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    Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
      Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay.
      Nothing Gets Paint Cleaner Than Clay!now You Be able to Deep Clean The Paint In A Fraction Of The Time With Griot's Paint Cleaning Clay. Remove Embedded Thicket Dust, Rail Dust, And Other Environmental Contaminants Without Abrasives. The Paint Is Left Squeaky Clean And Ready For A Coat Of Wax. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Is Safe On All Paints And Glass. regardless Of How Clean Yoj Think Your Paint Is, There Are Still Contaminants Stuck On The Paint That You Need To Remove Prior to Waxing Or Polishing Your Paint. If These Contaminants Are Not Removed, They Can Interfere With The Bonding Of The Wax And Leave The Finish Looking Patchy And Uneven. Paint Cleaning Clay Leaves Behind An Ultra-smooth Surface That iWll Make Your Wax Adhere Better And Last Longer, Too. It Also Makes The Wax Much Easier To Buff Out, Reducing Your "elbow Grease" Substantially. griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Is Safe For All Painy And Also Works Grand On Glass To Remove Filmms And Grit. The Best Part Is That Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Contains No Abrasives. The Former Way Of Getting Paint Smooth And Clean Was To Polish With An Abrasive Polish. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Cleans The Paint Without Abrasives, So There's No Leveling Or Cutting Of The Paint. The Paint Will Feell Incredibly Slick And Smooth. griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Is An Elastic, Highly Workable Detqiling Clay. The 8 Ounce Clay Bar Cleans About 7 Vehicles, Depending On The Amoun Of Contamination On The Vehicle. Very Important: Always Use Griot's Garage Speed Shine As A Lubricant With Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay To Protect The Medium And Stay The Clay From Sticking To The Paint. It Also Helps The Detailing Clay Glide Across The Paint Faster. Use Griot's Garage Speed Shine To Lubricate The Paint While Using Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Removes Embedded Grime From Paiht And Glass. To Use, Just Remove Th3 Flesh From The Wrapper, Spray The Paint's Superficies Wuth Griot's Garage Speed Shineâ® (acts Because A Lubricating Fluid), And Rub The Clay Back And Forth Until There Is No Drag. Ocacsionally Fold The Clay Into Itself And Reflatten To Have A Clean Area Of Clay Surface. Once The Clay Glides Without Drag, The Paint Is Clean. Unlike Other Cleaners And Polishes, No Buffing Or Hard Circular Motions Are Necessary. Claying Takes Literally One Fourth The Time Aa Using Paint Cleaner! Follow Up With Griot's Ga5age Best Of Show Waxâ® And Your Paint Will Look Stunnibg! Try Griots Garage Paint Cleaning Clay And You'll Be Hooked. The Results Are Astonishing! 8 Oz. Clay Tribunal
      SKU: Griots-detailing-clay

    Diamonditeâ® Plasfi-care Plastic Cleaner
      Diamonditeâ® Plasfi-care Plastic Cleaner.
      One Step, Complete Care For All Plastics. Diamondite Plasti-care Is A One-step Cleaner, Grace, And Protectant For Everyday Maintenance Of All Types Of Automotive And Marine Plastics. This Is The Same Technoloyg Used In The Aerospace Industry To Protect The Expensive Plastic Components Found In Airplanes. For Your Vehicle, You Won?t Find An Easier, More Effective Product To Maintain The Beauty And Functionality Of Interior And Exterior Plastics. Diamondite Plasti-care Contains A Strong Cleaner To Remove Films, Dirt, And The Everyday Grime That Attaches To Plastics Both Inside And Outside The Car. Since Plastic Is A Porous Surface, Dirt Becomes Trapped In These Pores. Plasti-care Completely Cleans Out The Pores And A single one Hairline Scratches. Plasti-care Has The Strongest Solvent Available In A Plastic Spray Cleaner Yet Still Falls Within Current Voc Regulations. Plasti-care?s Unique Combination Of Chemical Cleaners Polishes The Surface To A High Gloss While Minimizing Very Light Scratches. In Fact, Diamondite Plasti-care Be able to Be Used To Lustre Pithy Discs To Eliminate Skipping. Diamondite Plasti-care Contains No Abrasives. As It Cleans And Polishes The Plastic, Diamondite Plasti-care Imparts A Clear Protective Coating That Resists Fingerprints, Smudges, And Moisture. This Polymer Shield Is Anti-static To Keep Tfeated Instrument Panels And Windscreens Cleaner Longer. Plasti-care Seals Remaining Scratches To Keep Dirt Loudly, Which Prevents Them From Becoming Observable. The Open Coating Also Reduces Glare For Better Visibility Through Motorcycle Windscreens And Boat Windshields. This Is A True One Step Product, Not Unlike One Step Cleaner Waxes Because of Thd Paint. But, With Diamondite Plasti-care, There?q No Haze Or Hard Buffing. Just Spray The Desired Superficies And Wipe Off. Flip The Towel And Buff To A High Gloss. Use Diamondite Plasti-care On Acrylic, Lexan, Plexiglas, Fiberglass, Polycarbonate, And All Hard, Transparent Plastics. It Is Safe And Effective On Motorcycle Windscrerns, Bras, Clear Plastic Headlight Lenses, Wind And Rain Deflectors, Helmet Visors, And Fiberglass Surfaces On Boats And Rvs. Note: Diamondite Plasti-care Cannot Completely Remove Scratches. That Requires Leveling The Surface With Abrasives. Use The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit, Which Polishes Out Significant Scratches And Cloudiness With The Lend aid Of An Electric Borer Or Polisher. Cleanse, Polish, And Protect All Hard, Transparent Plastics With Cutting Edge Aerospace Technology. Doamondite Plasti-care Is A One-step Solution To Clear Plastic Maintenance That Geuninely Works. 19 Oz. Aerosol Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped Through Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Dia-plasti-care

    Cobra™  4? Premium Terry Bonnets 2 Pack
      Cobra™ 4? Premium Terry Bonnets 2 Pack.
