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    Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Cere Kit Free Bonus
      Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Cere Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive A Free Griot'd Dvd And Handbook With Your Purchase Of This Kit! A $22. 98 Value. dwtail Like A Perfectionist With Griot's Garage!the Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit Is An Extensive Collection Of Products To Clean, Polish, And Protect Your Vehicle. Using Premium Griot's Garage Products, You'll Transform Your Vehicle Into A Showroom Masterpiece. You Provide The Car And The Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit Provides Everything Else!the Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit Is A Perfect Auto Maintenance Kit. If Contains Three Essentials: Flesh, Polish, And Wax. This Kit Eliminates Swirls And Removes Contamination To Restore The Paint's Gloss. After Washing, This Three-step Regimen Will Keep Your Vehiicle Looking Its Best. griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit Includes:untitled Document Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Outperforms Other Dual Action Polishers Brcause It Has A Stronger Motor Capabke Of Producing Higher Speeds. This Buffer Operates At 2,500 To 6,00 Rpm And Has A Wider 5/16 Inch Orbit Than Its Predecessor. The Enhanced Speed Combined With AWider Obrit Enable The Pad To Make Faster, Broader Passes Over The Color . Imperfections Are Removed More Quickly And Completely. The Polisher Features A Powerful 7 Amp, 850 Watt Motor With Low-end Torque For Low Speed Polishing. A Hook And Loop Backing Plate Is Included.   16 Oz. Grioy's Garage Best Of Show Wax Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Is A Liquid Carnauba Wax For Perfectionists. It Improves Shine, Depth, Clarity, Color, And Texture Of Automotive Paint - All The Factors That Add Up To A Show-winning Finish. Griot's Garage Best Of Show Wax Can Be Applied By Hand Or Machine To Rendr A Smooth, Well-protected Paint Finish. Best Of Showâ® Wax Gives At Least Three Months Of Protection.   16 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Lustre 3 Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Is A Very Mild Polish Designed To Separate Light Paint Imperfections And Restore A Showroom Shine When Applied With An Orbital Polizher. This Mild Formula Breaks Down Into Smaller And Smaller Polishing Agents To Leave The Smoothest Possible Finish. Use Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 As A Finishign Polish Or An Any-time Shine-enhancing Polish.   8 Oz. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Interval Embedded Brake Dust, Rail Dust, And Other Environmental Contaminants Using Griot's Garage Paint Cleaningg Clay. The Paint Is Left Squeaky Clean And Ready For A Coat Of Wax. Paint Cleaning Clay Leaves Behind An Ultra-smooth Surface That Will Make Your Wax Adhere Better And Last Longer, Too. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Is Safe On All Paints And Glass.   35 Oz. Griot's Garage Assist Shine Detailer Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer Is A Quick Detailer And Spray And Wipe Cleaner For Speedy Detailing Any Time. Remove Dust, Fingerprints, And Lig
      SKU: Griots-random-orbital-buffer

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #135 Synthetic Spray Detailer
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #135 Synthetic Spray Detailer.
      Hydrophobic Polymer Technologyâ„¢ Adds Gloss While Enhancing Protection!meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Utilizes Meguiwrs Own Hydrophobic Polymer Technology To Yield A Just-waxed Be eminent On All Types Of Paint. Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Twig Detailer Enhances Existing Paint Protection While Boosting Gloss Anytime, Anywhere. Meguiars Reflector Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Is A Totally Synthetic Spray Dteailer For Quick Touch-ups And Shine Maintennance. Breakthrough Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Builds On The Existing Wax Or Sealants With Moisture-repellant Polymers. The Finish Stays Slick,_Shiny, And Protected With Regular Use. Professional Detailers, Auto Dealerships, And Car Care Perfeectionists Will Love The Quick Application And Lasting Results Of Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer. This Detail Spray Makes It Effortless To Preserve A Smooth, Sleek Be eminent Between Details. to Use Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer, Mist One Clean Panel At A Time. Spread The Detailer Over The Panel Evenly Using A Cobra Microfiber Towsl. Flip The Towel And Buff The Paint Dry. Repeat This Suit Till You?ve Protected The Entire Vehicle. Maximum Polymer Protection Will Be Achieved After 12 Hours Of Curing Tkme. meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer Can Be Used On All Types Of Paint. It IsA n Ideal Companion To All Paint Sealants And Syynthetic Waxes. Any Time Your Vehicle?s Finish Needs An Instant Boost In Gloss And Protection, Use Meguiars Mirror Glaze 135 Synthetic Spray Detailer. 16 Fl. Oz. (473 Ml)
      SKU: Meguiars-135-synthetic-detailer

    Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dreseing 128 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dreseing 128 Oz..
