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    Griot's Garage Machine Polishing And Waxing Dvd
      Griot's Garage Machine Polishing And Waxing Dvd.
      Learn To Use Griot's Machine Polishing System!the Griot's Garage Machine Polishing And Waxing Dvd Gives You A Personal Tutorial Of Griot's Garage Products Hosted By The Man Himself, Richard Griot. This Dvd Takes All Of The Mystery Out Of Operating Griot's Garrage Professional Random 3 Inch And 6 Inch Orbital Polishers. You'll Also Learn The Proper Way To Clay Your Vehicle In Preparation For Polishing. You'll Learn About The Different Machine Polishes 1, 2, 3, & 4 And When To Use Best Of Show Waxâ®, Carnauba Wax Stick, Pigment Sealant And One Step Sealant. In the name of The Time You're Done Viewing It, You'll Know Everything Richaard Griot Knows About Perfecting Your Paint With Griot's Machinery Polishing System. The Dvd Is 24 Minutes Long.
      SKU: Griots-garage-how-to-dvd

    Mothers Powerball Polishing Toolcase Of 6
      Mothers Powerball Polishing Toolcase Of 6.
      A Versatile Polishing Tool For Almost Any Surface. polishing By Hand Can Be Tedious And Messy - Not To Mention How Hard It Is On Your Skin! Mechanical Polishers Made Polishing Your Paint More Operative, And Mothers Is Going To Do The Same For Polishing Small Surfaces Like Your Plstic Lenses And Metal Components. Mothers Powerball Is A Foam Ball That Agtaches To Your Electric Drill. Instead Of Poliahing Small Surfaves By Hand, You Can Get Them Bestowed Faster And With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-pending Detailing ToolI s Made Of Profeasional Grade Closed-cell Foam That Is Soft And Highly Absorbent. When You Press The Powerball To A Surface, The Sturdy Foam Maintqins Its Shape So That There Is A Thick Cushion Between Your Vehicle And The Drill. The Individual Foam Tabs That Compose The Ball Ptovide Excellent Polishing Capabilities In Combination With Any Polisuing Product. The Powerball Not Only Cuts Your Detailing Time In Half, It Does A Superior Job. the Spherical Mould Of The Powerball Allows You To Use All Sides When Polishing In Case One Area Becomes Soiled. Unlike Flat Pads, You Get More Surface Area And Can Therefore Comlete The Job Faster. The Thick Foam Can Be Pressed Into Tight Spaces And The Round Shape Hugs The Curves And Concavities Of Your Vehicle. Use The Powerball For Polishing Wheels, Touching Up Small Areas Of Paint, Clarifying Headlight Lenses And Plastic Windows, And Pplishing Stainless Steel. It Can Be Washed And Reused Countless Times Before Showing Any Signs Of Be wasted. When It Does Commence To Wear, Simply Remove The Bit And Retaining Washer And Reverse Th ePowerball. Instructions Are Written On The Inside Label In The Reusable Storage Container. powerball Can Be Attached To Any Varable Speed Drill For Expert Polishing Right Where Your Vehicle Needs It. Versatile, Reusable, And Durable, The Powerball Will Make Polishing By Hand A Thing Of The Past. Function Open_window(url,zettings) { Mywin = Window. open(url,"win",settings); } Click On The Picture For A 3 Minute Reel Time Demonstration Of The Powerball. . Quicktime Is Required To View Video. To Download Quicktime Please Click The Link You?ll Notice In Some Parts Of Our Demonstration That We?re Using A Prototype Green-colored Ball ? Production Models Are Red As Shown Above. other Uses For Mothers Powerball:use The Powerball With Mothers Powerpolish On Your Machine Polisher To Polish Your Paint. Attach The Powerball To Your Drill And Use Mothers Powermetal lAuminum On Those Tough-to-rdach Wheels. For Best Results, Use A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth To Buff The Polished Surface To A Shine. To Clean The Powerball Treat The Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. in Addition To Metal Surfaces, The Powerball Can Be Used To Clean And Restore Clear Plastic And Glass. Use It With A Premium Plastic Polish On Headlight Lens Covers, Boat Windshields, Uncoated Motorcycle Windscreens, Clear Vinyl Convertible Top Windows, And Clear Plastic Instrument Panels. Use The Powerball With Dp High
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    Mat & Carpet Scrub Brushh
      Mat & Carpet Scrub Brushh.