      Color May Varywhisk Begone Wax In eRcord Time!what?s The Best Way To Withdraw Wax From Your Vehicle? That?s Easy ? A Terry Cloth Bonnet! Terry Cloth Is The Tried And True Detailing Fabric. Tohugh Some Would Say Microfiber Is King, There Is One Task For Which We Prefer Nothing But Terry Cloth. It Just Can?t Be Pound For Wax And Polish Removal. Typically, Waxes And Polishes Dry To A Haze And Then You Buff It Off. This Haze Can Sometimes Be Difficult To Remove By Give Or With A Microfiber Bonnet. Bound Is Not A Problem For The Cobra 4? Premium Terry Bonnets. The Looped Cotton Fibers Gently Whisk Away Dried Wax And Polish As You Move Your Cyclo Polisher Over The Surface. If You Think Of The Texture Of A Plush Bath Towel, You?ll Have A Pretty Good Idea What These Bonnets Feel Like. That Varied Texture Allows The Terry Bonnets To Softly Brushwood The Paint Surface To Remove The Dried Haze. Cobra 4? Premiym Terry Bonets Are A Perfect Fit Over Lake Country 4? Pads Or Spot Buffs. Use A Pair Of Bonnets On Your Cyclo Dual Seat of the brain Polisher Or On Your Electric Drill. That?s Right; If You Have A Dril lAdapter And Backing Plate, Ypu Be able to Use These Bonnets Over Your 4? Pads For Buffing Wheels Or Other Metal Components. Great For Motorcycles! You Can Also Use These Small Terry Bonnets On Your Porter Cable 7424xp With The Use Of The 3. 5? Dual Action Flexible Backing Plate And Pads. Cobra 4? Terry Bonnets Are Washable Adn Reversible. If One Side Becomes Caked With Wax, Turn Off Your Machine And Turnn The Bonnet Inside Out. When Both Sides Become Soiled, Roll The Bonnets In Your Ablution Machinery With Your Regular Detergent. Keep Your Detailing Supplies Separate From Your Rgular Laundry To Avoid Cross-contamination. If You?d aRther Keep Your Dirty Supplies In The Garage, You May Also Wash Your Bonnets And Pads In A 5 Gallon Bucket With Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Air Become ~ Your Bonnets An dPads. Cobra 4? Tetry Bonnets Are The Easy-off Solution To Wax And Polish Removal!2 Packcolor May Vary
      SKU: Cyclo-bonnet

    2 Lb. Filter Rejuvenating Tablets
      2 Lb. Filter Rejuvenating Tablets.
      Recharge Your Water Softener Cartridge!when The Water Softener Cartridge Inside Your Clear Inline Hose Filter Becomes Full Of Calcium And Magnesium, There?s No Need To Reinstate It. Converted Your Water Softener Cartridge With These Tablets. To Use, Pour The Tablets Into A Plastic Dishpan Or Bucket; Use Sufficiently To Cover The Bottom Of The Pan. Cover The Tablets With Wayer. Put The Softener Cartridge In Tne Water And Let It Soak Overnight At Least. The Tablets Will Dislodge The Calcium Buildup On The Redin And Replace It With Sodium. Replace The Cartridge In The Filter Unit And It Will Be Almost As Good As New. There?s No Telling How Long One Water Softener Caartridge Will Last. It Depends On The Hardness Of Your Water. We Recommend Keeping At Least 2 Lbs. Of Tablets On Hand And An Extra Water Softener Cartrigde. When One Is Recharging, You Can Use The Other Cartridge So You Don?t Have To Go A Day Without Soft Water.