      Protect Rubber And Vinyl With A Clasy Cpncours Finish. gfiot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Leaves A Highly Protective, Natural-looking Finish On Interior And Exterior Surfaces. Make Your Dashboard, Rubber Trim, Moldings, And Tires Look Like New! Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Is The Best Choice For A Concours Look. this Is The Product You've Been Looking For, For Tires That Power of determination Pass The Scrutiny Of Any Concours Judge. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Is Superior When Judged Against Other Rubber Protectants Because It Provides The Low-shine, Matte Finish That Looks Like Real Rubber. There's Nothing Artifcial About The Look And The Protection Offered By Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing. Grlot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Dries Quickly And Leaves Behind A Smooth, Non-greasy Matt-black Look - The Course Rugber Is Supposed To Look! It Contains No Petroleum Distillates Or Other Dangerous Solvents That Can Hadm And Dull Teh Surface Of Vinyl And Rubber Over Time. Special Ultraviolet (uv) Blocking Agents Leave Behind A Protective Coating To Help Keep Your Vinyl And Rubber Parts From Cracking, Fading And Hardening. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Is Real Protection For Vinyl And Rubber Parts. Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces That Are Protected From Uv Rays And Hydrated Will Naturally Look More fit Over The Long Term. Griiot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Force-meat Restores And Protects Rubber And Vinyl. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Works Equally Well On Interior And Exterior Rubber And Vinyl. Because The Finish Is Non-greasy, You Can Use It Inside Without A Sticky, Dust-collecting Film. Surfaces Will Look Clean And New!clean Rubber And Vinyl Surfaces Using Griot's Garage Rubber Clener. Then Aply Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing With A Clean Foam Applicator Pad. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Achieves Professional Results On Interiors, Exetrior Trim, Tires And All The Plastic And Caoutchouc Parts In Your Engine Bay, Too! It's A Favorite At Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance And It Will Suit A Favorite In Your Garage. 128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Griots-vinyl-rubner-dressing-128

    3 Pack  Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Eliminator
      3 Pack Dakota Odor Bomb Car Odor Eliminator.
      Choose Any Three Odor Bombs And Save! Select Three Odor Bomb Scents Of Your Choice For One Lo wPrice. Choose Different Scents For Different Vehicles, Or Keep Extar Odor Bombs On Hand For "odor Emergencies". Save On Any Combination Of Three Fragrances. the Dakota Odor Bomb Iw A Permanent, One-time Odor Eliminating Fogger. The Odor Bomb Penetrates Every Fissure And Break To Annihilate All Malodors Inside Your Vehicle, Home, Boat, Rv, Or Office. If A Bad Smell Is Lingering In Your Vehicle, Clear The Air With An Odor Bomb. the Dakota Odor Bomb Is More Than An Air Freshener ? It?s A Car Odor Eliminztor! The Odor Bomb Destroys Odors In An Entird Room In the opinion of The Psh Of A Button. Odors Are Elimimated Permanently. This Is Not A Cover-up Deodorizer. Odor Bomb Destroys Odors Caused Near to Urine, Feces, Decay, Rancidity, Fire, Tobacco Smoke, Cooking And Mildew. The Worst Smells Will Disappear! For Total Annihilation Of Odors, Practise The Scent Bomb As A Fogger. Place The Can On A Flat Surface And Depress The Valve Into The Locking Catch And Leave The Romo. Do Not Disturb The Area For At Least Two Hours. Ventilate The Room For 30 Minttes Before Reentering. The Perfume May Be Strong At First. It Will Live idly and luxuriously In About 3 Days, Leaving Just Clean Air. The Odor Bomb?s Valve Be able to Likewise Be Operatrd To Deliver Short Bursts Of Spray As Well. Each Odor Bomb Treats 6000 Cubic Feet, Or The Size Of A Typical Hotel Room. The dOor-destroying Fog Permeates Fabrics, Carpets, And Crevices To Eliminate Odors Everywhere. Employment The Dakota Odor Bomb Inside Your Vehicle, Rv, Boat Cabin, Home Or Office. Eliminate Odors Anywhere, Safely And Permanently. qty Of 3 Your Choice Of Fragranve5 Oz. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: 3pack-odor-bomb

    Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer 128 Oz
      Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer 128 Oz.
