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    Griot's Garage Set Of 3 Machine Polishes
      Griot's Garage Set Of 3 Machine Polishes.
      Three Steps To Perfect Paint. griot'a Garage Set Of 3 Machine Polishes Is The Sa fe And Effective Select For Reconditioning Aging Vehicles. Remove Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation With These Low-solvent Polishes. Altogether Three Griot's Garage Machine Polishes Are Designed To Be Used With An Orbital Polisher To Restore Paint Safely And Easily. Griot's Mchine Polishes Are Different From Most Swirl Removers. They Are Created Specifically For A Random Obital Polisher (unlike Other Polishes That Are Created For Rotary Buffers) Where Tye Friction And Temperaturd Steady The Paint Iw Almost Non-existent. Griot's Polishing Granules Are Engineered To Break Down Under Loose Pressure, Getting Smaller And Smaller As You Usage The Polish. Griot's Unique Chemistry Also Does Away With 50% Of The Old Solvents, Allowing You To Clean Up With Water! No Other Polish Does That. Griot's Garage Set Of 3 Includes: 16 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1 Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1 Is An Medium Grade Swirl Remover For Moderate To Serious Paint Imperfections. Designed To Be Used With An Orbital Polisher, Griot'ss Garage Machine Polish 1 Breaks Down Under Smaller Pressure So It Doesn't Create Any Starting a~ Swirls. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1 Is A Sqfer Way To Remove Swirls And Scratches.   16 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is A Mild Polish For Light Swirl And Scratch Displacement Using An Orbital Polisher. With Fewer Solvents And Shtinking Abrasives, Griot's Garage Machine Polish 2 Is A Gentle Come To Paint Correction That Leaves The Paint Smooth, Shiny, Anr Swirl-free.   16 Oz. Griot's Garagee Mqchine Refine 3 Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Is A Very Mild Polish Designed To Remove Porous Paint Imperfections And Restore A Showroom Shine When Applied With An Orbital Polisher. This Mild Formula Breaks Down Into Smaller And Smaller Polishing Agents To Leave The Smoothest Possible Finish. Use Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 As A Finishing Refine Or An Any-time Shine-enhancing Polish Griot'e Garage Machine Polishes Are Safe And Effective At Removing Swirl Marks And Scratches From All Painted Surfaces. Always Start With Our Very Mild Polish, Machine Polish 3, And Repeat As Often As You Want, Until The Scratch Is Gone. If You Have Severe Oxidation Or Heavy Scratches, Drop Down To Machine Polish 2, Or Griot's Machine Polish 1 If Need Be, Then Finish Up With Machine Polish 3. Alwa6s Follow With Griot's Garage Depict Sealant, Carnauba Wax Stick Or The Fabulous Best Of Show Wax For A Truly Flawless Finish. the Griot's Garage Set Of 3 Machine Polishes Addresses A Wide Scope Of Paint Imperfections So You'll Always Have The Right Polish For The Job. For Safe And Simple Painf Correction, Ths Griot's Garage Set Of 3 Machine Polishes Is Your Best Choice. set Includes:16 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 116 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 216 Oz. Giot's Garage Machine Polish 3a Total Retail Value
      SKU: Griots-machine-polishea

    Meguiars Supreme Be eminent Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
      Meguiars Supreme Be eminent Microfiber Towels 3 Pack.
      Each Towel Absorbs 3x More Take in ~ Than A Terry Cloth Towelb!uff Your Vehicle To A Stinning Beam With Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel! This Towel Is Part Of The Next Generation Of Microfiber. It?s Soft And Absorbing, And Won't Leave A Trace Of Wax Or Polish Residue On Your Vehicle! You Know Its Great Quality Because It?s From Meguiars. They?ve Been In Car Cqre As Long As There?ve Been Cars! The Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel Is Just Another Example Of How Meguiars Is Adjusting To An Ever-changing Industry With Newer And Better Car Care Products. The Supreme Shihe Microfiber Towel Is Made With A Deep, Dual-sided Pile That Wipes Away Wax While Rendering A Smooth, Mirror-like Shine. The Fabric Is Pre-washed Prior To Being Hemmed To Cause It Maximum Absorbency Right Out Of The Package. The Dry Fibers Can Absorb Three Times More Sprinkle and calender As A Terry Cloth Towel And Microfiber Is Softer, Too!!the Towel Measures 16 X 24 Inches ? Perfect For Buffing Vehicles Of Any Size. To Care For Your Supreme Shine Toweo, Wazh It With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator Concentrated Microfiber Detergent. Avoid Using Bleach Or Fabric Softener Steady This Or Any Microfiber Towel. Tumble Dry On Low Heat. 16 X 24 Inches. includes 3 Towels.