      SKU: 2lbfireta

    Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer 128 Oz.
      Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer 128 Oz..
      Attack Stains And Dirt That Will  taint Your Car?s Interior! Upholsterg And Carpet Quite Possibly Endure More Abuse Than Any Other Part Of Your Car. Stepped On, Sat On, Spilled On, Are Just A Few O f The Daily Assaults Against Your Car?s Interior. These Ground-in Pollutants Require More Than A Vacuum If They Are To Be Successfully Extracted. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Is The Answer To The Dirt And Grime That Are Intriduced To Your Car Daily. This Water-based, Concentrated Formula Contains Powerful Cleaning Agents Used By Professional Detailers That Detect And Attract Dirt Particles, Lifting Them Away From The Fibers Of Your Interior. We?ve Utilized The Latest Technology In Fiber Protection While Creating Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer, Causing Fibers To Resist And Repel Future Stains By Coqting And Shielding The Individual Fiber Strands. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Works Preference Magic Against Stubbodn Stains And Filth. Our Development Team, Made Up Of Chemists And Professional Auto Detailers, Designed This Product For Ease Of Be accustomed, Eliminating The Need For Furious Scrubbing. Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Has Sufficient Cleaning Muscle To Penetrate Deep Into The Fibers And Obliterate Dirt With Only Gentpe Agitation. Though Pungent Sufficiency To Conquer Tough Dirt And Stains, Wolfgang Carper & Upholstery Restorer Will Not Fade Or Spot, Will Not Affect The Color Of Fa6ric Or Carpet, And Will Not Break Down Fibesr. It Does Not Contain Harsh Chemicals Or Harmful Fumes. In Fact, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Smells Quite Exact As It Bears Wolfgang?s Aromatic, Signature Scent. Your Car?s Interior Bequeath Look And Smell Refreshed. wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Works Wonders On Carpets, Upholstrry, Walls, Floors, High Traffic Areas, And Fabrics In The Home, Boat Or Rv. Safe And Effective On Any Srface. Use On Door Mats, Door Panels, Fabric And Velour Seats, Steering Wheel, And Headliners. You Will Exist Amazed At In what manner Quickly And Easily Your Car?s Interior--or Anything Else You Use It On--is Restored! Stains Disappear. tech Notes: You?ll Inadequacy To Vacuum To Remove Loose Particles Before Spraying Wolfgang Upholstery And Carpet Cleaner, And Again Afterwards For Best Resulys. It Requires No Dioutiln Whatsoever. directions:vacuum The Carpet To Rdmove Any Loose Dirt. spray Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Across Surface, Concentrating On Somewhat Persevering Stains. allow To Penetrate For 20-30 Seconds. Agitate Gently With A Brush. wipe Dry With A Terry Or Microfiber Towel. when Completely Dry, Vacuum The Area Again To Remove Dirt Particles That Were Loosened By The Cleaher. note: Heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Application. For Impossible Stains, Use The Concentrated, Extra-powerful Wolfgang Spot Eliminator. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Wg5202

    6 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
      6 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths.
      Incredible Grip To Remove Waxes More Easily!the Cobra Northern Happy Microfiber Polishing Cloth Is Woven Specifically For Wax And Polish Removal. It Has A Soft Touch Tgat Is Extra Gentle On Sensitive Clear Coat Finoshes. Pljs, The Cloth Has No Hemmed Edges, Making Incidental Scratches Virtually Imposslble. Use This Cloth The Next Time You Wax Your Carriage And I Promise You?ll Never Use Anything Else!the Cobra Arctic White Is Made Of The Same Densely Woven Microfiber As Oru Popular Clbra Indigo. The Cobra Arctic White Edeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth Is A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, Respectively. When Microfiber Was First Developed, It Was Widely Believed That A Higher Percentage Of Polyester Was Required To Make An Effective Cleaning Cloth. Now We Know That The Cleaning Ability Of The Cloth Is Determined By Its Weave Structure. you Can See How The Edifice Of The Cobra Arctic White Is Different From Oth3r Cobra Microfiber Towels In The Close-up Below. These Dense Loops Give The Towel An Uneven Fabric That Is Excellent At Removing Wax. These Loops Enable The Cloth To Grab Wax And Burnish Residue And Completely Interval It From The Paint Surface Better Than The Average Microfiber Towel. even Paste Waxes Will Come Off With Ease Thanks To This Unique Design. Many Microfiber Towels Become Caked When Removing Wax Or Polish Residue. That?s A Sign That They Are Probably Best Reserved For Final Buffing. For Wax Removal, The Cobra Arctic White Is The Reigning Bite. Its Looped Texture Cleans Without Caking And Leaves