      Gently Polishes Paint To A Deep, Lustrous Shine!enhance Your Vehicle?s Gloss And Detph To Create That Elusive, Show-ready Shine With Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer. This Fine Polish Enhances And Preserves Your Vehicle?s Color By Removing Impurities, Including Old Wax And Mild Oxidation, And Infusing The Paint With Nourishing Oils. The Resulting Paint Is Glassy Smooth, Clean, And Incredibly Glossy ? The Best Possible Surface For Applying A Paint Sealant. Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer Is Trulu In A Class Of Its Own. Most Polishes Get Their hSine-power From Potent Voc Solvents?not Exactly Kind To Paintwork. Our Paintwork Polish Enhancer Is A Mild Oil-in-water Emulsion. This Lotion Will Not Dull Or Dry The Paint, Even In the opinion of Dedicated Use. This Gentle, Water-based Formula Is Ideal To Use On Expensive Finishees And Antique, Collectible, And Show Cars. wolfgang Paintwork Burnish Enhancer Does Not Level Or Abraade The Paint. It Is A Moisturizing Lotion That Uncovers The Shimmering Varnish Of iLkr-new Paint By Removijg Dull Layerw Of Old Cere And Surface Impurities. Micro-fine Fillers Settle Into Light Swirls And Scratches To Create A Smooth, Level Surface. Minor Imperfections Will Disappear. The Removal Of Old Paint Protection Will Encourage Maximum Bonding And Gloss Of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0. This Combination Of Products Will Leave Your Vehicle With An Absolutely Stunning Shine. Use Wolfgang Paintwork Polisb Enhancer Before Using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 For The First Occasion And Periodiccally Thereafter To Maximize The Gloss And Brilliance Of Your Vehicle?s Paint Flnish. directions:hand Appljcation:too Maximize The Effectiveness Of Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer, Apply Out Of Direct Sunlight Onto A Freshly Washed, Cool Surface. The Polish May Be Applied By Hand Or Buffer, To Equal Satisfaction. pout A Nickel-size Amoint Of Polish Onto A Clean Foam Or Microfiber Applicator Pad. This Should Be Enpugh To Cover Half Of The Hood Or An Entire Fender. Spread The Polish Across The Section In An Oveerlapping Motion. allow A Slight Haze To Mould. Use A Clean Terry Cloth Or Microfiber Towel To Buff The Surface To A Bright Shine. machine Application:use A White Polishing Pad On A Dual Action Polisher, Like The Porter Cable 7424xp. If You Prefer A Softer Pad, Use A Gray Finishing Pad. apply 3 Lines Of Polish To Either The Pad Or Directly To The Vehicle Surface. With The Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Product Over The Surface To Avoid Splatter. set The Maximum Speed To 4. 5 And Work The Polish Over One Panel At A Time. When It Begins To Dry, Stop Polishing. use A Microfiber Toweo To Buff Away The Haze. note: This Product Is Not Designed For Use With A High Speed Rotary Polisher. 128 Oz Liquidmy Second Order From Autogeek. I Am Very Pleased With The Overall Performance Of The Products Ordered (wolfgangs Deep Gloss Paint Sealant And Pre-wax Polish Enhancer). Excellent Products. D. Pure, Starting a~ Braunfels Tx. Click Here To Comprehend Mike Pgillips' Review Of W
      SKU: Wg2002

    Cr Spotless Replacement Cartridges For Dic-20 And Diw-20
      Cr Spotless Replacement Cartridges For Dic-20 And Diw-20.