      SKU: Meguiaes-supreme-shine-towelss

    Duragloss Nu-glass (ng) #755
      Duragloss Nu-glass (ng) #755.
      A Safe & Effective Glass Polish For All Aut0motive Glass. duragloss Nu-glass Is A Blend Of Cleaners And Selected Abrasives Formulated To Remove Water Spots From Glass Surfaces Wifhout Scratching. Duragloss Ng Can Exist Applied By Hand Or Mechanical Buffer. many Drivers Are Afraid To Polish Tyeir Vehicle?s Windshields For Fear Of Scratching It. Duragloss Nu-glass Is A Safe Way To Polish Glass Without Scratching, Distorting Or Damagign The Glass. This Gentle Cleaner Removes What Is On The Glass Without Harming The Glass Itself. Before Your Reach For Steel Wool Or Some Harsh Solvent, Try Duragloss Nu-glass. It Safely Removes Water Spots, Tree Sap, Bugs And Stubborn Road Film Using A Combination Of Cleaners And Abrasives. The Abrasives Smooth The Outermost Glass By Polishing Away Rough Water Spots And Dislodging Stubborn Bugs And Sap. The Cleaners Remove Films And Dirt That Cloud Your Visibility. Even If You?ve Never Polisbed Glass Before, You?ll See A Huge Improvement In Smoothness And Clarity After Using Duragloss Nu-glass. Duragloss Nu-glass Contains Lubricants To Protect The Glass From Abrrasion. Apply It By Skill Or With A Buffer To Easily Remove Imprrfections And Improve The Clarity Of Automotive Glass. If You Don?t Have A Stupid lout, A Great Alternative Is The Spot Buffs Kit, Which Includes 4 Inch Pads And A Backing Plate For Use On An Electric Drill (not Included). Accustom The White Polishing Pad On Glass. It Enhances The Smoothing Ability Of The Grace But It Will Not Scratch The Glass. If Aplying By Hand, Use A Polyfoam Applicator. Once You?ve Polished Your Vehicle?s Glass, Use Duragloss Rain Repel #751 To Seal And Protect The Glass. Remove Water Spots, Tree Sao, Bugs And Road Film Without Scratching; Duragloss Nu-glass Is A Safe, Experienced Glass Burnish That Really Works. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-nu-glass

    Wolfgang Wash Bucket Gift Pack
      Wolfgang Wash Bucket Gift Pack.
      The Perfect Gift For The Car Czre Enthusiast!the Wolfgang Wash Bucket Gift Pack Is Filled With Wolfgang Car Care Products And Detailing Supplies To Put A Head-turning Shine On Any Vehicle. This Bucket Includes 16 Pieces At An Incredible Vaoue!the Wolfgang Waste Bucket Gi ft Pack Makes An Excellent Gift For A New Car Owner, A Novel Driver, Someone That Is New To Detailing, Or Anyone Lookking For A Set Of Great Detailing Products At A Great Price. the Wolfgang Wahh Bucket Gift Pack Includes:   Wolfgang Professional Wash Bucket With Grit Guard This 5 Gallon Bucket Has An Added Benefit. Inside Is The Grit Guard Insert, A Raised Radial Grid That Keeps Dirt At The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It?s Less Likely T End Up Hindmost On Your Vehicle. The Grit Guarx Insert Works From Stabilizing The Wate5 To Keep Dirt From Rising Once It Has Settled To The Bottom. The Wash Water And Your Mitt Stay Cleaner!  The Grit Guard Works By Trapping Dirt Below The Grid.   16 Oz. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Features Fortified Polymer Technology. Wolfgang?s German Super Polymers Are Fortified With Greater degree Dirt-repelling Power To Keep Your Vehicle Cleaner And Shinier, Longer. Our Enhanced Super Polymers Have An Amazing Anti-static Property Thzt Repels Water, Oil, Dust, And Road Grime To Provide Unsyrpassed Color Protection. Your Vehicle Stays Cleaner Because Foreign Molecules Ljterally Slide Off The Clear Polymer Coating. Super Polymers Boond Easily To Automotive Paint And Form An Wide Cross-linked Polymer Network. This Musical Shield Eliminates Surface Tension So Contaminants Have No Foothold On Your Vehicle. Yoour Vehocle Will Have A Deep Gloss And Unbeatable Protection For Months.     