well And Make Sure Your Cell Covers Are Closed Tight. Counterbalance Yard Wekl With Product And Allow A Few Minutes For The Product To Penetrate Into The Grime. (do Not Use A Wire Brush This Might Cause A Sparks. ) Wash And Wipe Area, Spray Area Again And Look For The Cleaner To Turn Blue, If It Does A Leak Is Present. Once You Regard Thoroughly Cleaned The Battery You Can Apply A Light Final Coat, Quit This One Attached As A Protection Shield Because The Surface. net Wt. 15 Oz. Aerosol. Manufactured In Germany. Fedderal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Ajr. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Wubapocl

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