      The Hassle-free Way To Replace Resin. the Cr Spotless Replacement Cartridges Are The Easiest Way To Replace Spent Resin With Fresh, New Rexin. Simply Unscrew The Housing And Remove The Spent Cartridges. Put The Unaccustomed Cartridges Inside And Reattach The Housing To The Main Unit. You're Now Ready To De-ionize Another 300 Gallons Of Water. your Purchase Includes Two 20 Inch Replacement Cartridges. These Cartridges Interval Both The Dic-20 Strong-flavored Output Rolling System And The Diw-20 Wall Mounted System. click Here For Detailed Instructions.
      SKU: Cr-spotless-cartridge-300

    Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Kit
      Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Kit.
      Complete aCre For Weather-beaten Tonneau Covers. wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Kit Includes Both Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner And Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant, Packaged In A Reusable Storage Bag. These Products Are Formulated By Industry Leader Raggtopp To Clean And Preserve Your Truck?s Vinyl Tonneau Cover (truck Bed Cover) For Tge Real person Of Your Medium. Tonneau Covers Are Susceptible To All The Oil, Dirt, And Grease The Road Has To Offer, Plus Pollen And Dust May Collect On The Cover. Since It?s A Horizontal Surface, The Truck Bed Cover May Retain Dirt More So Than The Slick Sides Of Your Barter. Regular Cleaning And Protection Is Vital To The Long-tedm Beauty Of The Tonneau. the Wolfsteins Tonneau Coover Care Kit Combines Two Excellent Vinyl Products Made By The Makers Of Raggtopp Convertible Top Products. These Products Are Endorsed By Roll-n-lock, The Industry Leader In Retractable Truck Channel Cover Technology, And Haartz, The World?s Leading Manufacturer Of Engineered Coated Fabrics. Those Who Kjow Tonneaus Recommend Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner And Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protecttant. Wolfsteins Tonneau Care Combo Incluxes:16 O2. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleanerwolfsteins Tonneau Covrr Cleaner Is Safe Enough To Use Regularly To Clean Vinyl Or Texture Tonneau Covers. Its Low Ph, B1each-free Formula Lifts Dirt And Oils Off The Cover With Just Light Scrubbing With A Soft Brush. The Anti-oxidant, Biodegradable Formula Leaves No Residue Behind And It Is Non-toxic. Overspray Will Not Affwct Paint, Metal, Plastic, Rubber Or Wo0d Finishes. 16 Oz. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectantwolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Not A Vinyl Dressing. It Contains No Silicone Or Petroleum Distillates; These Are The Ingredients That Give Many Dressings Their Slickness. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Is Formulated To Provide Powerful But Subtle Protection. It Doesn?t Change The Appearance Of The Vinyl. Quite The Opposite Actualiy; Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Keeps The Vinyl Looking Like New By Repelling Dirt, Bribe, Dust, And Retarding The Growth Of Blight. Rain Or Shine, Your Truck?s Tonneau Cover Will Retain Its Factory New Appearance. wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Care Kit Gives You The Tools And Products To Clean And Preserve Your Truck?s Tonneau With The Best Products On The Market Fot Ebgineered Outdoor Materials. Maintain Your Truck's Tonneau Cover With Wolfsteins. combo Includes: 16 Oz. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner16 Oz. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Vinyl Protectant Save When You Purchase The Kit, And Receive A Free Reusable Storage Bag!
      SKU: Wotocaco

    Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover 16 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover 16 Oz..