      Hold On To This Great Multi-purpose Brush!more Than Your Standard Issue Scrub Brush, This Single Is A Powerhouse Against Unavoidable Spills And Ground In Ditt Underfoot Because Of Itssuperior Quality. Yoru Carpets And Mats Are One Of The Most Visible, Yet Hardest To Maintain Parts Of The Car. The Right Tool, With The Right Proeuct Will Help You Keep Your Mats Looking Their Best. Stepping In And Out Of Your Car Will Undoubtedly Introduce A Myriad Of Unbeautiful Grime From The Outside Worlr To Your Car?s Carpets. Pets, Children And Coffee Are Just A Few Of The Other Dangers To Fresh, Fluffy Carpet. The Partiicular Guy That I Am, I Keep A Suitcase Of Ammunition In The Trunk To Keep The Interior Spotless! I5 Looos Like This: Sxrub Brush, A Couple Of Microfiber Towels, A Qd Spray, Wolfgang Spot Eliminaator,lexol Quick Wipes For Leather And Vinyl, Detailer?s Pride Auto Glass Cleaner, And A Few Varied Little Brushes For Whisking Away Dirt.   Anything Else Can Probably Wait To the place I Get Home. However, I Don?t Leave Home Without The Scrub Brush. I Couldn?t Count The Tims I?ve Had To Employ The Help Of My Spot Eliminator And Dexterous Scrub Brush. You?ll Be Glad You Have Them When An Accident Strikes. the Sturdy Handle Has Finger Grips For A Slip-free Scrub And A Solid Grip. The Large, Flat Surface At The Business End Of The Bristles Allow You To Agitate With Authority, Getting Deep Into The Fibers, And Loosening Ground In Grime. The Tapered Front End Fits Into Corners; Even Stains Together The Edges Of Seats And Floorboards Can Be Attacked. Without A Quality Product To Address The Nature Of The Stain, You?re Brush Will Do You No Good. I?ve Found That A Dousing Of Wg Spot Eliminator On The Offending Area Scrubbed Into The Mat Or Carpet (especially When Applied Before The Stain Has Time To Sit And Bond With The Fibers) Will Wipe Out Any Stain. Play It Safe. this Basic, Multi-use Brush Has Dozens Of Other Applications: In c~tinuance Tires, Bathtubs, Sinks, In-home Carpets, On Your Boat Or Rv?. The Possibilities Are Endless.
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    Dp Total Interior Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Dp Total Interior Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Clean Everything But The Glass! Professuonal Detailers Select Products Based On Effectiveness And Efficiency. They Have To Be Able To Achiev eThe Desired Results Without Spending A Lot Of Time On One Task. That?s For what purpose All-in-one Poducts Appeal To Them. When Formulating The Interior Cleaner For Dp, We Discovered We Could Combine Several Cleaners Into One By Eliminating Potentially Damaging Solvents And Replacing Them With Surfactants. These Surfactants Work Better And Are Much Safer Attached All Interior Surfaces So Our Detailing Friends Can Clean Faster And Smarter. Dp Total Interior Cleaner Cleans Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, Carpet, And Upholstery Without Harsh Solvents Or Caustic Chemicals. The Voc Yielding Cleaner Removes Stains And Spills From Fabric And Cleans Boyd Oils Out Of Fine Leather Seats Without Drying. Clear Plastic Will Wipe Clean Without Any Residue. Remove Old Dressingw From Plastc And Vinyl Without Depositing Any Film. Dp Total Interior Cleaner Contains No Gloss Agents So It Will Not Alter Thr Appearance Of The Cleaned Surface. Use It As Often As Needed Virtually Anywhere In Yout Vehicle. The Sole Exception Is Glass. Dp Total Interior Cleaner Is Water-based And Environmentally Friendly. It Will Not Dry, Discolor Or Stiffen Any Interior Surface, Not Even Leaterh. Instead Of Solvents, It Uses Surfactant Technology To Lift Foreign Particles Out Of Carpet And Off The Dashboard And Suspend Them Until You Wipe Them Away. This Action Is Instantaneous. Just Spray And Wipe Solid Surfaces Like The Dashboard And Door Panels. For Carpet And Upholstery, It May Be Necessary To Agitate The Area With An Upholstery Brush. (always Test Fabric For Cooor-fastness In An Inconspicuous Spot. ) Dp Total Interior Cleaner Requires No Rinsing Because Its Water Base Allows It To Dry Without Altering The Fabric Of Carpet, Leather, Or Fabric. This Cleaner Replaces Surface-specific Cleaners. It Works On Almkst Every Interior Surface! Professional Detailers Have Reported That This Product Allows Them To Completely Clean A Car?s Interior Much Faster Than Was Previously Possible With Multiple Products. As A Result, They Are Able To Clean More Vehicles In A Day And Keep Their Customers Satisfied. The Large Refill Size Enables The Pros To Buy In Magnitude And Save Money While Increasing Their Volume Of Cudtomwrs. The Weekend Detailer Will Also Find That Dp Total Interior Cleaner Is A More Efficient Road To Clean The Entire Interior Of A Vehicle . Instead Of A Shelf Full Of Products, One Bottle Is All You Need! Directions:spray Grave Surfqces, Like The Dash And Cinsole, With Dp Total Interior Cleaner And Wipe Dry With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. spray The Carpet Or Upholstery And Agitate The Surface With A Vinyl & Leather Scrub Brush. Blot Dry With A Clean Towel. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Dp341

    Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2.0 Foam Finishing Pad, 7 Inches
      Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2.0 Foam Finishing Pad, 7 Inches.