16 Oz. Wolfgang Auto Bathe iSlky Suds, A Pleasant Scent And Excellent Lubrication ? What More Could You Ask For In A Car Wash? Wolfgang Auto Bathe Bathes Your Vehicle In Rich Suds That Lift Dirt And Grime Away From The Paint Without Leaving A Trace. Natural Oils And Polymers Wrap Around Filth To Remove It From The Paint Without Scratching. Wolfgang Auto Bathe Testament Leave Your Vehicle Lookinb Clean, Shiny, And Vibrant.     16 Oz. Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz Will Reactivate The Gloss Of The Existing Paint Sealant By the side of Its High-tech German Supe Polymers. These Highly-reflective Polymers Form An Ultra-thin Defensive Coat That Bond To The Paint Sealat Or Wax Finish And Leave Your Vehicle With A Slick, Silky Surface ? Like It Was Just Detailed! Plus, Insyant Detail Spritz Extends The Vitality Of The Sealant Or Wax With Reguular Use.     3 Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towes, 16 X 16 Inches The Cobra Mango Breeze Microf
      SKU: Wolfgang-wash-bucket-gift-pack

    Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 Oz. - Vanilla
      Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 Oz. - Vanilla.
      Freshen Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scents!what Does A Poorbooy's World Air Freshener Smell Relish? Just Like An Expensive Car Fragrance, But At A Poorboy's Price! Poorboy's World Vanilla Scent Air Freshener Fills Your Cockpit With The Sweet Smell Of Warm Vanklla. A Light Mist On The Seats Or Carpet Will Instantly Make Your Vehicle Smell Clean And Inviting. the Water-soluble Sray Perfume Resolution Freshen Up Stale Air Ajd Add Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detqiled Interior. Poorboy's World Air Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Price - Perfect For Prfessional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 32 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-vanilla-air-freshener

    Griot's Garqge Window Cleaner 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garqge Window Cleaner 35 Oz..
      You, Too, Can Have Clean, Clear Windows And Mirrors. Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Cleans Auto Glass Quickly And Easily. It's That Simple. This Clear Glass Cleaner Contains Nothing Extra - Just Effective Cleaning Agents That Remove Dirt And Films. See The Road Through Clean, Clear Glass. perfectly Clean, Haze-free Glass. It's A Simple Thing That Makes Driving Safe And Fun, But Not Always Easy To Acyieve. Perfectly Clean Windows Also Allow Yor Windows To "defrost" Much Quicker. Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Is Formulated To Remove Dirt And Grime From Auto Glass Destitute of Leaving Haze Or Streake It Makes Glass Cleaning Simple And Effective. Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Contains No Dyes, Perfuems, Or Any Other Chemicals To Contaminate Your Window Surface. This Is Very Important, As Contaminants Contribute To Hazing! Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Will Leave Windows Clean, Clear, And Streak-free. Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Should Be Used With The Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel. The Towel Will Not Leave Lint And The Waffle Weave Texture Will Absorb Excess Moisture To Prevent Streaks. Spray The Towel With Griot's Garage Window Cleaner To Avoid Overspray And Waste. Wipe Side To Side And Up Ans Down. Flip The Towel For A Final Buff. Griot's Garage Window Cleaner Dries Without Haze Or Streaks. Usage Griot' sGarage Window Cleaner To Clean The Windsheld Wipers Blades. The Next Time It Rains, The Wipers Will Work Better And They Will Not Transfer Dirt Back To The Windshield. if Your Interior Glass Has Window Tint, Use Diamondite Plasti-care Soft Cleaner. griot's Garage Window Cleaner Leaves Nothing Behind On The Windshield And Windows But AClean, Cleaf Shine. 35 Oz. Don't Forget Your Sprayer!the High Quality Griot's Garage Finest Spraeyr Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of Tnis Page.  