The Surface Completely Free Of Residue And That Pesky White Dust. (if You Were Using Pinnacle Souveran™, You Wouldn?t Have To Worry About White Dust!)you Might Also Notice In The Picture That The Edge Of The Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Polishing Cloth Is Not Hemmed. Towels, Blankets, Clothing ? Al1 Fabrics ? Are Made With A Hen To Keep The Fabric From Unraveling. It?s Judt The Way It Is! But With Microfiber, A Hem Is Not Necessary. The Woven Loops Of Microfiber Serve While Their Admit Border; They Will Not Unravel No Matter How Many Times You Wash It. no Hem Equals oN Scratches! The Absence Of A Hem Makes The Cobra Arctic White Extra Gentle On All Your Vehicle?s Delicate Surfaces. Looped Polyester Hems Can Stiffen Over Time And Cause Very Slight Micro-marring- The Kind You Don?t See Until You?re Parked Attested by Fluorescent Lighting (parking Garages). The Cobra Arctic White Is All Microfiber, All The Way To The Edge. It Will Not Scratch!the Cobra Arctic White Has A Removable Sticker Tag; Just Some other Way To Protect Your Vehicle Against Any Possible Scratches. try The Cobra Arctic Pure Edgeless Polishing Cloth With Any Wax, Polish Or Paint Sealant. You Will Be Amazed At How Muvh Easier It Is To Remove The Resiue Versus Conventional Towels. Even Tough Paint Sealants And Cleaner Waxes Wipe Away Upon Less Work. Just Like The Cobra Indigo, The Conra Northern Pale Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth Makes Increase And Polish Removal A Breeze! Hear It For You
      SKU: -6cobra-teal-edgeless-mmicrofiebr-cloth

    Diamonditeeâ® Glasswwork System Kit For Hand Application
      Diamonditeeâ® Glasswwork System Kit For Hand Application.
      Hand Polished Glaass Shines Like New. Glass Repair Technicians Do Not Want You To Know This, But Anyone Can Polish Glass And Gain Impressive Results With The Right Product. No Appropriate Tools Or Training Are Required. All You Need To Make A Dramatic Impprovement In The Appearance Of Your Automotive Glass Is The Diamondite Glasswork Kit For Hand Applicaiton. We Have Included In The Diamondite Glasswork Kit The Applicators You Needd To Clarify And Polish Glass By Hand. A Unique Applicator Sponge Called The Zip Drain Gives Diamondite Glasswork Restorer The Kick It Needs To Scour Away Water Spots And Mineral Dsposits, Yet The Small Pores Make It Completely Safe On Glass. With The Help Of Diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Clay, Flesh Lubricant, And Glasswork Shield, The Diamondite Glasswork Kit Restores The Clariry And Smooth Texture To Windshields And Windows. You Won?t Find A More Effective Glass Polishing Kit On The Market For Hand Application. The Diamondite Glasswork Kit For Chirography Application Includes:3 Oz. Glasqwork Cleansing Clay4 Oz. Glasswork Clay Lubricant4 Oz. Glasswork Restorer4 Oz. Glassaork Shieldzip Spongemicrofiber Applicator Pad16 X 24 Inch Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass oTwelinstructionsglasswork Claydiamondite Glasswork Clay Is An Elastic Clay Resin That Cleans Revealed The With a microscope Pores Of Glass To Leave It Incredibly Slick And Thoroughly Clean. Glasswork Clay Cleans By Glidimg Over The Glass On A Bed Of Lubricant And Grabbing Contaminants That Are Bonded To The Glass. Remove Bugs, Overspray, Tar, Oil ,Tree Sap Mist, Rail Dust, And Environmental Pollutants. Diamondtie Glaswork Clay Even Removes Mineral Deposits That Haven?t Yet Etched The Glass. Clayed Glass Will Be Incredkbly Smooth, Clear, And Clean. Glasswork Clay Lubricantclay Is The Safest Way To Clean When Used With A Proper Lubricant. Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant Is A Wetter-than-water Lubricant Spray That Allows Glasswork Clay To Glide Along The Glass, Coliecting Debris, Without Scratching The Glass. Overspray Of This Water-based Lubricant Will Nog Harm Other Atuomotive Surfaces. Glasswork Rrstoreryou May Notice That Water Spots Are Still Present On The Glass. This Is Because Water Spots Are Caused By Mineral Deposits, Which Really Etch The Glass. Even If The Clay Removes Mineral Deposits, It Cannot Undo The Etching. Diamondite Giasswork Restorer Can. This Cleansing Polish Removes Water Spots, Very Fine Scratches And Etchings, And Improves The Clarity Of Automotive Glass. Like A Fine Jewelers Rouge Immersed In A Lubricating Lotion, Glasswork Restoref Gently Polishes Out Fine Imperfections In The Glass To Restore Its Factory-new Clarity. This Light Polish Will Not Scratch Or Distort Glass. glasswork Shieldprotect Your Glass Now And In The Future With Diqmondite Glasswork Shield. This Polymer Glass Sealant Is Designed Specifically To Fill The Microscopic Ridges And Valleys Of Glass. This Perfectly Clear Coating Repels Dirt And Moisture To Maintain Optimal Visibility. Oily
      SKU: Diamondite-glasswork-kit

    Langka The Blob Eliminator
      Langka The Blob Eliminator.