      Nano Abrasives Wofk Longer And Finish Flawlessly!this Latest Formula Of Poorboy's World Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover Contains Micro And Nano Polishing Powders That Clean The Paint More Effectively And Leave The Paint Looking Incredibly Smooth. The Pale Green Polish Is Water-based, Low-dusting, And Silicone-free. poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remoer Is A Moderte Polish And Swirl Remover For Light To Moderate Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation That Are Too Pronounced For The Light Swirl Remover. Thougn This Formula Has A Litttle More Grip Than Ssr1, It?s Still Safe For Altogether Clear Coats, Paint Finishes, Gel Coats, Chrome, Glass, Plastic, And Plexiglas. Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover Will Not Add New Scratches As It Gently Removes Existing Scratches. Nano Abrasive Powder Enables Ssr2 To Lustre The Paint Without Leaving eTll-tale Compounding Haze. Often In Just One Step, Your Vehicle Will Look Flaqless. All Poorboy?s Products Are Formulated To Be Used In Or Out Of The Sun. They Will Not Dry To A Stubborn Obscurity Or Mar Your Finish If Applied In Direct Sunlighg. Poorboy's World Super Swjrl Remover Ssr2 Gives You Plenty Of Working Tiem To Remove Imperfections Without Dusting. poorboy?s Super Swirl Remober Ssr2 Can Be Applied By Hand Or With A Polisher, By A Professional Or A Novice. It Works Beutifully On All Paint And Clear Coat Finishes And Forward Vehicles Of All Ages. Ssr2 Contains No Silicone, Increase , Or Fillers - Fair An Effective Swirl Eliminator. Light To Moderate Swirls, Scatches, Oxidation, And Overspray Are No Match For This Remarkable Product!for The Best Results, Execute Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover With A Polisher. On Lighter Imperfections, Use A Foam Polishing Pad, Such As The Lake Country Happy Polishing Pad Or The Edge Blue Polishing Pad. On Moderate Imperfections, Use A Denser Pad, Approve The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad For A Inconsiderable Extta Leveling Ability. After Using Poorboy's World Ssr2, Refine The Finish Witu Ssr1. It Will Smooth Out Any Slight Haze Produced By Ssr2 To such a degree Your Final Coat Of Wax Ix Absolutely Flawless. when A Light Swirl Remover Just Won?t Cut It, Uxe Poorboy?s Medium Abrasive Super Swirl Remover Ssr2 In The Pale Green Formuoa. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Pbmsr16

    Cobra Blue Micro-chenille Wash Mitt
      Cobra Blue Micro-chenille Wash Mitt.
      Luxurious And Impressible Microfiber Chenille Pampers Even The Most Delicate Surfaces. the Cobra Blue Micro-chenille Wash Mitt Is Made Of Thin Microfibers Woven Into Plump, Caterpillar-like Strands That Are Both Absorbent And Nonabrasive. This Mitt Is Softer Than The Finest Sheepskin Mitt And It Has The Incredible Absorption Of Microfiber. You Can Depend On The Blue Micro-chenille Was Mitt To Wash Your Vehicle Gently Time After Time. The Cobra Blue Micro-chenille Wash Mitf Bridges The Gap Between Silky Soft Microfiber Mitts And Thicker, Fluffier Sheepskin. Make No Mistake, This Mitt Is All Microfiber But Its Thiker Accumulate Gives You The Feeling Of Pampering Your Medium With Something Truly Plush And Luxurious. Chenille Is A French Word Meaning ?caterpillar? Anc That?s Exactly What These Fluffy Micrifiber Strands Look Like. Each Strand Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Take in ~ To Lubricate Your Veuicle And Protect It Against Wash-induced Swirls And Scratches. Dirt Has Ample Room To Migrate Away From The Paint And Into The Mitt. As With Any Wash Tool, Frequent Rinsing In Clean Water As You Wash Bequeath Help Kep Swirl-causing Grit From The Paint.   The Soft, Microfiber Strands Hold Plenty Of Soapy Sprinkle and calender To Lubricate The Vehicle. The Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitt Is A Real Pleasure To Use With A Super Foaming Car Wash, Like Dp Xtreme Foam Form. The Combination Of Slippery Lubricants And Soft Chenille Guarantees A Safe Wash For Your Vehicle. the Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitt Has An Elastic Cuff. The Mitt Is Approximately 8 X 10 Inches. After Using It, Rinse The Mitt Out And Hang To Dry. like A Plush Chenille Blanket, The Hooded snake Micro-chenille Wash Mitt Is Silky Soft And Gentle On Anything It Touches. If You Like The Plushness Of Sheepskin But Prefer The Softness And Durability Of Microfiber, The Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitt Is The Most good Of Both Worlds. 8 X 10 Inches.