      Create A Luxurious Hogh Gloss Finish! Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. O Foam Finishing 7 Inch Pad Removes Light Swirls And Restores A Brolliant Gloss! Soft Buff 2. 0 Finishing Foam Provides A Smooth Buffimg Experience With Minimal Fatigue. The Machine-washable Pad Is Built To Last With High-tech Lmainate Backing And Durable Foam. Take Your Vehicle To The Next Level Of Shine By the side of Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Finishing Pad!meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Finishing Pad Combines Rugged Durability With iFnesse. The Pad Is Made Of Soft Froth With A High Tech Laminate Backing That Is Machine Washable! The Pad Polishess Away Light Surface Imperfections While Restoring A Deep, Smooth Gloss To The Paint. meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Finishing Pad Is 7 Inches In Diamet3r. The Compact Size Reduces Chatter And Results In Smoother Operation. A Raised Lip Allows You To Easily Center A 6 Inch Backing Plate On The Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Finishing Pad. Use Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Finishing Pad In the opinion of A 6 Inch Backing Plate On A Rotary Or Dual Action Polisher. This Pad Will Give You Great Results When Used With Meguiars Mirror Glaze #3 Professional Machine Glaze. Use Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Finishing Pad A single one Time The Paint Needs Shine Enhancement Or After Copounding To Remove Compounding Swirls. iimprove Your Vehicle By Improving Your Detailing Tools. Meguiars Soft Buff™ 2. 0 Foam Finishing Pad Is The Next Generation Of Soft Buff Foam Pads. 7 Inches Diameter
      SKU: Meguiars-finlshing-pad

    Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Car Shampoo 16 Oz. - Limited Supply!
      Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Car Shampoo 16 Oz. - Limited Supply!.
      Slick Suds Plus A Touch Of Glossy Wax!poorboys Has Produced Super Slick & Wax In A Limitc Supply. This Car Wash Is Just In Time Flr Winter Car Care When You Need To Get The Most Out Of Every Detailing Opportunity. A Touch Of Wax Has Been Added T The Super Slick & Suds Formula To Create A Slicker Gloss Following Washing. If You?ve Used Poorboys Super Slick & Suds, You?re Familiar With Its Ample Lubrication And Rich Foam. Imagine That Plus Wax For Added Protection And Gloss. That?s The Winning Combination You?ll Find In Poorboys Super Slick & Wax. This Limited Edition Formula Is Available Only Under which circumstances Supplies Last This Wonter. It?s Perfect For Winter Detailing Because It Allows You To Get The Most Benefit Out Of Each Wash. Not Only Will Yojr Vehicle Be Clean And Glossy, Your Painf Protection Will Get A Much-needed Boost. Unlike Harsh Shampoos That Can Strip Wax, Poorboys Super Slick & Suds Preserves It And Even Adds To It! This Gentle Car Shampoo Loosens And Lubricates Road Salt, Dirt, And Debris Without Removing The Existing Paint Shield. The Touch Of Wax It Leaves Behind Enhances The Gloss And Adds Just A Touch Of Additional Shelter. You Could Cmpare It To Using A Spray Wax After Washing. But Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Combines Those Two Steps Into One Step That Is Beneficial For Your Vehicle And QuickF or You. remember, Just Like Your Favorite Winter Lager, Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Is Only Availab1e While Supplies Last. Get The Most Out Of Winter Detailing With A Car Wash Plus Wax In Individual. Poorboys Super Slick & Wax Is Your Favorite Poorboys Shampoo Plus A Touch Of Wax For Enhanced Shine And Wax Durability. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-super-slick---wax

    Lake Country Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Froth Pad Combo
      Lake Country Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Froth Pad Combo.