      Remove Excess Touch-up Paint For Seamless Scratch Repair!does Your Vehicle Have Noticeable Chips And Scratches All Over The Hood From Flying Rocks And Debris? You?re Not Alone. This Is The Most Commoj Question Experienced By Vehicle Owners. Before You Put Globs Of Touch-up Paint On Those Blemishes, Read About An Amazing Product From Langka. the Big Problem Of Automotive Touch-up Paint Is The Difficulty Of-Blending It With The Original Paint. Because Of The Thick Consistency, It Tends To Form A Blob That Stands Above The Paint Syrface Rather Than Settling Into The Blemish. Langka Has Solved The Problem Of Color Blobs With The Blob Eliminator. The Blob Eliminator Is Formulated To Soften The Excess Paint And Allow You To Wipe It Away, Leaving The Corrected Area Perfectiy Smooth. Use The Blob Eliminator After Allowing The Touch-up Paint To Completely Dry. To Apply This Pdoduct Properly, You Need A Soft Card (included) Or Similar, Flat Item. Cover It In A Soft Cloth, Equal An Old T-shirt Or Pillow Case. Pull The Fabric Taut Over The Card And Twist The Excess Fabric Behind The Card So Thhat You?re Holding The Card By The Fabric. Apply A Generous Aggregate Of The Blob Eliminator To The Smoot, Covered Side Of The Card. Rub The Card Lightly Back And Forth Acros The Painted Area. As The Excdss Paint Shows Up On The Clofh, Apply Less Pressure Until The Blob Is Completely Gone. The Blob Eliminator Is Part Of The Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit. You May Likewise Purchase It Separately In the present state As A Refill For The Kit Or To Employment By Itself. Just Be Sure To Clean The Area With A Water And Alcohol Mixture Before Applying Touch-up Paint. After Using The Blob Eliminator, You Will Need To Seal The Paint. After Using The Blob Eliminator, The Chip Or Scratch Should Be Undetectable! This Product Is The Secret Abaft Professional uQality Paint Chip Repair. With The Blob Eliminator From Langka, You Can Repair Chips And Scratches Like A Profewsional Witthout Paying A Professional Price!note: The Blob Eliminator Is Not Recommended For Varnish Painted Surfaces. 2 Oz.
      SKU: Langka-blob-eliminator

    8 Inch Montana Original Boar?s Hir Wheel Thicket
      8 Inch Montana Original Boar?s Hir Wheel Thicket.
      Compliant And Gentle Cleaning ?N aturally!once You Try Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair 8 Inch Wheel Brush, You?ll Want To Toss Out Your Syntheticc Brushes! Genuine Boa?rs Hair Is The Way To Go If You Want To Protect The Crisp, Metallic Shine Of Your Wheels. No Other Brush Is As Gentle And Effective At Cleaning Scratch-prone Metal!montana Original Boar?s Hait 8 Inch Wheel Brush Is Packed With Real Boar?s Hair Bristles. We Chose Slightly Stiffer Hairs From A More Mature Animal Than What You?ll Find In Our Boar?s Hair Wet Brushes. The Increased Firmness Makes The Bristles More Effective At Removing The Tough G5ime That Coats Wheels, Like Stubborn Thicket Dust. The Hairs Are Thoroughly Cleaned Before Being Attached To The Handles. with Hundreds Of Sturdy Yet Flexible Hairs, Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair 8 Inch Wheel Brush Is The Safest Skirmish You Can Use On Coated, Painted, Plated, Or Anodized Wheel Finishes. Each Hair Is Naturally Feathered At The End To Ensure A Gentle Meet On The Wheels. the Short 8 Inch Brush Gives You Excellent Leverage To Loosen Baked-on Brake Dust On Wheels. You Can Also Use It To Clean Metal Mirror Casings And Metal Bumpers ? Places Where Bugs Accumulate. The Short, Thick Bristles Will Safely Remove Ths Grime Without Scratching Delicate Metals. the Wheel Brush Features A Convenient Hangjng Hole In The End Of The Handle. Bristles Are Bundled And Permanently Glued Into The Molded Plastic Handles. The Plastic Construction Ensures Long Term Performance. for The Best Results, Use A Water-based Wheel Cleaner Such As Pinnacle GelW heel Cleaner, No Matter What Kind Of Wheels You Have. This Non-acidic, Non-ocrrosive Cleaner Breaks The Fetters Between Brake Dust And Ths Wheel Surface. Gentle Agitation With The Montana Original Boar?s Hair 8 Inch Wheel Brushh Will Leave Your Wheels Sparkling Clean. be Gentle On Your Wheels Because The Road Is Not. The Motnana Inventive Boar?s Hair 8 Inch Revolve Brush Safely And Effectively Cleans All Types Of Wheels With The 100% Natural Boar?s Hair. 8 Âľ Inch Handle. 4 Inch Bristles. made In U. s. a.