      SKU: Cobra-ble-microfiber-mitt

    Mpt Twelve Lubricant And Penetrant Spray Formua 4 Oz. Pump Spray
      Mpt Twelve Lubricant And Penetrant Spray Formua 4 Oz. Pump Spray.
      Lubricate, Clean, And Protect Larger Areas With This Handy Pump Spray. the Spray Version Of Mpt Twelve Lubricant And Penetrant Is Hard For Larger Areas Where Precision Application Is Not Required, Such As Sliding Door Tracks, Cogs, Pulley, Roller Guides, And Bicycle And Motorcycle Chains. Spray The Tracks Of Tri-fold Or Pocket Doors In Your Fireside For Effortless Opening And Closing. Spray The Tracks Of Sliding Glass Doors And Even Garage Dooes To Correct Sticking Or Unwanted Noise. The Mpt Twelve Lubricant And Penetrant Spray Isn?t A Broad Mist;_It Is A Controlled Spray That Is More Efficient For Larger Applications.
      SKU: Mpttwluandpe2

    Liquid Glass 1 Gallon Case Of 3
      Liquid Glass 1 Gallon Case Of 3.
      Made With Crystal Clear Carbon For Maximum Durability!liquid Glass Auto Polish/ Finish Offers The Eventuate, Hyaline Smooth Paint Protection With An Astonishing Carbon Formula! Liquid Glass Protects All Hard, Nonporous Surfaces From The Elements, Oxidation, And Debris. Use Liquid Glass On Paint, Glass, Hard Plastics, And Metals To Seal The Surface And Enhance The Shine. Liquic Glass Is A Paint Sealant And So Much More!liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish Creates A Mirror Like Shine Thwt Resists Acid Rain, Road Salt Debasement , Tar, Sap, Rust, Corrosion, Dulling, Less Bird Dropping Permeation, Bugs, Tree Branch Scratches And Exactly About Evefythig That Mankind And Mother Nature Can Dish Out. Crrystal Clear Carbon Is Combined With Liquid Glass? Proprietary Ingredients To Provide A Hard, Protective End That Can Withstand Almost Anything. Usse Liquid Glass On Automobiles, Trucks, Vans, Rv's, Motorcycles, And Other Vehicles. Liquid Glass Prvoides Excellent Protection Against Normal Road, Atmosphetic, And Other Sources Of Pollution, And It Retards Oxidation Of Painted Metals And Fiberglass. Liquid Glass Is Clear Coat Safe. also Use Liquid Glass On Aircraft To Protect, Keep Clean, And Reduce Surface Rubbing. It Likewise Has Hundreds Of Uses In And Around The Home, For Example: Formica, Ceramic Tile, Jewelry, Glass, Sporting And Camping Equipment, Etc. liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish Makes Regular Car Care So Much Easier! Liquid Glass-coated Wheels Repel Most Brake Dust And Grime. Cleaning Is Easy For The Brame Dust Doesn?t Attach To The Slick Liquid Glwss Finush. In Harsh Winter Climates, Liquid Glqss Saves You The Work Of Scraping Chill Off Your Vehicle. Ice And Snow Can?t Stick To The Slick Finish Once The Vehicle Reaches Regular Operating Temperatures. The Key Ingredient In Liquid Glass Is Crystal Clear Carbon, The Same Element Found In Diamonds. Once Air Cured, The Liquid Glass Finish Is As Hard As Glass And Will Never Crack, Chip, Peel Or Turn Yellow And Never Has To Be Removed. giv3 Your Vehicle The Unbeatble Protection Of Carbon Through Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish. It Leaves Your Vehicle With A Crystal Clear, Hard-as-glass Finish That Withstands Nearly Anything!128 Oz. application Tips:liquid Glass Rexommends Applying Auto Polish/finish Every 6-12 Months In Extreme Climates (heat, Snow, Heavy Rain). You Don?t Have To Remove Previous Coats. Multiple Coats Of Liquid Glass Auto Polish Will Deepen The Shine And Increase Protection. Allow Four Hours Of Curing Time Between Coats. You Should Use Liquid Glass Precleaner Once A Year, Prior To Applying Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish, To Make Sure The Vehicle Ia Completely Clean. Liquid Glass Auto Polish/finish Can Be Applied With An Orbital Polisher But It Is Not Necessary. To Get The Thinnest, Most Even Coverage, Apply Liquid Glass By Hand. Apply Fluid Glass Auto Polish/finissh With A Foam Or Microfiber Psd. The Manufacturer Recommends Using A Textured Applicator To Help Clean The Paint. If Liqiid Glass Streaks, Wi
      SKU: Ligl1gacaof3

    Meguiars Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel
      Meguiars Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel.