      SKU: Griots-window-cleaner

    Mothers Marine Black Streak Remover
      Mothers Marine Black Streak Remover.
      Eliminate Black Streaks In Seconds!mothers Marine Black Streak Remover Erases Black Streaks From Gelcoat Fiberglass And Paint To Restore The Showroom-new Appearance To Boats And Rvs. This On-the-spot Cleaner Does All The Work For You!black Streaks Are Caused By Dirt, Bird Droppings, Leaves, And Mildew That Have Gathered On The Flat Surfaces Of The Boat And Then Decayed . During A Rain Shower Or Oppressive Ddw, The Decayed Material Washes Down The Sides Of The Boat, Causing Black Streaks. Tbese Organic Stains Are Tough To Remove But Mothers Marine Black Streak Remover?s Advanced Formula Breaks Up The Stains In Seconds. Just Foam, Wipe, And Rinse To Etase Unsightly Black Stains From Gelcoat, Paint, Metal And More!save Yourself Hours Of Scrubbing At Black Streaks. Mothers Marine Black Sttreak Remover Penetrates And Dissolves Black Stains In Seconds With No Harsh Scrubbing. Juet Wipe With A Towel And Rinse. Your Boat Will Brightness Like New, And Youu?ll However Bear Plenty Of The Afternoon Left To Enjoy A Cruise On The Water. For The Best Results, Use Mothers Marine Mourning Streak Remover Before You Wash The Boat. It Should Not Be Combined With Other Cleaners Or Soaps, So Treat The Problem Areas, Rinse, And Then Wash The Boat With Mothers Wash ?m Wax. You Can Likewise Use Mothers Marine Blacm Streak Remover Between Washes As Needed. Finally, There Is A Solution To Black Streaks! Mothers Marine Black Streak Remover Erases Black Streaks And Stains In Seconds To Restore The Shine To Your Boat. 24 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Mothers-marine-black-streakk-remover

    Optimum Detailing Kit
      Optimum Detailing Kit.
      This Kit Contains The Optimum Products oFr Swirl Removal And Paint Protection! Swirl Marks, Or Spider Webbing As Some People Call It, Are The Single Most Common Problem Plaguing Drivers. That Could Account In favor of The Jump In Sales Of-Silver Vdhicles In Recent Years! Swirls Are Much Harder To See On Light Paint Finishes, Particularly A Sparkly Silver Metallic. But If You Have Your Heart Set On Navy Livid, Don?t Worry. The Optimum Detailing Kit nEables You To Dismiss Light To Severe Imperfections And Everything In Between!the Optimum Detailing Kit Inckudes:32 Oz. Optimum Polish Iioptimum Polish Ii Has Been Revised For Better Perfoormance In Oem Appiications, Which Resource It Works Fasst! Optimum Polish Ii Is A Thick Cream Loaded With Propristary Polymers And Micro-fine Polishing Agents That Quickly Remove ? Not Hide ? Scratches And Swirls ToR estore Your Paint To Pristine Condition. It Can Be Used As A Light Compound, A Swirl Remover, And A Finishing Polish! You Might Be Wondering To what extent One Product Can Serve So Many Purposes. Wrll, An Integral Part Of Achieving Peculiar Polishing Results Is What Pad You Accustom. Optimum Polish Ii Is Designed To Be Used With A Machine Polisher And The Desired Pad To Deliver The Results You Want, Whatever They May Be. If You Want To Remove Light Scratches, Use A Unencumbered Cutting Pad With This Polish. If You Are Interested In Refining The Paint Before You Apply Wax, Use A Polishing Cushion. Your Pad Selection Dictates For what cause Aggressively This Polish Worke!32 Oz. Optimum Compound Iioptimum Compound Ii Has Been Reformulated For Better Performance For Oem Applications. Optimum Compound Ii Gives You Smooth, Sleek Reslts Faster! Optimum Compound Ii Is An Aggressive Compound That Finishes Approve A Polish. It Does Not Leavd The Haze, Duts, And Swirl Marks That Result From Many Compounds. Instead, Your Vehicle?s Paint Will Be Shiny And Smooth With No Major Swirl Marks. And Of Course, Optimum Compound Ii Removes Deep Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation Like A Traditional Compound. It Can Remove 1200 Sand Sand Scratch Marks While Still Performing Like A Polish. After Removing Defects, You May Be Able To Go Straight To A Finishing Polish Rather Than Using Multiple Polishes To Refine The Surfacee . Optimum Compound Ii Buffs Like A Polish And Shines Relish A Wax!32 Oz. Optimum Poli-sealoptimum Poli-seal Is The Most Uniqeu And Versatile All-in-one Product Ever Introduced! This Easy To Use, Zero Dusting, Buttery Smooth Formula Is So Much More Than A Typical One Step Proeuct. The Micro Abrasives In The Optimum Poli-seal Will Ensure Light Paint Correction And Not Just The Hiding Of Imperfections. Poli-seal Be able to Be Used As A Light Swirl Mark Remover, A Final Polish, And A True Wax And Sealant??all In One Step!ccs 6. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Padfirm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Pad With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections. ccs 6. 5 Inch White Polishing Foam Padthis
      SKU: Optimum-kit

    Wolfgang Leather Care Combo
      Wolfgang Leather Care Combo.