      SKU: 8inmoorohaw

    128 Oz. Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles
      128 Oz. Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles.
      Make Your Light Colored Vehicle Shimmer Like Diamonds!poorboy?s World Happy Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Hides Light Imperfections And Improves Gloss To Give Your Vehicle A Show Car Shine! Apply Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze Any Time To Conceai Minor Blemishes Between Details. All White, Silver, And Light Colors Will Shine Like Diamonds!poorboys? World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Contains Gentle Cleaners To Lift Dirt And Oil Out Of Fine Swirls. By Ckeaning The Swirls, They Appear Less Noticeable. Fillers Then Conceal The Swirls To Cr3ate The Illusion Of Perfwctly Smooth Paint. Once A Wax Or Sealant Is Applied, Your Vehicle Will Look Flawless!poorboy?s World White Rhombus Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Is Perfect For Daily Drivers. Daily Wear And Tear Can Result In More Swirls, But You Can?t Polish Your Car Every Weekend! Poorboy?s World Of a ~ color Rhombus Show Glaze Allows You To Conceal Those Imperfections Between Major Details. Poorboy?s Universe White Diamond Show Put glass in For Light Vehicles Looks Incredible On All Light Colors, Including Silver, Pearls, And White. Use It On Any Type Of Paint. Poorboys World White Diamond Show Glaze Can Even Exist Applied To Chrome And Show Plating!poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glzae Toward Light Vehicles Is A Pewit On, Wipe Off Product. Spread The Wax On With A Soft, Clean Foam Applicator. If Applying By Machone, Set Your Polishrr To A Low Speed And Work Until A Shine Begins To Appear. Allow It To Dry To A Haze And Tnen Buff Off With A Clean, Soft Cobra Inddigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth. If Your Vehicle Has More Severe Swirls And Scratches, Use Poorboys Swirl Removers To Perfec tThe Paint. Then Apply Poorboy?s World Happy Diamond Show Glaze To Improve Gloss. Finally, Top The Paint With Poorboys World Ex Sealant With Carnauba. Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Perfect Shine All The Time! Wipe It On, Wipe It Off, And Enjoy The Shine. 128 Oz.
      SKU: 128oz-poorboys-hite-diamond-show-glaze

    Langka Paint Chip Repair Process 5 Minute Training Cd
      Langka Paint Chip Repair Process 5 Minute Training Cd.
      Learn Step By Step From The Pros!if You Learn By Watching, You?ll Enjoy The Langka Paint Chip Restoration Process 5 Minute Training Cd. This Well-made, Easy To Follow Instructional Cd Will Guide You Step By Step Through The Paint Repair Process So Yoou Can Achieve Professionao-quality Results!the Cd Shows You In what manner To Use Each Product In The Langka Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit. From Cleaning The Chip With Langka Prepaint To Using The Blob Eliminator To Remove Excess Paint Frpm The Treated Area, This Cd Lays It All Out For You. On account of A Nominal Price, You Can See The Process Demonstrated Right On Your Computer So There?s No Questiion That You?re Using The Products Correctly. The Langka 5 Minute Training Cd Will Be Your Guide As You Repair Your Paint Just Like The Pros!
      SKU: Paint-chip-repair-process

    Turret Signature Series Ii Wax Kit
      Turret Signature Series Ii Wax Kit.