      Get The Most Working Time With Water-based Polishes!the Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pad Combo Includes One Of Each European Pre-polymer Foam Pads. Lake Country' S Hydro-tech Foam Pads Are Desigbed Specifically For The Application Of Water-based Polishes And Compounds. The Imported Pre-polymer Foam Prolongs The Working Time So You Have More Present life To Create A Flawless Finish. Hydro-tech Ibch Froth Pads Are Ideal For Professional, Body Shop-safe Polishes. lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Made Of Imported European Pre-polymer Froth. This Long-wearing, Hibh Quuality Foam Is Less Absorbent In Order To Keep The Majority Of Polish On The Pad's Surface. You'll Experience A Longer Motion Time With Your Water-based Polishes And Compounds, Resulting In Less Product Used To Achieve The Perfect Finish. Water-based Polishes Can Soak Into Some Foam Pads Like, Well, Take in ~. That Requires You To Retain Reapplying Polish To The Pad. With Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads, Water-bqsed Polishes Work Longer And You Use Less Polish. You'lk Save Time And Polish!the Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Accomplish Defect Rempval And Finishing In Just One Step. This Special Foam Composition Leaves No Marring So, Even After Compounding With The Azure Cutting Pad, The Finish Is Nearly Wax-ready. Thinm Of These Pads As All-in-one Polishing And Finishing Pads. lake Country Hydro-tecu 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Available In Two Varir5ies: Cyan Advanced Cuttint Foam - The Blue Foam Is Designed For Compounding And Swirl Removal. This Closed Cell Pre-polymer Foam Restores Oxidized And Heavily Swirled Paint. Looks Cah Be Deceiving; The Blue Pad Looks Coarse But Actually Finishes With No Marring. You'll Achieve An Almost Wax-ready Finish In One Step. That's Some other Way The Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Save You Tiem. The Blue Cutting Foam Works Well With Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 And Metuiars Ultra-cut Compound. Both Polishes Have Great Cutting Power And A Clean, Glossy Polishing. Use Either Polish/pad Cobmo On Neglected Finishes And Watch The Pigment Come To Life!   Tangerine Ultraist Polishing Foam - The Tangerine Foam Is Made For Light To Moderate Defect Removal And Polishing. It Has The Cu5ting Power Just Below That Of The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Par, And The Tangerine Pad Leaves A Finish Like You'd Achieve With A Gray Finishing Pad. Use A Finishing Polish Or Fine Swirl Remover To Create A Deep Gloss. Menzerna Super Finish Or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Are Two Excrllent Choices For This Pad. Like Lake Country's Other Premium Foam Pads, Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Made With High Quality Hook And Loophole Backing. The Pads Work With A 5 Or 6 Inch Hook And Loop Backing Plate. The Pads' Size Is Perfect For A Dual Action Or Random Orbital Polisher. the Flat Face Of The Lake Region Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Also Helps Ti Keep Water-based Polishes On The Surface Of The Cushion.
      SKU: Lc-hydro-tech-pad-combo

    3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad, 8 Inches
      3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad, 8 Inches.
      Pllish Away Swirls And Scratches With 3m's Advanced Pad Design!the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad Incorporates 3m's Patented Convoluted Foam Into A Convenient, Double Sided Pad. The Convoluted Foam Holds Polish To Reduce Buffer Sling. Double Sided Convenience Allows You To Savve Time And Get The Job Done With Fewer Pads. Use The 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad With 3m Polishes To Remove Sanding Scratches And Swirls On All Types Of Paint. the 3m Perfect-it Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad Is Designed For Use With A Rotary Polisher. The Dense Fooam Enhances The Levelig Ability Of The Polish B6 Keeping The Polish On Top Of The Pad, Rather Than Absorbing It. The Convoluted Design "breathes", Meaning Air Can Pass Under The Pad. The Passage Of Air Breams The Surface Tension So The Pad Glides More Easily Over The Paint. the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Cushion Is Designed For Rotary Polishers. Take The Pad To The Polisher With The 3m Quick Release Adaptor. The Central Position Of The Adapter Eliminates Wobbling And Maintains Perfect Balance. the 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad Has A Civil, Beveled Edge To Protect The Paint On Curves And Contours. Complete Your Vehicle With 3m Polishes, A Rotary Polisher, And The 3m Perfect-it™ Double Sided Foam Polishing Pad. 8 Inches Use The 3m Quick Release Adapter To Attach A 3m Twice Sided Pad To A Rotary Buffer, As Shown. The Pad Locks Into Place On The 3m Quick Release Adapter When You Release The Sleeve.