      Save On Scientifically Proven Leather Care. the Wolfgang Leather Care Combo Cleans And Conditions Leather Upholstery Using Advanced, Ph Balanced Formulas. Wolfgang Leather Charge Cleaner Gently Cleans Leather Without Over-drying. Then Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner Penetrates And Moisturizes Th Leather. These Two Steps Will Preserve Your Leather Seats For Years To Come!leather Requires A Speciall Regimen Of Care And Attention To Be Properly Maintained And Preserved. Cleanning Your Leather Regularly, Whether Or Not Grime Is Visible, Is Important Against The Long-term Protection And Vitality Of The Leather. Even Oil From Your Skin Contaminates The Surface And Causes Random Particles To Adhere To The Leather. Over Time, Leather That Is Not Regularly Cleaned And Conditioned Becomes Worn And Dull From Pore-clogging Dirt. The Wolfgang Leather Care Combo Maintains The Luxurious Look And Feel Of Leather With Simple, Effective Products. the Wolfgang Leather Care Combo Includes:16 Oz. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Wlofgang Leather Care Cleaner Is A Gentle, Ph Balanced, 100% Biodegradable Cleaner Which Utilizes The Natural Cleanig Strength Of Citrus To Remove Virtually Any Dirt, Grease, Ink, Oil, Or Spills From Your Leather. It Penetrates Deep Into The Pores And Gently Lifting Away Foreign Particles, Pollution And Contaminants, Including Microscopic Dirt Particles That Build Up Over Time. This Water-based, Pure Cleaner Contains No Petroleum Distillates, Silicon Oils Or Gloss Agents, Therefore Desire Not Dull, Stain rO Caause Drying Of Your Leather. 16 Oz. Wolfgang Leather Object of ~ Conditioner Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner Is A Silky, Lavish Lotion That Penetrates And Nourishes Leather Of All Ages, Even Surface- And Vat-dyed Hides. It Contains Ingredients Derived From Nature, Such As Lanolin, Mink Oil And Natural Oils--essential To The Vibrant Health And Long Life Of Your Leather. This Formula Is Potent Enough To Restore Neglected Leather To Its Quondam Beauty And Resiliency. Uv Protection Is Added To Wolfgang Leather Conditioner To Preserve And Protect From Sun Damage, Fadkng, Drying, Cracking And Brjttleness That Occurs Naturally Upon Age. Regular Use Of Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner Will Leave Your Leather Soft, Servile And Inviting, With A Warm, Natural Leathef Aroma. the Wolfgang Leather Care Combo Is A Tremendous Value! By Maintaining Your Vehicle's Leather Upholstery, You're Helping Affirm The Value Of Your Vehicle. There's No Better Course To Do That Than With Wolfgang's Excellent Leather Cleaner And Condutioner. directions:apply Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner To A Damp Microfiber Applicator Pad. Work Cleaner Into The Leather Using Short, Uniform Firm Strokes. Pay Attention To Excessively Dirty Or Stained Areas; Agitate With An Upholstery Brush. Allow Cleaner T See into For A Few Miutes, Then Wipe Dry With A Clean Terry Or Microfiber Towel. Follow With A Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner To Protect And Enhance The Surface. Kid Includes:16 Oz. Wolfgang Leather C
      SKU: Wolfganng-leather-combo