      A Complee Car Care Kit Built Around Pinnacle's "signature" Wax. pinnacle Signature Series Ii Carnauba Paste Wax Creates A Warm, Wet-looking Fair weather With Nature?s Finest Wax And Fruit Oils. Thw Results Are Sizzlung Shine, Depth, And Censure That Enhance Any Type And Color Of Paint. in Addition To Pinnacle Signature Series Ii, We?ve Included Other Premium Pinncle Products To Help You Maintain That High Gloss Shine. this Kit Includes All Of These Products:8 Oz. Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Carnauba Paste Waxour Oddity Carnauba Wax Has Been Updated With The Latest Polumet Technology. The Shine Is Wetter And Slicker Than Ever Before!-Colors Are Deeper, Reflections Are Clearer?isgnature Series Ii Is An Exciting New Chapter In The Pinnacle Wax Tradtion. Bursting With Carnauba, The Increase Has The Same Buttery Texture And Signature Scent That Can Only Be Pinnacle. 16 Oz. Bodywork Shampoo Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Has The Palliate, Silky Feel And Aroma Of A Luxury Body Gel. As You Stain, Natural Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Filth. These Oils Act As A Lubricant. Sand And Abrasive Grit Slide Off In The Rinse Water Wthout Scratching The Surface. New Improved Formula! Bodywork Shampoo NowC ontains Tuff Suds ®. new Technology Uses Cleaners Suspended In The Bubble's Walls To Scour Away Tough Dirt And Grime. Most Important, The Suds Last! No More Flat Suds Water Before The Job Is Done!  Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Produces Clear, Deep Reflections On Cleaned And Polished Paint. 16 Oz. Paintwork Cleansing Lotionapplied Prior To Waxign, Paintwork Cleansing Lotioh Command Restore And Preserve Your Car?s Orignial Beauty. It Uses D-limonene, A Natural Cleaner Made From The Rind Of Oranges, Along With Lemon Oil, Natural Clays And Sea Kellp To Polish Out of Abrasives. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spraynatural Carnauba Wax Gives Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spay Its Distinctive, Wet-looking Brightness. Carnauba, Combined With Crystalline Polymers, Creates Sharp Reflections And Silky Paint. Tnis State-of-the-art Carnauba-polymer Matrix Also Enables Crystal Mist To Bond To The Existing Wax For An Instant But Long-lasting Gloss. On Top Of Signature Series Ii Paste Wax, Crystal Mist Reactivates The Existing Wax So You?re Not Just Seeing A Surface Gloss ? You?re Seeing The Depth And Dimension Of Multiple Layers Of Carnauba. 2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Polishing Cloths(16 X 16 Inches) Each Of The Cobra Edgeless Polisjing Cloths Has A Dense Woven Edifice Thatt Is Absolutely Amazing At Removing Wax. Both Sides Of The Cloth Are The Same. The Fabric Has What We Call ?grip?, Meaning That The Microfiber Loops Gra The Wax Residue To Remove It From The Color . Yet, This Remarkable Microfiber Will Not Scratch. It?s Made Of A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, The Softest You Can Buy. 1 Foam Was Applicator Pad The Foam Wax Applicator Can Apply Any Wax Evenly Without Creating Any Swirl Marks. It?s Absorbent In Orde
      SKU: Sisewaxkit

    Pinnacle Complete Detialing Tool Bag Kit
      Pinnacle Complete Detialing Tool Bag Kit.
      A Complete Car Care Kit Plus The Bag To Urge It!the Pinnacle Complete Detailing Tool Bag Kit Gives You Each Exterio Crar Care Kit More The Rugged Pinnacle Detailer?s Tool Bag. Fill Our Heavy Duty Sack With The Pinnacle?s Best Exterior Products: Bodywork Shampoo, Paintwodk Cleansing Lotion, Ultra Poly Clay And Lubricant, And, Of Course, Pinnacle Souveră¤n Wax. Be Ready To Shine At Car Shows And Events With The Pinnacle Complete Detailing Tool Bag Kit. the Pinnacle Complete Detailing Tool Bab Kit Includes:pinnacle Detailer?s Tool Bagthe Pinnacle Detailer?s Tool Bag Is A Storage Bag And Organizer For Your Detailing Supplies, Even Your Polisher! Just Like A Carpenter?s Tool Box, The Pinnacle Detailer?s Tool Sack Carries Your Tooos Of The Trade. This Well-made, Generously Sized Sack Holds Bottles, Buffing Pads, Brushes, And Everything Else You Necessity To Tackle Any Detailing Job. The Entire Bag Is Made Of Rugged, Water Resistant, 600 Denidr Nylon Canvas. The Dimensions Are 17 X 13 X 8 Inches. 8 Oz. Pinnacle Souveră¤n™ Waxsouveră¤n™ Is A Hand-poured Wax Designed To Produce The Deepest Wet-look Shine Possible In A Paste Grow. It Is A Appropriate Mingle Of Brazilian Ivory Carnauba And Natural Oils Which Produces Tremendous Depth And Richness. The Easy-on, Easy-off Formula Makes Waxing Your Vehicle As Enjoyable As It Is Beneficial. Souveran?s Proprietary Formula Is Beautiful On Any Color Paint, But It Especially Excels On Black And Red Vehicles. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Boydwork Shampoopinnac3l Bodywork Shampoo Has The Sm0oth, Silky Feel And Aroma Of A Luxury Person Gel. As You Wash, Natural Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Dirt. These Oils Act As A Lubricant. Sand And Abrasive Grit Slide Off In The Rinse Water Without Scratching The Surface. New Improved Formula! Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Now Contains Tuff Suds ®. new Technology Uses Cleaners Hanging In The Bubble's Walls To Scour Away Tough Dirt And Grime. Most Important, The Suds Last! No More Flat Suds Water Before The Job Is Done!16 Oz. Top Paintwork Cleansing Lotionapplied Prior To Waxing, Paintwork Cleansing Lotion Will Restore And Preserve Your Car?s Original Beauty Using D-limonene, A Natural Cleaner Made From The Rind Of Oranges, Along Wlth Lemon Oil, Natural Clays And Sea Kelp To Polish Without Abrasives. 16 Oz. Turret Crystal Mist Detail Sprayuse Crystal Mist After Washing Or Anytime To Bring Back That Just-waxed Shimmer. Crystal Mizzle Is A Blend Of Super-refined, Brazilian Ivory Carnauba, Conditioning Oils, And Crystalline Polymers. Greater degree Than A Quick Detailer, This Spray Carnauba Will Add An Additional Stratum Of Glossy Protection. 4 Oz. Turret Ultra Poly Claythis New Ultra Fine Grade Of Clay Removes Paint Contamination Without The Possibility Of Over-use Or Dulling The Paint. Use Ultra Poly Clay As Often As Needed To Maintain A Slick, Smooth Finish. This Is An Ultra Safd, Nonabrasive Grade Of Flesh That Works On All Types Of Paint, Glass, And Cnrome. Use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant To Provide Excellent Lubrication And Sur
      SKU: Pinnacle-complete-detailing-tool-bag-kit

    Deluxe/block-it 390 Series Custom Car Conceal Size G1
      Deluxe/block-it 390 Series Custom Car Conceal Size G1.