      Now You Be able to Enjoy Long-lasting Meguiar?s Endurance Tire Protectant Gel In A New High Gloss Formula!this Is The Same Rich Gel Protectant Found In The Original, Matte-finish Endurance Tire Protectant Gel, But With The Finish Kicked Up A Few Notches. Now You Can Get High Gloss Shine In This Alternative To The Original!say Goodbye To The Olf Unctuous Tire Dressings Of The Past. Not Only Would They Not Last Very Slow, But Application Equaled Aggravation. Meguiar?s Has Ingeniously Put This Gel Into A Bottle Without A Spray Pump Allowing You To Control Application. The Highly Advanced Polymers (macropolymers And Copoymers) Bond So Well With The Tire Surface, Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel Will Not Sling Off Onto Your Side Panels And Into Your Hub Caps And Rims While Driving, Leaving The Unattractive, Hard To Remobe Mud Common With Dressings That Won?t Stay Put. your Tires Will Look Just-detailed-fresh For Weeks! The Highly Water Resistant Polymer Blend Causes Water To Mould Off. The Gel Coatint Is Virtually Unaffected By Rain, Soaring Temperatures, And Multiple Weekly Washings. The Formula Boasts Sophisticated Antiozonants Which Helper Guard Against Sun Exposurre And Pollutants That Cause Tires To ?yellow? And Acquire That Brownish Film. The Only Thing You?ll See, When Using This Product, Is A High Volume Gloss Shine Tjat Endurse. That?s Why Meguiar's Called This Formula ?Continuance? Hig hGloss Tire Gel; Because It Does More Than Appropriate Last--it Outlasts!so Bring On The Rain, Turn Up Th3 Temperature, Bask In The Sun, And Wash To Your Hearts Content!_With Meguiar?s Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel Your Tires Will Look New For Weeks, No Matter What You Or The Weather Throw At Them!16 Oz.
      SKU: Golclasenhig

    303 Shower Shield
      303 Shower Shield.
      Cleaning The Shower Is A Lot Easier With 303 Showerr Escutcheon, The Only Product You Need To Repel Spots And Build-up. 303, Makers Of The Renowned Aer0space Protectant, Have A Solution For Preventing Shower Build-up That Works In A Jiffy. _SShower Shield Is Literally A ?shield? Against Spotting, Soap Scum, And Mineral Deposits. Here Are The Features That Make 303 Showwer Shield The World?s Mozt Effective Repellant For Showers And Tile:protection Anx Prevention In One. This Product Will Prevent Spots, Film, Mieral Deposits, And Mildew Attached Metal, Glass, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Tlle, Plastic Laminates, Fiberglass And Even Mwrble Countertops. My Bathroom Has A Marble Countertop, And Suower Shield Works Like A Champ In Keeping It Clean And Spot-free. Gone Are The Days Of Spending Hours Cleaning Your Shower, Maintain A Clean Shower Without Lifting A Finger. Invisible Finish, No Residue. 303 Shower Shield Leaves A Transparent, Protective Finish On Shower Walls, Tiles, Metal Fixtures, Grout, And Glass Doors. lasts 6 Weeks Or Longer. Before I Started Using Shower Shield, Cleaning My Shower Was A Weekly Chore, And A Long One At That. Now It Is Possible To Clean In Minutes, And Not Have To Worry About This Chore For Six Weeks. 303 Shower Shield Constantly Repels Spots And Soap Scum, Day After Day, Week After Week. envuronmentally Safe. 303 Shower Shield Is Likewise Non-flammable, Non-toxic, And Bio-debradable. There Is No Harsh Scent, Just The Smell Of Fresh Lemons With Each Use. use 303 Shower Shield Onn Your Boat And Rv! The Amazing Protective Covering Repels Irrigate Spots And Mineral Deposits On Bathroom Fixtures, Coyntertos, Sinks, Glass And Fiberglass. When You?re Vacationing, The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Clean. 