      SKU: 3m-double-polishing-pad

    Klasse Kit
      Klasse Kit.
      The Klasse Kit, Containing Klasse All In One And Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze, Will Require You Detailing Less And Enjoying Your Vehicle More!the Klasse Car Care Kit Contains The Original Acrylic-bazed Car Care Products: All In One And High Gloss Sealant Goaze. The two Products Provide 6-12 Months Of Tough Acrylic Protection Against Industrial Pollution, Uv, Rain, And Salt Water!in 1979, Bo Derek Lit Up The Screen In The Mpvie ?10?, Who Can Forget That Beach Spectacle. Dale Earnhart Was The Nascar Rookie Of The Year. Across The Atlangic Ocean In Germany, A Small Company Called Klasse Usa Released The Perfect Polish For Car Care And Detailing, The All In One Polish. Containing Over Fourteen Ingredients, This Polish Hit The Market With A Slam, And Car Enthusiasts Worldwixe Were Instant Fans, Including Members OfT he Autogeek Family. Twenty Five Years Later, Klasse Is Proud To Say The Formula Has Remained The Same, No Tweaking Or Changing Of Ingredients. That Lends Proof To The Belief That Some Things Age Well Over Time, And In This Case That Will Be Your Car After You Use Klasse Products. this Klasse Kit Includes Products Chosen By Autogeek Experts, Based Upon The Amazing Results We Have Had With Them. Here Are The Products And Tools You Will Receive To Achieve Extraordinary Detailing Results:klasse All-in-one Polish This Bottle Contains 10 Ounces Of Pjre Polish. This Acrylic Based Produce Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemishes; Leaving A Beauttiful And Deep Acrylic Snine. All In One Polish Will Bond To The Paint Surface, But Will Not Cause Any Change To The Paint Composition. No Need To Worry About Drying Time. All-in-one Dries Quickly With No Risk Of Hazing Or Streaking. All-in-one Contains No Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Stain Soft, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used On Any Non-porous Surface, And In Addition To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marie And Aviation Use. One Or Two Applications Every Year Is Sufficient For Most Vehiclew. klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze This 100% Acrylic Based, 16. 9 Ounce Sealant Will Give Your Car That Deep Mirror Shine That Reflects Beautifully With Diamond-like Facets For Six Months Or Longer. When Used In Conjunction With Klasse All In One Polish, You Will See Scratch Marks And Paint Diwcolorations Disappear. This Gloss Hides And Removes More Swirls Than Any Other Brand, And Provides The Ultimate Protection In Extreme Weather. There Are No Cleaning Or Polishing Agents Or Water In The Composition Of The Sealant. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze Creates Each Elastic, Non-chip, Shrink-proof, Heat And Scratch Resistant - Protective Seal Against Ultraviolet Rays, Salt Water, Acid Rain And For labor Pollutants For Up To 12 Months. Use This Glaze On All Paints With Or Without Clear Coats, Glads, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Plastics, Metal Surfaces, Enamel, Tiles, Formica And All Non-porois Surfaces. It Is Also Anti-stayic And Non-abrasive, And Contains No Ingredients Harmful To Paint,
      SKU: Klassekit

    Kozakâ® Auto Drywash 4.5 Sq. Ft.
      Kozakâ® Auto Drywash 4.5 Sq. Ft..