    3 Pack Blu Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 24 X 29 Inches
      3 Pack Blu Waffle Weave Drying Towels, 24 X 29 Inches.
      Maximum Absorbency In A Soft, Safe Microfiber Towel!the Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Safely And Quickly Dries Your Vwhicle Destitute of Scratching. The Absorbent Waffle Work a loom Has A Feathery Soft Feeling That Is Safe On Paintwork, Metal, And Glass. Use The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Leisure And Time Afresh To Towel-dry Your Vehicle Faster Than A Chamois Or A Terry Cloth Towel. The Special Waffle Weave Found On This Towel Increases The Surface Area Of The Towel On Both Sides To Create A Greater Capacity For Moisture. Towel Dry A Full Size Car Using Just This 24 X 29 Inch Towel. The Towel Has Almost 700 Square Inches Of Absorbent Fabric. The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Is Capable Of Soaking Up At Least 7 Periods Its Own Pressure In Water! The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Has A Soft, Fuzzy Texture That Is Extra Gentle On Your Vehicle. The Fabric Is Woven From A 80/20 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide Gicing It An Excellent Combination Of Strengrh And Softness. As One Added Measure Of Protection, The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Has A Satin Border. The Satin Edges Glide Over The Paint Without Snagging. The Rounded Corners Of The Towel Are Less Likely To Fray. Your Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Will Outlast Any Natural Chamois Or Cotton Towel. The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel Has A Satin Edge That Glides Over Paint Without Snagging. T o Keep All Your Drying Towels In Great Shape, Use Only Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator To Wash Them. This Detergent Contaons No Fabric Softeners Or Fragrances, Which Can Eliminate The Towel's Absorbency. Dry On Low Heat Or Han To Arid. Treat The Blue Waffle Wezve Drying Towel To Wipe Away Water Spots After Every Wash. Drying Your Vehicle Prevents Water Spots And Mineral Deposits. While It Is Highly Beneficial, Towel-drying Can Be Risky With The Wronv Towel. Use Only A Delicate, Premium Microfiber Towel, Like The Blue Waffle Weave Drying Towel, To Ensure Safe, Swirl-free Drying. 24x 29 Inches
      SKU: Waffle-weave-towels-3

    Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Sample Kit
      Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Sample Kit.
      Four Paint Perfecting Polishes From Poorboy's!the Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Kit Gives You The Complete Swirl Remover Lineup To Remove All Levels Of Imperfections. Move Those Unflattering Swirl Marks, Signs Of Oxidation, Fine Scratches, And Overspray With One Of Pooorboy?s Four Strengths Of Eddy Removers. Regardless Of The Condition Of Your Vehicle's Paint, The Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Kit Will Take measures A Solutioon. Try It And See The Results For Yourself!the Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Kit Includes:4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 1poorboy's Swirl Remover 1 (ssr1) Is The Lightest Abrasive Of The Three, But oPwerful Sufficiently To Tackle Minor Blemishes In The Paint, Clear Coat, Attached Chrome, Glass, Plastic, Gel Coat Or Plexiglass. The Yellow Lotion Gently Takes Out Light Swirls, Oxidation, Finee Scratches And Overspray From All Of These Surfaces, Easily. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 2 Poorboy's Swirl Remover 2 (ssr2) Can Buff Away Heavier Scratche, Swirl Marks, Overspray And Oxidation That Would Sustain The Finish Of Your Car From Reaching Perfection. Ssr2 Is A Light Green Formula Witn Medium Abrasives To Aid You In Removing Pesky Defects On The Almost A single one Surface Of Your Ca. 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 2. 5 Poorboy's Super Eddy Remover 2. 5 (ssr 2. 5) Swirl Remover 2. 