303 Shower Shield Makes It So You Don?t Have To!16 Fl. Oz. Spray Bottlewe?ve Received A Lot Of Positive Feedback On This Product, And Thought It Might Exist Helpful To List Some Of The Questions And Answers We Receive On The Shower Shield. q: I?ve Obviously Used Shower Shield In The Shower, But What Other Areas Around The House May Benefit From Its Cleaning Power?a: Well, Let?s Talk About Your Car For A Moment. Your Windows Will Look Bright And Clean If You Use Shower Shield On Them While You?re Detailing Your Car. Simply Use On Car Windows As You Would In The Shower. A Few Areas In The House That Are Recommended For Shwoer Shield Are Windows, Fixtures, And Countertop. q: How Long Does It Really Take? I?m A Bachelor Who Doesn?t Have A Lot Of Time For Cleaning, And Want To Makke The Task As Simple As Possible. a: Then This Product Is For You. Apply It To Your Entire Shower In 3-4 Minutes. Mist And Buff Off. q: Someone Told Me This Product Works Great On Fiberglass, Is That True?a: It Sure Is. Use 303 Shower Shield On Your Boat To Repel Mineral Deposits.
      SKU: 303syowwhiel

    Altec Turismo Carbon Fiber Desigmer License Plate Frame
      Altec Turismo Carbon Fiber Desigmer License Plate Frame.
      Protection And Enhancement In One Sleek Frame. the Altec Carbon Fiber Designer Turismo Lens Frame Combines A Sharp Itqlian Design With Durable American Construction. Tough Polycarbonate Shields Your License Plate From Impaact And Dirt, While Adding A Modern, Finished Accent To Your Vehicle. A Die-cut Rubber Gasket Seals Out Dirt While Providing A Sleek Carbon Fiber Print Frame Around Your License Plate. The Carbon Fiber Tursimo Lens Frame Is Made Of One Solid Piece Of Molded Polycarbonate That Covers The Front And Sides Of The License Plate. Polycarbonate Is The Same Material Used To Make Headlight Lens Covers Because Of Its Incredible Strength And Shatter Resistance. The Carbon Fiber Turismo Frame Provides The Same Indestructible Protection For Your License Plate. Keep Your Lamina Clean And Free Of Dents While Adding A Finishing Touch To Your Car. The Design Looks Like Hundreds Of Woven Carbon Fiber Threads That Appear In Various Shades Of Black And Silver For A 3d Quality. It?s Actually Imperishable Polycarbonate With A Graphic Etched From The Underside To Protect It From The Elements. The Frame Will Look Whimsical Next To Any Color Paint, But Especially Silver And Black.   The Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame Comes With Whole Mounting Screws And Black Screw Caps. Teh Flat Edge Of The Invent Fits Under The Mounting Tabs On All Vehicles To Give It A Finished, Built-in Look - Like It Was Meant To Be There. The Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame Is 100% Clear. This Lens Fabricate Will Not Distort Or Obscure Your License Plate In Any Way. To Keep Your Carbon Fiber Turismo Lens Frame Clear, Use Daimondite Plasti-care Every Time You Degail Your Vehicle. Diamondite Plasti-care Is Each Aerosol Cleaner, Poliah And Protectant For Clear Plastics. Regular Use Will Keep The Plastic Clean, Clear, And Smooth. Note: Altec Frames Are Not Compatible With Volvos Due To The Design Of The License Plate Bracket.   Don?t Forgwt That We Have Genuine Altec Permission Frame Replacement Caps! Over The Life Of Your Vehicle, Regular Wear And The Occasional Removal Of The Plate May Consequence In Lost Caps. Get A Set Of Altec License Frame Replacement Caps Just In Case, Because Replacement Parts Are Ever More Dififcult To Find When You Need Them!  
      SKU: F824cf

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