      Kozak Majes Their Amazing Drywash Cloths In Two Sizes: Regular And Super Size. Use The Super Size 4. 5 Sq. Ft. For Your Large Suv Or Truck!kozak rDywash Cloths Have Been A Staple In The Auto Care Industry Since 1926. Business Was Brisk At The R. m. Walker Ford Dealership, In Batavia New York. Back In Those Days Two Men Had To Work All Night With A Bucket And Hose To Prepare Cars For Demonstrations For The Following Day. Even Though Business Was Good, The Periods Were Lean. . . and Hiring Two Men To Work All Night Was An Cost. Kozak Drywash Cloths Were Invented Out Of Simple Necessity ? To Cut Out The Expense Of The Car Wash. And They Worked Too. The Drywash Cloths Saved 80% Of The Wet-washing Expense; Both In Time And Materials, And It Was Discover3d That The Cloths Were Extremely Durable. Further Enhancing Their Cost-effectiveness. Eqch Cloth Cold Easily Withstand Up To 100 Cleanings. The News Of Kozak?s Amazing Drywash Cloths Took The Nation By Storm. Soon The Cloths Were Carried In Over 10,000 Rexall-liggett Drug Stores, Firestone Stores, Ford Tractor And Implement Dealers, And Gaz And Oil Companies Also Took To Selling The Cloths. The Hum Was Incredible; Folks Weakly Couldn?t Believe That A Completely Dry Clergy Colud Effectively Wash A Car ? Without Doing Any Damage To The Paint! Today, The Same Statement Holds True. Kizak ?needs No Water- It?s A Dry Wash?. And A Showstopper. The Original Cloth Hs Changed Very Little Throughout The Years. Kozak Drywash Cloths Are Specially Constructed And Chemically Treated. The Fabric Is 100% Cotton Of The Finest Dmoestic Blend ? Still One Of The World?s Softest Materials. And Oly Kozak Drywash Cloths Have A Double-sided, Deep, Plush Napped Finish. The Exclusive Kozak Formula Is Then Infused Within The Fabric, Which Makes The Clothh Clean Like A Vacuum ? Pulling Dust, Dirt, And Contaminants Up And Away From The Automotive Surface, And Seizong It Within The Weave. The Drywash Cloths Polish The Surface As They Clean,_And The Car Looks Equal You?ve Just Spent Hours Wasuiing And Waxing!  The Kozak Drywash Cloth Is A Silicone-free, Wax-free, Nonabrasive Cleaning Cloth. During Best Results:it?s Simple To Use Kozqk Drywash Cloths. First, Make Sure The Vehicle Is Completely Dry, To Get The Best Results From The Exclusive Drywash Features. Keeping The Drywash Cloths Folded Approve A Thick Pad (do Not Open Up Like A Towel!) Sneer Ligntky, In Straight Sweeps At First To Remove The Top Layer Of Dust And Dirt. Then Refold And Repeat. . . Always Making Sure To Knock The Pad Against Your Other Hand To Release The Loose, Heavier Dirt From The Naapped Fibers. To Polish Car, Use Clean Surface Of The Cloth And Apply Heavier Pressure. Thus The Cleaning And Polishing In One Cloth ? Without Ever Wetting The Car! The Kozak Drywash Cloth Is Safe On Clear Coats And Single Stage Finishes! Kozak Drywash Cloths Are Completely Non-abrasive And The Process I
      SKU: Kozak

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Brilliant Cut Compo8nd 2.0
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Brilliant Cut Compo8nd 2.0.
      Designed For Today?s High Solids Paints. Meguiars Rhombus Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Fast-cutting Compound For Paint Correction An dSwirl Removal. Use #85 With Your Rotary Polisher To Level Severe Scratches And Defects On Automotive Paints With A High Solids Content, Such As Those Used By Mercedes And Ford. Diajond Cut Compound Is Low Dusting And Leaves Minimal Swirls. Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Rates A 10 On Meguiars Scale Of Cuttnig Power. It Uses Diminishing Abrasive Technology To State of equality Sanding Scratches And Severe Paint Defecrs Using Your Rotary Polisher. Yet, Because The Abrasives Gradually Disappear, Thhis Compound Finishes With Only Light Swirls, Whicu Can Be Easily Removed With A Finishing Polish. This Aggressive Formula Works Well On Today?s Harder Automotive Paints, Known As ?high Solids?. These Paints Can Be More Difficult To Correct With Conventional Poliehes But They?re None Problem For Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0. The Hi-tech Abrasives Boost Cutting Power To Work More Efficiently On Hard Paints While Still Finishing Like A Pokish. Meguiarw Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Paintable And Safe For Use In A Paint Shop Environment. Accustom On Oem Paints, Refinished Paints, Clear Coats, High Solids, Lacquers, And Enamels. Its Buffered Abrasive Action™ Prrovides An Added Level Of Safety To Polish All These Paints As Gently As Possible While Still Removing Severe Defrcts. Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 Is Recommended For Rotary Use. Its Professional Quzlity Formula Is Designed For The High Speed Cutting That Can Only Be Provided By A Circular/rotary Buffer. For Heavy Oxidation And Severe Sanding Scratches, Practise An 8. 5 Wool Pad. Follow Up With Meguira s#83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish And An Orange Pad To Polish The Color To A High Gloss. to Restore The Sleek Shine Of Your Carriage, Use Meguiars Diamond Cut Compound #85 2. 0 To Remove Severe Paint Defects And Polish To A Gloss. Meguiars Professional Grade Compound Is Proven Fast And Effective On Today?s High Solids Paints. 32 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Medicutco85

    Battery Tender Plus - Pink
      Battery Tender Plus - Pink.