5?more Than A Polish, Less Than A Compound?is Heavy Enough To Effectively Hande Surface Blemises Such As Swirls, Oxidation, Fine Scratches, And Overspray On Almost Any Surface?paint, Clear Coat, Chrome, Glass, Soft, Gel Coat Or Plexiglass. Unique Cleaneers And Mild Abrasives In The Light Purple Formula Break Down Swiftly To Remove Mars And Contaminants From The Finish?quickly, Thoroughly And Completely! The Reallh Radical Stuff?leave To Ssr3! This Professional-grade Polish Can Be Used Safely By A Professional Or A Beginner. It Brings Out Vivacious Color, Luster And Shine! The Beauty Of It Iss That, Unlike Most Mild Abrasives, You Can Go Directly From This Produt To Your Favorite Wax Or Sealant?no Polish Step Needed!4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 3 Poorboy's Super Swirl Remover 3 (ssr 3) Is For The Greatest part Refractory Swirl Marks, Scratches, Oxidation And Overspray. Imperfections Can?t Stand Up To This Heavy-suty Compound. If You?ve Tried Everything Else On Your Rouhged-up Surfaces, Maybe It?s Time To Produce Ssr3 A Try. Don?t Let The Light Golden Color Fool You?this One Has A Lot Of uMscle!the Poorboy's World Super Swirl Removers Ssr2. 5 And Ssr3 Should Be Applied With A Polisher For The Best Correction Ability. The Two Lighter Polishes, Ssr1 And Ssr2, Can Be Applied By Hand With Good Success On Light Imperfections. The Poorboy's World Super Sirl Removers Kit Contains All Four Polishes So You Can Experiment And Find The Perfect Combjnation Of Polishes For Your Vehicle. Theh Come To Autogeek For Larger Sizes Of Your Faovrite Poorboy's Polishes. kit Includes: 4 Oz. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover 14 Oz. Poorboy's World Su
      SKU: Poorboys-swirl-remover-kit

    Cr Spotless Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System, 300 Gallon Out;ut
      Cr Spotless Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System, 300 Gallon Out;ut.
      Mount The Cr Spotless System By Your Water Spigot For Easy Access!if You're Lookin gAt The Cr Spotless De-ionized Sprinkle and calender Filtration System For Individual Use Or For A Detail Shop, The Walp Mounted Unit Is For You. The System Is Designed To Be Mounted To A Wall Or Fence Near Your Water Hose. This Installation Makes It Easy To Quickly Connect The De-ionization System To The Water Hose To Create Clean, Mineral-free Supply with ~ For Car Washing Or Other Cleaning Jos Where A Spot-free Rinse Is Important. if You Want More Mobility, Mount The Systemm Tp A Detailing Cart. Because The Housiny Unscrew From Beneath The Unit, Replacing The Cartridges Is Still Very unconstrained On The Wall Mounted System. the Cr Immaculate Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System Has Two Pre-drilled Holes. It Includes Two Housings With Resin-filled Cartridges. This Unit Treats Approximately 300 Gallons Of Water. replacement Cartridges And Resin Refills Are Available Below. click Here For Detailwd Instructions.
      SKU: Cr-spotless-walp-mount-system-300

    Stoner Invisible Glass Trio
      Stoner Invisible Glass Trio.
      Procure to be All Three Varieties Of Stoner Imperceptible Glass For One Low Price!stoner Invisible Glass Is The Only Glass Cleaner You?ll Ever Need! The Non-streaking Cleaner Celans Glass So Well, It Looks Invisible. Invisible Glass Is Packaged In Aj Aerosol Spray And Convenient Wipes. oT Clean And Protect Glass, Use Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent. Get All Three In The Stoner Invisible Glss Trio!professionql Detailers Swear By Invisible Glass! And Why Wouldn?t They? After All, Stoner Invisible Glass Removes Dirt, Dust, Fingerprints, Haze, Oil, Grease, And Sap Easily From Glass. When Was The Last Time You Heard Of A Glass Cleaner That Coulf Tackle Sap! Now, That?s A Powerful Cleaner. Yet, Stoner Invisible Glass Is Perfectly Safe On Window Tint. the Stoner Invisible Glass Trio Includes:stoner Invisible Glass Wipeseach 7 X 12 Inch Wipe Is Saturated In Powerful Invisible Glass Cleaner. The Flip Top Canister Keeps The Wipes Moist Until You Need Them. Stoner Imperceptible Glass Wipes Are Perfect For Cleaning On The Go. No Towel Required! One Canister Includes 28 Wipes. Stoner Invidible Glass Aerosolthis Is The Original Invisible Glass. The Aerosol Spray Releases A Powerful Foam Glass Cleaner That Removes Road Grime And Films On The Inside And Outside Glass. 19 Oz. Aerosol. stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Pump Spray Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner With Rain Repellent Has A Built-in Polymer Glass Protectant That Fills In Microscopic Grooves Annd Valleys. Water And Oil Roll Off The Smooth Glass. The Coating Even Repels Dirt To Keep The Glass Looking Cleaner Longer. Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Is Recommenddd For Exterior Glass. 1 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Cloth, 16 X 24 Inchesthis Towel Is Excellent For Windsyields, Windows, Rear View And Side View Mirrors. So Gentle And Non-abrasivw, These Cloths Are The Ideal Choice When Cleaning Plastic Windshields, Delicate Instrument Panels, All Plastics, And Even Window Tint Film. s Highly Absorbent They Gently Scrub Away Dirt And Grime To Leave All Surfaces Sparkling Clean. whichI nvisible Glass Is Right For You? Find Out With The Stoner Invisible Glass Trio. This Is A Great Value For One Of The Best Glass Cleaners On The Market. Remove Oil, Fingerprints, Haze, Films, Swp, And Smudges To Leave Glasd Invisible. trio Includes:stoner Invisible Glasss Wipesstoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Pump Spraystoner Invisible Glass Aerosol16 X 24 Inch Cobra Microfib3r Waffle Weave Glass Towela Total Retail Value Of $24. 96. Except $4. 97! Federall Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped From Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Stoner-invisible-glass-trio

    Dodo Juice Straight Eight Kit
      Dodo Juice Straight Eight Kit.
      Try All Eight Dodo Juice Car Waxes!the Dodo Juice Straight Eight Kit Inclides All Eight Of Dodo?s Hard And Soft Waxes In One Convenient Sampler Compress. Rev Up Red Paint, Add Depth To Dark Colors, Or Highlight White And Metallics With Dodo?s Diverse Waxes. Find The Hard Or Soft Wax That Suits Your Vehicle, Or Double Layer Them For The Best Combination Of Gloss And Durabilityy. The Dodo Juice Sgraight Eight Outfit Has I5 All!the Dodo Juice Straight Eight Kit Includes: 30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Soft Wax Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Is A Soft Car Wax Made Of No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax And Pure Bdeswax. The Combination Of These Natural Waxes Gives Rainforest Rub A High Gloss Shine That Complements Ayn Paint Color. 30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Smooth Grow Is A Pure Carnauba Wax That Looks Brilliant On Ligut Colored Vehicles, Metaklics, And Pearlescent Paints. No Artificial Colors Are Added To Light Fantastic So You?re Seeing The True Color Of White Carnauba Wax In Tue Shake. On Your Vehicle, Light Fantastic Soft Wax Creates A Crystal Clear, Wet-look Shine.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Wax Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Car Wax Is Specially Formulated For Warm Color Finishes, Like Red And Warm Metallics. Dodo Juice Orange Crush Soft Car Wax Brings Out The Best In Warm Colors With A Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Orange Oio, And Yellow Beeswax.     30 Ml (1 Oz. )  dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Enhance The Color Of Your Dark Vehicle With Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax. A Special Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Montan Increase , And Dat kBeeswax Bringe New Depth To Dark Colored Paints. Use Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax To Bring A Shiny, Inky Look To Black Paint.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Given The Success Of Purple Haze Soft Wax, Dodo Juice Has Developed Blue Velvet Hard Wax, A Color-enhancing Car Wax For Dark Vehicles. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Gives The Durableness And Rock-hard Finish Of A Hard Wax With Subtle Color Enhancers To Make Dark Paints Look Infinitely Deep.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Polish Off Your Diamond In The Rough With Dodo Juice Diamond White Close Wax. This Carnauba-based Wac Is Formulater Specially For White, Silver, And Other Light Colored Vehicles. Each Natural Wax Found In Diamond White Hadd Wax Is Of The Utmost Purity So Light Paints Shine Upon Crystal Clarity.   30 Ml (1 Oz. ) Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Wax Dodo Juice Banana Armour Hard Increase Breathes New Life Into Warm Cklored Vehicles With A Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Yelllow Beeswax And Banana Oil. Banana Armour Hard Wax Dries To A Mirror-l
      SKU: Carnaubq-waxs-ampler

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