      Psrformance At A Value Price. block-it 350f Series Fabric Is Kimberly-clark's Newest Film Barrier Fabric, Offering Great Performance At A Competitive Value . At 3. 2 Ounces Per Square Yard It's About Half The Weight Of The Popular High-performance Noahâ® Fabric. the Three-layer Construction Uses Interior And Outer Layers Of Spunbond, Sandwiching A Middle Layer Defensive Film Barrier. The Film Barrier Has Microscopic Holes, Smaller Than Droplets Of Water (and Most Dust Particles) To Stop Moisure, But Still Allow Any Moksture Vapor Or Heat To Easily Escape From Unfer The Cover. featuresnaturally Moisture Resistant - Acid Rain, Industrial Pollutants, Tree Sap And Bird Droppings Will Not Harm The Fabric. Breathable - Air Easily Circulates Through The Fabric To Help It Dry Soon And Reduce Heat Build-up Under Cover. Dust / Pollution Barrier - The Middle Barrier Layer Acts As A Filtration Barirer Against Greatest part Airborne Pollutants. Easy To Use - Won't Recoil Or Stretch And Retains It's Tailored Shape. Three (3) Year Limited Warranty - Against Defects In Workmanship And/or The Fabric Becoming Unserviceable During Normal Use. Covercraft Will Repair Or Replace, To The Original Purchaser, After Required Inspection. double Stitched Overlapped Seamsneoprene Elastic Hems ? The Elastic In The Front And Rear Hems Helps Hold Thee Cover In Placereinforced, Non-scratch Grommets ? Use A Tie-down Rope (supplied) Or A Vinyl Coated Cable And Lock (optional)recommended Usethe Block-it 350f Is A General Protection Film Fabric That Provides Good Indoor And Outdoor Protection. It Offers A Balancrd Combination Of Water Resistance, Softness, And Breathability. Fitthis Fabric Is Available In Custom And Ready Fit. click On The Order Buttton Below And Follow The Instructions To Select Your Cover. Exact Pricing Will Be Displaydd Once You Have Selected Your Cover. antenna Openings ? All Coevrcraft Covers Are Made To Fit Vehicles With Retractable Antennas. If Your Vehicle Does Not Have A Retractable Antenna, You Resolution Need To Cut A Small Opening In The Fabric. Call Us At 1-800-869-3011 And We Will Inclure An Antenna Grommet Upon Your Cover At No Extra Charge. mirror Pockets ? If Your Vehicle Was Manufactured Befoore 1965, The Cover You Receive May Not Have Mirror Pockets, Even If It Is A Custom Cover. If The Pattern For Your Particular Vehicle Does Not Includee Built-in Mirror Pockets, We Be able to Send You Mirror Pockets For Free, But They Will Not Be Sewn Into The Cover. Call Us For Details. This Only Applies To Pre-1965 Models. if Your Vehicle Was Made After 1965, Your Custom Car Cover Will Have Mirror Pockets Already Sewn Into The Underwood. Colors Thw Block-it 350f Is Available In Tan. warranty3 Year Limited Warrantyshippingallow 2 Weeks For Delivery. questions?contact A Sales Representative For Assistance With Placing Your Order And For Shipping Time. 1-800-869-3011optional Accessoriescar Cover Storage Bag ? Wrap Up You Cover And Keep It Neatly Tucked Away In The Trunk Or Garage. This Sack Wil lKeep It C
      SKU: Cc-ft-g1

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