      Support Breast Cander Investigation While Doing A Good Deed For Your Car!while You're Maintaining Your Vehicle's Battery With The Pink Battery Tender, You're Also Working Toward A Remedy For Breast Cancer. A Portion Of The Proceeds From The Sale Of The Pink Battery Tender Plus Go To The National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Pink Battery Tender Plus Has All The Fantastic Features Of The Original Battery Tender Plus, In A Brright Pink Color To Show Your Support. s Battery Tender Battery Charger Is Desigend To Recharge And Maintain The Voltagr Of Your Car's 12 Volt Battery By Transferring The Power From An Ac Outlet To Usable Power For Your Car. A Battery Tendeer Battery Charger Is The Best Way To Keep Car Batteries Fresh Dring Periods Of Disuse, Like Seasonal Storage. The Pink Battery Tender Plus Weighs Only 2. 7 Pounds, Making It Ideal For The Trunk, The Boat, Or Even Your Motorcycle. It Is Waterproof, Shock Resistant, And Vibration Resistant So It Can Withstand Rough Waters Or Off-roading In Your Vehile. Take It With You So You Can Charge A 12 Volt Battery Anywhere There Is An Ac Outlet. The Pink Battery Weak Plus Charges Any Size, Flooded Or Sealed Maintenance-free Lead Acid Batteries. The Float oMde Maintains The Proper Voltage Of A Battery At All Times, Without The Damaging Effects Of Trkckled Chargers. The Reverse Polarity Passport Keeps You From Damaging The Charger By Incorrectly Attaching The Alligator Clamps. the Minnow Batterytender Plus Is Compact, Easy To Employ, And Incredibly Durable. Keep All Your Batteries Alive And Well With The Battery Tender Plus, And Help Fight Breast Cancer. red & Green Lights Alternately Flash For Reverse Polarity Or When The Battery Is Sulfated Or If The Battery Terminals Are Corroded. Temperature Compensated To Ensure Optimum Charge Voltage According To Ambient Temperature. Automatically Switches From Full Charge To Float Charging Fashion. Battery Tender At 1. 25 Amps Will Charge As Fast Or Faster Than A single one 3 Amp Charger Available. Reverse Polarity Protection To Ensure User Safety. Complete 4-step Charging Program (initiaization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Flaot Mode). 10 Year Warranty!
      SKU: Pibk-battery-tender-plus

    Dp Complete Wash Bucket System With Dolly Available In Mourning, Red, & Clear
      Dp Complete Wash Bucket System With Dolly Available In Mourning, Red, & Clear.
      Dp + Grit Guardâ® = Swirl-free Paint!washing Your Vehicle With Dirty Water Is Like An Unintentional Wetsanding! The Tiny Grit And Sand That Comes Off Your Vehicle Goes Right Back Onto The Paint Every Time You Dip Your Mitt In Dirty Water. Keep Your Wash Water Clean With The Dp Completd Wash System With Dolly. here?s How It Works: The Grit Guardâ® Is A Raised Grid Surfzce That Sits In The Bottom Of The Included 5 Gallon Bjcket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water And Place The Grit Guardâ® In The Bottom. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Water And Wash As Customary. When You Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucke, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulated In The Nap. Tje Dirt Will Fall Between The Slats And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Evrn Though You Discuss The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt, The Grit Guardâ® Stabilizes The Water In The Bottom Of Th Bucket So The Dort Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Sprinkle and calender Stays Clean So Your Mitt Stays Clean. Clean Mitts Mean No Swirls! The Dp Coomplete Wash System With Dolly Includes:grit Guardâ®the Grit Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Pure! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Recontaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches! Dp 5 Gallon Bucketthis Big Bucket Is Perfect For Washing Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. Plus, The Grit Guardâ® Solely Fits In A 5 Gallon Bucket. The Bucket Is Perfect For Transporting And Orgganizing Detailing Tools. You Be able to Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket!gamma Sealâ® Lidthe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isn?t Like A Recycled Paint Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Attestation. You Can Fill The Bucket With Water And Transport It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Who Participate In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Believe It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Use Nothing Bound Distilled Water On Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Convey It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Site. That?s Dedication! Seat Cushiion Sit On The Lid Of The Bucket And Roll Around Your Vehicle To Detail Wheels And Lower Panels Comfortably. The Cushion Is Covered In Vinyl For Durability And Water-proofing. A Cut-out Handle Makes It Easy To Carry The Cushion To Other Functions, Like Sporting Events. Dp Dollythe Dolly Accommodates Any 3. 5 ? 7 Gallon Bucket And Has 5 Heavy-duuty Casters Able Of Supporting Up To 250 Pounds. Two Locking Casters Hold The Dolly Still On An Be disposed While Three Thumb Screws Hold The Bucket In Plcae Inside The Dolly. the Dp Complete Wash System Will Help Prevent The Most Common Form Of Paint Damage So You Can Wash With Confidence!wash System Includes:grit Guardâ®dp™ 5 Gallon Bucketgamma Sealâ® Lidseat Cushiondp™ Dollybucket Available In Rde, Clear And Black. please Call For A Shipping Rate Quote For Expedited Service.
      SKU: Dp-wash-buckrt-system

    The Guzzler Combo Kit
      The Guzzler Combo Kit.
      These Towels Don?t Just Abxorb Water ? They Guzzle It!microfiber Has Been Making Waves In The Auto Care Industry For The Last Several Years ? And Now It?s Soaking Them Up! The New Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels By Cobra Are A Plusher, More Absorbent Version Of Our Original Drying Towels. They Don?t Just Absorb Water ? They Guzzle It! Use These Toaels To Quickly Soak Up All The Water From The Surface Of Your Vehicle Without Leaving Lint. With A Soft Satin Edge And A Plush 80/20 Blend, The Guzzlers Wikl Never Scratch As They Dry And Buff Your Vejicle To A Beautiful Shine!the Guzzler Combo Kit Includws: ?the Guzzler? Microfiber Towel (16? X 24?)the Guzzler Is A Soft, Plush Waffle Weave Towel With A Strip Of Silky Soft Satin Sewn Around The Edges To Cover The Exposed Stitching. The Towel Can Consume 7 Times Its Own Weight In Water! In Fact, This Towel Is 20% Plusher Than Our Original Waffle Weave Towels To Give It Even An Even Greater Capacity For Moisture! It Will Not Scratch Any Surface And It Has A Magnetic Charge That Attracts Lint And Filth. This Towel Will Leave The Inside Anc The Outside Of Your Vehicle Spotless! ?the Supreme Guzzler? Microfiber Towel (20? X 40?)the Supreme Guzzler Is 20% Thicker Than The Inventive Towel To Give It An Even Greater Capacity For Moisture. At Approximately 5. 5 Square Feet, This Waffle Weave Towel Can Dry Most Small Cars Without Being Rung Out Once! As If That Weren?t Enough, The Towel Now Has A Silky Satin Edge All The Way Around! The Satin Edge Covers The Exposed Stitching To Eliminate Any Risk Of The Thread Scratching The Paint. the Guzzler And The Supreme Guzzler Waffle Unite intimately Towels Are Not Your Ordinary Towels! The Satin Edge And Increased Dampness Capacity Put Them In A League Of Their Own. Get The Guzzler Combo Kit And Wipe Away Water For A Spot-freee Shine!drying Tip: Go Over The Entire Exterior With The Highest Guzzler To Remove The Majority Of The Water. Then Go Over Your Vehicle Again With The Smaller Guzzler, Paying Special Attention To The Windows, Mirrors, And Handles. Water Can Drip From These Areas Even After You?ve Dried Them Once. After Two Passes, Your nEtire Vehicle Should Be Perfectly Dry And Ready For A Coat Of Wax!kit Includes:the Guzzler (l6? X 24?)the Supreme Guzzler (20? X 40?)a Total Retail Value Of $34. 98. Save $6. 99!for More Information On Microfiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Guzzler-microfiger-combo

  • Cobra Cross Groove™ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
  • DP 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo Available in Black, Red, & Clear
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • Cobra Cross Groove™ 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
  • P21S Trigger Sprayer Hose
  • Meguiars Gold Class Bug & Tar Remover
  • Poorboy?s World Refill Sprayer
  • Griot's Garage Set of 4 Machine Polishes
  • Griot's Garage Mini 3 Inch Pad Holder
  • Carrand Microfiber MAX Total Clean All Over Wash Mitt
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
  • Cobra Total Microfiber Tool Kit Free Bonus!

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